swasan feel my love Chapter 3 (Four shot)


Hello everyone.. Seeba here..Thank you soooo much for your wonderful response….this is my first work

Recab: swara- nisha meeting swasan missing each other.

“This episode is full of intense swasan romance…hope it is in limit.”

Episode 3:

Next day


Swara went to shopping and purchased some short dresses

Maheswari mansion

Swasan room

Swara to herself: shona..keep this in your mind…you should convince him at any cost…enough is enough…it is really hard to bear this loneliness…You should show him,he is your priority

She is often checking her mobile and time…and got nervous

Night 11.30pm
Swara is waiting for him,in their room..

Only swara and raglak are in mansion..

He reached mansion and went to their room..there she is…sleeping in sitting position.

Sanskar POV

How cute she is looking… I miss you so much wifey…

After changing to night dress…i made her sleep properly,gave a light peck on her forehead and slept beside her…but with distance..because i can’t control myself…she is highly irresistible.

Next day

Morning…swasan room

Swara POV

I was wake up and check the time in mobile..and was shocked

I hear water flowing sound in washroom.there he is..o god.how I slept?stupid,idiot,i curse myself….
I went to fresh up in another room…prepared break fast with ragini….he came down in formals and went to office without having breakfast..saying he has urgent meeting…

I am setting my bangles in dressing table…

I heard a door opening sound ,there he is ….without speaking he went to fresh up…

That’s it..enough.I want to make clear everything between us..I locked the door… And pull curtains down..

He came out in T- shirt and 3/4th track pant..

Sanskar’s POV

when I came out ..she is standing there…leaning against wall..

Swara: sanskar ,shall we go for outing

I pinched myself without her notice..is it true? Is she really my wife…asking to take outing.
But my mind warned me,not to listen her…this may be to speak about any family issue..

So I deny her saying..no swara ,I have to complete some presentation… Will go someother day….if you want you go with ragini.
By saying this I took my laptop and settled down in couch.

Swara POV

What he think of himself.how can he deny..is he angry with me..O god…may be he is thinking ,i am going to start new mission…
Its enough swara ….use the dangerous weapon…yes…seduce him

Sanskar’s POV

I am working in laptop or to say pretend to work and watching her through corner of my eyes.
She is staring at me and I don’t know what is going in her mind.
She tugged her saree pallu near her waist..Her waist is clearly visible now …I am freezed…she is giving seducive look…..it is tempting me..my hand is start to shiver ,it has an urge to squeeze her waist…i close my fist to act that I am not affected but I forgot I am staring her shamelessly… She smirks victoriously…. I can’t accept my defeat easily…so I try to focus on laptop….only try.

She is coming towards me..I didn’t see her..but guess by her anklets sound… I am controlling myself hardly…she took my laptop forcefully and kept it on near by table and sit on my lap…and put my hands around her bare waist….my hands are shivering by the direct contact of her waist…she is seducing me by caressing my face by her fingers…it shakes my control mode…I closed my eyes.. She kissed my forehead….cheeks…i can hear her hot breath near my lips ,i open my eyes and she come close to my lips..by seeing her parted cherry lips too close to me ,my hands are automatically starts to cares her waist….but stopped by hearing her mobile ringing sound…. O god…even mobile is becoming barrier in our romance…I cursed it …in my mind…unwillingly remove my hand around her waist.

She got up from by lap..to attend her call….oh noooo….so soon….you stupid.. do you expect more from your Bengali Mrs..I am disappointed ..now my brain beats my hormone black and blue….I sighed and started to move towards door.

But I stopped by her statement.

She said to her friend, who is in call that she will call her later and cut the call…
Before I turn she grapped my hand with force and dragged towards couch but she slipped in the middle and both fall on bed …

I was on top of her,covering her half of her body with mine…we last in each others eyes….she put her one hand around my neck and another one caressing my hair…..she peck my lips …and whispered sorry…i opened my mouth to speak but she stopped by captured my lips in her….I was shocked,surprised,startled by her sudden action..I was numb..she was about to part her cherry lips from mine.This made me to get out of trance and i didn’t let her to take her lips from mine…I took control and start to dominate her by sucking her lips hards showing my longingness,frustration,
loneliness….she too starts responding with equal passion and love…we stopped when we feel difficult to breath.

We saw each other with love,passion,lust….we again leaned to have liplock…but..we stopped by hearing knock at door…it is my saali(sister in law)…Mrs.Laksh Maheswari.

Ragini:(by knocking door) swara,swara
Shall we go for shopping?

I know my wife will now go with her sister…so I was about to get up…but she pulled me …and hugged me tightly and reply to her sister….

Swara:ragini..I am busy right now..

Ragini : ok ok …I will come later

By saying this she left

I was surprised,I asked her why she didn’t go…her reply made me blush….. She said she has many things to do with me.

Now I am confident and stare her lustfully and whisper near her ear…you will regret to say that…..she whispered near by lips that she loves to it…and we join our lips again…in this process,I remove her saree pins and unwrapped her saree and throw it in corner…she is looking breath taking in her deep low cut blouse and petticoat…I start to give love bites near her neck,shoulder….she moans in pain and pleasure…..wooooow….her moans how many days I waited for this….I started to knead her bosoms and she arched her body …soon I remove the remaining barriers which cover her body and mine too.

I am playing with her bosoms she is caressing my hair and clutching it in pleasure..

Again knock sound….saaaalijiii…what to do with her?

Ragini: swara

I get an idea and I give love bites to my wife on her bosoms… She screamed my name…ahh sanskaaarrrrr…..slowly pls…aah…

Ragini understood now and ran from there immediately, embarrassed.
My wife gave death glare to me…before she start her scold …I suck her bosoms and divert her mood…..

She playfully hit by back… Our love making continue and I placed my seed into her….. I mark her mine after three lonnnnnggggg months…..

She ask me …what if ragini or laksh come again…..family members will come after 2 days….she is right….I thought and smirk…

I took my mobile message my little brother ,not to disturb us…and promise we won’t disturb them….
He replied “deal”

I again start to lean to my wife…she ask what I said to laksh….I said he will keep your sister busy….so now no worries…start to give love bites.

After continuous love making we slept…in each others embrace….my husband Mr.Sanskar Maheswari is too much asanskari…but only with me…I loved it…I feel happy by giving pleasure to him and being in his embrace…he never leave any chance to tease me….now he is sleeping like an innocent baby,burying his face in my bosoms…. Everything is sort out between us…I make sure I will never let him feel loneliness…I gave peck on his lips and about to take my lips ,but he captured it and turned it into long passionate kiss….
Asanskari Maheswari…he was awake…I whispered on his lips…he replied ya,I am….and took me in his tight embrace….. We feel complete with each other.

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