Swasan – Fear to love you (Episode 7)

hello friends sinin here back with the next part . thanks for the comments on last part but I’m expecting more… there were nearly 30 comments on promo. all readers please comment.

Swara is sitting on the bed waiting for her newly wedded husband who is now busy in handling the media.

shan peeps through the half opened door.
Swara : shan…
shan : hi bhabi..just thought to give you some company while big B is busy..
Swara gives a smile
Swara : so sweet of you shan… where is tanu ?
shan : who…bhabi she is reading.. tomorrow she have a test..
Swara :ooo…
shan : bhabi..tanu just only knows how to fight and study..nothing else but I’m total opposite to her
Swara was getting normal by talking with him.she starts getting easy… shan was a little bit talkative but no one is irritated as he is very adorable.

while they were talking on the other side Sanskar had done dealing with the media but got a call which made him rush to porch area.
Sanskar : what…how can she be missing…. what the hell was security doing there , I’m not going to leave anybody if something happens to her.

laksh : easy boy…but how to handle Swara…she will be totally broken ??

Sanskar calls someone and gives some instructions.
Sanskar : don’t worry I’ll handle her in my way

laksh : don’t be rude OK…she is my sonpari

Sanskar : OK..OK..call me if u get information.

laksh : dude… do u still miss sana??
Sanskar goes from there without giving answer leaving a heavy heart laksh .

Swara was now a little bit easy. she was roaming in Sanskar room. it was quite fashionable but for a college going girl it was boring. she becomes alert sensing foot steps.

Sanskar comes and closes the door. Swara felt like even Sanskar from that much distance could hear her heartbeat which were getting faster.
Sanskar : you’re looking damm hot wifey….

Swara thinks was that a compliment..does husbands say that to their newly wedded wife..then what should wife say ? same to u or thank u ?

her chains of thought were broken when she felt…his hands on her shoulder which were turning her towards him.
Sanskar looked at her..
kneely and slightly lifted her chin. Swara looked at him..her face heats up more .
he slides his hands on her bare waist and brings shivering Swara a little closer.
he sensing her fear and presses her waist.
Sanskar : I think… your jewelry are a bit too heavy..why don’t u remove them ?
but before Swara could say anything… he starts removing them by himself. Swara feels a new feeling by his every touch.
he opens her chunri and throws it..he opens the clip and her long silky hair fall on her back..
Sanskar rubs his thumb on her lip…making her know what’s his next step..

Swara is looking for a chance to speak about some time but in vain.
he brings her more closer. and presses his lips against her while his hands were holding her waist tightly. Swara was shocked… she was kissed by anyone first time in life .Sanskar bits her lower lip and she moans…he enters inside her mouth and tastes every bit of it. soon he comes out due to lack of oxygen.

he keeps his forehead with her saying ” you’re too sweet rain girl ..”

Swara doesn’t say anything just avoids eye contact.
his hand slides on her blouse dori….while he gets a call right at time to ruin the moment.

Sanskar : damm !!!
Swara thanks the caller thousand times in mind.
Sanskar listens to the caller and his facial expression changes to a rough one…he leaves Swara and was about to go , while his watch gets stuck on her lehenga.

he looks back and Swara opens it quickly saying sorry slowly.
Sanskar kisses her forehead.

Sanskar : you change your dress… there are dresses on the cupboard… and I’ll be back soon then we will start right from where we paused.
he smrils and goes from there

Swara POV

was that a threat or warning ?? thank god he’s gone !!…I’m stupid.. I should have asked him for time or how will he know my problems… but he didn’t listened to my request about canceling marriage.. then why will he agree now…it’s better to be mum then being insulted…I have leave everything on destiny and now I can’t stop him..
I’ll have to get used of it.
first let me change this lehenga.

one side of the cupboard contains my dresses and other things thank god roli sent it before. I got changed into a cotton sari…suji aunty have said to wear sari only for at least 1 week of marriage.. its tough to sleep but I’ll manage…just matter of some days…I changed into the soft sari and sat on bed waiting for Mr Maheshwari… it’s shocking but I have started yo behave like a typical wife already.

getting to late..when will he come ?… will he be late every night like this…I’m getting sleepy today was a hectic day for me indeed. I just leaned into bed and fall asleep soon.

precap — sudden shock for Swara…swasan romance

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