Swasan – Fear to love you (Episode 6)


Hello friends sinin here back with the next part. thanks for the comments on last part….tell me which ff of mine u want on new year..and please guys comment. they are highly needed..as I have 3 other ff.

Swara POV

I’m sitting in front of mirror in my bridal lehenga waiting for to be called for the marriage. the whole arora mansion has been decorated like a bride. Mr Maheshwari’s brother and sister had came with my dress….they both were very cute and adorable. shan was quite excited for the marriage and he is a huge fan of his big B which means Mr Maheshwari… but tanu is not at all excited like me which means we two will get along good. the best wedding planner of India has organized the wedding. there is very tight security I don’t know why…I came to know my in-laws belong from Rajasthan… and Ragini and roli said I’m looking like a Rajasthani bride. I just really don’t know how my life will go on from now….I have just leave everything on destiny……

Ragini di comes and looks me kneely. I just pass a smile.

Ragini : your looking just like mother….
Swara : really…
she talked to me too nicely…I always craved for this love which I’m getting while going away from her.

Ragini di holds my hand and roli helps me too get down from bed.

Ragini : they have come…

roli suji aunty and Ragini di brings me too downstairs….as soon as I got down..I heard flashes of cameras.. all around me…But soon they were cleared by guards.
I saw Mr Maheshwari sitting on the mandap and he extends his hand to me…Ragini di tightens her grip on my hand indicating to hold his hand which I have to do.

I sat beside him and the wedding procedure starts. Ragini di did my kanyadan.
my eyes were looking for laksh bhai….he was right there to assure me with his eyes.

all the time I was just thinking how my future will be with him…the man whom media entitled with mystery man….how he will be as my husband….demanding and dominating or caring and lovable… will I find my love in my husband..will he allow me too continue my education.. or I’ll be prisoned on his palace forever.

we both took round around the holy fire… promising each other… I just don’t know the vows but.. I promised him that no matter how much difficult it may be for me I will never dishonor you and this marriage.

he made me wear a pearl containing nupital chain and tried to eye contact but I cloudnt respond that time…
he filled my forehead with red sindur while the priest announced we both are husband and wife for the next seven life.

we both stood up…but I didn’t find Ragini di…she should have been here atleast for my bidaai.
I asked roli but she said she saw her going outside while talking in phone…strange !

Mr Maheshwari walked while holding my hand…I was damm embarrassed but what to do he is officially my husband.

shan and tanu came and hugged us while congratulating. but tsnu didn’t talk to Mr Maheshwari… which I found quite weird.

suji : Swara baby….Ragini has gone on a important work…

I couldn’t believe what could have been more important then here..

I hugged roli and laksh bhai and took blessing from suji aunty.

laksh bhai took me to car . I looked my home sweat home for last time..all my memories I’m taking from here…

Mr Maheshwari noticed that I’m sad so maybe to make me better he said ” don’t worry… we will come tomorrow to visit Ragini ”

I just nodded in yes
and looked through the window while he kept on working on his phone.

we reached and he helped me too get down. I just looked at the glamour of his palace..its just soo gorgeous !
he hold my hand and came on the door. one aunty did the rituals and welcomed me…as much I know he don’t have mother.

aunty : beta… I’m Sanskar’s best friends mother..

I pushed the rice pot and entered my new home..

precap : wedding night

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