Swasan – Fear to love you (Episode 4)


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The whole mansion is decorated beautifully. Reporters and journalist are gathering . various reputed businessmen have arrived to attend a glorious night. The engagement of famous business tycoon Sanskar Maheshwari with little sister of lady business tycoon Ragini Arora. Both brands are going to merge through this relationship… More like a business deal.

Ragini is wearing a gorgeous kameez with a side bun..she is taking with other business deals to reporters.
She signs suji through eyes to go and check swara.
Suji nods and goes…

Roli : swara still there is time…let us run !
Swara was on a trance..her body was totally numb…
Roli jerks her..

Swara : but ragini ma will be in trouble na ?

Roli : stop being naive…does she care about u..how dare she went and appealed for leave for you from college.. Did she even informed u !

Suji enters..
Suji : girls ragini is asking for swara ..the groom has arrived .
Roli : no..swara will not go…
Swara sits like statue confused what to do now

Suji comes down
And tells something is ragini ear..
Ragini became furious and starts going upstairs

But sanskar holds her hand..
And says in a low voice ” don’t go from here..people will question.. I’ll handle it in my way.”
Ragini : but …
Sanskar calls someone on phone…

Roli : bhai you here !!
Laksh climbed through pipe and jumps in the room.
Laksh : when my sonpari is in trouble how can I not come ?

Swara sees laksh and hugs him tightly..
She sobs slowly..
Laksh signs and roli goes out of room..

Laksh : sonpari u believe me na ?
Swara : yes bhai !
Laksh : then listen to me and do this engagement !
Swara : bhai ?
Laksh : yes swara..there is no other way..u know ur sister right ? She’ll have to face humiliation from other if u don’t go…
Swara stands up
Laksh : and I will make sure that he allows you to continue studies further..,its a promise !

People have started gossiping…. Reporters are asking… Ragini us handling but sanskar is calm..
He is looking at shantanu who are sitting..shan is curious but tanu is terrified…

The door opens and swara comes down..she is wearing a light pink lehenga with light jewelry and light makeup just like an angel.

Ragini and sanskar breathe in relief… Shan becomes happy but tanu become more terrified.. Roli looks in shock and disbelief while suji prays to God.

Swara comes to sanskar… She keeps her eyes lower..not looking at anyone. She can feel the gaze of his on her..her face heats up.

The engagement starts and both exchange rings.. Swara felt her future and dreams all are going from hand.,while an unknown feelings explores on her heart…she couldn’t do any eye contact with him and she felt he holder her hand longer than he should…didn’t want to leave at all. Ragini was observing all this and prayed to god. Tanu at the same time thinks god please don’t let the history repeat this time.

Swara has gone back to her room..roli will stay with her..all the guest have gone back. Ragini and sanskar talks for sometimes and sanskar goes tyo his car….shantanu had already left.

Someone comes and pats on his shoulder..
Sanskar turns and smiles seeing the man.
They both hug each other.
Sanskar says ” good job laksh ”

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