Swasan – Fear to love you (Episode 3)

Hello friends sinin here with the next episode… Guys chose someone among Tunisha sharma roshni walia and jannat zubair rahmani for tanu.

Swaroli are still on the cafe. Roli is eating her third burger she eats a lot when she needs to think..and now she definitely needs to think !!
Swara is thinking about this weird meeting.. He didn’t showed any gestures or emotions… Who knows what he will decide.

The car is still waiting for them at the entrance….

Roli : Swara ur would be is very smart…more than me…
Swara : shut up..what would be haa..I just rejected him.
Roli : yes..but u should admit that he is smarter than me…he tricked me in my plan !
Swara : even my bozo is smarter than you..the way you were peeping on us even waiter manager would have bussed.
Roli : huh..bozo…!
Swara : what will be his decision…

Roli : swara..I have doubt…the way he was staring u while u were talking.. Uske dil to too tu bhai gaya….

Swara : roli…tera my kala…

Roli : it’s already black…
Swara : let’s go home..ragini di…might be coming…

Roli : let’s go I’m his super cool car!
Swara :why ? There is no that type relation that we will go in his car…
Roli : were that is later talk..first let enjoy this privilege….
Swara : roli ur impossible !

Roli drops swara near her house and goes as his brother was calling her 40th time…

Swara enters the house..she is feeling quite restless..
Ragini should come after an hour…

She goes in her room and takes shower

She comes out wearing a kurti and pajama…
She sits in her nest swing…

Swara : god…please make everything perfect…. Solve my problems..

She feels tired and sleepy….


Tanu enters her room….she had a hectic schedule today but her team had won and that’s what matters….
She comes out wearing a knee length frock…

She takes her spectacles and goes to see shan..

Shan is sleeping on the couch… The room is messy the worst it can be…he slept while playing videogame…

She takes the game and head phone…covers him with quilt…

She goes to her room but stops hearing sound…piano sound… Which is coming from music room..it has most of the musical instrument.
She doesn’t have any interest in music and shan sings horrible…

Only big b likes to play piano….
Rather he loves to play it…
But today the sound is different.. It feels like he is angry and dejected… Yes his emotions can be feel through his music..,
Tanu wants to go and check him once…
But no she can’t go…

Earlier she would have ran and jump in his lap…she would catch his nose and asked his problems…

But now the situation are different…

She goes in her room and sleeps….

Sanskar was in music room playing piano….. Whole day incident is going on his mind…he takes his phone and calls someone…

” swara..swara..where the hell are you ” ragini shouts loudly while entering the house angrily.
Swara woke up from sleep hearing loud shouting…
She shocks and scares….
Swara : did I do anything wrong…or did he called…

Ragini comes in her room and shuts the door..

Ragini : how dare u…
Swara : di…did I do anything wrong..?
Ragini : so innocent u are…u have grown up can take own decision !
Swara :no..di I didn’t..

Ragini : shut up..for ur kind information… Till ur married you’ll have to follow my rules..!!
Swara : di I….

Ragini : did u went to meet with sanskar..?
Swara : di I.ha…
Ragini : yes or no
Swara : yes..

Ragini : why the hell..do u even know who he is..what is his abilities.. What have u talked with him…ha..thank god he didn’t mind ur silly talks..swara don’t u even dare to do that again…

Swara closes her eyes in fear..

Ragini : what did u said to him..
Swara : what he didn’t said..
Ragini : no…he was very serious.. He just said to prepon the engagement…

Swara : what….

Ragini : yes…tomorrow is ur engagement !

Swara stands shockedly….

Precap — engagement

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  6. Ohh god gh ow will she live with him what problem he has with swara as I know she is so small why these both are ruining her life so many questions please yaar update regularly I am dying to know

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  11. Super awesome

  12. Sinin I’m big fan of ur writing skills n most probably in love with ur ff does love need perfection please soon post its next part n coming to this ff its mind blowing n now coming to the options I will choose jannat as tanu

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