Swasan – Fear to love you (Episode 2)

Hello friends sinin here with the next part . hope to see your support. Guys I think Siddharth nigam suits for shan…please suggest me about tanu ?

A big lavish mansion is shown…( like ishqbaaz) servents are working… A beautiful garden is seen..there are many kinds of flowers except red rose..
A brand new car in parked at the entrance..

A room is seen…a total messy room..a boy is seen playing videogames… He is wearing a blue sweatshirt…he is shan…

Another room adjacent to it..pink painted and neatly cleaned..a girl comes wearing a knee length frock.. She is tanu…

Tanu comes down..and shouts ” shan…come down…”
Shan shouts ” 5 minutes more ”
Tanu ” no…breakfast is getting cold ”
Shan ” okk..because of you I lost.. Bad sister..always torture me
Tanu ” don’t say nonsense… I’ll break ur jaw ”
Shan ” arre oo blackbelt..see big B is coming !

Tanu become quite..she sits on her chair..and pulls shan to sit who was smiling at sanskar…

Sanskar comes out of his room..wearing a black tuxedo.. His hairs are spiky…he’s wearing sunglass..

Sanskar : good morning shantanu !
Shan pouts
Shan : don’t call me like that…I’m just shan..shan..by the way good morning big B !

Tanu mends her spectacles… She concentrates on her food..
Sanskar looks at tanu..

Shan – big B see..how I’m looking ?..new hairstyle !!
Sanskar : hmm..it looks cool !!
Tanu : shan..we’re getting late..
Shan : arre wait na..we meet with big B after so many days…
Sanskar : so how’s ur study going shantanu..?
Shan : its flying big B !!

Tanu eats her breakfast… And stands..
Sanskar : I think I asked to both shantanu…!! How’s your study going tanu?
Tanu : good..
Shan : arre what good..tell na..that you stood first in class..and today you have debate competition..!!
Tanu : I’m getting late shan…!

She walks outside.. Sanskar looks on..

Shan : ohh…so much angry..big B..I have doubt is she our sister or not ?
Sanskar : shan…go she is waiting for you !
Shan : okk…bye have a good day big B…

Sanskar finishes his breakfast.. He wears his sunglasses.. And sits on his car..for meeting swara…

Swara : roli…I’m going to be late…
Roli : sorry yaar..this stupid traffic !! Wasted time unnecessarily
Swara : what he might be thinking… How unprofessional I’m !
Roli : its a business meeting or what..show attitude yaar !
Swara okk…bye let me go..
Roli : swara listen..I’ll be sitting beside ur table…don’t take stress..if I see him trying to hold ur hand..then I’m going to bang glass on his hand !
Swara : roli…its a peace talk !
Roli : don’t forget he is friend of ur dadi ma…ragini.. Like her !

Swara nods in disagreement..

She takes a deep breath..and enters the cafe..
It was a quite high class one… Only for couples !
She looks around to see sanskar…
And she finds him..sitting at a corner…she has seen his photo few times in newspaper.. But today when she saw him..she couldn’t do anything except starring.. For once she forgot that she has come here to break this alliance.
Roli covers her face with menu card…she sits beside them..and peeps..

Swara goes with small steps…sanskar was looking at his watch..and working on his phone..

He looks at the entrance.. To see swara..and he finds her..coming towards him with small steps…
He takes out his sunglasses…
He looks at her from top to bottom…

Swara stands near the tables….
She looks at his starring and feels uncomfortable…
Swara gathers courage and says,
” Good morning Mr Maheshwari !

Suddenly it starts raining… They were sitting beside the big window…
First it was tripling… Then it became cat and dogs rain…

Sanskar murmurs ” rain girl ”
Swara : huh…
Sanskar : nothing… Sit swara..good morning !

Swara sits…she gathers her courage to reject him..

Sanskar with interest notes her activities..he smiles seeing her nervousness…
Sanskar : swara..u wanted to talk with me..but ragini didn’t said anything to me..
Swra ::no..ACTU I. Didnt said said anything to her…
Sanskar : okay…go on..
Swara :actually..i..mr Maheshwari.. I don’t want to do this marriage !

Swara doesn’t looks at him..she looks at the tables..and keeps saying

Swara : I want to continue my study…. Mr Maheshwari I have my dreams and I want to fulfil it..I said this to di..but she is determined… She doesn’t want to loose your friendship.. So if you please refuse for this alliance.. Then I’ll be grateful to you..as I’m not ready for this marriage…

Swara looks at sanskar after completing…. He was looking at her with keen eyes… He wears his sunglasses..

Sanskar : are u done ?
Swara : yes ?
Sanskar : done ?
Swara : yes…

He stands…
Sanskar : its raining heavily… I’m leaving my car for you and your friend who is sitting beside us…

Roli shocks…

He goes without saying anything else…swara looks on with nervousness

Precap — ragini furious at swara

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