Swasan – Fear to love you (Episode 1)

Hello friends sinin here….thanks for the comments on prologue but I expected more…don’t worry I’ll try to improve myself..do comment if you find it worthy.

Swara is sitting on a big room of a lavish mansion..”Arora Mansion “..she is sitting on reading table on head down position..her books are open..but she is looking at the window… On a yellow bird..who doesn’t have a good life..but she is free..unlike her who have everything except freedom…

Small tear drops are forming on her eyes..remembering about her parents..she doesn’t remember much about them as she was small…may be ragi ma knows..yes..she calls ragini as ragini ma..she tried to do this in public.. But ragini didn’t like it..she was irritated by the word ma..so she had to call her di…but when she is alone..or with suji.. She always call her ragi ma…

But now everything is going to be changed..yes.. She is going to get married.. To a person she never met..except seeing some photographs on newspapers.. But ragi ma…she knows him..and she decided its best to get marry with him..really but she is just 19…is it a age to marry..
Swara nods in no..
Whart kind of person is he..ready to marry a college student..who is 6 years younger than him..

Its time to do something big..or her dream n carrier will be done..she sits on her swing which looks like a nest of sparrow..there is her friend..yes her favorite guitar..which she bought after saving money for six months..ragini don’t like music at all..she would have never bought her one…she played her favourite tune let it go..while humming..

A bike stops near the Arora mansion… A girl get down with irritation…
The biker removes his helmet revealing his dashing face..
Yes he is laksh… Laksh Malik..

Laksh : oyye..choti..see I bought u like a Superman.. Now go n don’t trouble swara okk na..
Roli : ohh…bhai… Is it called speed..even old uncle passes us..
Laksh : don’t u know slow n steady wins the race..and your saying this to your bhai…who fulfill ur all wishes…
Roli : what wishes has..did u take me to see movie last night..
Laksh : u don’t know choti..we have to take zandu bam…to see those movies…
Roli : okk..now go..
Laksh turns to go..

And a girl wearing stylish long dress with churidar stands on balcony with a mug of coffee…
She sees roli entering and murmurs disturbance…
Yes she was ragini..

Roli : hello suji aunty…what’s up ?
Suji played by sujata
Suji : I’m fine my child…are u both going somewhere..?
Roli : yes..to break Mr handsome head.. How dare he try to marry a college student..
Suji : sush…ragini is present..

Ragini comes in her formal..roli greets her but she looks unaffected..
Ragini : aunty..I’m going out for a meeting.. Don’t let swara go out..
She leaves..
Roli mimics her…don’t let swara go out..my foot..she will go out n ruin your plan…
Roli : Swara..come out…its time for yuddh…sorry.. Arre come na fast…

Swara comes wearing the similar dress in cover pic with a side braid..
Roli : swara..ur looking cute..what if he likes u..wait let he apply some cinders on you…
Swara : roli..shut up…
Roli : arre..okk..let’s go then don’t say that I didn’t give u advice…

Swara touches suji feet..
Swara : suji..I’m nervous.. All will be OK na..what if ragi ma..
Suji : all will OK… Don’t be nervous.. Just say what you feel..

Swara goes with roli…
Roli : get on my bike baby..I’ll take you by flying..
Swara : I’m not in a mood to fly..do some mercy and drive carefully..
Roli makes faces..

Precap : swasan first meet..

Guys please comment if you want next part soon as I have 3 more ff..and if someone can post this ff on fb I’ll be very grateful..

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