Swasan – Fear to love you (character sketch & prologue)


Hello friends sinin here ! Shocked to see me…actually a plot was going on my mind since many days and I couldn’t concentrate on my other ff without noting it…I will start this ff after ending my 1 ff..only if you find it worth… And I’ll post royal love within 2 hour…


Swara Arora..the sister of business tycoon Ragini Arora…
The best sister anyone can get is Ragini.. She managed her father’s business and her little sister since the death of their parent in a road accident.. she took care of her sister and also completed her education.now she is a successful lady..

Is it true or reality is something else..

Swara Arora the unfortunate sister of ragini Arora…
The worst sister anyone can get is ragini..Who never wanted her sister’s progress… Who always applied hundreds of rules on her..who never gave Swara a chance to enjoy Her life..she was never allowed to go outside without ragini.. She never sleep over with her friends or called them on her birthday party.. Her life was on the hand of ragini..even her dream and talent was under her feet…but still she couldn’t take her smile..

Character sketch

Swara Arora – little daughter of late sumi and shekhar Arora.. 19 years old..have great talent in music and painting.. Tries to abide by the rules of her sister

Ragini Arora – elder daughter of late Janki and shekhar Arora.. 25 years old..business tycoon.. Always tries to force her rules on swara..little mysterious character

Shan Maheshwari – little brother of sanskar..15 years old..student ..twin of tanu..loves his big B alot..fun loving..

Tanu Maheshwari – little sister of sanskar..15 years old..student..twin of shan..scared of her big B for a unknown reason..fun loving but clam infront of sanskar..

Sanskar Maheshwari – big B of ShanTanu..25 years old…business tycoon..friend and competitor of ragini…he is the biggest mystery of this ff..its very difficult to understand his nature or emotions.. His steps are unpredictable.. He is not a villain nor his works matches with a hero..

There is no news of their parents… A nanny raised them for ten years..and now she is dead..there is only three person in that palace..

Recently ragini has fixed his marriage with Swara..sanskar’s reaction is unknown to us but Swara doesn’t want to marry so soon..but ragini will not pay heed to her so her best friend Roll has advised to talk with sanskar..now Swara is ready to meet with her would be fiance whom she is going to reject .

What will be sanskar’s reaction on this..why he agreed for marriage with Swara..does he love her…what is the fear to love him..will the mystery of sanskar ever come in front of swara..to know this mysterious love story continue reading ” fear to love you “

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