SWASAN: FATE (Chapter 9)

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Sometimes at night, when I look at the sky, I started to think of you and then ask myself, why?? Why do I love you this much? I think and smile when I got the answer within myself because I know the list had no end. The whisper of you husky voices, the warmth of your touch, so many little things that make me love you so much. The way you support me and help me with my emotions, the way that you care and show such devotion. The way that your kiss, fills me with desires, and how you hold me with the warmth of a blazing fire. The way your eyes shine when you look at me, lost with you forever is where I want to be. The way that I feel when you’re by my side. A sense of completion and overflowing pride. The dreams that I dream, that all involve you, the possibilities I see and the things we can do. How you finish the puzzle that lies inside my heart, how that deep in my puzzle that lies inside my heart, how that deep in my soul, you are the most important part. I could go on for days, telling of what I feel, but all you really must know is my love for you is real by scotty wright. This poem exactly match her dilemma.

A week passed like blink of eyes….. She is living her life whole heartily laughing, joking, and smiling and so on…. No one can guess she is dying inside….. Every day, every hour, every single minute, Sanskar’s thought keep haunting her…… The way they fight, the way he taunting her, the way he protect her and much more come in her front of her lively like she was living that moment again….. The situation also not favouring her….. Whenever she looks at Nandhini and Manik, her thought fly to Sanskar….. No matter how hard she is trying to act that she didn’t care but deep inside she do care…. She does love him like there is no ending……Deep to the core she do want have a happy ending with him…but she knew that there were not fated for each other.

She comes out from her deep thoughts hearing doorbell…. No one at home…. Manik and Nandu went out while Cabir went to office for urgent meeting. So, she went to open to door…. She stay rooted on her place shocked to the core seeing the person in front of her door.

San…. Sans…..Sanskar…….wh…what…. a..re… you….she started to stammering seeing him…. She also scared of his anger yet happy seeing him after one week.

Sanskar drag her out of house without saying anything. He didn’t even care her pleading voice. He brings her to his car and pushes her inside. Than he takes the driver seat and buckled her seat and start driving fast while Swara shout to him to stop the car but he make his ear deaf and keep driving. Soon he reach and isolated place where got a huge mansion.

He comes out from the car and drags Swara out of the car again to the mansion. All the while she keep struggling to released herself from Sanskar’s grip. But his grips getting tighter with her struggling so, she just stop struggling and let him drag her… Sanskar drag Swara enters the mansion. He loose his grip on her hand and start holding Swara’s palm lightly watching her stop struggling. He bring her inside a room. All the while Swara just staring him waiting for him to speak. He goes to the table beside the bed and take a box and give to Swara.

“Go and wear this!”, said Sanskar.

“No!!! I’m not goanna wear that or listen to you! I’m no more you worker who need to listen and follow your order. I’m going back” said Swara stubbornly and make her way to the door….

Before she exit the door Sanskar pull and turn her through her arm and slammed the door shut and made her back rest at the door. She closed her eyes with fears with the sudden act of him.

Sanskar said in a low voice “it would be better if you change to that saree without any drama! If not I will help you wear it!”

Swara eyes with shock hearing him.. Without any word she took the box and made her way to the washroom while cursing him. A small smile made a way to his lips hearing her cursing for him. He shook his head in disbelief. If someone else in her place sure he did something but this his Swara… How can he hurt her…

Few minutes later, she comes out from the washroom wearing the saree that he asks her to wear… She looks like an angel in that red saree…. She came and stood in front him. She also lost looking at him who was looking dashing hot and handsome in a sherwani. Both lost looking at each other eyes. Both come to sense hearing Sanskar’s phone ringing.

Swara composed herself and ask him “Can I go now? I already did what you said…. My friends must worried for me. I need to go back soon… Without talking again he drag her down the stairs and to a path which lead to a garden…. There was a lot flowers on the path… in the middle of garden got a small mandap… She stop walking and try to free hersef from his grip.

“stop trying to free yourself from my grip. I won’t loose my hold on you forever…” said Sanskar… A lone tear escape her eyes….
“What are you trying to do?” ask Swara with frustration.

“From your action, I know your smart brain already can guess what’s happening here. So there is no need of further explanation said Sanskar.

“No!!! No!!! I don’t want to marry you! Why are you doing this? said Swara crying…

“I’m sorry to say this but you didn’t have any other option other than marry me my dear!”

While crying Swara ask “what do you mean by there is no option?”

Simple as if you didn’t marry me, you friends will die! said Sanskar…

“No!!! Please I beg you…. Stop doing this…. I can’t marry you and don’t hurt my friends…. They did nothing that harm you so why you want kill them? Swara said while collapsed on floor crying bitterly..

He is dying inside to see his love of life crying miserably all due to him… but he made his heart stone and blackmailing her again… He makes her stand and bring her to the mandap. She just follows him numbly. Soon he made her sit in mandap and followed by him. The priest enchants the wedding mantras and she does all the rituals like a robot without any feelings. At last the priest asks Sanskar to tie mangalsutra and then he took a pinch of sindoor and filled her maang (top of her forehead). A lone tear escape her eyes. He wipes her tears and kissed her forehead. Swara closed her eyes feeling his kissed that bring a lot of peace in her even it’s just a forced marriage which held without her wish. The priest asks them to take pheras. Sanskar carry Swara in his arm and do the pheras while both share an intense eye lock which speak all the unsaid words.

Sanskar’s monolog

I didn’t fall in love it you,
I walked into love with you,
With my eyes wide open,
Choosing to take,
every step along the way,
I do believe in fate and destiny,
But I also believe we are only fated,
To do the things,
That we’d choose anyway,
And I’d choose you,
In a hundred lifetimes,
In a hundred worlds,
In any version of reality,
I’d find you and I’d choose you,
My better half,
My love for you eternity.

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