SWASAN: FATE (Chapter 8)

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Haiiiii……My dear friends, how are you??? I know today I update a bit early…. And it’s also a long update I guess…… it’s because I’m so happy….. 6th October is my born date….So it’s my birthday…. Hope you all can make me happier with your comments after reading it…… Don’t leave without any reply after read…. Silent readers you too…. ?

Daddy… Daddy… What happened? Why are you crying? A little girl patted his hand…. Sanskar come out from his thoughts of past with Swara…. He quickly carry the little girl and make her sit on his lap…… The little girl wipe his tears away and kiss his cheek…. He smile a bit watching the little girl’s love for him…. Even deep down he his hurt still he is trying to put a smiling face for the sake of his lovely daughter…… He had no idea which idiot said that girl’s always will be a burden for their father….. Literally did they know that how fortunate the father’s to have a girl as their child! Girl’s not only a father’s princess but and an angel who will care for them like a mother…… If anyone ask me any prove of it…. Here I can show how my princess just get panic watching me in tears even she is so young but she can’t watch me in tears it hurt….
The little girl ask him again watching him quite “what happened Daddy?”

Sanskar said “I’m ok jannu…. It’s just that daddy missing a friend so much….”
The little girl furrow her eyebrows like she in a deep thinking…. After awhile she slap her forehead…She knock Sanskar’s head also… Sanskar just watch the little girl with amusing expression…..
“Why you knock my head, jannu?”

“Daddy, you said you miss your friend right? Why don’t you go meet your friend?”
“The problem is I don’t know where is she….” Sanskar’s said with sighing.
“Daddy, don’t worry sure you can find your friend…. If not Manik uncle will help you…. ( Manik is Sanskar’s best friend)….” with that the little girl kiss his cheek again…. (Literally the little motivating him to get Swara)

He hug the little girl tightly and kiss her forehead to show his gratefulness to have her in his life…. After the little girl went away….. Sanskar’s get up with a determination mind…. He thought himself “Swara…. Enjoy your time as much you want to be alone…. Once I get you, I won’t let you leave me forever… I’m coming for you….”

In a huge mansion, the little girl who called Sanskar as papa put a request in front of her favorite Devi Maiya “Devi Maiya, please unite my daddy with his friend….”.
In a different state…. Swara flight landed…. She was greeted by a loud sound by a young bubbly girl…… She attract others to look at their direction which make Swara embarrassed a bit while a guy who comes with the girl slap his forehead for her excitement and craziness…….
Swara hugs the girl and said “Nandu don’t shout! See all are looking at us!”
“Swara I don’t give a damn about others!”
“ Omg!!!! Look at your language! Are you sure you are my Nandu?”
“Heyyyy… It’s a normal thing at here…Yessss…. I’m 100% sure I’m your one and only Nandu…. But why are you even asking me this stupid question?….”

“Ohhh… god… Jiju are you sure she is the same Nandu who don’t like to speak a lot…. Who are very shy and timid…. Who always say no for a lot of things…. Who always maintain her good behavior in public….Who also can be called as Miss perfect”.
While the guy who accompany Nandu laughing like mad…. At last after control himself he said you see Nandu will always be Nandu…. But after she married me who is a devil itself sure she need to be equal as me. After all whose wife is she…. She is the one and only Manik Malhotra’s wife which is Nadhini Manik Malhotra….. Sure staying with me for awhile she get influenced by my behavior a bit….

Swara just laughing like mad to hear Manik’s comment on Nandu while Nandu stood there gawking at them who are literally made fun of her….. Soon she composed herself ran behind Manik’s back…. After chasing him around the airport, she manage to get hold him with the help of Cabir, Nandhini’s partner in crime cum brother and Manik’s childhood friend… She hit him with her tiny which really didn’t hurt him at all….???…

Swara just stand there enjoying their Tom and Jerry fight…. “If you both finish fighting….Can we back home?”, Swara ask with a cold stern and face which she literally failing to do…….
Manik and Nandhini look at each other and just nodded their head like cute puppies…. Which make Swara laugh again and couldn’t show any serious face with them…..Swara hug both Nandhini and Manik tightly and ask them to stay happy like that always…..
Cabir come stand in front of Swara and introduce himself “Hai…. I’m Cabir Arora…Finally I had the opportunity to meet you face to face….Nandhini always talk about you….” while giving a hand for a shake….

Swara didn’t shake hands with him but hug him which took him for surprise….. “there is no handshakes with friends but huggies”, said Swara while Cabir grin like an idiot….
Nadhini voice out “Cabir, why you smiling this much?”

Cabir pull out from Swara’s hug and side hug her….. “You know we are best friend since childhood…. We means which include me, Manik, Dhruv, Aryaman and SM. We don’t like to hug each other’s when meet up because we feel it a bit girlish but our SM love’s to irritate us… So, he will always hug us as much as he can when he get the opportunity… And there is one little girl who are exchanging school come to bid bye to we all with a handshakes before leave but our SM hugs her…. But she pushed him away…. Since then SM will always said guys only can friend with guys and can be themselves but when it’s come out to friendship with a girl they have so many no’s…. So, today I saw Swara same attitude as him but she also an opposite fact of which SM said…. I’m so excited to irritate SM by showing Swara and opposed what he said before…A girl also can hug a guy as a friend and all girl are not same…… Finally, I can irritate him and give my payback….”said Cabir while jumping and dancing like crazy holding Swara’s hand….
All laughing like mad include Swara but inside she is curious to meet the SM which Cabir newly mentioned by Cabir…..

“Guys… let’s move from here…. If we all stand here anymore, I guess the hot security guard will gladly send us to hospital”….. ..
Swara: hot security guard??? Hospital???

Manik and Nandhini also look at Cabir blankly…..
“Grow up, guys”, said Cabir……. I mean we all standing here quite long and also we are blocking other path of walking…. So sure they security will throw out us soon….”.
Again Swara, Manik and Nandhini broke in to laugh with Cabir’s creative words…. While laughing Swara ask “than what you mean by hospital???”
Cabir again grin like idiot said “they will admit us in mental hospital for behaving like mad person…. For example look at you…Which person who are normal will laughing like mad while clasping stomach and sitting on floor…. So you will be welcomed by mental hospital staff with warm heart…… All laughing more harder till tears also come out from eyes…. Soon all composed themselves and make a way to the car…..

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