SWASAN: FATE (Chapter 10)

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Chapter 9

After the marriage, Sanskar just left her in the mansion and went out…. If it’s according to him, he won’t let her alone even for a second but he knows better that she need time to be alone. He drove away to meet his friends who will understand his plight.

Swara’s point of view

Today should be the happiest moment for a girl when married to the love of her life but for me I couldn’t even get happy with this moment. Deep inside I’m happy that I’m married to Sanskar. Wearing his last name and put the sindoor of his name on my maang is something I couldn’t even imagine. The more I’m getting happy, the more I’m getting scared about how he goanna react once he get to know my past….


Uncle what are you doing???Why are you touching me there? Uncle you are hurting me!!! Stoppppppp….. No…. No…. Uncle!! Stop… No… A lone tear escaped her eyes remembering the black moment of her life. A girl who been raped by her own uncle. How can I be a good match for him! Why the destiny and fate playing a cruel game with them. Our first meet at office, that’s what he thought actually it’s not. I knew him before…yes…. We know each other since we born. We were engaged to each other since the day I born. My fate intertwined with him.

I’m Swara…. I’m Swara Kapoor who was born to Shiv Kapoor and Nisha Maheswari. Nisha Maheswari is the daughter of Maheswari’s family. My parents were in love with each other in their college time without any thoughts what future holds for them. The family, wealth, culture, religion and so on didn’t came in the frame when they fall in love. Soon, my grandparents get to know about their love story. My mother eloped and marries my father. My grandparents object my parents love because of the status, wealth and so on. That’s because my dad belongs to middle class family and an orphaned though he is educated and working as assistant lawyer in a big firm.

My parent’s love story is not a fairy tale but a path full of rose torn. It’s toughest walk for both of them. My dad didn’t have any job before he married my mom because he been fired after my grandfather hatred towards him. Maheswari family is well known in there. All people get to know their love story and Maheswari’s hatred. So thinking about my grandfather status and power every places didn’t dare to hire him. My parents didn’t lose their strength.

My mother took each step together with him holding his hand while removing each every torn in their path. In between my grandparents offer him money to left my mom but he declined their offer too. My parent didn’t take their life to next level after marriage but made decision to succeed in their life first. They took everything as challenge to be a better person. My parents decided moving to Mumbai to set their careers. They left the place where they born and has their memories with a lot of difficulty. My father gets a good job in a best firm in Mumbai. My mother getting bore at home, so she started to sell packed lunch for workers who couldn’t cook. Her hobby at home developed to small catering business with the help of my dad.

They didn’t get time to spend with each other like before they dating. My father even working on weekends. My mother always become his pillar to hold when he get upset or low. She became a best advisor for him and vice versa. When she became low he will be with her.

His love and respect for my mother increasing day by day who never complained to him about anything. Where there the entire newly wedded girl will ask to spend time with them and demand a lot of things but she just declined everything with a smile even she managed to life a middle class just for dad. A girl who been spoon fed since born just bear everything. My dad also started his own firm and become a famous lawyer in Mumbai in two years.

In these two years, they succeed in their life and career but they never took their relation to next step. My father always knows that deep inside my mother missing her parents. He understands her well even she never mentioned about it. He also knew that he can’t blame her parents. She is the love and happiness of whole Maheswari family. So, how can they marry her to him? He is a person who couldn’t give her anything than pain and suffering.

After his achievement, he opens another branch and shifts their work to their hometown again. He also unite mother with her parents. My grandparents also accept their love and ask forgiveness from my father. Father also made decision to remarry mother again with all ritual in front of her family. He never felt any love from his family because his parents died when he was young and rise in orphanage when none of his relative willing to raise him. So, he always in guilt when mother leaves her family. When he united mother with her family literally he get a family too.

Father married mother with all ritual and claimed her as his wife in front of her family and world. My parent’s life filled with happiness only. Everyone double happiness and joy with my mother’s pregnancy and my eldest uncle migration to India with his family. Everyone took care of my mother like she is small baby.

Unfortunately everyone forget that life is not a fairy tale which always filled with happiness only.
But did they know the little happiness always a sign that a big storm is on their way.

A storm which will change everything.
A storm which will kill a lot of people.
A storm which will brings nightmare to all.
A storm which will destroy innocent’s life.

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