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Must reads fanfics on Swasan.

Fix you & Fixing Broken Souls : A master piece worth publishing. Story ? Emotions ? Romance ? Writer ? Nisha/Anu you are such a talented writer and I can see ur a big Sanskarholic also because of the way you show him in ur ff. I was new here and I read my first ff Fix You and I loved ur writing so much that I started reading all ur ffs.

Dr. Swara and Mr. Maheshwari leads to Swasan by Sam. The title its is so intriguing. I loved this ff and I hope this one never ends. Really in love with the characters and the way story has shaped so far. ??? And the new ff Yaariyan also seems very interesting. Keep updating and I’m sure you’ll rock it just like u did before.

Mr. Maheshwari and I – Anjali ??
I love you! And ur vocabulary and the way you express everything in ur ff. You’re just a perfect writer. And the ff is so awesome. Even though they haven’t confessed yet we don’t feel like were missing swasan because of your way of portraying them. Just one request. Please show Raglak ??
I like Karan but I love Sanskar and Laksh.

Acceptance by Sree. Doesn’t need any intro? The story is just fab. Mystery, plot, romance all’s falling into perfect place. And I hope you get well soon dear. Take care of yourself. We all love you a lot.

I dreamed a dream by Sindhuja ?? if you haven’t read this please read it. Im sure you will fall fir Sanskar even more. After Anu Sindhuja has portrayed Sanskar as the best man ever. The way he helps and leads Swara out of misery is just commendable. Love you for this masterpiece ff of yours.

I know I have missed hundreds not even hundreds but thousands. But these two according to me are at the top. You are mine was also there but when I came to know about it being a piece of plagiarism, I just discarded that but I respect Leila for being such a good writer.

Neha, sethooty, dolly, kritika, Meher, Vini are also awesome and you should also read their work.

Love all the writers. Keep the good work going especially when we know there’ll be no swasan scene in SR for sometime. So you are my only ray of hope.

Credit to: Swasan lover

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  1. Okay!!! I just read fix you and opened this cause I was too abboyed by some girls in some analysis page. But this made my night! Not because u praised me. I dont give a damn. Because you love us :):)

    Me, Anju and Sree ❤

    Since I’m new hero dont have many friends. And I’m not the one who makes friends easily. but these two babush really are my life here.

    And when people start talking about ur friendship and malign it in name of gaining attention, I just feel so upset.

    Friendship is a beautiful and pure emotion and I love everyone here (who loves me back :P)

    Lol. Thanks a lot for this analysis. You made my day oops. Night today. Love yo ??

    1. Pwease ignore the typos. I am half asleep.

  2. Tysm swasan lover…. l love all the ffs u’ve mentioned…..

    I dreamed a dream is la javaab….. I could read it countless number if times… one of the best portrayals of sanskaar….

    Acceptance and fixing broken souls…. both by my sissies….. love the stories… but I love them more…. ???

    And I guess I’m the only person who hasn’t read Dr swara and mr maheshwari…. I should read it… ???

    Anyways…. Thnxxx a lot swasan lover…. it really really sweet ….. love you….

  3. I am very happy ..that ur like me and respect me as a writer ….
    More than being writer ..its an pleasure being a member in the telly updates family …
    I got many new friends here …

    First I was a silent reader but after reading

    Fix u , destiny by anu
    Mr maheshwari and I by anjali
    Rishto ki dastan by Eva di …
    Acceptance by sree di

    I became a writer …these four are my favorite ..especially anju di , anu di and sree di
    I don’t know y …I keep on waiting for their ff’s so eagerly ….
    They have inspired me in all the ways …

    Anu di …u r really the queen of emotions ….
    Sree di …..u r really the Queen of suspense …
    Anjali di …..u r the queen of story line in depth …

    U three have inspired me to write ..believed me or not …I was a regular reader of u trio’s

    Not only them
    Even I was inspired by meher …..as she is an ever green writer ….

    I always sew that these writer have their comment box filled …I don’t how to make them inspire mine …
    I am a bit jealous of these stars …..ha ha ha ….I was jut kidding …no offence

    I guess u all need a much more appreciations ….the three shining stars …

    Love u three loads …….

    1. Anu di ..ur profile pic is so cute …..I love it …..

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