Swasan fanfictions analysis

Hello Everyone, I am Sadhna!
I have never commented on any of ur Swasan fanfictions but am a huge fan of you all. I love the show because Sanskaar is there. I just love Varun to the core. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
So, I have read most of the one shots and fan fictions about Swasan and it got me thinking. So many ideas and so many different concepts, Which is the best one? There are too many to chosse from, So I’ve picked out three from the current stories going around to choose from.
Please comment and let me know ur choice.
RAGLAK, RAGSAN and SWALAK fans, Sorry.. I really don’t mind any pair, But I just love Sanskaar.. .And since he is Swara’s from now on.. I read only their ffs mostly.

Anyways onto my choices.
Please choose only from these three. Not even the previous ffs of the authors, Only the four names that I’m about to give.
Sree Harini is an awesome writer. She has written limitless love, a seven shot on Sanskaar and is currently writing acceptance. Acceptance is a story where each character is shown with a lot of depth and secrets. 14 chapters have been posted as of now. With simple words and a mind blowing concept, She has managed to enthrall us all with her description and character portrayal.
Each character is strong and has an agenda. The best part about her story is the unpredictability of it. Each episode is a blockbuster which leaves us with our mouths open. From the intro of Sanskaar and Laksh as the suave businessmen to them crashing into Swara….. The story is amazing….
There are no good or bad leads yet. But seriously cannot wait for the next episodes. AMAZING JOB SREE. πŸ˜€

This is my favourite, I guess, even out of the four choices I’m giving. Anjali is an amazing author. This is her second ff, her previous one being Swaragini, The path to happiness.
Coming to Mr Maheshwari and I… 28 chapters to her credit, Anjali has succeeded in making everyone speechless with her concept, writing skills and her characters.
A completely Swasan ff with Ragini and Laksh only as supporting characters, The best think about her story is the reality of it. Some parts are certainly filmy as she herself says, But she balances it out with real life so well that it is mind blowing. Adapted from Julia Quinn’s THE VISCOUNT WHO LOVED ME, She has managed to give it an Indian Tadka with her own nuances in it. Sanskaar’s fear that he will die, His desire to marry ragini, Swara’s firm determination that he shouldn’t.. And now in her last chapter, Swara’s declaration of love.. All have given her a huge supporting family with more than 40 comments to her credit… πŸ™‚

Swara and Sanskaar’s chemistry is sizzling in this story. Though Anjali is not given to romance a lot.. She concentrates more on emotions and thoughts, Swasan chemistry has been marvellous with an understanding that I don’t know how to describe. Though when she does write a romance scene… You just feel like whistling. She understand words very well and is truly gifted in writing.
And I know I’ve spoken a lot about this ff, But as I said, I think it’s my favourite. So cannot stop now. Last but not the least. I have to commend her on her writing skills and vocabulary. She knows exactly which word to use such that we feel everything happens right before our eyes. The turtles in the beach description, The holi episode, their kisses… LOVED IT ANJALI!! GREAT JOB… And get well soon dear! I saw you mention that u were sick. One more thing I love about you is the care and time you give to your readers. With regualr updates, You truly care about their expectations and suggestions and have not got a single negative comment at all. HATS OFF MY DEAR!

Alahna is a new author to the Swasan fandom, I think. I haven’t read anything of hers before. With a new concept, The best thing about her story is the mystery of Swara. Who is Swara? She is rich… Her parents are dead… All that we know.. But we still don’t know who exactly she is.
Swara’s character is simply wonderful in this story. The main reason I love this story is because of this reason. Another is due to Alahna’s writing skills. With long chapters and simple words, Alahna is doing a great job. Though I would love to see the story moving forward and more of Sanskaar in it. But truly an amazing story. But a little irregular in updates. Please update soon Alahna!

With six chapters to her credit, Alahna is probably the author people wait for eagerly… Her last chapter got her 65 well deserved comments…

So These are my favourites. Each story is unique and is not at all similar. The only thing that is common are the character names. From Sree’s unpredictable ff to Anjali’s real, emotional and soft ff to Alahna’s mysterious and striking ff, I really have to thank these amazing authors for sharing your story to the world and us. It is truly a pleasure to read such stories.
I actually have so many more such as
Halima’s heart connection
Mandy’s A modern tale of love
Neha’s True love never dies and Endless love…
But I decided only on these three..

I actually wanted to include Eva’s Rishto ki dastan.. But we don’t know the pairs yet. But I love your story too Eva!
1) Sree Harini’s Acceptance

2) Anjali’s Mr Maheshwari and I
3) Alahna’s Realisation, Exoneration and Acceptance

Once again, Thank you Sree, Anjali, Alahna for such amazing ffs. I also would like to thank Eva, Mandy, Dolly, Halima, Ck1234 and all you other amazing authors out there for entertaining us. In ur comments, ppl mention about what a great job you ppl have done. But forget to thank you for the time and energy you’ve put in it. So from all us readers, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I hope you really continue to entertain us this way..

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  1. I totally agree with you. i read all the ff’s u mentioned. I js love them.

  2. whre is swasan fanfiction season 1 n 2,(vini di) swasan u r mine, swasan bc i lvd her, (sethooty).. swasan fix u n swasan deatiny(anu)?

  3. I’m a big swasan fan.,i don’t like ragsan coz mujhe rag or san mein bro n sis wala feeling aata hai..dey look alike too…mein bhi sirf swasan ffs padthe hai..these 3 ffs r my fav..1,at d begining i thought its a usual rich boy luvs poor girl ff..den d twist happened… boom..wow.. ‘acceptance’ is awesome..
    2,i got addicted to it when i read d first chap. It’s a well written and super plotted ff..one i’m eagerly w8ng 4 nxt update..mr.maheshwari and i is magneficient
    3.i’m waiting 4 all d mysteries to clear ryt now n how love is gonna blossom again! R..E..A..is surreal..
    In language skills anjali is better..but d 3 ffs have interesting plots..and many followers.
    I also lyk ‘modern tale’
    ‘from stubborn to falling in love’
    ‘d3 by namrata’ and ffs written by Nandana frm kerala..she finished one ff and dat was a gud one nd her new one looks promising too..

    1. Thank you hope!!! πŸ™‚

    2. I also don’t like ragsan they r bro sis Jodi types ….I luv swasan n raglak too but tellyupdates pe zyadatar ragsan n swalak Ff hi hote h …

  4. whre is swasan fan fctn season 1 n 2(vini di. ), swasan fix u n destiny(anu), bz i lv her(sethooy. ),? n ya saba di ff i m urs n swasan path hate to love?

    m. sry dr bt i think swasan ff aur dena chahiye…. issshe v accha h

    par agr khna cmplsry h toh ya Mr maheswari n I… bt nt 1 ha.. for me nmbr 1 is swasan fanfction season1 n 2, n path hate to lv n i m yours

    1. Thnxxx rupsikha!!!
      I completely agree with you…. there are better fics out there…..

    2. Oh my sweety cutie mickey.. U r suggesting my fiction in b/w them I know u love me lot..but myself believe am not a good writer.it happened accidentally.. Thatz y did nt told u about this fiction.. Haha..but thank u so much mickey..

  5. Obviously swasan _Mr maheshwari and I
    Is the best
    I never commented on any of the ff’s
    But today I wanted to

    1. Thank you soo much varsha!!!

  6. Saba’s swasan a path hate to love…. Was my best…. Hats off to saba …. Her story dipicting style was just awesome…
    at last she made me cry bitterly…..

  7. sach me yr saba di ki ff path hate to lv ws d bst… i think sbko pdhna chahiye… sbse lst wali epi ne mjhe bht din rulaya yr

  8. Hi sadhna Im also like u i also read only swasan ff. What u mention above 3 ff I rly like them.

  9. me too like these ff’s.. but my fav is d3 by Namrata.. it is so good.. she gove importance to swasan and raglak also. such an amazing chemistry they have.. and anu who writes destiny and fix you she also a good writer.. and many more good swasan ff’s are there.. i love any stories regarding swasan.. they are just perfect.. i can’t understand something.. rag..san was never a couple in swaragii.. then how people can write about them.. brother sister couple.. ragini is just like sister of sanskar.. in the show also.. i respect them as a brother sister .. only swasan is the couple.. love them to the core

  10. And i 4got to mention

  11. i wud go wid mr maheshwari and i..amazng plot…amazng writer..amazng swasan…

    1. Thanks harshita!!! ??

  12. saba’s a path of hate to love and swasan-u r MINE

  13. First of all, thank you sadhna for such an update…. i never imagined this type of honour or anything…
    I am just speechless
    Thank you sooo much!!!!
    But I also think this shouldn’t be there… it spreads a competitiveness among ff writers which is stupid… both sree and alahna are fab writers….. I read both their stories… and I don’t think I’m better than them or that they’re better than me… their way of writing and their concept is different from mine….
    Sorry if I hurt you but there is no competition between friends and sree is a good friend of mine…

    1. No problem anjali!
      I am really glad you saw this analysis.. Was wondering that you might not see it…

      Whatever i have written is true and from my heart, Dear! I sincerely feel that you are one among the top three ff writers and personally my favourite πŸ˜€
      Please, I didn’t feel hurt. This might spread some competitiveness among others but I think ur above such pettiness. So don’t worry

  14. Please everyone
    As I said
    I know that there are many stories out there.. I just chose my top 3
    Obviously saba’s ff is one of my top ten… I still do read it in fantasy diaries, but now its not that striking… I feel these are better.
    Ofc fix you is an amazing story, I love it better than destiny! Fix you would probably be in my top 5 while destiny in the top 10..
    But I chose only the top three for now… so please choose from these options only
    And yeah I agree that ragini and sanskaar look more like friends or siblings.. they would be marvellous devar bhabhi pair

  15. ok sadhna chalo????? nw for me nmbr 1 is Mr maheswari n i????//

    1. LOl.. Thanks so much Rupsikha!!

  16. ek analysis na ragsan n swalak pe b krna ….devar Bhabhi n bhai behen ki Jodi ….bakwas

  17. I love Mr. Maheshwari and I but Saba’s hatred to love nd Kashis’s an incomplete scrapbook are also exceptional. Saba has posted the ff on another site . here’s it to http://diariesforfantasy.blogspot.in/

  18. ) ALAHNA’s REALISATION, EXONERATION AND ACCEPTANCE…..I love it.. It is awesome..

  19. Acceptance wins hands down for me.Sree is a great writer and I am her fan. She inspired me to write. I started writing and will post it soon. I will surely give her credit. She deserves this title for the best swasan fanfic ever Acceptance. Love you sree. All the best.

  20. guyz did neha is continuing her endless love story plz reply

    1. she has completed it a long ago.

  21. Realisation exoneration acceptance.. … … . Your hug that changed me.. Destiny & fix u.. … .. .. … …. … Swasan rocks??

  22. I agree with all my vote goes to both saba ff I m yours n a path hate to love

  23. fix u
    bz I love her
    swasan u r mine
    realization, exoneration,acceptance

  24. Mr maheshwari nd I…

  25. Mr maheshwari and I

  26. 2 & 3 r my best ff
    & destiny by anu ,a path hate to love by saba ,
    & many many more r there all r awsm…………….

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