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Well, The trend is going to continue ppl. But with a twist. Till now we have had ff analysis on swasan authors and all the popular names were featured.

And i completely agree… These people are all superb and deserve the praise.. but i want to mention some of the previous authors who entertained us before anjali, anu etc came into our lives!
I haven’t read many.. but will include whatever I remember.. Please if u too remember, Tell me. I will see if i have read it.
1) Swaragini joined by destiny – Mugdha
2) Ek anokha bandhan – Aishu (incomplete)
3) Best friends & Why does it still affect me – Deepa (Incomplete)
4) Heart Connection – Halima
5) I dreamed a dream ( I really don’t know how people missed this) – Sindhuja
6) I hate to love you – Sana
7) Limitless Love & Swasan ff – Sree
8) Swaragini – The path to happiness – Anjali
That’s all I can think of right now. Haven’t included Saba’s, Vini’s and Neha’s ff….

1) Kuch iss tarah – Meher
2) Mr Maheshwari and I – Anjali
3) Acceptance – Sree
4) Fix you, Fixing broken souls, destiny – Anu
5) Meri Aashiqui – Dolly
6) Realisation, Exoneration & Acceptance – Alahna
7) Bz I loved her – Sethooty
8) D3 – Namrata
9) A modern tale of love – Mandy
10) Mileya Mileya – G_S

These are just few of the many I’ve read. I am not ranking them at all. Just wrote down whatever came to my head.
Besides, I do love Dolly’s other ffs, Aryna’s ff, Bhanu’s etc….

As everyone have been commenting in the last few epis about the friendship between these three I too would like to do so : Anjali, Anu and Sree…
It’s a virtual world out here. Yet I feel the genuity between the three of you. sree is the oldest, then anjali finally anu. There is a slight gap in the age, the culture, the cities, the traditions, the language.. I can go on and on. yet, you ppl have managed to create a bond so pure and simple. Love this a lot.
God bless you all (all the authors). Please continue to do this amazing work!

Credit to: Akira

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  1. I am misisng alahan ff yar. Please ask her to continue it . I have read all swasan ff and I just love those. I cant name anyone as I love all. Each of them are great in giving me a suspense for the day which I can’t keep of myself but because of them, I have been waiting

  2. ye alahna kaha gayab h yr …uske ff ka to wait hi kr rhe h

  3. Aww thnkuuu so much for including mine ??

    I dreamt a dream my favorite ff… Itz lyk if I found sindhuja I will kiss her hands for writing this ??

    I hv read approx half of them.. N all are osm ??

  4. Tujh mein rab dikta hai??

    1. Thank u so much Raman for mentioning my TMRDH here n appreciating my work… I’m really glad dat u like it… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    2. Its kk dea ..though i am silent reader of ua ff ..i ilyk ua story very much ..Honestly I like TMRDH more dan mileya mileya bcz it z full of suspense ..nd the way u portrayed Sanskaar character..it z jst awesome…..nd i like suspense too….Nd u r awesome writer!!!

      1. Thank u so much Raman for such a wonderful complement… It really means a lot…. πŸ™‚

  5. Oh My God… thank u so much for including my ff in ur list Akira… Mileya Mileya is my first ff n is very close to my heart… Seeing it amongst such awesome n mind blowing ffs is really a good feeling n has encouraged me a lot… Thank u once again n luv u loads… πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks sooo much Akira!!!

    My first ff definiteely doesn’t deserve a place here but thank you soo much!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Love the list you’ve given πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Agree with most of them…. I abs loved Mugdha’s Joined by destiny… Very heart touching it was….

    There was another story… Where arjun was swaragini’s brother and nithi was sanklak’s sister and it was swasan, raglak and arjunithi story… I forgot the name but that was superb!!
    I dreamed a dream <3 <3 <3

    Limitless love now words…

    And the new ones as well.. .have read most of them!!

  7. Omg thanku do much Akira…including my story in ur list..happy to hear that many of u like it…

  8. Jyoti’s rain spring autumn is different concept… Loved that story..previous epi was mind blowing… Talented writer.
    Aryan’s hell to heaven.., Sree harini’s hate story is my fav…

  9. Hey akira..thanks for mentioning my name but the other names you mentioned here are truly deserved to be the one and God! For me, Limitless live us something immature but I am glad that you loved it

    And about the other fictiobs, I read deepa’s two fictions and must really appreciate her work. Missing her a lot. Then about halima, I was regular for first twenty parts but must really say that she is one of the amazing writer on the site.

    You did that aki..you mentioned sindhu..well she needs the one. I admire her writings a lot and missing her badly…thank-you so much for mentioning her.

    I really don’t know but there was a writer who wrote SWARAGINI- the music of love. It’s incomplete I guess but I love hers more after vini di. She is just a perfect author but I did forget her name….wait I remembered Maria.

    Thank-you seetothy and anju especially di, hi-fi because hate story is my favorite too. Acceptance stands in second place.

  10. Aww thanks a ton for mentioning m ffs . And u know what I used to preach about I dreamed a dream but somehow I forgot about that in my own analysis. I feel like killing myself right now. And mentioning about our friendship that was so sweet of you dear. Really. Love you a lot! β™₯

  11. I am missing deepas ff,they both were so good pls complete them.

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