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Hey swasan fans… I am a fangirl of swasan…a big one…specially Varun Kapoor…? I read Ragsan fan fictions analysis yesterday and thought about posting one for Swasan…it also has brief about the story as far as i have understood…

First category is MYSTERY and for that for me the best fan fiction is by Sree and her fan fictions name is Swasan – Acceptance. Acceptance is about Sanskar, a businessman who also has many people running after his life. Perks of being a hot businessman. Swara, a mysterious girl is found by the two brothers and eventually Laksh is revealed to be helping Swara to get close to Sanskar. But then it turns out all this is Swara’s revenge on Sanskar’s dad for her parents death. Swasan fall in love and Swara realises her mistakes. Meanwhile, Sanskar also kinda forgives her. Now the only question that remains is who killed Swara’s parents!

Second category is EMOTION. I know this is going to be a very big compliment for Anu and I’m sure if she reads this she will deny it. But after reading Saba’s fan fiction I started reading her fan fictions Fix you and Fixing Broken Souls. And it made me cry. Seriously. Such a heart touching story it is.
Sanskar Kapoor, a rockstar falls in love with Swara. Both share a candid romance but Swara misunderstands that Sanskar is cheating on her with Kavita (its Sanskar’s fault though. Kavita forcefully kissed him but he fell weak but never reciprocated the feelings). Now she is trying to move on by marrying someone else. They are broken souls, swara once fixed by Sanskar only to be broken again. Will they be able to fix each other before its too late (ie. Before swara gets married). The story’s catchy line “This time, its all about fixing each other…”

Vini and Saba di’s Fan fictions.
I have no right and no dare to speak about this. They are always at the top. At first when I was new I started reading Vini’s Swasan fan fiction. And I fell in love with this site! So technically, the fan fiction writers whom I started following later (like Sree and Anu) its all because of these bosses of writing. And Saba was the first person to make me cry I guess over a story.

Okay. That’s all for the categories of today. I might come with another analysis which has the other fan fictions I read and describing about them. Dont think I dont read others. I read them all. Just told you about the top four which I think are at the moment the best. Their writing skills are above par.

Saba : This lady made me cry for the first time. When she changed the climax of her fan fiction I was still crying because I guess, the damage was done. English, vocabulary, emotions depicted all are too good. I’m going to be crazy if I read more of her work which I will surely do…

Sree : Simple innovative and new ideas that pops in her mind are always beautiful. She jots down everything in the most soothing way and that always leaves me craving for more. Her vocabulary and English is too good. She writes in a way which is simple yet so heart touching.

Anu : Her way of writing is a little different. Pov style I like it though. Her English is too good. She’s a teenager basically (I’m not) but somehow the way her lines are written it always makes me happy/sad/crying or whatever. Whenever I read her chapters, I feel she’s a mature girl. Yep, I feel like she is older to me.

Vini : She has a simple way of converting her love stories into …sagas. First season was too good. She rocked it! And the second season, well not updated since a long time dear. I miss it a lot. But talking about the second season the only person who touched my heart was Sanskar. His pious soul and his thoughts. I’m falling for him as im growing older…


I would also mention a few other writers who are good enough to be praised. I will definitely write about you all too. Its just that I m a little busy today so I got a chance to write only about them.
Meher, Bhanu, Anjali, Neha, Bhanu, Aryna, Alhana, Bushra, Mandy, and so many…. Countless writers are good too. Sorry if I have missed anyone.
Wait for the second analysis starring the above writers…

Thanks to all the writers for sharing ur stories with us. Its much better than watching the serial you know. Once upon a time I used to visit this site only to see the missed updates of my serials but now its only because I wanna read the fan fictions.

Its all ur effect!!!!

Credit to: Fenil

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  1. What is saba’s fiction…..please give me link…i think Neha is not written now a days……it has been a month she wrote TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES SEASON 2

    1. http://www.diariesforfantasy.blogspot.in/
      this is the site.. u go in fanfiction n then swasan: a path hate to love.. u get all the 52 parts in it.. read it dear 🙂 n if u have time I’m hope n Vampire knight also..
      n Neha wrote True love never dies season 1 n n season 2 it’s just 2 episode i read after that don’t know she is continue that story or not n currently she is writing From Darkness to light in FB..

    2. Bt she is writing from darkness to light.. n itz osm 😀

    3. A path hate to love i dnt hv d link srry!! 🙁

      1. Hi jaf I give the link for Saba story.. 🙂 n yes Meher u r right

  2. Dear Fenil u r absolutely right..
    after reading saba’s I’ m yours i m fan of swasan a path hate to love.. i never ever cried for any swasan ff but after reading saba’s last episode of this ff it’s make me so disappointed but she is right.. N i aprreciate her hardwork she is Perfect n professional writer.. n if u read her I’m Hope n vampire Knight that was really fabulous..

    n Vini di i love their stories sanskar a lot dear.. she convey her emotions very perfect way..

    n no doubt Sree Harini n Anu also a great writer n if u r varun holic then deffinetely read swasan: an incomplete scrapbook by kashish..

  3. wah!! mene saba di, vini di, sree n anu sbki ff pdha h.
    fvrte h sb.. n vini di ne season 2 epi 41 tak update kiya h

  4. If ragsan fans eat potty,swasan’s fan also eat it na.

  5. Bz i loved her Sanskar’s Love story by sethooty didi(Malar) is also a beautiful and heart touching one.
    If you want to read a thriller one then it started with a hate request by Kavya is a good one

  6. Good analysis…Can someone do more on ragsan ff…

  7. dear nida is also a good writer,her ff my prince charming is also good,even u can read her ff

  8. Today i finally ready saba’s ff completly… n m speachless… itz osm… i left this ff in btwn as i couldnt fount more parts… n dude i read it completly again… such a fabulas writer… no one can praise her in words…

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