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I was a silent reader of only Vini’s ff and Saba’s ff. Then after Saba went there to the other site and Vini finished season 1, I never came back here.
y’day i randomly came to check on something when i found so many analysis. i opened them one by one and was so amazed to see the fiction list. but the ones that were present in almost everything except for one or two were
anjali’s mr maheshwari and i
anu’s fixing broken souls/fix you
sree’s acceptance

so i was so surprised to see them that i sat and read them all from yest
all 35 chapters of anjali’s, all chapters of fix you and broken souls and 23 chapters of acceptance and i finally realised why you three are getting so much appreciation.
im not going to compare each of ur fics. i loved them all. that’s y i even named them alphabetically so that no one gets confused.
im just going to point out some of ur pluses and minuses. hope u dont mind

1) anjali
ur plus point is ur vocab. it defeats everyone else’s here.. anu,sree everyone (no offense ppl) it is really too good and a very nice charming story with no villains or anything. a realistic ff like everyone says. another plus point is the way you’ve converted an english boook to indian standards. this shows ur fondness for readinf and understanding of words.
no minus point really storywise. i feel is that u underestimate urself and try to edit the story. u think that u r dragging the story but ur not. this is a family story and every chapter counts. dont try to edit that. leave it. even if it doesnt have anjali charm one day, it still has an authors charm which is vry imp.
2) anu
i’m extremely impressed. completely. a very nice portrayal of emotions and u have done complete justice to all the characters, swara sanskar, laksh, ragini, shaurya everyone.. plus u tend to stop the chapter in such a way that we are left begging for more
ur minuses.. not a lot really just a little too informal i guess at times. i feel it is an ff whereas in anjali’s i feel it is a book. im really sorry.. no hard feelings
3) sree
i have read ur limitless love and i must say ur writing skills have become marvellous now. as have ur ideas. acceptance is a very apt title for this story and u have done a great job with all the cliff hangers and twists.. amazing..
ur minuses ; again nothing really, just grammatical errors in the technical side.. but storywise flawless. u have worked on ur story and characters a lot..

ive also seen ur interaction in each others ffs and i must say im very happy about that. its so nice to see people appreciating others works and thinking its better than theirs instead of the other way round.
keep it up u three. fly high.
anu ur pro pic is really cute and nice.

i have to read the other ffs mentioned as well now. have quite a lot to do now.

Credit to: Anjali

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  1. Heyy its an Anjali who has done this…

    Look sree, anu ????

    Hiii my namesake…. Thnxxx for all the comments…

    Will reply back once I return from coll

  2. I have seen anju…and Anjali thank-you so much and you are really patient because reading these many episodes at one strch is really a tiering task. I am very happy knowing that you were my reader once and Limitless love was too childish
    And about my English…anu and anju…see..I always say that I am bad at grammar but these girls give me false hops…thank-you Anjali for sharing your views frankly.

    1. Sometimes grammar doesn’t matter but emotions do Sree. And ur really good at that ♥

  3. And as usual I’m a late latif. I read this having my fav fraappuccino. And I agree. My style of writing is too informal and i swear, I’m never going to write a book ever. But I like writing as its my passion. Just been two months I suppose since I’m here and I more than overwhelmed with the love I got. So thank you! And you two lufflies. Love you too Sree and Anju.

    And seriously Anju and Sree are extremely talented Haan.

    I loved Anjali’s ff coz of her way of writing. And Sree, the story is the hero:)

  4. Hey someone can plz tell me about the writer of ek anokha bandhan coz her ff was also awesome but she left it with out completing it.

  5. Late latif ki bacchi….
    What do u mean as usual?? Ur actually more punctual than sree and me….

    Anjali…. sorry for giving such an abrupt comment in the morning… actually exam tension tha na…..

    Anyways thank you soooo much for this lovely honour…. very clearly explained and very honest…. just loved it a lot…???

    The thing that fascinates me the most is ur name… I’ve never actually spoken to an Anjali before…??? it feels very weird…. lol… sorry….

    Sree baby…. as anu said, words are one thing…. emotions are another…. grammatical errors nhi dikhta sabhi ko…. they care about the description
    … so yeah….

    And anu…. informal ho ya na ho…. it is again the writing skills which makes it such a beautiful story ???


    Love you both too….. ???

    And once again… Thnxxx Anjali….??
    So sweet of you…

    And returning after a long time woww….
    So u must be older than all of us?

    1. I maybe punctual in updating when it comes to commenting I’m always late px :/

      Hehe love you ? ?

  6. me 2 anjali..
    i also red fix you n acceptance at 1 ago n ur was i regularly read.. i don’t know that sree started new ff but i suddenly opened her ff 1 day sue to picture of swasan then i red 1 episode n at d end my happiness gone double to read d writer name.. n she is really good in story always..
    n Anu i don’t know when i started to read her ff but i really like the concept of her ff..
    n last but not the last u.. i m so happy that u write this analysis.. n u started the story from the book but then the turning point is that u write the story on ur way n that is the best part i like u narrated their love,desire,responsibilities everything was picture perfect dear 🙂
    love u sree, anjali n anu 😉 keep it up u all

    1. Lol… u know falguni when I saw the
      Me 2 anjali…. I was so confused as to whether you were telling me or the other Anjali….

      Then I understood…??

  7. Thank you so much for reading my analysis. it means a lot to me.

    And yeah, even I find it a bit weird talking to an Anjali though I know many more anjalis.?

    And yupp my dear I’m 35 and mother of 3 children. So don’t really get a lot of time. But I was determined to read it that day and sat down and did just that..

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