Swasan fanfictions analysis 2



Hello everyone.
I am back with my second analysis. Please check out my first one and give me ur opinions.
http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-fanfictions-analysis/This time I have decided to include all the couples : SWASAN RAGLAK RAGSAN and SWALAK.
There are too many fanfics out there. So I have no idea what to choose. Some of them are ofcourse permanent like Vinni Di’s stories and Saba’s Path hate to love. So I’m not going to include them in this list.

I read only Swasan mostly, But have read few stories of the other couples so here are my top ten… Please give your own order (ON THESE TEN STORIES ONLY)
1) Anjali’s Mr Maheshwari and I
As I mentioned in my previous analysis, Anjali’s ff is by far my favourite. I just love the way she writes. I can understand what each character is going through and she gives a sense of completeness to SWASAN. There are no loopholes in her story. If there are, She always comes back to them and solves it. Her writing skills are probably the best compared to anyone else. This is just my opinion, You may feel differently. Her creativity and her thought process has to be appreciated and she has to get a well deserved applause.
2) Sree Harini’s Limitless Love and Acceptance
Sree Harini is no new name to us. We all have read her stories and know exactly who she is. Her writing skills have improved considerably since Limitless Love and her characters now have a depth that we can truly appreciate.

3) Alahna’s Realisation Exoneration and Acceptance
The best part about this story is Swara’s character. The amount of strength she has, The mystery surrounding her has made this story a much loved one. Alahna is a superb author and we all wait eagerly for her updates.
4) Eva’s I hate you too
My first Swalak story was this. I actually read it only for Ragsan. Though I don’t like the pair that much, I read it only because of Sanskaar’s portrayal in this. A young girl and very creative, Eva has made us all speechless with her sweet and emotional story.
5) Dhamini’s Love Ishq and Kadal
Another Ragsan ff… I actually don’t know why I started reading it. But I love it… A sweet love story with twists and turns. As a critic, Maybe not amazing. But the story needs a well deserved praise.
6) Anu’s Fix you and Destiny

Another amazing story of Swasan. Anu certainly deserves a huge round of applause for posting 2 awesome stories at the same time. Both are simply amazing with different storylines and plots.
7) Eva’s Samjhota (both seasons) and Manyata vs Ragini
Eva’s Samjhota lived up to its name. A huge controversy broke out with many hurtful comments thrown out from both swasan and swalak fans at her. But she being a sport changed peoples’ minds that couples don’t matter, Rather stories do. True that… And Manyata vs Ragini was simply amazing. Short and sweet.
8) Sindhu’s All Alone Ragini
Another Ragsan ff, I started reading out of curiosity because it received so many comments. And was surprised to find I actually enjoyed it.. A LOT… Great job, My dear!
9) Mandy’s A modern tale of love

With an apt title, a superb plot and amazing portrayal of characters, Mandy has impressed me with her story. Though a bit irregular, I still feel happy whenever i read her chapters, especially Swara’s and Laksh’s. Can’t wait for the next episodes.
10) Sarika’s Zehnaseeb, Namrata’s D3 and Crystal’s Journey from being stubborn to falling in love
Though I was disappointed that Swasan weren’t the pairs in Zehnaseeb, I continue to read it only because I want to see the final confrontation between Janki Ragini and Swara. Let’s see what happens. The best thing about Namrata’s story is the equalness that all the characters get. And Crystal’s story is sweet and nice. I like it.

So out of the ones that ive mentiones, Please give me your opinion. I know some of you might not have read them all.. Please tell if you havent, Dont give it a lower rank if u havent read..
Thanks. And I have behaved as a critic as I’m doing my BA in literature in Bangalore. If I have hurt anyone sorry.. And coming to stories other than Swasan, I havent read most of them. So These were the ones I picked.
I really hope that the authors who I have mentiones see this and give me their opinion.
God bless all of you

Credit to: sadhna

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  1. aapne abi b swasan u r mine include nai kia..hw sad..

    1. Sorry dear… I only put the ones which I felt were the best.. though that is a good one as well

  2. I just luv eva’s stroies sply samjhota … the best thing is she expressess the story in few episodes… that too outstandingly… she is the only writer whose ff i read irrespective of pairs… i hv no words for her praise… she is outatanding…

    1. I agree with you Meher. She is simply superb

    2. I hd once read swasan ff dont rember itz writer bt that was osm it was some ” i hv deramt a dream” it an18 epi ff but i luv this

  3. I was a little disappointed u didnt mention Anu and Mandy. For me they are the best writers with modern stories. Of course Sree is the best. Her stories are superb. I never read Anjali’s ff. But I guess now I have to.

    1. My dear. I have mentioned them..
      They are number 6 and number 9 on the list. I love those ffs as well. How could I not include them?

    2. read Anjali’s ff.
      I bet youll love it

  4. For me number 1 is Eva’s Samjhota(Both the seasons) and the Anjali’s Mr Maheshwari and I,then Sarika’s Zehnasib,Alahna’s Realization Exoneration and acceptence and also I hate u too….

    1. thanks for your opinion πŸ™‚

  5. Suhasini Khanna

    I liked Samjhota 1 the most….i still remember every episode of that ff…..and i like Alahna’s ff realization,exoneration…..presently I’m reading this one and Rishto ki Dastan only….don’t know about the others…

    1. I loved samjhota one as well. Please do read anjalis ff nd sree’s. Intact read all the ffs on the list. They are amazing.. but especially Anjalis
      Idk what’s wrong with me. I just love it so much

  6. I love all of these stories….but my fav ones r I hate u too and Mr Maheshwari and i….

    1. I love those too

  7. Manyata Vs Ragini is my favorite..though Eva finished it with in few episodes….Eva..if u r reading this comment…..i have a request plz….write a ff based on Ragini like this one…..I also like Sarika’s Zehnaseeb…I’m Tejaswi fan…thats why said so…..and Sarika…plz dear update soon..cause i wait for this ff…. πŸ™‚

    1. I will definitely write one on Ragini..but after I finish the present one..

  8. main srif swasan story follow karta ho.mujhe swalak, ragsan main koi interest nahe hai

    1. Then choose only with the swasan options given

  9. Samjhota season 1 is the best….i could not read season 2…..so don’t know about that..i liked this story being a swasan fan…..and Anjali..i love your ff Mr Maheshwari and I…I’m a silent reader…but today felt like to comment seeing my fav ffs in the list πŸ™‚

    1. nice to see your opinions

  10. I would select
    1 All alone ragini ( this cudive been the plot f d story , without turning ragini into negative)
    2.love ishq kadal ( pure fiction entirely diff from serial, beautifully crafted with twists and turns)
    3D3 ( beautiful story protrayunf pure friendship Nd love giving eqaul importance to all)

    1. ragini fan huh?

  11. Hey then u must try true love never dies of neha
    im sure u will love it
    im unable to make a choice from them coz I dint read any of them sry πŸ™

    1. I have read it my dear…
      I liked it a lot. But not in my top ten

  12. 1. mr maheswari n i
    2. swasan fix u
    3. swasan destiny
    4. limitless lv n acceptance
    5. samjhota(eva)

    1. Hi rupsikha!
      Nice to see your opinions πŸ˜€

    2. Tysm dear β™₯

  13. Hey plz tell the name of vinni’s ff ..based on swasan

    1. Its called swasan fan fiction seasons 1 and 2 are both there

  14. Oh god..I’m confused….i like all of them..i read all of them…..i love each and every story but i like something about 2 writers here…those r Anjali and Eva….Anjali i love the way u write…its very expressive.I never missed an episode of your story and wait for the next one…though never commented…cause i have a hectic schedule….and Eva….my god….so many bashing comments..i read them….i liked the way u continued ignoring them..and answered them with your stories….u changed so many people’s view….now they read ffs for stories and not couples…..I must say….both of u r great writers…

    1. I agree Kashish. It took me a long time as well to choose my favourite , but finally I realised that I knew them from the beginning
      Anjali and Eva are amazing. I support you 100%

  15. I love Zehnaseeb…..but Sarika..plz post regularly…..and yap…..i loved Samjhota both the seasons…..and also Sindhu’s all alone Ragini…..

    1. so ragsan fan?

  16. Sanskari Girl

    I’m a big fan of Sanskar…..so for me the first one is I hate u too…cause Sanskar’s character was awesome in that ff….i loved his character..though I’m a swasan fan still i liked this ff…..second one is Mr Maheshwari and I….agan Sanskar is the reason..and i liked All alone Ragini also… πŸ™‚

    1. I love Sanskaar as well. I also like the way he’s been portrayed in Acceptance

  17. I love Tejaswi……she rocks….my fav ones r
    1.I hate u too
    2.All alone Ragini
    3.Manyata Vs Ragini

  18. I didn’t read all of them…..but i liked Eva’s Samjhota and Sarika’s Zehnaseeb the most…

  19. I’m a swalak fan….i liked all alone Ragini,Zehnaseeb,love ishq kadal and I hate u too….
    Eva…mujhe apse ek shikayat hai…..why don’t u give a happy ending for swalak? I love your ffs the most…..plz give happy endings to some…..where Swalak live happily every after..

    1. Dear I don’t think of the story from before..i just write what’s in my mind at that time…i like writing emotional stories…and that leads to these sad endings…so sorry about that…but I’ll try my best to give happy endings…

  20. I will go with limitless love for first coz this was d first ff I read…i loved it so deeply….she is really blessed…..
    2. All.alone Ragini….sindhu di is a fab writer…i loved all ff…but specially this one…
    3.eva’s I hate u too….for her ff I was a silent reader but she is really a very good writer….
    N sadhna ji…i am happy that ur also from Bangalore just like me….?

    1. nice….
      Blore rox! As far as Im concerned!
      Please dont call me ji. Sadhna is fine πŸ™‚

  21. ur right but in my opinion there are sime more ff’s which are best like
    1.nive’s the way u are
    2.u are mine bushra
    3.neha’s true love never dies n from darkness to light
    and many more
    4.Aryna’s it’s not revenge its love swasan

    1. I know dear. But this was an all couples analysis. If I ever post a complete swasan analysis, I will include them
      By the way, I havent read darkness to light.
      Do you know where i can find them?

  22. Okk!
    Sadhna! Who are you? I am completely flattered. I do not deserve this praise. Please…. And that too number1? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
    I swear I never thought that someone would love my story so much. I just showed this page to my friend and she agreed with me saying this is unbelievable. Anyways, Thank you soo much!
    I am from Bangalore as well, though I live in Chennai now.
    I am really grateful to you. But as I said in ur previous analysis, Hope this doesnt spread resentment and competitiveness…
    LOVE YOU!! <3 <3 πŸ™‚
    And to all you others who agreed with her, Thank you as well. I am really grateful to have you all…

    1. Hey Anjali please post ur ff eagerly waiting for it….please pleas

      1. I have already uploaded it… should get posted soon

    2. Lol…. as far as I’m concerned, you do deserve this. It is my opinion…that’s all…
      And don’t thank me. If you hadn’t written so well, you wouldn’t have been on the list simple as that

  23. I’m glad u like my ffs β™₯

    1. Both are awesome ffs. How could I not.like it?

  24. I like all ff which you said.

    1. Me too πŸ™‚

  25. Awww Sadhna..thank u so much for this honor..i didn’t know that there r so many readers of my ff…i’m so happy and glad..that everyone liked my ff..and thank u people for appreciating my writing..that means a lot…..u have 4 of my ffs in top 10…thats unbelievable…still I was shocked to see Samjhota supporters…here….so thank u once again..

    1. Dear, all four surely deserve their place. Which is why I have included them. It is a pleasure to read your stories.

  26. I too love love ishq kadal ,allalone rag .zehnazeeb as a ragsan fan but apart fom this I like evas samjotha

    1. So not a swasan fan?

  27. I am a die hard fan of swasan.i never read another ff’s .i cant even imagine ragsan.but
    I think i should give a trial.
    1)Dr.swara and Mr.sanskar leads to swasan
    2)Falling for you
    3)Swasan you are mine
    Plz read these ff’s once

    1. I’ve read the last two. The first I start3d, but lost interest..don’t know why.
      Will try reading it again

  28. Thank u so much sadhna dear.. πŸ™‚ i m glad you include my ff in your top 10 list… i m not at all writer but still after reading aol many stories her i dared to write something…

    Thank u so much everyone who ever like & read my ff… πŸ™‚

    I m also a huge fan of this site … my top 5 ff which i m reading right now :

    1) Mr Maheshwari & I by anjali
    2) swasan (acceptance) by shri hirani
    3) Dr swara & Mr. sanskar leads to swasan by Sam
    4) Swasan ff season 2 by vinni Ross
    5) Swaragini ff the way you are by naiv

    i also like some completed ff :

    1) limitless love by hirani
    2) swasan hate love story by hirani
    3) swasan ff I hate to love you
    4) swasan the path hate to love by saba
    5) devil met his Angel by ruhi..

    there are many more awesome writers like RINI, ANGEL, KRITIKA, SINDHU, SINDHUJA , TARA, LUCKY, EVA, NEWBIE, i loved their ffs also…i also want to thank all of them for writing such amazing stories…

    1. I agree Namrata Dear,
      Though I haven’t read devil met his angel.
      And you do deserve to be in the top 10. Don’t think that you don’t

  29. 1)Mr Maheshwari and I
    Didn’t read all of them..loved Sree fiction.Anjali is an amazing writer..she is like a professional writer hats off u Dr..missed few epi due to ma work schedule..but I will read promise.
    Saba and vini is my fav…and off course Neha brilliant writer.. Her true love never dies, endless love,just amazing..
    Now addicted to her ‘From darkness to light” u must read that fiction its really worth..she really justified her title.some of the epi uploaded in telly.actually she is uploading in fb only..
    Another one is nive..’ The way u r’..simple story giving equal importance to both swasan and raglak..everytime it give smile on my face…

    1. You are right, Sethooty.
      Btw where can I read From darkness to light? Can you give me the link

      1. Sure Dr…

        This is the fb link of Neha’s fiction..
        Can u imagine a girl who didn’t see her own face..even does nt know about this beautiful world and god’s creations…she is closed in a darkroom for years..her friends are birds and winds that she only can see through the window


  30. i felt most beautiful fan fic writer here is neha.. she is not uploading here regularly.. but she rocks.. her true love never dies and from darkness to light and the hug that changed me are most awesone ff’s.. if you don’t read it try.. so good ff’s.. and I’m a fan of Namrata also.. and top 3 ff you selected are also very good

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