Hello everyone. My name is haya and I am a big time swasan fan and a more bigger fan of all the ffs here on tu. So I wrote an analysis. Two of these ff writers are common in almost all analysis but I have brought to light some more ff writers which are really good. Most of these writers have produced many works but I have written for their ongoing work.

ANJALI DI- (SWASAN- MR MAHESHWARI AND I) I read all your ff. PYAR KA DARD HAI & PATH TO HAPPINESS but this one is the best. di, you are a big inspiration for me. I consider you as the best writer here on tu. Your ff as it is based, the start adapted from Juliana Quinn’s novel “the viscount who loved me” , is simply amazing. In fact, it is better than the original story. Your vocabs are just awesome di and you look extra cute di.

MEHER DI- (KUCH ISS TARAH 2) – YEH dooriyan, kuch iss tarah and the smile which has stolen my heart are also fabulous. Kuch iss tarah2 is a story based on exceptional moral grounds. A plethora of emotion waves in your ff and every character and every feeling of the character is justified aptly. I love adiraj so much in your ff di, he couldn’t have been more better than this. “Ruhaani aankhen jo Teri dekhi, katilana teer mujhe lag gaya”. Di your eyes are so pretty. Lovely di. I know you must be very beautiful.

BHUMIJA DI (SWASAN- ENTANGLED LOVE)- one of the sweetest ff, I have ever read. It’s seriously an irony that two people with completely different personality meet and the fascinating spark between them. I’m simply loving it. I never thought of Swara as a governess. I always found her as a perfect mother and mate for siya and I like this sanskar though he’s tough. Thank you for your fast updates.

JWALA- jwalu, your which which ff should I mention. All are amazing. But sis, pls post soon. Don’t take so much time to post please. I really love your ffs and I wish to read them but you are very irregular. Seriously, your analysis are stupendous. It shows how clean a heart you are. Keep doing your good work.

ARYNA di (RAIZADA’S VS MAHESHWARI )- what to talk about you dear Di. Whenever I read your chapters, you steal my breath away. It’s not revenge it’s love, both the seasons were so good. Damn. With every passing day, it became more and more interesting. And girl, your brain is just so Awesome that every chapters of your is opposite to the end of the last chapter. This new ff of yours is also amazing with an entirely different concept full of passion, love, fight, aggression and so many more. Pls pls post dulha mil gaya. Pls

ANU DI (WE ARE DESTINED TO BE TOGETHER) – an ff with paranormal beings but with emotions and past cascade. A sweet lovestory and same time a hate revenge lovestory. I love to read this but di pls don’t stop this ff. I know you are really busy so you are discontinuing it but di please don’t do so. You post only on weekends. No problem and Di you are so beautiful. I wish I could have eyes like you.

SININ DI (DOES LOVE NEED PERFECTION AND ROYAL LOVE)- Two beautifully portrayed stories which have the power to touch anyone’s heart. One dealing with a girl’s selfless love and her desire to become perfect for her husband and how the husband misuses her innocence for his own lust. The second one dealing with the ancient time of kings and princes. Love story of two wondrous couples. Keep entertaining us

SHA DI (FALLING FOR YOU)- this ff is soon going to have its diamond jubilee and best part about this ff is that there’s no seperation. Seriously, no seperation guys. An amazing storyline with cute swasan and their wonderful family. It shows exceptional bond between friends and family. Really hats off to you dear for giving such a good story.

ZAIMAL DI – I have read two of her works that is ‘love is a beautiful emotion’ & ‘I don’t believe in love.. Swaragini’.. Both the works are completed and must say that it was great. I really loved concept of brothers (17 brothers) . Wish I had so many. Your works are awesome and the way you put forward SWARA’s character . That’s flawless.

I read some other ffs on FACEBOOK which are also worth praising.



IRFAN BHAI’S FF- please listen to me carefully. Being a reader I have full rights to criticise someone. I am not bashing or it is not a hater comment so please don’t give me rude comments for this. Bhai, your ff is too mature and like really open. What to say…. I wanna read your story as you are praised so much but I got highly uncomfortable with the words and all you use. Can you please keep it a little less mature so that we, 18 less can also read it. I am sure many others are there who get uncomfortable like me so please don’t do so. Kindly let it be less exposed.

Thank you all the writers for producing such great works. Three of the writers anjali di, meher di and anu di have shared about their personal life too. Meher di lost her father and anjali di and anu di’s mother have expired. I cannot even live a single moment without my parents and salute to you all who are living your life with such fierce boldness, who are entertaining us selflessly with your work. really, destiny also does foul play. For some so great and for some so bad and for some great to bad and for so bad to great.

AND 😛 I am a silent reader.. ??

*actually I am using my di’s friend riya di’s id because I am not able to make my own sad na. And I am not new to tu even. Shanaya Appi has sent some private message for meher di. Di, you please read it and she is extremely sorry. She didn’t tell me but I know .. She is very very very busy and can some one help me to make my id. My Appi is not helping me at all and she is busy also so I won’t irritate her. I just thought to write this and luckily Di was logged in and I used it. Tada.. Good na.

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  1. Sammy

    Hey haya don’t take me as a basher or bad person ..but I want to say something see ..when you write any analysis …you include only few ffs …and trust me many writes get disheartened when they did not find their ff name …all I want to say that someone’s writings cannot judged by any one single person …analysis is done by a many persons together who themselves excel in writing . When you appreciating someone’s woks officially pls tag it under your favorite ..not as best and much better …because many swasan writers who are getting good comments will get little disappointed when you tag the word analysis . Here are many other swasan writers who got really huge appreciation ….like mavo ..sathya di ..farha di ..though she write only 2 chappies ..so analysis is a big thing to do .. but if these are your favorites ..then I don’t have any problem ..don’t take me wrong . I am not even writing on swasan and I am writing on ragsan ..but I like all pairs because in swaragini ..I love varun and namish only ..lol only male leads are my favorite …just don’t want other swasan writer’s to feel low ..no grudges ..and guys don’t take me wrong ..I just kept my POV that ‘s it …I am also requesting HAya not to feel bad ..it was just my thought

    1. Mavo

      hey Sammy… thanks for taking my name and ur ff is also amazing especially “desperate silence” please update that soon ?

  2. I am nt agree with u.bcz irfan concept demand this kind of scenes. if u uncomfortable then skip the fiction. don’t put pressure on writer. aur mujhe lagta hai fiction main koi vulgarity nahe thi.Irfan I am big fan of u.plz don’t change anything

  3. Hey Riya I understand what you told about Irfan Bhai but you know here well Irfan is writing that story is just to create awareness among readers and to know about other world and that story is not that much mature that you are thinking and he already told this story is mature so those who are comfortable they can read so why you are reading if you are not comfortable and bashing him, doing insult of such a good writer in front of everyone and second thing only his broken relation is little bit matured but read his other story slums and love me they are not matured and second thing he don’t know anything about tellyupdates so he don’t know about taste of people than also he is writing but like you people really bash such a good and very different story

  4. Do you know Riya if you really wanted to criticise him then you must had commented on your ff as critincising or you must have messaged him personally he would had really gone with your suggestion or those thing which you don’t like you would have told him, he surely think of your suggestion and if you are his reader you know very well that he can write summary of all episode just for request if silent reader, and he gave good plot of raglak also for request if reader so will not he think about your openion and you know very well that he don’t read any ff and he also don’t know where friction are updated so how he will read your bashing analysis if you really wanted to criticize him you must have personally messaged him but no you like to do insult of such a different writer in from of every one it really feels bed to see it because the person who love his reader unconditionaly and his reader are insulting him in frnt of everyone

    1. Shrinjal

      Yes Aami, u r true…He wrote summary for a silent reader and that’s me

  5. Shrinjal

    Friends…..do read my ff.KISMAT CONNECTION

  6. Jwala

    aww.. thank you so much riya.. but I have some family problems and also a lot to study. not getting much time dear.. I will try to upload soon. I’m sorry for being irregular. .

  7. Sanjanaagrawal

    Yes all jwala di ff are awesome ?? plz don’t bash ifran bhai ….. his both ff are too good ….. I know it contain mature content but that doesn’t mean it is bad …. hope u understand …… ??

  8. Swasanian ❤

    i am a swasan fan so i only. Used to read only swasan ff’s ..if u don’t mind I think Anisha’s kuch toh hai tere mere darmiya ” also deserve the position… apart from all this meals,irfan,Anjali,sujata,saba , shinin and Sarah ,Neha , and duggu are my favourite writters..they all are incredible..

  9. Hey Riya you are not famous writer who can do any analysis and can bash anyone as you bashed Irfan Bhai, first of all in this world there are different kind of story some are too vulgar which we don’t read and some are childish that you may not like so your taste is different and what Irfan is writing is fully correct I didn’t find vulgarity in his ff but sometimes story demand he has to give But he already told his story is just to create awareness among girls but you can’t understand anything and second thing there are many stories in which writer are using vulgar s*x scene and too vulgar Scene that are still running on tellyupdates and more vulgar story you will find on facebook also I know you may have read them you may had seen to vulgar s*x scene but you didn’t point out them but you point Irfan Because you know very well he is too popular in tellyupdates now a day and what you want to say by that word I read story that people praising his story it means that you are telling the readers of Irfan ff are awing who don’t know anything but do you know your mind only revolve and many girl mind only revolves of this tellyupdates that heroin is mahan and hero betraying her or he is womaniser so that story you will accept and I know many but you can’t think beyond this

    1. I totally agree with u Mahi

  10. Diva

    Can someone tell me the ff name which organ is writing..!

    1. Diva

      I meant irfan…and I would like to say Rita that I am also a SS writer of swasan Junooniyat Hai Yahi so I was very sad as to not find my name…so I’ll just add that analysis should be done on experience and knowledge so that everyone is happy with it..as for me maybe there are many more writers who must have got disheartened…don’t think me as basher just telling my view…!!!

      1. Diva


    2. Hey diva name of ff if Irfan is
      “swaragini fixing broken relation is it pure OR impure by Irfan pathan”
      And this story based on black world of reach people and to create awareness among girls for marriage problems which they face and recent episode was swasan romance you can see it he amazingly describe it and here is link of you feel read that part and it is intense romance but you will not find vulgar also and it’s link is http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-fixing-broken-relation-pure-impure-episode-11-pathan-swasan-hot-romance/

      And you can read it’s summary also he has given till episode 7 so that you can know about his story and it’s link is http://www.tellyupdates.com/swaragini-fixing-broken-relation-pure-impure-summary-till-now/

      1. Diva

        Thanks man I??

  11. Hey at first I am a reader of Irfan’s ff so being a reader and being his sister I also have full rights to criticise some useless readers like you… Who the hell are u to say this things to Irfan… He is a very good writer…. His concepts are always different from others…And if he is not a good then how he gets this much comments by the readers…U tell me… U have the writing skills which Irfan have or u have these types of unique concepts like Irfan…. Who r u to judge him….U r not god…And I agree with Aami u don’t want to criticise him u want to insult him in front of the readers… U don’t have any other work…He loves his readers a lot… Some readers demands to give some Raglak scene…So for the readers he gave an episode specially for Raglak fans only… And how can u bash him like this….. U stupid dumbo idiot girl…If u feel uncomfortable by reading his ff then why u reads it…He didn’t forced u to read his ff… He already have many more readers… And if u feels uncomfortable then stop reading it….No one will force u….And he already told this that who are comfortable they can read….And his ffs are not love stories…His ffs are mainly based on society and about society’s people…If u don’t want to read his ffs then stop it…Don’t dare to say this kinds of things about Irfan again… HE IS THE BEST WRITER IN TELLYUPDATES…..

  12. Hey Riya at first who the hell are you to cricriticized Irfan…. His ffs are far unique then other ffs…And about your so called “Uncomfortable feeling” then how you read Swasan’s other ffs where there are a hot intense romance…And as per you are a big time Swasan fan You told it na that’s why I am telling this to you…..There are many ffs which is also vulgar than Irfan’s ff…How you read those ffs…And about Irfan’s ff then only broken relation have this concept…Not his other ffs like “SWARAGINI LOVE ME”(his first ff),”SWARAGINI LOVE IN SLUMS OF INDIA AND OTHERS WITH FULL OF LUST”(his second ff),”SANSKAR GUMNAM AASHIQUE OS”(his first os),”SWARAGINI LOVE IN SLUMS SEASON 2″(his third ff)….And about love me you can google it and read it…Yes it is for both pairs Swasan and Raglak but its main lead was your Swasan for whom you are big time fan.You stupid idiot dumbo foolish girl..If you feel uncomfortable then dont read it…No one is forcing you..Irfan is a best ff writer in tellyupdates… Did you get it..Next time dont say like this.

  13. Bhumija

    thank you so much Riya for including my work, really it means a lot….

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