Am I Yours???- A Swasan Fanfic. (Summary)

Am I Yours???- A Swasan Fanfic.(Summary)
Chapter 1
It was a friendship day…Both Swara and Ragini have given Friendship Card to each other…We got to know that there is a great bond between Swaragini by reading the card…Swara’s parents hate her…Reason is not revealed yet…
Chapter 2
There was introduction of some characters of story…Sanskar and Laksh are brothers and son of Durgaprasad and Anapurna Maheshwari…
Ragini is the daughter of Shekhar and Janki Gadodia…Swaragini are not sisters…
Swara and Kavya are sisters and the daughters of Sharmistha and Shyam Bose…
Kavita and Sahil are the children of Maya Sengupta…
They are all friends and commonly know as seven stars of college…
Hi friends…After a long time, I am posting…So thought to give a summary…I am really sorry for late update…I was busy on exams and there was some trouble in my phone…I am really sorry…
BTW one thing I want to tell you all that in next chapter there will be flashback of Swara’s love story…Only Swara’s love story…As I have informed you all that this is a love story of girl…That doesn’t mean that there will be no Sanskar…Sanskar’s POV will be after Flashback….
Once again sorry for late update and Thank you so much all of you for your wonderful support in previous chapters…
Bye and Love you all……


      • Kakali

        |Registered Member

        Ofcourse dear… i would love to b friend of urs..

        n yeah i need to thank.. afterall u r taking ur valuable time to write this n going to entertain us.. soo u deserve a thank u dear..

        I think like that.. soo :-*

    • Shrinjal

      |Registered Member

      Kakali even I had this question in my mind..really you’re such a sweet sweet person😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

  1. Shrinjal

    |Registered Member

    Prakriti!!!!Prakriti! !I won’t talk to u

    .why u didn’t tell me about ur FF????
    It was amazing 😍
    See I’ve sent u a private msg..
    Nd katti😭

    • Prakriti19


      Cholllly Shrinju….Allele Mela Shrinju mujhse katti hogaya…Ab main kya karungi…BTW Thank you so much for your love😘😘😘😍😍

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