SwaSan fanfic analysis


Hi! do u remember me.


Exactly how can u recognize me I’m a silent reader to all the ff’s.
Through title u all got to know that it’s a analysis.

And now ur thinking why always silent readers do this analysis frankly speaking I really don’t know the answer.

Chalo sawal jawab bad me pehle kaam ki baat karte hain.

OK so now coming to the point

I’m actually not going to talk about Anjli di, Anu di, Neha di beacause I don’t have words to describe there ff. They are out of the world. So I’m talking about another ffs.

*Eva: I don’t think I have to tell anything about her she is dam good wrier I think u have completed 7 ff’s here. N no one is there who completed 7 ff’s n in each ff get support of everyone. But many people r jealous from her so they every time try to bash her but she always give them much tod jawab. She had change my mind not to read stories for pairs read it for the story. Hatts off to her.

*Meher- ur all ffs r awesome. I read our ff kuch is tarah and swasan revenge. And more than that ur one shots all r awesome.
I always waits for ur ff. Plz meher come with another one shot.

*Sujata- An awesome writer kadak entry at telly updates I mean really its awesome. SwaSan r the best but dp’s character is also very good. I can’t control my laugh reading there antics. Awesome she is writing an another SS which also good but but dear plz post ur ff too.

*Dolly- all her ff’s r good I specially like meri aashique. She is writing so many ff’s at a time but dear give importance to all ur ffs.

*Ireena- Don and his Roma my favourite ff. . Sanky is Don n totally think like a criminal. The way u describe him it’s just awesome. His character is totally unpredictable. I can’t think what will he do in next. Swara’s nervousness seeing him. Their romance ah too good.
But dear ur going to end it plz don’t end it.plz its a humble I don’t know how many of u read her ff but who reads her ff I’m sure they will agree with me. N I suggest u to read her ff. I’m sure u will love it.

Jyouti: I love ur ff the rain the spring and the autumn. In starting if every part I thought that the person is good first adarsh then laksh I thought their love is true but there real intentions reveal at the end. N now Sanskar’s entry really want to know why they married why Swara said that Sanskar is not good how she get her daughter back. Sorry but I didn’t read any of ur ff before but if u tell me the name I’ll definitely read them.

Also I read ff’s like

*Dr.Swara n Mr. Sanskar leads to SwaSan.
*The rain,the spring and the autumn
*falling for u
*meri mannat tu
*the curse ek paheli

They are awesome I have readed. Some ff which ended

*twilight diaries
*the way you are
*Swasan movie world
*Endless love
*ur hug that changed me
*hurdles – a way to love
*peace of silence

And many more actually not rememberijg more sure ur views .

Credit to: Unknown

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  1. I’m glad that u like my movie world..
    Thanks..coz of u all’s support I am here today..
    Love uh???

  2. hi
    I m PRITY
    I m big fan of ff on swasan in this SWASAN YOU ARE MINE one of than
    plz help me gys if you have any idea about writr of the ff SWASAN YOU ARE MINE than plzzz request her to continue her writing
    plzzzz gys

    1. swasan u r mine is removed as the writer had copied someone elses story….u r mine was actually a muslim story written by a girl and bushra had sopied that stroy on swasan taking all the credit and when the actual writer came to know she asked telly updates to remove the chaps of swasan u r mine….it doesnt exist anymore

      1. Can anyone tell me the real name of the story which bushra copied???? Then I will read it in watt pad.

      2. Its Moosa and Mahnoor where Sanskar is Moosa and Swara is Mahnoor

      3. Thanks?

  3. I am a big fan of time taken

  4. i read a ff of ragsan ..where sanskar raped ragini..and ragin hs 2 twin child ishan and ishita..and she has come back to mm .anyone cn tell me the name of the story…i forgot it unfortunately….!!! :/

    1. M not so sure but most probably it is- love with soul and not relations…

  5. I know i would be last to comment…

    Thanks so much….

    M glad that you lyk writings..

    Luv u loads ?

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