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Namastey Swasan lovers. I love Swasan and I am like crazy for them. Many of you love Swasan and Sanskar a lot but for me its both if them fifty fifty. I read many fan fictions here but my favourites are just three. This does not mean I dont like the others but its just that these are just out of world. And I also expect you all to read them and also share your views about your favourite fan fictions.

Number one ________
Fix You and Fixing Broken Souls.
Anu’s fan fictions are many. But I never felt so touched by any story over all. The pain Swasan are going through, I am so sure all the readers are able to feel it. Comments sometimes do not matter. And i am sure Anu there are so many readers reading ur ff but aren’t commenting because they have no words to describe your writing skills and the way you depict emotions. They are just dumbstruck and awestruck after reading ur beautifully written chapters. And this became my fav after reading the wold and moon chapter. That was just fab ???? And about the story – started as a cute love story but they are separated due to a small misunderstanding. Swara’s parents hate Sanskar now and are getting Swara married to Shaurya (villain I suppose) Will they fix each others souls before its too late?

Number two ____
SWASAN : Acceptance

Sree’s fan fiction is also really good. I loved the plot basically. Revenge story turned into love. Each character has some grey shades except Ragini and I hope that remains like this. The most loving Character is of Sanskar – A young arrogant rude businessman with a money making mind. And he’s also the one who believes in giving second chances to people. Swara – A loving character in the beginning but tries to hurt Sanskar after some misunderstanding but also realises her mistake. Laksh – A loving brother and friend but lately its revealed he tried to kill Sanskar out of jealousy. That was a bit of shock but I can also feel what he’s going through. Overall, the plot makes the story my second fav. Sree’s writing skills cannot be enough appreciated. Its just amazing. Love you dear for your wonderful ffs and also ur kind heart. Its just getting accepted and accept others with their flaws and grey shades….

Mr. Maheshwari and I

Anjali’s ff. This is a realistic story. Loved Swara and Sanskar in this story a lot. What I loved the most was the beginning. Sanskar decides to live till a limited age as he doesn’t want to live more than his dad. And he decides to get married to Ragini but eventually its Swasan the way Swara was like an obstacle for Ragsan was just amazing. And now its Swara’s turn to bring back her love. And I just love her way if writing. Each character is just too good but I love our Mr. Maheshwari. He’s shrewd and sweet at the same time. God and I also see tremendous support to this fan fiction which makes me even happier. At least there are many people who also think that this story has some power and plot.

So these are my favourites. Also I would like to mention some fan fictions which are also good and ever green.

Saba’s all fictions (really good)
Vini’s Swasan fan fiction season 2.
Alahna’s Realisation exoneration and acceptance.
Sethooty’s Bz I loved her.
Salluz’ How many shades do you have Swara
Dr. Swara and mr. Maheshwari leads to Swasan.
Meher’s Revenge that stole my heart
An unexpected relation by Rini.
Love is complicated and painful by Rini.
Swasan : Destiny by Anu.
Arranged to be his : A Swasan Fanfic by Anu.
Stay away…I’m not your husband by Sujata.
The way you are by Nive.
Tu meri mannat by Bhanu.
D3 by Namrata.

And so many that I cant remember many. But have a look at all these too as they are fab.

I would also mention that there isn’t any kind of anonymity between any writers as they all comment in each others fiction which is a good spirit. Salute to all the writer for their wonderful ffs.

Credit to: Swasan lover

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  1. True love never dies and from darkness to light by nehaa.. My most fav.. I also love swasan and I’m a diehard helly fan

  2. Thank you sooo much Swasan lover…. I’m really really honoured…
    nd that description was mind blowing… Thanxxx… 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And ofc, My babes’ ffs had to come first and second… They are both amazing authors andtheir ffs my hearts <3

    I also love the other ffs you've mentioned though i haven't read one or two…

    Anyways thnxx so muchh!!! 😀 😀

  3. Aww! I just saw this right now. I know I sound crazy atm but I’m just speechless. But I think Sree and Anjali are way better writers and honestly I would place their ff above me. And I just love Vini di and Saba di’s fan fictions. I haven’t read many fan fictions from here but I hope I get to read them.

    And I loved the way you described Sree’s ff. It was really nice one:-)

  4. Hey swasan lover, I just thought to surf pages before sleeping and found you..aww..the description you gave to the stories especially mine was too cute dear. It just makes me curious to know about my work and you perfectly gave the word to it but a small correction, sanskar is an arrogant business man and also a very kind hearted person..
    I am a big fan of vini di here and then saba. I seriously feel bad for not reading others but I took a vow to myself to read every story after finishing my both ffs..
    No matter what our positions are, we writers will stay untined and entertain you

  5. United*

  6. Well…SWASAN is d best…i read many swasan ffs and these 3(anjali,anu,sree harini) are in d topmost place… Actually my exams r coming..and i’m sure..if dey asks me to write an essay on any subject…i wud end up writing a swasan ss… I lyk d ff..YOU ARE MINE…very much..bz i lyk sanskar’s characterisation in dat ff…and we can see an entirely dfrnt RAGLAK n SWASAN relation
    u guys shud read..TUJ MAIN RAB DIKTA HAI, BY G_S…its gud and reminds me of bollywood movies…City boy falls 4 village girl..who is a rape victim..

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