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Hi guys,SWASAN fan fiction (Season 2) episode 9……

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Scene 1:Principals office,three weeks before teachers’ day,Class leaders meeting.

Principal arrives,all class leaders of high school classes have assembled,she tells them that this year they are planning to organise a Staff-Student night in connection with the teachers day,and as part of cultural events,apart from those planned by school,each class can perform and dedicate something to your teachers,each high school division will be allotted 20 minutes each,all leaders listen and smiles and agrees with a nod,Sanskar is also in thoughts…

Scene 2:Sanskar’s class,same day afternoon lunch break,they have assembled to discuss what Principal told

Many of the students contribute ideas like drama,poem,dance etc,suddenly Sanskar tells them, “Listen guys,teachers are the light in every student’s life,recently during a cultural event,I saw a performance of differently abled students,the special school people are giving them training in various things,shall we show a sweet gesture by introducing them,I remember dad telling me that their school requires some fund for maintenance and all that,after their programme if we can introduce them and mention their requirements I hope somebody will come up with aid,Mahima raises her hand and says,”I agree with you totally Sanskar,I back your idea,we will try to bring some light,may be a very small diya it will be ,but we will do it and dedicate it to our beloved teachers,the whole class supports and applaud except Swara who smiles and shows an expression which Sanskar notices as he is facing them,he looks at her………….

Scene 3:Programme day,September 5th,morning.

Sanskar has come early and is waiting outside staff room,he has something in his hands,he sees his class teacher coming,he wishes good morning and gives a pen and a white rose to her and says, “M’am ,Happy teachers’ day”,Teacher tells him, “Thank u baba”,you came early,today,he replies, “yes m’am,since class is only till afternoon,some last minute rehearsals”,he asks permission to leave and leaves ,teacher looks at him and the rose and says, “all parents should be blessed with a son like him,hope no one troubles him unnecessarily again”,she goes inside.

Scene 4:Evening,staff student night.

Teachers have all come with their family,many students have brought their parents also,Principal addresses the meeting and says that is a very informal programme,teacher student bond should be strengthened and events like these will aid it,some others also delivers speech and it is time to start cultural events,Sanskar and friends goes to the special school’s van and asks their staff if their kids are ready,the person says, “we had already told ,no?,many people in our society is prejudiced about these kids,at school ,at least we don’t discriminate,all who wishes to participate are given some training,no one is left out,sometimes ,coordination and all may go wrong”,Sanskar says, “Sir,I have watched the programme,it was good and we approached the school ,here it is part of such a noble function,so there wont be any problem at all.

After some time,lights on the stage are switched off ,curtain is raised,those sweet kids are led to the stage,a few girls and boys from Sanskar’s class are leading them,all have small candles in their hands,one is in wheel chair,some have walking aids,still,they all have an innocent smile on their faces,they take position,Sanskar comes to the front and through the mic introduces the kids and says, “For our beloved teachers who are the biggest light in our path,who guides us in every step,who are equal to our parents in every way,who enlightens our mind,who opens up our soul,who polishes our dreams,nothing can be given in return for all the good that you do for us,we dedicate this small session as a token of our love and respect to you,our beloved teachers,VIII B in association with Dreams special school present this before you………
Programme starts,Sanskar is standing at the side of the stage,he enjoys it,he looks at the people who are off the dias and sees many wiping their tears,programme is not an extra ordinary one but kids are performing with their heart,some are losing their balance,during a step,all turn to right for a formation where as a single student goes to left,some body from crowd shouts in a teasing way,all look at the direction from where noise came,but since it is dark and crowded with students couldn’t recognise,but Sanskar sees from stage that it was Swara who made the noise,he fumes in anger,he calls the assistant class leader to hold the curtain and goes in that direction,he comes and stands behind Swara,

programme continues,he hears Swara comparing the children and discussing what was the need to bring them here and all that,Sanskar is fuming and decides to talk to her after the programme……….

Programme is over,Principal acknowledges the staff and students of special school and also mentions that she is happy and proud that her students had the heart to think so maturely and to give an opportunity to these kids,she mentions about their needs and requests the audience to come forward and lend a helping hand if they can…….the audience applauds…..

(Next part in the evening,good day to u all)

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. lovely update…

    1. Thank u Sindhuja,thanks you supporting my ff.

  2. nice ep

    1. Thank u Shagun for supporting my ff.

  3. Very nice ….especially the importance of teachers in our lives

    1. Thank u Shabrin,yes,the role they play,especially our teachers at school,a big salute.

  4. Why swara behave like this pls swara as good character

    1. she will turn positive very very soon,max two episodes

    1. Thank u Surbi for commenting,hope u liked it,

  5. superb…….amazing…….. lovely……??????????????
    yes………teacher are very important…bcz of them we can swim in knowlage’s sea……….
    thank you di…….
    ur every updates opens treasure of remembrances of my school days………………….
    thank you……..thank you…….thank you so much…………….

    1. Thank u Joya for always supporting me and my ff’s,actually,since I started off with school days,I thought I should write about the important events and situations which every student would have experienced atleast once,and, that is why I wrote about this,glad to know that u all could refresh your memories.

  6. Nice update

    1. Thank u Fransi,happy to c u here daily.

  7. emotional.

    1. Thank u for commenting Akku,thank u for being there.

  8. wow..superb..awesome epi..u made me remember about those school days of our techer’s day celebration..u will not believe i ws the most favorites student of all teachers and students not just because i was ranker but also bit naughty who equally take part in mischief..i hv face all the thing which sanky is facing in ur ff..today i cried after reading this epi as u remind me atb my those golden days..thank u so much vini Di for this beautiful ff..loved it very much

    1. Hei Niti,I can understand very well what you are saying,a few things I mention in Sanky’s character I personally have experienced as well,same class teacher for 3 high school years inspite of shuffling and friends telling me that m’am used to select me purposely truth of which I still dont know ,she used to take care of me a lot though,then , leadership for around 9 consecutive years etc ,used to enjoy and tolerate cute mischievous deeds,when we were in X,one of my class mate hid under the desk for one whole hour,still teacher didnt notice,I was class leader then and she was seated in a bench parallel to mine,that whole chemistry period I was worried about my fate if teacher caught her,I had told her to sit properly but she was a close friend and didnt obey me as usual,haha,I just shared a few memories ,still,while typing memories like these are making me smile.

      1. ya vini Di its true..my schooling was completed in 2012..still i loved to remind such moments whenever i got time and opportunity..school friends are having special place in every ones life..its true that one can not forget that days of schools and tuitions in entire life..ur ff is full of friendships and sweet moments of school and classes..i am sure u will give us many more opportunity to remind us atb our those days..i am in love with ur ff..thanks alot Di..hope u won’t mind calling u as “Di”..

  9. Very nice dea.. V can imagine by ur story narration… U r just amazing vini…

    1. Thank u Harshi for the good words and for being there.

  10. Hi Dr..kollam nannayittundu teacher’s day celebration..sanskar idea to encourage those kids was good,..this thought was came from u vini , really impressed me..

    1. Thank u Sethooty,yea,teachers day,cards and roses all are special memories,cant be deleted,and thank you for liking the last part..

  11. Nyc 🙂

    1. Thank u yaar.Pls keep reading

  12. So true that people are prejudiced about such kids!!!? u know what Didi u keep writing vthings not just linking ur story but also it contributes to a person’s thought process things which give some very good message I am so glad I’m ur ardent reader? nyc episode just waiting for sanky to lash out at swara?

    1. Thank u Shraddha for the good words,yea,guess is right,Sanky has to scold Swara,then when I write these scenes I’m actualy prejudiced but when I know that you’al liked it,I feel relieved.

  13. Awesome yaar

    1. Thank u Devi for always being there.

  14. fir se ek bar padhneka ka dil kiya aur ab fir se ek bar comment karne se apne aap rok bhi nahi pa rahe hai……..pata hai di humre school me teacher’s day pe students teacher bante the aur padhate bhi the……
    and end of day speech dena padta tha….humlog na us din bhi doston se ladte the ki kon pehle speech dega…..aur jisko nahi dena hota tha usko pehle speech dene k liye kehte the hum……..
    wo attendace registere,wo maths ka teacher banana…….
    ab bas yade hai jo aapne fir se taja karvayi hai…….
    very nice……..

    1. Joya,I was smiling reading that,actually,ours was a strict Anglo Indian girls school and funny part was when I had to face my class to say something,in my teachers’ presence especially,my naughty friends used to show funny faces to make me laugh,so I never used to look at them,I used to look at those innocent girls of our class,who were like wet crackers who never used to react at all.And good to know that you guys used to teach on that particular day.,

  15. back to school days.. very emotional
    teachers play very important role in our life

    swara too much.. when she realise her mistake

    1. YES Meghs,I am also reliving school days now ,Swara will turn positive by the end of next episode.

  16. Amazing sis!!! Sanskar nature superb sis!! No words really sanskar idea for teacher days!!!! Waiting for next update!!!

    1. Thank u very much,I am very happy to know that u liked it,I have posted the next one.

  17. veri nice epi vini ..made me remember my school days yaar

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