SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 8


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Swasan fan fiction (season 2) episode 8….

Scene 1:Next day morning,class room

Swara comes to Sanskar and gives a letter,tells him she got it from his desk,since they had told her to observe she did,but didn’t see who kept it,Sanskar gets angry, “I don’t understand who is doing this,for this they come to school ?,I seriously feel somebody is doing this to irritate me”,Swara says, “but do u have any problem with anyone,no,no?? then it should be some serious crush on u”,Sanskar says, “crush ,rubbish,why cant they put their valuable energy in studies?,what ever,thank u Swara for helping me,we’ll find out”,he goes from there,Swara smiles…..

Scene 2:After a few weeks,a Sunday, 2hrs special tuition class

Swara has reached much earlier than the class hours,she sits on the second last bench,after some time Sanskar comes there,he smiles seeing her,she also smiles back,after some time Ragini and Laksh comes running to the class,they comes to Sanskar and yells in unison, “Happy friendship day,Sankyyyyyy”,Ragini hugs him,Laksh also hugs him,Ragini asks Laksh to sit down,she takes friendship bands from a bag and ties one on Sanskar’s hand and then on Laksh’s hand,after that Sanky and Laksh tie in each others’ and Ragini’s hands.Ragini says,”celebration is not over,look what I brought for you”,she gives ‘L’ and ‘S’ key chains to Lucky and Sanskar,Sanskar says I have this for you,he gives one yellow rose to Ragini and other to Laksh,Ragini turns to Laksh and asks, “atleast this year u remembered??”,Laksh gives an expression as though he didn’t,then pulls out three chocolates from his bag and says, “every year you buy friendship bands in bulk but this year,I have brought chocolates,that too without anybody reminding me,”Ragini says, “Oh,such a great achievement,she opens the chocolate and is about to break it and notices Swara who was sitting there and observing all this, she goes to Swara and wishes her happy friendship day,Swara wishes her back,Ragini gives her a small piece of chocolate and says, “Sorry,in our excitement didn’t realise that u were here,sorry ,ok,”Swara says, “it is ok ,Ragini,no probs,I can understand and I have noticed the special bond that you share,but I don’t want this chocolate”,Ragini insists and Swara accepts it,Sanskar and Laksh comes and says, “Happy friendship day Swara”,Ragini says, “oh,now,”,Laksh says actually we two were changing our key chains,Then they go back to their seats,they exchange chocolates,Ragini gives to Sanskar,Sanskar to Lucky and Lucky to Ragini,they say “one,two,three” and puts the allotted ones’ in each other’s mouths quickly,they then laughs and share a group hug,Swara smiles seeing this……..

Scene 3:After tutions

All have left,all four gathers outside the institution ,they discuss why their plan to find out Sanky’s unknown mad lover is failing,how many plans we made,we followed all the instructions in the letters,still,Swara feels some prick of conscience,Laksh says, “reasons are simple,either we are dumb or that fellow is extremely clever”,Sanskar says, “leave it guys,you guys helped me a lot,all what was supposed to happen has happened,purposely I haven’t hurt any one and still if somebody has grudge,let them do more to me,what else can I say,this is the limit,now I am not going to bother about that,”Swara listens and is a little disturbed.

Scene 4:Next day,class room ,lunch break

Shruti asks Swara why she didn’t write the matter for the letter,Swara says “Shruti,I am sorry,I am not going to do this,I know it is cheating to leave the plan half way,but doing this and u know what,I am not able to be happy,I feel guilty”Shruti asks, “but Swara,you are helping me but why are u feeling guilty,?”Swara says, “nothing,please don’t expect any further help from me in this matter,m very sorry,she goes to the wash room,Shruti thinks, “but what happened to this Swara ,all of a sudden,no problem,I wont stop,I will write ,she quickly scribbles and is about to keep it in Sanskar’s desk,Sanskar sees this through the window,he sees Shruti placing something,he comes after two minutes and without showing his doubt asks Shruti if somebody came near his desk,Shruti says, “no, no one came,”Sanskar says “ok “ and leaves………….

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Aww..it’s nice ha.

    1. Thank u dear,take care.

  2. Awesome yaar

    1. Thank u Devi,good to c u here daily.

  3. swara feels guilty……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    again it’s supreb…….
    lovely scenes of friendship days…..
    pure and innocent love,trust and friendship bond…….
    i think i have to find out new word from dictionary in ur praise………..
    and how can i forget…….

    1. Thank u Joya,well,so kind of u,well praise ,what I value is the most is the support u have given for my previous ff and this..Thank u very much…

  4. Nancy kankalwar

    SWALAK should be real life time parterns….I wish

    1. I understand Nancy but sorry ,my ff is on Swasan and Raglak ,reason is that m a diehard Swasan fan.

  5. wow…i loved the way u showed friendship between raglaksan..thank god swa has felt guilt and stop her doing..now hop she will admit this to sanky also..n then we can show swaraglaksan friendship..wo i am so excited..amazing ff

    1. Niti,hope u guys won’t hit me for bringing twists like Swaragini writers.Hope I will be able to pull it off…

  6. Its gud dat swara rlzd hr mstk. Fnly swara real swara bn gyi.supprrrvvvv…..awesm…di plzzz updt d next 1 fstr.

  7. Ya, fndship day concept was very nice.

    1. Thank u Nik, yea,she will change for sure,a few more moments are required for that.

  8. wonderful update… give the next one soon…

    1. Thank u dr,shall post it asap.

  9. finally swara started feeling guilty… bt she need to confess truth to sanskar before its too late…

    1. Yes Meghs but after one or two episodes,pls keep reading.

  10. Guilty swara yayyy happy i can see it must ve hit her hard wen these 3 trust her so much but actually shes the one they are hunting ? u know this “Happy Friendship day sanky”?? made me smile for such a long time the way we used to wait for this day n that craziness to buy special band for close friends God Didi yade taza kar di apne…..?☺ I just love their bond its soooo deep n I wish this awesome 3sm later becomes awesome 4sm? if u know wat I mean ha-ha

    1. Yea ,we also used to celebrate friendship day but close buddies are at a distance,so Whatsapp msgs n fb posts are the only resort.Regarding our track,Swara will change positive very soon..max 3 episodes.

    1. Thank u Akku for supporting me.

  11. Guys,I will respond to individual comments ok but for Swara to turn positive fully it will take 2 or 3 episodes but I request you not to miss that as two small sentences in this has a small relation with the coming episodes,I request you not to miss reading though there is nothing extraordinary in this ,I repeat this is a very simple tale where a friendship will blossom into love.Hope everything will be justified at the end.

  12. Sis sanlakrag friendship amazing!! Just love it!! Finally swara realized!!!.super going!!!

    1. Leku,thank u,Swara will turn positive in 3 episodes,bt how?,hope I will be able to pull it off somewhat convincingly,hope u wont miss it.

  13. Thts a fantastic episode…thnk goodness swara realised her mistake……

    1. Manu,thank u for the comment yaar n no she needs some small blow for her stubborn nature to vanish and goodness to come up.

  14. I have a confusion…are swara and ragini sisters???

    1. Shabrin,actually, in this track ,Sanlakrag are very close friends and Swara new student in Sanskar’s class, Laksh is in another school,but all four in same tuition class,U may go thru previous episodes if u wish for more..

  15. Its lovely ff… I’m a silent reader so I didn’t comment.. I wish I could after 8 episodes to encourage you.. I really love to read ff….

    1. Thank u Deepthi,so good to know that u were reading,thank u for stopping by to leave this comment..hope u will keep reading.

  16. not at all vini Di..in fact without twist how can u grab readers attention..i just love ur writing skills..i was not aware about this site and this ff page..ur previous ff was the very first ff which i read while doing rendom surfing on this site..i loved the way u plotted ur story track as i am a crazy fan of swasan..

    i am not found of daily shops..i hv just seen “ipkknd” and swaragini only..but now u know what i have stop watching original serial because the writer has made huge joke on each and every relation..whether it is sisters,brothers,spouses,lovers,..wt not..i believe that if there is no trust no relation can survive long..n now may be teju is going to quit..for me no scope to restart watching original

    i love to follow ur this ff also..n i am sure u will bring such a twist which will not make any negative impact on us..it will turned in to interesting story..so all the best for that..i am early waiting to know what will happen in swasanraglak’s life..

    sorry for such long comment..

    1. Niti,when i checked my phone,seeing the length of msg for a moment I thought somebody is here to scold me, I was relieved when I saw your name,then so glad to know how u read the other ff,I think there were one or two ff on swalak wen I started,and Mumina’s ff was the first ff on Swasan and mine was second on swasan,good to know that u read,even I dont watch daily soaps much,ha ipkknd was aired when were in our college and though serials were not allowed in our tv hall,for this one,all were united and tv hall was full from 8 to 8.30,then madhubala I have watched a few episodes,then Rangrasiya a litle and ek hasina thi completely,now since september ,swaragini ,yea,me too very sad that Tejaswi is quitting,regarding twists,I am not comfortable writing certain scenes but some small twists are required as the plot is small and simple,hope u will always will be there.

      1. ek hasina thi……omg…..
        i m still missing dt show…..i m diehard fan of ek hasina thi and sakshi……
        humari jindgi ka yeh aakhari aur dusra daily soap tha jo humne pura dekha tha….
        even i stopped watching swaragini

      2. Ek Hasina thi was too good and Sakshi Goenka,Simone’s acting?,then our villain Shaurya,all cast,perfect…..and the other show was IPKKND Joya??

  17. Superb like it vry much

    1. Thank u Fransi for reading and supporting my ff.

  18. Awesome episode dea.. Finally shruthi caught by sanky.. I think now she wil blame on swara.. And also cute friendship day celebration by our sweet raglaksan..

    1. Thank u Harshi ,Swara will turn positive in two episodes,I have posted the next one ie 9,episode 10 will try to post by evening,2 episodes today..

      1. Yet they didn’t update ninth episode dea..?

  19. hi awsome episode…sanlakrag friendship was adipoli…
    am already a big fan of sanskar…
    now this sanskar made me die heart fan of his character…
    Finally swara felt guilt on her deeds..haha thats good

    1. Reply to yours I posted in comments by mistake,it was for u.

    1. Thank u Subhi for being there….

  20. Thank u dear,adipoli kelkkumbol naadu ormma varum,Sanskar is our Mr.Perfect,Swara will turn positive in another two episodes.

    1. Hi ..wen u update next episode.. Dr

  21. I am commenting so late!!!! It’s awesome.. I have no words to describe it di!! Now there is an acute shortage of words!!!

    1. Thank u Vinita,good to see u back dr,hope your studies are going on well,take care.

  22. Harshe and Sethooty,hope u read episode 9,I have posted episode 10 today morning.

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