SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 7


Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction (season 2) episode 7…had posted episode 6 in the morning,it got uploaded in the afternoon,if u haven’t read,here is the link:


Scene 1:Next day

Shruti has come early to class,she is waiting for Swara,after some time,Swara walks in,as soon as she keeps her bag down,Shruti pulls her hand and makes her sit and tells, “first move total flop,he crushed the paper and kicked the flower,that was my heart and what did I benefit,just prick of thorns,no,no”,Swara tells her, “haven’t you watched movies,people go to any extent,yours is just a rose na,our next move will be pakka filmy,we will go with a chain of letters now,he is studious na,he should get fed up of reading letters”Shruti interferes “sorry ,Swara your tone is as though you are helping me to trouble him”Swara quickly interferes and says, “no Shruti,don’t doubt me and our flower has surely kindled the fire,rest we’ll see”Shruti says, “but I am very bad at writing,from where will we find out good words to impress him”Swara says, “you don’t worry,I will help u,together we will write”,just then Shruti whispers in her ear, “look,my hero has come,he is a little lean but that is ok,when he grows up,he will go to gym and muscles will come”,Swara turns to the other side and says, “Oh,my God,give me strength to tolerate this girl, she turns to Shruti and says, “I’m bothered about making an impression about you in his mind and you are thinking about his future muscles”,they see Sanskar checking the desk and his seat to make sure nobody has kept anything,he then sits down,Shruti and Swara are enjoying this, Swara says in her mind,mission two:letters………

Scene 2:After one month,Sanskar is in tuition class

He opens his book,he sees a paper in between,he opens it and finds, “My Sanskar” ,he quickly folds and keeps it inside,Swara and Shruti had kept it during the break time,,he gets angry and suddenly tuition sir calls his name and asks him a question,he stammers but gives correct answer,he sits down,Laksh and Ragini notices this,after the tuition class,Raglak asks Sanskar if anything is troubling him,Sanskar asks them to come to his home on Saturday.

Scene 3:Weekend ,Sanskar’s house

It is a very small house,Sanskar’s mom brings tea and snacks for them and tells them, “actually everytime when u all come here I get worried thinking how u both will be feeling here,you all must be feeling suffocated inside,no?Ragini and Laksh gets up and hold her from both sides and Laksh tells, “mamma why are you saying like this,we call u mamma and u r hurting us by saying this,if u say like this we wont come here,”His mom says, “no,I didnt mean that,you both should come,I was worried…”Ragini interferes, “mamma,we wanna come and stay here,you know ,why do we call u both mamma and Papa,for namesake?,no,we feel at home here,then,money and size of our houses doesn’t affect our friendship at all,and,don’t worry,Sanky will solve everything,”,Laksh says “true aunty,just mark my words,he is so sincere to his studies”Just then Sanky arrives and tells them, “just come inside,you two and don’t squeeze my mamma ,we need her”,Ragini and Laksh replies in unison as well, “not just u ,we also need her”,they asks her permission and goes to Sanky’s room.

Scene 4:Sanky’s room

Sanky pulls out a black bag from his cupboard and says, “for the last one month,Monday to Friday,I have been getting two letters each per day,and today it is written that if I don’t respond,that person will harm herself, Laksh quickly sits down and reads one and tells, “I was waiting for somebody to send me letters,first time I am reading one,but yaar,what is this,so filmy”Ragini says, “Laksh you are always busy giving letters ,na,now come to the matter,Sanky,why didn’t you tell us about this for the past one month,I am angry with you,U don’t trust us na”?Sanskar tells her, “Ragini,already I’m under this pressure,don’t eat my brain,you know how much I value u both,I thought this will stop but now it is almost a month,you tell me,what to do,I neglected this thinking some friend is pulling a prank ,I m just worried if that one will truly harm herself,also my class teacher,Sheela M’am,she’ll never expect me to go into these kind of matters,I don’t understand,all are friends in my class,no issues,then,who will do this?I am getting a feel it is written by a girl,Ragini interferes and says, “are you mad Sanky,kids are too brilliant these days,no one is going to harm oneself,that much blind love don’t exist and if somebody really does that,you should not accept her,those who don’t value themselves how will they value others,so ,leave that,I will do onething,your and Swara’s friendship is not good,you scolded her for books and destroyed that,now,I should go and beg,a girl from your class can help us and since Swara doesn’t have many good friends,she wont leak the secret……”Laksh comes like a serious body guard and tells , “Sanky,why are you worried,I am there,na?”,Ragini tells him ,”yea,that is his biggest fear,thank God you are not in our school,oh,I forgot ,going to come next year ,na?what is the need?,study in Bosco itself,let me and Sanky study and enjoy peacefully”,Sanky says, “Ragini,so u will talk to Swara,no,we will talk to Swara,ok,”Ragini says, “ok baba,tomorrow first thing during the interval”.

Scene 5:Class room

Swara and Shruti are coming a little early to class as they have to make plans for each day,Shruti tells her, “Swara,it is been a month,no response from him,he is not even showing a reaction,”Swara tells her, “cant say that there is no reaction,he is trying to find out,that is sure,we have been hinting multiple secret places in this school through our letters and though he doesn’t pretend he has always turned up,he wants to find the person,but I don’t know if everything will come to end then and there if he finds out,”Shruti says, “Swara,like we see in films,shall we attempt writing a letter using blood, Swara turns and looks at Shruti and says, “aha,good idea,whose blood?she gets angry and continues, “,girl,are u mad,you know na in films they show many such things,”Shruti says, “but you told our approach is filmy approach,and blood,actually,thought of making a small cut but two reasons,at the end if he doesn’t accept,my blood will just go wasted,second n most important reason is,I’m scared of blood,I will faint,so whole family will come to know,shall we catch multiple mosquitos and use it”,Swara says, “stop it Shruti,our intention is not to make him vomit with the smell of blood,it is to make him love you,do u remember that and by the way,from where are u will get that much mosquitos,it is not practically possible to write with mosquito blood,don’t be a fool yaar,think before u say such stupid ideas”…they are talking and then Shruti excuses herself and goes to bathroom,Swara sees Ragini and Sanskar arriving and coming to her,she feels a little worried but doesn’t show.

Scene 6:Swasanrag conversation

Ragini tells Swara, “Swara I need a help from you,she pulls one letter out,by now you should be knowing everybody in your class,no?somebody is writing this to Sanskar,we are going to find that person out,will you help us,”Swara responds looking at Sanskar, “actually,m not interested but since u asked,tell me,what is my role?Ragini says, “nothing,since Sanky is the leader,he will have to go out multiple times,you will be here,you just keep an eye on his bag and seat,sorry I’m not making u a security guard but just see if somebody is approaching his seat or putting something inside,that is it,inform us at the earliest,rest,we will try from our side”,Swara nods unwillingly,Sanskar just says “thanks”,Ragini tells “thank u Swara,thank u”,Swara thinks in her nind, “is Shruti right about her doubt on ragsan frienship,why this girl is always coming like his tail and why is she so interested in this matter?,ah whatever,now,Sanskar baba needs my help,good,very good.”,Ragsan leaves and Shruti comes inside,assembly time………………

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Ohh di apne toh part 6 n 7 v updte kr diya…maine toh avi tak pdha v nhi..m so scrd di..pta h yaha pe elephnt aaya hei 40…pta nhi kya hoga

    1. Mickey,,was about to sleep, just checked,Oh,40??like, elephants have come to human habitat,?can understand the situation,while reading itself m getting tensed,do the situation there ..bt,don’t worry dear,have prayed, may God protect u all from this threat.U all will be safe…

    1. Thank u Surbi,hope u will keep reading.

  2. For us today double damakha.. I fully enjoyed vini.. Once again thanks alot dea..

    1. Thank u Harshi,it is my pleasure writing for u all,but my only concern if u all r feeling bored…..

  3. superb bonding between sanraglak…….
    i love ragini’s explanation to sanskar’s mom as well as her thoughs on love…….
    swara’s nature….i think she can not accept any1 in her life…..she has closed her heart’s and life door’s for other person…..
    actully there is one scene dt sanskar is sharing her problem wid ragini and laksh….i lost in my school days……
    ragini is not only naughty but also understanding and mature……..
    ur work is very good di…..
    again just beautiful and perfect……

    1. Thank u Joya,so happy to see your comment,yea,ur feedbk is really special.And hope the bonding and nature of characters will be maintained,I really dont know if I will mess up the whole thing.

      1. honestly ur politeness touches my heart…..
        i read ur comment on previous post…..
        not possible……..
        u r fabulous….
        kafi log hai jo readers jo chahte hai wo likhte hai par aap wo likhti hai jo aapne socha hai aur readers ko padhne par sochne par convince karti hai…..
        for e.g.
        aaj kal aisi films banti jo audience dekhna chahti hai aur hit hoti hai..bahot paise kamati hai pr kabhi kabhi koi aisi film aati hai wid unique concept, best actors.audience ko wo dikhate has jo wo dikhana chahte hai naki wo jo audience har bar dekhna pasan karti hai..wo film audience ko sochne par majboor karti hai aur moneu bhale hi kam kamaye par award winning hoti hai wo film….
        same aapka ff award winning hai…..

      2. Dear,actually what honestly makes me worried is the thought that you all will find it a waste of time,and that is why I share my anxiety because many would be fed up of swaragini track and now when they see the same lag in my ff,but towards the end what you said,m humbled,but ur assessment is 100 % right,I dont know if it is good or bad,but I have limitations in writing,I try to write what is convincing to me,but m happy that many including you are so patiently reading and giving me feedback.I have some names in mind when i post each episode who makes me think,”atleast they will like it and may follow this till the end” and you surely belong to that list.And though my tone at the beginning of my second ff was arrogant I didnt mean to hurt anyone,what I tried to tell them was this is a simple track and so they may not get what they expect in it,but many of u surprised me with your coments..all I can say is thank you..

      3. i can understand ur situation…. ur tone was not arrogant… it was honest…. i will defiantly follow till the end……
        and ha fir se shayad jid bhi kar sakte hain ek aur ff k liye……

  4. Sawsan plz

    1. Yes Akshatha,it will happen,trying to make it a little convincing,hope u will keep reading.

  5. your ff is awesome plz update nxt part soon
    U-UNDA[it is a hindi word]
    R- rare
    i have made this full form by myself
    hope u like it

    1. Thank u Shagun,good to c u here a second time,and full forms I liked it but only doubt is if I will be able to do justice in the future episodes as well,pls keep reading

    1. Thank u Fransi,hope u will keep reading.

  6. Writing a letter using blood ROFL???This shruthi reminds me some of my psychic schoolmates??? Ragini is such a great partner in everything I am loving ur Lucky mama n Rags more than SwaSan honestly?? so mast bubly n happy go lucky dey are n tq for double treat

    1. Yes Shraddha,it reminds of a few of my batchmates as well,and in my previous ff I had neglected Raglak in most of the episodes but in this, m trying to give them some space,m really sad that Tejaswi is quitting Swaragini so atleast I can imagine her when I write this bubbly nature.

    2. Even me???i think she’s the best among all four main leads she played exactly opp roles yet so justifying? shes an amazing actress indeed! I am atleast commenting on all fanclubs n on her instagram account hellys n der writers account I really hope either track changes or she shud change her decision just can’t imagine sm1 else in her place??

      1. Yea,very true,she will be missed,hope the production house will stop her and so good to hear that you had commented on their accounts,hope they will realise that Swaragini will be incomplete without Tejaswi.

  7. very nice epi..sanraglak moments were too good..as of now i am not liking swara..as she is troubling sanskar..ragini is very nice..hope they will soon come to know about swara..letter with mosquito blood..ha ha ha..!! so funny..

    1. Thank u Niti,good to c u here,yea,,even I laughed while writing all that.Swara will change for sure.

  8. Hi ? di !! Was not able to comment yesterday. Your story is really good
    . I was missing for some time. You will laugh after reading this but my life has become like a roller coaster ? ride every month some exams now u will hear someday that Vinita has gone to Ranchi mental hospital ? !!!! Have u tried out the veg recipes??

    1. Hi dear,good to see u back,actually,exam time is tough,hope there will be some relief soon,and Ranchi menatl hospital,no,no,all zz wellll,all zz well,haha,I understand ur situation,and recipes, I have saved the screen shot of your n Rupsikha’s suggestions,shall try it and shall give a feed back for sure.

  9. Amazing dude happens in our school

    1. Thank u Shreya,wen it comes from a high school student,it means that my ff is not an utter flop as much as I feared.

  10. hahaha…. mosquitoes blood… where did you get such things yaaar??? loved it… now swara gonna take her revenge… waiting to see more….

    1. Thank u dr,haha,even I dont know,it came wen I was typing,so just included…

    1. Thank u Akku,good to see u here daily.

  11. Hi vini…… wt r u dng???
    Instead of commenting same… i have changed d question… im happy aftr reading ur ff… u kept ur wrds… nd epi ws good..

    1. Thank u Navi,and,the change in question made me smile,thanks for stopping by to drop this comment.

  12. Wow..pdh liya..amazing eisode..

    1. Thank u dear,is the situation ok there now?

  13. LoL…writing d letter wid d blood of mosquitoes by catching multiple mosquitos. ..?????

    1. Priya,glad to know that it brought a smile.

  14. Guys,thank u very much ,shall respond to individual comments tomorrow,may God bless all of us n keep us safe,where ever we are ,let all of us be under his protective wings..Gudnight .

  15. bechara sanskar he has to ask swara help
    now its too much swara stop disturbing sanky.. i hope soon she realise her mistake

    sanraglak frndship bond awsome

    1. Thank u Meghs and yea,everything will be fine soon..

  16. Yes didi…sb thk h…

    1. Thank God ,dear,shall remember you in prayers,take care.

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