SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 6


Hi guys,actually,I ,hope u all will be patient,and though it is a simple tale there will be some cliché drama awaiting and I beg your pardon in advance for that.

Scene 1: Next day morning

Sanskar being class leader is asked to distribute project books after evaluation,other prefects also join him,he comes near Swara to give her book,she doesn’t even look at him,but he is not bothered as well,Shruti takes her book from him happily,Swara notices this and tells Shruti that we need to talk during break,then the class starts………..

Scene 2:Lunch break

Swara tells Shruti and Mahima, “If Shruti loves Sanskar,then ,no one should be allowed to come between them,not even Ragini but for that Shruti should tell Sanskar about her feelings,and as friends I think from now onwards we should do all what we can to bring these two closer”,Mahima interrupts and says, “but Swara,why are u this much interested in this matter,now?I really don’t understand that”,Swara replies, “Shruti is mad about Sanskar and as friends,I felt it is our duty to help her,”Mahima replies, “but,listen.sorry to both of u,I’m not going to do any help,he is a nice boy and I don’t think he wll be ready for an affair now,also if our plot fails ,then parents will be called and we may be suspended also,the whole thing will only cause shame,so very sorry,if this costs our friendship also,m not worried,I am not going to help you”.Mahima goes from there,Swara tells Shruti, “usually it is better not to have too many members in executing plans,that will jumble up the whole thing,let her go if she is not interested but I will help u”Shruti is super excited and is dreaming where as Swara tells in her mind, “So Mr.Sanskar,u are Mr.Perfect,right ?now,just be ready..”

Scene 3:Same day evening

Swara’s house,Sumi comes and tells her that Shruti had called to her landline and told will call after some time,Swara tells in her mind, ‘What nuisance,just for the sake of hurting that Sanskar back,I am forced to play this cheap game,’just then the telephone bell rings,Swara goes and picks up the call,Shruti says in a soft tone, “You know what Swara,I am not able to suppress my excitement,tell me what will be our first move and what reaction do you expect,I am absolutely blank ya”Swara replies, “Shruti ,do u have an extension line at your house?”she replies “no”,Swara continues, “but I have it here and if I give you instructions now ,then,both of us are going to be in trouble,so for heaven sake,suppress your excitement,go have ur dinner and sleep,please,ok”Shruti says an ok with disappointment and cuts the call.

Scene 4:Next day ,lunch break

Swara tells Shruti, “look Shruti,I don’t have any experience in all this,still,for u am jumping into this,our approach will be filmy,we will start with a rose”,Shruti says, “but,from where will we get a rose now?”Swara says, “from graden if we pluck and someone sees it will cause trouble,bicycle parking area,there are a few pots,no?Shruti says “but those are not good,weak,ones,u know what wil he think?She responds, “then u got to garden and pluck”Shruti says, “but that is risky”they leave for the other area as planned,stands face to face as though they are talking to each other,Shruti behind her back is searching for flowers,suddenly says, “ ouch”,Swara says , “thorns”,Shruti nods,Swara says, “no pain,no gain”Somehow,after some time she pulls a rose out an puts in her pocket,they run to their class room,reaches their seat and is breathing heavily,others have gone out for lunch,Swara aska Shruti to manipulate her handwriting and write “To,Sanskar,from your girl,” on a white paper,She obeys and asks if she should write with left hand,Swara says,he should read,no need of too much experiments right now” She writes,Swara keeps the rose and paper under Sanskar’s desk.

Scene 5:Sanskar comes to class,break time over class starts

Sanskar bends to take his box from his bag,he sees the rose,he grabs the paper,reads it and crushes it inside his palm,Swara is happy seeing this,he throws the rose under the desk,Shruti who was observing feels sad,Swara turns and quickly blinks her eyes and sits straight,Shruti thinks Swara will find out some other plan………….

(I’ll try to post one more update today,good day to u all.)

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Veena evn im in high school and to read all such stuff just gives me more exitement its amazing.i have felt all those feeling so i undetstand it just keep updating ur d best!!!!!!!:):)

    1. Thank u Shreya,good to know that u can relate to that,actually,I had a feeling if u all find it too silly,hope u will keep reading.

  2. omg…swara is behind sanky..i can’t see anyone troubling sanskar..mahima is good girl..sruti is just mad..very interesting story..missing rags and lucky..very nice epi..

    1. Thank u Niti,m a very lazy person,so I won’t be patient to imagine, so all will be well very soon,thank u for regular feedbk.

  3. Awesome yaar

    1. Thank u Devi,now a very familiar name…pls keep reading.

  4. wonderful update… loved it… waiting for next update… sooonnn…

    1. Thank u Sindhuja,I read anokhi kahani ff,intro and episode 3,nice story,u r writing it,no?thank u for taking time to read this…

      1. vini, you are mistaken… that’s not my story… i write Swasan – I dreamed a dream… yeah… first i thought to use that name only… but someone else has already using that name… no problem…

    2. Oh I see,I will read your ff dear,I have noticed the name,but not sure if I had read that,shall surely read.

  5. O poor sanskar. I feel really bad for him

    1. Don’t worry Shanaya,I won’t go for big twists.All will be well very soon.

    1. Thank u Kritika for stopping by to put this comment.Hope u will keep reading.

  6. interesting twist……………………….
    very nice…….
    sanskar k liye banaye gaddhe me yeh swara mam khud hi na gir jaye……aur fir swara ko usse bahar nikalne k liye sanskar sir apna hat aage badhayenge…..and after that new beginning of swara and sanskar’s friendship/relation…..
    wating for next update

    1. Joya,u know ,na? M very bad at writing big twists n larger than life scenes,so I think u guys will be disappointed with the next episodes bt I hope u all will keep reading.And ya,fight to friendship…

  7. bechara sanskar… swara troubling him .. i think shruthi will be big problem for swara in future ….

    1. Meghs,not really ,bt ya I haven’t planned much so she may creep in later.

  8. Ooohhhh…swara ne aisaaa kya??shruti ko toh kuch pta b nhi h..sooo bd ?..anyways awesome epi…

    1. Thank u Mickey,yea,analysis is right,but I m scared u all may expect twist and I may ruin this with my imagination.

  9. Pls update d nxt part soon

    1. Yes Harshita,I have posted it,should get uploaded after some time.

    1. Thank u akku,good to see u here daily.

  10. Very nice veena

    1. Thank u Tara,good to see u here.

  11. Oh god swara and Shruthi very funny!!!! Nice sis!!!

    1. Thank u Leku,good to hear that you liked it and thank u for being there.

  12. this is my1st comment.icant resist myself from writing a comment :your ff is awesome!!
    pls update nxt part soon today

    1. Thank u Shagun,thank u stopping by to put a comment here,I have posted it,may be along with written updates it will be published.

  13. Nice update!

    1. Thank u yr,hope u will keep reading.

  14. Nice episode dear
    Keep it up

    1. Thank u Aqsa,pls keep reading.

  15. Nice story

    1. Thank u Nidhi…pls keep reading.

  16. Nyc 1 🙂
    Waithing fr twisty plot…

    1. Thank u Praise,some small twists may be there not many big ones,but even m waiting to see how this story will proceed.

  17. Ya rupsikha I feel dis teen swara is just lyk our evil ragini laksh maheshwari, n teen rags lyk our real swara sanskar maheshwari. Bt I find sanskar n laksh d sm as we hv in our show.

    1. hei nik,haha,dont worry,I dont have patience like Swaragini writers for too many twists and negativity,all will be fine very soon,good to see u here,thanks dr.

  18. Swara is becoming so grudgy? bechari shruthi but I loved mahimas complete explanation so mature n decent?☺ hamari sanskaar ke jaise? I think abhi sanskaar n swara ka Tashan wala fight aane wala hai Gosh I’m trying to guess after every episode??? anyway nyc update waiting to see wat happens

    1. Ya ya go ahead dr,analysis is right,bt tashn,for name sake,and wen I portray Shruti like a fool,somebody should be positive,na?so Mahima,let’s c and thank u dr for being there.

  19. Nice epi vini…

    1. Thank u Navi,hope u will keep reading.

      1. Vini thnk u fr ur reply.. nd no doubt i will always like , love & read ur ff

  20. Fedup of saying d same bt can’t stop myslf frm tellin dat u n ur ff are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!?

    1. Thank u Priya,hope u will keep reading,good to see u here.

  21. Dr..nice episode.. Haha..njanum angane cheythittundu friends nu vendi letter and rose, pine black board , desk I’ll oke name ezhuthum ..it give some hint about thier crush .pine chumma fool akkan vendi ‘buji’ ( book worms) kalkku engane nalla pani koduthittundu….these small small things are happened around me on my school, college days yaar. thatz y ur Ff is very close to my heart.

    1. Haha Sethooty,school days are fun,actually as I said I have no experience of a mixed school environemt so I had a doubt if such things will become too silly in this ff,but yea,I knew a girl like the character of Shruti,and teachers used to ask us to check bags once in a while,haha,now these naughty ones have settled down happily,m not supporting her,but each child ,dont know all will go through their heads,but many becomes really good after that so called teen age.

  22. Its cute episode dea… Swara started to plan against sanky.. Hope he will not get trap by these plans…

    1. Thank u Harshi,yes yes,we cant let our Sanky go into much trouble.

    1. Thank you Surbhi……..good to see u here daily.

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