SWASAN Fan Fiction (season 2) episode 5


Hi guys,good morning,Swasan fan fiction (season 2) episode 5…

Scene 1: Class room

Teacher walks in,she calls Sanskar and asks him to distribute a form each to each student,she then tells her students that ” in this new academic year the management has decided to give more importance to extra curricular activities,it will be organised under various clubs,all of you can tick the respective columns as per your wish,if there are more applicants for a few clubs then final decision will be vested up on their teachers to assess and include the most deserving under each club”..she continues with her lecture…

Scene 2:After 3 days,class room

Teacher enters and calls them according to their role numbers and informs to which all clubs they belong to,Swara,Shruti and Mahima are in library club and nature club,Sanskar is part of arts,nature and Library club,Shruti gets excited seeing Sanskar in library club and suddenly whispers to Swara,see my Sid is also there in nature club,oh,I can spent some time together with him that way,Swara understands that the one whom Shruti has crush on is not Sid, it is Sanskar,she understands that and gives a meaningful smile to Shruthi…

Scene 3:Same day,interval time

Ragini has come to see Sanskar in the corridor,Swara also goes outside,Ragini says a hai to Swara,she responds and their 3 girls gang is standing at a distance where they can hear what Sanskar and Ragini are talking, Sanskar asks Ragini, “so which all clubs this year,she says arts with enthusiasm and then Library,I don’t know why teacher put me in that,I had not opted,since u will be there I had opted nature and arts,ah,arts is there,but..”Sanskar tells her, “I think Pooja aunty must have told the teacher to put your name,she must have thought atleast that way u will step your foot inside that library,haha”. Ragini gets angry and says, “need not be so happy,m not going to read,I will take books on the prescribed day,wont read and return as such,hmm,if mom has done this,then she will see me doing this too……..”Shruti tells Swara and Mahima, “you know what ,this girl,na,Ragini she is the biggest obstacle between me and Sanskar,since M’am’s daughter she has freedom,how to find out if there is friendship or something more,O God,cant imagine that”,Swara and Mahima finds her words and anxiety silly,they both smile at each other conveying that they have same thoughts on this but doesn’t express it in front of Shruti,bell rings and everybody goes back to their respective classes…Ragini beats Sanskar and runs saying that it was for teasing her,Shruti gets angry seeing this but Swara and Mahima controls their laughter…

Scene 4:Same day last hour(free period)

Teacher comes and tells library club members from all classes are to go to the library and help librarian in arranging the books,Swara is least interested but Shruti pulls her and takes her,students reach library and libraraian gives instructions to arrange the books,Swara starts and is in a corner,she hands the books carelessly,Sanskar ntices this but doesn’t not say a word,he observes her,he later understands that she is handling the books with least care and her rough handling makes him angry,he comes near her,in that row only they both are there,he tells her, “Swara,please understand one thing,if u don’t wish to arrange books go and sit in a corner,don’t do like this,he pulls one book and shows,these already pages are folded,this is not meant for just this year,if you cant contribute,no problem,please don’t destroy it,the bind will come out in a few days if u arrange it,please leave ,I’ll arrange this section,he calls Ragini and asks her to help him,Ragini has not heard Swara and Sanskar’s conversation and so just gives a friendly smile to Swara but Swara does not see that as she is really angry with Sanskar, she tells in her mind, “Now you have started the game Sanskar,u spoke angrily to me,u asked me to leave,I’ll wait for my chance…….”

Scene 5:Same day ,after tuitions..

Laksh and Ragini leaves early as they have to buy some guides and other things,Sanskar cycle tyre gets punctured ,he has given it for repair and is waiting at the shop near to tuition class,he sees Swara waiting for the car ,her car arrives and somebody is shown opening the front door ,Swara closes it,then opens the back door and gets in,Sanskar is curious to know who is there in the driver’s seat,he sees Mukesh and is very much surprised recalling what Swara just did,he thinks in his mind, “that day at parlour,here also,she has made her dad driver,today morning library incident,this girl is so insensitive,why she didn’t step in inspite of her dad opening the door for her,too stubborn,and that same expression in her eyes,to whatever others say,ah,whatever,why should I bother,if she does something at schools,then I will interfere,dats it,he is in thoughts and suddenly notices the car passing by and Swara staring at him………………

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Guys,I m going ahead with this track, I know there is nothing extraordinary in this,so even if u all won’t comment also I won’t feel bad,just feel free to be silent as well…

  2. Didii waited sooooo much!!!!ha finally? swara seems to have some bitter past I mean can imagine the coldness with which she might be eyeing sanskaar. Today Sanskaar s behavior made me remind one of my classmate? I don’t like him so sincere even he was? but since it’s varun kapoor I’m imagining its OK?? no lucky mama today? all in all enjoyed it to the core!!!?

    1. Shraddha ,thank u dr bt her step father character is not a bad man n no bitter past as such,some filmy n cliche scenes will be there,ya,I didn’t get a scene to include our Lucky Mama.. Haha .

      1. No past in the sense u see by ur words can make out that she has so much supressed inside her like shes not expressive too….. n my gut says ull shape it up like sanskaar eases her life like in some small small incidents to open up these are my views n guess just sharing??? no issues if its diff I wud love it anyhow

      2. N no ambiguity about her step ppl are quite broad minded these days n ffs are quite realistic rather than daily soaps where in ppl still don’t want a bangali chori lol Sujata??

    2. Shraddha,u r absolutely right and I understood what u meant,about track what I have in my mind is a one line and that includes how time n good relationships alter u knowingly or unknowingly…it s a cliche track based on love and friendship,feel free to share your views n the hints wat u get after reading each,no probs,ok..by the way, wen s ur next xam?

      1. Next sem will begin from Jan till den I’m a free bird? n nyc track waiting to see how Sanskaar n Swaras Ragini n lakshya equations shape up!!!

    3. Ok dr,I was a hosteller during my college days,so wanted holidays,hope u r enjoying,and regarding the characters,even I m thinking how to shape them,hope it will happen with the flow..

  3. sanskar totay misunderstanding swara…
    pls do something … clear his misunderstanding…

    1. Yes Meghs,swasan is our pair,all will be well,pls keep reading.

    1. Thank u Akku,hope u will keep reading.

  4. very nice epi..uff..swara is too stubborn..ragini rocks..Sanky i just too good guy..superb epi

    1. Thank u Niti,yea,u know something Tejaswi is my favourite actress n every time some body praise her I become very happy…cos I imagine her when I write…

      1. ya..vini Di she is my favorite too..i liked her since when sh was playing “DHARA “..she is a very nice actress..i like helly also very much..

    2. Yea,even I have watched Darohar seeing her acting ,Helly’s ,I have watched only this,I like her but I like Tejaswi more ,cant imagine Swaragini without Tejaswi,pair I liked our Swasan more…but I wish to see Tejaswi in a good positive role very soon.

  5. nice vino I like ur f2f please continue

  6. nice vino! I like ur ff please continue

    1. Thank u Mira,shall continue, hope u will keep reading.

  7. Nice and different story vini…

    1. Thank u Navi,actually,I repeat, some familiar scenes may come in future..bt shall continue..

  8. loved it…

    1. Thank u Sindhuja,hope u will keep reading.

  9. di i was waiting impatiently……..
    as usual superb………….
    swara’s behavior is observed by sanskar….
    di u decribe every thing perfectly…(sorry there is no word for ur work..qki kaise tarif kare samj nahi paa rahe hai)
    school’s atmosphere,and ragsanswalak’s nature and behavior of them….jast amazing…….
    ek bat kisi ne kahi hai ki ia duniya me kuch bhi perfect nahi hota..pr jisne bhi is line ko duniya se introduce karvaya usko yeh kehna hai plz humri vini di ke 2no ff ek bar padh le…….

    1. Joya,thank u ,my first reaction after reading ur last sentence was a laugh bt not to make fun of ur comment but cos twas a sweet one,m humbled n honoured ,And characters,I wish I could do justice in future as well and update was posted in the morning,may site is flooded my ff as I say and that is y the delay in publishing it,couldn’t write yesterday.

      1. di humne na ek movie dekhi hai.jasme ek orphan child apni innocence baton se hero ko apne papa ka pyar realise karvata hain jo business ki wajah usne dur rehte the……
        pata nahi q par jo age me apne yeh charecter banaye hai….shayad hume lagta hai ki sanskar ki woh innocent aur uske parivar k sath jo huva uski wajah se aayi maturity hi….yahi.chhote chhote moment se,cute moments swara ko uske papa ka pyar realise karava dengi aisa lagta hai hme…unki muskan wapas laute de in charon ki dosti….
        waiting for dt……

      2. sorry ha aapki story ko spoil karne ka koi intension nahi hai…..hume bas jo feel huaa woh bol diya……
        sorry agr kuch jhyada bol diya ho to…..

    2. I understand Joya,.u r right, I had thought to include small moments like that then I thought I will reduce those moments to one or two bt honestly I have a few moments in my mind,future track I personally feel won’t be that much entertaining bt shall try to put it max convincingly…

  10. Nice one Di?..n ya aapne bht wt krya ha..but it’s ok?

    1. Thank u Mickey dr,actually,didn’t get a gap yesterday to sit n imagine something…n wen will ur classea start,any news regarding that ?

  11. Nice yaar

    1. Thank u Devi ,Gud to c u all here daily.

  12. Sis again superb!!!!! Update soon!!!

    1. Thank u Leku,couldn’t write yesterday,shall try to upload fast ,ok,those posted at 10am are getting uploaded around 7,I think.Shown as uploaded 3hrs ago or something wen I checked now.

  13. Nyc i was searching this ff yesterday buh did nt get it
    Is there any notification here so that i can atleast cum to knw wen episodes r posted n go through it

    1. Thank u Bitsy,sorry yr,I didn’t write yesterday n regarding the time ,I post around 10 am daily,if two episodes(which may happen in this ff ),it may be in two pages,pingback under this comments is added by telly team,I’ll do one thing,when each gets uploaded shall post under the previous comments column, to identify the wall paper and title should help,bt yr,m seriously getting worried if u all will like as though story proceeds.

  14. Venna Dr..its really awesome, different story line and track compared to other ff.it really have some stuff, especially rag and sanskar cute friendship, njan evideyokkeyo kandittulla friendship, sanskar nte character ulla arokeyoo orma vannu..wen I read this story..

    1. Thank u Sethooty, yea,incorporating the nature of my school mates,manushyaru Oru poleyaavanam ellayidathum alle?chiriyum,nombaravum,souhradavum,pranayavum ,ellaam….,ivaykkellaam ,ore lipiyum bhaashayumavum…dats y all are able to connect with what each ff writer writes,keep in touch dr,hope work is going on well.

  15. Wenever I read ur story it give some pleasure in my mind , and this is the best thing i ever felt…thank u dr…

    1. Thank u Sethooty,for the sake of the story I include some fights n small small twists and turns,bt I wish to write a feel good one though I don’t know how fat I will be successful n m very happy to know that u r liking it.

    1. Thank u Surbhi,hope u will keep reafing

  16. Wonderful episode vini..? V want next update soon dear..?

    1. Thank u Harshi,shall try to reduce the gap between episodes…

  17. No..sista…v really luv ur track…nd itz nt swaragini nor sanlak…itz a new path….wow v really luv d track….itz odd frm d othr FFs….

    1. Thank u Priya,one line was a school friendship ending in love (though I think there are many who remain as close buddies only),for the sake of this story ,m going ahead with the other track,hope u will keep reading.

  18. Wow u rocked the episode again yaar…loved it….nd the way of ur explanation makes the scenes more lively…..great job

    1. Thank u Manu for being there right from the start of my other ff,hope u will keep reading.

  19. Ya..it wl strt 4m 1st january(2nd semester)

    1. Good good,so u can enjoy,…………

  20. i have posted the next one,dont know wen it will get uploaded.

  21. Supprrrvvvvv….di.

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