Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 44

Hi guys,hope u read the 43rd episode posted on tuesday …I don’t know how this will be,still,to avoid gap between episodes I am posting something,spare the rod here,please…

episode 43

(In that we saw Sanskar,Sumi-Swara conversation,Swara – Sanskaar conversation at his office)

Scene 1:

Same evening,cafeteria …

Swara was waiting for Sanskaar there,he returned a lot late because of his work,Swara is clearly annoyed and as soon as she saw Sanskaar coming,got up and was about to shout,quickly realised where they are and composed herself and said, ‘’Oh,you came so early,I thought you will have work till morning”,Sanskaar who understood the teasing tone in her voice,gave her a strong look and said, “yea,had plans to stay awake till morning ,but was scared if the one who I left here will eat the manager also out of hunger,so I came early,why you didn’t like?”,Swara stares at him, Sanskaar continues, “Will u stand here like this,come ,we will go,if it rains ,will be difficult to drive …”,saying this he looks at her bag and says, “yea,I know it is my duty to lift this,no need to hint that ok..”Swara quickly says, “no I was planning to lift one,now that you wish to lift that also, I am not interfering,I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings,give me the keys,I will go wait there,come fast,ok..saying this she goes near to take keys from his pocket,Sanskaar is surprised by her behaviour and is staring at her whereas Swara who grabbed the keys had started walking…

Scene 2:Parking area..

Swara is standing near the car,she is throwing the keys in the air and catching it continuously . Sanskaar after keeping the luggage,asks her to drive and opens the door for her,Swara comes near him,pulls his hand and keeps the keys inside and signs him to get inside and drive,she goes to the other side,gets inside,extends her neck and through expressions asks him if he will start or not,he gets inside,looks at her,she again frowns and asks “what?”,Sanskaar sits straight and takes a deep breath,closes his eyes , prays for a second and starts,Swara looks at him and says, “oh good habit,you always pray before you start,I haven’t noticed…”,Sanskaar in his usual tone says, “ah,usually I pray in my mind only ,but now when this kind of an antique piece is to be transported,I have to pray,don’t know from which all angles troubles will come,no?Swara leans to press his neck ,he shouts, “Swara,sit properly,if we hit somewhere,not just the two of us,many others will be in trouble,atleast for them,listen to me,ah,I will switch on some music,either listen to that or close your eyes and sleep,I think latter would be better for me…Swara gives a naughty smile and says, “yea,that will be better for you,so ,I wont do that,why Sanskaar,we have been married for some time,now,I am not that bad,ah,may not be as good as Sanju,still…..ah,I wonder why you haven’t fallen in love with me,yet??”,Sanskaar applies a sudden brake and takes a bottle of water,gulped down and then looks at her and says, “Swara,it is just a few days that you left from cottage,no?I mean when was Lucky’s engagement?,ah just a few days”he rubs his forehead and continues, “I don’t understand what happened to you after that,why are you behaving like this yaar,simply going on talking,talking and talking,give some rest to that tongue ,it must be begging…”
Swara listens carefully,adorned a serious look and told him, “yaar Sanskaar,we have known each other for years,you noticed that I am hyperactive now,ok,just consider that I got the license now”,Sanskaar suddenly asks, “ah,what license?”,Swara replies, “wife,I am your wife now,massive change in status that is,now I can behave however I want to,but you tell me,you were always that patient,loving ,caring,ideal boy,why are you getting irritated easily now,in fact,you are losing your temper with every word of mine,what happened,stress due to the job or…..”?she leans towards him,he looks at her seeing that and asks “or?”,she looks straight into his eyes and replies, “or,you are afraid you will fall in love with me?eh?”,Sanskaar for a moment blankly stares at her,is about say something,swallows,and gives the bottle to her and tells her, “you drink some water…”,he is about to start the car,Swara has no intention to leave him,asks him, “but Sanskaar,I didn’t ask for water,I asked something else…”,Sanskaar ignores the question ,raises the voice in the system and behaves as though he is driving with full concentration,where as Swara leans backward to the seat,looks at him by gently tilting her head towards his side,enjoys his nervousness,smiles at him….(it is not that naughty Swara who Sanskaar saw a couple of minutes back,all her love for him is clearly evident in those eyes……….)

Scene 3:

After some time…

“Sanskaaaaaar”,Sanskaar again applies a sudden brake hearing that scream and asks her, “what happened Swara,why are you shouting?,he lowers the volume and looks at her,Swara points towards outside and says, “look,I want to have something from there”,Sanskaar leans to her side and finds that it is a road side restaurant,he gives a strong look to her and says, “Swara,where is all this going,some worm is there or what?,is there any space left?,see,I have no problem in buying,but you know ,no?outside food,you have a sensitive stomach,is it necessary now?,we will go home,cook something and eat,I will also join you”She pleads, “please Sanskaar please,last time I had seen this place,but since I was dressed up for the function ,I couldn’t get down “.
Sanskaar nods,takes his wallet and says, “ok,come”Swara leans towards him out of excitement as though to kiss his cheek for agreeing,suddenly realises what she was about to do,simply pats his cheek and then softly rubs it and says, “should wash properly after having something,I had to clean this now”,Sanskaar who partly understood what she was about to do,asks her, “you didn’t see this till now,now only you saw the remnants,after all,I didn’t have anything properly today,then what dirt that was……?”Swara ,to wind up the topic says, “ah,I don’t know,u come,we will go…”,Swara as they walked towards the place,found the area crowded and is a little uncomfortable,but in no mood to go back,she felt like holding his hand,but is in dilemma to do that or not,Sanskaar who saw the crowd there,slowly held her hand,Swara looked at him in surprise,she wanted that but never expected such a sweet gesture from him,he looked at her ,in a serious yet soft tone said, “I know some stubborn ghost has entered my wife,so she wont go back even if I ask her to,so as a good husband ,it is my duty to buy what my wife wants,so I am holding her hand and taking her that side…”saying that much seriously he bursted out into laughter,Swara who was looking at him lovingly smiles hearing the tone change and laughter..Sanskaar who was still holding her hand started walking but Swara pulled his hand with both her hands and he stopped and looked at her,Swara,softly said, “it is so good to see you laughing Sanskaar,I know this laughter had vanished because of me,but,trust me,I just wish that you keep smiling like this always…”,Sanskaar smiled hearing her and said, “look Swara,if I always keep smiling,people will think something is seriously wrong wih me,so just take that ‘always’ back from your wish”,Swara shows a fake anger and hits his shoulder softly…they walked towards the restaurant…

Scene 4:

Same night ,cottage….

Swara and Sanskaar has reached the cottage,Sanskaar goes to take bath and after some time comes out,he tells Swara to shift to Seema aunty’s room if she wants to,Swara whose intention is to spend maximum time with him doesn’t agree and tells him that since Seema aunty’s belongings are there in the other room ,she doesn’t want to mess that up and that she will stay in the same room with Sanskaar,saying this she slowly rubs her tummy ,excuses herself and rushes to the washroom…after some time Swara comes out,Sanskaar who felt that something is wrong,slowly walks out ,Swara,after some time is seated on the bed,she is holding her stomach and rubbing continuously,she tries to lie down but is not able to,she gets up and again lie down,after some time ,she calls Sanskaar,Sanskaar rushes inside,seeing her face itself he understood that something is wrong,Sanskaar sat near her,Swara is going on rubbing her stomach,Sanskaar stopped her,and asked, “how many times ?Swara said, “4 times already,still feel like going,I am exhausted yaar,Sanskaar,I should have listened to you,omg,I will die now….”,Sanskaar slowly held her face,made her sit properly and took a comb and tied her hair,he then opened the windows and came back and said, “shall we go to hospital ?Swara says “no,no,I want to sleep yaar”,Sanskaar made her lie down slowly and said, “I know it is not right to scold you or blame you now,but I had expected this and that is why I told you,but ,no problem dear,you will be fine,I am here,no?I will bring a lime tea,you will be fine yaar,he got up to leave…Swara held his hand and asked him to stay there,he agreed and slowly patted her forehead and asked her to sleep,Swara is rubbing her stomach ,he gently held her hand and stopped her,then,first hesitated,later with a confused face,slowly and gently rubbed her stomach…..after some time,he understood that she had slept,slowly got up,covered her with the blanket ,then went,lifted a chair and without making noise kept it near the bed ,sat on it,looked at her,and recalled the day’s events……..

(Not proof read,sorry…)

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