Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 43

Hi guys,episode 42 was posted on April 20th…..writing after a long gap….

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(In the last episode we saw,Swara after realising Sanskaar’s feeling thru the cd n diary deciding to go back to him,Mukesh telling Swara that he is going abroad for some time,Swara going to meet Sanskaar at his office n telling him that she has decided to give her married life a chance since he told Sanju is a closed chapter etc,Sanskaar staring at her not able to understand what she is up to…..)

Those who remember this ff, I wont vanish after writing this episode…and those who have been asking me to hurry up with the confession part,pls keep reading,I wont test your patience for long…

Scene 1:

Sanskaar at the cottage,same day evening..

Sanskaar is preparing a cup of black coffee in the kitchen,his phone is kept on a chair there,he pours the coffee into the mug and goes through the easy pasta recipe in his phone,he murmers gently, “omg,missing Seema aunty badly,should have bought something and come,who told this is easy pasta recipe,this is tough pasta recipe,why did I boil pasta without reading the whole recipe,why Sanskaar ,why?suddenly a number flashes on his phone screen,he sips the coffee and attends the call and goes to the living room,he is surprised to hear Sanju’s voice,he tells her, “hei Sanju,long time,how are you?how is life there,all good?Hows Vicky,marriage date fixed?Sanju says, “man,will you give me a gap to talk?and I got message from Swara via fb,Vicky had told and had an idea,you never attended when I called and never replied to my messages also,don’t want friends after marriage ,no?ah,whatever it is with Swara,just sort it out,I was just an actress there,don’t know what all she is thinking about me,might be thinking I will come back to snatch her hubby,saying this Sanju laughs and says, “Sanskaar,I think you have messed up things”,Sanskaar is in thoughts,they again chat for some time and cuts the call…he keeps the phone down and grabs the coffee mug and holds it using both hands,he leans forward and starts rolling the mug between his palms and says to himself, “Swara,Swara,Swara,what are u planning yaar,God knows,what you are going to do next,MUkesh uncle,you again left for Europe after immersing me in this,hmmm…..he looks outside and says, Mr.Sanskaar,wonderful life yours is,rally of never ending confusions, you lucky man….saying this he rubs his hand on his stomach and says,oh you are hungry ,no?pastaa…wait there,I am coming …”he walks to the kitchen shaking his head…

Scene 2:Swara’s room

Swara is packing her things,Sumi comes from behind,she asks her, “are you sure you want to go back ,dear?is it thinking what we will feel if you stay here for long that you have made this decision?Swara goes near , hugs her and tells her, “ma,I know that this is my house,and you think I will think such silly things and go back ,I am going back because my heart wants to go back,I don’t know ma,but I want to live this life and do justice to this”,(she is holding her mangalsutra and Sumi is staring at that as well),Sumi tells her “daughter’s marriage is every parents’ dream,and we too had,I don’t know why Sanskaar did this,events associated with that,cant forget all that,but I don’t understand,Mukesh always supports him,still he has a soft corner for him,always tells me to forgive him and call him here,even Chetan,though he was sad with his dad getting admitted,he also likes Sanskaar a lot,I don’t know ,only if my eyes are missing something,but Swara,you are never alone,we are there with you,we are your family,will stay with you in thick and thin,so,you should not hesitate to share your pains,we will sort everything out,just inform us,Sujatha and Ram are so worried for you,they have promised us that they will stay with us in whatever decision we make,so if you want a divorce….? “No ma,no,I don’t want…..”Sumi is surprised with that sudden reaction from Swara,she comes near her and stares at her,Swara is not able to meet her eyes and tries to turn,Sumi holds her and asks her, “do you love him?”,Swara turns towards her and tells her, “ma,I will answer everything,but not now,I need to go back to him,but trust me,I thought about this a lot,I am doing what my conscience is asking me to do”,Sumi leaves her hand and says, “I trust you,you need help with the packing??, “mummmmaaaa”,she hears Chetan screaming at the top of his voice,Sumi says, “this boy na…”,Swara smiles and says, “yes,mumma’s boy,don’t worry,ma,you go there and serve food,that scream is out of hunger only,I will finish this and come soon for supper,Sumi smiles hearing that and goes from there..
Swara packs her things and goes to the balcony,she stares at the stars and says,Mr.Sanskaar Maheswari,though I know you have nothing to do with Sanju,I have messaged her,this is called foolproof planning,I don’t know if she is informed about all that has happened,still if you all are in touch and you happen to ask her if I mailed her,so… ,I mailed her,even she would be confused what I am up to,but partner in crime ,no?let her be confused for some time,but you,I wont leave you that easily…I am coming tomorrow ,daaarling,”she smiles saying this and stares at the sky,a cold breeze touches her face,her hair flows along with it…she wraps herself with her dupatta and again smiles….

Scene 3:Next day evening,Sanskaar’s office..

Sanskaar is busy with his work,he gets a call from the reception,suddenly he remembers about Swara telling him that she will be coming today,he rushes to the reception,he finds her standing there in a white party wear with matching accessories ,she is looking so pretty but Sanskaar is in no mood to admire her beauty,he goes near her and says, “are you going for some party?and what is all this decoration for?cant you wear some casuals,I am busy here,have a lot of work left,who asked you to come so early?Swara enjoys his anger and tells him softly, “Mr.Husband…”,Sanskaar gets even more irritated with that and stares at her, she continues, “tell me what exactly is your problem?,me wearing this nice salwar in which I am looking like an angel or me coming here early or you having a lot of work to complete ??Sanskaar says, “hellooo,looking like an angel?,who ?,self praise is worser than suicide,u know that??and what happened to you,since yesterday I am noticing,suddenly hyperactive,something fell on your head??Swara says, “yea yea,coconut,so wisdom area got triggered,why you didn’t like it,oh,wife becoming clever,some husbands wont like,what can I do?” ,Sanskaar gets more angry and says, “ah leave it,but what is this husband,husband all of a sudden,you had never accepted that as a marriage,Swara is about to say something raising her hand.“Sanskaar,hei man….”their conversation is paused by that voice,a few of Sanskaar’s colleagues walks towards them, “who is this Sanskaar?”,Sanskaar gives a forced smile and says, “hai,this is Swara,my……wife…………..”,Swara struggles to hide her laugh hearing that wife word and smiles at him,Sanskaar stares at her,she quickly looks at his friends and tells them, “hi,me Swara”,they chat for sometime ,Sanskaar is a mute spectator,and before leaving ,they just said, “take Bhabhi to the cafeteria ,man,she will feel bored,you have work,no?ok Bhabhi,see you…”they left from there saying that,Swara says, “heard ,no,what they said,chalo,I am feeling hungry…Sanskaar raises his voice and says, “feeling hungry,coming from home only,no?why Gadodia house kitchen is closed?,mom didn’t cook anything today?,don’t know from where this has come ya?saying this he starts to leave and comes back,stares at her first,then stares at her luggage,lifts it and tells, “what is this?why is this so heavy?,packed rocks and came?,Swara quickly answers back,”yea,whole of Gadodia family’s treasures are inside that bag,you and gang wanted that only no?carry it ”Sanskaar is surprised with her tit for tat reaction and to escape says, “oh God …..now will you come or stand here and argue with me?Swara smiles seeing his anger and mutters , “haha,so nice to irritate you and so happy to see you getting irritated simply,Sansku baby is an angry baby now…”,Sanskaar turns and says, “did you say something now?”Swara says, “yea,was saying that…we will start with masala chips and cold coffee like yesterday”,Sanskaar stares at her and says, “not we,you,I have lots of work,and remember one thing ,you are not here for an eating competition,bill I am paying but stomach is yours,remember that…”saying this he walks faster,Swara follows him slowly,smiling like a fool………….

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    Joya ur poem is supeb…from your first line remind my fav song…
    Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayalu athi hai….

    1. nice poem!!!!!!!! hamari sheetu tai ki effect!

      1. Vinitha its not a poem…just words…

    2. Haha..Joya’s influence…wow..Joya ,fan of ur writing yaar..proudly I will say that…ever…

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    1. Vinitha ki bachi..thum thoo mujee chodoongi hi nahi…I just want know about the culture marriage rituals r different na thatz y asked her…??

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      2. Vinitha darling..thum.pe ham kaise gusaa honge

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      1. He bhagwan!!!!! Anju ur brother really created a havoc in ur ff………..just ignore that girl’s comment, who wrote that u only did it purposefully……… even my cousin wrote a stupid comment once and there was a big misunderstanding………

      2. I know…. I was shouting from that time… Idk what to do now…

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