Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 43

Hi guys,episode 42 was posted on April 20th…..writing after a long gap….

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(In the last episode we saw,Swara after realising Sanskaar’s feeling thru the cd n diary deciding to go back to him,Mukesh telling Swara that he is going abroad for some time,Swara going to meet Sanskaar at his office n telling him that she has decided to give her married life a chance since he told Sanju is a closed chapter etc,Sanskaar staring at her not able to understand what she is up to…..)

Those who remember this ff, I wont vanish after writing this episode…and those who have been asking me to hurry up with the confession part,pls keep reading,I wont test your patience for long…

Scene 1:

Sanskaar at the cottage,same day evening..

Sanskaar is preparing a cup of black coffee in the kitchen,his phone is kept on a chair there,he pours the coffee into the mug and goes through the easy pasta recipe in his phone,he murmers gently, “omg,missing Seema aunty badly,should have bought something and come,who told this is easy pasta recipe,this is tough pasta recipe,why did I boil pasta without reading the whole recipe,why Sanskaar ,why?suddenly a number flashes on his phone screen,he sips the coffee and attends the call and goes to the living room,he is surprised to hear Sanju’s voice,he tells her, “hei Sanju,long time,how are you?how is life there,all good?Hows Vicky,marriage date fixed?Sanju says, “man,will you give me a gap to talk?and I got message from Swara via fb,Vicky had told and had an idea,you never attended when I called and never replied to my messages also,don’t want friends after marriage ,no?ah,whatever it is with Swara,just sort it out,I was just an actress there,don’t know what all she is thinking about me,might be thinking I will come back to snatch her hubby,saying this Sanju laughs and says, “Sanskaar,I think you have messed up things”,Sanskaar is in thoughts,they again chat for some time and cuts the call…he keeps the phone down and grabs the coffee mug and holds it using both hands,he leans forward and starts rolling the mug between his palms and says to himself, “Swara,Swara,Swara,what are u planning yaar,God knows,what you are going to do next,MUkesh uncle,you again left for Europe after immersing me in this,hmmm…..he looks outside and says, Mr.Sanskaar,wonderful life yours is,rally of never ending confusions, you lucky man….saying this he rubs his hand on his stomach and says,oh you are hungry ,no?pastaa…wait there,I am coming …”he walks to the kitchen shaking his head…

Scene 2:Swara’s room

Swara is packing her things,Sumi comes from behind,she asks her, “are you sure you want to go back ,dear?is it thinking what we will feel if you stay here for long that you have made this decision?Swara goes near , hugs her and tells her, “ma,I know that this is my house,and you think I will think such silly things and go back ,I am going back because my heart wants to go back,I don’t know ma,but I want to live this life and do justice to this”,(she is holding her mangalsutra and Sumi is staring at that as well),Sumi tells her “daughter’s marriage is every parents’ dream,and we too had,I don’t know why Sanskaar did this,events associated with that,cant forget all that,but I don’t understand,Mukesh always supports him,still he has a soft corner for him,always tells me to forgive him and call him here,even Chetan,though he was sad with his dad getting admitted,he also likes Sanskaar a lot,I don’t know ,only if my eyes are missing something,but Swara,you are never alone,we are there with you,we are your family,will stay with you in thick and thin,so,you should not hesitate to share your pains,we will sort everything out,just inform us,Sujatha and Ram are so worried for you,they have promised us that they will stay with us in whatever decision we make,so if you want a divorce….? “No ma,no,I don’t want…..”Sumi is surprised with that sudden reaction from Swara,she comes near her and stares at her,Swara is not able to meet her eyes and tries to turn,Sumi holds her and asks her, “do you love him?”,Swara turns towards her and tells her, “ma,I will answer everything,but not now,I need to go back to him,but trust me,I thought about this a lot,I am doing what my conscience is asking me to do”,Sumi leaves her hand and says, “I trust you,you need help with the packing??, “mummmmaaaa”,she hears Chetan screaming at the top of his voice,Sumi says, “this boy na…”,Swara smiles and says, “yes,mumma’s boy,don’t worry,ma,you go there and serve food,that scream is out of hunger only,I will finish this and come soon for supper,Sumi smiles hearing that and goes from there..
Swara packs her things and goes to the balcony,she stares at the stars and says,Mr.Sanskaar Maheswari,though I know you have nothing to do with Sanju,I have messaged her,this is called foolproof planning,I don’t know if she is informed about all that has happened,still if you all are in touch and you happen to ask her if I mailed her,so… ,I mailed her,even she would be confused what I am up to,but partner in crime ,no?let her be confused for some time,but you,I wont leave you that easily…I am coming tomorrow ,daaarling,”she smiles saying this and stares at the sky,a cold breeze touches her face,her hair flows along with it…she wraps herself with her dupatta and again smiles….

Scene 3:Next day evening,Sanskaar’s office..

Sanskaar is busy with his work,he gets a call from the reception,suddenly he remembers about Swara telling him that she will be coming today,he rushes to the reception,he finds her standing there in a white party wear with matching accessories ,she is looking so pretty but Sanskaar is in no mood to admire her beauty,he goes near her and says, “are you going for some party?and what is all this decoration for?cant you wear some casuals,I am busy here,have a lot of work left,who asked you to come so early?Swara enjoys his anger and tells him softly, “Mr.Husband…”,Sanskaar gets even more irritated with that and stares at her, she continues, “tell me what exactly is your problem?,me wearing this nice salwar in which I am looking like an angel or me coming here early or you having a lot of work to complete ??Sanskaar says, “hellooo,looking like an angel?,who ?,self praise is worser than suicide,u know that??and what happened to you,since yesterday I am noticing,suddenly hyperactive,something fell on your head??Swara says, “yea yea,coconut,so wisdom area got triggered,why you didn’t like it,oh,wife becoming clever,some husbands wont like,what can I do?” ,Sanskaar gets more angry and says, “ah leave it,but what is this husband,husband all of a sudden,you had never accepted that as a marriage,Swara is about to say something raising her hand.“Sanskaar,hei man….”their conversation is paused by that voice,a few of Sanskaar’s colleagues walks towards them, “who is this Sanskaar?”,Sanskaar gives a forced smile and says, “hai,this is Swara,my……wife…………..”,Swara struggles to hide her laugh hearing that wife word and smiles at him,Sanskaar stares at her,she quickly looks at his friends and tells them, “hi,me Swara”,they chat for sometime ,Sanskaar is a mute spectator,and before leaving ,they just said, “take Bhabhi to the cafeteria ,man,she will feel bored,you have work,no?ok Bhabhi,see you…”they left from there saying that,Swara says, “heard ,no,what they said,chalo,I am feeling hungry…Sanskaar raises his voice and says, “feeling hungry,coming from home only,no?why Gadodia house kitchen is closed?,mom didn’t cook anything today?,don’t know from where this has come ya?saying this he starts to leave and comes back,stares at her first,then stares at her luggage,lifts it and tells, “what is this?why is this so heavy?,packed rocks and came?,Swara quickly answers back,”yea,whole of Gadodia family’s treasures are inside that bag,you and gang wanted that only no?carry it ”Sanskaar is surprised with her tit for tat reaction and to escape says, “oh God …..now will you come or stand here and argue with me?Swara smiles seeing his anger and mutters , “haha,so nice to irritate you and so happy to see you getting irritated simply,Sansku baby is an angry baby now…”,Sanskaar turns and says, “did you say something now?”Swara says, “yea,was saying that…we will start with masala chips and cold coffee like yesterday”,Sanskaar stares at her and says, “not we,you,I have lots of work,and remember one thing ,you are not here for an eating competition,bill I am paying but stomach is yours,remember that…”saying this he walks faster,Swara follows him slowly,smiling like a fool………….

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


    • Vini

      Sorry Didu,yours is the first comment ,no?I replied somewhere down by mistake,thanks for the comment,hope we will c tomorrow under the next episode comment column..

  1. snehal

    So cute. After a long time, but chortu wala part. Write more na. I always miss it. Thank u for making me happy.

    • Vini

      Hai Snehal,thanks for the comment,glad if this part made u happy at least for a moment,yea after 41 days ,I think,but I thought this is long n boring,yea,will write soon..may be tomorrow itself..

    • Vini

      Thanks Dhara,I have seen this name before but dp,is that u n ur kid?lovely profile pic that is,yea,the whole thing was on the spot(season 2 is like that cos of my laziness),some chats with a few loved ones have influenced those lines in third scene n all of their memories flashed by after writing…

    • Vini

      Thanks Swans,actually,u made me laugh after reading that bad part,ok yr,see u tomorrow..

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      Amu,I think ur first comment under my ff,thanks dr,hope u will keep reading,I’m replying in a hurry,and those who read all comments,pls don’t feel if some reply is long n in detail and others short,I do notice your names and read every word of your feedbk..

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    I was waiting for so long di….as usual today’s part was awesome..
    Be regular now …i missed ur ff a lot…

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      Thank u dr,it is encouraging that a few of u were waiting for this ,yea missed writing for u all but laziness was at its peak..but will try to be regular..

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    Finally u updated… It’s really tooo late ?? but still it was smalll..
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      Aha,what a wonderful name,true swasan fan,thanks for the comment,is it your first under mine?I thought it is long n boring n didn’t read after typing,glad if u liked,aha,malayaliyano,kollaamm,aa tone vayichu chirichu..Oru adhikarathinte swaramundu…haha..ente chila juniorsne orthu poyi…

  4. Wow di! Loved it! Read last 3 parts in a go…
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    • N yeah I’m vibhavari Shende …I have I once send u fb request..u didn’t accept! If u have no problem, plz do accept It!

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        Kritika I typed a reply to ur comment n don’t know where it went,u are the ff writer Kritika,no?that little girl,I think Jyotii’s ff incomplete last part was dedicated to u ,no?yea,fb,I’m.too lazy to chat,more active on Whatsapp only,oh Kritika D’souza ,is that ur surname?will try to post tomorrow, and,actually no problem in accepting u,but to be honest, except the 6 of our tu friends all others in fb are ppl who I’ve known personally,so I had seen that friend request and that.is y didn’t accept,but will check it once again…

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    Oh god finally.nw a days i thnk waiting for ‘mahabali'(i dnt knw wether u knw him.i’m a malayali.he is one among our historical partners)is btr than waitng for u.jst kiddng yar dnt feel bad.i knw u’l b amazng that who am i.i were a silent lvr of ur ff bt nw i can’ b silent anymore.u ,anjali,dolly,sha etc r my favourate readers.all the chaptrs r jst mindblowng.ur capability to portay emotional scenes,no words to appreciate.luv u a lot.waitng for nxt.(if u dnt mind plz gve me ur fb id)

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      Haha,Abhaya,udhaharanam adipoli,but Mahabaliyum onavumellaam malayaliyude swakarya ahangarangalanallo,asura raajavinu vedhanikkum ezhuthil Oru krithyanishtayumillatha ennodu thaarathamyapeduthiyaal, aa chumma paranjatha,good to know that u were reading my ff n thanks for commenting here,good to know that u read all of their ffs n admire them,thanks for the good words,naale ezhuthaamnnu orkkunnu adutha episode,fbyil actually njan enikku personally ariyathavare accept cheyyarillarnnu…njan insult cheyyuvalla.genuine profile aanennu thonniya kurachu pere accept cheythirunnu telly updatesnnu…Peru Vini Ross ennanu..

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    Hello everyone…I really got a good platform to chat with you all now..

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      Hello neha, dhara didi..??..

      Vino didi..this is lite..I mean very lite didi. I feel very much relaxed. Now coming to each scene
      1: I loved sanskar and his curiousuty for Swara. Sanju testing sanskar is really good and I wish you add her marriage where swasan confession happens. I loved sanskar where he cursed while cooking food and then the way how he ran to grab the way pasta..mmm. I am feeling hungry now.

      2: mother and daughter emotional conversation…ummah. I thought Swara will accept that she loves him but okay, sanskar has the first right to know it. I loved the way sumo trusted her daughter and Swara trusted her marriage.

      3: hehe..the most funniest part ‘self praise is wprser than suicide’. I have a class mate didi who just involves in self parising most of the time. I will surely say this to her when the college reopens…sadistic me…lol. I felt bad when sanskar didn’t pay attention to Swara even after she got ready for him but being sanskrholic I cannot be mad at him..once again lol

      So didi…how are you? Its been a long time I spoke..okay texted someone.
      And my dear friends…I am eagerly waiting for you all. Missed each and everyone till the extent only I know..waiting impatiently here for you all to show up..love you???

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        I was inactive since my fever..so that’s not a matter at all….I am completely on rest mode and just mentioned raglak readers about the episodes yesterday…that’s all.

        See, I am listening to you very well.

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        Missing the group too and also Sindhu..
        NEEDHU…just ask sindhu to visit one if my fiction or any other if you are in touch with her…

        Love you too anju.

    • Vini

      What happened to you? U were hospitalised? How r u now?dear I was literally blank when I sat to write,then I just told ,” God,I need to write something since I have told Vaishu n Sethooty to convey that I will write on Monday or Tuesday”,and when I typed it just came like that,if u all liked it ,thank God..haha,I was planning to cook pasta and so I included that.Now I had my pasta,hope u had ur dinner as well,scene 2,yea,u r right..but have to plan the rest, scene 3,haha that is just the English translation of a mal saying,Athmaprashamsa aathmahathyekkal moshamaanu…I just included that,actually Swara is slightly mad now here,so it was not for him that she got ready,just like that it happened..haha..which means I never thot like that while writing,yea,ai am fine dear,all good by God’s grace,actually need to get up early,so going to sleep,but will respond to rest of the comments tomorrow…

    • Vini

      Akshita from NIT?thanks dr for the comment,good to c u here n yea,planning to write regularly

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    Hey vini Di after seeing ur FF’s name I made a list of complaints but after reading it I’m just smiling from ear to ear…. I forgot my complaints but I’ve not forgotten one u promised to upload last on next Monday but you took so much time…. Ahh I’m so angry u know……

    Today I won’t ask to upload soon bcoz u make me wait for long but leave everything I don’t want to spoil ur and mine mood….. I’m liking this swara very much she has become a devil for sanskar now bechara usko kuch samajh hi nahi aaraha….. He told right mukesh left him to deal with his bomb…. Haha ? wonderful I’m in no rush to end this but yeah I wanna read it very much…. U are a wonderful writer ur ff was the first one which made my fantasies for FFS……
    Each and every dialogue and reaction was superb I laughed when swara told she is hungry bechara sanky woh akela h khana khane mein dikkat use hoti h aur yahan madam mom ke ghar se aayi aur woh bhuki h…. Sanskar would have been so shocked and frustrated hearing it….. Pure epi mein I just got one word to describe his condition HALAL HONE WALA BAKRA ? lol

    Woah loved it to bits ??

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      Nehaaaaa…..I sent u a msg on Insta…???
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      Toms my last exammmm…. soooo excited!!!!

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        Oh I’ll surely check now….
        New ff oh that’s awesome…
        Last exam woo I’m so excited now I’ll get mmai and most importantly San’s reaction…. Yippee.
        Love you my sis

        Anu is busy with school god she also uploaded her new ff but I haven’t read kept it for after finishing maths exam

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        Anju my instagram app got uninstalled I’ve to install it again and I don’t have that much net pack I’ll do it maybe till tmroww OK…. One more are you on wechat if yes plzz connect to me love you my sis and miss mmai

    • Vini

      Hi Neha,how r u?haha,good u forgot that list n if this ff made u smile for a briefest moment even, m happy,yea,was so lazy to imagine n type this ,still angry?yea,this aspect of Swara wasn’t planned,in two episodes it just came like that, I have a one line in my mind, I will imagine scenes to convey that and after writing that only will stop ,since I type on the spot even I don’t know when that will happen,ah,this is something that I will never accept,I am.a writer,not at all,but something in what I have written has made u like ffs,then m happy,haha,last part of ur comment, I’m laughing,yea..his condition is some what like that,and poor thing was a normal, calm human but now getting irritated easily n madam irritating simply..

      • Neha

        Hey vini Di last part of my comment made you laugh well reading this part only this came to my mind for sanskar….

        I’m doing BSc in math hons and regarding anju I can tell you she is doing engineering from SRM university …..

        So u type on the spot wow that’s amazing but it’s true urs one was the first ff that increased my fantasies for FFS so never ever misjudge urself……

        Love you

      • Vini

        Hai Neha,oh ok,where are u from? And thanks for the info about Anjali also,yea,I type this season pakka on the spot,and so don’t proof read,cos may not post if I proof read,lots of love to u too dr.

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    1st tell me when will you update next???
    This is not fair yaar you are posting after so many days in fact after more than one month..pls update soon yaar..

    • Vini

      Hi Sneha,Sethooty n Vaishu had mentioned about your msgs,I am quite surprised to know you felt like asking for my ff inspite of me being silent for days,that is truly motivating,I will try to update today….

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    Now I am going to read ur ff..hope it is lengthy and awsm as always..as after so many days you posted…
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      But I think again it will be short updates cos to write daily n lengthy ones ..brain is empty dear.

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    Sree, rups, neha, needhi, vaishuuuu, joya, divya, vinita, sethoo di, shraddha HIIIIUI…… MISSING YOU ALL…

    you be become soo inactive….

    Kya hoga ab?? ???


    DIVYA DI… EVEN YOU…. you never talk to me nowadays…???

    • Vini

      Hi Anjali,I will call u Anju,is it ok,have friends n relatives by that name,surprising it is,I mean that u wait for my ff,I don’t know think this deserves your time..many have mentioned about your writing skills n I don’t think of myself as a writer at all..God..u make ur friend also read,I think I should run away,yea,me too miss the people whom u mentioned…I’m planning to write today…

  13. Sneha grewal

    Omg…really cute conversation between them..I really enjoyed their chat…awsm..
    Bt this is small episode..
    Vini yr pls update daily and make lengthier and yeah I don’t forget ur ff..I always comment below sethooty’s ff and ask her for ur ff.always ask from her and ur fb frnds when will you post..
    I ask from you also when you comment below sethooty’s ff bt u didn’t reply..
    I always get rply from ur fb frnds..

    • Vini

      Sneha dr,if u don’t mind,where r u from n u r a student? Reveal only if u don’t mind,otherwise also ,it is absolutely fine ,oh so sweet of u dr,I told no,they tell me when u ask about my ff,and Sethooty’s ff.Yea ,I do comment there,but aftrr that usually I don’t come there,but m in touch with her,I will try yo be regular dr,I think u have asked for the same thing below,truly motivating,and happy that u liked this ..but lengthier ones,it is so tuf to imagine dear. Haha..let’s c…pls bear with me if it is short ,ok.

    • Vini

      Pls don’t embarrass me by requesting dr,cos it is a pleasure writing something for u all,will try my max,don’t know if it will be up.to ur expectations…

  14. Shraddha

    Ok so finally done with exams n cherry on cake is like the day I became free n I get Vini dis ff????
    So badly missed it n missed all my FRIENDS!!!!
    Vini di how are u?? Episode was so cute….
    Each n every thing can picturise specially sanskaar S face while he’s rotating cup in btn his hands n thinking what she’s upto…..?
    Den I’m in love with this swara….
    Lol their convo in office is just toooo good really….
    The way she’s irritating him…
    Keep going Swara(vini do actually)?
    Nice to see u back didi

    • Anjali

      Sau saal shraddha!!!!! I just mentioned you in my earlier comment….

      Missed u a lot…. bina batake chali gayi tum…?????
      Koi nhi…. ur baaaack…. ?????

      My exams get over tom….. so you’ll be active from now.on??

      Yayyyy…. im so happy…. today I managed to talk to almost everyone…?????

      • Shraddha

        Anjaliiiiii!!! Hahah say saal tq tq….. Ohio anjalii I missed you too… I missed u all ….. Who exam aagaye so was pretty inactive 🙁 🙁
        yea I’ll be active now full on 😉 yippeeee??
        I see u haven’t returned with Mr maheshwari jaldi jaldi aao baba I’m missing it like hell too☹️☹️☹️…….. …. It’s soooooo good to be back!!!!?

        Sreeeeee u were not well??? ?
        What wrong ?? How are you doing now???? ☹️☹️
        God take care of unself girl!!! 🙁 ?
        Oh how badly I missed being part of these chats n discussions?

        N my dear sreee since I’m back n my exams are done as well I’m now all sett to pounce on Acceptance ????? Gosh I’m sooo exited take care dear!!!!

    • Joya

      Oyyyyyyyyoooooooooooo sharddha??????????????????????

      Is she our shraddha?????????

      Fir se letter ki jaroorat hai kya??????

      Waise whr is vinita,vaishu,sethooty,rups?????? Missing u allllll….i m missing niyati and kriya also……..

      • Vini

        Yes Joya,she is the very same Shraddha,I know u also understood..haha..that slang n drama Queen nature of msgs…

      • Shraddha

        Ha yaar Shraddha he has tumhari dosttt !!!!
        Yaar kya holy Jo Semester end exams ke wage see active nahi thi….
        Haaashhh abhi khatam hogaye so I’m backkk …..
        Hoo I’m missed u all soo much????
        Yaar Jo tumhare lines dekhe uupar wale comments me yaar kya likha hai tumne!!!! Cha gaye guru…
        Lol letter like zaroirat nahi hai… haha.

    • Vini

      Oh exams over?good n I’m so happy to c u,Joya and all back,m fine dr,how r u?it is a semi break?u know something u had told me under previous episode that u like this Swara n to continue that,no?I remember something like that,that time though I had not planned anything today while typing that part I remembered u,so that para n Swara’s thisn nature is specially dedicated to u,good to c u back as well,dr..tc ..now Sethooty,Mickey,Vaishu,Anjali,Needhi and all are there in fb…was very surprised when I saw Mickey n Vaishu’s requests on the same day..

      • Shraddha

        Oh My Godd!!! Vini di really???
        I’m on cloud 9…. soooo sweet of u di??

        Yes I lived her today soooo
        Gosh vini di I missed u so much…
        Yes exams are over finally….
        No it’s huge break like my face one till August I am free ve few extra classes tough but not cool anymore yayyy

        It’s soo good to see u back too di…
        Day before my exams got over yest only I was checking this site n saw u n I was like YESSS YESS YESS
        haha take care diiil??

        N how’s everyone doing guys !!!
        Vinita vaishu rups sethooo joyaaaaa n everyone elsee seriously I missed there chats like hell!!!!

      • joyaaaa di joyyyaa di joya di joyyyaaa diii dekho me yaha hu????… kaise bhul skti hu yaat aapko… shyad apne mre cmnt nhi dekha… hihi… koi baat nhi… hw r u di?

      • Vini

        Hei Shraddha, missed u dr,as I had replied to Joya,I had a doubt if u n Joya will see this,oh,this nature of Swara is totally for u,and exams over n long vacation,cool,enjoy dr,I’m also very happy to c u all after a long gap,tc..

    • Joya

      Hey partner in crime(hum dono sath me gayab ho gaye the na???)

      Guys exam to ab keh rahe hai…..humara abhi baki hai…………..

      Pr tum sab ghar se nikalte huye aaju baju dekha karo yr…….puri duniya me humre aur shraddha ke posters lage hai…..Wanted???????………………….

      Thank you shraddha peom ko pasand karne k liye……..

      I know tum sab k pass koi option nahi hai na poem like karne k siway?????????? hai na diiiiiiiii…………….

      Rups i really though k tum hume bhooool gayi …………..
      Exam hai dear………

      • Shraddha

        Sachiiii me partner in crime???
        Ayyayyooo abhi bhi baki haii???
        Lallalaa lala Joyaa babyy mere khatam hogayee …????
        Abhi main aram karsakti hu khel Sakti hu TP karsakti hu most importantly padhai nahi karniii????
        Hahah joking mujhe Na jabbhi mere exam Na ho aur mere dostonke baki ho toh chidhame me jo mazzaaaa ata haihai Na Joooo? can’t explain that…. Lol Wanted ka photo??
        Sachiiii me dil bhar aaya itnaa miss kiyaaa???? main bhiiii kiyaaa??
        N lastly chal hatt dramebaaz kuch zyada he modesty dikha rahi hai aajkal?
        Agar pasand nahi aaya toh main toh direct bolne walo me SE hu?
        Lekin humare Joya ke case me aisa din ayega nahi I know??
        Sach me yaar tu blog kholne ke bare me Zara seriously sochna

      • Vini

        No Joya,from heart we are admiring your writing skill,I wish I could write in any one language like this,I really admire writers and singers…and you are really blessed dear…

      • Vini

        And Joya, read Shraddha’s comment below… Such a dramebaaz.. God..extravagance of emotions and emoticons…and agree with her..start a blog…

  15. Vini

    Hello Didu,your first comment under my ff?thanks for the comment,planning to update regularly,was lazy to imagine n that is y this delay,hope next one will be updated tomorrow.

    • Vini

      Glad to c u here as well,thanks for the comment,didn’t expect u all to like this ,but good to know that u all did…

    • Vini

      Oh thanks for the comment dr,yea after 41 days,wrote something,no won’t stop without completing this,thank u for the good words about my ff…

  16. tani

    welcome back dear. m really happy wid ur return…. m enjoying it. pls update next part soon

    • Vini

      Oh thank u dr,thanks for the comment also,yea,will try to be regular, good to knw that u r liking it..

  17. Shagun

    Finally ur back yippee
    Plz be regular
    Awesome ep
    I have a confusion sanskar married swara
    And what about that akshay

    • Vini

      Hai Shagun,good to c u here as well,will try to post regularly dear,Akshay character doesn’t have much relevance as of now .

  18. Anroya

    Super chechi. Atlast the waiting time is over. So happy to see u again after a long time. Njanoru silent reader aayirunnu. Its my first comment. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

    • Vini

      Oh thank u dr,ithu vayikkunnundarnnu ennu arinjathil santhosham,thanks for the comment ,yea ,will try to post regularly, m glad if u liked this episode..tc.

  19. Diya

    Aww!☺Di ur back!….do u know how much I missed u? Today when I saw this cover pic u know I was so happy!?…take ur own tym bcuz I don’t wanna build up hopes & end up being disappointed…but being ur crazy fan I will say pls try to update regularly!??..Aaaaaaa leave all that I just loved todays episode to the core!?They way swara replied back & irritating sanskar..hehehe
    Love u loads!??

    • Vini

      Hi Riya,so happy to c u here as well,glad to know that u remembered ,ha,crazy ‘fan’,I have never accepted n will never accept that, I have nothing in me for somebody to be my fan,though haven’t met u all ,all of u are reader friends,a few are like younger cousins,I mean genuine tone in msgs,gives that feeling, haha,u liked that part,pls keep reading n yea lots of love to u also..will try to post regularly.

    • Anjali

      Rups!!!! Dekho…. sab aa gaye…. except for vinita, vaishu… and needhi…????

      Ab tum mat ro…. ok??

      Fb pe kitna royi tumne….????

      • vaishnavi

        Shikha di aap ro rahi ho???….par kyu….missing us??….par hum toh fb pe thoda thoda toh baath kar rahe hai na

      • vaishnavi

        Ha ha shikha di yaad hai…par aap ne anju ka dimakh kaya ….ohh poor anju….anju u r alright no?????

      • Vini

        I think Vinita n Vaishu didn’t c this..if I post in army ,don’t think m promoting my ff,haha..just to inform Vaishu baby ,I think I should post the link.

      • vaishnavi

        Di thank u so much for informing me…r else i would have not known dat u updated dis ff….nd ya it is not called promoting di…so don’t say dat

      • Vini

        Vaishu,pleasure is mine dear,I want you all to read this till the end..whatever stupidity I may be typing..at least my army should tolerate na…just kidding..u all can frankly say if u all are not liking it..

  20. Shraddha

    HELLO PEEPS!!! wassup!!!
    Ha I know I was offline??
    Ab kya Kare exams ne veena haram kardiya tha…..
    Ufff after a long time I’m here…..
    So good to see u all…..
    I thought kahi mujhe bhul vul Na jaooo…haha lol??
    Itni Assan thodi Na hai Shraddha ko bhulna??
    How are u all can’t mention all now because bthe list is quite largeeee???
    Chalo Bhai abhi Zara net khstam hone konhai jaldi se dalwake aungiii tata

  21. How r u di ????
    Finally , u posted.
    Had a exam today ,just checked fb and came to know about it.
    Vaishu too is busy with her exams.
    Amazing update.
    Loved this shade of Swara and i guess more is yet to come.
    Sanskaar was as usual great.
    Had a good vacation ???
    Mine was the worst with exams every now and then.
    Thanks for creating the group , atleast we could be in touch in some or the other way.
    Swara rocked.
    Take care di and ya hoping to get next update any time soon.

    • Vini

      Hi dr,good to c u here,hope ur exam was good,yea,Vaishu had messaged,and it was sheer laziness dr,in between we go to hubby’s place,so except for that m not that busy now,I don’t know dr about rest of the scenes,it is just on the spot nonsense nowadays n testing readers’ patience,yea,it is a pleasure to be in touch with u all..I have posted the next part.

  22. Anjali

    Where is this vinita and vaishu??? Baaki sab aa gaye…

    Haan joya… sacchi miss ki meine!!! ??

    WOO HOO…. ab se shraddha active hogi yayyyyy. ?????

    VINI DII…. OFC U CAN CALL ME ANJU…. EVERYONE DOES… And u r not a writer ??? that is really untrue… I just love ur work….

    I still get surprised as to y ppl like.mine…???
    Thnxxxx. ??

    Rups, sree needhu neha!!!


    Exams khatm…☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    • Vini

      Hai Anju,oh ok,always Anjana and Anjali and all will be Anju to loved ones,no?I will never accept myself as a writer,I am sorry for not reading your ff dr,but I am very sure that u r an amazing writer and that is the sole reason why these guys love ur ff..

  23. Vinita

    Vinita is back !!!! I was in ganga ghat… reading vini di’s ff infront of ganga…..is like heaven………thandi thandi hawa, the calmness of the river and vini di ki ff… aur kya chahiye life mai?????????
    Aap sab kaise ho?????
    Kabhi kabhi mere dil mai khayal ata hai…..
    Sheetu tai kya aap mirza ghalib ke punarjanam hai????
    I missed u all so much…….. pata hai when I staring at gangs I suddenly heard mala zau de na ghari…. believe me sheetu tai u were the first person who Came to my mind..

    • Anjali

      Uff…. Finally aa gyi yeh ladki 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Lol.. Tumhe bhi sau saal!! 😀 😀

      Wow… I love ganga ghat <3 <3 <3 <3

      Sooo…. Supp?

      • Vinita

        Vadakkam anjali!!!!!! Tum sab ne bulaya aur mai a gayi…………..
        Tumne bola tha ki tum Tamil culture ke bareme kuch bolongi……?????
        Filhal radio mai ek bahut acha gana chal raha hai…..jane woh kaise log the jinke pyaar ko pyaar mila

    • Vini

      Vinita dr,good to c u back,oh I wanna visit the place, except my ff,rest of the description above is acceptable,yes Sheetal aka Joya baba is a reincarnation, u r seriously make me plan a trip yaar,but schedule…u mean Vanakkam ,no?

  24. vaishnavi

    Hi di…hello everyone!!……actually di i told u know cousins came to my house so i am very very busy with them ….i am not even getting time to touch my phone ????….didn’t read d epi yet i will read it now…..thank u for u nd needhi for telling me in fb…

    Joya di ,shraddha di missed u soo sooo sooo much…how r u??
    Vinu baby my kukhi where r u??
    Anju missed me??..srry yaar i am really not getting time…don’t know when i will b free….
    Niddhi my xams got over by may 17th only frm then i am free nd having holidays…..

    Nd guys my counseling date is june 20 r 22 itseems…nd my cllge will start frm august 2nd itseems….nd needhi wat abt u?

    • vaishnavi

      Joya di poem is awesome… Aapne kuch likha ho aur wo acha na ho aisa kabhi nahi hosaktha…..

      Vinu baby u came!!missed u also very much….ohh ganga gath!!nice…..today i went to charminar nd did lot of shopping really lot but all r not for me ??????they r for my aunt..so sad ???

    • Sree harini

      Hello vaishu….how much did you score in EAMCET?
      I was in hibernation today. Idk why bit feeling lazy. I just thought to take a look..and wow..everyone are again here.

      August 2nd..lol..beta enjoy your holidays.

    • Shraddha

      Vaishuuu dear I missed u toooooo….. !!!??exams ke wajw se inactive thi ?
      Anyways how are u Vaishu ki bachiiii??
      I missed calling this too….
      So cousin n all huh sooo much fun! you must be having….

    • Vini

      Oh ok,I can imagine how busy you will be with them, all the best once again dr,keep in touch..may God bless you..

  25. Ima

    Superb dii.. Madiyokke maareennu vijarikkunnu;). Kathirippinu full stop aayi but epi very short aayipoyi. 41 divasathinu shesham ezhudumpol kurachu koodi ezhudamaayirunnu.saaramilla ini angott valiya ff aayirikkumallo lle;):D. And that swasan part is really funny. I love it. Over all mindblowing dii. U r awesome. And waiting for ur ff…..

    • Vini

      Hei Ima,madi vannaal onnonnara madiya…oh njan orthu ithu very the neetti ennu..enikku cheriya episodes ezhuthaana ishtam..Pinne ezhuthi angu post cheyyum vayichu polum nokkathe…vayichaal chilapo swayam ezhuthiyathu ishtapedathe ayachillenkilo..thank u for the good words though don’t know if I deserve that…I have posted the next one dear..tu has added the link at the bottom of comments section..

  26. sethooty

    Wow ..I enjoyed the whole epi…sanku became angry baby…loved their convo..dialogues are funny..Sumi and swara scenes was nice…he is trying to prepared pasta…I remember once u said..u like to cook pasta..tried experiments with pasta recipe….let see she is planned to irriate him more..lol

    • Vini

      Sethooty fb ullathu kondu ippo Oru friendnte comment vayikkunna feel aanu…haha..pasta I had plan to cook on that same night,cooked ,I didn’t like that day’s though…and swasan scenes just came like that by God’s grace…cos what I have in my mind if I write like that..just a few sentences and it will be over..u know no?what I meant…creating scenes is a task…

  27. sethooty

    He he mein chup chup ke aya hum yaham
    Ek phool jaisi pari hoom mae
    Thum logom ko sathane aya hum
    Mein thoo hud gayab thi kaham…
    I don’t know where …may be in clouds…
    Joya..thumara asar pad raha hai mujee…
    Guys after a long time… Shradha ki bachi….xam khatham..?
    Joya, mickey, vinitha, needhi, Anjali, sree,needhi, jyoti, divya, vaishu….good morngg….
    Joya ur poem is supeb…from your first line remind my fav song…
    Kabhi kabhi mere dil mein khayalu athi hai….

  28. Vinita

    Hi my vaishu baby….my khuki…….????!!!!!!! How are u?????? Sethu di wanted to know about Telugu marriage rituals….????”wink wink”
    My Sethu chechi ganga ghat is in kolkata ?????if i speak technically it is also in varanadi,patna,bhagalpur and so on…???????????i knw i am speaking like a mad person……………….

    • sethooty

      Vinitha ki bachi..thum thoo mujee chodoongi hi nahi…I just want know about the culture marriage rituals r different na thatz y asked her…??

      • Vinita

        I knw sethu di……… aap gussa ho gayi…..??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? kabhi kabhi mera shaitani dimaag activate ho jata hai…

      • Vini

        What is this Telugu connection Sethooty?u didn’t tell me..hmm…hmm..burning smell…smoke..hmmmmmm……and Vinita,what happened baba…extravagance of emoticons..Shraddha effect that is…??

  29. Vini

    Sorry guys,will post next one tomorrow..yet to read a few comments..will read asap n respond to that too…

  30. Vinita

    Meri Joya di.. o meri shradha di… kaha ur chali………….mere armano pe pankh laga ke ….kaha ur chali…………..

    • Anjali

      Oh god… my idiot brother has done something…
      Shit… that’s me vinita

      I have to go back to mmai now and see what this idiot has written… I’m so sorry…

      I have asked them to delete the earlier comment..

      Btw are you on fb?? Can u tell me ur id??

      • Vinita

        He bhagwan!!!!! Anju ur brother really created a havoc in ur ff………..just ignore that girl’s comment, who wrote that u only did it purposefully……… even my cousin wrote a stupid comment once and there was a big misunderstanding………

      • Vini

        Don’t worry Anju..it is not a big deal..genuine friends of yours won’t feel bad..others might..but better not to convince..I don’t know what happened exactly..but what I understood from ur comment,to that I m replying..sorry if m poking my nose into unnecessary matter..

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