Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 42


Hi guys,last episode was posted on the 4th,couldn’t reply to a few of you,will mention those names here,comment box is hidden,so can’t respond there,so,extremely sorry and thank you very much Musku,Vaishu,Imane,Nandini,Mickey,Joya,Shani,Bhagi,Harshi,Shraddha,Sneha Grewal,,,Divya,Shabrin,Meghs,Vinita,Mrs.Jayasree(Kakoli),who is Vinita’s aunt,special thanks to you M’am for taking trouble to read,a few of you including ‘army’ and Sneha Grewal had commented multiple times,here we go….

(Recap:Swara realising after hearing his voice through the Walkman and reading the diary,deciding to find out)

Scene 1:

Swara has come out from the washroom,she is totally wet after splashing water forcefully on herself,she grabs a towel quickly and wipes her face in a hurry and goes and stands in front of her Papa’s photo,she wipes her hands and stares at the photo and tells him, “Papa,I will make Sanskaar accept my love,how,when and all I don’t know,I just know that he loves me,I cant let him go away,but you know him na,equally good and stubborn,but the later side is only towards his love,I wont let him break my heart again,in the attempt to keep me away from tensions,that boy just killed me and got got broken himself,so I have a few questions in my mind,I need to find the answers before I confront him and make him admit that he loves me,for that,as I told I don’t know where to start,but till date,I was confused,if I was snatching somebody else’s love,but now I am just going to complete our love,for that if I need to hurt him a little,I may do that,but no,I don’t think I will be able to do that,mind is blank now,just know that Sanskaar wont tell me the truth if I ask him,may be he will make some other foolish decision to keep me away which may again hurt me and our loved ones,no,I cant let anybody hurt me again,it is not a sin to love and respect yourselves at times,noPapa?just be with me,guide me,show me the way,or if it easy to bring clarity to this blurred vision of mine,let it happen soon….

Scene 2:Same day,after an hour has passed…

Mukesh has come to Swara’s room,she was seated there in front of the mirror,her hair is wet after a bath,she is having the towel in a hand and gently moving it on her hair but her thoughts were elsewhere,she had not noticed Mukesh entering the room,she stares at herself in the mirror, she touches her forehead,she recalls that she had never filled her maang after their marriage,Seema had told her about that while they were at the cottage but Sanskaar gave a lame excuse that he doesn’t believe in all that and she is avoiding it for his happiness, “do you miss Sanskaar?”,Mukesh’s voice disturbed her thoughts,she quickly gets up and goes towards him,he looks at her and says, “it is ok to miss your husband but if you wont dry your hair properly you will fall sick,saying this he takes the towel from her hand and rubs her hair using it,Swara feels happy and recalls how she had behaved with him in the past and how far her relation with her dad has progressed,she smiles at him,he notices it and asks her, “that is like my girl,this smile is what I have missed ever since you came back,so beta,I am going abroad ,for how many days,cant tell now,need to set up a new business,will come back as soon as it is done,your mom wont allow,so had not told her,but now doctor has given permission,so I told Sumi now,need to leave tomorrow,so take care,I don’t have any problem if you stay here for any number of days but in whatever situation it occurred,doesn’t matter,but he is your husband,he is not at all a bad person at heart,I know that,so he is alone there at the cottage,he is not welcomed at his home also,I know my daughter knows what is right and wrong,when you feel it is time to go back,go back to your husband….ok”,Swara just nods and hugs Mukesh,Mukesh gently pats her hair and tells her to take care,he softly kisses her forehead,tells her that he has to go to office to entrust the necessary things and leaves….Swara is in thoughts….

Scene 3:Sanskaar’s office,same day evening..

Sanskaar is seated in his cubicle,his face clearly shows that he is tired,he slowly leans back and rubs his eyes,he grabs a bottle of water and is about to drink it,he gets a call,receptionist tells him that he has a visitor,he says ok and goes to meet the person,he reaches the reception and asks the receptionist where the visitor is,she says that the person just went out,Sanskaar goes out,he has a surprised look,he sees Swara standing there,the rays of the evening sun is falling on her,she is standing there,looking at the rose garden in the compound,Swara,the roses and the sky drenched in an orangish pink shade is not less than any beautiful painting,Sanskaar smiles seeing that sight,she has a smile on her face and is immersed in thoughts ,Sanskaar goes towards her direction and asks, “are you seeing roses and sun for the first time?”,she turns and looks at him,she feels something which she has never felt before,she feels that freedom which she hasn’t felt before ,she is staring at him recalling the words she read and heard,she is in thoughts and again smiles,Sanskaar looks at her and again calls, “Hello madam,may I know why you have come this side?”,Swara quickly changes her expression and pretends to be serious,she tells him , “why, permission to visit this campus and premises is banned for outsiders or what?she raises her eyebrows and looks at him questioningly,Sanskaar notices the change in her behaviour and tone,she finds that same Swara who was his ‘friend’ before ….

Sanskaar tells her, “No no,anybody can come here,anytime,enough?”Both of them looks at each other and smiles,then there is a moment of silence between them,both looks into each other’s eyes,many words which were to be spoken is being exchanged through that glance,Sanskaar softly tells her, “Swara,come ,we will go to the cafeteria”,he goes and Swara follows him,after some time,Swara is seated on the chair and staring at Sanskaar who was standing at the counter,he turns and finds her like that,gives a “what? “ expression and comes with a tray with Swara’s favourite cold coffee and masala chips…Swara looks at it and gives a ‘good’

expression…Sanskaar serves it and asks her, “So,madam,,now you tell me the reason for this visit”,saying this he takes a bite of the chips,Swara says, “Sanskaar,I have messaged Sanju”,Sanskaar coughs hearing this and Swara hides her smile and leans forward and pats his head…she then continues, “yea,you asked me to go home ,I went ,we haven’t applied for divorce though we planned,you told Sanju is a closed chapter,my family except my mom is happy with our marriage,I am sure,she also is not really angry with you,so I thought seriously,why cant we give this relation a second chance,of course ,we have known each other for years,we were friends,good friends,actually and I had loved you for years,then,you know all what happened after that,so I don’t think it is wrong to think about it,I know,you may need some time,cos you have “never loved me’,no?Sanskaar notices that she had stressed and delivered those three words,saying this she gently sips the coffee and gently raises her face and looks at Sanskaar who is restless and is pressing his hands against each other,Swara enjoys it and continues sipping and when Sanskaar looks at her,she signshim to drink his coffee,Sanskaar quickly nods and grabs it and sips as though in a hurry,Swara thinks in her mind, “Mr.Maheswari,let me see what you will do next”,Sanskaar quickly finishes the coffee and tells her,

“actually Swara,I have lots of work,so if you’re done shall we…?”,Swara gets up and says, “yea,ok,but I am not done,yet,it is not right for married girls to stay in their own house for long,I know it is just a few days but …..so, tomorrow evening I will come this side,together we will go to cottage,I had called Seema aunty,they both have left to their place,no?wont be back soon,no problem,you are there,no?so, see you tomorrow,she turns to go,she hides her smile and turns again,she finds him,staring at her,with a confused , “has this girl gone nuts,what is she up to?’ expression,seeing Swara looking at him he brings a forced smile and Swara says bye and leaves….Sanskaar stands there with a hand behind his neck and rubbing his cheeks with the other ,not able to understand what Swara is going to do,he then nods as though it is all ok and that he will see to it later…..

(On the spot and not proof read,sorry)

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Vinitha. Which song u want to translate..

  2. Hey shradha u vanished…I think joya u should again write a letter for her…kabhoothar ke pairoom mein….
    Actually my brain is literally empty have to write..my fiction next epi..

    1. Pls do inform when u post the next one..

      1. Missing Shraddha…

  3. hey Vinita.. kiya setho didi sach keh rhi h? 2mhe sachi koi sanskar mila h? wow??????.. u know 2mhre ff pdhne k baad mjhe v aisa lg rha h.. n chptr 7 kha h?

  4. Oh God kya meri wazan ko lekar itne tension me ho sab??
    I’m totally fine yaaaa
    Abhi itne dino ka khana ek dum se khanemr time lagta hai na??????
    Aur upar se Vaishu ki treat extra add hogayi toh aur time lagg gaya????
    U know no I’m such a bhukkad

    N Vini di??????
    Apko toh dekh lungi main ?
    Rukho aap mera time aayega judge Saab

    N joya ?? kitni khayaaal rakhti hai reeee
    Itna pyaar toh Swaragini me bhi nahi hai????
    Aur ha bacho innocence aur Joya kahi contradicting words lagti hai nahi??
    Main toh kehti hu Antonyms for innocence me joya chap Jana chahiyeee ?
    N u know as Vini di exactly mentioned
    Shuru shuru me toh Jo tum ek dum shaant silent ladki lagti thi?
    Tab Hume iss Version ka pata nahi tha na?? n actually reason for missing is
    Mere bade bhai yani 1st cousin ki engagement thi toh from a week or 2 I was pretty busy
    Isi liye I missed many of my ffs that I follow?
    Thank God Vini di ka miss nahi hsu?

  5. N ya Vini di aap toh kafi sincere student nikle?
    I mean sincere toh main bhi hu bunk wagera normally nahi karti lekin
    N u said u wanna know how this drama queen would be in real well ans is very simple
    Just imagine a face instead of theses emojis?
    Everybody calls me expression queen because main baat karte karte literally bohot expression deti hu (involuntary tough??)
    Mera bhai toh says go act in serials??
    So how I’m here the same I’m in person
    N I’m just sincere student but not obidient n polite ha???
    Since school days I ve been in top list of mischievous students like mere teachers literally used to tell my mum ki apki beti ladkonko darati hai??this was when I was very small ha? now I’m bit less ??hahahah

  6. Vaishuuuuuuu???????????????????? CONGRATULATIONS dear Well done !!!!!!!
    AWESOME SCORE proud of you??????
    N vaishu Party toh tumhara virtual tha phir bhi bohotttt Shaandaar tha ha?
    I mean look at the dishes kafi badi Dawat di hai ahha?? so enjoyy your vacations now kafi mehnat ke baad yeh vacation mili hai khoob enjoy karna??

    Sethoothy im over here??
    N I guess u din read my comment above?
    Now Sethu u want me to fast for ur sanskaar also kya??
    What is this yaar ??sanky toh sanky hai no bring him soion no? n

    Vinitaaaaa ??AHEM AHEM
    Kya chal raha hai aaha?
    Dekho Vinitaaa hum sab itne acheee dost hai Hun toh tumhari badi diddis jaise hai!!!
    Hai naaaa??
    Den dekho humare saath share karlo hum kisiii se nahi kahengee God promise?

    N rups babyy????
    How are u long time!!!;;
    N btw tumhari USS friend aur mujhme kafi gehri similarities hai?
    Lekin I’m like Eat sleep Eat sleep??

    1. Then u are like me. Same pinch!!

      1. Hahahah hi-fi vinitaaa !!!!.
        Same pinch?

  7. Guys after such a long time we all are like back with this lovely chatss under comments block n I’m really
    Missing Niyati n Kriyaaa?
    Wish they could suddenly pop up over here?

  8. guyz ”swasan raglak in ghost house inn”iss ka ek ff h.. pdhna isse

  9. ??????????????
    I am laughing ? like a maniac!!!???
    Has has Ke mera pet dard kar raha hai!!?????
    Oh god!! Aap log kitna hasate Ho!!???
    A full fledged competition is going on Ki kaun Vinita ka sabse zyada leg pull karega!!!?????
    Sethu di, vaishu, rups, shraddha di !!!! U ppl rocked it!! ???
    Joya di aap kaha Ho???? Aap ne iss competition Mai part kyu nehi liya!! I have to declare the winner!!??? jaldi comment kijiye!!!! Aisa chance bar bar nehi milta??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Vini di aap kaha Ho???
    I need to declare the winner Ki kisne mera best leg pull kiya hai??
    Didis chill…. There is nothing like that aap Sab ka kya Hal hai???? kahi aap sab ko toh koi sanskar nehi mil Gaya?? Hmm bolo bolo????

    1. Ohho vinitaaaa …..
      Dekho dekho itneee saree emojis dalrahe ho aajkal Pehle toh je sabb na karti thi tu choti?ibb ke hogaya??? Sanskaar milgaya ke thareko thara??? Sharmaooo matt meri jaan hum toh tumhare apne hai?
      Chaloo abb jaldi jaldi batado ki kaun hai??? N kaha Jane ka plan hai tera?

  10. Hey di same pinch yaar…hifi…..even my frnds nd all others call me expression queen mai toh baath karthe hue hi nahi balki kaathe waqt roothe waqt aur toh aur soothe waqt bhi diff diff expressions deti hu….actually I will tell u one incident which happened in this inter 2nd year (12th class)…actually our physics ko na gussa agaya toh kuch v karte hai he will take book nd throw on persons face nd wat not …toh ek baar unka class chal raha hai aur aapko ko tok pata hsi physics kitna boring hai ..toh mujeh na class mai neend agaya , unke class mai bahut log soothe hai par uss din unhone mujeh pakadh liye nd he asked hey y r u sleeping nd mai bahut dar gayi thi …achanak se vo hasne lage mujeh samaj mai nahi aa raha tha ki kya hua…..he said while laughing dat “while sleeping u kept ur expressions such a way dat they made me laugh”..nd I nd even all others r shocked that sir who is always a angry man nd scolds students who were sleeping in class didn’t scold me nd instead laughing at my expressions….tab mujeh laga ki yaar vaishu tu sach mai bahut achchi expressions dethi ho ki sir bhi tun pe gussa na hua……toh hu na mai expression queen??!!!!!

    1. Arey yaar Vaishuuu double Hi-fi!!!???
      Ek toh itne similar honekeliye
      Aur dusra almost same incident mere saath bhi hua tha?? but yaha meri expression skills nahi acting skills hai bass
      You know jab hum 10th me the tab teachers day ke din hum logone na sabhi teachers ki jaise ek ek student dres up karke unke jaise ramp walk kiya full on mimicry type….
      Aur next day Humari head mistress mam ne assembly me sabke samne aise mike me kaha wer is this Naughty Shraddha Woh hum rozz flag hoist karte the so hum ground me rehte the aur suddenly apna naaam sunkar toh by God I was like??
      But she just called me n said kya acting kiya ha tumne ek dum same to same that this n all n I was so shocked by all this??this one incident I’ll never forget hahaa

  11. Sethu di u take rest!!! Aaj kal u re affected by stress, na? Take some rest!!!!!!(refer to rupsikha’s and my comments in ch8)

    1. Nahi vinu di …abhi abhi seetu di track mai ayi hai…seetu di u continue in dis way only….nd manna padega kya sataya hai hum sabh ne vinitha di ko …hey na…

  12. SAB SUNO!!!!!!
    Rupsikha will return after 7th of May because her exams will be going on!!!!!!!!!!
    Issliye sab usse all the best bol dijiye and rupsikha ne sab ko thank you pehele se bol diya hai!!!!!!!
    Agar kisine usko miss nehi kiya then rowdy mickey and rowdy vinita kisiko nehi chorengi!!!!!!!!

    1. Tu yaha bi a gayi!!!!! I was supposed to announce it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Toke ami dekhe nichi!!!!1

  13. My dear diis a big doubt….how did we get d name “army”????….I donno d reason behind it I just know dat vini di named like dis but I donno y….

    1. Vaishu i know d ans of ur que…………….but i think vini di will give better answer to u of dis que……..

      Rups all the best dear…………..

    2. Naraj mat hona ha vaishu humse………….

    3. Naraj mat hona ha vaishu humse…………. I dnt know humra answer sahi hai ya nahi….isiliye kaha vini di sahi answer dengi……

      1. Nahi di its ok….but ye vini di kaha hai…..yaar vini di kaha ho….I want ans to my question

        Seetu di kaha chali gayi hoo….yaar aaj toh sunday hai so no office no then in which work u r busy?? ..thoda hum sab se bhi baath kar lo di..apke bhi kuch experiences share karlo ya kuch toh batavo…kyu itni silent ho

    4. Vaishu ,I simply named like that,actually seeing all ur chats in January though there is no much resemblance,I remembered i had named my junior friend’s family at her ancestral home which included her grandma and her dad’s two sisters only as ” three women army”,those three lovely ppl come to my mind often,so I typed like that seeing your chats…then,my loved ones(in laws n cousins ) have come,was busy,sorry..checked simply n read a few comments at the bottom n so I’m responding..See u soon dears,tc.

      1. What is ur answer Joya darling?really want yo know…

      2. Vini diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

        I think we r repersenting the thinking of new generation….hum sab alag jagah se hai.language, culture, state…….sab kuch alag hai…..par fir bhi jaise vinita aur sethooty ne kaha we r best example of VIVIDHATA ME EKTA(not ekta kapoor ha???? UNITY IN DIVERSITY)…….sorry for bad joke……

        Isiliyr hum sab Army hai…so aaj se army ka naya mission “help each others to bring back humanity to the world”….☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

    5. Humne kehne me bhi sharam aa rahi hai par actully hum log episode me kya achchha laga ya vini di ne emotions,jis barikiyon k sath likha hai yeh sab comment me likhte hai na…in short Analyse…….. .so isiliye army…..matlb aisa humne lagta tha….

      1. It’s me neha ha.i just want to tell her that i really like her.i admired her.i loved her each comment.i tried to learn her writing style.and what she did with me.she insulted me at shree harini’s page.i never forgive her.i hate you.sorry friends i want to tell her look at above comment and think that how much i loved her.i know how she write and she insulted me.me.i loved you alot joya.but u hurted me alot.you are very bad person.very bad person

  14. Shraddha innocence, bholi,niragas aise words ki khoj hi humre liye huyi hai ya☺☺

    Kismat wale ho tum log yr humne class me sone ki khushnasibi kabhi nahi mili………..

    Yaha to queens ka mela laga hai……hum to Aam insaan hai☺☺☺☺☺hai☺☺☺☺☺

    1. Ohhoo joya di aap ee sab naahi kahe toh achcha hai kyu ki aap to toh ek alag hi queen ho , aap toh shayri queen ho hum apne expressions se sab ko pathate hai toh aap apni shayri se karthi hai…anyone will melt after listening ur poems….hai na shraddha di??

      1. Exactly!!!!!!! Joya di hamari shayari queen hai..
        Par Joya di apane mujhe rula diya……….. Aapne yeh kyu kiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mai toh aapki chot behen hu na………. Apne bhi mujhe nehi choda!!!!! Maine socha koi toh suljha hua hai par aapne bhi mera leg pull kiya………… Joya di aapne mera dil tor diya aur usko chur chur kar diya!!!!!!!!! JOYAAAAAAAAA di!!!!!!!!!!! Rula diya na choti si bach ko!!
        Ab sirf ek hi hope hai , vini di!!!! Aap toh mujhpar rehem kar dena!!!!!!! Viniiii di dekhyie sab iss choti si, phul si, pyaari si bachi ko pareshan kar rahe hai!!!!!!!!
        Sethu di aap kya sach mai rest le rahi hai???

      2. Vinita vaishu tum dono apni joya di ki kuch jyada hi tarif nahi kar rahe ho??????

        Sharayi queen kehkar humari to bolati hi band kar di yr….chane k ped pe mat chadawo wo ped humra weight Bear nahi kar payega????…

        Jo feel karte hai wahi likhte hai…….achchha huaa galib,sahil ne nahi suna nahi to humri dhulai to pakki hoti…

        But guys thank you so much for dis love……thank you………

        Vaishu rups shraddha vini di sethooty and niti kriya,

        Dosto (hathon me bottle aur tank pe chadkar)
        Dekh vinita ne kya kaha………humne uska dil tod diya………..yeh kya bol dila???????
        Pehle hi narak ke compound me booking badi mushkil se mili thi…..par vinita k is iljam k baad to humne waha se bhi fek diya yammm ne………..

        Humri sab se pehle vini di ko shikayat rups ne ki……….fir vaishu aur sharddha ne to sidha coury me hi khich liya…….dosto ab tum hi batao kya humne kabhi partiality ki hai??????? Nahi na……..to vinita ko humre masoom pyar se kaise VANCHIT rakhte………..

        Sab phool se komal ban gaye aur hum gam me sharabi……waise jail me chakki pising me nahi hai na koi kharabi………..
        Kaisa sila diya hai humre pyar ka
        Ab maksad hi kya hai just jine ka…….
        Behne behne na rahi……
        Par red bulllllllllllllllllll to energy drink hai na…………?????????????????
        Tanhai me koi to sahara mila…………

        Dekho abhi geerne hi wale the tank se…………itna dard hai humre sath fir bhi kehte hai i love u allllllllll??????????????????
        Chalo ab hum chalte hai………………energy drink is waiting for me???????

      3. ???
        For me aap ghalib se kam nehi Ho!!!!!!
        Joya di u are best!!!??❤ even I love u all!!!!!!

  15. oooyyeeee ruko ha 1mnt k liye sb.. me iss pge ko aise he last tym chcl kr rhi thi..

    guyz yeh Vinu kaun h? i mean mujhe humesha se aisa lgta tha ki ye Vinita h nene kbhi emblm ntce nhi ki.. par aaj dhyn se dkha toh pata chala.. humari nayi sis h kiya???.. wow.. agr nhi v h toh bana lungi hihi?????

  16. This vinu is my cousin. Ek number Ki nautanki!!!!!!! Agar tum usse sis banaongi toh pagal Ho jaogi?? bechari thought that she will play another prank with me by commenting with my name and email id par galti se apna hi email id likh di???????????

  17. I told in front of every one at vini’s page how much i like you.you did not even notice.you do not care about anyone’s emotions. Sorry m commenting her because i do not have any option.i know joya will check here defiantly. She has to read this.joya i will never forgive you.i hate you.

    1. I think there is some problem in posting my comments that’s why I am again typing. Joya di is so nice??? pleaseeeee do not hate her Neha didi???? she is my cute didi??
      Neha didi maaf ksr do joya di ko but I don’t knw what she did??

    2. Hey unknown,
      I mean neha….k………………….. I agree wid u i m a bad person……..and u hate me alot.
      1st i did not insulted u.i just said ur opinion about shree is wrong..aap kisi ko aise judge nahi kar sakte…u said at shree’s page u dnt care about mine and needhi’s opinion and here u r saying u hate me…….
      I really dnt knw whn u said u like me…..agree my fault i did not notice……….i m human being not machine yrrrrrr…………….

      Is duniya me jitne log hai utni h har kisi ki soch alag hai………har kisi ki thinking aap jaisi to nahi hogi na………….i just said ur opinion about shree is wrong……humne koi insult nahi kiya hai………

      Yar guys humra to faluda ban gaya…..

      Thanks yr vinita for supporting me………………

  18. VINI DIII!!!!!

    I AM A HUGE HUGE FAN OF YOURS…… i just love everything about ur ff….. especially MY SANSKAAR……

    This is the first time I’ve commented in ur ff……. Am so excited to finally do it….. yayhh…..

    Woowww…. I sound like a 6 year old kid…. but I can’t help it… I just admire you soooo much….??????

    I have to learn soooo much from you….. if I ever learn to write like you, I will feel truly happy……. eeeekkkk I’m soo excited…..

    Can’t wait for ur next…..???

    I’m so happy to talk to you…. ???????

    Pls do teach me to write like you…. the way I write now…. is really different….

    1. Anjali di I am huge fan of your ff. ?????
      I am a sanskarholic. Both vini di’s ff sanskar and your ff’s Mr.maheshwari is my favourite ??

      1. Thnxxx vinita!!!! ?? but ur a friend not a fan….

  19. No no no yr…Neha aise mat bolo yr??…Joya di ne aaj tak kisi ko hurt nhi kiya dr??..i think 2m galat smjh rhi ho dr:)…achha 2m wohi ho na jiske sath mene sumi ke prgnncy ko lkr bht sarree baat ki thi ,kitna maja aaya tha na hume(i guess wo 2m he ho ryt)..

    Neha yeh humrai jo ek choti si grp he na,jise sb pyar se “army ” khte h,yaha ki har ek mmbr bht acchi h dr☺?..(par me nhi haha??)..sb lg ek dusre ko apni sistrs mnte h aur koi kisi ko hurt bhi krti..i think yeh blood rltn je v pyari bnd h hum sbki beeech..sorry ha par mujhe sn kar bura lga Q ki wo mere pyari sis me se ek h

    Bhul jao na dr :..???..n humari yaha shamil ho jao plzzz..i knw u r a vry gud girl:)..

    1. Hey rups and vinita i was blank after reading unknowns comment.i think she is very sensitive girl…but i did not say anything to her…….

      Achchha huaa humri koi ijjat nahi hai?warna ab tk to puri utar gayi hoti?????

      I did not understand how to react………

      Anyways leave it…..thank you rups and vinita….

  20. Yaaar me 2m sbki bina rh he nhi pa rhi hu..har wqt yaad aati h…isiliye cmnt v kr diya hihi???

    O ANJALI DI vi aayi h yaha pe wow??..mujhe v bht psnd h uski ff..par kiya karu tym he nhi milta cmnt krne k liye???…vini di ki yaha bg rhti hu na…

    Hi anjali didi?hw r u ?

  21. Haha di?????..kitna maja ata h na hume yaha pe..hash hash ke mar jaungi me agr aise he chlta rhe toh????..n now me v aur jhoot nhi bol skti di?????????…n me aapse ekdin jaroor milungi dkhna☺☺?..infct sbko,vaishu,vinita,sethoo di,joya di,shraddha,niti ,kriya sbko milungi..aur agr koi mana kare toh uski ghr chali jaungi Sanky ki Kasam??????

  22. Wow????joya di aapki “army “wali dfnatn toh bht accha h ..i lv u joya di…

  23. ANJALI DI Vinita aapse jhoot bol rhe ha..wo aapki Fan nhi h??..me hu Aapki Fan?? ..bht baada wali Fan ha……bht bht bht…???..

    1. Lol…. aap sab fans nahi…. dost hai….

      No fans business with me…. only friends….?????

  24. Joya di!!!!!!!!!!!! love u for this explanation

  25. Rupsikha and vaishu congratulations!!!! dekho humlogo ko first prize mila!!!!!!!!
    kitna sara injections mil gaya!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aur sethu di toh sach mai rest karne chali gayi………………………

  26. Ahem Ahem!!!!!
    Sethu di,
    Yeh kya hua chupke se……
    Pyaar hua chupke se…………..
    I guess kisi aur ko uska sanskar mil gaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hmmm….. sochne wali baat hai!!! issliye sethu di aajkal gayab hai…………….
    Hai na shraddha di?

  27. Re wo toh hume milna he tha first prize Vinita..jaha pe me hoti hu ,aur koi har jaye aisa toh ho he nhi skta hehe☺☺??

    Nhi rey baba mujhe injctn nahi chahiye..dar lgt ha?

  28. Wowww????..aaap kitne acche ho Anjali di..n yaha pe aaj phli bar cmnt kiya h na aapne..aaap aaj se roz humare saath baat krne k liye aa jna thik h?..bht msti krte h hum yaha pe haha??????

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