Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 41

Hi guys,last episode was posted on 10th march,don’t know if u all remember this ff….

(In previous ,Sanskar asking Swara to go home,Raglak inviting Sanskar’s parents and Swara for their engagement,their engagement where Sanskar is not invited,Swara reaching her home,Sanskar’s sister Meera meeting Swara and venting out her frustration that her brother alone is suffering and being avoided,before leaving,she, keeping something on the bed and saying that it is for her……..)

Scene 1:

Meera has left,Swara had accompanied her to the gate,she comes back and opens the packet which Meera had kept on the bed,she takes it and goes to the balcony,she goes and sits on the carpet there (it is also one of her favourite places where she finds comfort other than her father’s photo in the room,she slowly opens it,she is surprised seeing the contents inside,it is the same diary,pen and Walkman which Swara had gifted to Sanskar at school when she got him as her New year friend,she slowly opens it,a few petals fell down as she turned the pages,she gets more curious and surfs through the pages fast,she finds a few pages etc and realises that it is from another diary which has been stuck ,she reads the first page,a drop of tear rolls down her cheeks,she looks up not able to believe what she was reading,she quickly takes the Walkman in her hands out of curiosity,she finds a cd inside,she quickly puts the battery and presses the play button,she keeps the head set and closes her eyes…..

Scene 2:

Swara listens , “Swara,I know you will never hear this,because,I have never let you hear what my heart wanted you to hear,I was helpless ,Swara,but ,if I don’t speak today,then,my heart will burst,it is your wedding after two days,I cant stay here and watch it,but ,if I go away,you may understand ,because ,you know me,very nicely,it is too difficult to pretend in front of you,Swara,these words are from my heart,every word is true,you have seen me crying before leaving for college,that time,I didn’t feel shy,you know why?,because I have never considered you as somebody else,always you were a part of mine…. (Swara is listening through the head set,her heart is beating faster,she is trying hard to compose herself,she closes her eyes and is crying,her stress is clearly evident from the way she has hug the diary and leaned on to the wall and the Walkman is there on her lap,she feels his voice travelling miles and reaching directly to her heart….), “Swara,silence has played the role of multiple words between us,more than words spoken,those which were to be spoken,were struck, somewhere in the heart itself….,you were right,all what you have felt was right,hiding my heart from you was the biggest challenge,still,you realised,everything,I realised ,that you were feeling everything,because,you were always a part of mine….and me,yours…

“On our farewell day,I wanted to tell you that I will miss you,but couldn’t,told,will miss Ragini,Lucky…….you”,you looked surprised,but how could I tell you that meeting you was the bestest thing that those school days had given,each moment spent with you at school,tuitions,were engraved in my heart,couldn’t tell you anything,Swara,then,after results,my birthday party at Ragini’s house,before leaving I asked you if you will miss me or not,you replied with a question,ie,what do I think about that,both of us knew the answer there,very clearly,yet ,I told I don’t know,but I knew everything Swara,have always read you…then when you all came to leave me at the bus stop,when I hugged you for the first time,told bye and that I hope you wont forget me,a tear rolled down those cheeks,I knew it was for me,I told you I will try to come atleast once a month,and you told that I wont understand and asked me to go,but I did understand Swara,don’t remember since when,but eversince you walked in to visit a recovered chicken pox patient,have been able to understand,every thought of yours….as soon as I took the sim and it got activated,from hostel,I dialled your number first,because,I was missing you,so badly,your voice ,your presence was like air,I go breathless when I go away from you,wish I could tell you this when you were there with me,then how you told me not to go behind other girls,but why should I go,when I have a girl who lives in me,then first vaction,seeing you at home,along with Rags,I wanted to come and tell you how much I missed you,I missed everyone,but missing you was a different feeling altogether,

I realised it when I stayed away,then you asked for the blue pot,you think I had thrown that away?,it was just given a new place,ie backyard,and Meera had always watered it and the branches that I planted evrytime I came home ,you brought 12 roses from 12 pots,my mom has asked me and Meera why we are giving extra care to those pots,but Meera,has never asked me that question,from the same womb na,she might have read her brother’s heart…number of roses blossomed in those plants and inside my heart,only for you,wish I could let you know this,Swara….that without giving you,I saved every petal,for you,inside my heart…Meera asked me if I am happy with your wedding,thank God she is in hostel now,because,I may fail to hide my eyes..then the number of sms’s,how you remembered every class tests,you would have offered special prayers also,right?(Swara nods with her closed eyes,her clothes are wet with those tears,it is as though her heart is pouring out the pain that has been suppressed for ages ,but this time,she is not sad,she is realising something for which she has lived 12 years….)

Then you took me to temple,together we lit the diya ,my heart knew what you were going to tell me and I was preparing my heart to tell you the biggest lie of my life,I wanted to tell you Swara,then the way you held your head and sat on those stairs listening to my rejection,I wanted to hug you Swara and tell you,that,you are just that one blessing which I have always wished for,asked for,when life gave challenges one after the other,it was your face that made life worth living,then ,after dropping you home,went back and collected those roses which were left there on the ghat,it was crushed ,I know how much your heart was crushed but it is just that I pretended as though I was unaffected,got a few petals and it is kept safely inside my personal diary,it may wither but my feelings for you,never will….

I had stood in front your dad’s photo and promised that I will give his daughter all the happiness this world could offer,but I failed Swara,totally failed,I broke your heart,how will I ask you to be a part of my troubles,you will never be happy with me,you told you will wait,but,I cant be selfish my dear,I cant put you inside a cage of problems,because…but I know something very well,not just this life,if there are multiple lives,then also ,Sanskaar will belong only to Swara,Sanskaar is Swara’s,no other girl will ever enter this life,I will live till the last breath,with you,who lives inside my heart…Swara…wish I could look into your eyes and tell you this, “you are the reason for my existence,your presence was the medication for my wounded soul,I have always believed that I was born only to love you,Swara,my dear,I love you,you will never hear this from me,but,I love you,and I always will,I will miss you,but will wait for the next life,when,you will be mine ,we will keep aside all our responsiblilties ,then,and just float in those clouds,like two angels,we will complete our love ,then..till then,let my love be buried,within this heart,itself……I will sing for you your favourite song ,though we have aways teased you for this song being your favourite,now this has a lot of meaning in our lives, I will sing this completely for you,today…

“Tadap tadap ke is dil se aah nikalti rahi hai,mujko saza di pyaar ki,aisa kya guna kiya,to lut gaye haan to lut gaye,to lut gaye hum teri mohabbat mein,tadap tadap…..(Swara who was seated with closed eyes,hears his voice breaking and leaving way for his tears,she hears the Sanskaar who has always hid his heart crying loudly for her…she is shivering,suddenly she hears the recording being stopped and opens her eyes…she stares at the Walkman,the diary,she takes those dry petals inside her palm and her tear falls down on them,she surfs fastly through the pages,she realises that it has been written only about her,every memory of their time spent was there,she reads quickly,pages are getting wet with her tears,she kisses the page where she read how Sanskaar cried at the beach after she left after meeting Sanju…she suddenly turns the pages and finds that,it has end abruptly,she checks again and again,back and forth, as though words will appear by her doing that,then she stares at those precious belongings and rushes inside with it,she is in front of her Papa’s photo now,she goes and leans onto it,keeps the diary and Walkman on his chest in the snap and tells, “you heard,no?Papa,you heard everything no?my Sanskaar loves me,yes,he is not Sanju’s,he is mine,he has always been mine,what you told God didn’t go unanswered,God had heard Papa,he heard us,see,

Sanskaar loves me,saying this she cries loudly ,hugging the photo with one hand and supporting the diary in her left hand….her whole body is shivering and she is unaware of what her condition is,she slowly loses her grip on the wall and she is about to fall down,she composes herself and sits there,leaning onto the wall and tightens her grip on her folded knees and cries loudly….after some time,she slowly opens her eyes and checks the diary again and thinks, “but what happened after this,why did he marry me ,then,if he was supposed to sacrifice his love,what made him take this step,no,Sanskaar cant be selfish to hurt my loved ones and marry me,who were those masked men??lots of questions are disturbing her,she slowly gets up and goes to the wash room,stands in front of the mirror,splashes water forcefully on her face,not knowing that she is totally wet,then she tells to herself, “Swara,you have to find out what led to this,but ,Sanskaar wont answer you,then who else,what is that link that is missing between these events?… “Sanskaar,I am not going to leave you..my love is going to suffocate you………….”

(Not proof read)

(Thank you Sethooty(Malar) for messaging me and for your beautiful ff titled “Bz I loved her,Sanskaar’s love story”,if u had not msgd, I would not have posted today also,Vaishu,hope your mains was easy,Mickey,Joya,Shraddha,Vinita,Niti,Needhi, how r u guys?Appu,Leku,Sri,Shabrin,Meghs,Divya Shankar,Sindhuja,Shani,Nandana,Musku,Nidhi,Ishani,Devi,Akku,Manu,Neha,Dhara,Lakshmi,Kittu,Jyotii,Lee,Sree

Harini,Zoya,Dolly,Navi,Riya,Rs,Ambika,Diya,Divi,Isha,Snehal,Neha,Falguni,Bhargavi,Richu,Sanju,Nandini,Nik,sorry for not mentioning all the names,just mentioned a few who came to mind,but hope all you guys are hale and hearty,stay blessed………….)

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


  1. Sree harini

    Wow didi. Finally you are back. My face lit up just seeing the cover photo..really missed you didi.will comment on the episode after reading.

    • Vini

      Hi dear,I am also happy yo see you here, Sethooty told me that your new ff name is acceptance,couldn’t read ,sorry,keep writing,stay happy.

  2. Sonia

    After such a long time, but finally you have uploaded . Thanks a lot, , i was wondering few days back about this story only that why arent you updating. Do post it regularly now. We surely want to read your complete story.

    • Vini

      Hello Sonia,hope you r good,thanks for the comment,was busy n more than that lazy,I myself lost connection with this story,now have to start..hope I will post next one tomorrow.

  3. snehal

    Superb vini. I missed this ff very badly. U made me happy. I was waiting for this day. Now finally swara knows his feeling. Thank u so much.

    • Vini

      Hi,I am happy that you are happy after reading this episode,thank u for the comment,missed writing for u all.

  4. Finally u hav upload it vini…
    Today epi ws amazing….. hats off for ur imagination… loved it.
    Meera ur grt sis… ur true sis….
    Nw finalky swara has knw d fact dat he loves hr… nd im waiting to hw wil she find d truth behid diz marriage…
    Hi vini, hw ru??? Missed u nd ur fff
    Tc bye..
    Frm whn u vil b regular???

    • Vini

      Hi Navi,thanks fr the comment,hope u r good,even I’m planning the future track,hope I will post next one tomorrow, I am fine by God’s grace,just that I was lazy (busy as well),missed u all,tc..stay blessed.

  5. Sree harini

    No words for didi. You are amazing as usual. The spark you have in your writing will always make me spell bound. Infact my heart always races and I feel the charecters. You are too good didi. I cried today..a lot reading it because I felt every charecter and you are the reason, your writings are reason. Felt bad that you didn’t update for a long time but Its worth waiting. Love you didi.

    • Vini

      Hi dear,will call u Sree,I have a friend by same pet name, then,how r u?no sparks and all dear,I don’t really enjoy or like what I am writing,so kind of u all to appreciate all this,want to describe the scenes a little more perfectly with a little more better vocabulary but end up.writing like a written update..not saying I will create magic but if written a lil more patiently, would be slightly better than this..but I don’t think I will ..

      • Sree harini

        Thats so sweet of you didi. You are so humble and hence will not accept but for me, I will just get mad on whatever you write.. You can call me sree and I don’t have any problem with it. I am absolutely fine and no apologize for not reading my story. I can understand how busy you might be..

    • Vini

      I think first time m seeing your name,sorry if m wrong,thanks for your comment, pls keep reading.

  6. Joya

    U know wht di………………………….i m crying after seeing ur fff……….. U know i m missing all of u alot…………….subah se hum sab se jhadga kar rahe hai i dnt know y…..pata nahi kya huaa hai subah se bas not feeling better…..wanna hug some1 and wann cry loudly……….hum rona chahte the par ro nahi pate.bahot mushkil hai humre liye rona…….par apka ff dekha and aankhon se aansu beh rahe hai…………….
    As usual beautifual update

    • Joya

      And ha i m absolutely fine…………….just missing all of u badly………………… Hum emotional nahi hai par aaj sach me yar……………

      Song for swasan

      Tera gaM mera gam ek jaisa sanam
      Hum dono ki ek kahani….
      Aaja lag ja gale diljani……………..

      • Vini

        I know you are not an emotional fool,you are our iron lady,hope u r good,song for swasan,wow,perfect..

    • Hi Joya how r u dr I miss u so much…ur very demand commentor because u comment only vini fiction know…then what else dr dI’d u finish ur exam how is ur study..then tel me when I miss you wat to do..how to communicate with you…..then dr today my sister gifted me pug dr.because tomorrow is my birthday..then her name is miley how is it dear..then what else…tel me something dr…I want to ask more and more when is ur birthday then which is d best gift get u got till now…then etc I will ask later..

      • Joya

        Hi dear……i also missed u……i read just few ffs……….5 papers are still waiting for me egrly?
        I m using fb but i check 5 ya 6th time in year…….

        Hurrrrrreeeee…..happy bday in advance my dear……….miley is really beautiful name…………about gift………………….my most precious gift of my life is my family and friends (including all of u guys…..rups,setooty,vinita,vini di,shraddha,vaishu,niti,kriya and u also)……..
        My birth date………9th August………….

        Have a wonderful bday……………………….?

    • Vini

      Hei Joya,how r u?missed u all,then what happened dear,but yea,some days are like that, but it will be fine after some time,hope Sheetal baby is happy now, yes,one hug and some tears are sometimes essential,a very dear friend of mine came to mind when I read your lines,once she had messaged(usually a cheerful soul),that she wants to hug me n cry,u reminded me of her message, then how was ur day?…

      • Vini

        Divya n Joya,loved reading this conversation of yours,so sweet,I think Divya you are a very loving person,there is a lot of simplicity n honesty,cos ,since this is a public platform,ppl tend to be cautious, it is needed also,I’m not saying others are not…lots of love to u all.

    • Wow wat a answer dear I too agree with you life is very precious gift given by parents and God. ..do know dis year I. M celebrating with my friends tat to my heart east frnds like u all….especially dis telly frnds ummmahhh dr…I never forget them in my life even my fav is vini and saba dr. ..dey r like my two eyes then all writer r my kidney brain etc due to vini only i started to read fiction one episode she has written tat to swara birthday episode dr hats off tat is my fav episode till date then I celebrate with my fb frnds village college frnds tats all dr in my house village college all frnds like me so much. I.m d youngest daughter and fav daughter of my family..Even fb frnds college frnds scold me now a days you ur not replying full busy dey r telling like tat but I will pampered them make calm. Dr do u know if I make frnds I can’t forget easily if dey love me I too love them madly blindly tat is my side effect..then which sem r u studying don’t worry definitely u.ll score good marks all d best dr..then dr when ur free after exam u send me frnd request my profile name is divya shankar….mamatha Mohandas pic I hv putted..our frnds hip should not be end it should grow like heaven dr then thanks for wishing me it my great honour love you tc

    • Joya

      Hey divya
      How r u?????????
      U know u r just like my school frnd….there r many similarities between u and sups………
      So how was ur bday??????
      So fav daughter ha?
      Good good………????????

      In short u r a fun loving girl……nice……i will defiantly send request after my exam……………..
      Gooood night…….

      • Hi Joya actually my birthday was superb dr I never celebrate dis like dr it’s very spl birthday in my life I really so much happy to get u all as my friend really it’s my lUck each one wished me c even vini is busy she wishes me then in fb all swaragini and swasan page writers wished me..thry all dedicate dey r episode for me dr even telly many writers update their update for my sake really i.m very very happy..then dis year I celebratedon’t grandly because my mother won in election so..all friends ask for treat..I cut cake my sister learned new recipie to do on my birthday but instead of doing rash Gulla it became curd rice..more than dis dish or cake whatever it is…but i like hearteast deepest writer friends administrator wish it more than all.. when I read their comments my eyes filled..really i don’t know y they like me so much..wheather I deserve dis or wat..then i promised my frnds I will write fiction for u all anta bur really i became blank pls give some suggestions regarding story..its shd be unique..then i miss u tc sweety love you..then u remember ur school frnd tats me only i.m her xerox copy…then happy ugadi then wat sweet u want as my birthday treat…then pls miss me every moment for ur life…yours divya gn shubhatrath

    • Vini

      Hai Akshita,how r u?yes,NIT and Ragam,would have had an amazing time,no?if u liked this episode I am happy,was lazy to type,sorry.

  7. Jyotii

    Oye! I remember uhr ff! How can I forget this ff? Vini di this is ourstanding! Love it! Finally uh posted but m not posting! Cuz m a lazy gurl! Leaving me apart lets come to uhr story! M jealous of swasan relationship in uhr ff! I want this type of relationship!! 🙁 Finally the entire episode is mind blowing! 🙂

    • Vini

      Hi Jyotii,can understand, your readers are waiting for ur ff,I am.happy that u like the swasan in my ff,waiting for yours an incomplete…,do post it wen u r free..

  8. jane

    thank you so much….this was the first ff I started to read….. and I thought u stopped writing..
    thank god u are back….
    and as always its awesome…..keep going….and pls post regularly.
    I know u may be busy, but please try…please its a request…pls pls

    • Vini

      Hi Jane,Happy to know that this is the first ff that u started reading,I will stop only after posting what I had planned,problem is that due to this gap,I kind of lost touch with this,so should sit n imagine something n was lazy to do that ,but will try to post something soon..pls don’t request dear,it is a pleasure writing something for u all.

  9. sethooty

    Vini..am in 7 th sky after reading this..oh my god oh my god..yah an in air…I have mixed emotions happiness with tears…you conveyed all his feelings towards her…in malayalam “ente changu karinju poyi..kili poya avastha ayi..enikku vakkuksl kittunilla”.. You nailed it vini…beautiful.. Its a treat yaar..after this long waiting…..
    That song u quoted perfectly matching…my fav one ” Thadap thadap she yeah did she”. Everything was mind blowing.. I am searching for words…after reading this.. Hamara army ka kya haal hoga I can imagine…joya shradha waiting for ur epi analysis…

      • sethooty

        Haha athu kollam..ellarum ithu thanneyaa avastha….njan eppolum itinte hangover marilla…

    • Vini

      Sethooty,I missed our army ,but laziness to sit and type,but at the end if u liked means,I am very very happy,the best thing is to know that what we tried to convey has been conveyed,m waiting for your ff,I liked it a lot,yea,it is a favourite song of mine..the songs that I quote ,are usually my favourites..also beach …

  10. Harani

    At last our swara has got to know that her sanskar is only hers ..this feels like flying among clouds ..to know that u r ur love’s love ..:-) 🙂 awesome vini di..

    • Vini

      Hai Harini,I am happy to know that this episode made u happy,so I guess it got conveyed..pls keep reading dear.

    • Vini

      Hai Dolly,missed writing for u all as well,I will try to update soon,then after that may need a gap till next Thursday..

  11. nice di ??.. nw mjhe kuch bta ne h aaapko

    1st jab mne ff dkha tab mne aapne aap se kaha, ”yeyyyyy di ne updte kiya.. dt mns me di se baat kr skti hu.. n aapko toh pta h na mne lst ffe itne din q baat nhi kiya

    oh my god???.. pta h 20 days mene try kiya aapse baat krne k liye.. nt me v srch kiya ki cmnt bx q shw nhi kr rhi h… n bht sare tps try v kiya bt kuch hua hi nhi

    dn socha yr ab toh vini di bhul he jayenge.. wo kbhi ff updte nhi krnge..aaap soch v nhi skte di mne kitna try kiya.. uski baad gusse se mne sbki ff chck kiya.. sbki nam dkha.. soch rhi thi ki agr hmri koi army me se koi ek mil jaye toh di ko sb blne k liye kh dngi

    bt my bad luck.. aisa kuch nhi hua.. phir socha chalo fb me ek accnt crte kr lti hu aur d lo frnd rqst snd kr dti hu.. bt nhi yr mra xm kiya hoga agr fb khlgi toh.. n di toh bg rhti h n wo fb jyda use v nhi krti.. so mne wt kiya.. n dan Sethooty(Malar)ki ff pdh rha tha.. tbhi mne niche aapke baare me dkha.. toh m lke yeeyyyyyyy??????koi toh mila.. n mjhe nhi pta tha ki Malar koi aur nhi.. Sethooty h.. toh mne ushe bola aapko jo jo baat thi khne k liye.. uski baad soch pta nhi ye Malar n yaha pr cmnt krni wli lig kiya sochge.. bt phir v himmat rkh ke phir se msz kiya.. n tab pta chala yeh toh humari sethoootyyyy h… ??.. so nwwww m happyyyy 2 c uuuu… n m fine… aap kaise ho di?. mjhe misss kiya na??

    • Vini

      Mickey baba,how r you?oh u remember I had posted around 20,days back,actually I had not noticed that comment column has been hidden ,Sethooty told me after a few days,that will be like that,I will never forget our army,then this ff was supposed to end in a max of 30 episodes,I am stretching it like a rubber band,u know for whom, for this small grp of ours, other readers may have lost their patience cos of this lag,but,after stopping this may not write an ff,so this I will surely complete it,though there may be some delay,I knew you would do something,I was scared if u will go n comment under written updates and those who hate ffs will scold u,but I didn’t get time to check that also,fb,I do check it at times,Sethooty msgd me and told about u and then I thought I should write something, but u concentrate on your studies, I think now we have our own Malar’s ff where u guys can chat, I am feeling a lot happy about that,now I can be lazy,m fine dear by God’s grace, yes,missed u dear..missed our army..I like to see your chats though I don’t actively participate in it..study well dear..

  12. manu

    Where have u been all these days???
    U know how much I’ve been waiting for your ff???
    Thnk goodness that u have posted the update at least now…
    Coming to d episode u rocked it again…i just cant stop myself from falling for your writing…..just loved it dear…

    • Vini

      Hai Manu,are u writing any ff now?u should,u r talented,rainy day os was awesome, good words fr my ff from somebody like,don’t know how much I deserve it,I don’t like my writing,n m happy to c u back ..urs and Falguni’s emblem is almost same…I got confused when I scrolled down.

    • Vini

      Hai dear,yes after a long gap,still,u all remember this,m happy,was so lazy to sit n type,may be one episode tomorrow n then next thursday onwards..

  13. Shopnil

    Hey..how r u?? R u alright?finally u back..every day i check if u write or n’t ..bt u!!ok.. I don’t mind coz u write at last..bt it’s too short than ur other update..miss u a lot dear.plz stay us at regular way..ur ff is just mind blowing & touching 🙂

    • Vini

      Hello,m fine,how r u?thank u for the good words,truly humbled and honoured,I may write one tomorrow n then from next Thursday onwards ,actually,I thought this is just long n boring..then this was just Swara’s character realising this. Wanted it to be slightly shorter though I exaggerated it..

  14. n bki sb kaise ho guyzz? vaishu, shraddha, niti, kriya, sethooo, joya di, vinita kaha ho sb.. sb bg ho na xm. me

    n Di u knw mra xm k liya srf 1mnth h na.. toh pdhna v jaroori h.. so agr me kbhi cmnt nhi kr pyi toh dnt fl bd ha.. n. yeh kbhi mat soch na ki sb mere ff ko bhul gaye.. me toh pgl hu aapki ff ke liye.. so aaj se agr tym mile toh me srf sham ko ekbr chck krugi ??.. n xm ke baad toh ekdm free.. bt agr aaki ff khtm ho jaye toh aap sbse lst epi me chck krte rheyega thik h na di☺☺☺☺.. jo v ho me toh jaroor aaungi.. mera xm 3 may se 28may tak h.. toh mjhe bhuliyega mt ha.. nw gdnyt my cute di.. ta ta.. n i lv u dii hihi???????

    • Vini

      No dear,I won’t think like that, study well,I know u won’t forget me n this ff n your friends here easily,then don’t know when ff will end,I told no just for u guys(army) m stretching it like this,cos if I stop this I may not write another one,may be some shots but no guarantee ,I will check it but tu will hide comment column after a few days,stay blessed dear,and I know u will find some way to be in touch.

  15. Pakhi

    Cant believe my eyes..you have posted..and that to such an awesome part..hope you will ppst the next part soon..and keep one thing in mind we will never forget yoir ff..its just like a fresh breath for me

    • Vini

      Hi Pakhi,thanks yaar,I don’t find anything in my ff,it is just that u all are being extremely kind,then if ff is giving some happiness then m happy ,pls keep reading ,stay happy.

  16. wow i m so happy.
    ty Vini di..
    n omg i can’t express.. the way u showed sanskar’s heart in the diary n his feelings for swara is amazing.. i m speechless n oh god i could imagine every moment through ur ff di.. heads of to u..
    n last para when swara decides to find out the truth loved it all..
    n sorry di i don’t know that u r a doctor.. now i won’t force u to post ur ff.. whenever u r free or u have time u post.. i don’t want to disturb ur job.. sorry once again
    Love u di 🙂

    • Vini

      Hai Falguni,couldn’t reply under the previous episode ,no problem at all dear,I will surely write for u all,and this scene was there in my mind that is y in the initial episodes I chose these items as gift for Sans’s character,these were some small hints ,now further track,I have to imagine the scenes,truly humbled by your good words, pls keep reading..

  17. Nandana

    Njn prnjallo chechiye mashi itt nokkiaya kittilann ennt ann verte chalu adichile????? any way chechi it was awesome.no words to say lots of hugs and ummahh.finally Swara knew it

    • Vini

      Hai Nandana,haha,enikkormayundu annu paranjathu,in fact madi aayapol njan orthu Ni orkkum njan vaakkinu vyavasthayillatha aal aanennum,but dear,nalla madiyarnnu,ee episode othiri Peru wait cheythirunna scene aanu,ee giftslude Swara ariyanam ennu orthanu ithu aadya episodesl hint cheythathu,but athinte scenes onnum,Meera character athu kondu varunnathu okke type cheythapol enganeyo vannatha,ee delay angane vannatha,ente Oru friendnte Oru cheriya para about our sir I had plan to translate to English n send it to her,that time I told her that u tol,enne mashiyittu nokkiyaal kanathilla ennu,pinne Nandana,sorry,place n what r u doing?paranjirunno?njan marannathanel sorry..

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      Hello,yea,I haven’t seen your name,truly humbled n honoured reading your good words abt my ff,glad that u have read season 1 as well,this is just a small attempt for my reader friends,thank u,good luck to u too,if I dont update tomorrow ,then next will be on next Thursday..

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      I remember your name n emblem,Niharika is your real name,no?,good to c ur comment,thank u for the good words,lots of love to u too dear, truly humbled n honoured reading all the good words about my ff though I don’t know his much I deserve it,I really don’t like my writing dear,n never will,but if what I scribble is making my reader friends here happy,then m satisfied, I will try to post regularly from next Thursday,and if possible ,one tomorrow.

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      • Shraddha

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      Oh my God,Shraddha darling,emoticon queen,few days after posting ff,they will hide the comment box, I haven’t noticed that but when I couldn’t comment under Sethooty’s first 5 episodes I asked her n she told,I missed u all especially our small army, I was too lazy cos since this is a realisation episode, I wanted to make it short n to the point,don’t think I could do it,but satisfied after reading the comments,I know how much u like Sanky,but may be cos m writing,not a single word has made me emotional in my ff,then hope your studies are going well,take care dr,stay blessed..

      • Vini

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      Hi dear, missed u all,hope u r fine,exams over,no?reading your comment I feel ur vocabulary is good,push yourself n write something in this site,see Sethooty has started,oh u read season 1 ,thank u for every good word about my ffs,you all r being very kind,truly humbled n honoured, I will try to upload regularly from next Thursday,if possible one tomorrow.

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    • sethooty

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      • Shraddha

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        I’m so flat on ur words at the same time worried ki kya hua madam ji sab theek thak??? because this side of Jo is really seen because she is tooo much mastikhod to be sent??

    • Vini

      Joya,perfect lines,you are a very talented person,I will surely miss your writings after the end of my ff,and know u r not active in fb,but wen u log in ,scribble n send ur valuable thoughts,seriously yaar,your words touches my heart every time,comment box gets another meaning with your lines,fan I am ,then hope u r perfect,mood is fine,missed u dear. tc,stay blessed ..

    • Vini

      Hai Ishani,thank u dr,will try to upload regularly from next Thursday n if possible ,one episode,tomorrow .

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      • Vini

        I will respond in detail tomorrow, now I will wish u a very Happy birthday,in advance,may God bless you dear and shower his choicest blessings on you, keep smiling,enjoy your day…

      • Vini

        Divya,yes,missed writing for u guys,hope u had a wonderful birthday,you like me n Saba,happy to hear that,malayalam is a little difficult to learn,but yea,I will surely learn Kannada,I won’t say that I am an expert cook,but yea,I do experiment,then we usually cook Kerala cuisines more,from your msgs,yea,getting an idea about you,pampered little girl, I guess,then the problems that u mentioned,don’t worry,stay calm,everything will be fine,then may all your wishes come true, good to hear about your family,stay happy ,wishes to you too, may God bless u and your family.

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  27. vaishnavi

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    Nd my dear dear diis I am fine ..I wrote my xams well ….now waiting for results

    Joya di don’t feel sad yaar I am not able to see u like dis nd thanks to vini di dat atleast by seeing dis ff ur tears were out ,abb hum agaye na toh roona nahi …hehe bahit hogaya na …..

    Shikha di all d bst for ur xams do well…

    • Shraddha

      My God vaishuuu iss page ne toh dimag kharaab karr diya tha???
      Even I tried sooo much but comment post karne ka option he nikaal diya tha pata nahi Kyu…..? so badly I was waiting for the new episode so that phir se hum sab baat karte sake!!!!

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      Awesome yaar!!!
      N ha Vaishu tumhare exams kaise gaye??
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      • vaishnavi

        Yes shraddha di I had exam on previous sunday nd dat was mains xam….nd ya I wrote mu xans well

  28. Imane

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    Woow after so much time that i’ve not been on telly updates, your FF is a thousand way moooore AMAZING and breathtaking than anything else… I cried reading this episode… I think only written things can bring such truthful emotions and messages (more than TV serials) …
    I wish you have a very peaceful life with your dear ones, and i wish your heart to always be as sincere as your writing … It is said that an artist always put a part of himself, of His soul in his art… You just confirmed this quote with your deep words … Waah Maa shaa Allah..
    All the best Dear Veena …

  29. Nandini

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    ok Sethooooooo yrrrr kiya h ye sb.. ab hmse v baat chupa ne lagi ???..

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    joya diiiii kaha hooo aap? hw r uu? i misss u allll guyzz..

    so hv a nice, beautiful, n cute day hehe????.. bubyeeee❤?

    • Shraddha

      Heyyy my baby sisterrrrrr what’s up???
      Kaise hai yaar kitna miss kiya tumheeee!!!
      Aur tumhari nautanki koooo????
      Abhi tumhare itne saare comments emotionss se bhare hue comments dekh dekh ke Bohot khushi hui??
      I’m good yr ha exams the phir cultural fest tha now next week phir exam hai??

  32. Joya

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    Sanskar ka dard,uska pyar,uske emotions, uska shekhar se swara ko khush rakhne ka promise,swara ki shadi k wakt halat,uske confession har labj masterstroke tha di……..

    Dil-a-nadan tujhe huaa kya hai,
    Ishq k is dard ki dawa kya hai…….
    Tum ho to main hu
    Warna jine k liye wajah kya hai………….

  33. shani

    This epidoe is mind blowing vini…hats off to ur writikng skill…it is superb…I agree with nandini though u r very irregular I still read ur ff…hahah….but I can understand ur reason…it’s ok….thank u for updating when u have time…keep writing…god bless u

  34. Joya

    Hey sethooty i m super fine yr…………
    After watching all of ur names in comment box i m in 7th sky……………
    Vaishu yr kya karu bahot miss kar rahe the hum tum sab ko…..duri sahi jaye na?

    Rups,shraddha how r u?????????????

    U know guys hum paper dekar ghar ja rahe hai….bus me hai……tum sab k reply dekhar hum itne khush huye ki i was singing a song loudly………..lady passange was looking at me.????………..i m so happppppppppy guyssssssssssss…………..love u alot yr……………………..

    • Shraddha

      I’m great Joooo
      Humare coll me na Technical n Cultural fest tha!!!! Aur na Woh singer aya tha Battameez Dil jisne gaya hai na toh me pure party mood me thii???
      Aur trust me uske ke concert ke beech me suddenly mujhe NIYATI N TUMHARI yaad ayi yaarrrrr joyaaaaa!!!?
      Remember shayad Niyati ne ya tumne kaha tha ki hum sab aise party kare ya phir kuch toh disco ka kaha tha shayad Niyati nee sachi me bohot miss kiya sabkooi!!!!

      N den how are u ?? What’s up??

      How is everyone one guys????
      Hope doing good!!
      Vini diiii I’m dying to see what swara is going to do next????
      Have a nice day everyone!!

      • sethooty

        Cultural fest..wow singer is Benny dayal….yes Niyati paijama party..I think with kriya and her friends.. Just came into mind…

  35. Vini

    Hi everyone,will respond to ur comments tomorrow,army(Jo,Shraddha,Mickey,Vinita,Niti,Needhi,Vaishu,Kriya,Sethooty),missed u all,saw a few names here when I scrolled down, need to read properly n respond ..that is the sole reason y m not responding now.

    • Shraddha

      Anytime Vini di!!!
      No hurry?✌
      But defiantly in hurry to see Sanskaar n Swara ha??
      Just kidding for now this episode is more than enough to read every nite n go to sleep in peace ki yessss she knows finally??

      • sethooty

        Guy’s thanku so much for liking my Ff. Shradha.actually am hesistated to tell u all feel shy..haha..vaishu caught me In red hand..wen I told about my shyness, her reply made me laugh ‘Di u r not going to propose any one…tell this to everyone.”

    • sethooty

      Hey mickey darling..bihu festival started.. I read it from news paper..
      Our festival in Kerala ‘vishu’ is on the same time..

      • sethooty

        Divya..actually my name is sethulakshmy.. Am from Kerala..Everyone call me as sethu..sethooty
        Sethu means bridge..Laksmy..is laksmy ..goddess..
        Joya and shradha actually started to reply from last..but still am here.. Will catch u later…
        Where is vinitha..
        Miss u niti and kriya…miss u lot

    • sethooty

      Vaishu..Dr..onam is our state festival celebrated for 10 days , keralites all over the world celebrate this bz there is no religious, caste barrier for this harvest fest..Hindu Muslim Christian everyone celebrate on Aug-sep month.
      Vaishu is on April 14..early morning before sunrise , we first see the Krishna idol after waken up. My mom will blindfold me with her hand and make me stand in front of the in house temple , when I open my eyes I will only see his idol adorned with flowers and jewellery.This is the ritual, its very auspicious for us.Assam
      ‘bihu fest’ a flower is used forget the name..similar we used “konna flowers ” to decorate Krishna idol.

      • vaishnavi

        Ohh I thought onam is celebrated now but now I got clarity…….thank u soo much ………so bihu nd vishu fests r celebrated on april 14 aa but ughadhi celebrated tomorrow only…nd der is also another festival in dis month dat is ‘sri rama navami’ which is on april 15 I think u people know abt this festival … d o u celebrate it??

  36. Saw right now that you posted and really happy…how are you? And today’s part was memorable when finally swara got to know real feelings of sanskar

  37. sneha grewal

    Hey vini,pls upload next part
    Eagerly waiting for ur ff,pls update soon pls pls pls

  38. m superrr fine di??.. n u r ryt.. mne bht tym socha ki wrtn updts me vini di ki baare me kuch kahu agr koi jnti ho toh.. bt issbar me sach me dar gayi??????.. toh isilye wha kuch nhi kaha

    • vaishnavi

      Wat all u will do di in dat festival. ..I mean how u will celebrate it ?? How many days festival it is? Wats d most special thing abt dis festival…..kuch kahiye na iske baare main…..apkho pata hai mujeh yeh sab jaanne main bahut intrest hain

  39. hihi Vaisu??.. ok dn suno…

    bihu 3 typs ki hoyi h.. (1)Bohag bihu or Rongali bihu (2) kati bihu or kangali bihu n lst (3)magh bihu or Bhugalu bihu.. n ech fstvl hstoriclly rcgnses a dffrnt agricultural cycle..xuley its clbrte d onset of assamese new year

    n april ko toh bohag bihu h na n yeh pure 7days ke liye hoti h.. like (1)chot bihu(চ’ত বিহু)(2)rati bihu(ৰাতি বিহু)(3)goru bihu(গৰু বিহু)(4)manuh bihu(মানুহ বিহু)(5)kutum bihu(কুটূম বিগু) (6)mela bihu(মেলা বিহু) n (7)chera bihu(bohagi bidai)

    goru bihu means cow bihu.. on d lst day of sankranti n d 1st day of Rongali bihu is dedictd to d cows.. the cow of d vllge are brght to a water source.. hmm. lyk a pond or river.. n dn cows are washed with a combination of symblic herts

    mmah halodi(black gram n teumeric paste), dighloti pat(litsea salicifolia), makhioti pat.. n a pieces of lau n bengena(bottle gourd n brinjal)..

    n dn ppl sing lyk diz:
    ”dighloti dighol paat, makhi maru jat jat, lau kha bengena kha, bosore bosore bahi ja.. mar horu baper horu toi hobi bor goru”.. dt means?

    ”wid our herbs n d leaves of dighloti, we drve away d files which disturb u, we hope u accept our offering of brinjal n gourds, n continue to grow every year n may u outgrow ur parents”

  40. n waha pr bht sare games v organise hoti h lyk kori khel, paakha khel n koni juj etc…

    n usdin sb log dinar k liye ”exho ebidh haak(এশ এবিঢ শাক)”[ 101 typs of vgtble]cllct krte h

  41. n d nxtn 1st day of vaisak month mrks manuh bihu.. uus din sob lg ma hldhi ki pste se spcl bth lti h n dey put on new cloths an light chaaki at gohai ghor(the household prayer place).. sb ko bihuwan or gamusa gify deti h

    n nxt day kutum bihu… is din sb apne rltvs ki ghr jate h n saath me dinnr krti h
    n ha jb bihu fstvl hoti h dn all woman make pitha n laru( traditional food made of rice n coconut
    n pure 7days logo ki ghor jakr dnce krti h only youngr ha)..

    • vaishnavi

      Ohhh….so it is celebrated like dis aa ok…….thank u so much di for telling me abt dis fest ….it really sounds very intresting….I think u people will enjoy a lot naa…..

  42. Joya

    Hello guysssssssss……
    How r u alllllll????????????????

    Dis is for sethooty

    Dil ke lutne ka sabab puchchho na sab k samane
    Naam aayega tumhara yeh kahani fir sahi……………

    Bataya q nahi…………..?????????
    Hajaron hisson me batkar bikhara gaya hai humara dil?????

    Bdw b ltd happpppppppy walaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bday………….

    Hey rups vaishu shraddha how r u guys???????????????????????

    Do u all know na who i m?????????????????
    Dnt dare to forget me shaitanooooooooooooooooo

    Shethoooty superb storyline my dear…..just read all parts……….beautiful……..

    • vaishnavi

      Hooo!! aap kaun hoo mujeh toh pata bhi nahi yeh ki aap kaun ho……shock gayi naa …..aur nahi toh kya joya di hum aapko kabhi bool sakteh hai kya …..aap aur hamari puri army ka toh special place hai hamare dil mai …isi liye hum kabhi nahi bool sakteh hai kisi ko……

      Vinitha di kaha chali gayi ho yaar?? Busy in studies aa?

  43. hey di.. whr r u? u knw mene aaj saba di ki ff pdha tha.. jab sanskar ne suiside kr liya dn me to shck gayi thi… aabhi v mere dimag me sirf wohi aaa rha hi.. bht hi emotnl tha na di.. ?????

  44. Vinita

    Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After so many days i am being able to comment. Vini di u rocked it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tarif ke liye words ki scarcity ho gayi hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are you????????????????????????????????
    Joya di ,vaishu howc were your exams??????? Shraddha di, rupsikha how are you????????????
    niti di, kriya di app log kaha lapata ho gaye ho???????????? Sethu di ,BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOW ARE YOU????????? Aap toh chupa rustam nikli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not fair!!!!!! u did not inform about the ff!!!!!! What is the name of your ff???????
    Belated Happy birthday Divya!!!!!!
    Only sethu di and vaishu missed me!!!!!!!!! not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!! vinita udas ho gayi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So let me tell my story…………..
    I was out of station. I went to north bengal,indo china border and the surrounding places. Waha par banut network problems tha. Internet chalu nehi ho rah tha and in the previous epi even the comment box vanished. raat mai my elder cousin bro always used to scare me by playing sounds of leopard and other wild animals from his phone. So many days I had to send without chatting with u all. Towards the end of the trip I wanted to shout,” I want internet ,i want swasan ff ssn 2 and that is possible after reaching kolkata , so, I want to go back to kolkata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    So many festivals celebrated at the same time of the year!!!!!!!! Here we celebrate it as Poila Boisakh. Poila means first, and boisakh is the first month of the Bengali calendar ,so, Poila boisakh is Bengali new year. Navratri and ram navami is also celebrated here. Navratri has begun from today.Happy navratri!!!!!!!!!
    Rupsikha , u know bengali script is almost same as assamese script!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only 2 percent difference is there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Joya di u wanted to know about the competition. My bhabi came second and our entire family was shocked when she went up on the stage. After the competition both of us were behaving like mad persons because this was totally unexpected!!!!!!!!!! You were right regarding the connection between sethu di and those sarees.

  45. Vinita

    I guess mai thora zyada lamba comment type kar diya but i am feeling so happy after chatting with you all after so many days

    • sethooty

      Vinitha..u came ..thank god..miss u lot Dr..
      Joya ,shradha,mickey, vaishu.. Read ur comments under my fiction.. Thanks a lot love u….lil bcy with my work, today also an in office.. couldn’t reply u..sorry
      Vini informed she is going to Coimbatore for attending a friends marriage… Next epi will be on Thursday… Bye catch u later…

  46. Jayashree(Kakoli)

    Your ff is superb. It is excellent dear!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All the emotions are expressed so beautifully………
    Keep writing like this……..

    • Vinita

      Tumi Eto din por sheshmesh comment korle!!!!!? Bhagishhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
      Ami bhebe chilam tumi shotti shotti kailash e giye shonyas niye niyecho!!!!!!!!!???

  47. Vinita

    Joya di!!!!!! Congo!!!!!!!!! Pune jit Gaya!!!!!!!!!!
    Rahane rocked the match and Dhoni always rocks every match!!!!!!! Anhoni ko honi karde honi ko anhoni smart and captain cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni

    • sethooty

      Hey vinitha.. Jayashree is ur Aunty.. I remember her one comment on previous epi
      Happy to see u back..my fiction name is
      ‘Bz I loved her..sanskar’s love story ”
      Sorry couldn’t reply u properly….

    • Joya

      Hey vinita congratulation to u my dear…………….
      Thanks u guys…all of u…..

      Vinita do u like Mahi ??????????

  48. vaishnavi

    Hi didis …….wat happened to everyone y so silent?? …busy with xams haa…..joya di shraddha di vinitha di aaplogon ko holidays kabse hai??……seetu di will u also have holidays??……shikha di which xams u r having in may???

  49. Vinita

    Rupsikha how are you????
    Are you alright????
    Is everything ok there????
    Here the earthquake was tremendous!!

    • Joya

      Rups meri jaan……..
      Sorry dear………dekho joya di tumse kaan pakdkar sorry keh rahi hai……….
      Puchho na yar kya puchhna hai………

    • vaishnavi

      Ohh thank u di pls reply to our comments…..missed u so so so so much……I am desperatly waiting for u….yaar not only ur ff we also need u dear …I seriously missed u vvvvvvvvery much *teary eyes*…….nd ya seetu di told ur health is not nice how r u now???

    • Joya

      Di how r u???????
      Plz take care of ur self…………….
      Medicines time to time lena………..
      Most imp……keep smiling………………
      Get well sooon diiiiiii…………….

      Hey vaishu…..

      • vaishnavi

        Abb ye kounsi xams hai joya di kabhi suna bhi nahi…..aur tab tak aapko holidays nahi hai kya ooo very sad….

  50. Vinita

    Hi everyone!!!!! How are you?????
    VIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNIIIIIIII DI!!!! Get well soon. dawai thik time pe lena and do not take unnecessary stress. Take rest . MISSING U all so much!!!!! if u do not get well soon I will come to Bangalore with a very very very big injection!!(but I dont think that u are a scared of injection because u are a dentist but if u are scared then injection ke darr se jaldi thik ho jana and if you are not scared then hum sab ke liye jaldi thik ho jana)
    Joya diiiiiiii!!! I am a big fan of dhoni pata hai kyun????secret hai kisi ko mat bolna ssshhh!!1( acha khelta hai and our birthday is on the same day). I never supported KKHAAAR!! It has no bengali players !!!! Initally i supported Mumbai Indians, after Sachin tendulkar got retired then csk and now RPS. Everyone tells me to run away from kolkata but u knw uncommon things karna hi mera kaam hai!!! Mai kolkata mai bethe bethei pune ko support karungi!!

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.