Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 40


Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction (Season 2) episode 40,episode 39 got uploaded yesterday morning,hope u read that…and trust me,everything will be fine in a few episodes,I know many should be feeling like hitting me for dragging the story but these small moments are inevitable,hope you will understand and wont miss any..




(In the previous one, we saw ,Sanskaar away from home,he asking Swara to check the shelf ,she finds a letter from Mukesh and a frame,Sanskaar not returning on time,Swara worried and calling Mukesh,after four days,Swara getting Sanskaar’s call,after a few days,Mukesh bringing an injured Sanskaar home,Swara taking care of Sanskaar while nurses dresses his wound,he totally exhausted and Swara supporting him)

Scene 1:

(Swara was supporting and taking care of Sanskaar like a good wife,the situation has brought them even more closer,she has stood up with him and he is totally grateful for the care..)

After a few weeks

Sanskaar has regained his health,the wound on his leg has healed,though he has pain in the area sometimes,he is walking in the garden,Swara approaches from behind,Sanskaar asks her,”Swara ,do you want to go home?”Swara is shocked hearing that unexpected question,she stares at him,then softly asked, “why,your gang has dropped the agenda of snatching my dad’s business,why this sudden change in your plan,or u all got what u wanted?”,Sanskaar softly says, “leave all that to me,now I can manage the situation,I think you should go home,his voice is also sad while saying that but he hides his pain as usual,Swara is equally sad and keeps on staring at him…their silence clearly conveys that they don’t want to part ways,Swara quickly says, “ok,if you feel I should,I will,just tell me,I will pack my things and be ready”saying this she goes from there,he watches her leaving and understands that she is crying,he looks at her and tells in his mind, “I cant give you more pains Swara,I will talk to Mukesh uncle,you be with your family”

Scene 2:Laksh’s house

Laksh and Ragini’s parents and relatives have arrived,they are discussing about Raglak’s engagement date,Laksh also comes in the middle,his aunty teases him and he goes from there,he dials Ragini’s number,they chat for sometime,Laksh tells her, “so Miss,Ragini,we are going to take an official step,so you don’t have any problem ,no?Ragini laughs and says, ‘’if I say that I have problem,will you stop this here”,Laksh laughs and says, “Oh,so madam wants to escape,ah?dont think you can,Lucky is not gonna leave Ragi…Ragini gets angry and says, “how many times I have told you not to call me Ragi?”,Laksh laughs and says, “oh,you are Rags,yea,I know,I know..just then laksh’s brother enters his room and tells him that engagement is fixed on the coming Saturday and that it is going to be a closed friends and family affair totally,Laksh informs the same to Ragini,Laksh’s brother snatches the phone ,puts it in the speaker mode and says, “Hello my bhabhiji,how are you?,I feel pity yaar,you could have selected somebody else ,no?surely would have got a better person,Ragini laughs and says, “Oh,now what to do baba,already have jumped into the pit ,no?Laksh holds his brother’s neck and says, “oh,so Bhabhi-devar duo is against me ,ah,Ragini,don’t forget,you are going to come here,I will take revenge for every word,wait and see”Ragini says, “I know,living with you itself is going to be a huge task and challenge,God knows ,as he said now,I should have waited….”saying this she laughs,Laksh’s bro taunts him and says bye to Ragini and gives the phone back to him and leaves…
Laksh tells Ragini, “Ragini,our close relatives and family friends,also,Swasan’s family only will be there,so,let parents invite them on their behalf but I feel ,we should go and invite,mumma ,Pappa and Mukesh uncle and aunty,shall we go day after tomorrow ,you will come tomorrow,no?Ragini says, “yes,and we’ll go as u said but what about Swara and Sanskaar”,Laksh is silent hearing Sanskaar’s name, he then says, “I don’t want Sanskaar to attend,Swara ,we will go and invite,hope she will get permission from her ‘husband’,Ragini is sad and tries to convince Laksh with her words to include Sanskaar,at the end,she understands that he wont agree,his tone change makes her more sad,and she gives in and tells him, “ok we will go and invite Swara..I don’t want to hurt you,that is the only reason I am not inviting Sanskaar on my behalf also,but don’t think I am happy…Laksh just listens and says, “in this matter I am not sad that I am hurting you…

Scene 3:

Laksh and Ragini has invited Mukesh,Sumi and Chetan,they are on the way to Sanskaar’s house,they reaches the place,Ragini and Laksh hugs mumma and Pappa,Sanskaar’s father’s words indicates how annoyed he is with his son,he tells Laksh that if Sanskaar is being invited ,then they should excuse him for his absence,Laksh and Ragini looks at each other,Laksh tells him that he want mumma papa to be there,cant force Meera since she has exams,since relatives has to go back cant postpone the dates,or else would have waited as she will arrive in a few days,he tells Sanskaar’s dad that nothing and none who will hurt him will be present,s he has to come with mumma and bless him and Ragini,Ragini also goes and holds his hands,they ask about his health and chat for sometime and gets up to leave,Sujatha goes outside to leave him,Ragini hugs her and tells her, “I am helpless mumma,I tried my maximum,but that day Sanky’s words has hurt him a lot,he is very sad ,and on a happy occasion how can I force him more and spoil his mood,but I am sure,he loves his bro Sanky a lot,he will understand him and everything will be alright,Sujatha has tears in her eyes, “I know dear,I know if there was some chance you wouldn’t have kept Sanu away,I am not defending my son,but I cant believe my Sanu did all this,that too,to Swara and family,Mukesh and Sumi still comes here,I don’t know how they are able to behave normally with us,I can only pray for everything to get sorted out soon,mother ,no?that too my Sanu,I don’t know what happened to him…”

Scene 4:

Laksh and Ragini has arrived at the cottage

They go inside,Swara is surprised to see them,Sanskaar hasn’t reached ,Swara goes and hugs Ragini and Laksh,,she introduces Seema aunty,Seema aunty was going out to buy provisions,she changes her plan and is about to walk to the kitchen but Swara tells her that she will manage after all they are her friends,,Seema leaves,they chat for sometime ,they recall all the moments where Lucky proposed,Ragini rejected and restaurant scene and all that..Swara and Ragini goes to the kitchen,Swara thanks Ragini once again for bringing photo frame and letter to her,Ragini tells that she thanked over the phone and she wont accept thanks from friends anymore,Swara smiles,both together prepares a soft drink and Swara takes some snacks out,they come back and have it and chat and Swara says, “now it is just like how we used to meet at our homes,no?except that Sanskaar is not here”,Laksh’s face fades hearing that,just then Sanskaar arrives,Ragini is very excited and goes and hugs him,they chat and teases each other as they used to do before,she notices the healed scars on his face and asks him what happened,Laksh looks at Sanskaar hearing that,his concern is evident though he tries to pretend that he is angry,Sanskaar casually says, “small accident,it is ok now,fit and fine,and don’t tell Pappa and Mumma”
Sanskaar looks at Laksh,both don’t smile,there is a deep silence,Swara and Ragini watches it,Laksh and Sanksaar looks at each other and looks elsewhere,Ragini is about to say something but Laksh quickly says, “Swara,our engagement is on the coming Saturday,we really want you to come,hope you will be granted the permission to attend,actually only those who are ‘important’ are invited…so hope you will be there,…Swara”,Sanskaar is hurt hearing that but just smiles,Swara and Ragini looks at him and their eyes are filled,Sanskaar just blinks his eyes as though hinting them ‘it is ok,he is not hurt’ …Laksh is also sad though he has worn an angry man’s look,he calls Ragini and turns to go,he turns and hits his leg on the edge of the furniture and is about to fall,Sanskaar holds him on time and says, “careful,Lucky”,Laksh suddenly says, “Oh,Thanks bro”,he then realises what he just said and rushes out in a haste,Sanskaar signs Ragini and Swara to go fast,he watches Lucky from behind,Laksh who is walking towards the direction of the car realises that he has tears in his eyes,he gets inside,Ragini waves at Sanskaar who is watching them from the door,she then hugs Swara again and gets inside,Laksh also leans and says bye to Swara and car moves,Ragini tells Laksh, “I know you are not happy doing all this,think and if you can forgive him,just give a call,he will come,I know Sanky..”Laksh doesn’t respond at all,he switches on the radio and yaaron dosti plays,he recalls Sanky singing it for them during the farewell..Ragini looks at him seeing him about to switch it off and then hesitating and listening to it…she looks at Laksh…..whereas Laksh doesn’t look at her,he is listening it with his heart and thinking about his friend….

Scene 5: Same night

Sanskaar has taken his bath and come out,Seema,Rajat have become like family,four of them eats supper together daily,Sanskaar completes first and goes out to the garden,he sits on the bench,Swara also finishes fast and follows him,she sits near him on the bench,she asks him, “I know you are hurt,Lucky didn’t invite you,actually,I don’t know if I should go or not,I don’t feel like going without you,all four of us were always together,and an important day of their lives”,Sanskaar says, “I am not sad Swara,I hurt my Lucky boy that day with my rude words,he is my very sensitive bro yaar,I can understand him,no?his anger is totally justified,but you should go,I will drop you there on that day and one more thing,you can go home after that,let the family not know that we have planned and official proceedings are being done,we will inform them that when it is time,till then let this stay between both of us,you go as though you want to spend some days with your family,that is it…”Swara says, “so ,you really want me to go away from this,Sanskaar sorry for being frank,but you told Sanju is a closed chapter,I told I will unite you both,so ,you are sending me away for her,out of your love for her,you cant forget her,no?I can understand that situation very well,don’t worry about me,we will go ahead as planned,ok”she pretends to be ok with it and smiles and says, “so you can continue staring at the sky and talking to your friends…I will sleep a little early,tired,,good night…”she goes from there…
Sanskaar tells in his mind, “I know I am breaking your heart again and again,but,if we stay together for some more time,it will be very difficult to separate,I have to wait until Mukesh uncle is out of this,if fate wants to join us ,I think we will unite,but I don’t want to give you hope,not knowing what all future has in store,I don’t want you to be more and more attached,we lived a fake marriage,still,now at heart,I feel,you are my wife,my partner,so ,I know what your situation would be,saying this he looks up at the sky and says, “Shekhar papa,you are watching your daughter and this stupid son in law ,no?is there an easy way out?he smiles and says, “sorry,not troubling you,sorry for the tears in her eyes,every day I tell sorry to you,I know you will be looking down and watching your daughter’s pain and your soul is being hurt,sorry,this Sanskaar,no?peace of mind is not written in his destiny,none who is dear to me gets that from me,if possible forgive me,please don’t curse me..
Scene 6:

Laksh and Ragini’s engagement

Ragini is looking very pretty in her beautiful lehenga,Laksh is looking dashing like a manyavar model in traditional attire,both clicks selfie together,Ragini’s mom pulls Ragini to a side and says, “behave yourself,you guys are friends but others are watching,not saying that u should behave like a statue but be aware of the surroundings”,Ragini says, “you wont leave a chance to scold me,problem is na,I am the only child,no?so you are giving me everything that was meant for those unborn siblings..”Ragini’s mom smiles and says, “may be…”,Sanskaar and Swara arrives outside the gate,Sanskaar tells her that he had called her and told Ragini to tell security to keep your bag in the out house,she will tell Mukesh uncle to collect it before leaving,Swara looks at him, “You know Sanskaar,you are really very caring,you think about everything,ok,but are you sure you are not coming inside”,Sanskaar says, “dear ones don’t really need invitation,I know ,but here,Lucky hates me and don’t want to see me,also,many others including Sumi aunty will not be happy to see me,I am sorry for leaving you alone to answer everybody’s questions,if possible forgive me,ok,u go,I will leave now,and ,Swara,you are looking very pretty,enjoy..bye..”,he goes,Swara watches him leaving,she slowly walks inside,the security guard seeing her bag asks her if she is Swara,he takes the bag,Swara thanks him and goes inside…
Swara walks inside,Chetan and Sumi sees her,Chetan comes and hugs her,Sumi comes near them,she is on the verge of tears,Swara takes her blessings and hugs her,they have an emotional conversation,Swara asks her to wipe her tears as others will see,Sumi’s eyes searches for Sanskaar,Swara understands and tells her that he hasn’t come,Sumi nods,Swara goes to Laksh and Ragini who were busy with the photot session,she hugs them both and wishes them,they spend some quality time together,later elders ask Raglak to come forward,they exchange rings,Laksh looks at Ragini and winks,Ragini gives a meaningful nod,others applaud ,they then take elders’ blessings,the whole evening they enjoy to the maximum,though,Swara is missing Sanskaar,she doesn’t express it…

Scene 7

After two days

Swara’s house…..

Swara is in her room,she is arranging her cupboard,she hears somebody’s voice downstairs,she goes downstairs,finds Sanskaar’s sister Meera,Swara goes and hugs her,they sit and chat for some time,Sumi brings tea and snacks for her,after some time,Sumi leaves for kitchen,Meera in a serious tone says, “Swara di,I want to talk to you,shall we go to your room”,Swara is a little surprised,she calls Sumi and tells her that they are going upstairs,they both reaches Swara’s room,Meera locks the door,she comes and stands opposite to Swara and says, “two days back it was Raglak’s engagement,no?I had exams,couldn’t come,all others were invited,except my bhai,all avoided him easily,you were his friend,no?do you think he can do something to hurt somebody,everybody is enjoying,all are together,only my Bhai is not there,he is being avoided and still none cares,is this the friendship you all boasted of for years,I cant forgive them for doing this…”,Swara says, “listen Meera,I understand your feelings,he is not bad,he cant be,I know that,but he is being avoided because of the way he spoke to Laksh when Lucky asked him why he married me,his words were very cruel,all of us have asked him the reason but still he hasn’t told anything,so what others doing are also right in their point of view,no?sorry,but I cant blame Lucky totally…
Meera is a little calm and says, “I know di,I am sorry,but I cant see anyone hurting my bhai,when I came ,had gone to meet Raglak as I had missed the function,I saw the snaps,didn’t find bhai,later Ragini di called and told the situation,bhai used to call me once a week,told me not to interfere in all this,just to concentrate on my studies and that he will manage,but when I learnt that he was not invited and that he is alone now,I couldn’t control myself,without asking him I came to meet you,I will leave now di,sorry for talking like this,she turns to go,then comes back and keeps something on the bed and tells her, “this is for you, di….”saying this she walks to the door,Swara quickly follows her…………….

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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