SWASAN Fan Fiction (season 2) episode 4

Hi guys,good morning ,Swasan fan fiction episode 4,this is the second one for 12/12/15,cos yesterday’s was uploaded after midnight,here is the link of that one:


Scene 1:Raglaksan returning home.

They are walking through the street pushing their bicycles,a cold wind is blowing,it is getting dark,Laksh and Sanky tells Ragini that they will accompany her,Ragini says “ok,two body guards ,how lucky I am,”Laksh replies, “oye girl,we are not your body guards,we are friends for two years,our families also knows each other very well,we don’t trust you,girl,that is y,if you don’t reach home safely,na,we wont be able to face Pooja aunty and Arnab uncle,Sanky tells, “Don’t worry Lucky ,if somebody kidnaps her also,they will return her after half an hour and give us money to accept her back,who is going to tolerate her”,Laksh tells “Dats true Sanky,I didn’t think about that,so let’s go,let her go alone”Ragini gets angry and tells, “when it comes to pulling my leg ,look how united you are,Laksh replies, “yea,yea,we are very good students,we wont forget what our teachers taught, ‘united we stand,divided we fall,hihi”,Ragini pulls the handle bar of his cycle and is about start a fight,Sanky reminds her that they are on the road and to behave properly,he then stands there looking at the sky ,

he says, “I am in love with this climate ya,feeling this cool breeze and chilling out with friends is the best feeling,isn’t it?,he looks up and smiles,he sees the moon,he remembers Swara’s reaction to Mukesh and he thinks in his mind,there is something in her eyes,some sorrow is hidden,ah,don’t know what,what ever it is,let it not affect her studies……..Ragini hits him and says, “hei hello,u will stand and stare at moon till midnight??,I have to go,Sanky says, “yea yea let’s go”,he pushes his cycle and runs behind them,

They reach Ragini’s house,Pooja asks them what was the reason for bet today,Laksh says, “aunty ,usual reason”,Pooja smiles and asks them to come inside,Laksh and Sanky says, “No aunty,we will come later ,parents will get worried”.they wishes them good night and leaves,Ragini tells, “Thank u for the escort,hahaha”,Pooja scolds her, “Ragi,they came to leave u and u r irritating them”,Ragini yells, “Mom,I have told u ,don’t call me Ragi,call me Raaagzz if u want”, Pooja responds, “nowadays ,ur dressing sense is like that,rags,people will think y ur parents are allowing all that”Sanky and Laksh smiles hearing that and leaves.

Scene 2:Swara’s home.

Swara is playing with Chetan,Sumi comes inside and tells her to take bath and come for dinner,Swara just says, “yea,I will come”,Sumi says, “come Chetan ,we will go”Swara is not happy,Sumi asks her if she liked going out today,whether her new school is good,how the tuition class environment is and all that, Swara replies, “yea,it was good,and about going out,I don’t mind going out if it is just u,Chetan and me”,Sumi tells her, “Swara,it is 8 years,still,you are not able to accept Mukesh?he loves u a lot,but you don’t even talk to him,he is also an individual,he is Chetan’s papa,but he has always been there for u more,I know u cant forget Shekhar but can u atleast be a little kind to Mukesh,what will u lose if u talk to him?Swara replies, “mom,I want to forget everything,but why are u not allowing me to do that?what do u get by bringing up this topic always,you came to take Chetan ,na?

pls do it,I will take bath and come down stairs,m not hungry but for others who will feel bad if I don’t eat,I will come and eat”,she takes her bath towel and leaves,Sumi is teary eyed and thinks, “God,I haven’t seen her smiling for 8 years,please take care of my daughter,I don’t know how to bring that smile back,but you can”she wipes her tears and takes Chetan along with her.

Scene 3:Sanskar’s home.

Sanskar parks his bicycle and goes to his small garden,(theirs is a small lower middle class home,his dad fell ill and suffered loss in his business,they have sold their Maheswari house cos of debt and treatment expense)and now has a small house in the same compound which they spared while selling of the rest,Sanskar’s family belongs to a family which struggles to make their both ends meet),he quickly gives one cup of water each to each plant,he tells , “they say plants can listen,I don’t know,do u hear me?I know u cant ask for water,that is why I come directly to feed u,I had ice creams today,so my stomach is full,ah,let me go,I have three more people who are waiting for me,he gently moves his hands through the leaves and goes to his home,he goes to kitchen,his mom is bending down and doing something,he leans on to her and says, “my mamma,my pyari mamma”,she shouts, “Sanu,get up,U r a big boy now,if u lean like this mamma will fall down,Sanskar gets up and his mom too,he holds his mom by shoulder and says, “do u think I will let u fall down,mom,your beta will take care of everything,I exist for u all,it is just that I need some time”,his mom touches is cheek and says,

“Sanu,I m not worried about anything,you are studying well,teachers all give good opinion about you,m very happy with that,I just want to see u and Meera getting good education,me n Pappa will do all what we can for u both,Sanskar smiles and says, “I know mamma,we have our fair share of problems,but together we will solve it,I will not let u all down,now let me go take bath” His mom says, “Sanu,your tea,”. “Mom as usual lucky boy was late and we had icecream”,mom smiles and says, “Y do u make him spend always,poor boy”,Sanky says, “mom,we are doing it to make him come on time,every day he gets scolding,that is the main reason,don’t worry,mamma,where is Papa,?”She replies, “actually,he has gone to shop,Ramu chacha(their help at their small stationery shop )had to leave a little early today,his wife is ill”,Sanky replies, “ok,but mamma papa is also ill ,na,if he sits there for a long time,?She replies, “Don’t worry,Meera finished her home work and went with him,u go and take bath”, Sanskar gets ready to go and turns and asks, “mamma,actually,Ramu chacha will need some money since he has to take chachi to doc,na?what to do now,??”She replies, “Sanu,the problems in this house made u very responsible n now I regret seeing u getting worried for all problems,the child in u is no longer seen,I am sorry,dr,ah,I got my salary,I gave him a little amount as advance,don’t worry”Sanskar is in thoughts…..he says, “mamma,don’t worry,m happy being here,and I have a family who stays with me in everything,so m not worried,we’ll sort out everything with time……”he goes from there.

Scene 4:Next day morning ,Laksh’s home

Laksh is busy searching for a book,his mom is calling him telling that he is late,he asks him to look at the clock,he comes running down and asks his brother who is two years younger to him if he has seen his book,his naughty bro replies, “yea,I saw,just now only I chewed it ,my breakfast was your book”,Laksh gets angry and hits him on his head,his mom comes in between and shouts, “Lucky,how many times I have told you not to hit him on his head,”,she turns to the younger one and says, “and you,why are u back answering bhai like this,if u didn’t take ,just tell that,”their father comes down, ‘’both boys behave like innocent boys”,he asks, “what was the noise here?”,Younger one says, “Papa ,bhai lost his book”,he looks at Laksh and asks, “just two days and book is missing,don’t think I will buy a new one,go and find out where you left it”,both boys kisses mom bye and leaves,she tells to their father, “kiss is there on time but other than that,always fighting,two boys,by the time I raise these two fighter cocks up,I will be on bed”,their father smiles and sits for breakfast……………

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  1. loved the update… awesome… back to school days… thumbs up….

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Sindhuja,now a regular reader friend,yea,I m also back at school..

  2. each and evary situation as well as nature of sanswalakrag is just perfect…….
    swara who is living wid her step father…her thoughs her feelings….superb…..
    sanskar ka responsible hona uske age k hisab se…..ragini’s bubbly nature….perfect perfect perfect……

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Joya,this comment of urs justifies wat I said.U get every line,I just wished somebody noticed this and u did n pointed out,m so so happy reading this.

      1. yehhhhhhhhhhhhh……
        i m so happy…..jinho ne kai laogon k dil jite……..wo ek pal k liye sahi humari wajah se happy huyi………..
        thnx u so much…………………..

    2. Veena(Vini Ross)

      I have always noticed your comments and suggestions,the small examples and lyrics that u have cited and I will never forget u and Appu asking to upload my ff under written updates,(I dont know if anybody else have,I have not seen)also our Rupsikha and team mentioning abt my ff at multiple places n pushing me to write this,also the ones who came bk to my ff’s last episode even after days of its completion,last day’s comments I will never forget,u guys are now very familiar n close to heart though haven’t met u all…

      1. it’s our pleasure di….

  3. U r just fabulous dea…. Keep rocking….. Finished both episode together… Thanks alot vini…?

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Harshi, I had a school friend by your name,her spelling ended in ‘e’,thank u so much for reading,so Gud to c that u all are liking it..all episodes may not be good bt I wish u’all read it….

  4. wow..sweet epi..it is exactly we do with our friends..in this epi u have shown all the children’s family moments..sanky was too caring..i hv some droughts vini Di is sanky and Lucky r cousins ? y their family r not togather ?

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Niti,yea,I m tryg to incorporate the nature of some school friends,and ya they are not cousins in this track,all four from four different families..Ragini is an only child of Pooja and Arnab who are teachers,Laksh has a 11 yr old younger bro n parents at home,Swara has step father Mukesh (who is a business tycoon),Sumi and a step brother, Chetan who is 3 yrs old,Sanskar has parents and 12 yr old younger sister Meera,instead of introducing I like to bring characters and moments between the lines.And I request all my ff reader friends not to miss any lines…

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Akku especially for being there in every episode ,so glad to c ur names..

  5. As usual ur just splendid u know I really like the way u portray rags lucky n sankys friendship very sweet!!!? N I can foresee that sharmishta’s wish of seeing smile on her daughters face will be fulfilled by our Hero Sanky? n rags n lucky as well☺ am I rite?

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Shraddha, how was ur exam?yes guess is right cos wen I wrote that line I had it in mind but considering the age of our characters,it will happen bt after some small small moments…I hope u will be there in this journey…

      1. Yessss of course? once ur fan ALWAYS ur fan!!!? MY exams are still going it went well☺ n true their age is actually highlight of ur ff the innocence of that age makes it refreshing experience to readers unike the grown up revengeful dramatic one. These cute moments that u add n the intensity of swaras pain hidden in her eyes the strong bond between sanky lucky rags my God so many X factors u ve ya? how do u imagine all this??

    2. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Fan is a big word,I m not worth it,u all r my reader friends,u know something,Joya and now u said wat I was thinking while writing ,like ,thought it would be good like somebody mentioned their emotions today…

      1. Yea just went back n saw ur convo n just like joya said sm 1 I admire so much is happy with I’m so glad??? n see according fan is sm1 who is fond of sm1 who admires sm1 I would say a bit more than just likeliness so u qualify all to have me as ur fan u know??lol kidding?? but once again my comments made u happy I’m happy as well?☺

    3. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Ok,Shraddha,dear,haha,m not saying anything now,I dont know what you all will say when this story turns pakka filmy,aha,m waiting………

  6. Aww the bonding between sanlak and rag was so cute

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Mumina ,hope u will be in touch.

  7. Sis amazing!!!
    Completely diff storyline love it sis!!!!

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Leku,so happy to c u here daily,hope u will be in touch dr.

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Mickey darling,very quiet nowadays ,results came ,ah???just kidding ,ok,u will score good marks, m sure. M going to sleep for some time…bye.

  8. thanks Di for clearing my confusion..i like ur track very much..its not only connected to love story but it is something connected to family emotions, friendship, care and responsibility..

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u,I’m too happy to see that u have got the crux of the story bt as story proceeds there will be some moments which may seem unrequited at first sight bt will be justified later, I believe.

  9. Yeah di ..i m lyk dat sometimes…n reslts,i don’t knw di…abhi toh clg v bndh h…kya karoooonnnn borriingggg lyfff…????

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Ok dr,stay happy n blessed,may God bless u wid an excellent result n cheerful days…

  10. Superb yaar

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Devi,good to c u here always.Hope u will keep reading.

  11. sanraglak bonding was nice…
    rags is naughty…
    n sanky is so caring…

  12. sanky is caring..
    rags is naughtier…
    sanraglak bonding nice…

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Meghs,yea,as f now all characters r close to my heart as well…bt don’t know furthur,hope u will be there in small journey thru my ff…

  13. nyc
    loved da updt

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u yr,new name under my ff,good to see u here,hope u will keep reading.

  14. Amazing episode dear… Yo know Wat yo are taking me back to my schooldays by your ff… Thanq so much…

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Bhuvi,yea,m also bk at school bt mine was a girls only convent school life from LKG to XII bt had enjoyed it to the fullest,this m pushing myself with a new start but once these grow up ,I don’t know it may end like stupid daily soaps n u all will kick me,ha…

  15. What about shekhar? Is he more as he is not even with ragzz. ..jst curious

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      No dr,Shekhar is no more in this story,and please check my reply under Niti’s first ,u’ll get an outline and also I had mentioned it thru these four episodes,actually ,I request u all to read without missing any lines as my characters will enter in between when required.M writing like a mini script ,sorry that is the main reasons m not going into description and detailing of emotions…

  16. Superb dr.. Both sanlak r not cousins rite ? And also ragini is from different family. U Introduced new characters , ..nice dr..I think sanskar’s parents r not sujatha and Ram , from sanky and mom interaction I felt so..

  17. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Thank u dr,naale enthezhthanam ennu Oru pidiyilla,nokkaam,actually as of now I am leaving to my reader friends to imagine these characters and relate them with their favourite actors.

  18. Oh dear…wt could I say about ur writing??? Which words I’ve to use?? The way of ur writing and expressing each ND evry feeling perfectly iz just awesome…..the way u handle the situation is soo good….loved it yaar

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      I have no words to thank u all as well for the support,and u ,thank u for being right from the start,also to see u felt the lines,some just episodes just happens like that and some are just ordinary,hope u will keep reading n will be in touch.

  19. Superb ff di!! Sanskar’s matured character is completely justified . Hats off to your creativity skills

    1. Thank u Vinita,you were missing for some time,hope u r good but honestly,I have a fear if u all will like this story as it proceeds,but m going ahead with this small track,hope u will read ………keep in touch dr.

  20. Awesum episode again. …….ur ff always makes me read smile throughout d reading. ……keek up d gr8 wrk…

    1. Thank u Priya,m glad to hear that,hope u will keep reading.

  21. Veena(Vini Ross)

    I’ll come back to reply to u a few of the comments which I haven’t responded to,and next update will be tomorrow, sorry.

  22. Sypprrrvvvv…di. Every tm it mks me recall my own school days. Lvd it.

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