Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 38

Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction (season 2) episode 38,if possible,don’t miss episodes from now,and probably next one will be posted by tomorrow evening..episode 37 was posted on 26th.Hope u read that.

Scene 1

Sanskaar calls Mukesh,he informs him that he is joining office back from the next day,Mukesh agrees and tells him as he had mentioned the other day ,Akshay and family seems to have accepted everything and won’t be posing a problem again,Mukesh enquires about Swara,he tells him that they will come to cottage one day and promises him that he will try to solve everything very soon,Sanskaar tells him that now he is not worried about anything,this experience has truly changed him and given him the strength to face everything. Mukesh listens silently,he again apologises and tells him not to think that he is not doing anything to settle things,he tells him that he has started the works to start a new company and once that is set up,he can totally wind up his association with Akshay’s dad and when they split ways,with that amount can secure his family,then even if he loses Sumi n kids for hiding such a big thing,he will happily accept it and won’t let Sanskaar suffer more,he also tells him that he is not at all worried about Swara because he knows that she is in the safest hands,Sanskar asks him not to worry about anything ,asks about his health and asks him to take care and cuts the call..

He was standing outside the cottage,it is a full moon night,he slowly goes and sits on the white bench,he leans backward and looks at the moon,he smiles like a kid,he tells,it is true that nature speaks in a 1000 little ways,and u Mr.Moon ,when I looked up at you,I forgot my worries a bit and I am smiling like a fool..he doesn’t realise Swara coming from behind,she comes and sits on the bench,Sanskaar looks at her,she smiles and asks him if he has plans to stop talking to people,she teases him for talking to himself looking at the sky,he tells her about going to office,Swara tells him that there work must have piled up,Sanskaar tells Swara that better to go inside and talk as she had fever a couple of days ago,on the way to cottage,Swara tells him,”Sanskaar ,try to come home daily, ok,I know Seems aunty and uncle will be here but without you I feel so lonely,I mean I feel scared actually, so try to come home daily,please,he looks at her and softly asks ,”Swara,once everything is fine,you will go back,so that time what will you do?Swara listens to him,Sanskaar understands what he had asked, both stares into each other’s eyes,Swara tells him softly,” I have always been honest with you,

and so I will say,sometimes ,now ,I wish that our story continued like this,I know I am a fool to think like this,but the love which I had once burried within is,she quickly says,” but don’t worry Sanskaar,I can handle it ,once our issues are solved,we will together talk to Sanky and I promise, I will not let you lose your love,Sanskaar notices that Swara is on the verge of tears while saying that,she brings a forced smile and walks ahead of him,tears roll down her eyes,she doesn’t try to wipe it,Sanskaar looks at her from behind with moist eyes,he holds the pendant which was the key chain and tells to himself looking at Swara,” don’t talk to me like this Swara,I may fail to hide my heart,,I may decide not to let you go,because ,you are my move,my girl…suddenly Swara turns and asks him to come inside for food,he nods….

Scene 2

After a few days..
Swara and Sanskaar has been behaving like a good couple in front of Seema and has eventually come a lot closer,their relationship has regained that care and trust which was lost by their forced marriage,Sanskaar usually comes late after office, Swara waits for him ,she has started cooking under Seema’s guidance,things seem to be a lot better at that cottage…
Next day morning,Sanskaar wakes up,he doesn’t find Swara there,he finds all provisions to make tea on the table and a small chit,”good morning ,rise and shine and me going to temple with uncle and aunty, didn’t wake u up because you slept late”,Sanskaar smiles reading the chit and simply says,” Good morning wife,I know you will pray for me,hope it will give some relief from this hectic schedule’,he quickly goes to get ready,when he comes after bath,wearing only a bath towel, Swara was back and preparing tea for him,he feels a little awkward,Swara handles the situation maturely and says,” don’t worry,you get ready, I will go”,she leaves and Sanskaar smiles to himself and says,” That’s like my wife..no ..friend”,he smiles again and looks at the door..Swara had left…he gets ready and comes out,after breakfast when he is about to leave,Swara goes near the car,she gets inside and says,” actually it is uncle and Aunty’s wedding anniversary today,will you buy a cake and some small gifts for them,one saree and one shirt or something, I know but if you don’t have take this bangle”,she is about to remove her bangles,Sanskaar holds her hand and says,” no need dear,I can manage,that is not a big amount,after all,my family is not accepting money from me now,his voice is sad and Swara notices it and holds hus hand and says,” trust me,everything will be fine,you will get them back,don’t worry,even I know you very well, you are not that bad to suffer like this…both look at each other holding hands,Swara then quickly gets down from the car and wishes him a good day…

Scene 3
Sanskaar has come early in the evening,they had purposefully sent Seema and Rajat out so that they can arrange the cake and decorate a little,after some time,they come back ,inside,they find all the lights off,Seema calls Rajat who was about to leave towards the gate and goes to switch on the lights,suddenly Sanskaar and Swara who were hiding near the switch board simultaneously press the switches and both Seema and Rajat who has walked inside are surprised to see the living room decorated,Swara and Sanskaar wishes them a happy anniversary and makes them cut the cake,they exchange each other and they feeds Swasan ,Seema aunty holds, Swara and Sanskaar’ s hands and takes them near the cake and tells them,” you guys have given us a lot if love and respect,we feel as though we are with our kids,but you both are too serious for your age, do one thing, for us ,cut one more piece from this and exchange,let us see that,we didn’t witness your engagemt and wedding,atleast let us see this”,both Swara and Sanskaar stares and each other for a second and bursts into laughter,Sanskaar then says,” ok aunty,for u both, come on Swara let’s cut one more piece and exchange”,he laughs and says,” wife,come…”,Swara feels happy hearing that, she eyes him lovingly,they together cuts the cake and exchange a piece,Swara wipes a little from the corner of his mouth with her hands,he smiles at her ,they then gives the gifts to Seema and Rajat,both thanks them and says,” thank u children, for this memorable day and may you both celebrate many wedding anniversary like this ,together…”,Sanskaar looks at Swara lovingly,she smiles and gives an expression like..”did you hear this”,Sanskaar understands and gives a meaningful nod which conveyed that they should continue acting in front of them….

Scene 4
After two weeks,Sanskaar is leaving for site visits, he tells Swara that he will be back after a week only,Swara feels sad hearing that but hides it,Sanskaar tells Swara not to tell this to anyone including aunty, he tells her that he has talked to Ragini,if her exams gets postponed, she will come for a few days ,he is about to leave..comes back and looks at her and says,” don’t worry,just give me a call if there is anything and take care,since I am so good ,you will miss me,I know,no need to say that… He said that to make her smile,she smiles at him and says,” over confidence is not good,go now…and come back soon..”,Sanskaar laughs and says,” come soon,this is what I told, u miss me,already..”,he winks at her and leaves..Swara goes near the car and waves…she comes back and goes to the room,she looks at the snap of theirs that Rajat clicked on the wedding anniversary day,she keeps staring at Sanskaar and says,” you are right,I miss u ,already,don’t know,how I will survive after we part ways,ah,better not to think about that,I know you are not meant for me but I am enjoying every moment with you and engraving it my heart,so that,the memories at least will remain na..may be that will help me..or will it hurt me more? I don’t know…Sanskaar, I just know that I miss you and also that I love you more than anyone…”,she looks at his photos in her phone….

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


  1. Needhi

    So, finally our vini di is back after a long holiday.good to see u again.awesome episode.it brought a smile on my face.i was really fed up of these exams and all , just checked the site and found your ff ,i became really happy.wish me luck as physics exam is on 5th ,so i really need it.

    • Sree harini(Divya)

      Hi needhi..after many days. Yeah even I came here to relieve myself and seeing didi’s fiction, 75% of the work was done and the remaining by your comment.

      • Vini

        Hai Sree,how r u?quite surprising that certain episodes that I feel ashamed to post are liked by my reader friends,dont know if they are being kind and simply encouraging,anyways so good to see u all here..

      • Needhi

        Wow, sree u r back.i am literally jumping . I hope your problem got solved.i hope u will come back with raglak ff.i missed u so much.

      • sindhuja

        hey, teju, needhi, vaishu, vini chechi!!! how are you all? missed you so much!!! teju, vaishu and needhi, hope, you are preparing well for the exams *wink* don’t take exam stress too much, dear!! you will do them well! oops!! vini chechi, i didn’t know what you are doing? can you share it again? *puppy face* hoping to see you all soon!! Be happy!! Do well!!! *thumbs up*

    • sethooty

      Hey needhi..ys our vini is back..
      Hey Sree ..sreedivya happy to see ..wen will u start ur another Ff….wat about exam and all..

      • Vini

        Hei Sethooty,amazing support dear,I didnt write this from my heart,I should admit I am not getting time and most of the episodes of this season 2 are so so randomly written and I feel really disappoined wen I post it yet you are all encouraging me a lot,no words,thank u dear.

    • Vini

      Hai dear,how are you,exam time,no?all the best,it was the third episode that i typed from phone and so happy to see the response,though some major typing mistakes are there,oh,all the best for your Physics exam,I know you will do well..

      • Needhi

        Di i am fine .How r u??exams r going well.till now ,only english exam has been held .fingers crossed ,i hope everything goes well as physics , maths and chemistry are still remaining.

    • vaishnavi

      Hi needhi ….do next physics xam all d best dear …..nd u r only having 5 subjects??….any ways write well srore well….after dis board xams also we r not free no bcoz we r having mains xam so all d best for dat too well in dat xam u r my competetor so I must b careful I think no hahaha….

      • Needhi

        Hi vaishnavi, ya i have only 5 subjects .all the best for your exam dear.btw i am planning for B.Sc. ,so no need to worry dear.

  2. zoya

    Thanxxx vini dii for updating ……….it was awesome………waiting for the episode when all their misunderstandings will be cleared.

  3. Shraddha

    Ah Mrs Ross this is not done…..
    I shall complain Mr Ross ….. Your giving us Diwali vacation in between episodes??
    Cheating Cheating….. ?
    Well didi u donno how happy I was to see that wallpaper n above all the fact that u said dont miss here after!!!??
    Which meanssss ahhaaaa? I’m already exited….
    No words for today’s Episode ……
    Absolutely Swasanicious?
    Soooo much of SwaSan wer to start from?
    All I can say is my dearest SwaSan are behaving soooooo cutely like a Cute sweet Coupl??
    It’s not hard for them because deep down that’s the only thing they crave for!!!!
    Thank you didi for such a sweet episode specially last scene
    Wen he said see u are already missing me? n winks ….
    Who else other than a cute romantic couple cud speak up like that?
    Haaa I’m so glad u wrote this Marriage drama plot!!!!
    Eagerly looking forward as to
    how mukesh uncle will come up
    How everyone will react to truth
    How swasanraglak will unite n above all
    How these two will make it up to each other!!!!?

    • Vini

      Hai Shraddha dear,how r u?haha,Ross is my maiden surname,still ,loved the way u addressed(teasing tone,though..just kidding ,ok),actually it is Mrs.Rodrigues but not changed to void confusion in profession,haha,m busy as well as lazy dear,last weekend my friend ,actually junior was here and was busy,she left on monday,still,I was very lazy to spare some time and type,yesterday also,till 6 pm,had not typed a word,then took my phone and typed it,even I wasnt sure what I was going to type,moon,wedding anniversary and all just came like that and included,if u all liked this episode means a lottery for me,after say 24 episodes,I havent been able to write with full concentration,very much on the spot scenes,though that connection is there due to a clear one line,thank God for the scenes which comes like that,I asked not to miss the up coming episodes not cos I have planned soething but because I dont know what is going to come,what if u all miss some relvant scene(if there is one),also,since Swasan of my ff are coming closer,anytime ,that misundrstanding may get cleared,so,very happy to know u liked this,I personally,didnt like,last four lines,since I am too lazy to elaborate and also as i dont wana repeat the typical daily soap style,my story may be fast forwarded,any time,so pls dont miss any,ok.

      • Shraddha

        Hahaha di u like it ?well this is all inbuilt shraddhas dialoguebaazi u know????hahahab??
        My mom gets so pissed off with me smtimes she’s like jake koi serial me kaam karle leave engineering n stuff???lol
        Ohhhooo so di was on very hectic schedule
        No problem fake ur time OK mesnwhile we will keep anticipating about the age ka storyyy
        M eagerly waiting to see how’s things will turn out!!!
        Good day to u di?

  4. Lee

    Ye nidhi u r right finally our vini is back oh di i missed u so much n ur ff……..oh god di plzzz update so it so pure….

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,I am happy to see your name here,since I stopped watching real swaragini ,most of the times I just read written updates and have noticed your name among comments,I am glad to know that u were following this and glad if u liked it.

  5. Awesome di
    I didn’t comment in last episodes
    But now I read every episode
    It’s really painful dii…..
    The way u showed their emotions it’s awesome dii……

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,good to c u back,hope you are enjoying at NIT,if some emotions got conveyed ,pleasure,,I am just writing like an update of something I have watched and if it is getting conveyed,truly,very happy …

  6. Lee

    Ye nidhi u r right finally our vini is back oh di i missed u so much n ur ff……..oh god di plzzz update so it so pure……

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,m happy if u liked it,honestly,I dont like what I write,it is just for u guys,m still continuing..

  7. Joya

    Yr……i loved dis epi…….superb……as usual perfect…………..each and every thing is just perfect….har dialogue sida asar kar gaya di……

    Mukesh aur sanskar ka conversation (love,concern,guilt,apology, fear,strength….. Sare emotions ek sath..)

    Sanskar ka moon ko kisi child ki tarah dekh kar muskurana(yeh to humri aadat hai),swara ka indirectly Sanskar ko kehna she feels secured wid him..
    Bad me me na hu tab kya karogi??
    Swara’s reply-i have always been honest wid u..bad me uski khudse ki bate….Almost rote huye uska kehana ki main tumhe tumhara pyar khone nahi dungi….uske mudne k baad sanskar ka kehna dnt talk to me like dis,i may fail to hide my heart……mar daala is ne humne……..

    Samay k sath rishte me badlav aana,wo letter,most imp thing sanskar ka kehna ki ab meri family mere paise accept nahi karti….perfect….uska is baat se sad hona….anniversary celebration,swara ka expression like did u here dis????

    Last scene me swara sanskar ka conversion…good..masti and all ha……aakhari lines from i m enjoining to last word…..just beautiful……..


    • Vini

      Hi Joya dear,How are you?,actually my reply for our army members is not just meant for the one I am typing reply,it is meant for all of you,I just read and type what comes to mind,and sometimes,I forget to type at the right place,sorry for that,then ,will you believe dear,this was typed randomly ,from my phone,usually dont do that,because of the auto correct and errors,and I didnt want to post t,but snce I told yesterday morning under previous that I will type something by evening,just jsut for the sake of posting,I typed this and I didnt like it at all,and now reading your response,I feel you are all being extremely kind to me and if this could reach you all then I am very happy dear,more than planned scenes,always random scenes has given me a lot of response,actually scenes are not planned,thank God,he gives me something to type for you all n truly very happy if u are liking it,you have mentioned about the scenes perfectly,yes,m happy with the fact that u noticed all that,smiling at the moon,it was my friend’s habit wen we were in hostel,so just included that,still night sky reminds me about her friendship and hstel days,truly overwhelming this response is uder suh a randomly written episode,thank u dr.

      • ambika

        sis.. w8ing for next epi… tum kamal ho yar… swasan wala ff Maine comments me nam rehta tha hmesha so curiosity se Pda … tbse Maine apki hr story padi hai… love u sis… 🙂

  8. Sree harini(Divya)

    Seriously didi I agree with shradda. You are really taking time to update episodes but this waiting we do for every update is worth. Thanks for light episode didi as my heart became light from tensions.
    Coming to this update, loved SWASAN a lot especially sanskar because he is living in the way he is. I became very emotional when sanskar tried to be hard to swara hiding his pain..frankly speaking, I had stopped reading three updates but as usual you rocked. I always love you and your fiction didi…best writer.

    • Shraddha

      Hey Miss limitless love!!!
      How are u!!!
      Good to see u back!! Read 7th part late saw u disturbed abit so just kept mum…
      Anyways ur back I’m glad!!!!!
      Take care n don’t stop writing ff
      N for heaven sake write sm nyc romcom u atleast just have fun making us cry huh??
      Lol kiddin?

    • Vini

      Hi dear,so u r Divya,good,actually,season 2 of my ff,I am not at all satisfied,if I was a reader only then I would not have been happy and felt that it is worth the wait but all are being very very kind,I should say,and if u all are liking it,then,I am happy,cos,this woud have ended wth 30 episodes,but just for that small gang of mine,whom I lovingly call army,I extended this,now I am going with the flow,though I am lazy,lots of love to u too and thank u for liking my ff and are you writing now,can u give me the title, if yes..

  9. Niyati

    Ohh wowwww..lucky me..after almost 8-9 days i got time(n specially my sis’s mobile) to check this site only n only for our this cute ff…n see how lucky i am..!! i was expecting only one part but here i got two…

    issseeee kehte hai duble dhamaka….

    huh..Di..you know how much i hv missed my sanky darling…..i can’t even expressed it to u..

    btw it seems jiju k sath bahut mast time spend kark aye ho ha…that’s y u forget ki i m badly missing sanky…huh..but Jo bhi ho jiju ko thanks bolna padega….after all at last v got such sweet treat…kya kya kiya ha..batao batao..hahahha..sorry Di just kidding….vo na shaitani dimag thoda jaag gaya tha..baki i to never tease anyone..how innocent of me na..!!!..i know that..lol..

    epi 37 and 38 both are just rocking..Shona baby n sanky darling are coming closer..just love both of their unconditional love for each other..you beautifully described all the cute sweet scenes..you nailed it Di..love u..

    Di may b u will not find my comments regularly but i will for sure follow this ff…nd will try to do comment like this..as n when time permits…

    u know Di ….how i m stoping my fingers to not write full episode analysis of both epi…poor me….

    • Vini

      Niyati,I love your name dear,I will surely suggest it if somebody ask me names for a baby girl, (actually ,I have suggested a few and they are the names of my friends’ niece and nephews now ,I still wonder how they liked all that),and I am very hapy to see u back,hows is ur prep,hectic,it should be,no?God bless u dear,now let me read your coment and by the way,u r in touch with our Kriya,convey regards,haha,so u read these two stuid episodes,I know dear,these are not upto the mark,m writing only for u all,haha,jiju is fine,all good by God’s grace,yea yea,I know ,very innocent bacchi,real nautanki,actually,last weekend was fun,a junior had come,she is four years junior to me ,like my sis actually,so last weekend gave some lasting memories,very happy,yes Swasan is coming closer,let me plan what to write further,just study well my dear and keep the title in mind,I will give links so that u can find it later,if u wish to read ,haha,Shraddha and Joya have given the complete analysis on ur behalf too,,,tc,study well ,dear.

  10. sethooty

    Hi vini..thank u so much for this lovely episode..I can’t explain how much happy.. After reading this one….miss u lot..
    Ur friend is there?

    • Vini

      Hi dear,sukhalle,I am happy to c u all ,just for you all m posting something,not at all happy with these dear,I keep repeating this cos that is what I feel about this second season,missed u all,miss writing neatly written epiosdes for u all,not saying first season was extraordinary but I was satisfied but this upto school days episode I was..but now so randomly m writing something..no friend went back,but was fun,last weekend..

  11. Diya

    ???Hi Di! Upload cheythatinu thank you soooo much!!Loved it!???..Njan adutha episodinu vendi kathiikum!!

  12. Niyati

    hello everyone…….


    so finally i got leave form my office for my final study…i hv started going library from 1st march itself…i go to library at 6:00 o’clock in morning and come back by 10:30 at night…this is going to be my routine for next months till my exam…poor me..

    missing you all soooooooooo much…how are u all ??? having fun without me huh…

    vinita…vaishnavi…all the very best for your exams…sethooty..rupshikha…how r u ?..rupshikha u become Mr India huh..!!

    Kriya has shifted with her family to jamnagr..i hv also not talked with her since last 2 weeks..bz of my schedul n she is also bezy in setalling down there..i m missing her so much..though we were not used to meet regularly but still at least we know we r there in the city itself so can meet any damm time..but now…kya kare…we are physically far but v will never b far from heart…

    miss u all…take care..hv beautiful days ahead…Gn..sd

    • Vini

      Hi dear,oh,so ,Niti baba is really busy,God bless u dear,study well,oh,it tuf,but at the end you will be smiling and of course,the pride in your parents’ eyes,we miss u dear,ok,convey our regards to Kriya,have replied to your comment above,take care dear,yea,wen relationships are tied up to ur heart,distance doesnt matter at all,my bestie is in London,I miss her a lot but whatsapp aside,wen we talk it is as though we are still sitting in adjacent seats and chatting..

  13. Niyati

    joya..shraddha..SAME PINCH…me to don’t like to ware traditional cloths…in functions my mom and all my family members forcefully made me ware all those stuff..its not that i don’t like it but its that i don’t feel comfortable in that…there is only one occasion in which i love to ware Chaniya Choli..n its NAVARATRI..i am crazy about GARABA & DANDIYA..baki fully tom boy…even in office i don’t like to ware kurties…if anyone see me in traditional they will surly say..”tumhari tabiyat toh thik hai na” ..hahahah..lol..but ha my hair is not long..i cut it off while b4 3 years back..now its up to my shoulders only…

    joya dear…you are a very good writer dear…tum poem bahut hi jyada mast bole to eke dam jakkas likhati ho yar..u r very talented dear…

    Hii shraddha baby…yup i will surely try to get some time to comment here..send u all msg here..to b honest i feel relax and fresh…

    • Vini

      Haha,conference of Tom boys here,you all are the same dears,same nature,similar likes and dislikes,born and brought up at various places,but still could meet u all,could chaat as though chatting with friends and family,I usually dont open up uch,still,cant believe ,shared a lot with u guys,it was destined to meet u all,and these memries will remain in my heart,I am sure..our Mickey darling was the first one who made me speak up..

    • vaishnavi

      Niyathi di hatts off to ur dedication see u r doing dis much hard work na I am sure u will definitely achieve ur goal…..but u r preparing for c.a for dat maths is more imp then y library? ? Just one doubt dats it….

    • sethooty

      I like traditional dress..I mean sari , half saree, Kerala traditional outfits ..especially in marriage nd festivals.otherwise prefere d to close Western outfits.
      So niyati tom boy..I just try imagine u in jeans and shirt with short hair..ys really stunning..

  14. Niyati

    needhi all the very best for your exams…

    all the best to all the girls here who are going to appear in their final 10th or 12th board n any other exams…

  15. Ahhhhh… After long time I get to see ur ff..no need to tell…as always amazing. I love Sanskar in ur ff and at first u said not to miss after this epi..it means a lot of happiness is waiting to come ?

    • Vini

      Hi dear,you are one of those few names,who have always been there even thoughI reply in one or two short sentences,thank u for this support dear,actually,I told not to miss because,now story has reached a point where our swasan is coming closer,so kinda unpredictable for me too,so dont want my regular readers to miss it…

  16. Nandana

    Chechi chechi kidu kidilam.Chechi mikavarm njn ith vayich vayich marikkm attrkk addict aaki klnju….chechi Kochil ninn aanalle.m frm TVPM….chechi padikkuano

    • Vini

      Oh,actually,ishatpettu ezhuthiyathu ennu ariyunnathu santhosham aanu but njan writer onnum allathondu enikku njan ezhuthunnathu ishatpedarilla,first season was ok for me,but season 2,thattikkootti ezhuthi post cheyyunnatha,ok,Trivandrum aanalle,enikku kurachu friends undu avide,njan BDS kazhinju,kalyanam kazhinju husbandnoppam Bangalore aanu ippol,keep reading dear..

    • sethooty

      Hey nandana loved ur comments.njan chirichu poyi..next episode I’ll marikkoo..?.malayalam kekkumbol oru sukham..

  17. Shraddha

    Niyati babyyyyy!!!!!
    You don’t know how much happy I was to see your name on the comment boxxx!!!??????

    We really miss you n Kriya sooooooooo muchhh
    Ah that unexpected happiness ?
    U know I’m feeling as if meri purani schoolmate seee kitneeee dinoooo baaaad milne wala feeling….. N rejoicing all the memories associated with her????
    Gosh so much happiness in just a day

    Didis such a sweet updated
    U commenting??
    Aur kya chahiye bhai!!! Hum toh khushi se jhoom rahe haiiii

    All the best Niyatiii u will do great I know that!!!!
    U know I really Got inspired by ur schedule n ur determination??
    Great yaar!!!

    N off course hum Ek he zoo ke pagal bandariyaaa hai toh obviously similar honge na
    Kyun joya??????
    I sm what knew that I could relate with u n her…….. Baki sabb Vinita Vaishu rups mujhe cuteeee se ladkiyaa lagti haii
    Navratriii I just love it mahn,!!!!
    N Gujrat me matlab l celebration at its best rite?!!!
    Phir jaldi milna babyy miss u but u do study well take care love u loadsss
    All the very best

    • Vini

      Haha good ralisation about self,zoo,correct,correct,but Joya and Niti will hit me,I think,I meant correct about you,kidding ok,u r right,u three are the same,Sethooty is matured enough,Joya,I feel has certain shades of mine or I have my shades in her,I think ppl who knows me will agree if they read the nature of Joya’s comments,but all the rest are our cute lil girls..

      • Shraddha

        Ayyooo Vini diiii what ya u took my words abt myself so seriously ha????lol kidding!!

        Joyaaaaa dear see we all are one hell off similar pll over here??
        Wahh wahhb
        Hum sab kumbh ke mele me bichade huye benhee hai ??hahahahah
        Wat say???
        N didi I feel apart from the joy who gives analysis like with one hell of astonishing words with so much depth in it…….
        She n I are Same like the naughty part in us u see??
        Hahaha kyun joyaaaaa

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        All the very best!!!!
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    • Vini

      I am too bad at writing expresssive romance,this unexpressed subtle style is what I like,but there is a lot of love between our swasan,thank u for the comment dear.

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      Thank u dear,good to c u too,since I had read and replied to your comment under previous one I was forced to type this episode,or else I would have postponed,

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      Hai dear,how r u?how’s ur exams going on?,take care,learn well, the scenes u mentioned,happy if u liked it,I couldn’t post regularly, sorry,shall try.God bless,good luck…

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      Thank u dear,yes,story is reaching that point,anytime it can happen,thank u for likng my ff.

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      Hai dear,good to c u back,haha description like holding ears,liked it, actually I wanted to post it regularly but couldn’t but hereafter going to try to do that..

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