Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 38


Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction (season 2) episode 38,if possible,don’t miss episodes from now,and probably next one will be posted by tomorrow evening..episode 37 was posted on 26th.Hope u read that.

Scene 1

Sanskaar calls Mukesh,he informs him that he is joining office back from the next day,Mukesh agrees and tells him as he had mentioned the other day ,Akshay and family seems to have accepted everything and won’t be posing a problem again,Mukesh enquires about Swara,he tells him that they will come to cottage one day and promises him that he will try to solve everything very soon,Sanskaar tells him that now he is not worried about anything,this experience has truly changed him and given him the strength to face everything. Mukesh listens silently,he again apologises and tells him not to think that he is not doing anything to settle things,he tells him that he has started the works to start a new company and once that is set up,he can totally wind up his association with Akshay’s dad and when they split ways,with that amount can secure his family,then even if he loses Sumi n kids for hiding such a big thing,he will happily accept it and won’t let Sanskaar suffer more,he also tells him that he is not at all worried about Swara because he knows that she is in the safest hands,Sanskar asks him not to worry about anything ,asks about his health and asks him to take care and cuts the call..

He was standing outside the cottage,it is a full moon night,he slowly goes and sits on the white bench,he leans backward and looks at the moon,he smiles like a kid,he tells,it is true that nature speaks in a 1000 little ways,and u Mr.Moon ,when I looked up at you,I forgot my worries a bit and I am smiling like a fool..he doesn’t realise Swara coming from behind,she comes and sits on the bench,Sanskaar looks at her,she smiles and asks him if he has plans to stop talking to people,she teases him for talking to himself looking at the sky,he tells her about going to office,Swara tells him that there work must have piled up,Sanskaar tells Swara that better to go inside and talk as she had fever a couple of days ago,on the way to cottage,Swara tells him,”Sanskaar ,try to come home daily, ok,I know Seems aunty and uncle will be here but without you I feel so lonely,I mean I feel scared actually, so try to come home daily,please,he looks at her and softly asks ,”Swara,once everything is fine,you will go back,so that time what will you do?Swara listens to him,Sanskaar understands what he had asked, both stares into each other’s eyes,Swara tells him softly,” I have always been honest with you,

and so I will say,sometimes ,now ,I wish that our story continued like this,I know I am a fool to think like this,but the love which I had once burried within is,she quickly says,” but don’t worry Sanskaar,I can handle it ,once our issues are solved,we will together talk to Sanky and I promise, I will not let you lose your love,Sanskaar notices that Swara is on the verge of tears while saying that,she brings a forced smile and walks ahead of him,tears roll down her eyes,she doesn’t try to wipe it,Sanskaar looks at her from behind with moist eyes,he holds the pendant which was the key chain and tells to himself looking at Swara,” don’t talk to me like this Swara,I may fail to hide my heart,,I may decide not to let you go,because ,you are my move,my girl…suddenly Swara turns and asks him to come inside for food,he nods….

Scene 2

After a few days..
Swara and Sanskaar has been behaving like a good couple in front of Seema and has eventually come a lot closer,their relationship has regained that care and trust which was lost by their forced marriage,Sanskaar usually comes late after office, Swara waits for him ,she has started cooking under Seema’s guidance,things seem to be a lot better at that cottage…
Next day morning,Sanskaar wakes up,he doesn’t find Swara there,he finds all provisions to make tea on the table and a small chit,”good morning ,rise and shine and me going to temple with uncle and aunty, didn’t wake u up because you slept late”,Sanskaar smiles reading the chit and simply says,” Good morning wife,I know you will pray for me,hope it will give some relief from this hectic schedule’,he quickly goes to get ready,when he comes after bath,wearing only a bath towel, Swara was back and preparing tea for him,he feels a little awkward,Swara handles the situation maturely and says,” don’t worry,you get ready, I will go”,she leaves and Sanskaar smiles to himself and says,” That’s like my wife..no ..friend”,he smiles again and looks at the door..Swara had left…he gets ready and comes out,after breakfast when he is about to leave,Swara goes near the car,she gets inside and says,” actually it is uncle and Aunty’s wedding anniversary today,will you buy a cake and some small gifts for them,one saree and one shirt or something, I know but if you don’t have take this bangle”,she is about to remove her bangles,Sanskaar holds her hand and says,” no need dear,I can manage,that is not a big amount,after all,my family is not accepting money from me now,his voice is sad and Swara notices it and holds hus hand and says,” trust me,everything will be fine,you will get them back,don’t worry,even I know you very well, you are not that bad to suffer like this…both look at each other holding hands,Swara then quickly gets down from the car and wishes him a good day…

Scene 3
Sanskaar has come early in the evening,they had purposefully sent Seema and Rajat out so that they can arrange the cake and decorate a little,after some time,they come back ,inside,they find all the lights off,Seema calls Rajat who was about to leave towards the gate and goes to switch on the lights,suddenly Sanskaar and Swara who were hiding near the switch board simultaneously press the switches and both Seema and Rajat who has walked inside are surprised to see the living room decorated,Swara and Sanskaar wishes them a happy anniversary and makes them cut the cake,they exchange each other and they feeds Swasan ,Seema aunty holds, Swara and Sanskaar’ s hands and takes them near the cake and tells them,” you guys have given us a lot if love and respect,we feel as though we are with our kids,but you both are too serious for your age, do one thing, for us ,cut one more piece from this and exchange,let us see that,we didn’t witness your engagemt and wedding,atleast let us see this”,both Swara and Sanskaar stares and each other for a second and bursts into laughter,Sanskaar then says,” ok aunty,for u both, come on Swara let’s cut one more piece and exchange”,he laughs and says,” wife,come…”,Swara feels happy hearing that, she eyes him lovingly,they together cuts the cake and exchange a piece,Swara wipes a little from the corner of his mouth with her hands,he smiles at her ,they then gives the gifts to Seema and Rajat,both thanks them and says,” thank u children, for this memorable day and may you both celebrate many wedding anniversary like this ,together…”,Sanskaar looks at Swara lovingly,she smiles and gives an expression like..”did you hear this”,Sanskaar understands and gives a meaningful nod which conveyed that they should continue acting in front of them….

Scene 4
After two weeks,Sanskaar is leaving for site visits, he tells Swara that he will be back after a week only,Swara feels sad hearing that but hides it,Sanskaar tells Swara not to tell this to anyone including aunty, he tells her that he has talked to Ragini,if her exams gets postponed, she will come for a few days ,he is about to leave..comes back and looks at her and says,” don’t worry,just give me a call if there is anything and take care,since I am so good ,you will miss me,I know,no need to say that… He said that to make her smile,she smiles at him and says,” over confidence is not good,go now…and come back soon..”,Sanskaar laughs and says,” come soon,this is what I told, u miss me,already..”,he winks at her and leaves..Swara goes near the car and waves…she comes back and goes to the room,she looks at the snap of theirs that Rajat clicked on the wedding anniversary day,she keeps staring at Sanskaar and says,” you are right,I miss u ,already,don’t know,how I will survive after we part ways,ah,better not to think about that,I know you are not meant for me but I am enjoying every moment with you and engraving it my heart,so that,the memories at least will remain na..may be that will help me..or will it hurt me more? I don’t know…Sanskaar, I just know that I miss you and also that I love you more than anyone…”,she looks at his photos in her phone….

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  8. Your ff was posted so much before?? I had nt read it!!! 🙁 The episode was fantastic! Well it often happens with writers that they don’t like their own ff but yet readers appreciate it! It also happens with me! After writing n tearing d pages 3-4tyms I think that it is okay but again feel noo its bad. But to my surprise my readers praise it! You had even confronted my one epi of my ff which I said bad but you said its awsome!

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