Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 37

Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction (Season 2) episode 37,I ,myself has lost connection with the story after a long gap,so,can understand the situation of the readers,still, going to continue…

Scene 1:Cottage..

Swara wakes up in the morning,she is feeling tired because of the fever,she recalls previous day’s events,she smiles when she remembers how Sanskaar sang for her,she slowly goes near the window and moves the curtains,rays of the sun falls on her face,she blinks her eyes and turns,she looks at the couch where Sanskaar slept the previous night,she finds the blanket neatly folded and kept,she then goes to the kitchen,she also looks for Sanskaar in the house but doesn’t find him,she wishes Seema aunty good morning and asks for Sanskaar,she tells her that he left in the morning itself,Swara takes the cup of tea and then aunty comes near her and asks how she is feeling,Swara smiles aand replies that she is feeling better,Seema aunty tells her, “you scared your husband yesterday,he was very sad,I saw him seated beside your bed and wiping his tears when you were not responding,he is a very nice boy,no?only lucky ones will get so much love from their partners,you are very lucky,you have a very loving husband,I saw his concern yesterday,may God bless you to love each other like this and live happily for ever.”,Swara is unable to believe what she just heard,she tells aunty that she has to go to wash room and leaves from there…
She comes to the bed room and sits on the couch,she recalls what aunty said,she is a little happy when she remembers that he wiped tears seeing her not responding…she looks up and says, “God,what is happening?he told Sanju is a closed chapter,I am honestly,very happy to know that his love is not being shared ,but he has some feelings for me??,seriously?,God,I am feeling very happy after hearing that he showed concern,will I get his love ,some day?She quickly realises her silly thoughts,hits her head softly and says, ‘’no Swara,you cant let anything or anyone break your heart again,Sanskaar wont love you,he had told you,then why are you thinking about that,he asked for some time,you agreed,once problems are solved,you both will go back to your respective lives…why are you dreaming then,fool…?she again looks up and says, “God,you know why,because it is a 12 years’ silent love and the wait made me feel 12 years as 12 centuries,then told him,didint get it ,my heart broke into pieces,now when I hear someone else mentioning,some hope is being rekindled ,my love ,my feelings for him,wont go easily like that,this heart is not listening,what to do?I know I am being a fool,but I still love him,I will always love him….”

Scene 2:Same morning

Ragini’s hostel reception…

Laksh is seated on the chair,he is going through a magazine,a few girls are leaving for college,he looks up hearing the sound of heels and again goes back to the book,then he hears somebody’s foot steps and says, “Ragini…?”,Ragini comes near him,she is surprised to see him,she wishes good morning and sits beside him,he keeps the magazine back and says, “Good morning Ragini”,Ragini asks him, “hei,when they told that I have a visitor,I didn’t expect you,and since last few days,you were very serious over the phone,I was planning to come his weekend to see you,what happened?
Laksh looks at her and says, “you gave your other phone to Sanskaar ,no?you didn’t tell me anything,I don’t know what all you guys are hiding from me,you don’t trust me,ah?Ragini is silent,she then says, “I am sorry Laksh,yes,I gave phone to him,but I am not hiding anything,even ,I don’t know why he did all this to Swara,only thing I know is that I cant ignore the honesty in his eyes,he must be having his reasons,not willing to say,”,Laksh looks at her and says, “I was a little disturbed with this,but I am not angry with you or Swara”,Ragini asks him quickly, “with Sanky?”,Laksh says,it is better not to talk about him,I don’t have a friend Sanskaar now,he did hurt me a lot,his words were so sharp,I am not able to forget it,Sanky don’t have a place in my heart now”…”Ragini sadly looks at him and says, “but Lucky..”Laksh says, “leave it Ragini,I also came to ask you something,my grandparents are coming home,then chacha and family,mom’s close relatives are all coming on a vacation,they wish to see you,in fact they are going to talk to your parents about our engagement,don’t worry,wedding will be after your exams,I mean,when you are free…so I came to ask you about this as well..’’Ragini says, “if all your relatives can attend means,then,ok,you tell your dad to talk to my parents,I have no probs….Laksh is happy,he smiles and says, “ok,then,I will leave,you have to go to college ,no?go get ready,he turns to leave,then quickly comes back and pulls her cheeks and says, “now it is just swaraglak for me…I know it will be difficult for you,but,you should accept it,hope you will,ok my girl,bye,ah,here it is…”Ragini looks at him,he gives her a pack of chocolates,she thanks him and accepts it,Laksh goes and she watches him leaving…She recalls what Laksh told about Sanskaar .Her eyes are filled…..

Scene 3:

Afternoon, cottage..

Sanskaar comes to Swara’s room,Swara looks at him,he drags a chair and sits near the bed,she asks him where he had gone,he asks her how she is feeling,he also asks if she had food and took tablets,Swara bods,he hands over a packet to her,she accepts it,he asks her to open it,she does and finds a mobile inside it,he gives her a sim and tells her that she may use it in case of emergency as he is planning to go to office in two days,she looks at him and says, “I am not able to understand you Sanskaar,now,if I use this and call my parents,then they will come this side and if they take me away,what will you do?and how will that gang react,you told you all wanted dad’s money,no?Sanskaar looks into her eyes and says, “I know you wont call them”,Swara is surprised and asks again, “how that trust?”,Sanskaar gets up and says, “I know you more than anybody else in this world,Swara…”saying this he goes from there,Swara looks at him not able to believe what she just heard…she says, “O God,is that my friend Sanskaar who just spoke to me now or my …?he said he knows me more than anyone,I dont understand this boy at all or what my heart used to tell me about his love was true?but his Sanju?she closes her eyes and joins her hands and pleads, “God,if there is some way to sort all things out and give him back to me as my love……,please ,God,”suddenly she remembers about Sanju and says, “No God ,I have experienced that pain,I dont want another girl to go through that,I dont want him by snatching him from somebody,no God,sort thngs out and if their love is true,unite them,,just give me the blessing to accept it and move on..”her eyes are still closed and tears are rolling down,Sanskaar is watching this from the window,he didnt hear anything but he was watching her through the curtain,he has tears in his eyes as well….

(I know,just three scenes and there is nothing in this episode ,next Tuesday, I will post next episode and from then it will be posted regularly.)

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  1. yaar plz unite them soon
    i used to check regularly 3-4 tyms 4 ur update bt i think god accepted it today
    and plz update regularly
    love u

    1. Yes, they will be united soon,exactly which episode don’t knwo but very soon,and I will post next one tomorrow, extremely humbled and honoured reading the second sentence..Thank u

  2. Chechiiii ith evdarunnu it was superb.. any way ann reply taran patilla njnm Malayali aanu.Enk aadyame doubt adichata aa gone case girl,sinking ship itokke kndappo.pnne chechide perum.chechi eth districtl ninna…

    1. Hai dear,malayalam vayikkaan Oru sukhamundu,where R u from,m from Ernakulam dist.Place is near to Fort Kochi,oh so ur guess was right, happy to read your comment,.

  3. And look whom I found todayyyy
    Vini diiiii……
    It’s so good to see that wallpaper u know?

    N tough it’s just 3 scenes it hassss numerous emotionsss which are so well written?
    Oh I love you Seema auntyyy
    She spoke about real sanky n the husband sankyyy!!
    Gosh after such a long time heard sm1 praise him? but how sweet she said all that
    N den swara making an excuse n going to her room……
    Hope hope dear hope u are My Favourite chocolate I want to buy u n relish on u but I’m even scared of Tooth decay?
    This is situation for swara hope I think?hahah poor girl… 12 years just the word sends shivers down the spine…… What must be her condition……

    Den after a long time u wrote raglak that was very cute veeyyy cute until I read
    It’s only swaraglak now oh boy lucky I’m scared wen ull cm to know the truth u gona rrpent badly?

    Den my dear sanky came???
    Hawwww I missed him so much…..
    N just one line
    ” I know you more than anybody else in this world Swara”
    Omg?? yea swara ur absolutely rite…..
    The connection that she thought ….
    Now things seems to be fine soon
    I’m waiting for my mukesh uncle tough didi?haha
    Great episode missed u sooooooooi
    Much? n sorry but missed my Sanky moreeeeee hahahaha??

    1. Hai Shraddha baba,hw r u?what an analysis,chocolate eg haha,it will be swasan raglak at the end for sure, don’t worry,ohbu missed Sanky more ah…no problem, I missed u all…then Mukesh uncle will enter soon and everything will be fine in a few episodes.

  4. Hi vini hi sharadha ur great analyser how u.ll analyse dear r u arts or science student really today i impress about ur comment … Hi vini realy its too good..3 para gives great feeling keep writing definetly i wait for you..then belated happy valenten’s day dear..h v nice day bye.. Then dr do u know kannada…?

    1. Hey Divya!!!!
      Nothing like dat dear?? thank you BTW
      I’m an Engineering student Divya so Science stream only
      Hey your asking about Kannada???
      Are you from Karnataka as well ??
      I am By the way

    2. Hi Divya,hw r u?yes Shraddha is a good analyser ,and thank u for the good words and the wishes,wish u d same dear,next episode tomorrow.

      1. And I don’t know Kannada at all..but I will learn.

  5. JOYA baby do have a look at episode 36 ka page ha? Niyati has commented also n I have also replied to ur story which was amazing ????

  6. Wow!!!!! Epi bahut acha hai di!!!!! How are you??????
    Niyati di I read your comments. How are u???????
    Shradha even I support arrange marriage system. Mere ma aur baba ka bhi arranged marriage Hua tha.
    Sheetu tai tumi kashi ahe???
    Shradha di enjoy your garmi. Pata hai the climate here is so good. Kale kale badal aur barish!!!!!!!? rimjhim fire sawan……..?

    1. Hawwwwww Vinitaaaa????
      U ve baarishhh waha pe???
      I am enjoyiy 32 degree Celsius minimum see?
      It’s OK Garmi ka bhi apna he maza hai ?? hahaha!!!
      Enjoy ur Rimjhim
      I’ll enjoy with my Sooraj chahu?

    2. Hey vinita
      Mi khup chhan aahe…..tu kashi aahe???????

      Bariiiiishhhhhhhhhh………………………………………. So cooooolllll yr………

    3. Hai Vinita dear,how r u?u liked this one,?and rain in Bengal,I wana experience that once,and click some snaps too,arranged marriage system,I have faith in it as well..not saying love marriages are bad but arranged marriages are not at all a challenge as some ppl puts it but everything depends on the individuals to a great extent.

  7. Gire sawan

  8. Vini di pls di orupadu divasam ayalo pls make swara realise y sanskar did this and unite them pls…iam fed up of crying di!!

    1. Hi Diya,malayalam vayikkumbol othiri santhosham,yes after a 13 days gap,but,from tomorrow ,daily,they will be united soon,don’t lose hope if it doesn’t happen in next but hope u won’t miss upcoming episodes.

  9. Hi vini..
    .3 scenes are awesome.poor swara sometimes she is in a hope that she will get her love back and another second she she thinks about sanju .loved sanky’s attitude.. Wat a dialogue thaa.. I know u more than anyone else in the world’
    Raglak part also nice..
    I can understand why this late update..you r a doctor.. Lots of Responsibilities are there..

    1. Hi Sethooty,enthokkeyundu visheshangal?sukhano?actually, busy travelling,then friend came,so this weekend also ws tight,but happy to see her,miss her,already, @nd that one sentence is the only thing that I also felt while writing.Swara is an ordinary girl,but she is extremely good at heart.

  10. Hi
    My friends..our vini is back where u all
    Shradha episode analysis was good..
    Mickey darling congratulations..got first class na..lots of chocolates for u..

    1. Thank you seethuuu
      how are u???
      I’m here only see ….. Miss u all n Niyati n lkriyaa lot…..

    2. Missing our army a lot,if I had written regularly, then this would not have happened..I think.at least a lil better,situation would have been,miss u all guys.

  11. Scene 1

    Swara ka eyes ka blink karke mudkar us couch ka dekhna jaha sanskar soya tha,waha par blanket ka milna….seema aunty swasan k rishte se anjan Sanskar ki halat swara se share karna…….swara ka khush hona…fiR sanju ka yaad aana,fir uske hisab se jo sach hai wo ki sab thik ho jaye To wo apne apne raste chale jayenge…

    Scene 2.

    Ragini ko apna aur lucky k rishte ki khushi Se jyada lucky aur sanskar ki duriyon ka dard jyada ho raha hai…

    Scene 3

    Care,trust,love,understanding Sab kuch hai…..i really loved her conversation wid god……..usko mere pas bhejna mere pas as my love aur realize huaa to nahi maine dil tutne ka gham saha hai Kisi aur ko yeh dard na Dena…..superb……

    1. Hi Joya baba,hw r u?Thank u for the analysis,such a simple n randomly written episode, most episodes in this second season are not written from heart ,still,ur comments,truly motivating,then what news,happy,hale n hearty,no?tomboy style to girly look haha,I was imagining how u would be looking in both,good not to have bfs now,u all enjoy freely,well said about relationships,that’s it yaar,relationships should first be built between hearts ,after that,everything will on its own fall in place,as I had said,I have 100% faith in arranged marriages,most of our parents would have got married so, the relation between my parents made me have faith in and opt an arranged marriage and from my lil experience I would say,God will bind only the right ones…I believe, my bestie n many of my friends have same view point…

  12. Hey shraddha yr humre relative ki shaadi thi……..yr khana khane ko bhi nahi mila.itna tension tha qki humre tomboy k look se ladki k look me lana chahte the…ufffff….nahi ho paya humse …….shadi abhi huyi……..

    Abhi tumhara comment padhi……nice ha….kisi ladke ne likhi hai wo story????????fir sach me tarif k layak hai yr…………koi ladka kisi ladki ki emotions ko itne achchhe se samjta hai….wow………………..

    Mere sir ka kehna h ki humne unki naak kati hai qki humra ek bhi bf nahi hai…..hehehehehehehehehehe……

    Shadi k bare me humra opinion yeh hai ki chahe love marriage ho ya arranged ya live in ho…….kya fark padta…..rishta to wo hai humre liye jisme koi bandhan ho ya na ho bus us rishte se chhutne ka dil kabhi na kare……………..kisi ki saason se humri duniya bhar jaye…………

    Sorry for late reply but yr reallly missing u alot my sweetheart……

    Missing u all…..vini di,sethooty,rups,niyati,vaishu,vinita…..take care…..

    1. Humre frnds humre look change karna chahte the……tomboy se ladki….yeh kehna tha….

      1. Joooooo!!!! High five?? kyunki hum bhi not exactly tomboy but hume sablog bass yahi bolte hai ki yaar tera chehra toh ladki jaise hai aur bass wahi ekk hai baki tere me kuch bhi ladkiyon kaisa nahi???
        I’m a bit not soooo girly n ha one more point is I ve quite long hair till waist so Woh ek ladkiyon jaise sign hai baki toh????????

        Ssly mujhse bhi yeh sajna savarna n all bilkul bhi nahi bantaaa because I’m
        DEAD LAZYYYY??
        Rahi baat Woh marriage ki ur sir is nyc he meant it in a funny way???
        U know our sir is like literally utha ke daatate hai
        Hey u u don’t ve a boyfriend ur wasting ur life blablabala??? n
        Unhone toh yeh takk kaha ki agar 16 yrs umra me unki beti bina BF ke ghar aaye toh Woh usse bahar nikaldenke????
        Aur arrange marriage ko toh baap re kosste rehte hai
        Toh humne aise answer diya
        Thoda Extremist hai bolatha na?
        I’m OK with any kind of relationships but koi toh itni himmat dikhaye ki Hume Bardaash karsake hahaha lol??

        N i miss took babyy??
        Abhi aisa lagraha hai kitne dino baad sabse baat kiya

      2. Shraddha,u too,fantastic,even I started growing my hair after 9th standard,I think all here are or might have had some tomboyish nature within I think, and amazing bond u guys share,vibes should be the same, that is wat I understand wen I ho through ur comments,even I don’t spend time at all in front of mirror,cosmetics which cousins used to bring from abroad used to be passed untouched to some neighbours,mom used to say,better not to waste,let others use it,and ur Sir’s thoughts,can’t agree with him,he should not talk to students like that ,I would say,many other nonacademic things are there to be discussed ,no?and above all,this generation knows to choose what is right and wrong for them…and there will be somebody in this world who is created only for u..right one will come at the right time and will stay forever.

  13. Really nice….waiting for the next one

    1. Happy to read ur comment,thanks dr,next episode ,tomorrow.

  14. Vini di ur back… Miss u di…
    Pls update regularly ….
    Its awsome…
    Swara will be detective to find out saky doing …

    1. Hi dear,hw r u?thank u for the comment,from tomorrow, I hope I will update daily, and soon ,everything will start falling in place..

  15. Guys,my friend is here,till monday ,she will be here,so m a lil busy, next update will be on Tuesday n I will respond to yr comments as soon as I am free…

  16. Hi diis …..busy with prepration for board….
    Niyathi di dey r gonna start frm march 3 still not yet started……I missed u all very much ……
    Shikha di kya hua aapkho ithni irregular kyu ho hayi ….dekho na shraddha di jo har wakt mr.india watch pehenthithi aaj wohi comments kar rahi he aur aap jo har wakt comments karthe ho aab silent ho gayi ho …aap dona roles exchange kari kya…..just kidding shraddha di……
    Joya di missing ur poems ….
    Vinitha di aapko xams kab se he??
    Plss yaar koi toh reply karo wanna mujeh lagega koi mujeh miss hi nahi kar raha he

    1. Arey vaishuuu??
      No yaarr mere na exams the toh agra Mr India nahi banti na
      Toh meri mummy female Munna Bhai banjayegii hahaha???

      Waise baat toh sahi hai
      Yeh rups itni chup chap se hogayi hai…..
      Kya baat hai meri rupshikhaaaaaa??
      Wer are u?!!!

      Vaishuuu march 3rd omg aahi gaya ?
      All the best behnaaa
      Khoob ache se padhna
      Mast marks Lana
      All the very best to dear Rock it!!!

      1. Female Munnabhai,God,convey regards to aunty..

    2. Hi Vaishu,all the best for ur exams dear,we missed u too dear,Yes,where is Mickey by the way?totally silent,study well dear,God bless u.

  17. Superb yr shraddha…………….maja aa gaya yr tumhari comment padhake…………..
    Vaishu yr hum vini di jitne talented nahi hai……..all d best for ur exam…..
    Niyati hum tum pe naraj nahi hai…………..

    shraddha again same pinch….humre bal bhi lambe hai……aur hum completely tom boy hai…….

    Sab kehte hai is duniya me har kisi k liye koi na koi bana hai……tumhe bardash karne ki himmat rakhnewala bhi jarur milega…………..uski abhi se chinta ho rahi hai hume…..hehehehehehe……..just joking ha…………..lucky ho ga wo…….

    Rups kaha ho???????????.????

    Hey vinita…………….

    Vini di……………..aapki to ek jhalak bhi bahot expensive ho gayi hai…………

    1. Joya dear,m feeling ashamed reading that ‘you’re not talented like me’,pls yaar,embrsd,you are a very good writer ,I like every word that u write esp those poems ,not at all expensive baba,heart n thoughts are always there for u,but not getting time to open this site…but our army is there in thoughts.

  18. Hi!!!!
    All the best vaishu!!!!!!!
    Ache se exam dena!!!!!
    My exams are from tomorrow. My cousin sis ka board exams bhi kal se hai. Equally tensed for her and ofcourse me!!!!!???

    1. All the best for ur exams, dear,do well,God bless u.

  19. Sorry,next episode will be tomorrow only,worst thing is not keeping our word,but busy,pls excuse,I’ll post n put link here.

  20. Woww..?????…superrrbbbbb di…bht din ho gayi na??bg thi di …n xm v thi n u knw mera final xm 3may se strt hogi..sooooo…NEways hw r u di???misss u di

  21. Hei sethooooooty thanx☺☺…n chocolate????..mjhe bht psnd h yaarrr….

    Vaisu,vinita,kriya ,niti,shraddha,joya di hw r u guyz,?,,,,

  22. Oh exam!! All d best vaishu n vinita

  23. Hey vini..sukam arikkunnu job oke nannayi pokunnu friends nte marriage 3 ennam undu so..so planning something for rock the wedding..( guy’s this only for vini..)
    Mickey darling happy to see ur comments
    Joya Dr..wat to say u r always awesome with ur extra ordinary lines..loved that one
    Rishta thoo vahi hay…….kisi ki sasom she hamari duniyaa bhar jayee..
    Shradha.about ur sir’s opinion.. I cant agree wid him, actually I quite surprised.. Y he said like dat.. in fact most of teacher’s didn’t suggests such things to their students.This is our personal choice , if we choose someone or not, this is not a mandatory thing in our life.Shradha i like the way u replied to him by giving example of ur parents ..arranged marriage..lovely

  24. Vini di plz jaldi se upload kr do next part…plzzzzzzzzz mai bohot dino se wait kar ri hu…..Tuesday b gya….n apne Feb me sirf 4 bar update kiya…..plzzzzzzzzzz

  25. wat a long time…were did uh disappeared dear????
    was dying hard to read ur ff but i think u don’t care for ur reader frnds…
    is it true dear???

  26. There will be an episode by evening only for u all,but should excuse if it is not good n only after posting that I will back here,Mickey,Sethooty,happy to c u back guys,all the best for exams Mickey n Sethooty kalyanangal adichu polikku,friends n cousins’ marriage alle max adichu polikkan pattullu,enjoy,musku n Nandana,I will post today, somehow I’ll spare some time n type next..

  27. I have posted the next one, typed it in a hurry ,not proof read and dont know if wall paper will be the same,I actually didnt have it in my phone, downloaded while posting but don’t know if it has come properly. Title same Swasan fan fiction season 2 episode 38

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