Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 36

Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction (Season 2) episode 36,to be honest,typed this in a hurry and posting it just for the sake of posting something and I am not at all satisfied,as always,not proof read……….

Day b4 yesterday’s link:

Scene 1:

Sanskaar is coming home in the evening,the maid (Seema ) is there with him,he asks her about a few things,he likes her nature and thinks that she wont create any trouble for Swara,he stops the car after some time,he gets down,lowers the glass and tells her, “aunty,actually,I want to buy a body warmer for my wife,climate is too bad nowadays na?I will come now”,he turns to go,walks a few steps ahead and comes back and asks her, “aunty,do you also need one?”,she smiles and says, “thank u,no,since Rajat (her husband,security guard at the cottage) had told about the weather there, I have brought mine,he says ok and leaves…she smiles seeing his polite nature…

Scene 2:

Sanskaar reaches the cottage,he finds the gate locked,he understands that Rajat uncle is not there,he takes the other set of keys and goes to open the gate,he comes back,gets in and take the car inside,he goes near the door,presses the door bell,he doesn’t hear a response,he presses again,he then calls Swara’s name and knocks on the door,he is a little worried as there is no response from Swara,he quickly goes to the backyard,finds the back door also closed,he suddenly hears some noise and rushes to the direction,he finds Swara rising up and down,she is drowning,he shouts her name and runs and jumps,he lifts her up,he pulls her and brings her out,Swara sees him,she is conscious but disoriented,she stares at him,her eyes are partially closed,he calls her name and says, “Swara,Swara,listen to me,open your eyes”,he takes her inside,aunty quickly goes to kitchen,he makes Swara sit on the bed,he makes her lie down slowly,finds her restless,he rushes and takes a towel,he wipes her head fast,Swara is looking at him in between,he then wipes her hands and covers her with the towel,he finds her shivering,he quickly hugs her from behind,she is noticing his deeds but is not totally in her senses,she slowly rests herself on his chest and falls unconscious ,Sanskaar,shouts her name and starts rubbing her cheeks,hands and that time aunty arrives with a cup of warm water,he instructs her to change Swara’s clothes ,quickly grabs a pair from her cupboard and gives it to her,he rushes out to call the doctor…..

Scene 3:

The doctor arrives,he examines Swara,he tells Sanskaar that she will be fine,he tells him that he will give an injection as she is having mild fever now,he instructs him to give her some light food when she wakes up,Sanskaar watches her while doctor gives her the injection,his eyes are moist,his care and concern is clearly evident on his face,Sanskaar accompanies doctor to the car,doctor leaves and he runs to Swara’s room,aunty asks him not to worry and tells him that she will prepare some soup,she goes to the kitchen,Sanskaar sits near Swara,he moves his hand on her forehead softly,he feels the temperature high and is very much worried,he slowly moves closer to her,he feels all his love for her,is about to kiss her forehead,suddenly he realises what he was about to do and gets up,he holds her palm,he observes her sleeping,he takes her hand in his ,and says, “I am so sorry,Swara,I am the reason for all your troubles,please forgive me,but,I cant see you like this,my heart is paining Swara,please wake up na dear,please,I know you are not hearing me but…..”he holds her hand and again stares at her,a tear roll down his cheeks,he wipes it off,aunty who was about to step inside notices that and goes back,he sits there holding her hand,he adjusts the blanket,Swara is looking more pale,he again holds her hand with his right hand and softly pats her head with his left hand….

Scene 4

Swara wakes up after some time,she finds Sanskaar seated on a chair,he finds her awake and gets up and goes near her,he asks her, “Swara,how do u feel now?Swara softly says, “better…..”,she then understands that her clothes have been changed,she recalls falling into the lake while walking through the sand bed…she looks at Sanskaar and says, “if you had not come on time,then…”Sanskaar looks at her and says, “we will talk about all that later,doctor had examined you,fever will vanish,don’t worry,aunty has prepared soup for you”,Swara hears the word aunty and looks at him with doubt,he calls, “Seema aunty,please bring that soup,she got up”,after a few minutes,aunty comes inside ,Sanskaar introduces her to Swara,Swara smiles and they talk for a few minutes,aunty leaves,Sanskaar tells Swara, “I was planning to go to office from tomorrow,aunty will be here day and night,in case if I have to work over time,I may not be able to come home daily..Swara feels some sadness when she hears that he wont be coming home daily..she just looks at him,he looks at her….he takes the soup bowl and sits near her,he gives it to her,she is not able to hold it properly, he takes it back and makes her have it with his hands,she looks at him,she notices his care for her,he makes her have the whole bowl and asks, “how is aunty’s soup?liked it?”,Swara smiles and says, “yea,really yummy”,he laughs hearing that and says, “oh,fever has not affected the taste buds,good,good”,Swara feels happy seeing him laugh after a long time,he keeps the bowl back on the table,comes back,makes her drink water and take tablets,she coughs and he gently pats her back,Swara gently turns and looks at him….

Scene 5:

Around 11 pm……..

Sanskaar and Swara are seated inside,aunty goes to the kitchen,Sanskaar calls her and she comes inside ,she asks him if she should arrange the other room as some of his things are there in the other room or if it is ok if she sleeps in the living room,both Swara and Sanskaar looks at each other,Sanskaar closes his eyes as though signalling her, he then tells aunty, “oh,I forgot,u must tired,no?ok,I will bring my things this side,you can use that room,only two bed rooms,one minute..he goes from there,aunty and Swara talks for some time..after some time,Sanskaar comes inside,he has a few things in his hand,he keeps it in Swara’s room and tells aunty that she can go to bed,after she left,Sanskaar takes the sweater that he bought for her and goes near Swara,he gives it to her and says, “you will need this”,she accepts it,she wears it and thanks him..he smiles and says,I will be there,lie down and try to sleep,if there is some need,don’t hesitate to wake me up”,he goes and sits on the couch..after some time,he falls asleep,Swara remembers what he had told,that while at hostel,his friends had tried to monitor within how many minutes he will fall asleep and he fell asleep within 55 seconds,she smiles looking at him,she tells herself, “why I’m not able to hate him inspite of him saying and doing all this,the anger which I felt days back………………..”

Time is around 2 am,Sanskaar wakes up,he finds Swara still seated and awake,he gets up and goes near her,he tells her, “Swara,why are you not sleeping,actually,I just need to lie down and sleep will visit me…”,she looks at him and says, “not able to sleep,don’t know why,head and body pain,not feeling good…”,he comes and sits near her,he checks her fever and holds her hand and says, “fever hasn’t subsided,that’s why,ah,it may take some time”,Swara asks him, ‘’you were planning to go to office from tomorrow ,no?at what time you will leave….?”,Sanskaar leaves her hand and says, “oh,I extended leave for three more days”Swara understands that it is for her,she softly says, “Sanskaar,life and emotions ,both are really very complicated,no?I was very angry with you,but now,I don’t know why,I am feeling as though I am talking to my friend Sanskaar,and that I am with my best friend Sanskaar,dad’s condition,you were responsible,still,not able to blame you,I don’t understand anything,your parents came,after they left,you have really changed,in fact that angry man’s mask was removed,and today when you saw me in trouble,you have really become that old Sanskaar,now,I know you will very soon confess why you did all this…..”,she looks at him,he says, “yes Swara,life is complicated,emotions,well,sometimes what is being expressed may not be what is actually there within,complicated life,makes emotions even more complicated and many a times unexpressed as well,but characters in the play,no?have to perform whether we like it or not…”.

Swara is silent for a moment listening to what he just heard from him and then tells him, “leave it Sanskaar,now I am trying to think only about this moment,that is the best medicine now,wont feel like living if I think too much about my future…”Sanskaar keeps looking at her…she quickly says, “Sanskaar,can you sing something,when did you last sing for us..?”,Sanskaar says, “oh,even ,I don’t remember,now,since you asked,which one do u want me to sing…?”Swara says, “a little old one,tum aaye to aaya mujhe yaad gali mein aaj chand nikhla….that one..”,Sanskaar says, “oh,I like to hear the female version,but,for you,I will try…”,he sings for her,she stares into his eyes, he continues singing for her…………..

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


    • Vini

      Right now I can see 11 comments,this was an episode where I was a lil anxious if it is too bad n sheer waste of your time cos I didn’t have a scene n jus typed n posted..now m gonna read n see…thank u for the comment..

  1. Kriya

    hey vini didi..after many episodes, this epi is full of cute n sweet swasan moments. sanskar’s care was awesome.aww last may sanskar sing song for swara,how cute na.!! just loved this epi.thanks didi.

    • Vini

      Hi dear,wasn’t purposeful,was so randomly written,so if u all liked means a lottery for me,don’t know if next will be as good,ah,let’s see,in my first ff ,in those 36 episodes had shown swasan moments n brain was drained,now in season 2 trying for something different,while writing this had one thing in mind,I think recently our Niti baby had asked for some cute romance between swasan..so that was there while typing 2nd para onwards of this ff..so the subtle romance in this episode is dedicated to u Niyati/Niti…and thank u Kriya dear for your comment..

  2. Aashi

    Awesome Di…but today was a bit short….it’s OK…..it was awesome… Sanky concern…loved it….eagerly waiting for next part

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,actually,I didn’t have any scene to type, was in a hurry as well,but wanted to post something for you all,so typed like that..scenes n lines are always randomly written but sometimes it comes easily with the flow..this one ,while writing,I just felt that m simply dragging it n thought it is annoyingly lengthy.. So positive feedbk under this,surprised n m gonna read this episode..since I don’t proof read,I read only wen u all mention something..

  3. Niti

    ohhhmmmgggg vini Di, i love u love u love u soooooooooo much…big hug and kissi for u..muhhhhhhhhaaaaaa….u rocked today..thank u sooo much for this epi..

    everyone can see sanky’s polite nature..he not only think for Shona but also concen for maid anty…what a gem of person he is..!! kyu nahi hoga..akhir me use itna pyaaar Jo karti hu..hahaha

    whoooo Shona was in very big trouble..thank god my sanky reached on time n saved Shona..that half conscious vala na mast tha..she can feel and se him caring for her..sanky ne jab sona ko bak hug kiya..mera to kya batau khushi k mare bura hal ho raha tha..the he immediately called d Dr n get swara checked..seems anty ka usko console karna..
    awww Shona ko injaction dete time sanky ki ankho me tears..jab Shona unconscious thi tab sanky ka convo heart teaching tha..sanky was crying..me too cried wid him..(i just want to say him that sanky i hate tears re).

    thank god Di abb na seems anty a gayi hai to my sanky darling need not to keep fast any more..hahaha..i am soooooooooo happy

    sanky ka Shona ko apne hatho se soup pilana..usko medicine dena..uski care karna just awesome..he laugh.. i don’t know after soooooooooo long he finally laugh..then Shona ka sanky ka 55 sec me sojana notice karna..n accept karna ki she can’t hate him..then both of their convo regarding situation..then Shona ka mood change karne k liye sanky ko gane ka kehna..awww she was staring my sanky while he was singing song ha…very good choice of song..i loved that song..its one of my favorite old songs..song lyrics is just awesome..

    overall mindblowing..incredible…amazing…superb…fantastic…fabulous…rocking..awesome..outstanding..marvelous..faduuu..chumashvari..episode..just loved it..

    • Niti

      i m thinking ki Di agar app bina achche mood k itna mast likhte ho to..jab sachi muchi me achche mood me honge tab to kya likho ge..just loved Di..

      Di i hv replied u in pre epi..

      thank u soooooooooo much for your good wishes Di..i will surly send u msg after opening fb ac..Di i will send u msg after 20th Nov 2016..as my exam will get over by 18th..so wait 4 my msg..i want to be in contact with u n our army forever..

      • Vini

        Niti baba,this episode and the subtle romance in this is dedicated to u cos u had asked for it,no?some cute romance between swasan?hope I have tried to a small extent,and Seema aunty character was introduced cos our Shraddha was sad about Sanky being hungry,now aunty will cook for him,lots of love n big bear hug to u too,our Sanky is a Mr.Perfect,God broke the mould after creating him,and of course u also love,so he has to be like that,Sanky taking care of her after rescuing her, I think from your analysis,u have got it perfectly,I will share something ,at hostel my friends had tried to monitor within how many minutes I fall asleep(that portion is a memory from my hostel days,that time and habit),thank u for all the good words,it is one if my favourite songs,mood was ok,but first season drained my brain,now creating swasan scenes and I will tell something,this ff ws supposed to end early,I m bringing some scenes only to extend this ff for our army,don’t know how.many more,ah,we will go with the flow,I will check previous episode and respond asap,ok dear,yea,u should inform me,will.wait.n don’t know if our army will be in touch but as long as I have fb a/c,I think being in touch won’t be an issue..

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    Wow di its superb…. U know we all like ur ff as it convince every emotions of swasan very well….
    Di but wher is raglak part missing them… Now only swasan parts wamlnt to see some frnds bond part too…. I hope di u won’t mind….

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,emotions are getting conveyed n you all are liking it,means,it is my good luck n your kindness,I would say,after this twist,need to think where to bring Raglak in a realistic way,some plans are there,but right now our Lucky is very angry,Ragini has gone to a distant college for her new course..let’s c..they r in my mind.

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    Vini di’s speciality…..SIMPLICITY………… And i loved it a lot…….
    Nice episode di…………

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    Actually hum dance festival me aaye hai……so loud music and all……so…………..

    Really nice episode……..

    Jingdi aur aashiqui dono imtihaan leti hai….
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    misal ban k,kahani uski,amar duniya me ho jati hai……..

    • Vini

      Yes dear,too much simplicity ,right ?and that is one reason y I don’t like my writing,I write as though m.writing an update of an episode that I have watched,then enjoyed watching dance festival?u participated?those lines ,very very nice,that song is a favourite song…

  8. Joya

    Vinita thank for that lines ha…..tumhe pata wo line humne yaad hi nahi aa rahi thi……..thank you yr….

  9. sethooty

    Wow vini..awesome.. After some painful episode.(those are painful but still dey r very presious..). got some light swasan moments..loved it his care and all..
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    • Vini

      Hai Sethooty,how r u? Back to normal after the trip?I m thinking what to write in next,this one I simply wrote,just an evening’s events ,elaborated,but mostly swasan was there,in next ,don’t know what..

    • Vini

      If Sanky had expressed his then it would have been an epic,but I m bad at writing romance so let’s c ,how these two will be united in my ff..

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    Love you loads didi plzzz keep posting such SWASAN FILLED EPISODES

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      Haha Shraddha baba has gone nuts,lots of love,hugs n kisses to Shraddha baby as well,aha,so this was like getting your chocolate without asking,and since u want Sanky to eat something on time,I have brought our Seema aunty character, she will cook for them,happy??I dont really understand how u all are able to read this more than once.I myself can’t tolerate my writing,m not being modest,truth,I don’t know what is going to come in the next episodes,wen I sit to type hope it will come with the flow,and sorry in advance if it doesn’t have swasan,don’t feel bad..

      • Shraddha

        Ur absolutely rite didi shraddha has gone nuts??? well wen was I sane tell me??????? hahahah

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        N di I would like to tell u dat I strongly believe in ” Simplicity Is Real Beauty” n I know ur best wen u go with the flow so,…….. Relax

      • Vini

        I have no probs with ur cute madness, I still remember your comment under episode 35 season 1,very serious tone ,can’t imagine u had typed that ,see now,simplicity is being liked,really u all surprise me wen u all say that..

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    • Vini

      Thanks dear,don’t be sorry,if u know malayalam we cn chat in the same,m from Kerala ,now living in Karnataka…and I have honestly answered all the questions asked,some are left unanswered cos m not getting time to back to previous episodes…

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      Thanks dear,m quite surprised with the response under this,cos,I didn’t expect it.M happy that u all liked,next one,haven’t planned,don’t know if it will have good scenes..

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      Thank you dear,u liked this one,then m very happy,cos it was so so randomly written,nothing came to mind so elaborated an evening’s events ,m not a magician,wish I was n could give u nice episodes..

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      Seriously,u also read 5 times,I read once after reading your comments but m not liking it,I wish I used a lil more descriptive style but m too lazy to imagine n write,this simple style is comparatively very easy..but m not satisfies with this..

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    • Vini

      Hi ,oh,Nik had told that she would be reading even if she is silent,my ff will be a happy ending one cos sad ending will touch your heart but somewhere that feel will haunt you,I write only what the track requires so sometimes it won’t be pleasant,no?that is y I told like that,m happy to know that u read the first ff n that u r reading this now…

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    Oh!!! I just loved this episode……waiting for ur next update…hope that the truth will be in front of swara soon…..BTW ur are an excellent writter vini…

    • Vini

      Thanks yaar,I accept your good words but m not a good writer,I don’t like what I write but this is just an attempt for you guys,and if u all are liking it,then m very happy…and truth will be out..pls keep reading dear.

  21. Jyotii

    Hey vini! Earlier i used to read uhr season1 but i had never read any episode of season2 . But today i read all of them in one go. I was just astonished that i read 36 episodes simultaneously without getting bored or without taking a brake!! All the episodes starting from the initial one were superb. I have no words to describe it!!! Your writing are flawless!!! 🙂

    • Vini

      Hi Jyotii,are u the one writing an incomplete love story??it is an ff that m following now.If u r writing it then,superb dear,amazing u r,and u read all season 2 at a stretch,wish I had that much patience,but m happy to read that u had read season 1 as well.

  22. vaishnavi

    Wow di kya episode hai yaar sachi me maza aa gaya superbbbbbbbbbb epi bahut dino bad aisa lag raha hai ki me kya season one pad rahi hu!!!!!!par mujeh na aapse likhi hui har epi achi lagthi wo chahe sad wala ho ya happy wala kyu ki aap na each n every emotion bahut hi ache se expess karthi ho each n every character ko avhe se explain karthi ho aur bhi bahut sare cheez hai xo mujeh ache lagthe hai

    • Vini

      Hi Vaishu,even I felt I was writing a season 1 episode, I am happy to read that u like both sad n this ,and if characters’ identity is maintained,then m happy,and all the best for your studies,may God bless u dear,yea,in a sense it may sound impossible if we say that we will meet some day,but,really ,in another sense,it is a small world and even after a few years,it is possible to meet,ah,let us see..

  23. vaishnavi

    Thank u niyathi di, kriya di, setu di, joya di vini di , vinitha di for ur wishes bas mai iss bar bhi 1st year ki tarah ache se xams likh do phir tension free hojavungi
    Niyathi di ab tho mujeh fb account nahi hai par mai may me create karungi tab mere sare xams katam ho jayenge …..mujeh bhi na aap sab se best bond create karni hai …aur chahthi hu ki aap sab mere bff banke rahe…..niyathi di ek din na hum sab bhi milke aisa hi pyjama party karenge aur mujeh uss din ki intejar hai ….mai tih imagine kar ke hi itna enjoy kar rahi hu socho na agar sach mai milenge toh kya haal hoga hum sab ka woh meri zindagi mai sabse best day hoga….

  24. vaishnavi

    Waise joya di n vinitha di kya marathi aur bengali mai di ko tai kehthe hai???
    Par tai ka matlab toh badi maa hai na??

  25. Vinita

    Hi everyone!!!!!!!!
    Sethulakshmy di, I wore the saree in normal style and it took one hour!!!!!
    Agar bangali style hota toh two hours lag jata???
    Hi vaishu !!! In Marathi tai means elder sister.. Am I right joya di??????????
    Actually came to know about this from my Vahini and ofcourse pavitra rishta!!!!!!?
    Baki sab kya haal chaal hai???
    Niti di kriya di how was the pajama party ????
    Di I am reading this epi for ninth time. It is fantastic!!!!!! The choice of song Is too good !!! Swasan moments were fabulous!!!!!! Dil Khushi se bhangra kar raha hai.??

    • Vini

      Hi dear,9th time u read it?I read just once, that too after reading your comments,how are u dear,and Bengali style of wearing saree,it is really nice..esp that white and red one..

  26. Joya

    Missing u allllllllllllll…………

    Vini di…………..not fair yr…………………………..

    Aap humesh aisa kehti hai………
    Aaj kal bus yeh simplicity, sadgi duniya se tadipar ho rahi hai……….aur aap is story k is saadgi se pyar ki gehari ka anubhav karati hai……….

    Hum dance festival me participate nahi kiya tha…………dekhne gaye the…….. Itna loud music tha waha ki apni aavaj tak nahi sun paa rahe the……….. Waha the isiliye thik se comment nahi kar paye……….

    Plz belive me i really liked dis epi ( epi wid vini di speciality)…

    Aap har bar aisa hi kehti hai…………

    Ab hum bahot bahot bahot bahot bahot bahot jyaada gussa hai aapse……………..

    • Vini

      Hi dear,how r you?I always consider it an honour wen I read from you that u love the simplicity in this ff and this silent unexpressed style of mine,but I don’t like my style dear,hope u had a nice time at the dance festival and u R studying network engg ,no? Which yr?oh,don’t be angry with me dear,what to do,I don’t like my writing that much,n wen somebody tells me that it is good,I feel a lil ashamed…

  27. Joya

    How r u guys???????????????????

    Yes vinita,in marathi DIDI means TAI……… Par didi,tai,akka yeh bhi labj ise karte hai yaha……..vinita wore saree…….ohhhhh hooooo…………..hum to pajabi dress bhi kafi minnaton k baad pehnte hai…..saree??????? No way…..kabhi nahi pehnege……………………….

    Vaishu jethani ko,sis-in-low ko bhi tai kehkar bulate hai……….

    Kriya,niti kaisi rahi tum sab ki party……………… ????????

    Shraddha to bhool gayi hai humne……………..

    Rups and sethooty,how r u guys?????

    • Vinita

      Di if u ever say again that u are not a good writer then my third eye will open and I will start TANDAV!!!!!!!!!!
      I Will come to Bangalore to scold you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      ?? u are a fab writer!!!!
      Hi joya di!!!!!! How are you??????
      Even I don’t wear saree often. Only during saraswati puja and Rabindra jayanti I wear saree. I am not good at wearing sarees .kal mera halat kharab Ho Gaya tha saree pehen ne je wakt

    • Shraddha

      Heyya everyone!!!!!

      Hawwww joya??????? hai maaa matajiii…………
      Tum aisa soch bhi kaise sakti ho Sheetuuuuuu ki mai tumhe bhool gayi huuuu u know ur the 1st ever find of mine on this hugeeeeee Website ???

      Wow hamare yaha bhi na abhi fest chal raha hai par technical……
      Cultural na March me hoga lekin Parso he DJ night tha mazaaaaa aagaya by God……
      Engg life me ek fest he toh hai Jo mujhe bohot acha lagta hai????

      Vinitaaaaa wow saree mujhe na saree bohot acha lagta hai!!! Hala ki comfortable toh aaj bhi jeans aur t shirt he hai…..
      Par phir bhi mai bachpan se he mumy ke dupatte toh saree jaisa pehenana phir abhi bhi kabhi kabhi saree pehenti hu lekin ghar me maja aata hai try karne me ???lol
      Sab hasna mat ha plzzzz

      Niyatiiiiiii n Kriya payjama party is onnnnn ha,,!!!!!

      Wowo so amazing hum bhi na apne doston ke saath Girls night out manage hai….
      Sab ek ke ghar me rehte hai khate hai peete hai nachte ggate hai aur last me
      Shhhhhh Horror movie dekhte hai???yeh best part hai!!!! Majja aata hai bohot

      I can feel ur excitement Niyati baby!!!! Ahhh abhi I’m feeling like need to plan one asap!!!! Ha-ha

      Vini diii I’m good great infact but won’t be in few days because exams on head!!!???
      Next Monday exam starts!!!!! Ah let’s see
      How are u di?

      How is everyone else?
      Miss u all n once I reopen my account on fb I’ll defiantly catch up with everyone

  28. Diiiiiiiiiiii mere results aaaaaaa gaayyeeeeeee yaaarrrr?????????….aur vo v 1st cls hehehehhh☺☺☺…ab koi tnsn nhi reyy babaaa…n nw me blkl thik hu di ?????…waise kaisi ho aap???i knw aap acche hoge h naa???

    Joya di me thik hoooonnn nnnn aap???

    Sethoo dekho me aa gayi??…hw r u beti????

    Hlw niti,shraddha,vinita,vaishu,kriya hw r u guyzzz?????…sb thik toh ho na??????me v na kaisi sawal puch rhi hu yaar??????…i knw 2m sb log ekdom mast ho…??????

    Waise ek baat kahoon mere ko chocolate khane ka mn kh rha h yaarrr??????

    • Vini

      Wow,congrats Mickey, m late,no?so happy for u dear,God bless u more n more..oh if u come I will buy chocolates for u..

  29. Ohh n yehi baat fb ki toh dn’t worryyy baby???..mera may se xm h 2nd sem ki..toh june me accnt crte kr lngi…waise mjhe fb psnd nhi thi..par 2m sob ke liye kuch v krungi yaaaarrr…?????….aftr alll hum sb behen jo h

    • Vini

      Wen all create an fb account we will create a closed grp so that privacy will be maintained,at least oncebin a while we can chat na.

  30. N di nice epi ha…accha di suno na aap itni jldi khtm mat kro na yeh ff??????….km se km iss barrr 50 epi kr dijiye na my swt jiji…sochiye kitna accha lgega na jb 50 epi hogi??..hum sb sath me clbrte kregi h na di????????…

  31. Vini

    Joya,Shraddha,Mickey,Sethooty,Vinita,Niti,Kriya,Vaishu,Needhi,Did I miss any name?how r u all?I will try to write next one tomorrow..

  32. Kriya

    hello everyone..Hii Di..how r all?

    vini Di,joya,party was rocking !!

    rupshikha good to c u back aging.congratulations for ur result.

    shraddha u also want to do party ha. just go for it.! all the best for ur exams.

    vinita,u know i love to ware sari (off course oksnly) but one fact i can’t ware it by myself. haha good that u can put it on by urself.

    sethooty , vaishu what’s going dear ?

  33. Kriya

    Niyati dear this for u,

    there is a good news but along with bad news.

    i don’t know hw will u react after reading it. everyone in our group know it. only u r left bz u hv deleted ur what’s app. i told everyone not to tell u bz i know if u will get to know by other then u will feel hurt n also give me punishment in the niyati style.

    i am trying to gain courage to tell u this but not finding words. i first thought to call u,i even called also but then cut due to lake of words.
    (THANKS VINI DI bz as of now this is the only medium left with me to convey my msg to niyati)

    good news is that my dad got promotion. but bad news is that dad got transfer also. we need to shift another city.(i will tell u in detail on call). n the biggest bad news is that we are shifting by next week itself.

    i am also feeling very sad yar. how i will b able to manage without all of our group members. it will be very difficult to adjust for me in new place. ya i will come for my become final exam. i will join llb there itself.

    i hope u will read this comment. n i m waiting for your call.

    • Niyati

      Ohh god…u r kidding na..i know u r..plz yar i don’t like this type of pranks yar..i am going to kill u if this is 1 of your pranks..u know na my pranks will be 100 times more then yours..

      wait wait i am calling u..no no let me call ur bro Rohan only..he won’t lie with me..i am sure its ur prank..u r going to pay for it.

    • Vini

      Hello dear,many congrats to uncle,will miss u dear,I am sure your friends there will miss u a lot,telly site became a mediumnto convey ur messages to Niti..have u shifted?

  34. Kriya


    with the heavy heart am saying this,i am going to quit this site. don’t know for how much time. bz i along with my family are shifting in another city. n don’t know how much time will it take to shift and settle in totally new place.

    i am very happy 2 become part of this ff family. i m glad that i hv shred very good bonding with u all. u know u all will be part of my life for sure. i will sure try to catch u all after settling at new place but i guess it will take time.

    vini didi,may be till the time will come back u might hv completed this ff. but i WILL read ur remaining part for sure.


    plz do reply me here. i want to tell good bye to each n every member of our this sweet ff family. i will wait for your all comments. as i hv still 2-3 days time. n plz don’t think this is as my prank. bz i WILL never ever do this type of prank. bz of this truth i am going to go away from my buddies, i can say my franmilly.

    bubye girls.take care.stay blessed.all the best for your respective life.hv a wonderful days ahead.will miss u all.

    • Vini

      Will miss u dear,convey our good wishes to uncle,happy to hear ,but sad that u will be silent for some time,have u shifted?hope u will get all happiness and many good friends there as well,oh m late to comment but had commented below..u also,stay happy n blessed dear,God bless u..

  35. vaishnavi

    Ohhh kriya di ….wat is dis abhi abhi toh aapse mili hu abhi tak toh aapke sat majah bhi nahi kiya aur aap yeh sab keh rahi ho kya di……..but I am happy for u…..nd I know u will return back soon….I will definitely miss ur pranks akka

  36. Joya

    Hey guys,

    Vini di jab aapka ff padha na tab literally humne sharam aa gayi yeh sochte huye bhi hum jurat bhi kaise kar sakte hai ki kuch likhne ki……u r too good….. Shraddha,niti,kriya,rups,vaishu,sethooty vinita aur baki sab bhi humse sehamat honge…..

    Guys m i ri8 na……………….????????????????

    Shraddha tum humne bhool jao yeh ho nahi sakta…………….agar koshish bhi karina to sapne bhoot banke aayenge hum tumhare tumhe pareshan karne……hehehehehehe………

    Vini di last year hai yeh humra…………..

    Hey kriya,i m very happy for ur dad………………………
    We will miss u So much………….
    We will wait for ur comment dear………..all d best….stay blessed Dear…..

    Kriya aur niti i know tum dono bhi abhi sad wali strong feeling aa rahi hogi…….. Tum dono ka dil to ek hi hai na……….jab dil ek hai to yeh jamin k fasle koi mayne nahi rakhte………so smile plz……………..

    • Vini

      Oho,ur words motivates me,thank u for the good words but I will never consider myself a writer.I know my limitations dear,but I accept your good words from heart,oh,last year ,good..and ur words to our Kriya and Niti,well said..distance doesn’t matter in true relationships..hearts will stay connected.

  37. Thnx kriya…Oh kriya 2m ja rhi ho yaarr…n kaun c city???n dn’t worry baby me toh humesha intezaar kruga 2mhre liye n waise v me yeh fff roz chck krti hu…phli jo di ki ff thi wo v…jb yeh season2 aayi tbhi mne season 1 ko bye kaha tha

  38. Joya

    Abhi humne na The Kalam Effect yeh book padhi………….yr soch me pad gaye hum……koi insaan itna down 2 earth kaise ho sakta hai……ek glass ki tarah transparent kisi ka nature kaise ho sakta hai?????????

    A.P.J.Abdul kalam was d best president of india and every1 knows about his work as scientist……..

    • Vini

      U r absolutely right dear,I admire him a lot,ignited minds was the first book of his that I read,got a malayalam copy of that along with a cash prize from our diocese wen I was in 10th,from then,I have admired him a lot,my b’day is on July 26th but 2015 July last week ,I was very sad,cos of his demise..absolute loss..

  39. Shraddha

    Oh Kriya…… Will miss you dear!!!!!
    N congratulations to uncle? happy for u!!!
    But at the same time ahhh not sad really because your not going anywhere ur just taking a break so…..
    Come back soon baby??
    Happy Journey n All the best!!!!!
    Let us know if ur on fb because we can all stay in touch der!!!!
    Take care n bye bye becauuuseeee

    Hum hai rahi pyaar ke
    Phir milenge
    Chalte chalte…??

  40. Shraddha

    Joyaaaaa yeh hui na baat,!!!! Ek dum dahi kaha tumne!!!?

    Heyyy rupsss how are u babyyyy…..
    Arey wahhhh Congratulations Meri pyari behenaaaa Well done wahh seena choudaa kardiya tumne apne didi ka?
    Party chahiyeeee

  41. Ya joya di A.P.J Abdul kalam ki jaisa koi nhi..i mn sochiye wo itne bada prsdnt h phir v koi ghmnd nhi….dusre prsdnt aur unki bch bht frk h …sbse bst h…n evn jab wo Jorhat aayi thi tab hum logo ke saath kitni acche se baat kr rhi thi pata h…me toh unhe dkh kor sawal puchna he bhul gayi…

    Shrddha my baby dolllll m fine baccchhooooooo…bas phle se thodi wk ho gayi…aajkl khane ko blkl v mn nhi krta yr…???…ohhhh party??…aaaa jana Di ki ghr…di ne kaha tha ki prty wohi degi????????

    • Vini

      Joya ,suggest a few,I read a lil only..and I like those of Paulo Coelho,Marquez etc.and malayalam novels but since u don’t know can’t suggest..depends on your taste as well..

  42. vinita

    hi kriya di! Congratulations! Dont be sad . Hum sab aapko miss karenge aur jaldi wapaas ana .to which city u are going? joya di said an extremely true thing that if the hearts are connected then distance will not matter…

  43. shria

    sweet…vini i wud suggest that u slowly start unvieling the old sanskar n make this emotional play less complicated.make swara,lucky,rags n all their family realise about the hardships sanskar had to face..bt ya they come to know bout it indirectly,not frm him

    • Vini

      I have a very clear idea dear how others will come to know,may have to wait for a few more episodes,only wen I type I also. will know in which episode all those scenes will come.

  44. Diiii whre r u ,,,,,???dekho na meri hrt emblm phr se bada ho gayi???????????…pata nhi aap dkh rhi ho ya nhi….dkho na diii??…mera toh dil khush ho gaya bada hrt emblm ko dkh ke

    • Vini

      I was a lil busy dear,I had told u before ,no?u have a big heart and that is y it is happening,yea,I saw,here it is shown in usual small size but somewhere down I saw enlarged heart of yours…how r u baba?

  45. Joya

    Hi Friends.,,,,
    How r u all????
    Niti kriya kaise ho tum dono????

    Kaha gayab hai sab k sab?????

    Vini di aap bhi??????

    Good night.

  46. vinita

    It is so true!! Shriman Abdul Kalam is the most eminent president of our country. i think that we all should feel extremely priviledged because we got such an honourable person as our president.

  47. Vini

    Kriya’s comment I read,we will miss u dear,hope u will come back soon,convey good wishes to your dad,and guys,I m sorry,I will write regularly from Monday only ,I am going to Hus’s place,will be back on Monday only.Joya,Mickey,Shraddha,Niti,Sethooty,Vinita,Needhi,Vaishu ,hope u are all fine.

  48. Shraddha

    Hi alllll!!!!!
    Kya sab busy hai……
    Mere na kal Monday se exms hai?mummy?.
    Btw diiii wru ????
    Ni msgs also
    All good na ..

  49. sethooty

    hi all
    shradha,joya,vini,kriya,mickey,vinitha,vaishu,niti…miss u all
    how u?.hope u all r fine
    mickey darling how is ur health now?.shradha all the best for ur exams..
    hey vini..next update on monday..oky..
    Lekhu me too miss u ..

  50. Niyati

    hiii everyone…good evening..

    how r u all ? hv u all missed me na…?..but don’t miss anyone u know yy bz miss use kiya jata hai jise bhul gaye ho..m i right ?

    u know i hv changed my phone..as i am going to start my final study..i hv changed my smart phone to normal phone in which we can just use it for calling only…no internet..no social media..no meg..no surfing..nothing..(poor me na)


    i hv also joined library so..now i hv to become serious about my study n as u ALL know CA is like BIG SEA..n..i need to swim fast n work hard to achive my goal..

    VINI DI now apart form this ff i don’t read any ff..so i if u plz mention when will u post ur next update in your every epi..it will be convenient for me..plz do this much favour for me..i don’t WONNA miss any single epi..

    • Vini

      Hello dear,first of all,will miss u but all the very best for your studies,good to hear that u changed your phone for that cause,wen we were in college we didn’t have Whatsapp n all..that time it was.orkut,then towards the end of college life only I started using fb that too once in a while so though I mean it from heart that I will miss u,I am very happy u r going to concentrate ur max in ur studies dear,shall pray for u daily n yea will wait for a msg in november.God bless u dear.And next episode will.be on Wednesday or Thursday site will accept from wednesday only.After posting I will put a msg here and the link also wen it gets uploaded.

  51. Niyati

    soo dear vini di u will update on Monday ha..its ok we will wait..u r going to ur hus’s place ha..enjoy..

    joya dear..u r right hum dil se jude hua ho to this place distance will NOT affect much..ya Dr. kalam was the best gift to our country..his work..his achievements..his personality..his life all r inspiration to every person..he is ideal man for youth also..inspite of that he was very down to earth..

    shraddha baby..all the very best for exams..do well n..rock the exams..

    so rupshikha darling..congratulations..n u r going to give party at Di’s place..u cheter Di is not at home..dont think u can escap without giving party..n its final k we will NOT leave u untill u give us the party..

    hey vinita..sweety how r u ? how was your pajama party with your history books ha..? hahaha..n eke bat batau i can’t ware sari..me anarkali or saavar bhi badi mushkil se manage karti hu to sari to bahut duuuurrrrr ki bat hai..good ki tumhe pehnna n sambhalna dono ata hai..

    vaishu..cutiee how was your exam ha..? agar koi baki ho to all the best for that..

    Hii sethooty..dear i am fine..what about u ? how’s life is going ha..?

    hv a nice..rocking..mindblowing..successful..happy days ahead..

  52. Niyati

    yup its true ki Kriya is shifting from ahmedabad..she is going jamnagar..its far from ahmedabad..this transfer news jitni mere or mere group k liye upsetting hai usse kahi jyada vo Kriya k liye hai..bz hum sab to yahi pe hai..vo ja rahi hai yaha se..sab ko chod kar..i wish k ye uska prank hota but its true..

    ya she will be always in our heart but u know what we were together from last 8-9 years.. it will be very difficult for us and Kriya k liye to bahut hi jyada difficult hone vala hai..

    i hope ki vo jaldi se nayi jagah pe settle ho jaye..n naye naye achche friends bana le..Jo humari tarah hi use pyar kare..treat kare..taki vo humari kami jyada mehsoos na kare..

    today i hv sent screen shots often ur all comments for her to Kriya..she is very very happy after reading your comments..she has told me to tell u all THANKS FOR YOUR WISHES N SHE WILL MISS U ALL N WILL COME BACK SOON..

    • Vini

      Hi dear,weekend was at Hubby’s place,came bk today morning,then,please do convey our regards to Kriya.It is.tough wen our friend shifts to a far away place,hope she will adjust easily there, u all wil miss each other but nowadays it is.easy to be in touch. May your friendship remain the same..always. And how sweet,u sent screen shots to her,we will miss u both.

  53. sethooty

    Ohh no kriya ..actually read ur comments now a.happy for ur dad..gonna miss u badly..and ur pranks..haha nauty cutie kriya..
    Niti Dr plz convey msg to her..I know am late to comment here.
    Actually now only i read the old comments

  54. Vinita

    All the best Niyati di!!!!!! Do not leave any stones unturned for your preparations. From march my most imp exams will start. May be I will not be active during the month of march. It is an extremely important exam. !!!!!
    Baki sab kaise Ho???????

    • Vini

      About APJ sir ,very true guys,he was such a wonderful personality,he had come to campus in 2009,great orator and such an inspiring person. He should not have gone so fast ,nation needed him for years..actually in malayalam when a renowned personality dies they quote it as so and so ‘ormmayayi,orma means memory n ormayayi means he has now become a memory,but wen Abdul Kalam sir died,many Whatsapp quote was like, “ellavarum ormmayakunnidathu chilar mathramaanu swapnakunnthu”,(word meaning,ellavarum = all,chilar= a few,some etc,swapnam= dream),if I translate it may lose charm,still it is like,”wen all becomes memory(after death),only a few becomes a dream…”and it was my dp for a long time. I admire him a lot.

  55. Joya

    Hey guys…….
    How r u all?????????
    Sethooty i m super fine dear……

    Niyati tumhri comment dekhkar sach me sukun mila……din me ek bar to khayal aata tha ki yr kaisi hongi kriya aur niyti…..

    Rups party to banti hai…..

    Vaishu,vinita kaise ho yr……..

    Shraddha all d best for ur exam dear……

  56. Joya

    Hey guys…….
    How r u all?????????
    Sethooty i m super fine dear……

    Niyati tumhri comment dekhkar sach me sukun mila……din me ek bar to khayal aata tha ki yr kaisi hongi kriya aur niyti…..

    Rups party to banti hai…..

    Vaishu,vinita kaise ho yr……..

    Shraddha all d best for ur exam dear……

    Vini di aap kaise ho?????

  57. Vini

    Hi Mickey,Joya,Shraddha,Vinita,Niti,Sethooty, Kriya,Vaishu,Needhi..hope u are all fine.Though I don’t check this site frequently,you guys are there in thoughts.. stay blessed..and Joya,just now I read yesterday’s written update but where is the lengthy comment that u mentioned ?I always read your comments wen I come across..but didn’t find yours,Sree harini’s one comment was there,I mean it was quite lengthy, I read it..

  58. Shraddha

    Niyatiiiiiii I donno if ur reading this or may be ull read it later on I’m so sorry I din check…….
    Oh Niyati I’ll miss you???? n ur commebt……..
    I know ur not going away like Litrally n will come back soon still you know
    You were like Catalyst honestly who used to trigger us all n we all used to start commenting one after the other……..
    But u are doing fab thing ssly even when my annual exams cm I just uninstall all the distracting apps …….. All the best Sweetieee…. N I know ull rock all ur exams seeing ur determination…..
    All the very bestttt?

  59. Shraddha

    Hey Guysss …..
    Thanks Joyaaaaaa Niyatii…..
    So everyone how are u allll…….
    I miss u all n Kriya n niayti also……..
    Vinitaaa March u ve final exams dear….
    All the besttt rock it……

  60. Vini

    Hai everyone,hw r u all,hope u r all fine,and Niti ,study well dear,will miss u but want u to do well in ur studies, God bless u,then ,telly team will not be accepting fan fictions till Wednesday ie 24th morning.So next one will be on Wednesday.

  61. Joya

    Hey frnds???????
    How are u all????????

    I read a story at d morning….my sis had forwarded that……….i want to share wid u all

    Story of a girl – “I Married a Stranger..”
    I was on the bed, feeling terrified. I opened my
    diary and wrote, ‘I married a stranger’ and quickly
    hid it under the bed. My whole body was shaking.
    “What do I do?” I questioned myself.
    “Do I act like a virgin?”
    “But what if he finds out? Do I tell him to wait for
    it for a few days? But what if it makes him
    The front door opened and my heart jumped in my
    neck. I was breathing heavily. The sound of his
    footsteps gave me goosebumps. I looked down
    and pretended to be calm. I saw him stopping at
    the door though I wasn’t looking at him.
    “Ghauri”, he said with ever-so-calm voice. I
    dared not to look at him.
    “Ghauri, I am going to sleep in another room”, he
    ‘If your husband doesn’t want to sleep with you,
    you have failed as a wife’, echoed my mother’s
    voice in my head. But I didn’t look up. I stayed
    “Don’t you want to ask me why?”, he said, with
    little humor in his voice, clearly trying to cheer me
    up. I looked at him for just a few seconds and
    looked down again.
    “You are my wife”, he said and paused, and then
    he continued, “not a pr*stitute.”
    I really didn’t know what he meant as my mind
    wasn’t working well. ‘When you don’t know what
    to say to your husband, keep your mouth shut’
    came back my father’s voice. I obeyed him as
    “If we sleep together when we really don’t know
    each other, what different you would be from a
    pr*stitute? We will sleep together someday, when
    both of us wants it, and that day, I’d be making
    love to my wife. I definitely won’t be having s*x
    with a stranger.”
    He turned off the light and just few seconds later,
    put it on and said funnily, “I am not a secret gay
    by the way. I promise you that.”
    Despite how scared I was, I giggled. He smiled,
    turned off the light and went to another room. I
    was still giggling. As I slept on the bed without
    removing my make-up or anything, tears rolled
    down from the corner of my eyes.
    People say it amazes them when we shed tears
    while we are happy. They say, it didn’t make
    sense, but to me, it made more sense. We felt
    something so strong that a part of us couldn’t
    stay inside us, that’s what I thought anyway. To
    me, shedding tears while being happy meant
    I woke up and made myself ready to make
    breakfast. I went to the kitchen but he was there,
    cooking. I don’t know how horrified I looked
    because it made him really scared. He quickly ran
    to me and said, “Ghauri, are you fine?” and his
    voice was filled with worries.
    “Why are you cooking?” I said with a low voice.
    He seemed lost. And finally he realized what I
    meant. “Ghauri, look at me. I like cooking, okay?
    You can cook when you like and so will I.”
    “Ghauri”, his voice was authoritative this time,
    “you are not my slave. You are my wife!”
    ‘If you let your husband step inside the kitchen,
    you fail as a wife.” mocked my mother’s voice as
    I came out of the kitchen.
    I began to open up with him, little by little. I
    didn’t share any of my biggest secrets with him
    or talked about my ex boyfriends, but I started
    talking with him. Once, he asked me some
    important suggestions about his office and my
    jaw dropped.
    But I quickly remembered, my dad doing the same
    with my mom.
    My mom answered and my dad got so furious, he
    slapped her in front of me for the first time. He
    looked at me and said angrily, “When your
    husband ask you about his works, he isn’t really
    asking, so keep your mouth shut.”
    But they have been wrong ever since I came here.
    I started suggesting and he listened. I used to
    shed lots of tears at home and I did the same
    here too, but the feelings of why it came, was
    I felt confidence building inside me. I could have
    never imagined asking him about going with my
    friends for trekking but I did.
    I looked at him and said, “Can I go with my
    friends for trekking? It is only for two nights. I
    won’t do anything stupid and will come back as
    soon as I can. Or you could call me if you want
    me here and I will come back here sooner.”
    My mom asked about going out with her friends
    fo for some religious purpose and I still remember
    my dad’s expression. My husband made the
    He looked at me disgusted. He was clearly angry.
    I felt naked in front of him for the first time but
    little did I know, he was going to teach me to not
    be shameful when I am naked.
    “Ghauri”, he said frustrated, “how many times
    have I told you that you are my wife? Why are
    you taking my permission like that? Like you are
    a prisoner? In fact, why are you asking at all?
    Inform me and go. Don’t beg for it!”, he said and
    walked away angrily.
    My parents gave birth to me and they raised me,
    but I was only starting to live. My husband was
    teaching me how to live.
    I went behind him. He was looking down the
    balcony. I stood behind him and looked down as
    “I am learning, please be patient with me”, I said
    looking down, probably opening that part of me
    for the first time, “My mother has given me
    thousand lists of what I can do to fail has a wife
    and my dad has given me thousand lists of when
    to shut up. So, I am learning”.
    He laughed though I wasn’t joking. He said, “I
    apologize for laughing and for my earlier behavior.
    I will keep that in my mind, if you promise me to
    remember that you are not in your home
    anymore. Ghauri, let the past be in the past.”
    He touched my back for just one second as a
    comfort but it was his first touch to me after I
    entered his house. It was, in all honesty, special.
    And the more he called my name, the more it
    sounded special.
    I started calling my friends home for dinners. We
    sometimes drank the wine my husband brought
    for us. I was living. My parents’ greatest gift to
    me wasn’t giving birth to me, their greatest gift
    was marrying me off to a stranger.
    One night, my husband and I were drinking. He
    asked me what I want to become.
    I barely whispered, “I want to become a writer.”
    The expression on his face was priceless,
    something I could never forget. I had never seen
    him so happier and I bet there were tears in his
    eyes. I would have never thought but he had
    always wanted to be a writer too.
    “Got too busy. Will you do that for both of us?”,
    he asked me with smile filled with sadness and
    I could only manage a nod.
    That night, I cried like never before. I covered my
    face with pillow tightly to protect the sound. I
    didn’t know why I was crying so hard but I
    wanted to scream. I saw a black shadow near my
    door. He was standing there, watching me.
    I stood up and went to him and I kissed him. I
    hugged him and kissed him again. I dragged him
    in the bed.
    “You sure it isn’t the wine doing?” he asked me.
    I rolled my eyes and replied, “You sure you aren’t
    a secret gay?”
    He laughed, “You are about to find out.” he said
    and pushed me on bed and kissed me while
    undressing me.
    It was typical of me but I had to say it, I thought
    I owed it to him. I stopped him and said, “Before
    we start, I just want you to know. I am not a
    He waved his hand off and said, “I thought you
    were going to say that you have AIDS.”
    I laughed and pulled him close and kissed him.
    And we did it. I had s*x with him after three and
    half months of our marriage. Let me scratch that,
    I made love to my husband after three and half
    months of our marriage and sure enough, he was
    I woke up the next day and looked at him
    sleeping peacefully beside me. I was sure of one
    thing like never before.
    I took out my diary and turned to the page where
    I wrote with a blue ink ‘I married a stranger’. I
    picked the black pen and wrote, ‘and I fell in love
    with him’ because I really had fallen deeply in love
    with him. I smiled and decided to keep a promise
    I made to him. I was going to write, I was always
    sure of that but what I didn’t know was what I
    was going to write about. Now I did. I was going
    to write about us.
    – @ Being woman is “True Love..”❤

  62. sethooty

    Hi all, mickey, joya, shradha, niti, vinitha,vaishu , kriya darling come back soon.. Vini miss u lot.. I stopped reading ff in telly.felt boring without u..2 weeks ohh miss u badly…
    Joya that story was nice, concept was good , but couldn’t digest some part.

  63. Joya

    Ya sethooty same here………..
    I like d nature of her husband………

    U know humre sir hum sab se humesh kehte hai, bachchha log Jindgi me kabhi kisi ajnbi se shaadi mat karna…pata nahi jindgi me kya kya surprise milenge…..hehehehehehehe……surprises ki aisi list batayi ki puchho mat……………………………woh pura lecture humra aise hi gaya……..itne hase the ki puchho mat……

    • Shraddha

      Joyaaaaa mere exams the yaar abhi I’m back see?✌
      Waisei missing Niyati n Kriya u know!!?

      Niyati hoti toh kitna bakbak karti sabko baat karatiiii?

      N hamari Rupshika ko pata nahi kya hogaya hai itni shaaaant shaant rehne lagi hai aaj kal?
      Tum bolo joya hows punee …. Weather kaisa haiii
      Yaha pe toh poocho matt bohot garmi haiii
      M it’s only Feb pata nahi may me kya hoga

      • Niyati

        joya darling please don’t be angry on me..u know a my condition..i don’t hv my phone..upps i do hv it but……………………not my smarty..me yahi hu ahmedabad me..kahi nahi gayi..or nahi ja sakti hu….:-(

        hey shraddha baby…how r u ? how was your exams ? i know u hv rocked it..hena ??
        i am missing you too dear…i will miss our chatting like hell yar…that sbaitano vali,nautanki vali, craziness se bhari humari dramebazzyy..rona aa raha hai yar..

      • Niyati

        joya i also like the concept of the story…

        joya n shraddha ..just like u both one of my tuition class sir was used to give us such type of doses..ha ha ha shraddha your experience was too good..sir ki bolti banda karadi tune..kya answer kiya..too good yar

        we had lots of debets on arrange n love marriage..i to support arrange marriage yar..one reason is that shahid or varun kapur k alava kisi k liye ku6 feel hua nahi..n i hv lots of examples of arrange marriages including my parents who are living their life very happily n beautifully..

  64. Shraddha

    Joyaaaaa !!!!! Uffff Kya storyy thi sach me uss ladke ko respect!!! Mujhe bhi uska nature bohot acha laga?
    You know best part wat I feel is Whether ur romantic or not doesn’t matter as of arranged marriage is concerned 1st thing I feel is u need to be humourous?? because that’s how the other person will feel comfortable with u like start opening up just the way she did in story mujhe wakai me story bohot achi lagi……

    May be uske mom dad bohot conservative honge because haath uthana n all is like we normally don’t come across in ur life ….
    But his reaction was so nice specially wen he made her realize that she’s is wife n wife is no less than husband in a marriage……

    N regarding tumhare teacher ki baat Jo….
    I agree it’s a bit strange how arranged marriages work but……. I once argued with our sir u know Woh thode extremist the???

    Hum sabko aake aise bolte the ki u ppl arey go live ur life have boyfriend go enjoy etc etc wat u follw tradition blabla toh
    We friends were laughing ki arey kya laga rakha hai iss admi ne dennnn
    He made me stand n aise suddenly poocha

    OK so u believe dat arranged marriages are good ???

    I was like yes sir

    Unhone phir kaha pata hai kitne divorce wagera hote hai can u give me n example how a couple can stay in happy marriage if it’s arranged they marry strangers etc etc…. He was like bataoo bataoo

    Maine bass kaha Sir my parents are living a beautiful married life from past 25 years n yes Theirs was Arranged one …
    Woh bass chup hogaye thodi der ?
    Phir bell hogaya n he was like I’ll get back to you sm day……
    N main bass ?? aise khadi thi
    Hahahah this is one memory I’ll never forget?? thought of sharing bwith u because of this context

  65. Shraddha

    Vinniiii di How are you diiiii???
    Where are you….. I miss My Sanskaar????

    Come soon nooo….
    N den wats up everyone……
    Kaise ho sablogggg

  66. Vinita

    Joya di the story is good. Husband ka nature acha hai. How are u all??????? Neerja film dekhne ka time mil nehi raha hai because of the approaching exams

    • Niyati

      Hii vinita dear…

      thank u so much for your wishes…n all the very very very very very very very very very very best for your final exams…

      i know u will rock as always…good luck sweet..take care

  67. Niyati

    hey girls how r u all ?? i m toh pu6o mat..uff..its becoming bit difficult without phone i mean “smart phone”..but i m trying to adjust..poor me..missing u all soooooooooo much..love u all..take care n stay blessed..n keep rocking in your respecting field..

    vini Di..shraddha..joya..sethooty..vinita..vaishu..rupshikha..a big hug n mummhhhaaaa a kiss to u all.. thank u so much for your good wishes..its means alot to me..

    please don’t forget me..i will catch u all after my examination n then never let either me or u to break contact..pakkkkkaaaaa vala promise..

  68. Niyati

    hey..vini Di..where r u ??…you told k app Wednesday ko post karoge..u still didn’t post it…i am missing my sanky baby..u know i was reading many ff on this site but i hv quit reading all ffs except this..today i hv opened this site with soo much hope but muj bichari ke sapne chur chur hogaye..one song is coming in my mind..

    “imtaha ho gayi intazzar ki, ayina ku6 khabar mere yar ki ”

    app jante hona mera yar kon hai………………………., yuppie u guessed it correct..its none other than sanky darling..so please update fast Di..

    by the way u r ok na ?? hope nothing wrong n serious..take care Di

  69. Niyati

    yar..i m feeling relaxed today…after soo many days i hv done chatting with u guys…i love u all..i don’t know u all will read this comments or not..but i couldn’t control my self..u know mumma ko na kabse uska phone vapas chahiye but me 5 min 5 min kiye ja rahi hu…now i m finally going..bubye girls..take care all of u…love u all..n vini Di please na post next part soon..

  70. Vini

    Hi guys,I will read ur comments tomorrow.. Had posted episode today.Don’t know why it s not getting uploaded .see u ,my friend s coming tomorrow.. A lil busy..

  71. Shraddha

    Niyati babyyyy how are you????
    Gosh missed u so muchhhh……. How’s Kriya lots of love to you both??
    N best of luck for ur exams??
    Stay in touch just like this not frequently I agree exams are very imp……..
    But felt happy ki u come here once n send sooooo many msgs n go????
    All the best baby!!! I know u gonna Rock

  72. Shraddha

    Joya Darling……..
    kuta gelis tu????
    Laukar laukar reply Kara!!!
    See di has updated next part…..

    N I checked from wer dat Story was uploaded baby???
    Shraddhas search engine is faaaasssstttt
    N I read many more der nyc it was….

    You know what Jo Woh Jo story hai na it’s written by a guy ??
    Shocking no kaise ek ladka ek ladki ki emotions ko itneee barikeeee se samjh sakta hai………

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