Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 36

Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction (Season 2) episode 36,to be honest,typed this in a hurry and posting it just for the sake of posting something and I am not at all satisfied,as always,not proof read……….

Day b4 yesterday’s link:

Scene 1:

Sanskaar is coming home in the evening,the maid (Seema ) is there with him,he asks her about a few things,he likes her nature and thinks that she wont create any trouble for Swara,he stops the car after some time,he gets down,lowers the glass and tells her, “aunty,actually,I want to buy a body warmer for my wife,climate is too bad nowadays na?I will come now”,he turns to go,walks a few steps ahead and comes back and asks her, “aunty,do you also need one?”,she smiles and says, “thank u,no,since Rajat (her husband,security guard at the cottage) had told about the weather there, I have brought mine,he says ok and leaves…she smiles seeing his polite nature…

Scene 2:

Sanskaar reaches the cottage,he finds the gate locked,he understands that Rajat uncle is not there,he takes the other set of keys and goes to open the gate,he comes back,gets in and take the car inside,he goes near the door,presses the door bell,he doesn’t hear a response,he presses again,he then calls Swara’s name and knocks on the door,he is a little worried as there is no response from Swara,he quickly goes to the backyard,finds the back door also closed,he suddenly hears some noise and rushes to the direction,he finds Swara rising up and down,she is drowning,he shouts her name and runs and jumps,he lifts her up,he pulls her and brings her out,Swara sees him,she is conscious but disoriented,she stares at him,her eyes are partially closed,he calls her name and says, “Swara,Swara,listen to me,open your eyes”,he takes her inside,aunty quickly goes to kitchen,he makes Swara sit on the bed,he makes her lie down slowly,finds her restless,he rushes and takes a towel,he wipes her head fast,Swara is looking at him in between,he then wipes her hands and covers her with the towel,he finds her shivering,he quickly hugs her from behind,she is noticing his deeds but is not totally in her senses,she slowly rests herself on his chest and falls unconscious ,Sanskaar,shouts her name and starts rubbing her cheeks,hands and that time aunty arrives with a cup of warm water,he instructs her to change Swara’s clothes ,quickly grabs a pair from her cupboard and gives it to her,he rushes out to call the doctor…..

Scene 3:

The doctor arrives,he examines Swara,he tells Sanskaar that she will be fine,he tells him that he will give an injection as she is having mild fever now,he instructs him to give her some light food when she wakes up,Sanskaar watches her while doctor gives her the injection,his eyes are moist,his care and concern is clearly evident on his face,Sanskaar accompanies doctor to the car,doctor leaves and he runs to Swara’s room,aunty asks him not to worry and tells him that she will prepare some soup,she goes to the kitchen,Sanskaar sits near Swara,he moves his hand on her forehead softly,he feels the temperature high and is very much worried,he slowly moves closer to her,he feels all his love for her,is about to kiss her forehead,suddenly he realises what he was about to do and gets up,he holds her palm,he observes her sleeping,he takes her hand in his ,and says, “I am so sorry,Swara,I am the reason for all your troubles,please forgive me,but,I cant see you like this,my heart is paining Swara,please wake up na dear,please,I know you are not hearing me but…..”he holds her hand and again stares at her,a tear roll down his cheeks,he wipes it off,aunty who was about to step inside notices that and goes back,he sits there holding her hand,he adjusts the blanket,Swara is looking more pale,he again holds her hand with his right hand and softly pats her head with his left hand….

Scene 4

Swara wakes up after some time,she finds Sanskaar seated on a chair,he finds her awake and gets up and goes near her,he asks her, “Swara,how do u feel now?Swara softly says, “better…..”,she then understands that her clothes have been changed,she recalls falling into the lake while walking through the sand bed…she looks at Sanskaar and says, “if you had not come on time,then…”Sanskaar looks at her and says, “we will talk about all that later,doctor had examined you,fever will vanish,don’t worry,aunty has prepared soup for you”,Swara hears the word aunty and looks at him with doubt,he calls, “Seema aunty,please bring that soup,she got up”,after a few minutes,aunty comes inside ,Sanskaar introduces her to Swara,Swara smiles and they talk for a few minutes,aunty leaves,Sanskaar tells Swara, “I was planning to go to office from tomorrow,aunty will be here day and night,in case if I have to work over time,I may not be able to come home daily..Swara feels some sadness when she hears that he wont be coming home daily..she just looks at him,he looks at her….he takes the soup bowl and sits near her,he gives it to her,she is not able to hold it properly, he takes it back and makes her have it with his hands,she looks at him,she notices his care for her,he makes her have the whole bowl and asks, “how is aunty’s soup?liked it?”,Swara smiles and says, “yea,really yummy”,he laughs hearing that and says, “oh,fever has not affected the taste buds,good,good”,Swara feels happy seeing him laugh after a long time,he keeps the bowl back on the table,comes back,makes her drink water and take tablets,she coughs and he gently pats her back,Swara gently turns and looks at him….

Scene 5:

Around 11 pm……..

Sanskaar and Swara are seated inside,aunty goes to the kitchen,Sanskaar calls her and she comes inside ,she asks him if she should arrange the other room as some of his things are there in the other room or if it is ok if she sleeps in the living room,both Swara and Sanskaar looks at each other,Sanskaar closes his eyes as though signalling her, he then tells aunty, “oh,I forgot,u must tired,no?ok,I will bring my things this side,you can use that room,only two bed rooms,one minute..he goes from there,aunty and Swara talks for some time..after some time,Sanskaar comes inside,he has a few things in his hand,he keeps it in Swara’s room and tells aunty that she can go to bed,after she left,Sanskaar takes the sweater that he bought for her and goes near Swara,he gives it to her and says, “you will need this”,she accepts it,she wears it and thanks him..he smiles and says,I will be there,lie down and try to sleep,if there is some need,don’t hesitate to wake me up”,he goes and sits on the couch..after some time,he falls asleep,Swara remembers what he had told,that while at hostel,his friends had tried to monitor within how many minutes he will fall asleep and he fell asleep within 55 seconds,she smiles looking at him,she tells herself, “why I’m not able to hate him inspite of him saying and doing all this,the anger which I felt days back………………..”

Time is around 2 am,Sanskaar wakes up,he finds Swara still seated and awake,he gets up and goes near her,he tells her, “Swara,why are you not sleeping,actually,I just need to lie down and sleep will visit me…”,she looks at him and says, “not able to sleep,don’t know why,head and body pain,not feeling good…”,he comes and sits near her,he checks her fever and holds her hand and says, “fever hasn’t subsided,that’s why,ah,it may take some time”,Swara asks him, ‘’you were planning to go to office from tomorrow ,no?at what time you will leave….?”,Sanskaar leaves her hand and says, “oh,I extended leave for three more days”Swara understands that it is for her,she softly says, “Sanskaar,life and emotions ,both are really very complicated,no?I was very angry with you,but now,I don’t know why,I am feeling as though I am talking to my friend Sanskaar,and that I am with my best friend Sanskaar,dad’s condition,you were responsible,still,not able to blame you,I don’t understand anything,your parents came,after they left,you have really changed,in fact that angry man’s mask was removed,and today when you saw me in trouble,you have really become that old Sanskaar,now,I know you will very soon confess why you did all this…..”,she looks at him,he says, “yes Swara,life is complicated,emotions,well,sometimes what is being expressed may not be what is actually there within,complicated life,makes emotions even more complicated and many a times unexpressed as well,but characters in the play,no?have to perform whether we like it or not…”.

Swara is silent for a moment listening to what he just heard from him and then tells him, “leave it Sanskaar,now I am trying to think only about this moment,that is the best medicine now,wont feel like living if I think too much about my future…”Sanskaar keeps looking at her…she quickly says, “Sanskaar,can you sing something,when did you last sing for us..?”,Sanskaar says, “oh,even ,I don’t remember,now,since you asked,which one do u want me to sing…?”Swara says, “a little old one,tum aaye to aaya mujhe yaad gali mein aaj chand nikhla….that one..”,Sanskaar says, “oh,I like to hear the female version,but,for you,I will try…”,he sings for her,she stares into his eyes, he continues singing for her…………..

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  1. Ya sethooty same here………..
    I like d nature of her husband………

    U know humre sir hum sab se humesh kehte hai, bachchha log Jindgi me kabhi kisi ajnbi se shaadi mat karna…pata nahi jindgi me kya kya surprise milenge…..hehehehehehehe……surprises ki aisi list batayi ki puchho mat……………………………woh pura lecture humra aise hi gaya……..itne hase the ki puchho mat……

  2. Bdw NIRJA movie kis ne dekhi ???????????

  3. Yr vini di and all of u guys whr r u????
    Missing u badly………………

    Very angry wid u…………

    1. Joyaaaaa mere exams the yaar abhi I’m back see?✌
      Waisei missing Niyati n Kriya u know!!?

      Niyati hoti toh kitna bakbak karti sabko baat karatiiii?

      N hamari Rupshika ko pata nahi kya hogaya hai itni shaaaant shaant rehne lagi hai aaj kal?
      Tum bolo joya hows punee …. Weather kaisa haiii
      Yaha pe toh poocho matt bohot garmi haiii
      M it’s only Feb pata nahi may me kya hoga

      1. joya darling please don’t be angry on me..u know a my condition..i don’t hv my phone..upps i do hv it but……………………not my smarty..me yahi hu ahmedabad me..kahi nahi gayi..or nahi ja sakti hu….:-(

        hey shraddha baby…how r u ? how was your exams ? i know u hv rocked it..hena ??
        i am missing you too dear…i will miss our chatting like hell yar…that sbaitano vali,nautanki vali, craziness se bhari humari dramebazzyy..rona aa raha hai yar..

      2. joya i also like the concept of the story…

        joya n shraddha ..just like u both one of my tuition class sir was used to give us such type of doses..ha ha ha shraddha your experience was too good..sir ki bolti banda karadi tune..kya answer kiya..too good yar

        we had lots of debets on arrange n love marriage..i to support arrange marriage yar..one reason is that shahid or varun kapur k alava kisi k liye ku6 feel hua nahi..n i hv lots of examples of arrange marriages including my parents who are living their life very happily n beautifully..

  4. Joyaaaaa !!!!! Uffff Kya storyy thi sach me uss ladke ko respect!!! Mujhe bhi uska nature bohot acha laga?
    You know best part wat I feel is Whether ur romantic or not doesn’t matter as of arranged marriage is concerned 1st thing I feel is u need to be humourous?? because that’s how the other person will feel comfortable with u like start opening up just the way she did in story mujhe wakai me story bohot achi lagi……

    May be uske mom dad bohot conservative honge because haath uthana n all is like we normally don’t come across in ur life ….
    But his reaction was so nice specially wen he made her realize that she’s is wife n wife is no less than husband in a marriage……

    N regarding tumhare teacher ki baat Jo….
    I agree it’s a bit strange how arranged marriages work but……. I once argued with our sir u know Woh thode extremist the???

    Hum sabko aake aise bolte the ki u ppl arey go live ur life have boyfriend go enjoy etc etc wat u follw tradition blabla toh
    We friends were laughing ki arey kya laga rakha hai iss admi ne dennnn
    He made me stand n aise suddenly poocha

    OK so u believe dat arranged marriages are good ???

    I was like yes sir

    Unhone phir kaha pata hai kitne divorce wagera hote hai can u give me n example how a couple can stay in happy marriage if it’s arranged they marry strangers etc etc…. He was like bataoo bataoo

    Maine bass kaha Sir my parents are living a beautiful married life from past 25 years n yes Theirs was Arranged one …
    Woh bass chup hogaye thodi der ?
    Phir bell hogaya n he was like I’ll get back to you sm day……
    N main bass ?? aise khadi thi
    Hahahah this is one memory I’ll never forget?? thought of sharing bwith u because of this context

  5. Vinniiii di How are you diiiii???
    Where are you….. I miss My Sanskaar????

    Come soon nooo….
    N den wats up everyone……
    Kaise ho sablogggg

  6. Joya di the story is good. Husband ka nature acha hai. How are u all??????? Neerja film dekhne ka time mil nehi raha hai because of the approaching exams

    1. Hii vinita dear…

      thank u so much for your wishes…n all the very very very very very very very very very very best for your final exams…

      i know u will rock as always…good luck sweet..take care

  7. hey girls how r u all ?? i m toh pu6o mat..uff..its becoming bit difficult without phone i mean “smart phone”..but i m trying to adjust..poor me..missing u all soooooooooo much..love u all..take care n stay blessed..n keep rocking in your respecting field..

    vini Di..shraddha..joya..sethooty..vinita..vaishu..rupshikha..a big hug n mummhhhaaaa a kiss to u all.. thank u so much for your good wishes..its means alot to me..

    please don’t forget me..i will catch u all after my examination n then never let either me or u to break contact..pakkkkkaaaaa vala promise..

  8. hey..vini Di..where r u ??…you told k app Wednesday ko post karoge..u still didn’t post it…i am missing my sanky baby..u know i was reading many ff on this site but i hv quit reading all ffs except this..today i hv opened this site with soo much hope but muj bichari ke sapne chur chur hogaye..one song is coming in my mind..

    “imtaha ho gayi intazzar ki, ayina ku6 khabar mere yar ki ”

    app jante hona mera yar kon hai………………………., yuppie u guessed it correct..its none other than sanky darling..so please update fast Di..

    by the way u r ok na ?? hope nothing wrong n serious..take care Di

  9. yar..i m feeling relaxed today…after soo many days i hv done chatting with u guys…i love u all..i don’t know u all will read this comments or not..but i couldn’t control my self..u know mumma ko na kabse uska phone vapas chahiye but me 5 min 5 min kiye ja rahi hu…now i m finally going..bubye girls..take care all of u…love u all..n vini Di please na post next part soon..

  10. Hi guys,I will read ur comments tomorrow.. Had posted episode today.Don’t know why it s not getting uploaded .see u ,my friend s coming tomorrow.. A lil busy..

  11. Niyati babyyyy how are you????
    Gosh missed u so muchhhh……. How’s Kriya lots of love to you both??
    N best of luck for ur exams??
    Stay in touch just like this not frequently I agree exams are very imp……..
    But felt happy ki u come here once n send sooooo many msgs n go????
    All the best baby!!! I know u gonna Rock

  12. Joya Darling……..
    kuta gelis tu????
    Laukar laukar reply Kara!!!
    See di has updated next part…..

    N I checked from wer dat Story was uploaded baby???
    Shraddhas search engine is faaaasssstttt
    N I read many more der nyc it was….

    You know what Jo Woh Jo story hai na it’s written by a guy ??
    Shocking no kaise ek ladka ek ladki ki emotions ko itneee barikeeee se samjh sakta hai………

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