Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 35

Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction (Season 2) episode 35

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(In that we saw a few swasan moments,swalak conversation,swasanlak and parents’ conversation,sanlak fight ,a mild change in San approach to Swara)

Scene 1:

Next day morning

Swara is working in the kitchen,she notices Sanskaar coming from behind,she gently turns,he also looks at her,she turns to go,he asks her to continue her cooking,she stops and removes the vessel from a burner and Sanskaar understands it was for him,he takes a sauce pan and keeps milk for boiling,he checks the rack for tea powder but doesn’t find it,Swara passes the container to him,he says thanks and accepts it,he is about to put the powder,suddenly Swara holds his hand and says, “for one cup of tea,don’t put it into the whole thing,concentrate on what you are doing”,saying this,she turns the burner to off mode and leaves from there,Sanskaar watches her leaving…

Scene 2:Same day evening

It is very cold outside,Sanskaar goes outside,Swara also comes out of her room,she notices him trying to light a fire outside,she watches this from the door,she goes inside and brings a small bottle of kerosene and goes near him,he accepts it and lights the fire,Swara turns to leave,Sanskaar calls her and says, “Swara,do you remember the last trip,that camp fire,how much fun it was ,no?Ragini ,Lucky……..that was enough,time should have paused there”,Swara listens and turns in his direction,he sits on the floor near the fire,she sits opposite to him,both move their hands over the fire and tries to keep themselves warm,Swara looks at Sanskaar,he ignores it and keeps looking at the movement of the flames,Swara softly asks him, “Sanskaar,have you informed Sanjitha about all what has happened?”,Sanskaar doesn’t show any change in his expression,he looks at her and says, “Sanjitha is a closed chapter…..have informed her”,Swara just feel some happiness hearing the word closed chapter but suddenly she remembers how Sanskaar had told that he don’t love her,will free her,wont even touch her until then,her eyes are filled but blinks frequently as though it is because of the smoke,she continues, “Sanskaar,you asked for some time yesterday,eversince they left,I can see that honesty in your eyes,I have seen it in my Sans….”she stops and says, “in my friend Sanskaar’s eyes,through out these years,though I can never forget the harsh words and your deeds since last week,because of that friendship,it should be,some where ,my heart is ready to give you that time,but,once you sort out the things,I know you will let me go,but that time,in return ,should give me the freedom to sort things out between you and Sanju,do u agree?”,Sanskaar just looks at her and nods slowly……

Scene 3

After two weeks,Akshay’s house

Akshay’s dad is reading newspaper,Akshay comes and sits opposite to him,he asks him, “Dad,you had gone to see Mukesh uncle?is he still in hospital?”His dad looks at him and says, “because of an obsessive lover Sanskaar,your marriage was stopped,it has not affected my relation with Mukesh,if I want to take revenge from him,there are many ways,his business is a sinking ship,we can take over as majority of the shares are already with us,but,cant forget that though we have benefitted the most ,his efforts have always ,no, the brain was always his,so cant let him go like that..didnt go to meet him,had heard that he got discharged..”Akshay tells him, “Oh,come on dad,why should you give up on something that will bring you profit?,you think I am heart broken cos my marriage didn’t happen,Swara was like any other girl who I have met,and marriage is never meant for people like me,I will also come with you,we will meet him today evening,ok,see u ,dad”

Scene 4: Same day evening

Akshay and his dad has come to meet Mukesh,Mukesh hides his anger and behaves normally,Akshay tells him , “Uncle,do you know where Swara and Sanskaar are?anyways,they are married,it wont be easy for you,but I think,you will make up your mind later,I don’t have any problem with them,Swara’s friend he was,no?Yea,I enquired,got the details,friendship can change into love,a girl like Swara,will definitely value her marriage,I think you should bring them back,sorry,it is your personal matter,I just told”,Akshay’s dad discusses about their business updates and enquires about Mukesh’s health,they spend some time there and leaves……

Scene 5

Night,Sanskaar receives a call,he goes out to attend it,it is Mukesh on the other side,Sanskaar asks, “Uncle,how are you now?,actually,I had given this number to Rajeev uncle (Mukesh’s best friend and subordinate),but was not sure if situation was favourable to make a call “,Mukesh is silent ,he says, “my son,I know,I am the most selfish man,and you are suffering because of me,how is my daughter Sanskaar?is she fine?”Sanskaar says, “yes uncle,she is fine,don’t worry,I will manage,your team has helped me a lot,this house,vehicle,security,everything was arranged by them and I know they are protecting my family too,”,Mukesh tells him, “how are you able to talk nicely to me,I dragged you into this pit,still,you are talking like the Sanky who was my daughter’s dear friend”,Sanskaar says, “I am not supporting your illegal business,but I am supporting a good father,a good husband,and above all it was for my…he stops,Mukesh understands that he was going to say Swara’s name,he pretends as though he has not noticed it and continues, “Sanky,today,Akshay and father had come,”he mentions all what they told,Sanskaar listens and says, “uncle,actually,I had applied only for a week’s leave,extended it,but,have been receiving mails,so I am planning to go from day after tomorrow ,have arranged a maid for Swara,our security uncle’s wife only,so,even if I have to stay away for a day or two,she will be here,no?Mukesh agrees,again apologises to him,promises to set everything right and cuts the call seeing Sumi coming with food for him…Sanskaar cuts the call and goes inside…

Scene 6:Next day morning

Swara wakes up and comes out,she sees Sanskaar dressed up and waiting for her,seeing her,he gets up and walks towards her, “Swara,I am going out,will be back only in the evening,bye”,he turns to go,then quickly comes back and says, “for almost three weeks,day and night you were locked up inside this small house,if you want,you can go out,just be careful when you go near the palm,as the security uncle had seen multiple snakes there,saying this he goes from there,Swara just looks at him,he leaves…

Scene 7:Same day ,around 4 pm

Security guard rings the door bell and Swara opens,he tells her that he is going out and will be back in a short while,he tells her that he shall lock the gate from outside,he also tells her that Sanskaar has another set of keys ,so,no need to worry if he arrives early,Swara just nods,she sees him leaving ,after some time,she locks the door and walks towards the direction of the lake,she sits on the white bench for some time,then gets up and goes near the water,she sits there on the ground,puts her hand in the water,takes a hand full and wipes her face,she stares at the lake,she recalls all what happened in the last few weeks,she notices that the surface of the water is calm,she gently puts her hand again and then sits there,staring at the opposite bank and the trees there………..

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


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      Hi Mickey? How r u now?better? Get well soon dear,take care,sickness n exams in between, it is tuf,don stress itself too much dr,and results on Monday,shall pray,I know you will score good marks.

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    • Vini

      Thank u dr,trying to keep it simple,I had read an ff in between last week,didn’t comment under that cos I didn’t read fully,but understood that there are many twists that too interesting ones in other ffs,I m trying to keep it as close to reality as possible,many may find it boring but m concentrating on the emotional journey of characters, also,to extend this ff,I introduced this marriage twist…

    • Vini

      Thanks dr,shall try dear,but not saying that I will,cos,this gap has erased part of the story from my mind as well,have to plan the rest of the story afresh now..

  2. Jyoti

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      Thanks dr,n yea.m fine by God’s grace,was a lil busy,then,as I stopped writing,lost interest in it as well,but will write it for sure..if possible I will write next one tomorrow.

  3. Niti

    Hii Di..all the moments of swasan were showing there love for each other..just situation is not favorable to them..about mukesh uncle i m wondering what should i think..as selfish man or caring person..sanky is this condition just due to him only..but bz of that Shona sanky r together now..bonfire convo was very very nice..uff poor Shona still thinks sanky was in love with sanjitha..aww her reaction on the word “closed chapter”..btw i don’t think akshy will leave swasan easily..there will be revenge drama from akshy’s side for sure..hope Shona sanky will able to face the upcoming situations..another superb epi vini Di..love my sanky..uppps just kidding i mean love u vini Di..

    • Vini

      Niti dear,I had typed reply and posted but showed error,since I reply wat comes to mind after reading each comment I forgot what all I typed ,but all what u wrote is correct,swasan love isn’t ordinary,Mukesh is good but is selfish as well,I would say, but m responsible for that haha,but Sanky’s love made him agree though he hasnt accepted it,study well dear,and do let me know wen ur course is over,u will find my fb a/c,just drop a msg.

      • Niti

        thank u soooooooooo much vini Di..ya i will defiantly create fb account n will send u msg for sure..n agar bhagvan ne chaha to we will surly b in contact for long time..i don’t wonna loose u and our this ff army…Di plz yad rakna i will send u msg after 20th Nov 2016..as my exam will complete on 18th..plz mere msg ki wait karna..

      • Vini

        Hei no probs,I didn’t feel that like a blame ,so u r writing an ff,wow,what is the title,honestly, I feel ashamed wen other fellow writers comment on mine,cos though I wish to, m not getting time to read and appreciate others,but whenever I read I try to give an honest feedbk,but,yesterday I read one,after a long time..

      • It’s no matter di time is a important prob…I also can’t some episodes of ffs but I can’t miss your ff and about ff if you will read that you will kill me?

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    • sethooty

      Niti trip was superb..enjoyed a lot, offourse
      Yaar clicks many snaps and selfies haha.. My next target is
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      Its like want sing a song now..”matargashti hui sadak mem..”

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    • Vini

      Hi dear,actually I was very proud that my phone had no hang n all,but since last few weeks,don know what happened,some hang and all that,that is y I couldn’t reply to comments,but now it is ok .But I don’t type episodes in phone,so I was busy n lazy to sit and type ,in fact forgot a few scenes that I had planned, now it is like starting from a zero..even I click a lot of snaps dear,not talented but I like to capture, in fact,camera n phone are must wen I travel…

    • Joya

      Hello niti….
      Now my phone is giving me some blessings like hang hona,range capture na kar pana and all………

      Thank yr for reading my stupid comments……….. I m happy that u liked dt lines so much but that’s not mine……….

      I m not imterested in photography actually…….. U wont belive but it’s true that there is no single pic of mine in my phone…………….Whtp k d k liye pics humri friends humne deti hai……………hehehehehehehehe……….

      In my POV
      agr kabhi aankhe band karu to wo sab yaad aa jaye jo dil k camera me kaide ho……..so photo ki bajay hum pura spot hi dil pe print karne me yakin rakhte hai………

      • Niti

        wow…sethooty..shraddha tum logo ne bada maza kiya na…mene last mera south India vala trip bahut enjoy kiya tha..uske bad kahi jahi nahi paye hai..

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        vini Di..don’t worry take ur own time whenever u got time n feel to write then only pen down ur thoughts..agar dil se nahi likho ge to maza nahi ayega..so don’t worry we r waiting 4 ur rocking epi..

    • Vini

      Hi dear,since I told u guys yesterday ,I pushed myself to write,even m clueless about upcoming scenes dear,had planned a few but now I forgot,have to start afresh now,let me see,since one line is very short,that is there in mind partially,but scenes,hmm…

    • Joya

      Hi sethooty,,,
      Actually i replied u at previous epi……but i dnt know kaha gayi………
      Bdw how r u???…….

  5. Meghs

    Di after so many days u updating it na am angry with u … But its k …. Ur ff make me smile … Its awsome di .

    • Vini

      Yes after a gap of 6 days,oh,I know many will.be angry,sorry dear,glad that mine made u smile,thanks dear,actually I read an ff partially today evening but forgot to post comment,it is by Megha,I liked it,are u the one writing that, title I forgot…

      • Joya

        Di us ff ka nam swaragini rishtey ragsan and swalak aisa kuch hai…..truely speaking di her story and narration is superb….
        Aap k bad agr kisi ka ff hume dil se pasand aaya hai to wo uska hai…..humne megha ko aapke ff k bare me bataya tha….pata nahi usne padha ya nahi…….

      • Meghs

        I am not that witer megha.. But my name is meghana…
        Di i missed ur ff alot i don’t know i will became addicted to ur stry… Di pls update daily u know na we have lack of patience .. Just kidding …
        But ya post aleast twice in a week…

    • Vini

      Joya,dear,I think rishtey is her first ff,cos I just now read the one that I tol,it is this time forever intro,there ,a few links of her previous ffs are given,since this intro is a ragsan ff,I think she is a Ragsan fan..

  6. Aashi

    Finally Di uhh uploaded it….as usual it was awesome. .I don’t why but I srsly like this rude sanskaar…. Loved it Di!!!…as usual uhh rocked. yeah,!!!! It was fabulous fantastic phenomenonal..mind blowing spectacular. And many more words…eagerly waiting for next part.. Plzz update it soonnnnn…..!!!!!

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,I don’t know if I deserve those good words ,still,wholeheartedly accepting it and thanks once again,shall try to upload one by today evening.

  7. Shraddha

    Haaa my sanky gotto eat smthing I’m so galddd?? hahahah but didi wer were u akhe taras gayi thi “SwaSan Season 2 episode 35″ke pyaas me…….
    Ah wat an episode nyccc I m loving SwaSan ssly that conversation thts is building up between the two of them is like indicating that things will be fine soon…..yayyy hopefully…..
    Ha swara my dear wat a girl she is 3 things in today’s epi that caught my eye
    1st swara stopping at My sanskaar…. Den my friend sanskaar ….. Uff so much pain
    2nd Swara momentarily becoming happy bearing sanju is a closed chap again superb….. Emotions u display are very well expressed
    3rd Swara swara my dear she wants to sort out things betn sanky n sanju my God so much love inspite of all that has happened indeed it’s 12 years of unconditional love I would say….
    Now coming to sanky oh poor boy….
    Mukesh uncle I’m so glad ur guilty☺ the way he said how are u able to speak so nyy witg me …. N

    Sankys dialogues wow…..
    I’m doing this for a good father n husband
    Den I’m doing this above all for my Swara?? sanskaaaaaaarr??i ve called out his name like this wen ever I ve read ” My swara ” in ur ff only…..
    Wonderful episode but I think there’s smthing fishy abt ending huh? Kya chal raha hai di dimag me apke Zara Hume bhi toh batav??

    • Vini

      Haha,in this episode I had decided that Sanky should be given something to eat or else Shraddha baba will be sad, so I purposely added a kitchen.scene there, yes everything will be fine soon,Swara will never be able to hate Sanky and Sanky however hard his accepts will be won’t succeed in showing rude behaviour cos Swasan knows that much about each other,yes,it is unconditional love between Swasan or else they wouldn’t have suffered this.much but fate will bring them together, yes,Sanskar considers her as his Swara only but didn’t try to.conquer love,name of his love is.sacrifice,and ending,let me think how to frame the further scenes.

  8. Joya

    Nice episode…….

    Actually jab hum yeh epi padh rahe the tab humre dilo dimag me kuch lines ghum rahi thi jo humne suni huyi hai,

    For sanskar

    Mohbbat ek ehsaason ki pavan si kahani hai,
    Kabhi Kabeera Deewana tha,kabhi Meera deewani hai….
    Yaha sab log kehte hai meri aankhon me aansu hai,
    Jo tu samjhe to moti hai,jo na samjhe to paani hai…………

    For swara

    Aaye hai waha jaha humesha aate hai hum…….
    Tasweer tumhari aankhon me liye kab se baithe hai hum…..
    Aankho me nami liye,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Aaj bhi tumhare intjar me wahi khade hai hum…………..

    Bdw very nice di…….

    Scene 1
    Bin bole baate tumse karu………

    Scene 2
    Yaadain ki galiyon me gujarna achchha laga……..
    Fir bhi dil ki baton ko aaj bhi labj na mila……..
    Bharose se judi hai yaha yeh do jindgiyan,
    Kisi k baaton me bhi hai sirf aur sirf khamoshiyan…..

    Scenes 3 and 4
    Ohhh ho…………..
    Kafi achchhese maintain kar rahe he yeh log apni personal aur professional life..profit k liye…..

    Scene 5
    Conversation of sanskar and mukesh,mukesh’s apology…. Sanskar ka MY pe atkana,mukesh ka samjhna,swara k liye dono ka concerns…. Sanskar’s mature behavior dt i m supporting to good father and hubby…..
    Most imp u mentioned about sanskar’s leave from his office……

    Scenes 6 and 7

    Sanskar ne swara ko nahi bataya ki wo kaha ja raha hai…..
    Swara k maid…….

    Swara ka last me khayalon me khona……….

    Yeh talab yeh ped,kuch hai kya yaha ki shantiyon me,
    Shayad mera dil hi fas gaya hai jindgi ki uljhno me…….

    Sorry guys fordis stupid comment………..
    .cool breeze aur aasma k chandne pagal banaya hai humne….
    Chukar nikle us jhoke ne shayar banaya hai aaj hume…..

    • Shraddha

      Joyaaaaa kya baat hai kuch din pehle dil saath nahi tha….. But lagta hai ki abb saatve aasman pe udraha hai!!!!! Kya baat hai Sheetal darling what’s up ha hume bhi batana Zara….. But ssly
      Maine kal ke lines par bhi comment ki thi that joya is back with a Fadoooo Bang!!!!!
      N aaj toh
      Bang Bang hogaya yaaar!!!!
      Matlab itne precisely har ek line swara aur sanskaar ko ek dum perfectly suit karte hai …. Mangaye yaar Masha Allah!!?? joya darling bohot khoob bohot khoob

    • Vini

      Hei Joya dear,for Sanskar n Swara,those lines were written by you,no?I believe so,or as u mentioned,is it something u have heard,if it is written by you,no words dear and if quoted it also,same for me cos only a.person with a poetic heart will remember what they had read or heard,wen I read I wish I portrayef Swasan love with the intensity that is there in those lines,wish I did some justice to this ff,but very lazy dear,scene 1 perfect songs,scene 2,one hug for those lines mentioned there, yes,Akshay’s dad is 50% good n 50% bad,scene 5,glad that u noticed all that, especially leave.. Minute things but relevant,no?and scene 6 and 7,and lines underneath,loved it,don’t dare to say that it is a stupid comment, it is a perfect comment..take care…

      • Vini

        I totally agree with u Shraddha,Joya’s one short comment,we noticed it,but,see,girl is back and about what ever she writes,I have always loved it…

      • Shraddha

        Exactly di few days I was like No wats wrong with her??? Haaaa now I’m glad she back in full form!!!✌?hahaha? welcome back purani joya

  9. Hi vini.. hw r u ?? Wr hav u gone these dayz?? And today epi ws superb.. camp fire… nd mukesh should sumhw protect swasan.. i have bad omen on akshy nd his dad…

    • Vini

      Hi dear,m fine by God’s grace,how r u?I was busy as well as lazy,wen that gap came had a tendency to postpone each day,oh,so u feel so about those characters, let us sees…

  10. Vini

    Shraddha,Joya,Navi n Divi I read your comments just now,Shraddha I’m smiling still,u r so sweet yaa,and Joya,u always remind me of my friend Nami,and seriously m too happy reading your comment,Navi n Divi thank u guys,I will reply individually tomorrow.. Sorry..havent recited my prayers..it is 11.33,so ,tomorrow as soon as m free,I will respond..

  11. Joya

    Yr plz help me…….
    Just tell me the name of that person who has created dis days like promise day and alll…..
    Who was that Gadha…….???????

    Puri raat aise hi bitne wali hai ki kya promise kare????
    Kuch bhi kaho to kahegi ki tumhe kehne ki jarurat nahi hai….i know tum karogi……kuch aur promise karo……humne kaha mango to kaha jo tum dena chaho…kuch alag promise karna hai….
    Yr mil gaya na wo banda humne jisne yeh days banaye hai.,aaishappat usko pani me dubo dubo k marenge………..

    Idea…..mil gaya mil gaya……
    Yar type karte karte promise yaad aa gaya kuch different…..
    Humra promise yeh hainki hum aaj k baad koi promise nahi karenge….agar hum hi saare promise karenge aur jingdi bhar nibhayenge to uska bf ka bahjiya talega……..
    Good good sheetal…..dis 1 is best……hehehehehe

    • Vini

      Haha Joya,same feeling I have wen I receive chain messages and invites to play games in fb,so irritating all these are,last lines,haha,good,that is a very good idea,high time we ignore these totally..

      • Shraddha

        Very true joya yeh sablog jaise paglon ki tarah msg bgejte hai itna irritate hotahai ki kya bolo aur toh aur sab red red kapde pehenna aur dp status rakhna vo bhi happy hug day teddy day itna hassiii aati hai na mujhe ki kya bolu?????? jaise lagta hai ki puri duniya pagal hai ki mai ek he sayani hu?haahh

    • Niti

      when i open this page…i was sitting in my class canteen..one by one reading everyone’s comments..i was feeling like flying yar..as after very long break everyone is there to express their filing..mera dil to jaise khushi k mare sanbhale nahi sanbhal raha tha..sab ki nautanki n bate padhk…

      par uske bad ku6 asa hua ki hum do pal k liye sans lena hi bhul gaye…duniya jaise Tham si gayi..me kisi or hi jahan me pahoch gayi…n then agale hi pal i stand on the bench n started jumping n dancing…all were thinking that i hv gone mad..eke pal statute ho gayi n agle pal dance kar rahi hai…

      ab tum log yahi soch rahe ho na ki meri isss paglo vali hatkat ki vajah kya hai..so its none other than joya darling…

      ya yar kya likha hai tumne..dil khush kar diya yar..ajj to bang bang ho gaya hai..shraddha..vini Di has correctly said that ur one short comment is superb yar..kya yar ajj teri vajah se me sab k samne pagal ban bayi..but u know agar tu asa hi likhti rahegi na to me to roz roz asa jump n dance karneko ready hu..keep it up dear..love u love u love u love u love u love u love u love u soooooooooo much..

    • Niti

      bada vala SAME PINCH….!!!!

      cholo jaldi Se khidko pinch kar le…kyu ??
      are yar me too think the same i don’t like this velntine week at all…

      jab sab ko hug day..promises day..chocolate day manate dekh ti hu na to unko ye kehne ka man karta hai ki…
      ” Abe gadho..agar apne family n friends n someone special k sath ku6 pal batane hai..to uske liye ye days ki kya jarurat hai..idiots happy hug day keh keh k gale milte hai..to kya hum hug sirf isi din karge..pagl log itna bhi nahi samaj te ki Jo kam dil se nahi hota n sirf dimag ko pata hai occasion k bare m n horha hai..uski koi value nahi hai…agar sache dil se apno ko kisi bhi din hug karo..promises karo..pyar ka izhar karo..chocolate do…to na 365 days ye sare days celebrate kar sakte ho…n vo genuine bhi hoga..”

      so itne bade lecture k bad ye hi kehna hai ki joya plz yar agar vo banda mil jaye na to pz yar mereko bhi leti jana..mil k sale ko uski nani yad dilayenge..gadha kahika

      • Shraddha

        Hayyy joya ne tumhe paglon ki tarah dance karvaya aur meri toh needh bhagadiii
        Maine raat ko he uska padha that uska comment maine socha bas dekh lwte hai kya haal hai sabka aur subha comment karungi lekin iss ladki ne meri saari thakan lazyness sleep sab bhagadiiii??? aur main ek dum fresh Hoke baar baar Woh padhti rahi sachi me joya darling is a rock star?

      • Shraddha

        Same pinch from my side tooo
        Woh hum Zara being single is pride kisam ke insan hai toh vaise he I don’t like this valentine shalentine but because if this reason even more bakwasss lagta hai????
        I mean ssly niyati sahi kaha tumne abhi hug day teddy day rose day wat not saly itna hasi aata hai na mujhe poocho mat abhi roz toh hug karte hai toh ye day ki kya zaroorat ……
        Aur agar main ye dp wagera with heart shape edits dekhti hoon na tab toh by God hasss hass ke pagal hojati hoon pata nahi bade he ajjeb lagte hai mujhe

      • Niti

        ha ha ha shraddha u too…we all r same to same..me bhi single rehne me hi maza leti hu..muje bhi sab ka ye week ka paglapan dekh k badi hasi aati hai..yar..its so funny na..

  12. imane

    Hi Vini! amazing episode, like always, i love the way you are reflecting this kind of relationships between two VERY strong characters!! it’s a pleasure to read your words dear… take care and all the best for your writing and studies !! 😉

    • Vini

      Thank u dear, I honestly don’t like my writing,but if u all are liking it then it is an honour,thank u for the good words, and right now,m not a student dear, may join for pg later…

      • imane

        Hi Vini, ooops i didn’t know sorry 🙁 actually i’m french so i don’t know that much about the system in India or other country you might be living in … Anyways, may God keeps smiles on your loved ones’s faces and all the best di 😉 Thank you for your answer 😀

  13. Gd mrng Shrddha n joyadi abhi thik hu me thodi thodi.
    …i missssseeeddddd uuuuu allllllllll guyz.

    Vinita,vaishu,sethooty,niti,hw r u guyzz???

    Shraddhaaaaaa☺☺…mujhe Dawai khna psnd nhi h?..yarr….bas ek injctn diya tha dctr ne??

  14. Harshi

    Hai vini.. I am in comment box after a long time.. But I dint miss ur episodes dea.. Now a days telly updates flooded with swaragini ff… I think almost 5 to 6 pages per day.. I used to check daily for ur ff… When will see ur ff pic I feel very happy.. Its good going dea.. Am enjoying it..?

    • Vini

      Thanks dear,good to c you bk n glad to know that u were reading,oh,u notice my ff from the wall paper,that’s nice, yes many ffs and many talented writers,though m not able to read any,glad to see new titles and intros n all that…

  15. Niti

    heyyy good morning buddies…how r u all ?
    vini Di..sethooty..shraddha..vinita..joya..rupshikha..vaishu..Kriya..hv a grate..rocking..bindast day ahead..missing u all soooooooooo much..take care..

  16. Hwwwww itna pyaarrr mere liye…..??…so swttttttrt guyzzzzz☺☺☺?????….abhi ekdm thik hu ha…ok me late ho rhi hu yaar….kahi jana h mujhe…mene toh abhi tak nahaya v nhi..chaloooo bye ha

  17. Hi my dear vini i miss u so much…day and night i.m checking ur fiction update..actually i .m not well..sorry for not commenting..pls update regularly bec i miss u each day each sec each min.. K anyways take care….then r u studying or working ..pls reply k…

  18. Joya

    Hey guys,
    Missing u all………..

    And thank you shraddha,vini di,sethooty and niti………..

    Yr shraddha all depends on mood yr….. Mood ka botton us din off ho gaya tha……humre mood k on off se tang aakar ek din aai ne kaha tha humse ki shaadi sare functions ho jane baad bus pheron k wakt yeh mat kehna ki abhi mood nahi bad me…..hehehe….muhhhhh……

    Vini di kuch suna huaa hai,kuch me humne changes kiye hai baki sab humra hai……aapne likha humne feel kiya aur likh paye hai……..i m also lazy yr……

    Thank you sethooty…….how r u dear?????

    Niti dnt laugh ha………bt humne selfi lena nahi aata yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………..humne jo Likha uska yeh reaction……………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All bcs of me……………… Aayllllllllllllllllllll…………….aisa he to hum likhte rahenge marte dam tak…..bus yeh jalim duniya hum dono ko pagal khane me na band karde………….nahi nahi ho sakta yeh qki hum jaise paglon k liye aaj tak koi pagalkhana nahi bana hai aaj tak…..m i ri8???????
    Agr us bande ko sirf nani yaad nahi dilayenge….sirf nani yaad dilayi to nanaji bura maan jayenge na to nani k sath nanaji bhi yaad dilayenge ha…….

    Rups take care dear……………aur do char din nahi nahayegi to bhi chalega…..pani ki bachat ho jayegi……just kidding yr take care……..

    Good afternoon…… Love u all……

    vaishnavi and kriyakriya?????……..kal humne kriya k comment dekhe the recent comments k section me…………

    • Niti

      ha ha ha joya…yar too good..hum use nani k sath sath nanaji bhi yad dilayenge…but yar fir agar uske dada dadi ko bura lag gaya to..?!!!!!!!! kahi bhoot banke hum pe attack na kar de…ha ha ha but i guess agar vo bhut banke humare pass aye bhi to vohi humara paglpan dekh k Dar k mare bhag jayenge..what’s say ?
      vese sahi kaha Hume rakh sake asa paglkhana ajj tak bana hi nahi hai..sirf ye vini Di ka page hai Jo hum sab paglo ko jel sakta hai..
      oyyeeeeee…muje heart attack aa jayega..kya bol rahi hai tu…selfiiiiiiii lena nahi ata ? Ohh mm gg..muje abb na mere eam khatam hote hi puna ki trip plan kar ni padegi..hum na bahut sari selfi lenge…lavasa le jayegi na muje ?

      • Joya

        Lavasa…….jaroor yr……..tu aa to sahi..pura pune ghuma du…………………………………. Aur ha sath me undiyo bhi lana ha…………..humne test karna hai…………..

  19. Joya

    Shraddha i have read ur comment at previous epi……hum khush ho gaye yeh dekhkar ki tumhe niti vini di sabko achchha laga…

    Thank you yr…………..

    Yeh duniya bahot chhoti hai par kabhi kabhi usme kho jane ka dil karta hai…par kahi tum sab log humne bhool na jao is darr se wapas aaye……hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe……..just kidding……but thank you humri jindgi me aane k liye guyssssssss……………

  20. Vinita

    Awesome epi di !!!!!
    Superb superb superb superb superb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rupsikha how are you????
    Take care of you self and achche marks Lana..
    All the best!!;
    Joya di aapne apke writings Mai jadu hai. Each and every word is so beautiful!!!!!!!
    Joya di u are superb!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Niti di kriya di sethooty di vaishu shradha di how are you????

    Joya di if u ever find that pagal person who found all these stupid days then inform ne. I will accompany you all.
    Khud khush raho aur dusro ko bhi khushiya do toh sab din special ban jayega. this is my philosophy . Haste raho hasate raho!!!?????

    • Joya

      Dil garden garden ho gaya janke ki tumhe pasand aaya………….
      Bdw is baat pe roshogolla to banata hai na……………………..
      Humne socha tha us person ko nani yaad dilayenge par lagta hai ab uska bharta banana padega…….

  21. Kriya

    vini didi, it was just awesome,all the swasan conversations were fantastic. just like others me too think that akshay ch will not close so easily.hope mukesh will protect swasan n all families.waiting for ur next epi.

  22. Kriya

    hello everyone. good evening.

    vini didi you r also lazy ha. me too. kabhi kabhi asa hi bethi hoti hu firbhi kuch karneka man nahi karta.don’t worry jab apka dil kare tab likh dena.

    joya kya mast likha hai tumne. maza agaya padh k. very well done. joya is back ha.

    rupshikha dear. take care for yourself. n vese bhi tabiyat thik na hoto nahana nahi chahiye.asa kisi mahan insan ne kaha hai.

    sethooty n shraddha app dono ne jalsa kar liya now its my turn. my family is also planning for 1 week trip. i am very excited.

    niyu baby. tu plz Taru dhyan rakh j. mane aunty malyata Kale. amne kidhu taru schedul mane. te what’s app delet kari didhu ? n ha weekends ma malvanu fave m hoy to mane call karj.

    vinita.vaishu where r u both ? how r u ?

    vese i guess yaha sab velntine week k khilaf vale hi hai but firbhi friends app sab ko

    “happy hug day “

    • Niti

      ohhoooo Kriya darling so u r planning for family trip ha..not bad go nd enjoy alot..let me know where u r going ? u know agar muje us particular place ka famous ku6 mngvana ho to..

      ha dear i have deleted my what’s app and will come back after Nov 16 only..
      ha mamma a kidhu tu mane k tu Mali ti kale..ha Baka hu dhyan rakhu j 6u..don’t worry..n Kale hu besy hais..may b we can meet on sunduy so u do one thing humare school vale group mese sab ko pu6 lena na Kon Kon ready hai..n u all decide place also..i will call u 2moro..for confirmation..ok.?

    • Joya

      Tumhe pasand aaya na…………thank you……..yes i m back…….. Bus isbaat ka dukh hai k kisine hume miss nahi kiya……..poor girl i m………….chhalli huaa na dil humra………….

      Koi dekhe usse pehle dawai le lega lete hai challi huye dil pe…warna kuch log chhalani(wo jis se karwa chauthe pe chand dekhte hai) samjke istamal karnege…………

  23. vaishnavi

    Hello didis….missed u all sooooooooooo much yaar .nd ya so my didis r back with thier masthi haaa aaj comments dekhne ke baad mere xpressions dekhna tha….!!!!!!!!! I thought ki so these people r bach with der masthi…..sab log regularly comment kar rahe hai jaha tak ki mere pyaari shraddha di bhi hahaha just kidding shraddha di….

    finally joya di u r back with ur style haaa….waise joya di aapko selfie lena nahi aathi oooooww koi nahi mai sikhkado aapkho????
    Shikha di kaisi ho aap ??? Is ur health ok now?? Pata hai same pinch mujeh bhi davayi bilkul pasand nahi hai uskho dekh ke hi mujeh rona ata hai aur me bachhe ki tatah rona start karthi hu ki mujeh davayi nahi chahiye aur mujeh aisa dekh ke my dad nd my bro take video of mine …..ha very bad na…..
    Kriya di vinitha di setu di vinni di niti di how r u all missed me r not??? Mere maa xams chsl rahe he practicals tho ho gaye aur prefinals r gng on now so somr wat busy…but missed u all soo much

  24. Niti

    hey…sab log dhyan se sunlo..ab ye sabit ho gaya hai..stamp paper pe likhvalo..tum log mano ya na mano..humare pass proof hai..ab agar bhagvan bhi kahe k me Jo soch rahi hu vo galat to me nahi manne vali..sach keh rahi yaro..aree trust me na..juth nahi bol rahi..yelo kab se bakvas kiye ja rahi hu but ye to bataya hi nahi ki bat kya hai..to suno..

    i think hum sab na kumbh k melee me bichdi hui behne hai…no dought in that..u know sab ka nature eke jisa hai..sab ki bate eke jaisi hai..sab ki almost liking eke jesi hai..(ha 1-2% ka liking me difference hai)..ab ye latest vala..Di..joya..shraddha..me..vinita..all most we all not like this days celebration..hasi ati sab pe..hena..so its confirm that humare eke dusre se koi na koi connection to jarur se hai..varna hum is anjan site pe ase mil k itni achchi bonding share nahi kar rahe hote…

    me too wanna thank u all for coming into my life…vini Di specially u…bz of u only i got this beautiful relationship with you all..love u all so much..

    agar bhagvan ne chaha to n if we will be (i am sure we will be ) in connect then i will defiantly come to ur places to meet u..joya ko puna me..Di ko Bangalore..vinita ko Bengal..rups ko assam..shraddha baby ko karnataka.sethooty ko bhi milne pakka ajaungi..

  25. Vini di u were awesome ,. As usual the fire and ice came together.. And oopsey what a wonderful bonding u guys have .. Nithi ur comment was super duper awesome. Hope u read my comment. And even shraddha di’s prose lines depicted her concern.. Nd joya di and shraddha di .. Uff all of u have such great bonding .. Most important vini Di u r the heart for these heartbeats.. U r the soul for the bodies.. U r the vision for these eyes .. U r the besties for these bests.. Really wonderful bonding.. I really miss my friend circle my bestirs after my father had a transfer

    • Joya

      Hey riya thank you yr………..u r absolutely ri8………. U did not say anything about me?????? Angry wid u yr…….

      Dnt take it seriously………. Just joking…….. Thank for ur comment………….. Bonding……………………whole credit goes to all member of dis family bcz everyone gave spl place in heart to our stupid family…………

    • Niti

      Hii Riya dear…its true we all r sharing grate bonding..n like joya said all credit goes to Di as well as each n every person of this crazy family…bahut hi jyada anokha bandhan hai hum sab ka..sab na geographically eke dusre se dur dur hai but mentally n hearty connected hai..n vo sach me bahut jyada mayne rakhta hai…

      Jo koi bhi isss crazy family ka hissa banna chahta hai..uske liye humare dil k darvase hamesha khule hai..hena girls..? u even don’t required to knock also..just took a step in to dramebazz company…u r also part of this family only..Ohh u r missing ur friends ha..i can understand ur feeling..bz i hv also feel the same during my school time..don’t worry u will get new friends soon..along with ur bonding with ur old friends…nice taking to u dear..take care

  26. Joya

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hoooo……..

    Niyati ne humri wajah se paglon wala dance kiya aur sharddha ki nind,laziness sab bigadi……. Yr kafi PUNYa kamaya aaj humne aaj na……..hehehehehehehe……….just kidding ha……….thank you guys for lots of love…………

    I m not rock star yr shraddha…..all of u r Rock stars.m……….

    Vinita,kriya,vaishu,sethooty tum sab ko pasand aaya………yeppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…….muhhhhhhhhh……………………………..

    Hey kriya aur niti i understand gujrati ha……….

    Dear kriya
    Hum valentine week k khilaf nahi hai……… Par in dino me jo chijon ka atirek(excess) ya pagal pan hota hai uske khilaf hai…….no doubt days celebrate karnewalon k emotions ka respect karte hai par tumhe nahi lagta ki yeh har bar kuch jyada hota hai????

    Hum agree karte hai ya shayad better one ki hum accept karte hai ki dil ki baat hum har roj express nahi karte…is dino k bahane shayad logon ko wo bahana bhi milta hoga express hone ka…..nahi mana to deewali ki har raat bhi andheri hai aur yakin kiya jaye to har raat deewali hai……….

    Bus hug karne k liye spl day ki jarurat hai???? Humri friends ko humne yeh promise karne ki jaroorat hi nahi padni chahiye ki i will always there for u and all…balki usko yakin hona chahiye ki chahe kuch bhi ho jaye hum uske sath hai…..itna hi kehna hai…….. In dino logon ko jo khushi milti uske khilaf Koi kaise ho sakta hai……aur har kisi ka celebration ka tarika bhi alag hai na……so chillll………….and enjoy ur trip and dnt forget us ha……………….nahi to rooth jayenge hum tumse……..so now smile plz……..Tum aur niyati milne ka plan kar rahe ho….hum log aayenge nahi par at least bulao to sahi…………………..

    Vini di aap kaha reh gayi…….?????

    Shraddha aaj aaram se so jana hai………niyati tum bhi thak gayi hogi na dance kar ke…………aur vini di aap yeh comment padhke thak gayi hongi…………..

  27. Vinita

    Good morning. Aj subha subha saraswati puja tha. For the first time I wore a saree without anyone’s help!!!!!!!!! Joya di a roshogolla for you!!!!!!!!!

  28. vinita

    my dear sheetu tai the following lines are for you: samander peer ka ander hai lekin ro nehi sakta yeh aansu pyaar ka moti hai isko kho nehi sakta .
    i simply thought to continue that poem. cant remember that entire poem but it is an eternal favourite of mine.thank you for writing those beautiful lines…

  29. Joya

    Thank you vinita yr……humne na yeh lines yaaad hi aa rahi thi….

    Samundar peer ka andar hr lekin ro nahi sakta
    Yeh aansu pyar ka moti hai isko kho nahi sakta
    Meri chahat ko apna tu bana lena magar sun le,
    Jo mera ho nahi paya wo tere ho nahi sakta……..

    Us audio ka end kuch is tarah se hai,

    Bramar koi kumdani par machal baitha to hungama…
    Humre dil me koi khwab pal baitha to hungama….
    Abhi tak dub kar sunte the sab kissa mohbbat ka,
    Main kisse ko hakikat me badal baitha to hungama…..

  30. Niti

    whhh vinita..mast line likha tune joya k liye…humane kal kar liya swarasvati pujan..vasant panchmi ka..

    joya darling u again ha…bas ase hi likhte raho..n hume nachate raho..humare chehre pe muskurahat laya karo..

  31. Niti

    joya dear tum sab ko invitation ki kya jarurat hai..?!!!! u all r most welcome at any dam time…thanks ha me Dec 16 k planning kar rahi hu puna ane ka..so rupshikha ready rehna..

    rupshikha how r u ? take care n all th best for exams..do well

    vaishu all the best dear for exams..

    sethooty..shraddha..vini Di..kriya..riya..how r u ?

    hv a nice day ahead..happy Sunday in advance to u all..hv fun buddies..

  32. Kriya

    hey joya u again ha..not bad..jaldi jaldi ase hi roz roz likha karo..mashaallaahh kya likha hai meri jaan..just loved it..so u cn understand gujju ha..u r most welcome dear..jab marzi a jao..or kisne kaha mene ap sab ko miss nahi kiya ha..i missed u all..

    pata hai just because of niyati now i am reading many ffs on this site..n become addicted to ffs..mamma se kafi dant bhi khayi pata hai..

    vaishnavi all the best for ur exams..

    baki sab batao how r y all ?

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  34. leku

    Sissy…i missed u and ur ff lot..i quit from tellyupdate itself…coz I didn’t saw ur ff …i,knew few members only ..u ,Saba,kashis n sethooty..then few ff writers…but IM addicted to ur ff..
    Even I will off after giving comment…
    Even IM not fb…anyways will search ur in google…

    Coming to story…
    As usual sissy…thw way u conveying each person feeling is perfect…poor sanskar..really strong fellow in this storyline…ragini is so good…keep going…sorry I,cant able to comment in few episode..but always in huge for ur writing….

    Even I started new story on swasan in IF…

    Waiting for ur next update….

    Bye sissy

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.