Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 35

Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction (Season 2) episode 35

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(In that we saw a few swasan moments,swalak conversation,swasanlak and parents’ conversation,sanlak fight ,a mild change in San approach to Swara)

Scene 1:

Next day morning

Swara is working in the kitchen,she notices Sanskaar coming from behind,she gently turns,he also looks at her,she turns to go,he asks her to continue her cooking,she stops and removes the vessel from a burner and Sanskaar understands it was for him,he takes a sauce pan and keeps milk for boiling,he checks the rack for tea powder but doesn’t find it,Swara passes the container to him,he says thanks and accepts it,he is about to put the powder,suddenly Swara holds his hand and says, “for one cup of tea,don’t put it into the whole thing,concentrate on what you are doing”,saying this,she turns the burner to off mode and leaves from there,Sanskaar watches her leaving…

Scene 2:Same day evening

It is very cold outside,Sanskaar goes outside,Swara also comes out of her room,she notices him trying to light a fire outside,she watches this from the door,she goes inside and brings a small bottle of kerosene and goes near him,he accepts it and lights the fire,Swara turns to leave,Sanskaar calls her and says, “Swara,do you remember the last trip,that camp fire,how much fun it was ,no?Ragini ,Lucky……..that was enough,time should have paused there”,Swara listens and turns in his direction,he sits on the floor near the fire,she sits opposite to him,both move their hands over the fire and tries to keep themselves warm,Swara looks at Sanskaar,he ignores it and keeps looking at the movement of the flames,Swara softly asks him, “Sanskaar,have you informed Sanjitha about all what has happened?”,Sanskaar doesn’t show any change in his expression,he looks at her and says, “Sanjitha is a closed chapter…..have informed her”,Swara just feel some happiness hearing the word closed chapter but suddenly she remembers how Sanskaar had told that he don’t love her,will free her,wont even touch her until then,her eyes are filled but blinks frequently as though it is because of the smoke,she continues, “Sanskaar,you asked for some time yesterday,eversince they left,I can see that honesty in your eyes,I have seen it in my Sans….”she stops and says, “in my friend Sanskaar’s eyes,through out these years,though I can never forget the harsh words and your deeds since last week,because of that friendship,it should be,some where ,my heart is ready to give you that time,but,once you sort out the things,I know you will let me go,but that time,in return ,should give me the freedom to sort things out between you and Sanju,do u agree?”,Sanskaar just looks at her and nods slowly……

Scene 3

After two weeks,Akshay’s house

Akshay’s dad is reading newspaper,Akshay comes and sits opposite to him,he asks him, “Dad,you had gone to see Mukesh uncle?is he still in hospital?”His dad looks at him and says, “because of an obsessive lover Sanskaar,your marriage was stopped,it has not affected my relation with Mukesh,if I want to take revenge from him,there are many ways,his business is a sinking ship,we can take over as majority of the shares are already with us,but,cant forget that though we have benefitted the most ,his efforts have always ,no, the brain was always his,so cant let him go like that..didnt go to meet him,had heard that he got discharged..”Akshay tells him, “Oh,come on dad,why should you give up on something that will bring you profit?,you think I am heart broken cos my marriage didn’t happen,Swara was like any other girl who I have met,and marriage is never meant for people like me,I will also come with you,we will meet him today evening,ok,see u ,dad”

Scene 4: Same day evening

Akshay and his dad has come to meet Mukesh,Mukesh hides his anger and behaves normally,Akshay tells him , “Uncle,do you know where Swara and Sanskaar are?anyways,they are married,it wont be easy for you,but I think,you will make up your mind later,I don’t have any problem with them,Swara’s friend he was,no?Yea,I enquired,got the details,friendship can change into love,a girl like Swara,will definitely value her marriage,I think you should bring them back,sorry,it is your personal matter,I just told”,Akshay’s dad discusses about their business updates and enquires about Mukesh’s health,they spend some time there and leaves……

Scene 5

Night,Sanskaar receives a call,he goes out to attend it,it is Mukesh on the other side,Sanskaar asks, “Uncle,how are you now?,actually,I had given this number to Rajeev uncle (Mukesh’s best friend and subordinate),but was not sure if situation was favourable to make a call “,Mukesh is silent ,he says, “my son,I know,I am the most selfish man,and you are suffering because of me,how is my daughter Sanskaar?is she fine?”Sanskaar says, “yes uncle,she is fine,don’t worry,I will manage,your team has helped me a lot,this house,vehicle,security,everything was arranged by them and I know they are protecting my family too,”,Mukesh tells him, “how are you able to talk nicely to me,I dragged you into this pit,still,you are talking like the Sanky who was my daughter’s dear friend”,Sanskaar says, “I am not supporting your illegal business,but I am supporting a good father,a good husband,and above all it was for my…he stops,Mukesh understands that he was going to say Swara’s name,he pretends as though he has not noticed it and continues, “Sanky,today,Akshay and father had come,”he mentions all what they told,Sanskaar listens and says, “uncle,actually,I had applied only for a week’s leave,extended it,but,have been receiving mails,so I am planning to go from day after tomorrow ,have arranged a maid for Swara,our security uncle’s wife only,so,even if I have to stay away for a day or two,she will be here,no?Mukesh agrees,again apologises to him,promises to set everything right and cuts the call seeing Sumi coming with food for him…Sanskaar cuts the call and goes inside…

Scene 6:Next day morning

Swara wakes up and comes out,she sees Sanskaar dressed up and waiting for her,seeing her,he gets up and walks towards her, “Swara,I am going out,will be back only in the evening,bye”,he turns to go,then quickly comes back and says, “for almost three weeks,day and night you were locked up inside this small house,if you want,you can go out,just be careful when you go near the palm,as the security uncle had seen multiple snakes there,saying this he goes from there,Swara just looks at him,he leaves…

Scene 7:Same day ,around 4 pm

Security guard rings the door bell and Swara opens,he tells her that he is going out and will be back in a short while,he tells her that he shall lock the gate from outside,he also tells her that Sanskaar has another set of keys ,so,no need to worry if he arrives early,Swara just nods,she sees him leaving ,after some time,she locks the door and walks towards the direction of the lake,she sits on the white bench for some time,then gets up and goes near the water,she sits there on the ground,puts her hand in the water,takes a hand full and wipes her face,she stares at the lake,she recalls all what happened in the last few weeks,she notices that the surface of the water is calm,she gently puts her hand again and then sits there,staring at the opposite bank and the trees there………..

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  1. my dear sheetu tai the following lines are for you: samander peer ka ander hai lekin ro nehi sakta yeh aansu pyaar ka moti hai isko kho nehi sakta .
    i simply thought to continue that poem. cant remember that entire poem but it is an eternal favourite of mine.thank you for writing those beautiful lines…

  2. Thank you vinita yr……humne na yeh lines yaaad hi aa rahi thi….

    Samundar peer ka andar hr lekin ro nahi sakta
    Yeh aansu pyar ka moti hai isko kho nahi sakta
    Meri chahat ko apna tu bana lena magar sun le,
    Jo mera ho nahi paya wo tere ho nahi sakta……..

    Us audio ka end kuch is tarah se hai,

    Bramar koi kumdani par machal baitha to hungama…
    Humre dil me koi khwab pal baitha to hungama….
    Abhi tak dub kar sunte the sab kissa mohbbat ka,
    Main kisse ko hakikat me badal baitha to hungama…..

  3. whhh vinita..mast line likha tune joya k liye…humane kal kar liya swarasvati pujan..vasant panchmi ka..

    joya darling u again ha…bas ase hi likhte raho..n hume nachate raho..humare chehre pe muskurahat laya karo..

  4. hi!! aj itna sannata kyun?? sab kaha kho gaye?

  5. joya dear tum sab ko invitation ki kya jarurat hai..?!!!! u all r most welcome at any dam time…thanks ha me Dec 16 k planning kar rahi hu puna ane ka..so rupshikha ready rehna..

    rupshikha how r u ? take care n all th best for exams..do well

    vaishu all the best dear for exams..

    sethooty..shraddha..vini Di..kriya..riya..how r u ?

    hv a nice day ahead..happy Sunday in advance to u all..hv fun buddies..

  6. hey joya u again ha..not bad..jaldi jaldi ase hi roz roz likha karo..mashaallaahh kya likha hai meri jaan..just loved it..so u cn understand gujju ha..u r most welcome dear..jab marzi a jao..or kisne kaha mene ap sab ko miss nahi kiya ha..i missed u all..

    pata hai just because of niyati now i am reading many ffs on this site..n become addicted to ffs..mamma se kafi dant bhi khayi pata hai..

    vaishnavi all the best for ur exams..

    baki sab batao how r y all ?

  7. Yeh kya hua? niti di kriya di aap dono ne mujhe kal ke liye nehi bulaya… Vinita udaas ho gayi

  8. Sissy…i missed u and ur ff lot..i quit from tellyupdate itself…coz I didn’t saw ur ff …i,knew few members only ..u ,Saba,kashis n sethooty..then few ff writers…but IM addicted to ur ff..
    Even I will off after giving comment…
    Even IM not fb…anyways will search ur in google…

    Coming to story…
    As usual sissy…thw way u conveying each person feeling is perfect…poor sanskar..really strong fellow in this storyline…ragini is so good…keep going…sorry I,cant able to comment in few episode..but always in huge for ur writing….

    Even I started new story on swasan in IF…

    Waiting for ur next update….

    Bye sissy

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