Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 34

Hi guys,Swasan fan fiction (Season 2) episode 34…

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Scene 1:

Next day morning

Swara gets up and goes to the kitchen,she drinks some water and comes back,she notices that Sanskaar is not present there,she quickly goes to check the landphone,she tries to connect the wires but fails.She quickly checks and confirms that Sanskaar is not there and goes to his room,she opens the cupboard and checks but doesn’t find anything except a few clothes and necessary items,she suddenly turns and goes to the table,she sees a mobile phone on the table,she tries to unlock it but is not able to do that,suddenly it signals an incoming call in silent mode,she attends it and it is Lucky on the other side,Laksh is surprised and asks, “Swara,this number is with you?where are u now?Sanskaar is there with you?,since two days,aunty,Chetan,all of us were trying to get some idea about u both,why did u all do this,or is it Sanky?I saw him holding your hand and taking u away”,Swara is silent ,she understands Ragini hasn’t informed anything to Lucky,she is about to talk and Lucky says,

Swara,Ragini had two hand sets and she had told she lost this number,actually this was mostly switched off when I dialled,so how come this is with you,I simply dialled because I didn’t get her when I tried calling her to the other number”,Swara says, “Lucky,I also don’t understand many things,but do you know if my dad is fine now?you saw him?Sanskar’s family,how did they react to the news?Laksh says, “Swara,I will do something,don’t worry,uncle is in hospital,but his condition has improved,still in ICU,but doctor told that he is out of danger”suddenly Swara hears somebody’s footsteps outside the house and tells, “Lucky,I think he has reached,I have to cut the call now”she cuts the call quickly,Laksh on the other side,stares at his phone and is confused and disturbed…

Scene 2:

Swara is cooking breakfast in the kitchen,she had cut the call and ran to the kitchen and started her work,Sanskaar comes to the kitchen,he has some packets in his hand,he calls Swara,Swara ignores and he raises his voice and calls,Swara unwillingly turns,he keeps the packets and says, “I know you have just these two pairs of clothes,that too,one is sangeet dress and this is mine,so I bought some clothes for you,most of the shops were closed,so don’t know if you will like it,anyways,take it”,Swara stares at him seeing the old Sanskaar back,Sanskaar quickly says, “actually,you wont be interested in taking bath and changing clothes,but since I am also living here and this is such a small house,if you don’t stay clean,I will also have to suffer”,saying this he walks away,Swara gets angry but composes herself,

she turns and sees milk boiling,she quickly tries to remove it and a little falls on her hand,she shouts and Sanskaar hears it and rushes to her,he comes near her,just stares at her hand,finds that it is fine and says, “this is not the way to commit suicide if intention is to burn yourself,be careful,and death also wont spare your family,so better to be alive and keep such thoughts,if any,away,also,here,limited provisions and set up,so don’t waste it”.He walks away saying that and Swara is again angry and hits her hand on the kitchen slab and hurts herself and says, “No,Swara,don’t harm yourself for him,he is irritating you,but,don’t give in”

Scene 3

After some time Swara has finished cooking her breakfast,she sees Sanskar coming with a pack of noodles,she quickly rushes back to kitchen and keeps two empty pots and switch on the stove,she pours water slowly,Sanskaar’s face clearly shows that he is hungry,he understands that she is simply boiling water in two pots,he goes from there,he steps out to the work area,tries to arrange three bricks to support a vessel and light fire to cook,Swara slowly comes behind and looks in the direction of the lake and says, “limited provisions,simple set up and above all,3/4th part house is made of wood,so if some carelessness and fire….boom”,saying this she walks away,Sanskaar is embarrassed and equally angry because he is hungry,but boom makes him smile as well,he pours some water on the fire and goes inside,he takes a small pack of cookies and gives a strong look to Swara who is slowly enjoying her breakfast,he takes each bite of the cookie and looks at her,she understands but pretends as though she has not seen anything.

Scene 4

Evening around 5 pm

Sanskaar is closing all the windows,he talks as though he is talking to the wall,”lake is nearby,there are many bushes outside,especially the roots of the palms ,there is all chance for snakes to enter through the window,if monkeys are used to dealing with snakes,no problem,no need to close windows,other wise,better to close the windows”,Swara stares at him,but recalls the word snakes and quickly goes and closes the windows from outside,Sanskaar observes this and smiles but she doesn’t see it…

After some time,Sanskaar sees a car at the gate,he quickly calls the gate keeper,he asks him to let them inside,Sanskaar is disturbed and goes to the door,Swara notices this and observes,suddenly she gets up and rushes behind him,Laksh,Sanskaar’s parents and Ragini’s dad Arnab has arrived,Sanskaar is standing still,Sanskaar’s dad has a walking aid ,he stares at Swara,Swara fails to control herself seeing them and runs to him and hugs him,he supports her with one hand and asks her not to cry,Sanskaar’s mother goes near them and slowly keeps her hand on Swara’s shoulder,she turns and says, “mumma……”she breaks down in front of her too,Sanskaar’s mom hugs her and says, “we are here ,no?dont cry,dear”she calls Swara and all elders takes her to a room,Sanskaar stands there still not knowing what to do,Arnab comes and calls Laksh to the room,after some time they come out of the room,Sanskaar’s dad slowly walks and stands in front of Sanskaar,Sanskaar is unable to face him,his dad says, “We heard all what Swara said,we know it is not her mistake,now,we are not the elders who don’t give chidren opportunity to speak,If you had done this out of love,I would have supported you a little,but this is not the right way to marry your love,but here,for money,you did this?I cant belive it,so tell us ,the truth”,Sanskaar doesn’t look at him,his dad raises voice and says, “my son Sanskaar has always looked into people’s eyes when he spoke,now if he is not able to face us means,he himself knows that he has done wrong,tell me,do you think what you did to that girl is right?I am asking you Sanskaar?”,Sanskaar quickly raises his voice and says, “I did what I felt is right and I don’t want to defend or explain myself to anyone now,I don’t have answers to anyone’s questions”all others are shocked, Sanskaar’s dad calls him softly, “Sanu,you…..”,

Sanskaar shows the same angry face but is burning inside, Sanskaar’s dad turns to his mom and says, “the son who has always kept parents’ heads high,what is this,where did we go wrong,in understanding him or raising him?”,his dad’s voice is breaking in between while saying this,he continues, “You ask him,”,saying this,he stumbles and Arnab and Laksh supports him,he looks at Arnab with moist eyes and says, “what is all this Arnab?,I cant believe this is our Sanu”,Arnab is sad ,he is teary eyed as well,supports Sanskaar’s dad,Swara and Laksh are watching all this,Swara is crying more seeing Sanskaar’s parents hurt….

Sanskaar’s mom comes near Sanskaar and says, “I know you very well,I know my upbringing wont go wrong,I have faith in it, but,I don’t find any reason for you doing this in a hurry,if you loved her,you had all freedom to tell that to us,because of this deed ,one person was fighting between life and death in hospital,you may have your reasons or was it for money,I don’t know,but,I wont forgive you for the way you spoke to dad now,for the pain you gave to Swara’s family,if this had happened with your Meera,what you would have done?”

Sanskaar’s dad says, “enough Suju,we are taking Swara with us,that is it,cant let her be here,the doors of my house are closed for him but she is our daughter in law,no,she is our daughter,she will stay with us,”Swara goes near him and says, “Pappa,please,I will come there for sure,but I need some time,I need to get a few answers for a few things that happened in my life in last four days,I am very sorry Pappa,I understand your concern,but,I will come,trust

me”,Sanskaar’s dad says, “But Swara beta”,she touches his feet and says, “I need your blessings”,she touches Sujatha’s and Arnab’s feet….after some time elders starts to leave along with Laksh….Laksh leads them and makes them sit in the car,he then goes inside and takes Swara and Sanskaar along with him, Lucky goes near Sanskaar and says, “Sanky,look,bhai,we are friends ,but when Rags introduced you to me,we were in 5th standard,it is 15 years,friends have become like family,so tell me,what is bothering you?,tell me Sanky,I will help you”,Sanskaar says, “Lucky,take them home safely,don’t waste your time,I don’t have anything else to say”,Laksh gets angry seeing his attitude but composes himself and holds his shoulder and says, “yaar,Sanky,don’t say like this,we are friends na yaar,you can tell anything,,you don’t trust me?”,Sanskaar shows anger,pushes his hands away and says, “yes,we are just friends,if I don’t have anything to answer to my family,you think I will have something to tell you,no,please get out of here and never try to take this freedom again,situations have changed,I have changed”,

Laksh is shocked,sad and angry ,he holds Sanskaar by his collar and says, “Sanskaar,words once spoken cant be taken away,so all of a sudden,you have forgotten our friendship,you don’t value me,ok,ok,15 years friendship,you forgot everything, Sanskaar,good bye,then”Swara notices that Lucky has tears in his eyes while saying this,Laksh leaves his collar and goes near Swara who was watching all this with moist eyes,he just hugs her and says, “take care ,Swara,you will always be my friend and I will always be there for you,right now,I don’t know what to do,but I will discuss with elders and decide,”Swara thanks him and says, “No,Lucky,just take care of my family and his family,trust me,I will manage here,you brought them here,no?I could see them,thank you”,Laksh is about to leave but goes near Sanskaar,points his finger at him ,with pain and anger in his eyes and says, “Sanky,you…..I hate you,I will not forgive you…..”,saying this he walks away….Sanskaar quickly goes from there….

Scene 5

Sanskaar goes to the washroom,he opens the tap,he cries his heart out,simultaneously Swara is shown crying in her room,after some time,Sanskaar comes out,he goes to the kitchen,he comes out with a glass of milk,he goes to Swara’s room,she was standing near the window staring at the sky, Sanskaar calls her and says, “Swara ,drink this and take your tablets”,he stands there as though waiting for her to drink it,Swara looks into his eyes,drinks the milk and takes the tabet using a glass of water,he takes the glass and turns to go,Swara calls him from behind and says, “Sanskaar,all these days,I was totally confused if I should believe your cruel side,but today I got the answer,your voice has changed,your eyes and voice clearly tells me that you cried and now I have the hope that my friend Sanskaar is alive somewhere inside you,but ,

Sanskaar,for the tears in our parents’ eyes because of us,one life wont be enough to repay for that,you might have had problems,the gang that you said woulld have forced you to marry me for money,since you are silent about it,I may find it out later,I may not be able to do that also,but,please don’t hurt your parents..it is an earnest request”,Sanskaar just looks at her,she sees her friend Sanskaar in him,he softly says, “I am sorry Swara,shall try not to hurt you and others more,need some to sort out certain things,don’t ask me anything more……gudnight”…Swara says, “I dont know what to do Sanskaar,some time,how long should I wait ,I dont know,I am not able to be angry with you also,I cant completely forget the pain you gave to our families,but your eyes,just now,your eyes told me that you are helpless in some way,because of this one reason,I may give you some more time…but I dont know if I am right doing that….God…”,she looks up at the sky….

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    i am missing you all very much…bahot jyada rona a raha hai abhi..Di..sethooty..joya..vinita..shraddha..rupshikha..vaishu..take care u all..

    1. Oye niyati…………..

      Mat ro yar…………..

      Tumhari aakhari lines padhakar humne kuch yaad aaya hai wo kuch is tarah(hmara nahi hai),

      Koi deewana kehta hai koi pagal samjta hai
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      Hum tujhse dur kaise hai, tum humse dur kaisi hai
      Yeh tera dil samjta hai ya humara dil samjta hai…………

      1. Akya fark padta hai is site pe kitne ff hai……..aur Google search karne ki kya jarurat hai yr……..browser ki history kab kaam aayegi…..hehehehe

      2. Omg Joyaaaaaaaa is back n with a very faaduuuu wala Bang!!!!???
        Kya lines hai joyaaaaa dil khush kardiya tum ne?? sachi muchi bohot acha laga sunke ……

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        Yaar niyati mai bhi aisa soch ke he ayi thi mai family ke saath outing pe gayi thi…… Phir aaj dekha toh I was also in same state……
        Nyways aaj tum dono se baat karke acha laga sukoon mila types lag raha hai u know?
        .. Aur baki sab kya haal chal hai dostonn kaha ho sabbb

      3. Hei Joya darling,those lines,thank u mentioning it here, beautiful lines…

    2. Niti dear,how r u?busy days,no?still,u r coming this side,great,wen all of u all.gather only there will be something to read,now that 5 of u r here,I think others will also turn up,we miss u too dear,I think,if I had written daily,this much silence would not have been there…

  2. Vini diiiiiiiii plzzzzzzz next part sooooon…

    1. Have posted it dear,not good.

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