Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 33

Hi guys,episode 32 was posted late yesterday,if u wish to read ,u may use the link below…(it had Ragsan,Raglak and Swarag conversation),I had shared my thoughts in previous episode,after reading a few comments from a few new names under previous episodes,so,I repeat,please feel free to stop reading and commenting if u don’t like it….


Scene 1:

Sanskaar has come back ,Ragini goes near him,she asks him, “you went to hospital?how is Mukesh uncle?”,Sanskaar says, “his condition is critical,I didn’t go there but got the updates from his subordinates,he is still not out of danger,he spoke to aunty,Chetan and his best friend it seems ,is under observation,doctors haven’t told any gurantee”,Ragini is very sad hearing this,she tells him,”Sanky,in that case,Swara should see him,no?will u be able to forgive yourself if something…”she stops and says, “please God,don’t let anything happen to him”,Sanskaar says, “Ragini,have to think about that,you have to leave tomorrow afternoon for college,no?come,I will drop you,did u all have something?”,Ragini says, “actually,that is not an issue,now,I will go home and eat,but,Swara ,I am sorry,but I told her that uncle is in hospital,she is so disturbed,literally ,shattered,how will you manage her,she has trust on you ,still,but ,she is worried,actually,she wants to see her dad,but is scared of you,you have created situation like that,no?”Sanskaar sighs and says, “I didn’t want her to know that,ah,now you come, we will go,rest I will face then and there,life is nothing less than an unpredictable drama now,so I am keeping my mind blank,let tsunami or earthquake come,it will create only create less impact than this,I am sure”,saying that he goes out,Ragini stands there thinking,she then goes to Swara and tells her that she is leaving,Swara just nods…Ragini kisses her forehead ,asks her to be strong and leaves….

Scene 2:

Sanskaar leaves Ragini home and comes back,he takes the plate of food and goes to Swara’s room,she is still seated on the floor,he drags a chair and sits beside her,he tells her, “Swara,have this food,and then take this tablet”,Swara doesn’t respond,Sanskaar raises his voice,Swara looks at him and says, “I want to see dad,will you take me to hospital?I will obey all what you say after that,not because I am scared but for my family,but I want to see dad”,Sanskaar pretends as though he hasn’t heard anything and says, “have this food,don’t make me angry”,Swara gets angry and says , “no”,Sanskaar angrily gets up and kicks the chair away,he sits near her,takes a hand full of food and forcefully feeds Swara,Swara was too scared to resist,she looks at him in shock and slowly swallows,he looks angrily at her and feeds her,she was too weak to resist,keeps looking at him and swallows slowly,tears roll down her cheek,she bows her head down,Sanskaar looks painfully at her,he feels like hugging her,he quickly changes his face,makes her eat and gets up,he brings a water bottle and tablets,he gives it to her,she is behaving like a machine obeying his commands unknowingly”,Sanskaar is about to go ,

Swara slowly gets up and calls, “Sanskaar,please,just once,I want to see dad,I know he is in a bad condition,he is one person to whom,I feel I have showed injustice,he needs me,I am his daughter,my presence can bring changes,I have that confidence,it is the matter of a person’s life,I beg you,here after,I wont ask you for anything,I will be here,I will bear anything after that,just this one request,please”she pleads, (Flash back shows:Sanskaar meeting Mukesh’s subordinate/best friend,he is the most loyal of all and knows the truth about Mukesh’s plan and Swasan wedding,he tells Sanskaar that Mukesh had told him when he rushed him to hospital and when he met him in casualty soon after admission,to tell Sanskaar to keep Swara away from all this,especially Akshay,until they get an information about their stand,he also tells him that after the wedding snaps reached the venue,Akshay’s family ,though they responded sensibly,he don’t trust them,he feels doubt on them,if they will forgive the insult so easily,so if Swara is brought to hospital,she will insist to stay back and it may increase the trouble)

Sanskaar tells her, “your dad wont die that easily,so,don’t think,I will take you that side,and when did you start loving your dad so much?presence will bring changes it seems,presence will kill him,that much stressful memories will come to his mind,that good a daughter you were,no?step daughter will always be step daughter,don’t dare to act like a good daughter in front of me,I know you very well,still remember everything”Swara shouts, “Sanskaar,I called Shambu uncle from Ragini’s phone,you had met him near the beach,dad folded his hands and pleaded,now,I am forced to believe,that,you had threatened dad,and what you just said,what I confessed to a best friend about my personal life,you are using it against me,to keep me locked up here,you don’t know how much your these words hurt me,Sanskaar,I hate you for what you just said,and ,always,pains you suffered have hurt me more,when your face looked sad,blood oozed from my heart,but now,mark my words,even if I hear that the worst thing has happened to you also,no?

a single drop of tear wont fall from my eyes,to whom did I share all this,you are right,my friend Sanskaar is really dead,he would never have talked to me like this,cos,he knew all about my relation with dad,how much it has affected me,how the bitterness had changed,now,don’t think I will harm myself,I will leave you,but,again it will be after knowing the truth,if something like that so called ‘truth’ still exists…,till,then,I don’t want to see anyone,you do whatever you want to do with me,but,if you hurt my family again,then…..”,she tells all this angrily,but tears are rolling down from her eyes,she completes her words and goes from there,Sanskaar looks at her,he is in thoughts,he realises that he has tears in his eyes,he quickly wipes it off..

Scene 3:

Next day morning,Sanskaar comes near Swara,he tells as though he is talking to the wall, “Don’t think,people can survive on air,hunger strike is not going to do any good,it will only worsen the situation for every one living here and in the hospital,so,for minimal trauma,better ,to listen,all necessary provisions are stored in the kitchen,no ready to cook items are there,those who want should cook ,I anyways don’t know to cook,so”,Saying this ,he walks away…Swara doesn’t understand anything,she thinks what his new plan would be,why he has changed colour,why his tone has changed from threat to a calculated type of sarcasm…she thinks but doesn’t behave as though she has listened to what he said…

After some time,he sees Swara going to the kitchen,he stands at the entrance of the kitchen and observes what she is doing,she takes some vegetables,peels and washes it under running water,she completely ignores Sanskaar’s presence,she starts chopping,suddenly her hand gets cut,blood oozes out,Sanskaar sees it and is hurt,his heart wants to run to her aid but his mind stops his body,he looks at her,she presses her hand forcefully and applies pressure,he observes it,but ,pretends as though it has no effect on him and goes from there…she looks at him,she remembers him helping her on her Gandhi Jayanti day at school when her hand got cut,simultaneously Sanskaar is shown,thinking the same thing and the current situation and walking restlessly in his room,he searches cupboard for a band aid, gets one ,but angrily puts it in the same rack and hits his hand on the wall and says, “no,cant show a small amount of care,even,she is showing extra boldness since morning,don’t know,what is she up to…”

Scene 4

Swara is seated at the dining table,Sanskaar is observing her from the sofa,to lighten the situation a bit,he pretends as though he is talking to the wall again but he is irritating her to prevent her from thinking about Mukesh,he says, “yea,people cant bear hunger for long,all other problems will vanish in front of that,ah,good that there is obedience left,anyways,have fast and leave the place,others have to have,wife is just for a name sake,but I wont show anger towards food,no matter who ever has cooked it”,Swara gets angry and irritated,but doesn’t show any expression,she finishes her food and goes from there,quickly comes back and takes all the plates,after some time ,she comes out from the kitchen and Sanskaar goes to the kitchen,Swara is seated in the same chair where he was seated a while before,

Sanskaar goes to the kitchen and finds all the plates and vessels empty,he searches there and inside the fridge,he understands that she had cooked only for her,he is hungry and feels a little angry but he just looks at her from kitchen(she doesn’t see that) and smiles,he comes out,doesn’t show the embarrassment,just takes jug from the dining table and drinks a glass of water and says, “fasting once in a while, is good for health”,saying this he goes from there,Swara looks at him leaving,she is sad that she made him starve but is equally angry with him for not allowing to meet dad,her face shows her mixed emotions,it also reflects that however hard she tries,she cant hate him,she made him starve but she is hurt more….she looks at him,he doesn’t see as he is watching TV…

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


  1. shani

    Nice episode…update next part.soon…waiting for a positive episode..where swara get to know about everything…hope it will be soo emotional episode…I like ur ff as always…..plz unite swara and sanskar.. after swara get to know about truth…plz update next part soon…

  2. Prit

    I can’t believe that u updated so early… Luv u…
    Today sanky and swara’s reaction was ausm…i loved that…and yes thank you for the update….
    Take care…
    And yes don’t be sorry always… That hurts….

    • Vini

      Yea,today ,wen I got time ,I typed,@ctually,m forced to say sorry dear,today m not happy with the way ppl are asking me to unite swasan soon in spite of me clarifying multiple times n especially yrsterday that evrything will come only with the flow,by the way,I just shared,thank u dearfor your feedbk.

      • Prit

        Dii u r writing something dt means u have the total script inside u…and we know obviously swasan will unite…
        So we have to keep the patience…
        Till they unite…
        Dnt worry…
        No one especially me , we won’t leave u till you complete it…. Nd we ll again ask for season 3…
        U r just simply superb in ur writing… So don’t be irritated on those who ask for swasan soon, forgive them and enjoy the love- hate game of fate between them…
        Luv u dii…??????

      • Vini

        Dear, actually,felt a lil.bad reading that n dats y I commented so,but yea,I respect their POV,but I have given clarification mulitple times na,again.I’m.not going to, unless I feel it is required,thank u for understanding the situation,I want to write what.I have though I believe scenes will come with the flow,season3,no,nonnnono…pls don’t ask ok..

  3. Appu

    Finally my xam’ s are over.i hav read all ur ff but could comment.but nice episode di.sad to see swasan in this state.but ur story is fab

    • Vini

      Didn’t know that u had exams.hope twas good, thanks dear,m happy to c u bk.And thanks for liking the story.

  4. Appu

    Di uin yesterday’s conment u forgot me .i hav been a regular reader from ur first ff’s first episode.really hurt di.i couldn’t comment to ur few ff’s and u forgot really bad .mindoooooollla

    • Vini

      I didn’t forget u,actually,u and leku always comes to mind wen I think about Mickey n gang,it is just that I didn’t take ur name but a few who have been there includes u whether u comment or not and I mean it,sorry,ok,but I haven’t forgotten u.

  5. ammu

    Vini dear… I reading your ff continously…But I couldn’t appreciate yo in comment box regularly… Sorry… Today I want to say that yo are Juz an amazing creator… Trust me… Whenever I open this website I search for you ff first after that oly I click other ffs … Many times yo made me cry n made me laugh… Today I cried badly… I experienced same pain Wen my dad in hospital in coma stage…unfortunately he left us alone in this world.. Whenever he hears my voice tears come out his eyes..so doctor allow me to see my dad every 1 hrs though no one is allowed to enter ccu …dad n daughter relation is very stronger than mom n daughter relation…for every gal dad is super hero and for every dad their daughter is princess for whole world… all those hospital moments are flashing infro my eyes while reading your ff…

    • Vini

      Dear,I don’t know what to say,so sorry to hear about your dad,one of my friends had gone thru a similar situation,I understand what u would have gone thru,m sorry ,unknowingly ,but my ff reminded u some painful moments,sorry, God be with ur family,thank u for the comment n all good words.

  6. Niti

    Hii di…today class got cancelled so i am here at this time…i was feeling like wowwww Di has posted next part..!!!!!

    maja avi gai..hu to khush khush thai gai (maja a gaya..i become very happy)

    now about epi…ragini and sanky’s conversation regarding mukesh’s health…when sanky blankly said about earthquake n tsunami…my heart got thousands of earthquake after reading about his mental condition…then comes the horrible scene come which is sanky feeding Shona…i can very well understand how Shona must hv felt at that time after seeing the angry young man in sanky…but u know it was thousand times more painful for sanky to act like that…poor boy…thank god there is at least someone who know the truth other than sanky and mukesh uncle…Shona ka sanky ko request karna..sanky ka mana karna..Shona ko jitna dard us time nahi hua hoga usse kahi jyada dard sanky ko hua hoga about what he spoke with respect to Shona n mukesh relation….hayyee Di last me thank god ki apne environment thoda cool down kar diya…sanky talking to wall was too good…ya its the way we use when we r ignoring someone and wants to tell them something..u used it very wisely…ohhhh Shona cook for herself only…though she was right at her place but diiiiii i m angry with you made my sanky darting fast for the day…(just kidding ha)…hmmm Shona was feeling bad for making sanky starve…she can’t hate him…Ohh no one thing i forgot to mention…Shona ka sanky ko kehna ki agar sanky ko ku6 hogaya to she won’t let single drop fall from her eyes….i can feel the pain felt by my sanky by this line of Shona…awesome epi Di…kya baat kya baat n kya baat….grand salute for u..

    • Vini

      Oh,so class got cancelled?good,and thankbu for that translation dear,then analysis,actually, speechless I’m ,from one end ppl repeating to unite swasan,on the other, u all tolerating and appreciating even the smallest things, we will make Sanky eat with compensation later ,ok,ayyo,salute,no ,no,m happy that u liked it,actually,if u all don’t like ,pls feel free to tell,cos u all have that right… Only a few has it,to be honest.

  7. joya

    nice episode di………………
    swara and sanskar…..2 different people is facing some situations at the same time…….. unki thinking, unke emotions( chahe pyar ho,dar ho,gussa ho,frustration ho),unke point of views…..very good……….
    ragini ka kehna kya tum apne aap ko maf kar paoge agar……………….

    sanskar swara ko gale se lagana chahta hai…
    unke dard ki dava banana banana chahata hai………
    uska dimag in sab permission usko dena nahi chahta hai……
    swara chahe kitni bhi koshish karle,
    uska dil sanskar se nafart karna nahi chahta…..
    samne ek,pichhe ek….she made him starve par woh hi hurt ho gayi…..
    sanskar ka swara ko khana khilana,medicine dena,sanskar ka gusse me chair ko lath marna,usko irritate karna taki wo apne dad k khaylon se dur reh sake…..swara ka bus khud k liye khana banana,dad se milne k liye jo chahe wo karne k liye tayar hona….jab sanskar ne jab use step daughter keh kar pukara ya uske dad k aur uske rishte par ungli uthayi to uska gussa hona……………..very nice……..

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,actually,u know what I feel now,if m troubling u all,like even if u all are not happy,u all are not able to say that thinking I will get hurt,ifnu guys say something I won’t feel.bad ok,and comments to our gang is always.for all its members, like reply to Niti may be for u and vice versa ..actually,I have clarified my point many times,now I am not happy repeating to a few not to ask me to unite swasan,m just happy,at least u guys and a few outside our gang are still tolerating and not asking.Next episode is.going to be pain filled though I have to write it,pain will get conveyed or not,m not sure.and analysis and all moments u mentioned,thank u dear..

      • joya

        no no no…….
        u r not troubling yr………….
        i just want to enjoy ur writing skill………i really like it………..di truly speaking jab bhi swara,sanskar ya koi bhi character ho to hum helly,varun ko imagine nahi karte…..hum bas yeh aoch rahe hai ki humre hath mai ek novel hai jiska roj ek chapter padhte hai hum aur enjoy kar rahe hai…………

        waise bhi aaj kal hum apko utpatan baton se pareshan kar rahe hai na…………..

      • Niti

        yes Di…u r absolutely right…u r troubling us….but not with twist n track…u r troubling us by continually saying that you r not good writer…n all that stuff…my diiiiii u r the best…we all r happy with the story line…we can understand feeling u want to express with each n every cherecters…ya mene kaha na me na mera point rakhne me kabhi kanjisai nahi karti…so my point is that this is very good twist…me helly..teju.. varun ko hi imagine kark padhti hu but that doesn’t mean i like this story bz of them…mene apko pehle bhi bola hai eke bar i dont know u remember or not…i love varun so much…but this is the first ever story in which i am in love with sanky’s cherecter not bz i am imagining varun as sanskar…you hv justified with every cherecters…just go ahead Di…song for you…”just chill chill just chill” …

      • Vini

        Joya and Niti,I read ur comments,it is just my luck that u all are liking it,again I won’t say anything even if I feel it is too bad…but let me think what to write next..

  8. Niti

    Di…u also is not less than our drama queens…sab ko muje gor se dekhne ko bola mere bare me Achcha Achcha bolke send me to cloud nine and then ye kehke ki you didn’t ment any world Hume jor ka jataka de diya…

    hayye rammaa ye kya ho gaya…
    zameen ansman palat gaya….
    nadiya ka pani tham gaya….or
    meri bholi bhali Di ko bhi nautanki ka rang chhadh gaya..

    rupshikha dear…you only love Di and joya..you broke my heart..pata nahi konsa tukda kidhar gira hai..kese kiya tune ye mere sath..eke bar bhi is mere bare me nahi socha…tujse asi ummid na thi muje meri chotii behna….

    • Vini

      Oh u read that ,ah?I thought u won’t see it,sorry dear,aha,nautanki,boli baali,u guys should ask my friends,then u won’t believe, haha,Mickey loves u,we all love u ,Niti darling…

  9. joya

    i gave comment under previous…… and i m saying here dt i m not suspecting…….

    wo jo bracket me I THINK tha wo pure sentence k liya tha……humre kehne ka matlb tha ki apki soch ko agar koi perfect reply hai to wo vinita ki masi ka comment hai aisa hume lagta hai……….

    vini di aapne pichhle episode comment hum kaha tha ki some relations outside blood also will surprise us na………….

    i just belive in relations wo khoon k ho ya na ho……qki humre manana hai gar humne insano ko unke achche ya unki kamiyon k sath apna to woh apne ban jate hai………
    nothing is more beatiful and precious than love……
    m i ri8 di……….????

    • Vini

      Vinita,suspicion, I think should go and read a few comments there,hei,that sentence about accepting ppl unconditionally, my friend Nami has told it many times,yes dead,u r absolutely right,love is the most important thing,be it in.any relation,love.and trust are the most required elements.

  10. Niti

    vinita dear is on seven July ha…that dhoni’s bday i guess….so u r sharing bday with our great Indian capton…rupshikha…Di..vinita…vaishnavi…sab ki bday July me hi hai..kya baat hai…isiliye sab eke jaise hai…hooo but maito December(2nd Dec)hu..fir bhi same nature kese ho gaya..

    hai baki sab bhi appni appni birth date share karona…agar karna ho to…kyuki kisi mahan insan ne kaha hai ki ladkiyo ko samnese unki age nahi pu6ni chahiye…

    sethooty..shraddha..how was your day dear..?? doesn’t find your comment today other than epi analysis…hum se bat karne kabhi aaoge..?! hum hath me jalta diya leke…appki comment ka wait kar rahe hai…

    Kriya meri tarif k liye shukriya darling but u know Jo khud Achcha hota hai unko dusre bhi achche lagte hai….u know girls isss Kriya ki vajah se mene dant bhi khayi hai..vo mere se 1year choti hai fir bhi she is awesome cook..so jab bhi uski bat karti hu ghar pe..mumma starts scolding me..poor me..

    joya dear abb na thoda time pass ho chuka hai jab tune last poem likha tha…so abb na ku6 tadakta bhadakta pesh kardo..meri nahi janta ki demand hai…like “humari mange puri karo”..”eke do poem ya shayari likh do”..so darling ab likh bhi do..

    • Vini

      Niti baba,don’t be sad about cooking, actually,had tol no,since after plus I lived in.hostel,I haven’t had much opportunity to learn,before that n after that also,I was thinking cooking is a herculian task,but trust me,we will slowly n steadily improve n realise the little things in it,m nit saying m an expert but now i confidence to give a try,whatever the diah is,sometimes we may make mistakes but our dear Ines will forgive,I experimented all my veg dishes on my father in law after my mom in laws death n non veg on my husband ,so don worry about cooking at all,even a breakfast called puttu(,my favourite),after trying it only I understood it is so easy, I have always thought I won’t get that consistency right,but in second attempt,I got it, anyways, ,cooking is much easier than our studies,and m happy to know that Kriya knows to cook,good,but,I told this much to tell u that u need not worry,tell mamma not to worry,yes,Joya,accept our request n write,ok,yea.mention yr bdays guys…oh,I have company, many July babies.

      • joya

        niti and di…..
        kuch dino k liye maf kardo yr…….moral tooth ki wajah se hairan ho gaye hum…..ek to itne late aate hai upar se dard itna ki concentrate karna muskil ho raha hai…….dilo dimag me bilkul bhi shati nahi hai………..

      • Shraddha

        Tumne pukara aur hummm chale aaye…..
        Hayy kaise ho yr …. My day was awesome aaj coll me ethnic day tha so bohot maza aaya??
        Aur bataiyee kya haal chal hai su kare che?
        Ek baat batoon Vini di ki comment padke na aiseee haseee aayiio ki kya bolooo
        Ek dum pachka hogaya hahhaaja? ????? kidding “DIDI” OPPS sorry ha niyati Woh mai bhoooll gayi thi?? ki tumhe “DIDI ” nahi bulana hai
        Ok OK I’ll continue with Niyati?
        Ni DIDI?????

    • joya

      niyati…..humra bday pura hindustan k school me celebrate hota hai yr……..
      9th aug……KRANTI DIN…..i dnt know….tum sabko pata hai ya nahi ki 9th aug pe kranti din hota hai……..

      aaj tak to humne koi diya nahi jalaya hai….par duniya me kranti lane ki soch rahe hai….heheheheheheh

      • Shraddha

        Hayy hayy joya ka hua tumkoooo
        ?? dentist ke paas gayi ki nahi????
        Molar tooth me dard hai??
        Arey ha di BTW mai na apko batana bhul gayi ki mujhe na braces the 2 years ke liye?? aur jab 4th std me thi tab plate dala tha space maker hahahaha lekin ek bhi tooth aaj tak decay nahi hua hai ??

      • Vini

        Joya,ur third molar is erupting now?u went to a dentist? Do some warm saline gargle in between,u’ll feel better, oh,9th august is your birthday, good,good,and what a thought,mentioned in the last line,haha..

      • Vini

        Shraddha,oh,braces n space maintainer ,u have used, good and smart girl, none of your tooth has caries,maintain it that way…

  11. needhi

    Sorry di for not commenting yesterday actually had a busy day with practicals , viva and projects lined up in row.i just read episode 32 , it was nice , highlighting everyones emotion in precise and concise manner.now coming on todays episode , it was awesome.situations are becoming lighter gradually.swara is turning to tigress day by day, good to see change in her .i am enjoying the track . Love story does not seems to be a perfect one untill and unless it has some obstacles and these so called hurdles play a vital role in strengthning a relationship . Moreover our Mr. Perfectionist would never have accepted her normally , so i guess a tragic and dramatic move was needed for unification of these two lovebirds .Dear vini di , feel free to express the story in that one line , which u had in your mind from the very first day. Loads of love .May god be with u always.

    • Vini

      Yea,can understand dear,study well,what u mentioned makes me understand that u have got this story, m happy, yes dear,trying to write only what I wanna write, loads of love to u too,study well n God bless u dear.

  12. Nidhi

    It is very nice dear.. Both hurt each other but hurt themselves more .. She cant hate her even if she want.. Amazing.. Pls update soon..

  13. Ashrita

    It’s my first comment ever and I have been a silent reader, U r an awesome writer Vini, each and every episode u nail it, words won’t be enough to praise your writing skills.

    • Vini

      Happy to know that u were reading n thanks for your comment dear,thank u for the good words but m not a writer dear,it s just a humble attempt.

  14. Haha,di lst scne na;Supeerrrbbb???…vry gud swara….bht accha kya sanky ko khana nyi diya…?????…aur dena v mat ha…khud bna ne do ushe huh??????…sanky ?????…

    Niti yaarrr sbko pyarrr krti hu me??????…i mn hmri isss chhoti c fmly ki sb beheno se ha….niti I soooooo much lvvv uuu ha??(yeh mra styl h jb kisi khti hu i mn spcl n spcl me toh sb behen h na…n jab usse v jyada krti hu dn khti hu I hateee u sooo much…tab pata h mere frnd kya khti h.,awww i lvv uu toooo my baby(aisa mere bst frnd khti h Priyanka☺)

    Wowww joya di maann gayi yaarrr…waise hum sbki rltnshp ktne cute h na????

    VAISHU my jan oh 18 july ha…wah behena kya baat h..:)hum sbki bday ek he mnth par wah…twins naaa???????..Vaishu ek baat baat batao 2mhre fnl xm kab se h?,?

    • Vini

      Oh Mickey baba liked last scene,ok,we will make him Cook, yea,at college even we used to say I hate you to friends when we were angry n they used to say but we love u..haha.

  15. Nice story but little emotional & painful
    The bonding u show between the persons like Swara & Sanskar, Swara & Ragini, Ragini & Sanskar, Swara & her dad, & friendship bond among the four r amazing
    Really your ff is very different. I love

    • I loved your ff as it seems natural , I mean friendship, love , sacrifice, pain can be seen gradually. Even if Swasan r not together, they r not separated too…
      But Vinni I must say storyline is awesome & u have many fans yar…

      • Vini

        Oh dear,thank u ,m really humbled n honoured but I don’t like anybody being my fan dear,I don’t find anything in my writing to make someone my fan,m just happy if u all are liking it,thank u for the feedbk dear,glad that little emotions n bonds are getting conveyed.

  16. Esha

    Awsum Di I lived it very emotional can’t control my emotions just imagine tomorrow is my xam n I m reading our ff n mum is scolding so sorry what stupid I m saying don’t worry v r with I will always stick to ur ff n plzzz pray for me don’t wat i’ll do wish me luck

    • Vini

      Please study well dear,don’t read my ff n waste your time,But I wish u all good luck n I hope ur exam ws easy,m late to reply,sorry,m happy that the emotions got conveyed.God bless u dear,do well in ur exams..

  17. Harani

    It is never boring and also it is like an emotional bond that holds us tight ….u have an immense talent ..loads of luv fr u

    • Vini

      M happy if u liked it but I wish I had the talent to write,this us just average or below if I rate myself but thanks for your support dear,lots of love to you too….

  18. U knw di aapko ek baat pta h??…sbse phle toh ghr me nt ki cnnctn h par phir v chhte bhaya usse mjhe use v krne nhi deti…??…toh mjhe mnth ke liye nt pk vrna pdhta h…baaat jab se aaki ff aur sbki saath n baat krne lgi toh kuch jyada h khrsa ho gayi?????…pta h mjhe 2dim me 400 MB chahiye…xuley km he h…rozzz 20 -25 baar aapki ff chck krti hu..aur agar achanak raat ko uth jao na tym jitne v ho chahe 2 ya 1 ,phn haath me lrkr phir se chck krti hu ki shayad di ya phir mre baaki beheno ne kuch rly kya h ki nhi..????…aur mumma ko 2 din baat humesha khti hu mumma mera nt pk khtm ho gaya????????????…mumma khti h itni jldi khtm ho jti h…aakhir tu krta kya h???mumma ko bolti hu muummma aapko pta he na aajkal 2 net khk hi nhi skte…agr aap ek mnt khlo toh 45 mb aise yuhi chl jti h???…accha beta aisi baatt h sb pta h mjhe…thodi c km use kro…aisa khti h …

    N pata h me v isss page ko jyada chck krti hu..whtsp me toh blkl v mz nyi krti..frnx khti h tu din bhar online hoti h par phir v hume koi msz nhi deti..itna bg kaha pe hoti h ha??

    • Vini

      Oh,ur bro won’t allow u to use,poor girl,so u r troubling mumma,but I understand how much u value your friends here,oh,mickey is in trouble cos of my ff but hw sweet of u baba,and poor mumma,yea,now this site has become like Whatsapp,Whatsapp if u don’t respond ur friends will feel bad ,no? But I understood wat u said.,take care dear….

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    Feeding,and vegetables chopping scene and sanskar harsh words really painful!!!!
    till,now I feel its perfect story sissy!!!

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    • Vini

      If u laughed by the end if this then u r right,I wanted that,next one tomorrow, wat u mentioned yes,m torturing our leads,but will be united for sure..

  21. Meghs

    Di its awesome
    N ya first i was upset of ur twist.
    But now am happy with it

    I really like this swasan slowly understand each other.. N n gradually trust each other .

    This twist was best… Update nxt oart soon am waiting for it

    • Vini

      Next part tomorrow dear, I know I will unite swasan but I wishes to write the way I have planned and I will be doing that dear,I m sorry if that hurt u all,even I’m not sure where the ff will end,but it will be after including what I have iny mind,happy if u r happy with the twist,thanks dear.

  22. sethooty

    Good episode Dr..haha I like dat portion, she didn’t left anything for him, without knowing dis he was in search of food,and smiled wen did nt find anything except water…

  23. Vinita

    Awesome episode di!!!!!!!
    I have no words!!!!?
    Joya di maaf kar dijiye is nanhi si bachi ko. Mai ek sorry card de rahi Hu. Yeh handmade hai. There are two faces and both are chashmish girls. Below sorry di is written in bold letters in yellow and brown. I hope you can imagine it.???

    • Vini

      Hand made cards are so special ,no?has a special chram in itself ,Joya will forgive for sure,m happy that u liked this episode dear,take care.

  24. sonu

    i will wait for intresting track,because u gave us very intresting story before.&i’m sorry if i hurt u.but i’m not going to stop read ur ff.

    • Vini

      It is ok dear,thank u for understanding my situation,as i often say,since m not a writer there is effort behind each seen,I havetried to reduce the scenes resemblance to scenes u all have seen elsewhere though this story is simple and a familiar type,I am not degrading any ff writer but some episiides I have read and not commented cos I found it similar to certain movie or serial scenes, m trying my maximum to reduce that,so it is not so easy for me.I will be happy if u read it till the end.

  25. Shraddha

    Heyyyyyy Guyssss aaj pata nahiii bohot gaane sune maine ………shuffle on tha n jaise jaise play horahe the na game trust me I was remembing each 1 with particular songgg I would like to share it ha???
    1st of all mai gana Saawan app me sunti hu so sare purane naye gane sab aate hai toh lets start
    1st Joya i donno bus tum he thi dimag me wen I heard

    Matargashti khuli sadak mein
    Tagdi tadak bhadak mein
    Oley gire sulagte se sulagte se sadak mein
    Chhatri na thi bagal mein
    Aaya hi naa akal mein
    Ke bhaage hum ya bheege hum akad mein

    2nd Rupshika n guess what song rups
    Arey Hum toh aise hai bhaiyyaa
    Yeh apna Fashion hai bhaiyyaa
    Hum toh aisee hai bhaiyya
    Hum toh aiseee hai bhaiyya

    3rd Its a song from Movie Bangalore days n suddenly that struck me is arey malyalam seethuty
    So song is Mangalyam sethuty? b’lore days is 1 of my fav movie u know

    • Shraddha

      Den came vinita guess what song i was laughing so much on this?
      What’s ur raashi??
      Yen toh batado na
      What’s ur raashi??
      Itna batado naaa????
      Ab toh bolde sub n rashi

      Phir this song toh I was sure ki iske liye he banaya hai?? ha ha niyati baby tumhare bare me he soch rahi thi guess which 1?
      Tu cheez badi hai
      Mast mast
      Tu cheez badi hai
      Mast !!!!!
      I rely find u mast cutieeee?

      Den came lastlyyy kaun bolooo Vini di yeh wala actually song aya nahi tha I was thinking all these songs n resemblances n thought ki apka song yeh hoga
      ” Ki tujh ko mai
      Itna chahataa hu
      Ki tu kabhiii
      Sochhh na sakeee”
      Ha this was very coincidental guys n very genuine?
      Sorry ha kriya n vaishu tum logon ke bhi gane hai mere dil me bus Woh play nahi ho paya shayad aaj shuffle me?
      Love u all guys

      • Niti

        whhhhhh shraddha darling….maja avi gayi..kya songs dedicate kiye hai sab ko…perfect….ye song vala idea mast tha ha…maja a gaya padhke….mera vala bhi mast tha…awww…soooooooooo u find me mast mast ha….thank u…now abb jab sabhi aa gaye to meri shraddha baby kese Bach sakti hai ha… now i think tuje bhi eke song dedicate karna chahiye…so here we go…

        ” adaye badi funky kare hai nautanki ye chori badi drama queen hai…badi badi ankhe hai ansuo ki tanki ye chori badi drama queen hi..”

        my cute dramebazz….thanks yar i was doing late night studies…n was reading from last 4 hours continuously…so….next chapter start kar ne se pehle ase hi ye page khola…ye vala comment padhk maja a gaya…fresh ho gayi yar…now will study with double energy…

        puri gang k liye ye gana…ajj k liye…pura nahi likh rahi hu…imagine kar lena plz..

        ” Dil kho gaya…kho gaya…khushi ka ab rasta mil gaya………………..rishta naya rabba..dil chu raha hai..khiche muje koi dor teri or..teri or teri or teri or haye rabba…”

        for all of you…love u buddies..gn..tc..sd..

      • Vini

        Oh so sweet of u Shraddha,since u like Bangalore days,though I like mangalyam song, my favourite song from that movie is ‘ethu kari raavilum’…well..m dedicating it specially to u n m gonna play that…thanks dear,and I will respond to rest of the comments tomorrow…then a recent favourite is tere bin from wazir,it is dedicated to our army…God bless u all…sleep well…see u tomorrow..

    • joya

      prefect song for every1…….
      matargashti khuli sadak pe…..!!!!!!!!!!!
      yr tumhe pata hai ek bar hum raat ko road k divider pe baith ke enjoy kar rahe the……..aive hi tp………………hehehege

    • sethooty

      Shradha Dr thanku thanku for ” mangalyam “song..haha..Bangalore days one of ma fav movie..
      Vini Dr that’s too ma fav one..” Ethu kari ravilum”
      “Tere bin” I think d song played on swasan first date rite ? On helicopter..
      I loved that song..Thank u for d dedication vini..
      Guy’s I want to dedicated this song for u all..(old melody)
      ” ghar se nikalthe hi ..
      Kuch door chalthe hi..
      ..oops forget that line
      Uska ghar….

      • Vini

        Yes Sethooty dear,same song ,tere bin,I liked it a lot,and wat u dedicated,yes dear ,I like that too…

  26. Shraddha

    Regarding aaj ka episode
    U know what Vini di I was today like
    Scene 1 ayyyooooo nahiiii
    Scene 2 ayayyoo no no no
    Scene 3 che ?
    N just a line in Scene 4 n I was like
    Yayyyy!!!!!! ????? I’m happy this was
    my overall reaction see ? hehe
    Ah wat to say beginning RagSan convo so painful….. But I am very happy with their bonding ssly amazing n I loved rags wen she says In dat case swara shud see him no sanky” it shows her sense of understanding like she knows he needs to keep her here she knows he has a hidden Moto but she understands both of their situation n swara too that she needs to see her dad in this case I donno but ibtelly liked her in this dialogue
    Den 1 more in same scne sanky telling
    ” I will face then n there ” this 1 dialogue if u just read its shows sm amount of pain but if from beginning if sm1 has read all episodes den dey will surely see the immense misery this poor fellow has gone through that he’s just not able to plan out things n go ahead he’s done with it n dats what made him say I’ll see it then n there
    Scene 2: 3 words Only .
    Horrific sankys anger???
    Pitiable swaras pleading
    N a very heartless reply by sanky?
    Swara my Jannnn still u haven’t left hope inspittime getting things wrong ?love u diii

    Scene 3: sad very sadd he can’t go to her can’t show her his concern? poor sanky? two ppl under two diff circumstances still thinking same at same time kya bond haiii he’s worried she’s worried as well abt next move
    Scene 4 : aeeee??sm light moment dekhne ko mila kafi light ya phir lightest second ke liye tha still??
    Sanky poor fellow trying to ease situation ended up with no food ohho sad
    But last sentence he SMILES hawww I can feel it is genuine after long time n she just can’t hate him n both are worried abt each other yayyy?
    Nyc episode but u said next is painful to joya ???? aurrr kitnaaa diiii
    I’m sure now u ve some purana hisaab kitaab with sanky ????

    • Vini

      U liked Rags in first scene ,yes,the Tejaswi fan in me loves giving good moments to Rags,and then n there wat u explained is wat I.meant,Swara has that trust n will always have it cos she has loved him only cos f wat he made her feel and so…no dear.next won’t be that painful, I mean how to plan it as per one line it should bring some pain but conveying it,dono…yea,me n Sanky were enemies in previous life..n m making him suffer here???

  27. vaishnavi

    Diii todays epi is too good u expressed sanskaars nd swaras feeling very well …..ohhh sankaar created such situation dat swara who loved him soo much is now afraid of him ohhoo….but seriously l got laugh ,when sanskaar is trying to maintain his anger by talking to swara as if talking to wall hahaha …..u showed swaras feeling very well…sometimes angryness sometimes care nice aa

    • Vini

      Oh u got connected to it so easily,m happy to read your comment and also to see u active here.thanks dear,keep in touch.

  28. vaishnavi

    Shikha dii wo xams ahhh vo to march me hi hai …ab to bas xams xams xams ahhh got irritated but kya karu likhna toh padega vo bhi bahut ache se likna hoga…

    Vinitha di patha hai jab aap ne kaha ki aapka subject koi guess nahi kar saktha tab mujeh laga tha ki history hi hogi nd u know wat even I luv history …pata hai jab school me history class chalthi hai sab soothe par mai toh aanke badi karke baiththi thi

    Nd shraddha di koi bath nahi aapko toh humse abhi abhi parichay hua hai kuch vakth aur leke meri liye gana select karna…

  29. Niti

    Di that means app bhi humari jaise hi hoo..wow lagata hai bhagvan ne sabhi innocent nautanki bazo ko milva diya..n uske liye app ko zariya banaya…cooking is the only thing for which i am not interested or i would se lil afraid…but your bante has inspired me a lot..i will remember this when i will try it out..thanks for encouraging me..u know i hv taken screen short of your comment n will read infornt of mamma tomorrow..abhi to vo so rahi hai..kal pakka usko app ki story bataungi…

    thank god rupshikha muje laga tha ki tum muje bhul hi gayi…i must say we r sharing many thing common…i too say my friends i hate you some times n then they reply i love u too….tumhari recharge vali story kafi cute hai ha..just like u cutiee behna..

    haye joya…tum bhi baki sab se nazdik hi ho..July Aug..ha..me hi eke hu Jo itni dur Dec me hu…Kriya is also in Aug (16th)..wow kranti din ha..ya school time me karte the celebrate..ye moral tooth kya hota hai…kya wisdom tooth ki bat kar rahi ho…?? Jo bhi ho..plz take care ha..thanda-khatta mat khana..get well soon…so that you can write beautiful poem or shayari for us…

    • Vini

      Haha,I had played a lot of pranks,esp on my bestie ,in hostel,and u read in front of mumma,God,wat did she say,did she feel bad ?sorry ok if she felt so,cooking,I am sure u will become an amazing cook..n dat time do let me know,msg to Vini Grace Ross in fb,ok..

  30. Vanshu ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Hi ? all didi’s . I m new here and am like a baby ? for all u; am just in 7th class. Please welcome me to ur crazy family. I read all the episodes of this ff and the previous one yesterday and this one today. It was such a nice story. Just loved it .u r a gr8 writer n u can write a book ?? a novel . Y d u call urself a bad writer. U r excellent. I love the way u describe emotions. Am a gr8 fan of urs now. I loved the swarag and swasan scenes most. Plz plz plz don’t stop the ff soon. It must have at least 1000 episodes in it. LOL ?. I hope u ll reply my comment and mke me a part of ur crazy family. I had started using this site when my tv ? had stopped working And now I love ❤ ff more than tv soaps.thanku.

  31. Vanshu ? ? ? ? ? (vanshikha)

    Hi ? all didi’s . I m new here and am like a baby ? for all u; am just in 7th class. Please welcome me to ur crazy family. I read all the episodes of this ff and the previous one yesterday and this one today. It was such a nice story. Just loved it .u r a gr8 writer n u can write a book ?? a novel . Y d u call urself a bad writer. U r excellent. I love the way u describe emotions. Am a gr8 fan of urs now. I loved the swarag and swasan scenes most. Plz plz plz don’t stop the ff soon. It must have at least 1000 episodes in it. LOL ?. I hope u ll reply my comment and mke me a part of ur crazy family. I had started using this site when my tv ? had stopped working And now I love ❤ ff more than tv soaps.thanku.
    Plz reply soon. By the way wen r u writing nxt epi????????? And plz don’t reunite swasan now . Its interesting as it is now. And write lengthy episodes of ff. And even if u reunite swasan u can continue the story adding more twists. Hope u understand what I m trying to say. Bye ? ? ? ? ? and I would give ur ff ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ five stars!

  32. Vanshu ? ? ? ? ? (vanshikha)

    Hi ? all didi’s . I m new here and am like a baby ? for all u; am just in 7th class. Please welcome me to ur crazy family. I read all the episodes of this ff and the previous one yesterday and this one today. It was such a nice story. Just loved it .u r a gr8 writer n u can write a book ?? a novel . Y d u call urself a bad writer. U r excellent. I love the way u describe emotions. Am a gr8 fan of urs now. I loved the swarag and swasan scenes most. Plz plz plz don’t stop the ff soon. It must have at least 1000 episodes in it. LOL ?. I hope u ll reply my comment and mke me a part of ur crazy family. I had started using this site when my tv ? had stopped working And now I love ❤ ff more than tv soaps.thanku.
    Plz reply soon. By the way wen r u writing nxt epi????????? And plz don’t reunite swasan now . Its interesting as it is now. And write lengthy episodes of ff. And even if u reunite swasan u can continue the story adding more twists. Hope u understand what I m trying to say. Bye ? ? ? ? ? and I would give ur ff ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ five stars!
    And by the way who is the smallest among ur pagal family-excluding me.
    Keep it up. Awsme!?? dil garden garden ? Ho Gaya! Lol.

  33. Vanshu ? ? ? ? ? (vanshikha)

    Hi ? all didi’s . I m new here and am like a baby ? for all u; am just in 7th class. Please welcome me to ur crazy family. I read all the episodes of this ff and the previous one yesterday and this one today. It was such a nice story. Just loved it .u r a gr8 writer n u can write a book ?? a novel . Y d u call urself a bad writer. U r excellent. I love the way u describe emotions. Am a gr8 fan of urs now. I loved the swarag and swasan scenes most. Plz plz plz don’t stop the ff soon. It must have at least 1000 episodes in it. LOL ?. I hope u ll reply my comment and mke me a part of ur crazy family. I had started using this site when my tv ? had stopped working And now I love ❤ ff more than tv soaps.thanku.
    Plz reply soon. By the way wen r u writing nxt epi????????? And plz don’t reunite swasan now . Its interesting as it is now. And write lengthy episodes of ff. And even if u reunite swasan u can continue the story adding more twists. Hope u understand what I m trying to say. Bye ? ? ? ? ? and I would give ur ff ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ ❇ five stars!
    And by the way who is the smallest among ur pagal family-excluding me.
    Keep it up. Awsme!?? dil garden garden ? Ho Gaya! Lol. Would love to be a part of this family. Please tell wen d nxt epi available. Ok ? na. ✨? u r a princess ?.

    • Niti

      hiiiiii vanshu……u r most welcome to this dramebazz family dear…..sorry for commenting late ha….lagata hai vini Di bhi besy hai weekends me….i know she will also reply u when she will get time….ohhhh you are only in Class 7th ha…soooooooooo no one is younger then you in this family…

    • Vini

      Oh u r in 7th standard, so a lil girl for us,welcome dear,m not a writer dear n I can never write a short story,this is just an attempt for u all,and u r not a fan for me,u r a cute lil girl,ok,emotions if it is getting conveyed,then,it is my luck dear,
      1000 episodes,ah,can write but for that many stupid twists should be there ,I mean Im too bad at writing such scenes m trying to keep it as simple as possible,sorry for the late reply dear,was busy,next one ,should be tomorrow as I haven’t typed anything till now,then,we see lots of twists in real swaragini na so y to torture here also,then I don’t have the patience or talent to imagine out if the box also,I think u r the smallest, and Kritika is in 8 th standard ,I think,thank u for all the good words,for the five stars(I will give only 2,2.5,for mine),then a big thank u for asking me not to unite swasan…keep in touch dear.

  34. Dr i dont know from yesterday midnight onwards i.m trying to comment one or other prb in phone.i type dis comment 4th time..pls god atleat dis time he permitts me..but i.m very happy to c ur reply like getting rank in supplementary..and eating ice cream in heavy rain.. I.m happy very much..then coming to fiction i cant predict defined or i cant analysis bec i.m average analyser but a true crazy reader..i never force u to unite 2 feeling hearts bec i know journey is not so easy is something tat destiny permits 2 rare hearts to 1 soul but i promise heartly i wil be their till ur journey like a supporting hands..then yes u tell to say about myself..u ask anything i.ll ans everything.i.m seeing u as my sis more than a caring friend wt humble heart..i.m banglore studing bsc final year rv girls coll..pcm as my subject..dr tel about urself i want to know pls tell ur birth date..thn about ur life family..thn qualification..who is ur inspiration..thn about ur frnds..thn at present wats ur doing…tel everything if u wish..thn sorry if any words hurt you..sorry dear…

  35. Thank god atlast i have commented…dr in dis page all r good writer even d commentor also..dey r talented..bec 6th std students r writing stories..wow dey r brilliant..dr when i commenting i.m nervous little bit. I think twice bec i.m comenting to an noble multi personality ..ur writing skill is different from other writer..ur each word. Touch my heart its very perfect..actually i love feeling stories.. Dr tel how u write such stories..its lovely..ur not an average but an terror brillant with perfection…ur writing inspired me lot..pls Continue..i.m waiting heartly…

    • Vini

      Don’t be nervous dear,feel free to comment,who is 6th std writing?wat s the title,amazing yaar,oh,wen u praise my writing n me ,m honestly feeling ashamed dear,cos,I am not a writer, it us just an attempt,first ff was just for a fun,this ,I tried to bring about a story cos of the comments asking me to write n there won’t be another one after I complete this,if I don’t reply on time,pls don’t feel.bad,wen m free,I reply at a stretch,m not hurt with your words,I u derstood u r connected to my ff,u have written nicely in your comments,me,from Kerala,now at Bangalore, completed my BDS ,married,then birthday is on 26th July,friends..many those from school days to college,best friend,she is also a dentist living in London,that is it…hope I have answered properly..tc dear.Stay happy.

  36. Shraddha

    Niyatiii wah so late ur uske upar again u went to study BTW let me tell u even I’m a night owl???? bilkul subha padai nahi kar sakti mai so raat ko he karna………
    Toh I was the secret of ur Energy ha not boost????hehehe carry on mast baby? n kya song dedicate kiya??hahah Woh toh hum sabko suit karta hai ….. Tqsm babyyy?

    Vini diiiiii soooo sweet Ethu Kari raavilam ?? DQ Parvathy….. Oh I love that too but Mangalyammm I ve its video also I just love their dance expression beats awesome…… Ah Bangalore Days wat a movie?
    My bro stayed in b’lore for 2 years n he always told me wen ever I said it’s nyc movie ki to all those who ve known B’lore closely its smthing very special movie itseems……like can relate totally he says…. is it same with u….. ? + its ur mother tongue as well no

    Joyaaaaa wruuuu kaise hai yaar????
    Daath bohot pain karta hai kya????
    Jaldi theek hoke aana……
    Miss uuuu ??

    N this 1 more song wen we miss any of our grp members like recently I was gayab no so these ppl made me wear dat watch lol??
    Just remember
    “Yahin hion mai
    Yahin hoon main
    Kahin na gaya tujhe chodke main

    Yahin join main
    Yahin hoon main
    Jeeya hu tujhe he toh odhke me”
    Love u alll?????

    • Vini

      Yes dear,Bangalore days s a nice movie realistic,cousins’ bond,life in Bangalore, nicely written n directed by my favourite Mrs.Anjali Menon,a very talented lady..since we are Anglo Indians, mother tongue is English (grandma n all used to say so)but I am a pakka Keralite born n brought up in Kochi..yea,I read English books,but,music n movies…without, @ second thought, Malayalam…my favourite..

    • Vini

      Yes, u r right,guilt..mm…actually,dear,a few days bk,I forgot the title,I saw ur name under an ff,it was last episode ,I think,was it written by u?I couldn’t read fully,so I didn’t comment..if it was urs..Wats the title..?

  37. Vaishnavi

    Shraddha do lagtha hai aapne uss watch nikalkar baki San logon ko de di ?? ….. Same pinch even I am night owl? Hahaha

    • Vini

      Me too..night owl…can be active till at least 3 easily,but don’t like to get up early.. Same same pinch…yea..watch was with me..from Hubli it reached here.

  38. joya

    hi guys……..
    i m fine……….
    bdw where r u all……….enjoying weakened??????????????????????????

    shraddha,niti and vini di……………
    nice songs guys………..
    aap sab k comments padhne k baad bas ek gaana yaad aaya……….

    hai dosti kuch jyada jindgi se ho gayi……….
    hai dosti fir taja jingdi se ho gayi……………

    • Vini

      Hi dear,wat happened to u?then song,yea,one came to my mind seeing ur name, it is a poem.song by poet himself for a film..I think film was released in early 90s,every alternate day,I hear it,it is,” irulin mahanidrayil ninnunarthi nee,niramulla jeevitha peeli thannu…”,my favourite poem, dedicating to our very talented Sheetal baby.

      • joya

        r u serious?????????
        i mean u dedicated that peom for me…….i just cant belive……
        poem by Madhusoodanan Nair……………i read dt peom’s english translation…………………
        thank you di……big hug to u……………thank you for dis love…….

      • Vini

        Yes dear.m serious,ur lines have always made me happy and so dedicated it to u,actually that poem sounds like written about that person’s love,but what I have understood from the movie it is that central character’s attachment to this land..u read means ,I m really happy,dear,a big hug and lots of love to u…with this I think I have replied to all comments..

  39. Kriya

    Hello vini didi.again just awesome epi as always.app sach me bahut Achche writer ho.when sanskar think about tsunami & earthquake,when swara told she won’t care even if anything will happen to him,when sanskar found himself helpless for not able to take care of swara,last me apne environment thoda light kar diya.all these moments were very beautifully expressed and heart touching.just mindblowing epi didi.!!

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,oh,writer?u know something, that word na,now m ‘scared’ of that ,u came to this section recently, still ,u have understood the story ,my way of narration n so easily u got gelled with our army…

  40. Kriya

    Hello everyone,o
    Joya dear take care of yourself, n waiting for kavita or shyaries from you.

    Rupshikha your story on net pack was very sweet yar, kitna kuch jelti ho tum ye page visit karnek liye ha.!!

    Wow shraddha ye song vala idea bahut achcha tha.kya perfect song dedicate kiya hai sab ko.lagata hai in last one month u all r having perfect idea regarding each others personality.no worry dear jab tumne koi song mile mere liye to bata dena.

    Niyu vini didi is right.you will learn cooking when you will get sometime after completing your studies. Yaha pe tu kafi active hai so may be yaha kisi ko idea bhi nahi hai tere tight schedul k bare me.but i know ur scheduls.i see u becoming sandwich betwen off and class.so right now just concentrat on ur goal.ha ye bat alag hai ki at least u should know how to prepare tea n coffee.ha ha ha.

    • un

      hey kriya……
      i will try………but u know i m careless person……heheeheheheh…………………..
      thank dear…….

    • joya

      hi kriya,
      sure dear……………….hum tumhe reply de rahe the to humri frnd ne phn le liya humra….wo actually hum jyada phn use nahi karte……so use laga humre koi affair start ho gaya hai……toh usne saare comment padhe aur humre behalf me tumhe reply diya id change karke……….
      sorry dear

    • Shraddha

      Kriyaaaa tumhari har ek baat correct hai sweety??
      Aur pakka the moment it strikes me I’ll be typing it den n der yaar…..
      N pata nahi jhatt se gane sunte sunte sab log yaad aa gaye …..

    • Niti

      Kriya….tu chup kark nahi baith sakati..muje laga tu samja rahi hai mereko…but last me vo tunt marneki kya jarurat thi….vo kya hai na kriyu..mene mamma se kaha hai ki me agar tea coffee banana shikugi na to vo Kriya se hi shikugi…so tu na jaldi se mere ghar aja…vese bhi hum last 1-2 months se nahi mile hai…to na humesha ki tarah 1-2 din k liye ana..bhale hi me ghar pe na rahu but at least muje lage to sahi ki Kriya mere ghar ayi hai..

    • Vini

      Was very busy dear, didn’t write next episode, I thought for a while but didn’t get a proper outline, so thot to write wen m free…comments also,a lot to be read,now I started from the bottom.

  41. Vinita

    Meri pyaari Sheetal dikya aapne mujhe abhi bhi maaf nahi kiya??????
    Sorry pyaari si joya di ek aur sorry card de rahi hun?????

    Shraddha di your song was to good.i was laughing like a mad person with I read it. The people around me thought that I have just escaped from a mental hospital ? .

    • un

      hey vinita…….
      leave that subject na baba…………..
      it’s k………..
      shayad koi aur hota to wo bhi aise hi react karta…….
      so chilllll…..
      and thanks for hand made greetings dear……..i really love that…….

    • joya

      hey vinita
      yeh un hum hai…..yeh humri frnd ne humre behalf me tumhe reply diya hai…..
      hum kab ka bhool gaye….and sach me humne hand made greeting pasand hai bahot jyada………

      read comment jo humne kriya k comment pe diya hai……..

  42. Vinita

    Hi niti di how are you??????? You and kriya reminded me of the pranks which I played with my cousin’s. They call me larki ke rup Mai danav.
    Rupsikha how is your bihu dance going on??? I have my own story of bihu dance which is terrible!!!!!

    • Niti

      vinita dear….kya batau tuje tune pu6a me kaisi hu…ok..abb tujse kya 6upana…kya ho raha hai mere sath…pata nahi Chal raha khud k hi bare me…pura din books n files me ulji rehti hu…pehle mobile mano koi khilona hai kar k hath tak nahi lagati thi…but abb sab badal gaya hai…tum logo ki vajah se….jaise hi office me time milta hai…humare is favorite meeting spot pe a jati hu….morning isss se hoti hai…god night isss se hoti hai…pata nahi kya kar diya hai tum logo ne mere sath…..

      moral of the story i m fine dear…..wow tu bhi humari tarah prnkster hai…sab eke jaise…innocent devils ha…yar bihu dance bahut cute hota hai…tuje terrible experience hua…hope ku6 chot bot nahi lagi thi na…

  43. joya

    hey guys sorry………..
    un means my friend…………… she gave comments humre behalf me………………..by using her my gmail………sorry guys…………
    hum function chhodkar phone pe lage the…..usne socha jo ladki apna phone itna istamal nahi karti ya kahi bhi bhool sakti hai wo itne seriously kuch kar rahi hai phn me matlb humra affair shuru ho gaya hai….so usne phn liya comment padhe aur reply kiya…..revenge…….kal humne uski Date bigadi thi…wo date pe thi aur hum aur hmari friend ko majak suja to my friend messaged her sheetal met wid accident….come fast to siddhivainayak hospital……….. so wo bhagi chali aayi…..uska badla tha yeh…..so plz guys…..sorry………….

  44. joya

    aadhe ghantese phn hath me liye baithe hai………..yeh soch rahe hai jo dekha wo sach tha ya sapna……..finally i got an answer…….i saw a dream and u all were in my dream…………..
    aap sab puna aaye the………humse milne………….i dnt know par hum sab kisi mele me gaye the…….niti vinita se lad rahi thi ki mijhe abhi rasogolla khana hai aur kriya usko keh rahi thi baad me kha meri maa par abhi enjoy karne de….par niti to niti hai wo kisi ki kaha sunegi…….shraddha aur rups to jaise hava me the……aur vini di apne hubby k sath aayi thi…..sab enjoy kar rahe the par apke hubby ne hume mele me Maths ke limitations,derivative, integration k prombles solve karn ko kaha…….humne itna bhi yaaad unme ek sum probably ka bhi tha…………jab humne di aur dekha to unhone pata nahi kaunse physics ka naya rule hume bataya…..aur humre expression like AAYALLLLLLLAAAAAAAAA……….

    dis not fair di…..mana ki maths is my 1st love….bachapan ka pyar par……..par dis is not fair…………baad me pata nahi hum log kisi terrace pr the………….sab dhoom macha rahe the aur hum exercise solve kar rahe the…..aur baki sab itne bewfa nikle ki kisine humse kuch puchha tak nahi………….wo toh chhodo par pata nahi fir book aur humra phn done gayab ho gaye……… fir hum vini di k samne khade the wo kuch keh rahi thi par humne yaad nahi aa raha hai………àage kuch dekh pate humre phn baja……….tab se aive hi baithe hai bed pe…..Aai (mon) bhi puchhkar gayi hai do bar…………….

    • Niti

      woooooowwwwwwwwwww…..joya darling

      i wish i wish i wish ki ye sapna sach ho jaye…..hayyee kitna maja ayena…agar asa hua to….vinita tu n eke kam karna roshgulla sath me leke hi ana so muje na tujse ladna na pade n me kha bhi lu n hum sab enjoy bhi kare….Kriya tune joya k sapne me bhi muje danta yar that’s not fair….rupshikha shraddha ud rahi thi ??….vo bhi muje chodke…

      joya tera haal to behaal ho rakha tha yar…i also love maths like hell….but firbhi yar probability…derivatives…ye sab k equation solve kar rahi thi tu yar….poor you….vini Di that’s not at all fair….

      humare jijaji ne ye kya kiya…joya ko enjoy hi nahi karne diya…bulki probability derivatives me bezy kar diya…n uparse app ne bhi ye anarth ho Jane diya..

      yar sorrrryyyyyyyy hum logo ne tera experience nahi pu6a….vo kya hai na pagli pura din mele me dhumk hum sab thak gaye the…to thoda reh gaya….but kisi ne kaha hai its better late then never….so Chal abb bata bhi de….

      shu mast sapnu joyu te yar…maja avi gai…morning mast bani gayi….aje Sunday 6..to ghare fafada jalebi no breakfast 6…so u all r welcome…come fast…(kya sapna dekha yar,maja a gaya,morning bana Di tune,ajj Sunday hai so fafada jalebi in breakfast,u all r welcome..)

      but joya i wonder tune sab ko imagine kese kiya i mean sab ka appearance ?!!!

      • joya

        haha…..le le le maja le ha………
        appearance ka puchho to humne filal kisi ka bhi face yaad nahi…….shayad sare unknw faces the….shayad sab ne hum jitna sab k bare me jante hai waisa hi behave kiya hoga…………hume bus itna yaad hai last me jab hum vini di k samne khade the tab unke hair khule the aur white-red combination ka kuch pehna tha aur pichhe book hi books the….face sach me yaad nahi……marathi me ek kahavat hai Mani vase te swapni dise……matlb man me jo hai wohi sapne hai…..shayad aisa kuch humre sath huaa hoga……

    • Vini

      What a dream,was visualising what u wrote,maths problems in between,God,very funny,oh,my Hus was also there, he knows u all,he made u all solve problems in between,oho..I will ask him..haha..physics rule…m laughing reading this,later also solving exerciaey,sincere girl,oh.lost both,sad,then u woke up,good,dono otherwise u would have seen us going elsewhere and solving homework,many more subjects are there, no?but good to know that u like maths,oh,mom will be thinking why daughter is seated like this.By the way at home who else are there?see u guys later,need to go now,shall try to read n respond to rest of the comments asap..have a blessed sunday..enjoy..

  45. Vaishnavi

    Hahaha joya Dii enjoyment ke bech me se maths Bhi Aagaya so funny dear ye maths wali bath sun Kar Mujhe toh itni hasi Aagayi ki kya botaavu?????.aur Niti di Vinita di Vali Jagada tho awesome hai ….aap Bulgayi hogi Shikha do teddy bears kharidhne me busy hogi aur Seetu di Shikha di ki help Kar rahi hogi …..aur ye kya Ho Gaya aapki sapne me hum Nahi aaye kya????????? lo me aapse bath Nahi karungi???Mai shayad maths problems solve Karne me aapki help Kar rahi hogi kyun ki Mujhe Bhi maths Bahut achhe se athi hai. Shikha di Mujhe bulakar aap kaha gayab Ho gayi kal se dikayi Nahi de rahi Ho…….

    • Vini

      Hai Vaishu ,how r u?again dream, since m reading from below,not able to understand, let me read…u like Maths…good..good..

    • joya

      yr dis is not done yr………
      hume kisi ko manana nahi aata……….agli bar jab sapna aayega na toh is bar ki kami us sapne me pura kar lena ha……….
      is baar k liye maf bhi kar do………

  46. Niti

    guddddddddd morrrrrrrrrrnnnnnniiiggggg dramebazzo…ajj Sunday ki subhah hai…to unusual humare sabhi devils is vakt gehri nind me honge joya n muje 6odke ….Kriya and rupshikha ki subhah to shayad 1 baje hogi….vinita….shraddha…sethooty….vini Di…vaishu…needhi…app sab ki morning kesi start hui…meri to mast thi joya ka sapna padhk….tab se yahi par hai app sab se bate kar ne ko…app sab k liye humari or se Sunday special morning masala…

    “hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte….tere bina kya vajud mera..tujse Juda agar ho jayenge to kud se bhi hojayenge juda….kyuki tum hi ho…ab tumne hi ho..zindgi ab tum hi ho…”

    how r you all…? vini Di…joya…sethooty….vinita…shraddha…Kriya…rupshikha…vaishu…needhi…ajj ka Sunday special question to all my gang member…(i wish me answer compulsory kar sakti but not possible so Jo ans karna chahe vo kar sakte hai)…..n baki bhi koi ans karna chahe to most welcome…so here is the question…

    “kya tum ne kabhi kisi se pyar kiya ?? “

    • joya

      kahe ka prank yr…..uski halat dekh kar humnr sharam aa gayi…….guilty feek kar rahe the hum kitna………..humre chhote bhai ne aai aisi cls li hai humri ki puchho mat…….50km dur thi….aadhe ghante me hospital aa gayi………itni dar gayi thi…..sach kaha humre bhai ne agar usko kuch ho jata to……..itne speed….agr uska accident ho jata to………yr uskk kharoch bhi aati na to jingdi bhar maf nahi kar pate hum apne aapko……………

      yr niti humne gujrati kafi had tak samaj aati hai………..bus bol nahi pate……….

      humri subah to nikal gayi yeh sochne me ki sapna tha ya sach……..

      aur hum na jindgi me kabhi date par nahi jayenge…….hehehehehe…..bcz hume yeh date vaigara k concept digest nahi hoye…..hehehehe

      aur tumhara sawal……..
      yes off courses insan ka janm hi pyar karne k liye huaa hai…….hehehehehehehe……..

      sirf kisi se???? no yr……family,friends,small small kids sab se pyar kiya hai…….hehehe….just kidding………………

      tumhara sawal hum.samj gaye….par ans sach me nahi hai humre pass……..hehhe….

    • Vini

      Hi Niti dear,I woke up at 6.30,then slept ,again woke up,that went on,now bath n breakfast over.Watched two Tamil movies yesterday n slept at 2.30,Joya’s dream, Oh,I have to read many comments,ah,ur question,not a tough one for me,let’s c who all will answer, I have answered before to somebody’s comment,yes,first love is hubby ,was an arranged marriage,but arranged or love marriages,love is love,God will bring the right ones at the right time only,I believe so.

    • joya

      niti sone de unko yr…….kal raat humre sapne me aaye the sab…..to thak gaye honge……humne chhod kar sab ne masti ki hai na……..aaj din bhar unki nind nahi khulne wali…………..

      • Vini

        Yes that was a ‘dream’,funniest ,actually,even I see a lot of dreams but won’t be able to recollect anything in the morning, but Joya,wat a dream n narration, still,making me smile, maths problems ..

  47. I think isss baar koi prblm nhi krna plzzz..shuva se prblm de rhi h iss pgl phn ne..baat krni h yaar mjhe sbse???

    Hi guyzz??..pta h shuva se avi tak try kr rhi hu..pta nyi kya ho gaya stpd phn ko????..bht misss kya sbko…pta nhi yaar aajkl iss page ki bina reh nhi skta me????

    VAISHU MY Cute lil sis yehi hu yarrr shuva se…yeh phn bar bar mjhe dstrb de rhi thi…Waise 2mhe kaise pta me shrddha ke saath tdy bear khrdne gayi thi??2m bht he cutee ho vaishu???..

    Sethooty me dancer nhi hu yaarr..wo toh bas aise he prctce kr rhi thi…n bihu assam ki ntnl fstvl h..sbse popular n folk dnce h..

    Vinita 2mne v bihu dnce kya h ???hume v bataaon yaarr??

    Joya di kya krogi agar yeh sapna sach ho jaye toh????

    Hey Niti sunday kuch khass nyi gaya..shuva se nnstp try kr rhu hu avi tk ..bt pta nhi yeh phm ko kya ho gaya yr

    Waise questn accha h ha bt mjhe smjh me nyi aaya ??..well agar sach kahu toh yes??..mne v kisi se pyarr kya h ..guess kaun…ofcourse My Family dn frnz…aur agar ush pyaar ki baat kre toh some1 smwhre is made 4 u baby??

    • Vini

      Oh,phone,don’t trouble my Mickey,if u trouble her she won’t be able to come here and trouble us and we love being troubled by our cute Mickey, I think lather is enuf for the day,but seriously,u r very sweet and frank yaar.stay happy ,always.

  48. Shraddha

    Hello everyone happy Sunday to u all!!!!
    N ek min ha niyatii abhi msg karrahi hu iska Matlab yeg nahi ki meri subah abhi hui ha??
    Joyaaaaa kya Matargashti karti hai yaar tu!!!! Ek baat bolu problem Daat me hai….lekin effect dimag me pada hai hehehehehe???? baithe baithe sapne dekh rahi ho haaa??
    Lekin kya sapna tha lol hahaha sabse best part was Differentiation Integration Probability solving hahaha???
    Rupsssss kaha hai my choteeee?

    Vaishuuu sach kaha dekho main utari aur sabne pehenli thi watch???
    Vinita dekho yaha pe bhi Roshogulla??? abb toh khilana be padega

    • Vini

      Oho..Shraddha baba is in full form, what happened to Joya’s teeth?,oh,so I havent read many comments,dream I read, haha,my hus also came,poor man,among this army of girls ,he will be pushed to a corner..

  49. Hi VANSHU(VANSHIKA)..nayi member ha wahh??…wlcme yaarr…jisko v aana h aa jaoo

    Sry Ha VANSHU …di soo rhi h avi…isiliye rly nhi kya…4bje uth jayegi woh ha…wo kya h na mjhe uthane ke liye mana kya h..???????????.u knw na wo dentist h toh bht bg rhti h…tym he nhi milti…aaj sunday h toh di ne mjhe ghr bulaya?????

    • Vini

      Haha,yesterday I didn’t get time to sleep cos of one guest in my house n.her coffee(refer the comment below by Rupsikha for details),was too tired..??,Vanshika is a new member,nice name, welcome Vanshu… Mickey baba,u r always welcome but no coffee …

  50. Shrddha my naughty sis tujhe nhi pata me kaha hu…Di ki ghr me yaar..arre avi avi vanshu ko bula…waise tjhe di ne nhi bulaya????.
    .sooo sadddd haa
    …shammm ko me aur di shopping ke liye jayenge ???????????????..uski baad Maasi ki ghr jayenge..maasi ne phn kya tha..kh rhi thi ki joya di v h ghr pe…?????..n avi me di k liye coffffee bna rhi hu☕☕…chall bye ha…di bula rhi he mjhe???..agar tym mile toh tu v aa jna shppng ke liye…n kaha aana h yaad h na…wo jo di scl h di ki ghr ki pass wohi milna hume ha

    • Vini

      Mickey,cos of that coffee u made for me,I was silent till now,was busy visiting that room…(to..t),??,dono how I managed during our shopping hours,I had invited Shraddha also na but sad that she couldn’t turn up,next time we will invite everyone ,ok.maasi ke ghar…mickeeeeey,u r too naughty…

  51. Vinita

    What a dream!!!!! Haste haste aakho Mai aasu a Gaye. ????
    Whenever I will go to Gujarat Maharashtra Karnataka I will always carry a pot full of roshogollas(kya pata agar raste Mein hum log mil Gaye)
    Aap sab toh mujshe bhi bare pranksters nikle.
    You know in my brother’s wedding Maine apne cousin bro ke saath kya kiya….. Woh mera sabse closest bro hai and he is two years elder to me. Sangeet ke wakt Maine uske sherwani ke piche ek paper chipka dita and on that paper it was written “hi ! I am single and I am looking for a date .”
    Phir sochiye kya Hua hoga………………

    • Vini

      Haha,nice prank yaar,ah,cousins share an amazing bond,they are our first friends n marriages are the occasions where all of us will come together,so good prank during such an occasion, oh,again roshogollas..wana have it…

  52. Vinita

    Niti di I can understand gujrati but I cannot speak in gujrati. My mausa ji is gujrati. Unse thora thora Sikh liya.
    I love my family my friends and u all par abhi tak Kisi se pyaar nehi Hua and frankly speaking I am small for these things aur abhi tak koi utna acha Mila hi nehi???

    • Vini

      Ok,good,yea,u r a lil girl,so chase all your dreams,and at the right time, God will bring the right one,u had tol ,ur family has representation of many states,any one from Kerala,simply asked,ok..but here Keralites have a special liking to Bengal…due to many reasons..Sethooty had mentioned in one of her comments ,those reasons and more…

  53. vaishnavi

    So niti di aapne kya poocha ha pyaar…arey pyaar ke bina hum kaise reh sakthe hai

    Ek pyaar ki hai
    Jo hame iss duniya me lathi hai
    Ek pyaar hi hai
    Jo hame badi banathi hai (parents love)
    Ek pyaar hi hai
    Jo hame kudh par vishwaas dilathi hai (loving ourselves)
    Ek pyaar hi hai
    Jo hame aakhelapan mehasoos karne nahi deti hai (frnds love)
    Ek pyaar hi hai
    Jo hame hamari dil ki dhadkan sunathi hai (????)
    Ek pyaar hi hai
    Jo hame jivith rahane ka kaaran dethi hai (everyones love)
    Ek pyaar hi hai
    Jo hum sab ko juda rakthi hai
    ………..so love u all ……
    Tho pyaar ke bina him he kya
    Sirf ek laash sirf ek laash sirf ek laash

    So nithi di dis is ans of ur question….aur ha hum bul gaye hum ek aur se bhi pyaar karthe…he is my baby my hero my sweetheart mahesh babu (tollywood hero)..par ab vo meri nahi rahe …unki shaadi ho gayi …..(my bad luck na)

    Tho SHIKHA di aap ne poocha ki hame kaise pata he ki aap teddy karid rahe ho….hume sab kuch pata chaltha hai bas thodi 7th sense use karthi hu

    JOYA di lo maaf kardhi ….sirf iss bar agli bar nahi haan….aaphi ne kaha na dil se kuch bhi likho shayri ho jayegi..tho dekhiye humne likha tho dil se hi hai par pata nahi usse kya kahate hai…
    VANSHU dear u r most welcome to dis army yaar.. nd sorry I didn’t saw ur mssge bfore..toh tumne poocha ki sabse chota kaun he tumhare alava…voh me hi hu yaar sabse chothi..sweet lil sis of all hai na diis??

    • sethooty

      Vaishnavi..a bunch of white daisy flowers for u ..loved that lines..our army members r so talented..

    • Vini

      I liked the lines dear,_love has different shades and meanings in different relations,but it is the most important thing ,u have written it nicely,and just imagine a person who doesn’t have anyone to love him/her or for him to love,dangerous that situation is,we are all lucky that we have everyone,the only thing that we can do more is to try to increase the size of our heart slowly slowly until it has the capacity to embrace the ones who need us in this society.. Love is the best medicine to cure almost all the problems in this world.I feel so.

  54. vaishnavi

    Chapal mat marna diis vo kya he na mai pehli bar aisa kuch likhi hu toh pata nahi kaisi he…par its my 1st time really but for u all

  55. Vinita

    Di, actually I want to do archaeology . I want to unravel more things regarding our past. I believe that there are many things which are yet to be discovered. I want to find out more things about our country. There are many ppl who are obsessed with usa. I want to tell those ppl that hamara desh Kisi se kam nehi. Jo glorious past hamara desh ka hai woh aur Kisi desh ka nehi hai. I want to tell those ppl be proud of your Indian culture. I want to show ppl history koi bakwas subject nehi hai. In our society this subject is often underestimated. Jab mujhe koi puchtha tha beta aap kya banoge and after hearing my reply they would get totally shocked. Mujhe kitne sare relative ne literally taane sunaiye just because I wanted to take humanities. According to them tumhe science Mai ache marks milte hai t then why do you want to take Up humanities. At tha at time only my dad mom and

    masi supported me. Class Mai acche

    rank karne kya yeh matlab nehi hai Ki
    it is compulsory to take up science. I want to show THOSE ppl Ki history lekar bhi insan zindagi Mai succesful Ho sakta hai. I want to write a book where I can glorify India’s past.
    Jab Mai chhoti thi my ma always recited the poem sarthok jonom Amar jonmechi ei deshe. It is a poem my Tagore.
    These are the thing s I want to do.i knw I am sounding like a mad person right now but I will be happy if I can accomplish these things

    • vaishnavi

      Vah vinitha di nice decision liya aapne, even i like u I luv history par kya karu mujhe maths bhi pasandh hai iss liye I choosed mpc…par bhadh me history ke bare me research karna chahthi hu….kya aap detailly bata sakthi hai ki aap 12th class ke bad kya courses liya (in detail pls)….

      • joya

        vinita tum archeologist banana hai…..that’s very good…………..
        vaishnavi 12th std ke baad B.A.(special subject history)…..uske baad 2 saal ka course hai Archeologist ka……………

    • Vini

      U don’t sound like a mad person,it a a superb dream that u r cherishing, actually, wen my parents started seeking groom even I had tol ,it would be good if I got somebody working in India, my best friend too wanted to live in India but she got married n had to go to London but her heart lies here,m lucky that I can live here,then yes, it is a cliché that good marks,science, though I chose science cos I loved it ,a friend of mine with good marks chose humanities cos she wanted to be a teacher,a very noble ambition, about you,u love history,wana become an archaeologist, and write a book,wow,superb dear,amazing combo,m sure u will achieve it,wen I asked ur ambition,believe me I had archaeology in my mind,not teaching..cos I felt so…

  56. sethooty

    Hi guy’s.. Mickey, vini, joya, shradha,niti, vaishnavi, and new member vanshika..welcome. Hai kriya watsapp..?
    So mickey how is ur dance practice going on, wen will u perform yaar.and thanks for d information.And vinita bihu dance wow great..
    Yesterday stucked wid my work yaar.my sadu team lead didn’t allowed me to get up from my seat. Hmm. Actually he is like my elder brother but we always fight like tom and jerry..
    Shradha dr mathematics in chat..haha
    Differentation integration probabilty…

  57. sethooty

    Hey niti..I read ur question..off course yaar I loved someone 2 years back.. Funny thing is just like swara I proposed..but I didn’t get any answer.. Only silence….hmm. That was my past love experience.. That episode affected me a lot.. Haha..couldn’t sleep 2 days hufh..
    But my friends made me laugh help me to get rid of all these ..even though they shared their experience too. Haha ..so everyone has their own story..
    Ha vini..urs was arranged marriage , ys u already mensioned .
    Niti..now ur turn..?

    • Niti

      Ohh…i am so sorry dear…my question made you remember ur past…i could imagine ur situation dear…how you hv felt at that time..but forget it..you know it was his bad luck that he lost a sweet girl like you..n i m sure there is someone far better then him is waiting for you…bzzzzz

      “kehte hai khuda ne is jahame sabhi k liye kisina kisi ko hai banaya har kisi k liye…….”

    • Vini

      Hei dear,kudos for frankly sharing your experience, as Niti said,his loss but more than that,he is not the one,yes,some will meet their love before marriage n get married to them, others will find their love in their husbands after marriage.But God will bind the right ones at the right time.Mine yes dear,it was through a matrimonial site,chavara matrimony ,have u heard?.

  58. Sethooooo 2mne v kya tha propose …mene toh phle din he propose kya tha??..mjhe lga tha ki mujh jesi pgl ko kaun pyaarrr krega yr…aur mjhe chahiye v nhi…par kya kru mil gaya???…

    Aur wo v mne dkha v nhi thi …sirf phn pe he baat krti thi…tab me cls 10 me thi yaarrr…aise he pyaar ho gaya..n 1saal baad mene ushe dkha tha…n avi toh 4saal ho gaya…par 4yrs me sirf 4baar he miley h hum??????…kya kru yaarrrr beech me ekdom raste jaisa dstnce?????????…welll usko nhi pata ki me pgl hu…agr pata chala toh sach me wo bhag jayega?????

    • Vini

      Mickey, so that is the summary,but without seeing,hmm..but if it is surviving the test of time means it is right one,God bless u..oh..he is not aware of your ‘condition’…haha…good except experienceit will be for him n family,simply told,ok,I know u r a sweet girl..tc.

  59. Jwala

    Hi vini ….

    First of all ,. How r u??….it’s been long since i have commented here . i was busy with exams ….and coming to ur ff ..it’s totally amazing …..i really liked the twist ….ur story is unpredictable…and i luv it a lot …..and i am eagerly waiting to read ur next update …..take care …bye….

    • Vini

      Hi dear, m fine,hw r u?hope ur exams were good, which course?abt my ff,thank u for the good words,it s just an attempt,glad to hear that u liked it,next one,today evening or tomorrow.

  60. Niti

    soooooooooo i guess everyone has shared their view ha….

    guys…we all love our parents..family..friends…now our this ff family also..but ya my question was for have ever love someone special ?

    sethooty i hv already shared it with you all…i love shahid kapur since i was 11 yr old…from last 10 year…n its like sachi muchi vala love…n my 2nd love is varun kapur..i love him since 2012 means last 4 years…

    other than them i hv never ever loved any special one in that way…

    so moral of the story is except vini Di no one in our gang had found any specialone…

    thank you so much for answering….

  61. sethooty

    Today i read two different fan fiction , that made my day…one is…” true love never dies” by writer neha. Its a swasan fan fiction.Amazing storyline..yah its typical cliche ..but the way she narrate d story and character just fabulous, mindblwing.read whole 9 episode back to back..wow
    Other one is sreeharini’s “A hate story” another swasan fiction…different concept loved it.

  62. joya

    where r u all??????
    kahi humne akela chhodkar sach me kahi chale to nahi gaye na……..???????????????

    kar kasam ki kasam maaf nahi karenge hum tum sab ko………..waise hum kasam me manate nahi yeh alag baat hai……hehehehe…..

    bdw humre paas ek idea hai…..di ka ff khatm ho gaya to jab tak unke dimag me naya idea nahi aata season 3 ke liye tab tak shraddha ek naya ff likhegi…….. kaise laga humra idea………………..

    • Vini

      Hi Sheetal baba,wat an idea,it will progress like a chain,ok,after Shraddha, u,then Niti,Vinita,Mickey,like chain reaction….,and I will definitely sit back n read,ff may be completed in days or weeks so,start preparing,m serious,ok..

  63. vaishnavi

    Joya di lo maine kaas karke aapke liye vo lines likhi hu aapki inspiration se, par aap tho vo pade bhi nahi…

    • joya

      are yr………….
      humne yaad hai humne comment likhi thi bus me the tab……

      aalaya kahi post karna to nahi bhool gaye………yrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……..shittttttttt………………….

      aayla sorry……
      par sach me hume bahot bahot jyada pasand aayi hai hume tumhari peom……..dil chuu liya hai tumhari peom ne……….
      humre liye????humri inspiration se??????????????? ohhh no yr…………… inspiration bahot bada word hai…………

      tumne humari bat pr yakin kiya ki dil se kuch likho to shayari ya peom ban jati hai……us trust ke liye thank you………thanks a lot……….seriously thank you dear………….

      aur big thank you itne hak se humne kehne k liye ki aapne padhi bhi nahi………muhhhhhhhhhhh…………

    • joya

      tumne bharosa kiya wahi kafi hai dear…….dnt call me aap yar………..
      joya di aap kehne k bajay joya di tum kaho na plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  64. Vinita

    Vaishu kya poem likha!!!!!!! Superb…… Dil Chu Gaya!!!
    Joya di how are you????
    Aap aur vaishu dono kitne talented hai.
    Bengali Mai ek phrase hai “chander haat’ means talented ppl ka grp. Chand means moon . Moon ka ek alag khubsurti hota hai and haat means bazaar or grp of ppl. So it means a grp of talented ppl

  65. Vinita

    Vaishu joya di ne ekdum thik bola hai.
    First u need to complete your masters in history. What I have seen is different colleges Mein history ke liye different options hote hai. Lucknow je colleges Mein history ka options hai uneed to find out. Archaeological survey of India 2 yrs ja course lets hai for archaeology. To be eligible for that course u need to have a masters degree in a particular subject(preferably history,sociology out Anthropology). U can even opt for epigraphy if you have a master s degree in any language. For research work masters ke baad u need to do phd and give a test. Exact naam yaad nehi a raha hai

  66. Vinita

    Hi di!!!!!!!! How are you???
    One of my sister in law is from Kerala .
    Currently I an teaching her Bengali. No one knws about it. She wants to give a surprise to everyone . She has learnt how to read and write. Ab thora sa aur sikhna hoga aur phir SURPRISE!!!!

    • Vini

      Sukhayirikkunnu,u r in 11th,no?board exam undo?actually,from which district u r?forgot to ask that and Jwala perinoppamulla ee pic s cute,how do u change it..?always I had this doubt,cos of that pic I could recognise easily.

  67. Hei guyz suno na..”its nt revenge ,its lv(swasan):”iss ff ko pdho yaar..kya twist laya h wrtr ne..me toh ekdm shck gayi…n ha glti se mne yeh baat kisi aur ki ff me post kr di ?..mjhe toh mar he dlnge …

    • Vini

      U mean u posted this comment under somebody else’s ff,wat yaar,they will either kick u or ignore ur comment…Mickey baba s so funny…Gud morning Mickey, good morning guys,have a nice day..

  68. sethooty

    Hi all good morngg…hey Vinitha ur sis in law is from Kerala, ..thoo aap teacherji bengaya..haha so sweet of u Dr…can u teach me some Bengali..
    Mickey darling didn’t under ur comment..swasan revenge..
    Niti Dr..ur questions didn’t affect me..thatz y I shared my experience., that was past ..now I matured.. so does nt matter..now for me its a sweet memory … wen season change everything will change…hmm

  69. Hiii my sethooo,vinu,vaishu,nitu,sheetuu di,shrddhhhhhuuu?…nnnnnn o ya bhul gayi thi mmmmm kriyuuuuuu?..kaise ho sab??wait wait!! I think me kisi ki nm bhul gayi hu…

    Vinu mjhe v sikhna h yaar Bengali

    DI AAP ek baat batao na yeh jo swara ki dida jo lnguage me baat krti thi wo v Bengali thi kya????

  70. vaishnavi

    JOYA di chahe inspiration kitni bhi badi baath ho par usme tho meri inspiration aap opps srry tum hi ho sach me di ….nd di not u infact I shld thank u for inspiring me….aur jaha tak vo hak vali baath 1st I also hesitated to tell u to read it bcoz it may look awkward par badh me mujeh laga meri hi joya di he na kuch nahi sochegi iss liye vo bath bata di nd thank u for providing me dat info abt BA nd all

    VINITHA di thank u soo much for providing me dat info actually I asked many abt that but everyone said dat dey donno anything abt history ….nd wat r u saying I nd talent donno quite opp he di

    SHIKHA DI maine pehle bhi kaha jo kuch mujhe likne ka dil kiya maine likha par mujhe nahi pata usko kya bolthe hey tumhi batado usse kya kehthe hai…
    I am glad dat u all liked it

  71. joya

    hi everyone……..
    aaj k bad koi humne mr.india wali watch k liye koi kuch nahi kahega….ab wo permanently niti,kriya aur shraddha k pass hai…………

    i need u guys………..
    aai scoled me lot……….

    wo room me aayi aur unhone dekha humnesha ki tarah kapde idhar udhar pade hai…….she said kitna achchha ghar hai aur sharam nahi aati aise rakhte huye……..
    humne kaha ki aai plz yr daag to chand par bhi hota hai yeh to sirf room hai……..

    aisi cls li hai humri……..
    ab hum sabbki cls lenge…..kaha ho yr sab niti shraddha kriya sethooty………..

    rups u called me Sheetuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!
    wow….thanks yr……….

    yes vaishu i m ur joya di…….so tum hak se keh sakti ho jo tumhe kehna hai……….aur thank you????? no yr………
    shayad tum humne apna nahi samjti……apni di ko koi thank you kehta hai…….????

    tum humse inspired huyi……yeh humara good luck hai dear……….inspiration sach me….humne nahi lagta hum is kabil hai………..

    • Shraddha

      Ahha Rups dekha pata chala kaise lagta haii…..
      Mujhe bhi aise he laga tha jab tum mujhe batay bina Vini di ke paas chali gayi thi???

      Mai bhi itne dino ddid kr pass thi u know
      Maine aur di ne bohot masti ki
      Jiju ne mujhe bataya ki tum bohot sharatti ho hawwww tumne unse raat ko 12 baje kaha ki tumhe ? Zayn malik ki print wali shirt chahiye?? kya rupsssss tumne kitna sataya unhe bechare ……
      Maine na bilkul bhi tang nahi kiya

      Arey joyaaaaa Rups kaha na main b’lore ghum rahi thi di ke saath?? so sorry ha main msg nahi kar payi?
      But I missed u all ha aisa laga ki kaash Joya ka sapna sach ho jata ??? maza aa jata By God?

      Aur diiii true love never dies is really nyc I ve read it sachi me bohot cute hai ?? aap bhi padna guys
      Chalo kal mileage Part 34 me
      Gnnyt cya

  72. Vinita

    Hi!!!! Sab rupu joya di vaishu aur mujhe chorkar ghumbe chale Gaye!!!
    Not fair!!!!!
    Vaishu thanks mat bol yaar…………no formalities…….. Next time agar thanks or sorry boli to Lucknow ake tera kaan khichungi.
    Joya di……. How are you???????
    Missing you so much ?
    Niti di shraddha di kaha lapata Ho gaye

  73. vaishnavi

    Verry funny vinitha di Lucknow jaake kiske kaan kichogi …mai toh hyderabad mai rehathi hu…tum kisi aur kaan kiichlena maja avega….

  74. Jwala

    @sethooty and vini njan kannurila ..
    ..pinne vini display picture change cheyyan- go to this site

    https://en.gravatar.com and create an account
    @vini board exams marchill thudangum a ippol model exam aanu 🙂

    and from which district are u guyz ??

  75. sethooty

    Hey vini..what happend to u..? Is everything okay?
    Hey guy’s watsapp..? Vini is not responding am worried.

  76. vaishnavi

    VINNI Di aap kaha ho ??see all r worried for u…..
    NITHI DI aap bhi kaha chali gayi ?? Kuch denon se aap dikh hi nahi rahe ho sab tikh he naa???

  77. Shraddha

    Sethooty I think she’s having hectic schedule may be….. Hope so !
    Vini di take care n just drop a msg dat ur busy in case u happen to see this post…..

  78. Niti

    Hii buddies….sissyy..

    how r u all…???? i m so sorry everyone..bina bataye gayab ho gayi thi actually i was bit besy with my offc work as i am suppose to take my study leave for final preparation from march…but sachi muchi me keh rahi hu….ye ankhe bas vini Di ka ff n app sab ki comments padh ne ko hi bekarar tha..

    vini Di muje laga ajj muje pata nahi 2-3 part padh neko milenge…asa mene socha tha but…eke bhi nahi..its Okk Di..but r u all right na???..just bit worried for u…

    vini Di..vinita…vaishnavi…sethooty..joya..rups..shraddha…maine app sab ki chats padhi…

    kya yar rups n shraddha akele akele Di Ghar chale gaye ha…muje nahi leke gaye..not fair..
    nahi yar joya mene wo watch nahi pehni thi yar..i hv told Kriya ki eke comment kar de ki me besy hu is week but pata nahi vo pagal hi gayab hai…

    sethooty i hv stopped reading ffs..i am just following 2-3 ffs only…but bz u suggested that two ff i read it last night…thanks yar..

    vainshnav..vinita..joya…i miss u toooooooooo…i miss everyone alot…

  79. Vini

    Guys, so sorry for this silence,phone had some problem,so couldn’t check comments frequently, was busy,so couldn’t type episodes also,quite surprised wen i checked this page (also,got this page after some trouble,all pages except that which has telly site was shown with the link),hope I will be able to write next one tomorrow,and thank u guys,u all asked if m fine or not,by God’s grace ,no probs…after posting next episode will come back and respond to your comments ,gudn…take care.

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