Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 33


Hi guys,episode 32 was posted late yesterday,if u wish to read ,u may use the link below…(it had Ragsan,Raglak and Swarag conversation),I had shared my thoughts in previous episode,after reading a few comments from a few new names under previous episodes,so,I repeat,please feel free to stop reading and commenting if u don’t like it….


Scene 1:

Sanskaar has come back ,Ragini goes near him,she asks him, “you went to hospital?how is Mukesh uncle?”,Sanskaar says, “his condition is critical,I didn’t go there but got the updates from his subordinates,he is still not out of danger,he spoke to aunty,Chetan and his best friend it seems ,is under observation,doctors haven’t told any gurantee”,Ragini is very sad hearing this,she tells him,”Sanky,in that case,Swara should see him,no?will u be able to forgive yourself if something…”she stops and says, “please God,don’t let anything happen to him”,Sanskaar says, “Ragini,have to think about that,you have to leave tomorrow afternoon for college,no?come,I will drop you,did u all have something?”,Ragini says, “actually,that is not an issue,now,I will go home and eat,but,Swara ,I am sorry,but I told her that uncle is in hospital,she is so disturbed,literally ,shattered,how will you manage her,she has trust on you ,still,but ,she is worried,actually,she wants to see her dad,but is scared of you,you have created situation like that,no?”Sanskaar sighs and says, “I didn’t want her to know that,ah,now you come, we will go,rest I will face then and there,life is nothing less than an unpredictable drama now,so I am keeping my mind blank,let tsunami or earthquake come,it will create only create less impact than this,I am sure”,saying that he goes out,Ragini stands there thinking,she then goes to Swara and tells her that she is leaving,Swara just nods…Ragini kisses her forehead ,asks her to be strong and leaves….

Scene 2:

Sanskaar leaves Ragini home and comes back,he takes the plate of food and goes to Swara’s room,she is still seated on the floor,he drags a chair and sits beside her,he tells her, “Swara,have this food,and then take this tablet”,Swara doesn’t respond,Sanskaar raises his voice,Swara looks at him and says, “I want to see dad,will you take me to hospital?I will obey all what you say after that,not because I am scared but for my family,but I want to see dad”,Sanskaar pretends as though he hasn’t heard anything and says, “have this food,don’t make me angry”,Swara gets angry and says , “no”,Sanskaar angrily gets up and kicks the chair away,he sits near her,takes a hand full of food and forcefully feeds Swara,Swara was too scared to resist,she looks at him in shock and slowly swallows,he looks angrily at her and feeds her,she was too weak to resist,keeps looking at him and swallows slowly,tears roll down her cheek,she bows her head down,Sanskaar looks painfully at her,he feels like hugging her,he quickly changes his face,makes her eat and gets up,he brings a water bottle and tablets,he gives it to her,she is behaving like a machine obeying his commands unknowingly”,Sanskaar is about to go ,

Swara slowly gets up and calls, “Sanskaar,please,just once,I want to see dad,I know he is in a bad condition,he is one person to whom,I feel I have showed injustice,he needs me,I am his daughter,my presence can bring changes,I have that confidence,it is the matter of a person’s life,I beg you,here after,I wont ask you for anything,I will be here,I will bear anything after that,just this one request,please”she pleads, (Flash back shows:Sanskaar meeting Mukesh’s subordinate/best friend,he is the most loyal of all and knows the truth about Mukesh’s plan and Swasan wedding,he tells Sanskaar that Mukesh had told him when he rushed him to hospital and when he met him in casualty soon after admission,to tell Sanskaar to keep Swara away from all this,especially Akshay,until they get an information about their stand,he also tells him that after the wedding snaps reached the venue,Akshay’s family ,though they responded sensibly,he don’t trust them,he feels doubt on them,if they will forgive the insult so easily,so if Swara is brought to hospital,she will insist to stay back and it may increase the trouble)

Sanskaar tells her, “your dad wont die that easily,so,don’t think,I will take you that side,and when did you start loving your dad so much?presence will bring changes it seems,presence will kill him,that much stressful memories will come to his mind,that good a daughter you were,no?step daughter will always be step daughter,don’t dare to act like a good daughter in front of me,I know you very well,still remember everything”Swara shouts, “Sanskaar,I called Shambu uncle from Ragini’s phone,you had met him near the beach,dad folded his hands and pleaded,now,I am forced to believe,that,you had threatened dad,and what you just said,what I confessed to a best friend about my personal life,you are using it against me,to keep me locked up here,you don’t know how much your these words hurt me,Sanskaar,I hate you for what you just said,and ,always,pains you suffered have hurt me more,when your face looked sad,blood oozed from my heart,but now,mark my words,even if I hear that the worst thing has happened to you also,no?

a single drop of tear wont fall from my eyes,to whom did I share all this,you are right,my friend Sanskaar is really dead,he would never have talked to me like this,cos,he knew all about my relation with dad,how much it has affected me,how the bitterness had changed,now,don’t think I will harm myself,I will leave you,but,again it will be after knowing the truth,if something like that so called ‘truth’ still exists…,till,then,I don’t want to see anyone,you do whatever you want to do with me,but,if you hurt my family again,then…..”,she tells all this angrily,but tears are rolling down from her eyes,she completes her words and goes from there,Sanskaar looks at her,he is in thoughts,he realises that he has tears in his eyes,he quickly wipes it off..

Scene 3:

Next day morning,Sanskaar comes near Swara,he tells as though he is talking to the wall, “Don’t think,people can survive on air,hunger strike is not going to do any good,it will only worsen the situation for every one living here and in the hospital,so,for minimal trauma,better ,to listen,all necessary provisions are stored in the kitchen,no ready to cook items are there,those who want should cook ,I anyways don’t know to cook,so”,Saying this ,he walks away…Swara doesn’t understand anything,she thinks what his new plan would be,why he has changed colour,why his tone has changed from threat to a calculated type of sarcasm…she thinks but doesn’t behave as though she has listened to what he said…

After some time,he sees Swara going to the kitchen,he stands at the entrance of the kitchen and observes what she is doing,she takes some vegetables,peels and washes it under running water,she completely ignores Sanskaar’s presence,she starts chopping,suddenly her hand gets cut,blood oozes out,Sanskaar sees it and is hurt,his heart wants to run to her aid but his mind stops his body,he looks at her,she presses her hand forcefully and applies pressure,he observes it,but ,pretends as though it has no effect on him and goes from there…she looks at him,she remembers him helping her on her Gandhi Jayanti day at school when her hand got cut,simultaneously Sanskaar is shown,thinking the same thing and the current situation and walking restlessly in his room,he searches cupboard for a band aid, gets one ,but angrily puts it in the same rack and hits his hand on the wall and says, “no,cant show a small amount of care,even,she is showing extra boldness since morning,don’t know,what is she up to…”

Scene 4

Swara is seated at the dining table,Sanskaar is observing her from the sofa,to lighten the situation a bit,he pretends as though he is talking to the wall again but he is irritating her to prevent her from thinking about Mukesh,he says, “yea,people cant bear hunger for long,all other problems will vanish in front of that,ah,good that there is obedience left,anyways,have fast and leave the place,others have to have,wife is just for a name sake,but I wont show anger towards food,no matter who ever has cooked it”,Swara gets angry and irritated,but doesn’t show any expression,she finishes her food and goes from there,quickly comes back and takes all the plates,after some time ,she comes out from the kitchen and Sanskaar goes to the kitchen,Swara is seated in the same chair where he was seated a while before,

Sanskaar goes to the kitchen and finds all the plates and vessels empty,he searches there and inside the fridge,he understands that she had cooked only for her,he is hungry and feels a little angry but he just looks at her from kitchen(she doesn’t see that) and smiles,he comes out,doesn’t show the embarrassment,just takes jug from the dining table and drinks a glass of water and says, “fasting once in a while, is good for health”,saying this he goes from there,Swara looks at him leaving,she is sad that she made him starve but is equally angry with him for not allowing to meet dad,her face shows her mixed emotions,it also reflects that however hard she tries,she cant hate him,she made him starve but she is hurt more….she looks at him,he doesn’t see as he is watching TV…

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. hi……..
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    kar kasam ki kasam maaf nahi karenge hum tum sab ko………..waise hum kasam me manate nahi yeh alag baat hai……hehehehe…..

    bdw humre paas ek idea hai…..di ka ff khatm ho gaya to jab tak unke dimag me naya idea nahi aata season 3 ke liye tab tak shraddha ek naya ff likhegi…….. kaise laga humra idea………………..

    1. Hi Sheetal baba,wat an idea,it will progress like a chain,ok,after Shraddha, u,then Niti,Vinita,Mickey,like chain reaction….,and I will definitely sit back n read,ff may be completed in days or weeks so,start preparing,m serious,ok..

  2. Joya di lo maine kaas karke aapke liye vo lines likhi hu aapki inspiration se, par aap tho vo pade bhi nahi…

    1. are yr………….
      humne yaad hai humne comment likhi thi bus me the tab……

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      par sach me hume bahot bahot jyada pasand aayi hai hume tumhari peom……..dil chuu liya hai tumhari peom ne……….
      humre liye????humri inspiration se??????????????? ohhh no yr…………… inspiration bahot bada word hai…………

      tumne humari bat pr yakin kiya ki dil se kuch likho to shayari ya peom ban jati hai……us trust ke liye thank you………thanks a lot……….seriously thank you dear………….

      aur big thank you itne hak se humne kehne k liye ki aapne padhi bhi nahi………muhhhhhhhhhhh…………

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      joya di aap kehne k bajay joya di tum kaho na plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Vaishu kya poem likha!!!!!!! Superb…… Dil Chu Gaya!!!
    Joya di how are you????
    Aap aur vaishu dono kitne talented hai.
    Bengali Mai ek phrase hai “chander haat’ means talented ppl ka grp. Chand means moon . Moon ka ek alag khubsurti hota hai and haat means bazaar or grp of ppl. So it means a grp of talented ppl

  4. Vaishu joya di ne ekdum thik bola hai.
    First u need to complete your masters in history. What I have seen is different colleges Mein history ke liye different options hote hai. Lucknow je colleges Mein history ka options hai uneed to find out. Archaeological survey of India 2 yrs ja course lets hai for archaeology. To be eligible for that course u need to have a masters degree in a particular subject(preferably history,sociology out Anthropology). U can even opt for epigraphy if you have a master s degree in any language. For research work masters ke baad u need to do phd and give a test. Exact naam yaad nehi a raha hai

  5. Hi di!!!!!!!! How are you???
    One of my sister in law is from Kerala .
    Currently I an teaching her Bengali. No one knws about it. She wants to give a surprise to everyone . She has learnt how to read and write. Ab thora sa aur sikhna hoga aur phir SURPRISE!!!!

  6. so enthokkayundu vishesham vini ????? 😉

    1. Sukhayirikkunnu,u r in 11th,no?board exam undo?actually,from which district u r?forgot to ask that and Jwala perinoppamulla ee pic s cute,how do u change it..?always I had this doubt,cos of that pic I could recognise easily.

    2. Njanum malayali anu..where u from jwala.

  7. Hei guyz suno na..”its nt revenge ,its lv(swasan):”iss ff ko pdho yaar..kya twist laya h wrtr ne..me toh ekdm shck gayi…n ha glti se mne yeh baat kisi aur ki ff me post kr di ?..mjhe toh mar he dlnge …

    1. U mean u posted this comment under somebody else’s ff,wat yaar,they will either kick u or ignore ur comment…Mickey baba s so funny…Gud morning Mickey, good morning guys,have a nice day..

  8. Hi all good morngg…hey Vinitha ur sis in law is from Kerala, ..thoo aap teacherji bengaya..haha so sweet of u Dr…can u teach me some Bengali..
    Mickey darling didn’t under ur comment..swasan revenge..
    Niti Dr..ur questions didn’t affect me..thatz y I shared my experience., that was past ..now I matured.. so does nt matter..now for me its a sweet memory … wen season change everything will change…hmm

  9. Yes di..sach me mar dlnge mjhe ek din?…sach me mjhe mntl hsptl jna prega…

  10. Hiii my sethooo,vinu,vaishu,nitu,sheetuu di,shrddhhhhhuuu?…nnnnnn o ya bhul gayi thi mmmmm kriyuuuuuu?..kaise ho sab??wait wait!! I think me kisi ki nm bhul gayi hu…

    Vinu mjhe v sikhna h yaar Bengali

    DI AAP ek baat batao na yeh jo swara ki dida jo lnguage me baat krti thi wo v Bengali thi kya????

  11. Shrddha kaha h tu????☺☺☺

  12. Vaishu ek baat bataoo upar jo lkha h 2mne wo poem h kya???…bht acche ha???

  13. JOYA di chahe inspiration kitni bhi badi baath ho par usme tho meri inspiration aap opps srry tum hi ho sach me di ….nd di not u infact I shld thank u for inspiring me….aur jaha tak vo hak vali baath 1st I also hesitated to tell u to read it bcoz it may look awkward par badh me mujeh laga meri hi joya di he na kuch nahi sochegi iss liye vo bath bata di nd thank u for providing me dat info abt BA nd all

    VINITHA di thank u soo much for providing me dat info actually I asked many abt that but everyone said dat dey donno anything abt history ….nd wat r u saying I nd talent donno quite opp he di

    SHIKHA DI maine pehle bhi kaha jo kuch mujhe likne ka dil kiya maine likha par mujhe nahi pata usko kya bolthe hey tumhi batado usse kya kehthe hai…
    I am glad dat u all liked it

  14. Next episode will be written tomorrow guys,sorry for not being punctual.

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      Aur diiii true love never dies is really nyc I ve read it sachi me bohot cute hai ?? aap bhi padna guys
      Chalo kal mileage Part 34 me
      Gnnyt cya

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    Vaishu thanks mat bol yaar…………no formalities…….. Next time agar thanks or sorry boli to Lucknow ake tera kaan khichungi.
    Joya di……. How are you???????
    Missing you so much ?
    Niti di shraddha di kaha lapata Ho gaye

  19. Verry funny vinitha di Lucknow jaake kiske kaan kichogi …mai toh hyderabad mai rehathi hu…tum kisi aur kaan kiichlena maja avega….

  20. @sethooty and vini njan kannurila ..
    ..pinne vini display picture change cheyyan- go to this site

    https://en.gravatar.com and create an account
    @vini board exams marchill thudangum a ippol model exam aanu 🙂

    and from which district are u guyz ??

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  26. Sethooty I think she’s having hectic schedule may be….. Hope so !
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  31. Guys, so sorry for this silence,phone had some problem,so couldn’t check comments frequently, was busy,so couldn’t type episodes also,quite surprised wen i checked this page (also,got this page after some trouble,all pages except that which has telly site was shown with the link),hope I will be able to write next one tomorrow,and thank u guys,u all asked if m fine or not,by God’s grace ,no probs…after posting next episode will come back and respond to your comments ,gudn…take care.

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