Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 32


Hi guys,sorry for this extra long first para,those who have followed this from the beginning should be knowing,I have told my limitaions regarding my writing skills and this story multiple times,also the fact that it is not going to be a feel good fan fiction,in my first ff,I had tried for that,to keep drama to the minimum,but,this ff,I know many would be disappointed,may be feeling that I am testing your patience,but this is just for a small lot dears,who I feel would get every word that I try to write,as I have told before,even,I am waiting to know how many will have the patience to read this ff and be there till the end,those who don’t like the track,I am sorry,but you guys have the absolute freedom to discontinue reading,hereafter,I wont feel bad about that,because,I know ,majority wont be happy with this ff,but,this is just an attempt,I may fail miserably but I wont be sad,because I know my limitations very well…but I am waiting to know, to how many, this will be conveyed in the way I wish it got conveyed,let’s see,and swaragini CVs have to please the production house,channel and audience,unfortunately,I don’t have such problems,so this ff wont continue for months,don’t worry,but wen this ff ends,I will surely miss a small lot who have always been there……

Previous 2 episodes link,would be good if u all read it before reading this:


Scene 1:

Ragini meets Sanskaar at a lake side restaurant a little away from the cottage,Sanskaar tells her, “Did you bring that sim card,I have to discard this one now,and did you have difficulty in reaching this place”?Ragini hands over the sim card to him and tells him, “Sanky,you know the impact of this deed of yours,why did u do this,tell me the truth,I know you loved Swara,but you wont do this,I know you nicely,you were going to sacrifice your love,but,at the last minute,Lucky saw you taking her away,where did you take her,and those snaps which reached the venue today morning,what is all this?she holds her head and is restless,she comes forward and holds his hands and says, “I know you very nicely,I know you wont do anything without a reason,but,this,what is the reason,you know something,I have just told dad and come here,he is sensible,he asked me to go and talk to you,and where is Swara?”,Sanskaar holds her hands and says, “Ragini,you are not just my friend,you were like my conscience,you had promised not to tell Swara or Lucky about my love for Swara,you have to stay with me in this,you should not tell anything to any one,I know,right now,all blames are on me,let it be like that for a while,I have faith in God,he will lead me out of this,yes,it is a tough situation,I am acting like a criminal in front of my Swara,but what to do,she is not leaving me,I may hide my heart from anyone but if I don’t wear this mask,I wont be able to hide my heart from her,still,not sure,if it will work,but have to,”Ragini tells him, “but Sanskaar,really,I don’t understand anything that you are doing,for whom did you do this,for not losing Swara,I know that wont be the reason,then for whom?

Ragini, “please,I don’t have answers to any of your questions,I need to be bad in everyone’s eyes for some time,u should trust your Sanky and stay with me like my conscience,I have only you to share all this,should not let a third person know about our conversation,and I am going to take you to Swara,don’t tell anything to her,just support her and be there,I know you have to join college in two days,I will leave you in the evening,till then,be there with her,and behave rudely to me in her presence”,Ragini tells him, “I don’t understand anything,is this happening right now or am I dreaming?Sanky you are making things more complicated”Sanskaar says, “I know,I know,but no other go,but trust me,be with me,everything will be fine”,Ragini tells him, “I know you told me this much atleast because of your trust on me,have always considered me your sister,no?ok,I will be with you,but ,why only you are suffering like this always,I don’t understand,the person who has always thought about family and friends,is now bad in everyone’s eyes,now,I don’t know what all is going to happen…

Ragini’s phone rings,it is Laksh on the other side,Ragini says, “what…?when?,OH my God,one after the other,ok”,Laksh asks her, “from Swara’s house,where did you go?,I thought you were in aunty’s room,your number was also out of coverage area,where are you?”,Ragini tells him, “ I will reach there in the evening,we will talk then,trust me,I am fine,ok,now I will cut the call…she cuts the call,turns to Sanky and tells him, “Sanky ,Mukesh uncle had a massive attack,he is in hospital,doctors told that condition is very critical”,Sanskaar is shocked, he looks up and says, “God,what will I do now?”He tells Ragini, “Ragini,I will leave you with Swara and go to the hospital,will come back soon”,Ragini tells him ,”but Sanskaar,if everyone sees you now,don’t know what all will happen”,Sanskaar says, “don worry,I wont go there directly,which hospital,did Lucky say anything?Ragini mentions the hospital name,Sanskaar says, “ ok,come,let’s go to the cottage”

Scene 2:

Swara is still seated in her room,Sanskaar finds that the dining table as such,he feels sad,he calls Ragini and tells her, “you go to Swara,I will leave now,and ,Ragini,she has not had anything since evening,please make her eat this food,”Ragini asks him, “which means,you also haven’t had anything,come,eat something and go”He tells her, “no,I will have something on the way,bye”,he leaves,Ragini goes to Swara’s room…

Scene 3

Ragini slowly opens the door,she sees Swara seated on the floor,she goes inside,Swara doesn’t turn,Ragini goes near her and sits beside,Swara sees her,she calls, “Ragu”,she hugs Ragini and cries bitterly.Ragini pats her back gently and says , “Swara,don’t cry ,everything will be alright”,Swara cries and in between tells her, “How,Ragini,I don’t know how everything is going to be alright,he,he is not our Sanskaar,he is somebody else,my heart is telling me he cant do this,but my mind cant ignore what I am seeing in front of my eyes,he is not saying anything,I know Sanskaar nicely,he wont say anything,very stubborn at times,”suddenly she stops,looks at Ragini and asks, “he brought you here?did he tell you anything,please Ragini,tell me the truth’’,Ragini says, “Swara,no,he didn’t tell me anything,he called me and told me that he will be waiting outside your house and that he wants to talk,when I was about to leave,I heard Sumi aunty crying seeing your wedding snaps,even,I am clueless about what is happening in our lives,”Hearing Sumi’s name,Swara asks, “They all came to know,how can they bear this,especially dad…..”,

Ragini says, “Actually,right now,I am not sure what is going on there,Mukesh uncle is in hos….she stops,Swara is shocked,”what happened to dad,tell me,Ragini,what is it?,Ragini realises that she has added to the trouble,she says, “no ,Swara,he had a BP fall,is admitted,but he is fine”,Swars looks into her eyes and says, “no,no.You are not saying the truth”,she holds Ragini’s hands and keeps it on her head and asks her to promise on her that what she said is true,Ragini is in dilemma,her eyes are filled,she tells her what Lucky told over the phone,”Swara leaves her hand unknowingly and cries loudly,Ragini hugs her and both weeps bitterly…..

(Sorry guys,once again…)

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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