Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 32

Hi guys,sorry for this extra long first para,those who have followed this from the beginning should be knowing,I have told my limitaions regarding my writing skills and this story multiple times,also the fact that it is not going to be a feel good fan fiction,in my first ff,I had tried for that,to keep drama to the minimum,but,this ff,I know many would be disappointed,may be feeling that I am testing your patience,but this is just for a small lot dears,who I feel would get every word that I try to write,as I have told before,even,I am waiting to know how many will have the patience to read this ff and be there till the end,those who don’t like the track,I am sorry,but you guys have the absolute freedom to discontinue reading,hereafter,I wont feel bad about that,because,I know ,majority wont be happy with this ff,but,this is just an attempt,I may fail miserably but I wont be sad,because I know my limitations very well…but I am waiting to know, to how many, this will be conveyed in the way I wish it got conveyed,let’s see,and swaragini CVs have to please the production house,channel and audience,unfortunately,I don’t have such problems,so this ff wont continue for months,don’t worry,but wen this ff ends,I will surely miss a small lot who have always been there……

Previous 2 episodes link,would be good if u all read it before reading this:


Scene 1:

Ragini meets Sanskaar at a lake side restaurant a little away from the cottage,Sanskaar tells her, “Did you bring that sim card,I have to discard this one now,and did you have difficulty in reaching this place”?Ragini hands over the sim card to him and tells him, “Sanky,you know the impact of this deed of yours,why did u do this,tell me the truth,I know you loved Swara,but you wont do this,I know you nicely,you were going to sacrifice your love,but,at the last minute,Lucky saw you taking her away,where did you take her,and those snaps which reached the venue today morning,what is all this?she holds her head and is restless,she comes forward and holds his hands and says, “I know you very nicely,I know you wont do anything without a reason,but,this,what is the reason,you know something,I have just told dad and come here,he is sensible,he asked me to go and talk to you,and where is Swara?”,Sanskaar holds her hands and says, “Ragini,you are not just my friend,you were like my conscience,you had promised not to tell Swara or Lucky about my love for Swara,you have to stay with me in this,you should not tell anything to any one,I know,right now,all blames are on me,let it be like that for a while,I have faith in God,he will lead me out of this,yes,it is a tough situation,I am acting like a criminal in front of my Swara,but what to do,she is not leaving me,I may hide my heart from anyone but if I don’t wear this mask,I wont be able to hide my heart from her,still,not sure,if it will work,but have to,”Ragini tells him, “but Sanskaar,really,I don’t understand anything that you are doing,for whom did you do this,for not losing Swara,I know that wont be the reason,then for whom?

Ragini, “please,I don’t have answers to any of your questions,I need to be bad in everyone’s eyes for some time,u should trust your Sanky and stay with me like my conscience,I have only you to share all this,should not let a third person know about our conversation,and I am going to take you to Swara,don’t tell anything to her,just support her and be there,I know you have to join college in two days,I will leave you in the evening,till then,be there with her,and behave rudely to me in her presence”,Ragini tells him, “I don’t understand anything,is this happening right now or am I dreaming?Sanky you are making things more complicated”Sanskaar says, “I know,I know,but no other go,but trust me,be with me,everything will be fine”,Ragini tells him, “I know you told me this much atleast because of your trust on me,have always considered me your sister,no?ok,I will be with you,but ,why only you are suffering like this always,I don’t understand,the person who has always thought about family and friends,is now bad in everyone’s eyes,now,I don’t know what all is going to happen…

Ragini’s phone rings,it is Laksh on the other side,Ragini says, “what…?when?,OH my God,one after the other,ok”,Laksh asks her, “from Swara’s house,where did you go?,I thought you were in aunty’s room,your number was also out of coverage area,where are you?”,Ragini tells him, “ I will reach there in the evening,we will talk then,trust me,I am fine,ok,now I will cut the call…she cuts the call,turns to Sanky and tells him, “Sanky ,Mukesh uncle had a massive attack,he is in hospital,doctors told that condition is very critical”,Sanskaar is shocked, he looks up and says, “God,what will I do now?”He tells Ragini, “Ragini,I will leave you with Swara and go to the hospital,will come back soon”,Ragini tells him ,”but Sanskaar,if everyone sees you now,don’t know what all will happen”,Sanskaar says, “don worry,I wont go there directly,which hospital,did Lucky say anything?Ragini mentions the hospital name,Sanskaar says, “ ok,come,let’s go to the cottage”

Scene 2:

Swara is still seated in her room,Sanskaar finds that the dining table as such,he feels sad,he calls Ragini and tells her, “you go to Swara,I will leave now,and ,Ragini,she has not had anything since evening,please make her eat this food,”Ragini asks him, “which means,you also haven’t had anything,come,eat something and go”He tells her, “no,I will have something on the way,bye”,he leaves,Ragini goes to Swara’s room…

Scene 3

Ragini slowly opens the door,she sees Swara seated on the floor,she goes inside,Swara doesn’t turn,Ragini goes near her and sits beside,Swara sees her,she calls, “Ragu”,she hugs Ragini and cries bitterly.Ragini pats her back gently and says , “Swara,don’t cry ,everything will be alright”,Swara cries and in between tells her, “How,Ragini,I don’t know how everything is going to be alright,he,he is not our Sanskaar,he is somebody else,my heart is telling me he cant do this,but my mind cant ignore what I am seeing in front of my eyes,he is not saying anything,I know Sanskaar nicely,he wont say anything,very stubborn at times,”suddenly she stops,looks at Ragini and asks, “he brought you here?did he tell you anything,please Ragini,tell me the truth’’,Ragini says, “Swara,no,he didn’t tell me anything,he called me and told me that he will be waiting outside your house and that he wants to talk,when I was about to leave,I heard Sumi aunty crying seeing your wedding snaps,even,I am clueless about what is happening in our lives,”Hearing Sumi’s name,Swara asks, “They all came to know,how can they bear this,especially dad…..”,

Ragini says, “Actually,right now,I am not sure what is going on there,Mukesh uncle is in hos….she stops,Swara is shocked,”what happened to dad,tell me,Ragini,what is it?,Ragini realises that she has added to the trouble,she says, “no ,Swara,he had a BP fall,is admitted,but he is fine”,Swars looks into her eyes and says, “no,no.You are not saying the truth”,she holds Ragini’s hands and keeps it on her head and asks her to promise on her that what she said is true,Ragini is in dilemma,her eyes are filled,she tells her what Lucky told over the phone,”Swara leaves her hand unknowingly and cries loudly,Ragini hugs her and both weeps bitterly…..

(Sorry guys,once again…)

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


  1. Vini

    This was posted before reading a few comments under previous,so,army,pls?,shall respond to comments there,tomorrow.

  2. Prit

    Diii…i m crying like a child…
    Mujhse swara and sanky ki aisi halat dekhi nahi jati…plz kuch karo na….
    Doctor ho to illaz to karogi na…but do it a little bit faster…
    Agar aap ki empty brain se aise marvelous update aa sakta hai to socho full brain se kya niklega???
    U r awesome… Luv u…take care…

    • Vini

      Don’t cry dear,I know it is boring,actually, now when I get positive comments, I feel u guys are simply encouraging me,but,sorry,ok,thank u for the comment dear,take care,loads of love to u too…

      • Prit

        It’s not boring dii….
        It is just heart touching….
        We request u to change d plot bcz we can feel the emotions…. Nd u know everyone don’t want to be much emotional……
        Don’t be sorry… Bcz i think i did a mistake..
        Luv u…
        Take care…

  3. musku

    Mai apka n apki ff ka pichha kabhi ni chodungi…..ll keep on bothering u 4 next update….. N plzzzz apni writing skills ko itna b underestimate mat kra kroo…u r gr8 writter… Ur ff is ful of emotion n fellings … Jo hme iss se chipke rehne k liye force krte h….lol. Aur agar aap ye ff khatam krne ki such ri hoo thn better u start thinking abt ur nxt story …. Hume season 3 chaheye…..Aur apko likhna b padega …. Bcz maine kha na mai apka n apki ff ka picha ni chodungii…

    • Vini

      Ok dear,so u won’t leave my ff ,thank u,yea,these emotions should be irritating many,I m not underestimating dear,it s a fact,mine is not a writer’s language or style,it is jus like a written update of a show that I have watched . Thank u so much for the support n this comment.

    • Vini

      Thanks for the feedbk yr,but,sorry,pls don’t wait for that,don’t wana disappoint u more,cos it won’t be happening soon,dono if it will happen ,also,swasan will be united,but ,if it gonna be in an interesting way,m not sure abt that, sorry,I am just being honest.

  4. Esha

    Vini dr don’t be tensed I luv it ur story is ausm sorry I was busy from many days so I couldn’t comment but just go on with ur story v r der for u I don’t have words to describe it plzzz update next part soon can’t wait to know what happens nxt

    • Vini

      I’m tensed only about that the fact that my ff will waste readers’ precious time,cos all will like to read positivity but this doesn’t have it now,but,m happy to read your comment,thank u for the feedbk ,ur words are motivating me,next one,tomorrow evening.

  5. Shraddha

    Vini diiiiii my 1 n only n oy request plz don’t kill mukesh uncle hahaha im like no no no no no no plzzzdont die uncle??
    arey yaar didi hw many more miseries u want to give sanky
    I am having a gut feeling like aap sanky se purane janam ka badla le rahe ho lol???
    Well im really touched with ragini n sankys dialogue which symbolizes their strong bond their friendship their love n trust on each other really happy to read the this particular dialogue
    “Ragini ur not just my friend ur my conscience ” big thing to say man it shows how much he considers her ……. Superb n the way she told each n every thing abt him like he would never do anything without a reason ……. Guy who Always things abt family n frnds just can’t do this n she perfectly figures out he’s doing this for sm 1 n not for swara …… Superb it feels so good wen ur loved ones show faith in u inspite of the fact that entire world is against u
    Well they are all are called as
    “Family” ? rags was n always will be 1

    N den rags concern n confusion sankys misery n den Lucky’s call gave me shock too? I was like plzzzzz nooo…..
    Poor rags have to hide from lucky
    So many things happening in one go ……
    Den poor sanky blamed for everything!!! Sad still donno from wer he gets courage to face so much trouble ….. Den
    Sankys concern for swara
    Rags for sanky ….. Dem rags swra convo
    Bechari swra battling btn heart n brain
    Now dad’s condition worsened her condition…… N 1 more thing my dear smartyyyy
    “But what to do she’s not leaving me
    Can hide from everyone but can’t from my swara so have to put this mask”
    Replied to everyone s Q in one go? Very well conveyed absolutely justifying …. Honestly I’m so restless as to wen ur posting next 1???? jaldi ha di plzzz n mukesh ko matt marooo??? Love u ha di plzz plzz??? kidding again go with the flow…. Gnnyt

    • Vini

      Haha Shraddha baba,actually now I was reading comments from below n replying, all are so worried for Mukesh uncle,oh,so how will I kill him?haha,I wud have killed him and added to Sanky’s trouble,haha ,previous life ka badhla.. Omg,but yaar,he is a good father to Swara ,na?so he deserves her love n care,that will be the sole reason if I give him a chance,some times friends will understand u the most n keep faith in u,Ragini and Sanky are from different wombs but they are so connected by heart,their friendship is based in trust,haha,the end part of your comment is making me laugh my dear,ok,ok,chill ,may ruin the small surprise that he won’t die, so baba,don’t worry,your Mukesh uncle will be bk..n the other analysis abt episode, no words,dear,yes,that,is what I tried to say and u have got it, esp,Sanky abt Swara behind him..thank u dr.

  6. imane

    Hi Vini! if there’s no pain and sadness how can we appreciate it more in the upcoming episode?? so continue with your ff and be proud of it like every one who is undertaking some projects… your plot is awesome and i’m looking forward the next episode!! 🙂 all the best

    • Vini

      Thanks yar for the feedbk,glad to know that u liked,yes,pain and sadness is more right now but as u said ,leads will get the reward for bearing it.

  7. Jay

    Hey vini sis pls don’t make mukesh uncle die it will cause more difficult to sort the problem both lead
    I know form marriage of swasan i clearly know y sanky do this because to avoid swara hate his dad
    Sanky doing his to maintain swara and her family trust mukesh don’t spoils
    But it wont will affect swara trust on sansky
    I don,t know what think in ur mind
    But i sussect don’t make mukesh die

    • Vini

      What u think ,will he die?,let’s c ,and truth will come out ,swasan will unite,how ,when n where,in up coming episodes,but m happy that u understood what m trying to say,thanks yr.

  8. shabrin

    Hey don’t be tensed. ..I think there are many readers to read ur ff and they are liking the current plot also and today’s epi was really emotional…hope mukesh will not die otherwise it will be difficult to come out the truth and getting right everything?

    • Vini

      Thanks dear,actually,Mukesh uncle can’t die ,no?let us see…I hope u liked thus far,truth can’t be hidden,it will come out.

  9. Diii u knw i hateee u…?..aap fff mtlb aur kuch din he lkhgi na….dii bht acchi h aaki ff ..pta nhi Q soch rhi h aisa aap..ssly me schme baat mhi krugi aapse…?????.m.wait…mjhe pta h aap aisa Q bol rhi h..


    Dkho guyx mne sbko lst ff me kuch kaha tha.plz pdhna..n plz phir se bol rhi hu chnge d trck,unite swasan,,sanky ko aisa mt bnau yeh sb plxx mt krna guyz….aree yarrr yeh vini di ki ff h…thodi c intzaar karo yaarm.swasan unite hongi na

    Yeh dusro ki ff ki tarah nhi h…agr aap logo be phli wali ff pdha nhi toh plz ushe ekbr pdh lijiye…Q aisb kh rhi ho..trust kro na di pe..sach me gussa aa rhi h mjhe kuch cmnt pr?????

    Di ssly me bht naraaz hu aapse…sach me baat nhi krugi aapse…khtm krna h na toh thk ha?..aapko yaad to hoga na hum sbne aapko kitna rqst kya tha dusra ff lkhne ke liye..toh aapne aisa kaise soch liya?????..bye di…sach me naaraaz hu aapse

    • sethooty

      Hey mickey.. me also felt bad..mein bhi request kiya thaa new ff keliye..abh thoo mei bhi worried hoo

      • Vini

        Don’t worry Sethooty,I will stop only when I feel it is time to,negative comments if at all any,won’t affect my plan,actually,these are not negative comments,people are different so opinions will be different ,I read everything but I will take to my heart only what I feel I should…

    • Vini

      Oh,Mickey baba hates me,why?did I hurt u?let me read your comment ,no dear,as long as the story I have planned has matter I will continue ,that is what I meant ,I won’t wind up reading comments ,actually,those who haven’t spoken at all are now disappointed totally and has started mentioning in a negative tone,but do u think ur dii is so delicate,only thing m bothered about is wasting readers’ time,so I asked those who don’t like to stop reading,and u know na I won’t write expressive romance n all that,actually, now m dragging a little only for my army of naughty ones,cos,I know if I stop,for a few days,u all will put pressure to start a new,but,that has zero percent chance,so,this ff will continue as long as the story demands episodes,and what u wrote for readers here,don’t worry dear,leave it,I not going to change anything,if i want I can wind up in two more episodes,but since I type then and there, for the planned story ,even ,I don’t know how many episodes are required,then,ur confidence on me,God,that is a little too much na,there are good writers like Saba n all,so,I know where I stand,but,u guys like mine,my fortune, and,I know Mickey won’t stop talking to me,don’t dare to make such decisions,I will come to Jorhat….??

  10. Kisi se baat nyi krna h mujhse..pstve socho na diii..
    I knw kuch logo ne avi tak di ki phli wali ff pdha nhi…isiliye yeh sb kh rhi h??????…plzzzzz aage ss aisa mat krna guyzzzzzz

    Bye sbko ..aaj toh ekdm baadd morning h???

    • Vini

      Oh,Mickey baba is so angry,what happened dr?what is it?actually ,had read only first 5 comments yesterday,I started reading from below,anything bad waiting for me above?m always positive,dear,just a lil worry is about the readers,u know me,na?m a lil stubborn,I will write only what I like even if majority don’t like it also,I won’t change,and,don’t say baaad morning, good morning to u and our army.

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,it is good to read that line in ur comment, yes, it has to be alright but readers will be finding it difficult, but thanks yaar for always being there.

  11. sethooty

    Ohh no vini … U hurted bz of some of negative comments.no yaar ur ff is absolutely good..this twist and turns are required as per u planned.i dont knw about others i loved it, the way u narrate d story. Vini darling its happens every writer should face criticism, dont say again u r not a good writer. I remember sreeharini and saba also face d same situation. People always change thier suggestion as time change, why do we bothered it yaar.there r many of us who addicted to ur ff

    • Vini

      Not at all dear,m not hurt,actually, was laughing reading one where she told this is like swaragini CVS n another who told it is boring.let all put forward their opinion ,opinion will change na,I’m not bothered how many likes my ff,now more than ff,these chats with u all are making me happy,I will stop this ff only after writing what I have planned, I am not going to hurry for any one,certain names who haven’t given any feed bk at all are now up,so u think all that will matter to me,yea,I read their comment,understood their POV,but won’t take it at all to heart.If u guys (my army n regular readers like surbhi,shabrin n all)had tol may be I would have thought for a while but as long as this connects ,even if it is to a minority ,I will be happy.So ff will end only after I include the moments I have planned,it won’t end based on opinion or feedbk,yea,but only when I write scenes ,I will know how many more episodes will be there,but,I repeat, will not end this without writing the scenes I want to frame.

  12. sethooty

    Awesome episode yaar..loved Ragini’s entry.Omg.again sanky is in hard situation.i felt dat something will happend to mukesh
    Hey mickey.. I agree wid u..will not talk to u if u try to end this ff

  13. Niti

    ohhhh god…my sanky…i can’t stop my tears Di…but its very nice that you bought ragini in to picture so that she can take care of both Shona n sanky..specially of my cute boy sanky…

    wow..sanky has not acted infornt of ragini..thank god there is someone who trust sanky…each n every dialog of their conversation were just awesome…he doesn’t told truth to ragini also..may be he don’t want to spoil mukesh’s image on other…ufff..my poor boy become criminal…then mukesh ki heart attack ki news…Ohh god no no no no he can’t die…leaving my sanky in this mess..y sanky has to suffer for shona’s dad’s bad deeds..then jab sanky ne kaha usne ku6 nahi khaya to ragini bhi samaj gayi ki sanky ne bhi ku6 nahi khaya…truly she is his consciences..i hv cried throughout the epi but pata nahi muje Shona n ragini ka itna emotional scene padhk itna rona ahi aya…jitna sanky ki condition pe aa raha hai…ragini ne galti se bata diya Shona ko…now Shona is going to blem sanky for mukesh’s condition…ulta chor kotval ko dantne…vala situation…poor Shona vo apne dono sabse jyada chahite rishto k bich me fas gayi hai…she still have trust on my sanky but yup that’s true she can’t ignore the things happening in her life…meri to sanse jaise ruk si gayi hai..kya hoga agar mukesh mar gaya to……………..di ku6 sunai diya…………….dor se suno………….abb..???……..thoda dhyan lagao sunai dega…………its my dil which is biting very fast…dhak dhak dhak..kya suspense create kiya..Di isss bar can’t wait much ha…jaldi post kardena….just awesome job…loved it…

    • Vini

      Ragini is framed that way in his story,she is not the main lead but we can’t ignore her at all,she has a different yet lovable personality,yes,that is it,he is protecting Mukesh’s image but he trusts the hood friend in Ragini, actually,Ragsan was there from the beginning, Lucky n Swara came later,they are entirely diff individuals, yet they are together, but,somewhere,their distinct traits pop up,it is not coa they don’t love or understand but cos personalities are diff,yes,Swara is sandwiched also,she is giving importance to Mukesh Cos of the regret that she has hurt him a lot in the past,oh.I heard that dhak dhak,Niyati ‘s dil,listen to me,all zz well,baba,ur Mukesh uncle can’t die,he deserves few more years with his daughter to whom he is related only with heart, not blood.and episode analysis as always,perfect.

  14. Niti

    hey Di….u r feeling hurt..plz Di we all r there for you na plz plz we won’t let you feel hurt…i also feel that you might hv felt bad bz in many comment they were just requesting u to change track only..so i ..joya..shraddha..rupshikha has posted something for readers in last epi…plz Di…i know you are very stubborn….n u should be…trust me…you know na i don’t like negativity..but still i loved the twist very much…dil se bol rahi hu..in this beautiful story isse Achcha twist a hi nahi sakta tha…….app pz asa mat bolo….humko bhi hurt hota hai…..n na plz app ye ff khatam shatam karne ki bat na kiya karo…ankho se nadiya behne lagti hai….

    now Di dekho apke right me kya hai….dekha ?….abb left me dekho….hmm good….abb zara apne upar dekho…ku6 dikhay diya…..Okk now abb app na apne hath pe dekho….ku6 dikha…abb us chiz k samne dekho Jo apke hath me hai…hmm correct appka mobile…kya dikha apko…its….its….guess karo….chalo chalo….socho…kya ho sakta hai….yuppie u r absolutely right my Di… its non other than me and my comment for you……ha ha ha…..bas i just wanted to see this smile on your face…always keep smiling…u r the best best n the best…love you so much Di….

    • Vini

      Hi my dear, not at all hurt dear,somebody had asked wat logic n swaragini CVS n all that,so I wanted to clear my point of view,if there was not a single comment also,I would have wrote n proceeded with the same track only. Cos m very stubborn in certain things,u think ,I will change the track,my army n a few regular readers n a few names even have understood previous three episodes very nicely,that is more than enough for me,I know I all will stay with me,my only doubt is if I deserve so much trust and support from u all,now itself,I’m telling a sorry to u n our army,if I don’t justify the track in up coming episodes, you will forgive me, no?believe me the one line is, hate,confusion,love,…..,…….And each day wen I sit yo type I try to create scenes matching the same,dats it dear,still,a few understand those scenes perfectly,so,now,m not worried at all,and those who don’t like it can stop reading na,dats y I cleared my POV yesterday, actually,I was not convinced abt the twist but posted it that day (actually around 9),cos I had to post something as I had tol I will do it,now,m trying to justify that, then ff will end only after I include that one line,it won’t end for others n their comments,but how many episodes, even ,I wiont be knowing,I will also understand only qen I type it,cos scenes are not frames before hand,it is framed each day,oh.last para..yea u made u laugh,haha,Niyati style in comments too,wow…thank u dr,best,no baba,I feel ashamed wen I read that, very ordinary, haha..lots of love to u too…

  15. Niti

    hey shraddha…sethooty…you both like my prank on Kriya…..app se tarif apke ye bandi dhanya dhnya ho gayi…ankho se khusi k ansu behna start ho gaye…app log sachche zohri (gold merchants) ho isiliye apne is hire ko pehchan liya…dil khush karditta tusi…muhhhaaaa…

    shraddha ya pakka try karna kisi pe….bichare ki halat kharab ho jayegi…you have live example for that…haina Kriya baby..??? you know still our group members r not ready to believe that it was just my prank…sab ko ye lag raha hai ki Kriya kisiko batana nahi chahti hai mere alava isi liye sab ko keh rahi hai ki mera prank hai….muje to bada maja aya yar…what about you kriyu ??!!! ha ha ha ha….buddies try once..u will enjoy for sure..

    i turned 21 yr in this Dec..Kriya is 20 yr old..what about joya..sethooty..? undona ka hi nahi pata hai…n shraddha don’t dare to start calling me didi…ha..ya if you want then you can cal me baby..sweety..cutiee..anything..just kidding ha..

    ya ya i know you all r also devils only just like me same to same…we r cute sweet innocent devils…haina Di..???

    good morning to Di..rupshikha…sethooty…shraddha…joya..vinita…(are ha vinita abe tu kal se dekhi kyu nahi..kaha chali gayi hai..Mr India ban gayi kya..)..Kriya..vaishnavi…app sab ko good morning….hv a rocking day head…

    • Vini

      I had responded to ur comment ,let’s see if it will get displayed… Cos even I type what comes to mind after reading n now I forgot what all I had typed,Gud afternoon guys,continue ur pranks but guard urselves from the consequences.. Loads of love to our army…??

  16. Hi vini i.m big great crazy pagal naughty fan urs.actually i.m reading urs ff frm oct onwards without missing any episode.frm so many days i.m hiding my love in my heart like a mother bearing her child in her womb for 3 months.such tat i hide my love for past 3 months.today god letting dis naughty child to dis world to oper her heart to break her silence to show her crazy feeling towards the great honour multi personality super talented rare bird with deep in heart who can snatch many nobel hearts with her great writing.ur not writer not a creator but frnd with care heart which gives heartful of feelings through her sweetest skil of imagination.i read many fiction tat romantic emotional interest it reamains in mind for 1day But urs very special not special but something touch my heart reamain in my soul and stay for decades until i got to grave..lasly can u accept me as ur friend urs divya…

    • Vini

      Hi Divya,first of all,thank u for the comment, u created a mail id to comment ,here?,thanks yr,u know something, ur comment seriously reminded me of our Mickey aka Rupsikha and I was smiling reading this,pls avoid that word fan, u guys are all friends, though don’t know much about to u all,there is honesty in most of the comments here n that is y I consider my readers as my reader friends,yes,first episode of first ff ws posted on Oct 9th,u r right,good to know that though silent ,u were there from day one,m truly humbled n honoured reading your good words, I understand evry word,but,my only doubt is,m I worthy of these many good words?,honestly,I dont think so my dear,but,many noble hearts I met, actually noble n naughty I should say, m happy that u r connected to my ffs,it is just an attempt dear,nothing extraordinary, glad if u liked it,and of course,welcome ,accepted… And u r from,what are u studying?.reveal only if u don’t mind,ok.

  17. This is not fair sissy !!!
    U giving emotional episode!!!
    N make cry pls !!!
    But whatever u feel ??? My feelings towards ur story is diff n its happens ?
    Really brave n poor sanskar role??

  18. Actually i want to say more..but words not permitting me..actually i.m in fb..their also i.m reading many ff and search ur name many times in fb..to make u as my friend..but i hope ur not in fb..i became crazy ur writing skill is just awesome..do u know i told ur stories to my friends. they liked very much..dey also reading silently.. But pakka they will also break their silence at onece..then i will tell one thing..i read all fictions in telly updates tat fiction realated swasan..if my sis,bro, friends sometimes dey gv der mobile to hold i read fiction with der net pack….now dey r afraid to give der mobile if i ask mobile..now dey will run way..but also i.m very clever girl .. i.ll pampper and take off….dr i.m studying..bsc and i.m from banglore..lastly dear i.m waiting madly for ur reply..can u once see dis poor crazy fan and reply to my comment…my heart deadly waiting….pls vini

    • Vini

      U tol ur friends,don’t know if they are liking it or not,clever girl,u use their net packs to use ff,don’t know how u r escaping from them,ok,u r a B.Sc student,very good,@ll the best for your studies dear,had replied to your comment dear,may be it will be displyed after moderation ,and please avoid the word fan dear…I don’t find anything in me to make others my fans…

  19. joya

    1st para of dis episode……
    hum kuch nahi kehenge ab…..check comments under previous epi……u will get comment of vinita’s masi…….. perfect reply of ur thinking is comment of vinita’s masi (i think)……

    u know i like to read…..i can not live without music and books………… agar in dono k sath koi humne jagal me chhod de na tab bhi ji sakte hai………
    family stories ya love stories ki baat aati hai ya koi book hum padh lete hai qki koi bhi kitab hum aandhi chhodna pasand nahi karte…. i really like dt family ya love story jo humne simplicity with deepness feel karvaye…….

    apki yeh story sach me achchhi hai….aur rahi twist ki baat to story needs twists…and i completely understand that thing………i really dont care about twist and turns….hum bas yeh dekhna pasand karte hai ki jo twist kahaniyon writer lekar aata hai use justify kar pata hai ya nahi……….hum kahege aap ne achchhi tarike se justify kiya hai……… maan ligiye humri baat….wo kya hai na hum punekar logon k baare me aapne kabhi suna hai ya nahi pata nahi par hum log itni aasani se kisi ki tarif nahi karte….jis insaan ki tarif punekar kare wo is duniya ka sabse lucky insan hai……(hehehehehehe….)

    • Vini

      Joya,Vinita’s maasi commented,means mom’s sis?God,I don’t have the guts to reply to that, this is my feeling right now,but,yea,I will read that,for sure,
      Books and music,same same pinch,my tastes are the same,ah,favourite hang out,beach,that is y beach and lake n all creeps in,then,haven’t heard that about Punekar, but,we tease each other in Kerala saying that we are the ones who are reluctant to appreciate good things,jokes apart,Joya,wen it comes from u,it truly means a lot dear…if so far it is justified,happy,in future,don’t know dear,will try my max .

  20. Kriya

    Ohh vini didi,it was too heart touching one,sanskar and ragini are sharing very very nice bonding,they all are passing from tough time,vini didi mene ye pura ff starting se 2 din me padha tha,itna interesting hai ye,no matter what other say but i love the twist n waiting to see what will happen in their life. Very well done didi, you and this ff r the best.

    • Vini

      Seriously,u read it in ttwo days,would have been a task for u ,no?finding it n reading it with patience,m happy if u liked it,best,no dear,I don’t think neither me nor my ff deserves that,if u all liking it,then ,that is enough for me.

  21. Kriya

    Hello everyone,
    Hoo..!! shraddha & sethooty you both supported that devil.ya sethooty she is so cute. Jitni sab ko help karti hai usse kayi jyada sab ko tang karti hai. We all are now used to with her naugtyness,vo to ca ki vajah se pura din bezy rehti hai varna school time me to…janedo if now i will say any thing then she will kill me. Didi i hv commented about that niyati style punishment in last epi. What that drama queen has done with me.

    niyati sweety,hv you purchased new dictionary ??? Because jaha take muje pata hai tu kisi ko khas kar k humare group mere kisiko sorry nahi bolti na, baby muje pata hai tu teri ya now i would se humari ye ff family se dil se jud gayi hai isliye tune dant diya muje.its ok sweetheart.
    Btw tu itni bezy rehti hai ki what’s app pe kabhi active nahi hoti but is page pe badi active hai ha??

    Ohh.rupshikha didi se narah hogayi hai,pata nahi ab kab tak nahi bolegi. Joya & vinita where are you both,comment dikhi hi nahi apki.thik ho na ?

    • joya

      here i m kriya……….
      tumne pukara aur hum chale aaye…….
      phone hatheli par le aaye re……….

      niti aur baki sab yaha isiliye active rehte bcoz of dis spl bond dear…….

      u r in family na so dnt call me Aap……
      jo bhi di kehte hai wo bhi humne tum kehkar bulao yr……………….

      agr aap kaha to baat nahi karenge hum tumse kriya……. fir miss karogi humne…….just kidding ha………

    • Vini

      Hi Kriya dear,I will read the comments under the previous,ya,Niti,even .I was thinking if she wasn’t busy,then,what the condition of this site wud have been,she will poke and the rest will build on that ,but u r a cute devil.Niti,haha,not devil,no?baby, sweety, cutie,(self proclaimed) and she is more active here than Whatsapp?oho…Rupsikha won’t be silent,mickey will be bk.I know.

  22. joya

    related to dis episode……..waise yaha kisine humre liye kuch chhoda toh nahi hai…..par fir bhi kuch…….

    ragsan’s friendship…………lovely…..
    sim card change…..so no1 can track him…..nice………ragsan ki bonding…..speechless……aankho dekha ya kahisuni baaton par nahi to usne sanskar pe yakin kiya…..most imp ragini’s sensible dad……..very good….i think he also belive in sanskar……..
    ragini’s que to sanskar directly without any doubt,”for whom??? for not losing swara,i know dt wont be d reason then for whom????”
    ragini samaj payegi yeh humra sawal tha and really liked d ans di………

    ragini u r like my conscience…..superb……mask to hide his heart from swara…..ragini behave rudely in her presence…………. ohhhhh…..hoo……….
    sanskar ka ragini ko swara ko support karne k liye kehna,ragini ka puchhna humnesh tumhe hi q suffer karna padta hai…… friendship and trust won…..
    massive attack….mukesh……yeh 3rd attack hai na………sanskar is going to meet him!!!!!!!!!aayla………………

    2nd scene me bhi ragsan ki friendship…….iska matlb tumne bhi kich nahi khaya…….lovely…………

    ragini aur swara ka milna…….. …swara ki halat aisi hai isliye….nahi ti wo samj pati ki ragini ko sanskar yaha uske liye laya hai………uski care karne k liye…bt filal wo yeh samj nahi payegi…..swara aur ragini ka conversion about sanskar,swara’s family……very nice……………..

    • Vini

      Analysis,perfect as always,these are the little things that I tried to show,I know u have some what guessed the track,ragsan bonding has surprised me also,but,some relations outside blood also will surprise us,na?with the warmth in it?and we call them true friends,that is our Ragsan,Swara also knows Sanskaar but somewhere ,since he has kept a distance,she is a little confused ,but their bond is also special,each character has identity,I mean I have tried for that,I dont like to introduce characters,I wish readers should feel it,one such is ARNAB,rags dad…Swara’s situation,I never thot u guys will get it,but u guys comment as though u all are living inside my brain.

  23. Di dkho dkho mera hrt emblm phir se bada ho gaya na??…di sryyy…apne mjhe blkl v hrt nhi kya…par kuch logo ne aapko ngtve baat ki na toh me gussaa ho gayi…aur dar gayi ki agr di ne ff khtm kr di toh phir kvi baat nhi kr paungi..n ai rltnshp mre liye bht imprtnt h di…aap sb sethooty,shraddha,niti,joya ,vinita,vaishu,needhi kriya sb imprtnt h..i lvvv uuu diiiii?????

    • joya

      ohhhhh noooooo…..
      rups……..u only love vini di………….
      yr ek to tumne di se humri complain ki….hum soch rahe the ki ab tumse naraj nahi rahenge….par tumne to dil chir kar rakh diya humra……..
      ab toh double naraj ho gaye hai hum……jab tak tum manogi nahi hume hum nahi manege……hehehehehe

      • Vini

        haha,Joya,actually,u were a lil serious at the start,actually,I was thinking like that,but,now,na,naughtiness is a contagious disease,or may be it has come up when u met ur friends here who has the same vibes as yours,anyways,superb comments yaar…read my comment below and respond.

    • Vini

      haha,big heart,Mickey has a big heart,actually,even,I was thinking about a way to keep in touch with you all after my ff gets complted,we will do one thing,we will discuss and select another fan fiction that time,and chat under that,until,the author and other readers hits me and if need arise,we will find out some way,that will see that time,ff will end only after i write what i have planned,may be within days,or weeks,that I am not sure..but as of now,we will keep on chatting like this,ok.love u too dear,tc…

  24. joya

    humne shayad pata hai aage kya honewala hai par batayenge nahi…….bus ek baat aap yeh twist khatm karne wali hai???????

    • Vini

      I dont know why my replies are not displayed yet,Joya baba,tell na,I want to know what you feel,I am very clear about the track,just have to frame scenes,actually,I am proceeding as planned dear,only wen I write,I also will know what all scnes will come,trust me,have no idea about scenes but I have a very clear one line and it is a one line but I have faith on that.But no idea,if u all will like it,so ,I told sorry,in advance.

  25. Ishara

    Hi vini, this is my first time that I’m commenting to ur ff, actually I’m a silent reader that not responding to any ffs, but this ff forced me to do this , it’s all bcoz of ur talent,u are fabs!!! I like ur nature which not overconfident about own talent, so keep it up,& coming back to this ff, I read it from the beginning , it’s amazing, nice concept.

    • Vini

      Thanks yr,happy to hear from u,humbled n honoured by your words,writing is not at all my field dear n I have noting to be confident about,even,thank u for liking my ff dear.

  26. Vinita

    Vini di ur ff is the best!!!!!!!!
    I want to say some thing to the readers.
    Please try to understand the sensitivity of this ff. The emotions hidden underneath each and every sentence is overwhelming. This ff is an extremely unique one. Sabra ka phal meetha hota hai!!!!YEH VINI GRACE ROSS di Ki ff hai.(I am quoting you rupu) di I am angry with you!!!!
    You are constantly under estimating your self .

    • Vini

      Vinita dear,I really was speechless wen I read ur Maasi’s comment,I don’t know how old she is but the word maasi itself brought a lot of respect in mind, and I was a bit scared to respond bt I have,what came to mind I typed there,but pls do convey my love and regards to her ,ok,I can’t believe she read all episodes at a stretch,u know my previous ff I mean first one I want to read all 36 episodes at a stretch, but haven’t ,even this one,sometimes,I don’t even proof read and only thing I do is is wen it get uploaded is count the number of scenes at a stretch to c if it is my ff under my name n wall paper,and wen our JoNiShra…analyse ,I read a few lines if I feel like,so..her effort,no words, and coming to ur comment,oh.don’t be. angry baba,m not a writer my dear,I will always say like that cos in my heart I don’t consider me a writer,for all the good words about my ff ,thank u my dear,and so sweet of u that u r telling readers ,also a big thank u for telling ur maasi about this ff…

  27. Vinita

    Joya di it is really my masi who has commented. Mujhpar vishwas kijiye.
    Di dekhiye joya di is suspecting…??
    Masi I think u have seen my reaction this morning tai ar likhlam na.. ?
    Vaishu kaha vanish Ho gayi???
    Di I am an Indian history student that’s why I got surprised when Nitti di mentioned that Jhansi Ki rani went to jail!!!!

    • joya

      oye meri amma……i m not suspecting……
      wo jo bracket me I THINK hai na woh pure sentence k liye hai…… uska matlb hai ki humre khayal se aapki soch k liye agar koi perfect reply hai to woh vinita ki masi ka comment hai………..

      dis not fair yr…………….
      koi bharosa hi nahi hai hum par……….

  28. Vinita

    Are wash rupu !! Even I am a cancerian. My birthday is 7 July.
    Her bhagwan phir se I did a wrong guess regarding di ‘s zodiac. Each Mai pagalho gayi hun.

  29. Joya di i lv u tooo yrr???..n phir se narazzzzz ..bhul gayi mne lst ff me aapko chclte diya tha…awww aur chahiye na…yeh raha di???????????????????????????????☺☺☺…ab maan jao na di plzzzzzz …u r my swt didi na☺☺☺

  30. Vinita teri bday 7 july☺☺??…wah bhai wah…mera 1july n di ki 26 july …h na di???

    N di pln toh accha h…???..waise mre nazar me ek ff h…waha hum baat kr skte h???…waha wrtr v baat nyi krti???…bht shanti h waha par???????

    • joya

      yr rups……punch of the year………hehehehhehehe…………..
      bahot shanti hai waha pe……..hehehehehehehehehehehe………
      itna hase hum tumhari comment padhake ki aankho me aansu aaye……has has k saanse atak gayi humri……….kab se khase ja rahe hum………

  31. Ohhhh me toh ek baat bhul gayi ?…

    Hi DIVYA SHANKAR…chalo me hi bata deti hu 2m h…di ki fb accnt h na???…Vini Grace Ross aise srch krogi toh mil jayega??…wo kya h na ek din di ghr par nahi thi…toh mne uski phli wali accnt blck krke iss nm par naya bana diya??????

    • Vini

      My goodness..oh u created that account,I was thinking who did that,naughty girl Mickey, yes thats my account but m not very active.

      • Shraddha

        Oh God pagal ladki ???
        Kitni confidence ke saath jhut bolti hai koi bechara naya aaya ho toh hogaya kaam tamamm uska???rups ur so cuteee??

  32. Vini

    Guys,I finished typing the next one, going to post it ,then,have some more work but will come bk and respond to rest of the comments,ok.

  33. Meghs

    Di never be upset for bad comments ….
    Ur ff is awsome …. I didn’t missed single epi of urs … I like swarag sanlak frndship bond… N ya this twist is necessary in ur stry
    So no problem di … We willl surely read ur ff watever maybe situation …

    • Vini

      Not at all dear,I don’t want readers to get upset reading the negativity,so,wrote so,and thank u dr for telling that u will read whatever the track is.

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  35. vaishnavi

    Hi dii…1st let me say abt today epi …..di its really heart touching…..aapne sanskaar ka charecter bahut ache tarah se frame kiya……nd di ur ff is not at all boring nd its not time wasting infact it gives relaxation frm my studies…

    • Vini

      I wish I could write a more entertaining ff for u,but sorry for the pain in this ok,still,u r liking means,my luck,hope ur exam ws easy,take care dear.

  36. vaishnavi

    Hi diis voh kya hai na aaj mera xam tha prefinal aur ghar phar net connection bhi nahi tha is liye do din kuch comment nahi diya….
    Shikha di pata hai meri bday bhi July mehi hai july 18 …

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.