Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 31

Hi guys,Swasan Fan Fiction (Season 2 ) episode 31,I know I have messed up the story,just feel free to stop reading and commenting if you all don’t like this and up coming episodes.

Scene 1:

Swara wakes up in a room,she realises that she is in bed,she quickly gets up,she finds a neatly arranged room,she rushes near to the window,moves the curatins and looks outside,rays of the rising sun falls on her,she finds a beautiful lawn with two white benches opposite to and at equal distance from each other,a lake is there at the boundary of the compound on one side,she understands that it is like a cottage,suddenly she remembers the previous evening ,she holds her head,she rushes out of the room,in the corridor she sees herself in a big mirror,she goes and stands in front of it,she touches her mangalsutra and sindoor,she is sad and disturbed,she goes in search of Sanskaar.

She sees him supporting his head with his hand and asleep on a chair,she gets angry seeing him,but composes herself and goes near him,she calls his name,he wakes up and quickly gets up and is about to ask something to her,he hides the concern on his face and shows a rude face,Swara goes near him and says, “Sanskaar,what have you done?who were those people?you did this for dad’s money?I know you,you cant do this,there is some other reason,who asked you to do it,those people wearing masks and holding guns,who are they,they put you under pressure to do it?did they cause any harm to your family and you had to do this?please say something Sanskaar,why are you silent?have not seen you like this,I am feeling scared to look at you,feels like I am standing in front of a stranger,not my friend”

Sanskaar goes near her and tells her,”you will be having many questions in your mind,I don’t find any need to answer it,accept the fact that you are now married to me and will have to live this life till I say,don’t worry,I am not going to touch you even,because I don’t love you,but our gang needs your dad’s money as you said,you are the clear route to that green pasture,he will do anything for your safety,so you’re going to be here with me,till we achieve what we want”,Swara stares at him in shock,she goes near him and holds his hand and tells him, “No,Sanskaar,you are not saying this,I am very sure,but tell me the truth,I beg you,many lives are going to be affected,I will forgive you for what you did with me,but this is going to affect your family,my family,my dad,I had promised him that I wont let him down,what would be his situation,there it is time for the wedding,one night they would have ran around searching for me,seeing me missing,what is all this?please Sanskaar,before I start hating you to the core,tell me,you don’t love me,I know that,wouldn’t have believed if I haven’t seen Sanju,but now,you left your Sanju and did this,I know there is some reason behind it,give me the answer,we have a chance to set things right before it is too late,I will walk away from your life,dad’s money,I don’t know,but if you have a genuine reason and need,I will talk to him,now,I am trying my maximum not to hate you,please,your best friend Swara is asking you,say something Sanskaar”,she shouts…

Sanskaar was standing there like a statue,listening to all what Swara said,he pushes her hand away and says, “you wont be able to solve anything,unless you are under our custody,our plans wont be executed,yes,you knew a Sanskaar who was your friend,but that person is dead,long back,circumstances killed him,these people helped me when I needed money,told mom,recent one is loan,no,source was illegal,I also want to live,how long can I spent my life paying off debts ,so chose this way,now,this is the right way for me,so don’t ask too much,keep your mouth shut,if I can do this with you,you can imagine what all I can do with your family”,Swara stares at him in shock,tears roll down,she tells him, “are you the person who I thought I understood everything about?are you the Sanskkar who I have loved more than my life?no Sanskaar,you cant be like this,please,I beg you ,don’t pretend to be cruel,you cant do this to your loved ones,you wont harm any one.Sanskaar quickly turns ,goes near her,holds her shoulder forcefully and fumes in anger, “Why cant you understand,why are you going on saying the same thing?

your friend Sanskaar is dead,doesn’t exist in me any more,don’t try to find answers,wont be good for your loved ones,I had warned your dad,multiple times,yesterday also,he didn’t listen,now let him bear the insult,who cares?one evening has changed your destiny,accept it and lie down in a corner,don’t come in my way,by this time ,your family would have known everything,our wedding photos would have reached the venue,your dad deserves this and more,”Swara pushes him away and says, “for some money,you forgot everything?family,friendship,everything?no,I wont believe you,all these days,u were acting?,no,no”,Sanskar shouts,

“you will be forced to believe that,before I do that,accept all this and stay away from me,strangers under the same roof,until my motives are fulfilled”,Swara says, “no,Sanskaar,you are scared,you wont be able to pretend anything if you stay near me,so you are pushing me away ,I will find out what is bothering you,don’t think I will be silent and allow you to continue all this ,no,and maximum,what will you do,kill me?you have already done that multiple times,in last few weeks,what more than this,I wont let our loved ones suffer because of your madness,friends we were, no? for 12 years,it is over,until and unless I find the reason behind this,no more friendship,strangers as you said,but don’t think you can push me away and do what you want,I will find out everything and if you are really bad,then ,I wont leave you for what you did to my family,and if you are not bad,then,be ready to spend your life with Sanju”

Sanskaar comes near her and pins her to the wall,holds her neck in anger and says, “shut your mouth Swara,if I hear one more word,he takes out gun from his pocket and points it at her forehead,Swara is shocked,she starts trembling,stares into his eyes,she sees the rage in it,looks into his eyes in fear…

Scene 2:

Sanskaar is standing under the shower,he hits his fist multiple times on the wall,he tells to himself, “God,what is happening in my life?I kept her away not to hurt her,but with these hands I am giving her pain,mentally,physically,emotionally,I am killing my Swara,every minute,where is all this leading us?many lives are involved,many relaionships,I will go mad if this continues,I am telling her whatever that is coming to my mind,how long can I defend all this,when will Mukesh uncle sort out everything?he has ordered to keep Swara here at any cost,Swara,how is she going to react again,I don’t know how to deal with her,I cant see her in pain,please,lead me out of this,he closes his eyes,stands there,getting drenched……….

Scene 3:

Sanskaar goes near Swara after some time,she is sitting on the floor,with knees bend close to her body and arms tightly held on it,she is crying her heart out,Sanskaar comes near her,sits down and says, “don’t think you can protest and go from here,I am going out,doors,windows are all locked,my man is there at the gate, nobody is there around to hear even if you shout,it is a lake side cottage,so,take bath if you want to and food is served at the dining table,when I come back,breakfast should be completed,fainted yesterday,took blood sample,doctor has told your Hb count is low,tablets are there on the table itself,take it,if you don’t,impact wont be here,it will be there,at your place,this is the last warning.Swara doesn’t look at him,she sits in the same position,he goes from there,from the door,just turns and looks at her and walks away,while walking through the corridor,his eyes are filled ,he shakes his head in anger and walks away…

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


    • Vini

      This track requires this,I know it is tuf but as I said intention is not a feel good ff,sorry,proceeding as planned, thank u for the comment, I think ur first one.

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,I saw it and I have replied.Good to hear from u,may u r the youngest, somebody else was also there, studying in 8th but forgot the name.

  1. joya

    i told u dt there r many ques in my mind related to twist…….
    unme se ek baat thi swara ki condition….evrey word is showing ur work on swara and sanskar’s condition…..

    very good work di………………….
    mirror k samne khade rehkar sindur aur mangalsutr ko check karna,sanskar ka pretend karna,swara k ques k upar ques,pehle se hi halat ka mara sanskar aur upar se swara ke sawal,unki baate,uski baton se najar aata bharosa,families ki condition,dad se kiya vaada,bathroom me apna frustration nikalne wala sanskar,swara ko yeh dikhna i dnt care for u par rudeness ka mask pehan ke uski care karna,sanskar ka swara ka dard mehsoos karna aur swara ka sanskar ki baton pe yakin na karke sach find out karne wali baat……….last lines swara ka sanskar ki aur na dekhna,corridor se jate wakt sanskar ki aankhon ka bhar aana sanskar ka gusse me sir hilana aur jana……….very nice……….. kal jo bate humne kahi thi unhe apne justify karne ki koshish kar ki hai…….

    nice episode……….

    • Vini

      I was waiting for u Niti n Shraddha’s analysis. What I wanted to convey,it is conveyed, I feel so,n m.happy,I don’t know abt upcoming episodes, forgive me if I totally disappoint u all with unconvincing episodes, thank u for analysing dear,I know it is an average episode,but what I tried to say,u guys got it,m.happy.

  2. yyy

    awww soooo sad..poor swara…sankys pain killed me.. imagining t scenes makes me to cry…dii can’t. able to see both of thm lik tis BT anyways luvd ur ff a lot

    • Vini

      Wen somebody calls me writer,honestly,I feel ashamed dear,but,thank u for the comment, if u liked this story,m happy .

  3. Prit

    Oh God….
    Finally dii u updated…
    Awesome emotions…
    Sanky and swara’s conversation was just simply superb…
    Loved it…
    Try to bring some ideas in your empty brain ( as u always say my brain is empty now) as soon as possible and update next part…
    Love u…????????

    • Vini

      Seriously dear,after each episode I sit n wonder how I wrote it,more than that what to type in the next, brain is not just empty,totally acid washed ,u know,hate,love and two more words is the so called one line that I often say,hope ,something will come with the flow when I sit to type.thank u for the comment dear,glad to know that u liked it.

  4. needhi

    Nice episode .Hamare Mr. Perfectionist ko kisi ki nazar lag gayi. U r too good at describing situations and di who is your favourite actor???I dont understand southindian laguages but have seen hindi dubbed south indian movies.i know some of the south indian actor and i really like Mahesh Babu.Most amazing part is u r well versed with hindi.Have u ever been to Uttar Pradesh?????

    • Vini

      Thank u dear for the comment,yes Mr.Perfect is being tortured ,actually,by me,I haven’t been to U.P dear.But we have plans to visit a few places in the North,according to our leave n all that,relatives and friends are there in a few places, actually ,I understand Hindi dear but not well versed, south mainly five states,kerala,Karnataka,Tamil Nadu,Andhra,Telangana..I watch mal,Tamil English n some Telugu movies,in malayalam I like Suresh Gopi,Mammooty, Mohanlal ,then among youngsters Mammooty sirs son Dulquer,Fahadh Fazil etc..malayalam film industry is small compared to other south Indian states,but movies were more realistic,especially, in late 80’s n 90’s,but now trend is changing.

    • Vini

      Haha,dear if I end this and all zz well means ff will end in the next episode,cos m a bad and equally lazy writer,I won’t be able to pull the story forward,so.continuing with this,sorry if I hurt u,sorry,thank u for the comment.

  5. joya

    u wanna know na from where i got it (polichu)…………….

    aap kaise bhool sakti hai itni badi baat ko…..jayiye naraj hai hum aapse…….aap bhool gayi k i m talented girl…………… kaise di kaise kar sakti hai aap humre saath aise………(hehehehehehehehe………sorry just kidding ha……..)

    actually di not fair ha……aap chor se puchh rahi hai ki chori kaha ki hai…………
    chalo bata dete hai…..actually jis episode pe word humne use kiya wahi pad rahe the aur jab scroll kiya to sidha niche aaye humri phone ke blessing ki wajah se…..upar aa rahe the tab recent comment section me ek comment dekh kar ruk gaye…..waha kisi comment thi,” polichu…..means superb….i m from kerala..”

    so waha humne yeh wor mila…..waise bhi apki tarif me dictionary chhan marne k bajay humne wo word use kar liya…….

    and rups yr aisa nahi karte……di ko complain mat kar na………..humne socha pehle wo watch hum use kar k dekh lenge phir tumhe batayenge……….
    suna na rups tumne khataron k khiladi k promos dekhe honge na….usme arjoon kapoor kehta hai ki jo sher nahi darte wo chuhonse darte hai….sahi hai….hum maut se nahi darte par injection se darte hau meri amma…..hehehehehehehe……aur tum apni joya di ko blackmail karogi…..?????
    not fair hum tumse bhi naraj hai…..jao…baat nahi karenge hum ab………hehe

    • Vini

      Haha.my dear,u na?actually polikkuka ,polichu etc in.malayalam means demolish,but these words we use out of excitement as synonym of superb, there is yet another word called adipoli in malayalam,that is the widely used synonym of superb but that word as such has no meaning,for fast numbers we say adipoli paattu where paattu means song,then if some performance was really good we say,adipoliyarnnu..means it was superb,same way now this polichu is.used frequently nowadays.was very happy wen I saw u using it,I thot u had some malayali friend from whom u learned it,u noticed it in comment means,ha,superb observation dr,sorry dear,for forgetting that u r so talented,very sorry,won’t repeat it ok,jokes apart,u r talented my dear,and yea,while responding to comments in a.hurry,my phone also blessed me many times today,haha,m gonna fill some syringes,I
      Think I will need it very soon,cane and all is old fashion na, if u guys really had such a watch, people around wud have had a very nice time,such innocent kids na.

      • joya

        how many words u mentioned in comment………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        i will use dt words definitely…………….

        ur phone also blessed u…..heheheheheeh……..
        yr…….apko yaad aa gaya…..kal aap hum talented hai yeh bhool gayi….aage kahi humne bhool gayi to…….????
        bardasht nahi kar payenge yeh hum……….

        no….no….no……humne abhi kan band kar liye hai……heheheheh

  6. harsha

    What is the logic behind sanskar to hide from swara really it does not make any sense… Just I told my opinion as sincere reader I can’t bear this,its looks like the swaragini CVs..

    • Vini

      Your first comment under my ff, no?thanks yr,I understood your point, well logic,if u were reading all the previous episodes then I think it has all the answers from the way Sanskar’s and other characters were sketched,and from some regular comments from regular readers I have understood that what I have tried to convey has been conveyed,so,somewhere ,I think,u haven’t got the crux of previous and this episode in the sense I wish readers got it .Swaragini Cvs haha,that much twists and turns won’t be here in this ff for sure, by march the serial will complete a year and still swasan is apart ,so,that much,I won’t test my readers’ patience, as I said before,there are limitations in pulling this track ahead n it is not a feel good ff,readers have absolute freedom to discontinue reading if this is sheer waste of time,Im sorry if I sound arrogant but this ff is a mix of emotions and track will be slow,cos this is just an attempt,may fail miserably, but is ok,cos this ff is not for the majority,it is for a small lot who have been there from day one..I understand ur feelings seeing swasan apart here also,if u go thru my reply to cments below esp the one to Kriya u may get an answer,don’t know if it will be convincing to u.

  7. bhagi

    its so sad thank god aab bhi swara ko kahi na kahi yakhin hai ki sanky galath nahi hai……nd vini tumne pechle episode me meri comment ko rply kiya ki ur going to stop in 10 episodes is it true…???

    • Vini

      No yaar,how many more episodes not sure,what i meant is without some twists, misunderstanding n all,since I am not a writer, it is not easy to carry ff forward.So,if everything is set right in next ,there won’t be much scope in this ff,m not planning to write about every single characters and generation leap and all that,it is just a peripheral narration about a few incidents in the lives of our leads.

  8. Shraddha

    Why do u do this ya Vini di? How much pain u wanna give them ………n us too….
    Sorry BTW I saw ur comments today shey I missed chatting ? never mind?
    Swara oh poor swara …..
    That moment wen she checks herself in mirror God if it had happened before she would ve been the happiest but not in this context rite? Wat she must be going through….. N den sanskaar s concern but suddenly realizing dat he his position n pretends? didiwell done!

    didi 1 thing I really liked is that u din show swara reluctantly agreed or took sm time n accepted the way u showed that she’s just not ready to accept him like this n has such STRONG faith on him not only shows their love but most importantly their 12 years long loyal friendship??
    Amazing the way she was sticking to point that no ur pretending It made me happpyyyy
    But sanky my God Gun? gosh poor fellow so much he has suffered yet more ??? Noooo
    Den shower scene frustrated he is? den again composes himself n starts showing his acting skills?? that rudeness my God must agree he’s doing pretty good job (ur doing for the fact)
    I loved this journey from
    “Stern stubborn swara n soft friendly Perfect sanky to
    Loving friendly obedient (towards mukesh is appreciatable) Swara n Rude selfish Furious sanky(tough he’s not yet its part of journey tough)
    Good job! N regarding ur previous comments as to what I expected I’ll reply here itself

    • Vini

      Dear,I am happy that a few of you got what I tried to convey,thank u for this perfect analysis as always,quite indigestible this story line is for many, even to me,but taking this as a challenge ,may fail miserably,but no probs,can so something out of comfort zone,no?first ff i had writtwn as a feel good one,this I want it to be a mixture of emotions,if I will make everything right in the next episode and wind up the ff,then I will u and our small army,but as I have said before this ff is not for the majority..

      • Shraddha

        No di may be sm are finding it hard to accept but as a general reader POV who has followed u from beginning I thing u did justice with each character n the track …… So no issues no demands just go with the flow as I always say?

    • Vini

      Yes dear,I have created situation that way,cos after love confession there won’t be many episodes,don’t know if I will disappoint u all totally,thank u for the comment.

  9. sethooty

    Hi..vini….this much hatred.. he injected to swara..ohh no .she already hurt a lot and our sanky too..I know he is helpless , BT he can tell d truth na..,nice episode yaar…

    • Vini

      Dear,underneath to Kriya’s comment I have explained my point of view briefly, this is not a feel good ff,no?I know dea, but m going ahead as planned,I mean that stupid one line I have planned,not sure if u all will be totally disappointed.

      • sethooty

        No yaar, never ever say like dat, u know am an ordinary reader, I can’t analysis anything..may be I always deeply involved in story , in just typed wat came into my mind after reading..
        As a writer u have full freedom, I want to go wid ur flow, I just loved watever u portray , it absolutely fit for d track.
        Ys he is in pressure, Mukesh situation s , sanky already rejected her love, lied about sanju, so he can’t convince his love to swara, also he want to go away from her..u already hint many things, and swara is not ready to belive.

  10. Kriya

    omg vini Di.kya khatarnk epi tha.beautifully described.uff.swara’s pain.i loved it when she refuse to believe him.poor sanskar.no one is suffering only n only sanskar is suffering here.ohh god his role is very difficult here. one question vini Di, y sanskar is portraying himself as criminal ?? can’t he tell swara that he realise his love for her n can’t live without her or May be for any other reason he took this step..?

    • Vini

      Haha ,y Sanskar is doing that,cos he is too immature to handle it he is suffering cos of one promise made to Mukesh,he doesn’t know how to deal with all this,Swara won’t accept him,cos she knows abt Sanju,she will go away,Akshay’s dad may put pressure on Mukesh again ,Mukeah doesn’t want his family to know his past, there he is in dilemma where Sumi and Swara will accept him knowing his bad side,human minds are complicated, some things may require only a conversation to get sorted out but people will be prejudiced and make it even more complicated.

    • Kriya

      Sorry vini Di i hv lied to you that i am from Surat gujarat..actually i al from ahmedabad gujarat only…i was one year junior of niyati during school time..as everyone in school know about naughty..if i would say shaitan niyati..as she was famous in school for being ranker n naughtyest student of school..we become very good friend..when she told about you all i thought to do something naughty with her just like she does with us..so i don’t reviled my identity..sorry for that..ya i am perusing my bcom n planning to do llb in future..thanks for your wishes..

      • Vini

        It is ok dear,I enjoyed it,though I knew Niti was genuine,for a moment i thought of she n Kriya are the same or ,but next moment I felt,no ,Niti wont play a prank on us with a second account,sorry Niti for doubting u,but wen I read msg obce again,I fely it is u,have replied to your comments below,ok ,so regarding details,eductaional details u mentioned are the same,Niyati was this naughty,hmm,yea ,rank holder n multi talented she is,I have realised it in this short time,keep in touch dear,expecting more pranks from u all…

      • Niti

        thanks vini Di..Kriya..tu meri tarif kar rahi hai ki meri pol khol rahi hai sab k samne..ab na put finger on your mouth..uumm.. called me devil..how cn u..!!?

        vini Di..joya..shraddha..sethooty..vinita..rups…app log hi bataoo kya me devil lagti hu meri bato se…hayee Rama…meri best friend ne hi muje kisi ko muh dikhane layak nahi chhoda..

        abb app log hi batao..jo nanhi hi si Jan itni innocence ho ki use NAUGHTY ka meaning bhi na pata ho vo bhala devil kese ho sakti hai..?!! mene kaha tha na dosto Ghor Kalyug..!!

    • Vini

      Ok yaar,I have always seen ur name and comment,though a word or two,u have always been there,I appreciate it,thank u so much,happy to hear from you.tc.

  11. Niti

    hello everyone..how r u all ?!

    thanks rupshikha, vinita,sethooty n joya for welcoming me in ur pagal family..

    hii vaishnavi,you r also new here..nice name yar.all the best for your studies.

    omg..Niti r u from gujarat..wow..where r u from ?? Kem 6o ? majama..!? i think after reading this part you r going to cry. bz jaha tak mene tumhari last 2-3 epi ki comments padhi hai.you love varun very much.so while imagining today’s scenes i think you may hv cried for sure.so i am offering my hanky in advance..

    shraddha.Niti where r u guys.doesn’t find your any comment today..?

    • Niti

      ummmmmm….vini Di i will comment later..

      Kriya ki bachchi….i m not going to leave you..i know its you only who posted this comment with my name…bz u only have my email id..pagal kahiki…mere nam se comment likhk usme mere hi bare me likhati hai…tuje to me..i m not gonna spare you..jangli kahiki..sab kya soch rahe honge..pagal..they don’t know about our relation..abhi to do din bhi nahi hua..n u played prank on me..pata hota to tuje is site k bare me batati hi nahi..kya badala liya yar tune..

      girls..trust me its not me..its Kriya..ya she is my very good friend..i only told her about this site..and my bonding with you all..so she said she also wanna join us..n she only requested me not to tell you guys on her first comment about our friendship..agar pata hota ki ye pagal mujpe prank karne vali hai to me pehle hi app logo ko bata deti…ufff pehle to me Dar hi gayi ki mene comment kiya nahi to kaha se aya..n then uske upar usme mera hi nam mention kiya..Achcha kiya mene ajj dekh liya..varna app log soch te ki me pagal ho gayi hu…

      • Shraddha

        Tabhi mai sochu niyati ki yeh logo toh apni niyati ka hai par yeh batein toh uski nahi hai?? den I was like shayad koi naya entry hai grp mai main 30 episode me chat nahi kithi toh laga phir I was like yeh bhi niti Woh bhi niti den I was like arey shayad yeh niti hai apni wali toh niyati hai …… Yaar kriya??????popat banaya tumne sabko but hum bhi dost hai janeman yeh niyati nahi hai itna toh confirm tha??? hahaha but ssly nyc prank yaar maja aaya

      • Vini

        Niti,even I was confused reading that,saw ur name n that blue emblem,from the nature of that comment I felt it is Kriya,since from Gujarat ,she is the new one, so I commented under that to telly team to check it,oh,so u guys are friends ha,u fooled all of us,it is ok…

    • sethooty

      Hai ..niti happy to see u…were r u from?
      Actually am little bit confused about u and niyati..haha both have same name

      • Niti

        hey dear..i am Niyati only..i used Niti while commenting here..its one of my nick names.. i am from gujarat..ahmedabad..

        the 1st comment is done by my idiot friend Kriya..she made prank on me by posting her comment by using my name with my email id..she is also from ahmedabad only..

    • Vini

      I understood it should be Kriya,so I had asked telly team to check how Niti’s name n emblem came there, so,u guys are friends?

  12. vinita

    Awesome epi di!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Aapne toh Kamal kar Diya………..
    Regarding zodiac Sign I thought alot …….i think Ki aapka either watery sign zodiac hai or earth sign ka zodiac hai

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,hope u liked it,sorry if it is disappointing u,zodiac sign,I know that it is Leo,cos b’day is on July 26th.

    • Vini

      Thanks yaar.Yea,little bit hatred is required for lots of love at last,Sanky of this story is helpless and confused,he can’t put any blame on Mukesh,so he is saying n doing whatever is coming to his mind…a few comments underneath made me understand that it got cconveyed in the way I wished it got.

  13. Nidhi

    Very nice dear.. You are amazing.. Again they both are in pain.. Hope everything sorted soon..and dear pls upload daily.. Thanks a lot.

    • Vini

      Thanks dear,I had tol before ,no?it is not a feel good ff,still,many are supporting me,thanks,some pain ,some mixed emotions actually, and love,let’s see,even ,I wana c how many will connect with it.

  14. Niti

    Vini Di, after reading this epi..i think our this swasan love story is gonna be very interesting…though i was not sure about my feeling but now for the first time i am liking this kind of twist..

    lets start with haye vini Di jab apne mention kiya ki swara ne mirror me apna mangalsutra n sindur dekha..meri to dhadkan tezzz ho rahi thi..how she has felt at that moment..sanky and swara’s conversation took my bachi kuchi breath..i got tears in my eyes..not on swara’s condition but on my sanky’s condition..poor sweet cute little boy..his act is giving him billion Amt of pain..mera to vahi soch k ro ro k bura Hal ho raha hai..thank you soooooooooo much Di..swara trust sanky..she is not ready to believe his words..n Shona ka sanky ko kehna ki plz stop his drama before she start heating him..how he would have felt at that time..she told that she will find out reason behind his behaviour..n if he is doing it in number pressure then she will unit him with sanju..what a girl yar..! at that stage also she is thinking about sanju..sanskar ka bathroom vala scene yar..he is suffering yar..i can’t see him like this..uska kehna ki mai hi meri swara ko mentally n physically hurt kar raha hu…then uska swara ki care karna..bhale hi usne angry n cold tone me kaha ho par usne Shona ka breakfast n medicine ready rakhi…n last bahar nikl te time uska emotional ho jana…

    you nailed it vini Di…now i m eagerly waiting how swara is going to find out the truth n cute fights..cute romantic moments..cute nokjok between swasan during this time…love u vini di..

    • Vini

      I’m happy that u understood what I tried to portray ,actually, this ff m.pushing myself to add some negativity,some mixed emotions,some hatred and some untold love,I know only a minority will ,but that is enough,if only one reader is there who understands the effort in sketching these characters more than the story.I will be happy.Thank u my dear,feel free to give your feedbk.

  15. sethooty

    Hi mickey , joya, shradha, Vinitha, vaishnavi..how u guy’s..? Welcome new members , …hey joya where is ur poem..?

    • joya

      i m fi9 dear…………
      roj roj peom……..not possible yr……….
      i m not writer…………..

    • Shraddha

      Hey sethoothy wassup!!! Btw sorry ha setu I still donno what u do??? better late than never so now I am?

      • sethooty

        Haha ..am a software developer here Cochin.Full name sethulakshmy.. Shradha u r a student na. .? Sorry yaar I couldn’t read ur many comments lack of time nd work schedule, may be u mensioned it before many times

      • Shraddha

        Haww ur software developer which means ur working which means 1 more didi I got??? I am so sorry I called u by name many times ? shey sorry ha? lol….. Nyc u work n take time n read ffs too .? n yes I’m a 2nd yr engg student

  16. vinita

    Wrong guess di!!!!!it’s not literature ……. Keep thinking ?………itna bol sakti Hu Ki yeh ek wise subject hai Ki sunte hi aap je hosh ur jaige……. Jab choti thi people used to ask me which subject I liked the most, after getting my reply they would simply look at me with protruding eyes ? it seemed that the person will faint just now and they used to ask me are u serious or you really like this subject????aiise bahut sare incidents hai….
    Soch te rahiye di…. Put your thinking caps on…….

    Thank god ?!!!! Vaishu tum mujshe chhoti Ho… Atlast muhe koi Vinita di bolega I am feeling so happy ?!!!!!

    Even i agree with niti di and rupsikha Ki jab tak Mai sure nehi Ho jati Hu Ki samne wale person pagal hsi Mai bhi apna asli rup nehi dikhati Hu. Only my family knows that I am an entirely crack person
    now u all know that I am pagal!!!!

    • Vini

      U had told B.A na dear, subject u haven’t told,check swasan fan fiction episode 36 ,u had told only B.AA.,I think.Literature was Rupsikha’s subject ,no?now please tell me the subject,did put 7 hats but quite sure,u had not told the subject.

  17. Kriya

    Yar that’s not fair..niyati tune mere pure prank ka satyanash kar diya…

    Okk vini Di n everyone..my name is kriyanshi urff Kriya…i am very good friend of Niyati urff Niti…she told me that her data pack has finished n will recharge tomorrow only ..n as i know she will be besy tomorrow for her office n classes she will not check this site till tomorrow night so i decided to made prank on her..

    So i wrote that comment in which iabout thank you all for welcoming me in your family n then mentioned about her like where is she from n all that ..so u guys can get confused why she is mentioning about herself in her comment..n kal jab vo site khole to use Jordan ka jataka mile…

    But all ruin bz she check this site today only before you all react…she again win in pranks..i don’t know y she always made perfect prank on other but we never be able to trap her in our prank..any ways sorry for all this..i don’t know what she is going to do with me now..god plz save me from this devil niyati…i am sorry niyu baby for this..plz don’t beat me..

    • Vini

      Haha,very nice,perfect friends ,I enjoyed reading ur msgs,for a second I thought Niti was playing prank on us by creating a fake account Kriya,sorry,Niti,for misunderstanding u,by the way nice name dear,no need of a sorry to us,may be u will need some protection shield tomorrow,pranksters…. Good to hear from u dear.

      • Niti

        its ok vini Di…any body can have doubted me due to Kriya’s comment…she has already said me sorry for many time by way of msg & wts app..u forgive you for this.. but kriyu darling you better take care of yourself..bz i m planning punishment fir you in the niyati style..

        Vini Di…me bhale hi kitni shaitani kar lu..paglo vali bate kar lu..but i will not do such kind of prank like using different name n fake account…bz for me my bonding with you all is very important..jab me ye expect karti hu ki app log Jo thoughts share karte ho n personality portray kar rahe ho vo genuine hai..then i can very well understand ki app log bhi mujse vahi expect karoge..so i won’t let your trust break on me by playing such prank…i don’t know how long its gonna be but our friendship is imp for me..

        plz guys don’t misunderstand my Kriya darling also..as she just try to do prank on me..she is very nice girl..this prank is nothing in comparison to the pranks i have played with her but i reacted this way bz i don’t wanna loose my friendship with you guys so soon..

      • Vini

        Hei,Niti dear,doubt was for just a moment, then I thought problm is with the site n put a comment to telly team under that ,yea,I know you dear,and I have complete trust on u dear,did my comment hurt u at least for a moment,then,sorry dear..and,we won’t misunderstand Kriya also,haha,but waiting to know what that Niyati style punishment would be,yes dear,we may not see each other at all,bt ,thanks to Saba,saw a few in her group fiction lover,but will never forget meeting u guys thru this telly site…

    • joya

      hi kriya….,,,,
      tumhare prank ka satyanash ho gaya……….
      are re re……..
      dear prank kiya tumne par pata hai perfect q nahi huaa…….bcoz u mentioned niti’s name in dt comment…….u said thank you for welcoming me in dis family….yeh keh kar tum fas gayi yrrrr……..bcoz humne kabhi niti ka welcome kiya hi nahi…..humri bate exact ek mahine pehle shuru huyi and then hum family ban gaye and after 1 month niti is saying thanks????????????? yr kuch weird nahi h??????

      bdw tumhe laga niti kal recharg karegi…….is me tumhara fault nahi hai.yeh vini di aur hum sabbka fault hai unka update aur ekdusri k comments padhe bina hum logon ka khana hajam nahi hota yr………..

      sorry yr……
      bdw kem chho….maja na………..bus itni hi gujrati aati hai humne….kafi had tak samj lete hai lekin bolni nahi aati….kem chhi…maja ma and mharo mathi ghane dukhe che…….in tin lines k alawa kuch bolna nahi aata……………………..
      bdw tum thik hona…???
      agar niti ne tumhe pareshan kiya na to vini di complain kar dena jaise rups ne ki hai humari………..heheheehehe

    • Vini

      Situation has been created that way,Mukesh character has ordered him,requested him,to marry and keep Swara safely,if he tells her the truth in this story,Story will end in a love confession ,there Sanju plot also may come in between if u keep reading u may get ur answers,if u have read immediately previous one u may get a clear view, then Sanskar’s character has been etched in such a way only..

  18. Niti

    hello gud vali morning to all my dramebazzo..

    hey shraddha thank u so much darling…tune pehchan liya ki vo me nahi hu…mera dil garden garden ho gaya yar…meri eyes se ganga jamna beh rahi hai abhi…tune sabit kar diya…that hum bato se hi pehchan sakte hai humare nautanki gang ko…aakhir 30 epi ki friendship ka saval tha…love you my cutiee piece

    ohh..thank you vini Di apne telly update valo ko msg kiya…mera man praphoolit ho gaya…

    hey joya…abb maf bhi kar de humari choti si rupshikha ko…itna kya naraz hona…vaise vo watch mere pass bhi hai…but kya kare ye dil a nadan use karna hi nahi chahta jab tak Di ka ff Chal raha hai..

    joya..shraddha..vinita..sethooty..rups..vaishnavi..Kriyu..hv a nice n rocking day to all of you..you all have to miss me ha…n i will…umm..actually…kaise batau..pata nahi wt u all will think but…vo…hmm…i will also miss u dramebazzo..ha ha..ha

  19. Aashi

    Vini Di it was awesome…. Uhh precisely described their emotions…I was stunned for a while that how did you blended these emotioms so perfectly??…. Sanskaar care!!…swara strong belief!!… Sanky rudeness was like wow… I srsly like bold and strong sanky than which is in the serial!!!….just waiting for their union.. Hoping mukesh will soon clarify everything. Loved it…uhh rocked Di.

  20. Niti

    vini Di…the story is going very good…i know some of readers are getting disappointed by this track….i also was not sure after reading epi 30 that in which way story will take turn..but after reading this epi ..all my doubt got cleared…some lines which hv been used by you to express sanky n Shona’s feeling give me crux of the story…now i am sure our story is going to be very interesting….bhale hi app swasan ko fight karvao but i think i got some idea about your story track….ha mere sanky ki condition dekhk rona ata hai but its ok i will use hanky while reading this..n 2nd most imp thing is that i don’t want this story to end so soon…just in love with this ff..

    n one more thing it is not similar to story made by swaragini CV.. Di is far better than them…she has proved already about that…n i am sure she will prove in future also…

    i want to request all the readers that this story is gonna be the one of the bestest story of swasan..so stay tune to know what will happen in our swasan’s life n how they will unit..what impact it will create in raglakswasan’s friendship..n their family…i m sure non of you will get disappointed after reading whole story…

    hey Di…hv a bindast day ahead…tc..

    • joya

      i completely agree wid u niti…….
      bas ek baat hai…..
      di ko khud ko prove karne ki jaroorat bhi nahi hai………balki readers ko prove karna hoga ki woh yeh story samj sake utne mature hai wo…qki di ki story is d best story……

      • Shraddha

        I agree too guys n ssly Jo di ko kuch bhi justify karne ki zaroota nahi hai di chill …….
        n i donno why ppl why are u feeling dat sanskaar shud tell swra truth see
        Point no 1) he can’t tell her truth because he’s scared she will probably start hating her father whom she accepted after a long time he’s promised to keep her der
        Point no2) she will obviously ask why did he marry
        Now dat he can’t tell abt her father neither can he tell abt his love He loves her but doesn’t want her to suffer with him so he hid dat n told sm other story abt sanju
        So what can he tell her n make her stay n all this is happening so fast that he can’t take a proper mature decision so I think it is absolutely
        Justifying what story he cooked up because does he have any other option?
        Sorry but this is just my POV

      • Niti

        kya correct point pakada hai…sab clear kar diya…i too agree vini Di don’t need to proov anything…after reading this epi sab pata Chal gaya hai ki isse Achcha twist ye story me ku6 or ho hi nahi sakarta tha..bt i don’t like anyone comparing vini Di with swaragini’s CV..bz me cvs tahe dil se nafarat karti hu..so how can i keep mum after reading something like that…this story is going awesome…u know na me na apna point rakhne me kanjusai nahi karti hu..so kisiko is nacheez ki bat ka bura lage to soorry..Di your army is with you..do age..do piche..4 sathme..go ahead..we will march together..

        (ye vala comment telly update valo ne pata nahi kyu post nahi kiya..ya shayd ho sakata hai do bar ajaye..so ignore if it posted twist..bas meri bhavna o ko samjo)

  21. Saumya

    Hi Vini!!
    To be honest.. you did mess with the story.. but I like this mess. I am Sanskar Ki Deewani which is my FB id also.. So Sanskar getting hurt made me cry! :'( I can not see Sanskar in pain! 🙁 .. My heart pains seeing him like that. He loves her so much!! Sanskar doesn’t deserve to get this. He has already suffered a lot in his childhood and even now. I really can’t see him like this. I am just waiting for the day when Swara realizes why Sanskar did this.. She should be knowing that her step-father is the one at fault and not my Sanskar!! Btw.. waiting! Update soon

  22. Kriya

    Hello everyone…i am so sorry yar i was thinking to prank on her so that you guys ask her questions.but i did not think k it may create misunderstanding among you.but i like k joya shraddha,vini Di you all trust her.sorry it wont repeat again.she is very nice human being.i am not telling this because i am her friend.but each n everyone who is in touch with her will say this only.she used to help other without thinking about herself.dosto k liye ku6 bhi kar sakti hai.

    Joya, majama chu..your head is paining ha ? i am already suffering from her prank. Ya in just one night she has taken revenge from me, now you guys must be thinking how ?
    we both are sharing 3 groups. One is of school,one of CLG n last remdom one. That devil niyati last night change group icon n name as

    “congratulations Kriya for being committed in relationship”

    Ohh god after that from last night i am replying to each n every member of our group that its her prank.nothing like that but everyone is like muje kyu nahi bataya,tu to chupi rustam nikli,i was not expecting this from you n what not.

    Vini Di n everyone plz plz save me,plz tell her to leave me,she is just unbelievable.

    Niyu baby i will not repeat it.plz cut down your punishment.love you na darling.

    • Niti

      Ohh my Kriyu darling…its Okk..me tumhe kaha pareshan kar rahi hu…kyu meri complain kar rahi hai..ha…mene to sirf tit for tat kiya…tu chahti thi meri ye dramebazz family muje questions kare after your prank….so i too create the same situation but thodu sa flavor add kark…ja meri jan mene teri punishment cut down kardi…jile apni zindgi…

      vaise sorry kriyu…mene thoda dant diya tuje..baby kan pakad k sorry bolti hu…meri is ff family ka saval tha yar…tu janti hai na muje me apne rishto ko kabhi ulajne nahi deti…n that’s y i reacted thoda bahut…sab k samne sorry bol rahi hu..

      n ha abb na mere bare me tu ku6 mat bolna..bz i mereko lag raha hai ki tu meri tarif kam buraiya jyada karti hai…abb Dar lag raha hai kahi tujse…

      btw sorry to maine tuje dantne k liye kaha hai ha…prank k liye nahi…kaisa raha tera din..?? after my prank..kahi jyada pareshan to nahi kiya na Maine..!!!?? ha ha ha…love you too na my sweety..

      • Shraddha

        Hey Kriya God sachi mai I’m laughing hard ssly imagining ur position Gosh shaitaan she is??? but
        On a funny note niyati?
        I loved the entire concept of this prank ha ?
        Kya idea hai sachiii????
        I’m surely gonna try this on sm1???????????

    • sethooty

      Haha..kriya after reading this I can’t stop my laugh…lol..niti u r so cute..sorry kriya BT I like her naughtness. and hey niti.. poor kriya..uska thoo band bajaa hoogaa..abb thoo chod hi do na yaar..?????

    • Vini Grace Ross

      Kriya and Niti,No misunderstanding dear,I have clear understanding about how naughty you all are,I had felt it is uu,@fter reading, thank u for welcoming me from that line I got it,oh,kriya,thanks for telling us Niti’s good qualities,my goodness,what a revenge yaar,Kriya,can imagime your situation dear,now,to come out of this,will have to answer many,and trust me,many wont believe,this brought a memory,a prank I played on my room mate but can’t share..she will kill me if she reads it,Niti,cut short the punishment na,leave Kriya..pls..

  23. Shraddha

    Hello everyone how are u all!!!! I miss kriya omg sachi she did that????
    Niyati baby ur wc dear sachh kaha 30+ episodes ki dosti hai ? itna toh pehchante he hai but after what kriya said
    Ur truly devilish my dear????????? hajahahahah I mean ssly ?? Kya pranksters ho dono ke dono maza aata hai aise friendship me ?
    Hey Jo wassup!✋ kai kartees….
    Rups wru yr n why is joya angry with my pyari si cute si behna?
    N hey sethothy how r u???
    N everyone else its so nyc we have this SwaSan family?? give sm name no
    Commander Vini di ??

    • Niti

      hooo..shraddha kya tuje sach me lagata hai ki meri jaisi innocent bachchi..devil ho sakti hai…mene to bas choti moti..shararat kar Di after what she has done with me…sachi me mene jnbhuj k ku6 nahi kiya..vo to situation hi asi ho gayi thi ki humne iiitu sa majak kar liya uske sath…abb plz is nanhi sirf Jan ko devil mat bolo…

      vini Di dekha apne ye Kriya ki vajah se sab is masoom ko devil bol rahe hai……hhayo rabba about me ki kara..menu to ku6 samaj na raha hai..me bichari abla ladki..

      • Shraddha

        Hayy mera baccha? bass choti moti sharat karta hai? Rite lol ROFL??????? heyy bhagwan hass hass ke pagal hogayi itnaaaaaaaaaaaa jhut akhir koi kaise bol sakta hai??? nanhi si haan itseems innocent itseems?? oh God !!!!
        Arey niyati devil Matlab acha wala devil re abhi hum sab bhi toh tumhare dost hai toh hum bhi devil se kam thodi na hai…. It’s on chill ha?

      • Vini Grace Ross

        Yea,I have to read the comments above,but,yea,we know, u r so innocent,dont even know the word meaning of naughty.. So u won’t do anything, we know,dhyan se dekhiye is abla ladki ko…u still wana call her devil,no,no,I won’t tolerate it about my Niti,she is the most innocent of this lot…sorry Niti, for all the above,I didn’t mean any good word written above about u…????

  24. Helloo guyzz..plzzz me sbse ek baat keha chahti hu Vini Di ki FF ki baareee me…

    Guyzz mene aise bht cmnt dkha h jaha aap logo ne kaha h ki chnge d trck,unite swasan ya phir sanky o aisa mat banau…toh me aaako ek baat khna chti hu sbko ha

    Guyzz yeh Vini di ki ff h..VINI GRACE ROSS ki ff h..mene di ki phli wali ff v pdha h…i hope aap sbne pdha ho ga…wo fff bst thi sbse…aaap log plz trst kijiye vini di ko…baki sb wrttr v acche lkhti h…agr unlogo ki fff me kuch vlln ya phir jo v do aap agr khe toh chnge d trck toh koi baat nhi…par yaha vini di bst writter h…guyx acche se pdho or bilkul tnsn mat lo swasan ek hongi…story ko jara dhyan se pdho…me khti hu yaarr agr vini di kuch v kre chahe vlln laye ya phir kisi ki mat ho jaye phir v end me yeh stry h bsr rhogi…bt plz aap log aisa mat kho…cozz vini di ne v toh iss stry ko lkr kuch pln bnaya h na…me prmz krti hu sbse isss ff ko lkr aalogo ko koi tklf nhi mlgi…aaap sb khush hogi…bas stry ko aur vini di ko samajhne ki kosish kijiye…agar aisa nhi hua toh jo chahe kar lena…par don’t worry me hi jitugi…i hope aage se aap kog aisa na kare..

    Plx ha sryyy me kisi ko hrt krna nhi chhti

    • Vini Grace Ross

      Mickey, my head touched the roof,so no need of praising me more,but,yaar,m so overwhelmed by the way u guys are defending my ff,some may not be liking dear,but it is ok,we will leave it.People are different,tastes n opinions will be different,but,the confidence u have in me,Mickey u r scaring me.I m feeling scared yaar,really,to proceed,what if u don’t like it at all n won’t be able to say thinking about our friendship,should tell,that time ,@lso,ok..

  25. Hi shraddha…xuley kya h na lst ff me 2m gayab ho gayi thi na …toh humne joya di se pucha…usne kaha shraddha ne MR.India wali watch khrd li h n wo hat wqt uski pss rhti h n hume bas kvi kvi mlti h…toh mene kaha mujhe Q nhi bataya watch ki baare me ..hum toh ek hi ghr me rhti h na????…n isiliye mne vini di se cmpln kr diya uski???…toh wo naraz h humse

    Joya my baby didi srrryyy naaa …??…u knw na me toh chhoti c 8saal ki bacchi hu…aur me jyada hi senti ho gayi thi toh vini di se cmpln kr diya???????????…plzzz na naraz mat ho mujhse…dkho na aapke liye me Chocolate laya hu???????????n ice crm v ha…aur wo v aapki fvrte bttr scts☺☺?..nw chalo na maaf v kar do…

    Needhi kabaab aur biriyani????…wo ab toh hum jarroon jayenge lucknow

    • Shraddha

      Oh ho maine abhi pada piche episode ke comments 1st of all I just can’t digest the fact ki koi tumhe didi bula raha hai rups I mean rupshika di sounds?????????? bura mat manana my sweet little cute sis but sachi muchi bohot hasi aa rahi hai??
      Hey Vaishnavi✋ Hi this is shraddha nautankibaaz Rups ki Dramebaaz behen? wc to this Pagal khana ?

      Joya ki bachii aaj kal zyada he dialoguebaazi horahi hai haa Teri Mr India Watch wat not??? shey tum kya jano ki mai tumhe kitna miss karti hu aur tum ho ki mera mazaak uda rahi ho??? yeh din bhi dikhana tha bhagwan ji?
      Woh kya hai Jo abhi na Tech Fest start ho raha hai toh morning 8 se he coll me aur sham ko aise cultural sab rehta hai not real 1 but abhi week wise sab games sab start horaha hai toh sham ko late aati hu n sust hoke mast so jati hu lekin jab bhi free hoti hu tab 1st mai tum logon ke commts he padti hu?

  26. Hei sethooo i m fine dr…??…n i knw 2m vvvv bhttt h acche ho ekdom bindasss??..

    Hi niti,vinita,vaishu,needhi ,Kriya…☺☺…kaha ho sb…

    Vaisu entry mar k kaha chali gayi ha bacchhooo?

  27. sethooty

    Vini dr.. I told u many times this is my fav ff very very close to ma heart..i dont know how to explain u..last two three episode made me cry..from first episode to this 31 st episode it gave so much pleasure, nostalgia… Never ever tell me like dat its boring , not feel good ff. Ini paranjal idi vangum( if u say once again i will hit u)..
    Actually i have a plan to visit banglore next week , wid ma family..so beware of me haha

    • Vini Grace Ross

      I know dear that u like this ff,ini parayilla,actually ningalodalla,to others only I told,haha,coming to Bangalore,cool,appol idi nerittu kittum…yea,then me,??,welcome…

  28. Kakoli

    First of all, vini, congratulations on your success . Your writing skill is admirable. I appreciate the effort which you put in this fan fiction. Being a dentist putting such alot of effort and hard work for a fan fiction is really commendable.
    Your plot is an unusual one. It has a realistic and pragmatic approach. It is not like the common ones which only revolve around a single plot and those type of plots are a drudge for the readers. Your fan fiction is endowed with all the factors which a story should have. The characters are properly justified and I am surprised to see the accurate analysis done by some readers.
    From my perspective this fan fiction is a beautifully written one and my advice is do not rush with the story just because of some people are saying so.
    I am Vinita’s masi and she always praises your fan fiction alot. She told me alot of times to read this one. Today I read all the episodes at a stretch. I do not know what will be Vinita’s reaction after going through my comment but vini it is my request to you do not under estimate your self.
    Lots of love and best wishes to you.

    • Vini Grace Ross

      I don’t know how to address you, I will call M’am,actually,I feel very honoured, truly humbled also,thank u very much for the good words and also for taking the trouble to read this fan fiction,writing was and never is my arena,it was just for a fun that I started and somehow reached thus far,so,kind of Vinita,I don’t if she added trouble asking u to read this ff,but,thank u very much for reading and leaving this comment,it really means a lot.Actually ,I am not at all confident about my writing,I consider it as writing a written update of a story that I have watched on screen, but thank u so much for the wishes.Thanku.

  29. Hyy…!! I’m late to ready, it was too emotional. Sorry..!! Actually I was busy writing my own ff, so I didn’t get time to read till now..!! Waiting for ur next update…!!

    • Vini

      It s ok dear,oh,u r writing ff,Wats the title?had posted episode 32,hope u will read.and thanks for the comment dear.

  30. Shraddha

    Arey rups tu 18 hai ki 19 Zara batana ???? Woh kya hai ki agar tu 18 years ki hui toh mai ek saal nadi behen lekin
    19 years ki hui na toh dono hum Judwa behne ????????lekin behne toh fix hai dekh yaar??toh Zara batana badi choti ki judwa hai hum dono

    Joya I guess mere se ek saal badi hai .den niti I donno but badi hai itna toh guarantee hai den sethoothy ooops asj se setu didi?den Vaishnavi choti hai den vinita bhi den aur kaun hai Zara batana koi?? Woh mai aaj kal watch pehenne lagi huna Mr India ki toh chats choit rahi hai???

    • Vini

      Shraddha baba,pls don’t use that watch again.Joya,u too,none from our army is going to use it for some time,one watch n …hmm…Shraddha mention everyone’s age once again,u 19,Mickey 18 n half, Vaishu 16,Vinita 17,Niti 21?Kriya 20?,Needhi 16 or 17? Sethooty n Joya,dono…

  31. Shraddha mere 18 year lst yr ho gaya . Avi me 19 me hu..matlb me 1st july ko puri tarh se 19 year ki ho jaugi…n tnsn mat le.hum dono judwa h…swara or ragini ki tarah????

    Yaar sach me jab vaishu ne mjhe di kaha tha toh mjhe v bht hasi aa rhi thi???

  32. Shraddha

    Arey nahi re baba swaragini nahi abhi toh Woh Swara vs ragini hogaya hai ??
    N mickiyyeee mai tujhse 9 months badi hu toh bade aur chote hai hum dono
    9XM wale?????

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.