Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 30


Hi guys,I know ,I am not at all punctual in posting updates,sorry,then,though I haven’t replied to the comments under the last two ff episodes,I truly value every comment and feed back and a big thank u to all silent readers who made me realise that so many are reading this ff,then,next sentence is not meant for my friends ,Mickey,Joya,Shraddha,Niti,Vinita,Sethooty,Appu and Leku.I told so because since we chat thru comments,they must be fed up of reading what I am gonna type,from this or next episode ,the so called stupid track,as I often say is gonna begin,and,from a realistic ff(as a few readers have told),this is gonna become a predictable,messed up fan fiction,my apologies in advance,not proof read,here we go,SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 30……..

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Scene 1:Previous day of Swara’s wedding,Sanskar’s house

Sanskar’s mother asks him if he is not going to Swara’s house,she reminds him that MUkesh had told them all to reach there in the morning itself,she also tells him that she called Ragini’s mom,and all elders have decided to reach by afternoon, “since everything was in a hurry,Sumi is tensed,she called and told that all of us have to participate in the sangeet”,Sanskar just listens to his mother’s words,he feels every word like a stone falling on his heart,he just goes near his mom and tells her, “Mamma,I am going to take bath,after that I will leave,Chetan had called and told us to reach now,actually Mukesh unce is also busy,so,my mumma ,give me some food,I will come now after taking bath,ok”,His mom turns and tells him , “ah,don’t forget,Swara had told that day itself that u have to wear the kurtha she gifted ,so wear that or take that along with you”He says, “ok,mamma”.He comes out after taking bath,he opens the cupboard and takes the gift which Swara gave him,he remembers how Swara had come home with it,he slowly opens it and moves his hand on it and says,

“Swara,your choice is so nice yaar,except your first love,you could have opted somebody else,if u had done that,your heart would not have been broken like this,I am very sorry,my love…saying this he turns and takes the chain that he had removed and kept on the bed,he wears it ,he looks at the locket,it is the same key chain which Swara had gifted on his birthday celebration held at Ragini’s home,he remembers how she told that she had kept it safely for two years after their 10th standard tour,she, showing their names(Swara and Sanskaar) on the grain and telling him that it will remind him about a friend who considers him as her best friend,how he had incorporated it into a locket later with his pocket money,he understands that his eyes are filled,he slowly lifts it and kisses the locket and says, “Sanskaar is Swara’s,but Swara cant be Sanskaar’s ,loss is Sanskaar’s and only Sanskaar’s,but u will always remain ,close to my heart,like this,always,every beat will be heard and felt by u first,I love u Swara”he quickly wears the kurta and goes in front of the mirror,he looks at himself ,smiles and tells to himself, “one more day,have to hide my heart from her,wish I could run away from here,be brave ,Sanskaar….for your Swara,he quickly corrects,himself,no,for Aksh…ay’s Swara……….

Scene 2:Swara’s house,afternoon

Sanskar has reached,Sanraglak are actively involved in the final round preparations,Sanskaar wants to see Swara,he sees her coming down,he goes near her,he tells her, “so,all set,bride?Swara just smiles and says “,kurta suits you,handsome…all set?yes,except, heart..”,Sanskaar feels like a sword piercing his soul,he quickly asks, “where is Mukesh uncle,not returned”?Swara says, “no,hasn’t reached,dad is tired ,actually,that is my only tension,everything in a hurry,he was busy managing everything,I think hasn’t even taken his tablets properly,ah,everything will be over by tomorrow,no?Sanskaar, should once in a while come this side and meet my family,ok,”Sanskaar says, “sure ,dear,don’t worry”,a relative and family arrives,Swara excuses herself and goes,Sanskaar looks at her leaving,just then he receives a call,he attends it and quickly goes from there.

Scene 3:Beach

Sanskaar arrives ,he looks around,he dials Mukesh’s number,he goes to the other side of the road,the sea is very violent,the roaring sound of the waves disturbs him,he looks the sea and quickly goes to the car parked there,Shambu,Swara’s driver,hints to Mukesh that Sanskaar has arrived,Mukesh quickly steps out,holds Sanskaar’s hands and takes him to a side,Sanskaar sees him sweating profusely,he feels worried and asks Mukesh if he is fine,Mukesh holds Sanskaars hands and says, “Sanskaar,I need your help,I don’t know who else to ask for a favour at this last minute,Sanskaar ,will you marry Swara?Sanskaar is shocked,he is standing there not able to believe what he just heard, he calls, “uncle”,Mukesh leans on to him and says,

“I want to tell you a few things,all knows a successful business man Mukesh,but no one,not even my Sumi knows a Mukesh,who was an utter failure,who was on the verge of suicide due to debt,that time,had to accept an offer which came from Akshay’s father,I became his partner,partner in all his illegal business,all means all,it was like a whirlpool,I was forced to,didn’t have any power to resist it,later became successful,money was the only gain,haven’t slept a day peacefully after that,but had to ,to keep my Sumi and kids happy,without letting them know anything,managed all these years,when Akshay’s proposal came,wanted to say a no,but his father told that he has no interest in business,I also thought my Swara will refuse,but no,I was thinking that you both were in love,would have happily given her hand in yours,but she agreed,that time also,had a hope that the guy is good,why to bother about his dad,today,I had gone to their guest house here,saying this Mukesh shows signs of palpitation,Sanskaar gets worried,he tries to hold him,

Mukesh continues, “today,today only I heard the father son conversation,God made me hear it,that Akshay,he is a womanizer,his dad was doing a gambling by asking for my daughter’s hand in marriage,to bring his son to the right path,more than that,I heard him saying how he rescued Akshay from going behind the bars for killing his partner with whom he was in living together relationship,I couldn’t believe my ears,I don’t know what to do,I don’t have the power to fight with him,if my Sumi comes to know about this,I will lose my family,I will lose everything,also Akshay’s dad,he will do anything for his son,Sanskaar ,I know I am being selfish,I am asking for your life,marry my daughter today,please,I beg you..take her away,may be ,others will think that you were an obsessive lover,yes,that is what I am asking from you,I know,I know that I am being selfish,but please,I will arrange everything,just bring her to the place that I say,pandit and all arrangemets I will do,I don’t have the power to fight with Akshay’s dad directly,but I will protect you both and your family,that I can do,have a small gang of loyal subordinates who will manage,I will make them,already talked to them,but..trust me,give me some time,I will set everything right,need some time to settle a few things ,but cant let this marriage happen tomorrow ,at any cost”
Sanskaar holds Mukesh’s hands and says, “uncle,I don’t understand anything,it is not a film,it is Swara’s life,how can I do this to her,she values her self respect a lot,I can’t do this to her,if you want ,I will take her safely somewhere,after telling the truth,but marrying her forcefully,I don’t find any logic, uncle,this is life,she will never forgive me,she will never forgive herself for letting you all down,also,how long can we hide truth? how long can you protect my family,uncle, all this doesn’t make any sense,please,I cant,we will find some way to stop the marriage,we have a few with us,there will be some way out”,Mukesh holds his chest and says, “Sanskaar ,I know what I am going to say is not at all right,but I have to,do you remember the promise you gave in the hospital,that even after years,you will be ready to do anything for me,today,I am asking you to fulfil it,marry my daughter,today evening,please”,

Sanskaar listens to him in shock,he stands there still, the sound of waves brings him back to his senses,he holds his head,he sees Mukesh holding his chest and taking deep breaths,he holds him,Mukesh goes on pleading ,“please,please,my son,marry her and rest I will manage…I know it is not easy,but at this last moment,don’t have any other way,I want my daughter to be in safe hands,being a selfish father,I am asking for your life,for my daughter,but ,I know she wont get any one better than you,her name wont be destroyed,I will arrange everything,please,go bring her to the place that I say”.Mukesh folds his hands and pleads,Sanskaar shakes his head in a no,Shambu watches all this…Sanskaar comes and asks Shambu to give the keys and go home…

Scene 4:Swara’s room

Sanskaar comes inside,Swara turns and sees him,she notices his tension,she asks him if everything is alright,he tells her, “Swara,do you trust me?”,Swara says, “yes ,Sanskaar,why are you asking this now?”,Sanskaar says, “you should come with me,now”,Swara says, “Sanskaar,I would have happily come along with you, but this,this is not the right time,sangeet function in a short while ,Mom is already worried ,she has been trying Papa’s number,Shambu uncle also hasn’t reached,don’t know where they are,it is not right to come with you now”,Sanskaar holds Swara’s hands and says, “if you have ever loved me,come…”,Swara resists,he tightens the grip and she unwillingly follows him,he takes her out through the back door,Laksh sees them and runs behind,but before he could reach them,he sees the car moving,he stands there thinking where they have left ,he decides to talk to Ragini…

Scene 5:A large ground with a small ,minimally decorated mandap

Sanskaar holds Swara’s hands and takes her to the mandap,Swara looks at him in shock,he sees four people wearing mask,he sees the pandit,a man is pointing gun at his head,Swara stands there not able to understand her eyes,Sanskaar comes near her and says, “Swara,I am going to marry you,now”,Swara looks at him in shock, “Sanskaar,what are you saying,and who are these people,mask and gun and all this,what is your connection with all this?are you sure about what you are saying?,I need to go now,I have promised my dad that I will never let him down,please,come back to your senses,I need to go,come with me”,she turns to go,Sanskaar angrily pulls her and says, “you wont leave now,you have seen only one side of Sanskaar,these are my men,no,I am one among them,had to be part of this,was dragged into this world,why should I tell you the details,right now,I am doing what I feel is right for me,I am going to marry you,and that is it,I don’t have to explain more,don’t try to resist,wont be good for you,we need your dad’s empire and you are the key to that”,Swara stands there not able to believe what he heard,she tells him, “Sanskaar,are you the one who I have loved for 12 years,are you the same Sanky who is my best friend?,please,don’t act,trying to give me a surprise,?then where is our Raglak?she looks around,

Sanskaar comes near her,holds her hand forcefully and orders the pandit to start the rituals,Swara tries to free herself,she is not able to believe what is happening ,she tells him, “Sanskaar,I love you,I would have happily agreed ,but now it is late,what you are doing is not right,for money,no,no,Sanskaar cant be like this,my family,they wont be able to face the society,please,leave me “suddenly she pushes him and says, “Sanskaar,Sanju ,what about her?Sanskaar,your girl,don’t this to her,think about her,please for her,leave me..”,Sanskaar forcefully holds her hand and completes the rituals,Swara pleads to the pandit to stop,she sees him helpless and cries,she pleads,Sanskar makes her sit,he makes her wear the mangalsutra and fills sindoor in her maang ,Swara stares at him in shock,she feels her vision is getting blurred,she is about to hold Sanskaar’s collar ,she slowly closes her eyes and falls to a side,Sanskaar shouts “Swara “ and holds her,he tries to wake her up ,she doesn’t open her eyes,he quickly lifts her in his arms…………..”

(Guys,very sorry for this,I didn’t like this and know that it is a predictable story ,sorry once again for the stupid twist,this is why I say I am not a ‘writer’,but I am proceeding with this…you have complete freedom to be silent …”

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Nice….update dear…..awesome twist….finally swasan together….i am having my exms….but still waiting for ur next update….

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    1. Thank u for the comment,glad that u liked it,but let’s c dear,some misunderstanding is required, sorry if I will disappoint u totally,bt they will be united dear.

  12. It was sooooooo good please no haterade between swasan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  13. hii vini Di….i hv first time commented on ur epistles 28..last few days i was bit bezy..today when i got chance to read ff.i have first read your last n this epi..epi 29 was also very very heart touching.poor sanky can’t express his love. today epi..bought mixed feeling in my heart. feeling of happiness that our swasan is together.but the way they get together was very painful.awesome twist.i like it very much.plz vini Di as a reader i want to request you plz don’t make swara to misunderstand sanskar.after all its all about 12 years friendship n love.waiting for your next epi.plz update soon.i just loved it

    1. Hi dear,Mickey (Rupsikha) had mentioned above to read ur comment under 28th episode,just nw I read that,welcome dear to our army,then in that second msg there u had mentioned in two lines the essence I of this ff..thank u dear,glad to know that u got connected with it,and also very happy to read your comments,if u don mind,pls do mention,from where u r n wat u r doing…

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    1. Ah,now u too,u guys ,all pen down something, and it is superb ya,hug to u too,and republic day wishes also..ur guys r funny n I enjoy reading ur chats…

  19. Sneha garewal

    Nice twist vini..it they happily married then may be there is no more story..hope raglak have trust on himand because of this hus family not suffer and last one swaras father is genuine concern for swara and he is not a like tv serials type who change face

  20. Sneha garewal

    One more thing pls don’t create too much understanding b/w swasan..and also ragluk have trust on sanskaar plssss

    1. U have understood the crux n I think my situation too,daily soap writers can add twists n turns to any extent, since m not reading other ffs,dont know how those r proceeding,may be guys r extremely talented n so they might not be having an issue ,I think ,but my case,Im too lazy to add twists ,this one also,I am not satisfied.Thanks to u guys for supporting this ff,still.

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    2. Hi nandini , may i know the name of your school ??

  30. Ohh thank u vini ye batane ke liye ki sab kaha se hai ….koi mujeh yeh bhi batadho ki sabh kya pad rahe he??…..waise vini dii kriya is frn surat (gujarat) I read her comment….

    Setu di (setoothy) I am glad nd surprised to know dat u liked my name kyu ki yaha hyd me itne sare vaishnavis hai ki sab tang achuke hai iss naam pe …phir bhi I like my name kyu ki I am goddess (goddess name) all shld listen to me..actually I rule in my house saying dis line….

    Shikha di (rupshikha) I luv u too dear♥♥♥♥ab mujeh pucho kyu…kyun ki meri family me me hi badi hu sabse so I got irritated by seeing everyone calling me akka (dii)..but now I can call u all dii …here I am small…yeahhhhh….

    Vinitha di aap phikar mat karo aap cloud 9 par hi raho kyu ki I am not 17 I am sweet 16 years old …so u r also my dii…sryy di aapko bulane ke liye koi nick name nahi mili
    Waise aap log mujeh koi bhi naam de bula sakte ho kyu ki vaishnavi naam ke bahut nick names hai jyse vaishu, vaish, aishu many….ab me aap logon ko ek secret bata raha ho meri ek aur nick name he vo hai tony…hehehe…aap log haso mat ha…in me se aap koi bhi naam se pukar sakteh hai….

    1. Vaishnavi is a nice name,but I will call u Vaishu,haha,tony is ur nickname,my uncle’s name,it is, all Tony’s I know are boys,ah,I will write what I know,correct me if I am wrong,Rupsikha aka Mickey,B.A.English lit student from Assam,Niyati aka Niti,CA student from Gujarat,Sheetal aka Joya,network engg student from Pune, Shraddha,engg student from Karnataka,Sethulakshmi aka Sethooty,software developer from Kerala,Vinita,B.A.eng lit student from West Bengal,Kriya, b.com student from Surat,Gujarat,Vaishnavi aka Vaishu,plus one? Student from Hyderabad,Needhi.plus two student from U.P..

  31. Hello didi..just read three episodes in one go and believe me they are just…just….no word suits. I don’t know why you always feel like your story is completely predictable when it is not. This twist was not expected di. Please never say like your fiction is not good. It hurts your fans…oops friends ( as you will kill me) . and I really appreciate your patience to reply each and every comment. Believe it or not but I regularly visit your fiction just to read the comments below. Though not commenting regularly, I always feel happy reading your comments and never missed any episode. Last but not least, hats off to shradda,joya,niti,rupiksha, seetothy ( sorry if I forget any) for typing such long comments which really shows your love towards veena di.. LOVE YOU ALL. ESPECIALLY DI..LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I got a stupid doubt now. Please don’t mind! Do you children di?

    1. Good to c u back,glad that u liked it,from this twist,story is going in which way,even ,I don’t know,good to that u corrected as friends,I reply at a stretch wen I get time,under season 2 except one or two episodes ,have tried to do it without fail,those left out also,I will do it ,lots of love to u too,kids,no dear,not yet.

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    Oh poor sanskar now he going get hatred from al!!!
    I thought Mukesh has accepted proposal due to some forced situation but did not except such danger background from him!!!!
    But I’m happy and really enjoyed this episode !!!! But really felt bad for our hero!!! And one dialogue”al set??? Yeah except my heart” perfect!!!! ???

    1. Actually,what made u laugh dear?good to c u here,then, yes dear,can’t proceed widot a lil drama and Sanskar is Mr.Perfect ,here have sketched him that way only,keep in touch dear.

  33. Vinitaaaa yaaarrr tu di mat bula mujhe???….bs aise nm lkr blna thk h na pgluuu

    Di whre r u??u knw me clg me hu….prctce ho rhi h Bihu dnce ki

    1. Bihu dance,I will check it in net,wna see how it is,then,enjoy ,my dear…

  34. hi friends,
    itnq sannata q hai bhai yaha pe…..??????
    i can’t bear this type of Shaanti……………….

    thoda to humgama banta hai na………….

    new members r joining our Pagal family…..
    so masti bhi jyada honi chahiye…..
    so wake up……………..

    bdw ek raaj ki baat hai……hum whtp se jyada yeh paga chack karte hai………

    1. Oh,Joya dear is back,in one episode u had used the word polichu,from where u got it ,had asked u there ,I think u didn’t it there, how are u dear,me too ,more than fb and a lil less frequently than Whatsapp I check this site ..and don’t know where our ff will end,that time,I won’t be able to signal u all in advance as all will come to know,hope we will find some other ff by that time under which we can continue our chats..

  35. Hii diis….
    Kal joya di aur shradha di se meri mulakath nahi huyi…toh di mai hu vaishnavi ..naam toh suna hi hoga…..

    Waise kehna padega joya di aap shayaries bahut achi likthi ho…kal aapki tarah baaki log bhi shayari likhne lage par mujeh toh usme abcd bhi nahi aathi…par dhere dhere aapse kuch sekne ki koshish karungi

    Aur rupshikha di aap ko meri diya hua naam kaisa laga (shikha)???…aur ye bihu dance kya hai?? Acha baba toh aap bahut achi tarah se practice karna aake hame sikhana hai..

  36. Bht accha lga mera nm Vaishu…vaishu bihu Assam ki national fstvl h…yeh bht popular classicl n folk dnce h darling…waise me dnce nhi krugi…bas aisi hi frnz ki saath thodi msti kr rhi thi…dnt wrry dr hum 2mhe v sikha denge

    Joya di aaap toh khud gayab ho gayi thi na…n pta nhi yeh shraddha kha h yarr

    1. hi guys……
      yar kya bat hai….ha suna hai nam tumhara……abhi to tumne bataya…..bhool gayi??????
      thank you vaishnavi………….are dekho dil se kuch apno k liye likho na toh wahi shayri hai……….

      rups sorry gayab hone k liye……are wo mr.India wali watch hai na woh humne aur shraddha ne kharid li hai….humesha woh watch shraddha pehan leti hai…..kabhi kabhi hum bhi le lete hai gayab hone k liye………..hehehehehe……….

      1. Joya,U r too naughty nowadays,one dialogue over the other ,loving it,continue dear…

      2. I will read about Bihu dance for sure…Rupsikha and masti will go hand in hand ,we know that mickey baba.

    2. Hi rupshikha di , i have seen it on t.v. its really nice and unique form of dance but i never got a chance to see it in real life. I hope that i will be able to see it in future as my fathers posting is nowadays in north east..

  37. Hi Vini!! You must be seeing me hee for the first time naa.. Well I came across your SwaSan Fan Fiction Season 1 yesterday only.. I usually read FFs on IF and FB. I manage a Swaragini page there. Everyone please like it. Swaragini-Colors. with 61K likes!! Godd I am promoting my page here also.. Pardon me for that.. So yeah, I read all parts of Season 1 yesterday. They were really good. And today I started reading Season 2. This was so.. ummm.. soo.. I am not getting the exact word. Understand my feelings! 😛 This is the first FF which actually made me cry! I got so addicted to this that I finished all 30 parts in one go!! Waiting for the next part!!

    1. Hi Saumya,yes ,first time,good to c u here, haha,not very active in fb,but shall like it next time wen I log in,oh,u read both,,season 1,was titled swasan fan fiction episode 1,..don’t know how you found it,glad to know that u liked it,just humble attempts,many told that my ff made them cry but may be cos m writing it ,m not feeling anything,haha..tc..

  38. Diiiiiiiiiiiiii yrrrrrrrrrrre?????????….aaap v na….??…waise ab pata sala ki ”nautanky”khane ki seez h????…hehehe…
    N bht accha lga ha aap sbse milkar…di aapko pta h log mere face ko dkh kr kya khti h???khti h kitni shant aur pyari bacchi h..n frnz khti h 2 itni bholi h yaarrr???….lkn baad me unko pta chla ki me kaisi hu????…evn jb koi tchr mjhe dkhte h khti h isshe dkho 2mlog…bht hi shnt h..???….agr aaap kvi v mjhe dkho gi na toh aaap v phle yehi khogi

    Joya di.Mr. INDIA WAali watch???hum ek hi ghr me rhte h aur aapne mjhe bataya v nhi ki kb khrda????so baddd?????….u knw me vini di se aapki aur shrddha ki baare me cmpln krugi ha….phir dkhna kya hoga????

    1. Hahaha,shant aur pyaari,later yes,you are ,but shan’t,my God, you are the one who made me talk in comments section, I mean broke the ice and brought that personal touch for the first time,Joya and Shraddha,very bad,why did u hide this from Mickey baba,look,baba is crying…haha,if Mickey gets that watch also,then,God….

      1. I mean* latter…

  39. Hi neediii?….wow 2mne dkha bihu dnce t.v pe wahh….ok 2mhre papa ki pstng nrth est me wah

    N dnt wrry dr…kvi aana Assam me…?…1st Guwahati me aana ha n dn Jorhat Dist aana ha (my home twn)..hehehe…phir hum dono milkar bihu dnce dkhenge ok baby??….n ya one mre thng ,2m Jb v aaogi April mnth me aana thk h..

    1. Di ab to aana hi padega official invitation jo mil gya hai .aur mein april mein hi aaungi theek hai.bihu dance bhi dekhenge aur masti bhi karenge, par ek shart hai aap ko bhi Lucknow aana padega . Yahan ka kabaab aur biryani bahut famous hai , saath mein milkar khayenge .

  40. hi vini di.. myself megha
    am from karnataka.. final bcom student.. my native is kerala.. kozhikode is place…
    di u also know malyalam na

    1. Hello dear,yes dear I know malayalam very well, after marriage only I moved to Bangalore, Kozhikode is very close to heart ,course n internship, 5 n half I lived there,medical college,did my BDS there,where is ur exact place at Calicut?I have friends there

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