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Hi guys,good morning,Swasan fan fiction (season 2) episode 3

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Scene 1:School corridor ,morning

Sanky has gone to bring the register from Principal’s office,Shruthi(Swara’s benchmate) is late and is running and she comes and collides with Sanskar,she gets up and in a filmy style smiles and stares at him,he doesn’t see this,he is busy picking up the things that fell down,he gets up and gives her things to her,she again smiles and says, “thank u”,he tells her, “Shruthi ,it is time for class,u r late,come Madam will be here in minutes,”,Shruti says in her mind, “yea,all elders have wrong timings,Oh,if this collision had happened duing break time could have chatted with him for some time”,Sanskar calls her and they enter the class,Swara looks up and sees them both,She just looks at Sanskar and he looks at her and sits in his seat,Shruthi asks Swara to let her inside(each bench 3 students),

Shruthi gets seated and gives a naughty smile to Swara and Mahima,she hits Swara with her elbow and tells, “Oh,this Sid,so sweet guy,collided with him just before a minute in the corridor,oh,oh,”Swara thinks in her mind, “Oh,God,is there a chance to change this seat,what a flirt this girl is ,yesterday seeing Sanskar,showed excitement,today Sid”,Shuti goes on explaining , “U know Swara,u r new here,no?Sid is a rockstar,he sings decently well,always among top 3 in academics,and excellent leadership qualities and personality,that is opposite of mine,but,no problem,if u and Mahima helps me,the soft corner I have now will blossom into love,but no hurry,ok,slowly will do”,she shows an expression as though she is shy,Mahima smiles seeing Swara’s face and gives an expression that this girl is a gone case,Swara also smiles and asks , “but who is Sid,didn’t hear that name being called yesterday”,Shruti just winks and tells, “aha,rest of the details later ,later…….”

Scene 2:Class teacher enters

She takes the attendance,she gets up and writes a problem on the board,it is from previous years curriculum,She calls Sanky to solve it,he goes and stands facing the board,Shruti tells Swara, “She will call only him,he is her pet,favourite student”,Sanskar solves the problem and turns,teaches appreciates and asks him to go back to his seat, Swara thinks in her mind, “book worm,there are adolescent boys like this?,why I hate his nature?”,she avoids the thoughts and concentrates and take down notes..

Scene 3:Tuition class

Class has begun,all look at the door after some time,Ragini smiles looking at Sanskar,as usual Laksh has come late to class,teacher scolds him and tells him to change his late coming habit atleast this year and lets him inside,he comes and sits near Sanskar,he looks at Ragini,she shows,Cornetto licking expression and Laksh gets angry,teacher asks Ragini to look at the board,Ragini is embarrassed,Laksh gives a sweet revengeful smile,Sanskar looks at this and looks straight to the board and smiles to himself…

Scene 4:Pops and Corns

Ragini and Sanskar has brought Laksh to fulfill the bet,Sanskar asks her to leave Lucky,Laksh says, “No,bet is bet,I will buy what I had told,God,this month’s pocket money gone and will be in debt”,He buys cornettos 2 each for Sanky n Ragini and a small cup for himself as promised in the bet,Sanskar is about to give one cornetto to Lucky,Ragini prevents him and tells, “No,don’t give,bet is bet,he just now told that”,Laksh gives a strong look to her,she smiles and says, “but ,we are not cruel,she gives,one cornetto to him”,Laksh says, “how sweet,I knew you both will give”,Ragini says, “we will share and taste all flavours,”Sanky and Lucky says, “done”,they are sitting and chatting,Swara and family has come to the same cool bar,Sanskar sees this whereas Lucky and Ragini are busy taunting each other,

Sanksar observes Swara’s family,she sees Mukesh (step dad ) giving an icecream to Swara and her indifferent attitude and how she accepts it with hesitation,Swara feels something and she suddenly looks in the direction where Sanskar was seated,he smiles and waves a hai,she also smiles and is about to wave her hands,Ragini and Laksh sees this,Laksh says, “I know that uncle,had seen him in our club last week but he was alone,oh,so this is his family?Ragini says, “we should go and meet,she is Sanky’s friend,Sanskar says,no Lucky,she is new in my class,Ragini we should not disturb them”,Ragini tells them, “no,no,somebody who belongs to the who’s who of this town is here,should go and meet,he pulls Sanky and Lucky and takes them along with her…

She goes and introduces,Sumi smiles,Mukesh says, “so you all are classmates ?,good ,good”,Sanskar says, “no uncle,I am Swara’s class mate,but we all are in same tuition class,Ragini is Pooja M’am’s daughter,Laksh is studying in Bosco school”,Mukesh says, “Ok,OK,we had met Pooja madam,she is teaching Science,no?Ragini says “yes uncle”,Mukesh continues, “So,Swara has got lot of friends in a short time,she doesn’t have any friends here,our relatives are also away,so,you guys,please take care of her,ok,”they nods.Mukesh tells Swara, “bring your friends home, after tutions or during weekends”,Swara smiles but with an unwilling face,Sanskar notices it,he pulls a small chocolate from his pocket and gives it to Swara’s baby brother,Chetan and Ragini extends hand to take him but little one just smiles,

Laksh asks the baby his name,baby just smiles,Sumi says, “Chetan…….”,They talk and the three asks permission to leave,Laksh is paying the bill and Sanskar tells Ragini, “her baby bro is so small,no?Ragini tells in his ear, “yea,if u go behind his sister,you will get less beating , from Mukesh uncle,for sure you will get,but relatives are away,her bro is so small,will sit on your lap for years,haha…”Sanskar says, “Ragini,it is high time ,you got some good beating from me,y r u always going in that particular route,think good,do good,feel good,pls,for heaven sake”,Ragini smiles and says, “ok baba,not going in that route but I see a national highway in front of u”,saying this she looks in Swara’s direction,”ah,let’s wait and watch”,Sanskar says, “you wont change,instead of talking to you,I Can talk to that wall,it may listen…………”Laksh comes and they leave from there.

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Akku,hope u will keep reading and be in touch.

  1. Sanky and rag conversion is good i lovef it

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Sindhu,glad to hear that u liked it,hope u will keep reading and be in touch.

  2. Ragsan friendship is super

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Yes Appu,it is a simple tale of friendship,I’m tryg to go with the flow,hope u will keep reading n be in touch, thank u.

  3. ohhhhh lovely…………
    masumiyat ko is hum baya kaise kare…..
    jiski muskan ko roshan khud khuda kare……….
    very nice

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u dr n excellent lines,shall post next one after some time,pls be in touch n if u don’t mind,where r u from?student?

      1. i m student of network engineering and i m from pune….
        pure punekar(heheheh)

    2. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Ok Joya,good luck for ur studies,pure punekar, ha,I liked it…hope u will keep reading….thank u for all the support thus far.

      1. thnk u diiiiiiiiiiii………?

  4. wow..ragini ‘ s too bubbly..poor lucky..waiting for swara’s friendship with sanlakrag.. superb epi..

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Niti,m a big fan of Tejaswi,I used to watch her previous soap only cos of her,and character ,I enjoy writing hers cos I imagine her acting so,all of us will be having class mates who resemble each character in this,I believe,so going down the memory lane.

  5. Sanskar and rags friendship loved it so cute..Dr..wen ever I go through ur Ff..I felt happy.veruthe paranjathalla veena..enikku othiri ishtapettu school days orma varunnathu kondanu..I can connect many things with..it or may be bz of ur writing style… Hat’s off u Dr…

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Sethooty,wen I started this I was blank,I didn’t even know if I can pull this in Swaragini characters’ track,then without thinking too much,I started,Pinne school days nalla ormakalude Oru collection aanallo,innocence,cute fights and all,let us see,vayikkumennu pratheekshikkunnu,slow aayi ariyathe parayathe paranju pokunna Oru friendship transforming to love is the one line,rest we will see.

  6. Haha…its too good dear .i cant stop my laugh after reading the nok jhok….

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Manu,after reading all your comments I went bk and read this,I don’t know bt I also smiled, some episodes will come like that and some will be too dry,hope u all will be there in this journey.

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Mickey dr,thank u dr.

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Deepthi,pls keep reading and be in touch.

  7. So sweet n cute ff….I just loved it vini..I truely remembered my school days…n one more thing I loved ur previous ff also a lot n I was very very sad when it got over…n guess what after u r come back I m super happy…..I just loved u r ff…keep it up

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Radhika,I think u have commented under a few before also,thanks and m happy that u r liking it,hope u will keep reading and will be in touch.It is a simple story of friendship, where love happens unknowingly… I know all friendships won’t end in love but for these four characters they will have to fall in love for the sake of the story…let us see.

  8. Its so cute and sweet story sis!!!!
    Ragsan convo is superb!!I love Ragini character so much sis!!! Keep going!!!

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Leku dr,Ragini was sidelined in original and my previous ff,so I thought I will give some importance here because I love Tejaswi’s acting a lot.Then Swara is the new one here,no?so she has to slowly join the gang..it will happen.

  9. That register wala thing again took me to flashback ?? God Didi ur ff brings huge smile on my face that late coming thing also???? Sanky lucky n rags ka friendship awesome part of ur ff I’m just loving it so much?????? n now I’m sslly thinking ur also among dos toppers who say Oh God I’m not prepared??? kidding ?

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Haha Shraddha, I think u also is there in the list who connect with every line that I write,and end part of the comment,haha,I understood u meant my (dat day’s )comment,but I was not lieing baba,the one line that I had in my mind was,a simple tale of friendship transforming into love, I was a little confused how to mould each character a little differently,and then I just shut my thoughts and wrote the first episode, then for the rest I thought abt my school mates,these characters are a mix of many familiar school mates,even ,one like Shruti,I personally know one girl resembling her nature…. So that is how it reached here and I have posted episode 4 today morning,hope u guys will check it.

      1. Like it?? I loved it?? yea I ssly get connected I think it’s in the way u write that everybody who reads it can connect to it in some or the other way!!! You ve moulded each n every character exceptionally well didi lucky n his carefree attitude sanskaari studious sanskaar n u know I just donno but I imagine tejaswi in ur ragini she just like that as seen in interviews bubbly fun loving n swara here in ur ff is great rather than our Swara Mata of serial????

    2. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Oh,I simply checked,I had missed this comment while reading,thank u for understanding it exactly the way I wished all who read did,and ,Tejaswi n Varun, I like them the most,even pair if I had not seen Swasan I think I would have loved Ragsan.Arshi, RK -Madhu, Rudra-Park,I have loved them ,plus ek Hasina thi…now swasan..

  10. Good going …

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Shanaya,hope u will keep reading and will be in touch.

  11. Hey veena u write superb?
    By the way can I call u veena Sis?

    1. Thank u dr,of course,no probs…hope u will keep reading and will be in touch.

  12. Nice yaar

    1. Thank u Devi,hope u will keep reading and will be in touch.

  13. Its so different.. superb vini ross…. waiting for nxt epi… ur style is good…

    1. Thank u Navi,next one is updated on page 1, I think,hope u will keep reading and will be in touch.

  14. such a lovely update… liked each and every part…

    1. Thank u Sindhuja,actually, I thot except around 10 people no one would like this,because this starts from school days but m happy that you all liked it, hope u will keep reading and be in touch.

  15. nice… raglaksan part was cute..
    make swara too join them …

    1. Thank u meghs, yea Swara will definitely join them but after a short while…since this s a small track I need to include some moments to write it a little convincingly, hope u will keep reading and will be in touch.

  16. Nyc quite intresting ty vinni for ur tym to write fr us

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Bitsy,ur first comment under my ff,no?hope u will keep reading and will be in touch,and I started writing my first ff just for a fun but this I am writing for all those commented under my previous ff especially those who asked me to write one more,don’t know if they will hit me as this track progresses..

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u dr,a very familiar name now among the comments,hope u will keep reading.

  17. Sanlakrag bond is superb. I enjoy their scenes

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Tara ,yes I like writing that and Swara may join after a few moments. Hope u will keep reading.

  18. Veena(Vini Ross)

    Episode 4 is uploaded,hope u all read that..

  19. Ur ff are the best for me veena Sis?

    1. Veena(Vini Ross)

      Thank u Cherry for the kind words, m humbled n honoured.

  20. Awesum update…..i think u have sum magic wid ua writings. …i missed ur ff badly fah sumtym..bt ur comeback wid season 2 again made me go crazy fr ur ff….?????

  21. As usual suprrvvvvv…lvd it. Actually I m enjoying dis school days trk.

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