Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 29

Hi guys,first of all,just now I went through the previous episode and I saw 67 comments,sorry in advance cos in case if I cant respond today,I will do it tomorrow for sure ,I am really happy to know that so many are reading this ff of mine,thank u very much for breaking your silence and letting me know that,hope you will keep reading…and this is not going to be a feel good ff ,ok,sorry for that too…this is not proof read..

Previous two episode links: (For both Swara and Sanskar’s characters’ perspective)



Scene 1:Swara’s house

Sumi,Mukesh and Chetan comes to Swara’s room,Mukesh tells Swara, “just now,your mom told you have agreed for the marriage,you haven’t seen the guy,did she put pressure on you dear?,yea,we want you to marry him but if you don’t like,we wont force you,once I give my word,I cant take it back,it is better to die than doing that,Swara brings a forced smile on her face and goes near Mukesh and tells him, “I have been a very stubborn daughter,no,dad?so you are scared if my opinion will change,no?no dad,I wont let you all down,then,about seeing the guy,I know your choice wont be bad for me,so ,again,no need to ask me,you can proceed,I am ready”,she slowly moves forward and hugs Mukesh and Mukesh is surprised,he lovingly hugs her back and moves his hand on her hair,Swara softly says, “I wish I got some more time to be your daughter”,Mukesh’s eyes are filled,Sumi watches it with moist eyes,Chetan moves forward and says, “you, father-daughter duo,enough ok,too much drama is not required”,Mukesh tells him, “why, you are feeling jealous?,it is clear,I love my daughter more”,Chetan smiles and hugs Swara and says, “yes,I know dad loves you more,but I am ok with it,my sister is so sweet,so I have no complaints about that,by the way,you are going to leave this house soon,heard Akshay and family are ready for marriage as soon as they get your nod,I will miss you Di”,Swara hugs him and says, “Oh,so much love towards towards sister now,enough,ok”,Sumi and Mukesh watches this,Sumi hugs Swara,they spend some time together and leaves the room.

Swara locks the door and comes back,she stands in front of Shekhar’s photo and says, “I have always shared my pain and hurt you,no,Papa,now I am just feeling numb,they are saying,I haven’t seen the guy and still agreed,how can I tell them that if it is not my Sanskaar,then,who cares,whoever comes,it is the same,I really don’t know if I am doing right or wrong,I don’t know if I can love somebody else,I don’t know if I am going to destroy some body else’s life,but,Sanskaar,he means the world to me,I promised him,so I cant break it,he cares for me,he doesn’t want to feel guilty,or else he would have never forced me,he don’t belong to me any more but still,I get all his thoughts,don’t understand what it is ,I just know that I am blind in my love for him,and that love alone made me live all these years,now that my equation with dad has improved a lot,I am going to leave them,life has always tested me but at the end I thought it will give Sanskaar to me but no,there also,she slowly moves and keeps her head on Shekhar’s photo and says,please pray to God that I don’t go mad ,Papa,I don’t know what is happening inside my head now…….”

Scene 2:After three days,Pops and Corns

SwasanRaglak has assembled,Swara announces about her engagement the coming week and tells about Akshay,Ragini looks shockingly at Sanskaar,Sanskaar shows happiness where as Ragini is still disturbed,Laksh shakes hands and congratulates Swara,he jokingly says, “I thought you will marry this Sanky”,Swara is shocked but hides it whereas Ragini looks at both Swara and Sanskaar,Swara is trying her maximum to hide her heart and smile,Ragini asks Swara, “Swara,Congrats dear,but,didn’t expect it so early,happiness and sorrow,mixed emotions,one from our gang is going to go,oh,years flew,wish we were still in 8th”,Swara holds Ragini’s hands and says, “all are forcing,Dad is sick,so he is scared,wants me to settle down,then mom,Chetan all are happily forcing me,and also….(she looks at Sanskaar),since this is the only thing that I can give for my loved ones,I agreed…”,she tells them to order what they want as treat,she gives menu card to Laksh and says, “Oh,first time,you both are not fighting,place the order,na,Lucky?”,

Laksh smiles and says, “Swara,first time,a treat is not making me excited as well,he will take you along with him,no?Australia,no?will miss you Swara”,Ragini and Swara are on the verge of tears,Swara tells, “Ragu,now don’t cry and make me cry “,Ragini gets up and hugs Swara,both breaks down,Sanskaar says, ‘’these girls,na?will you please sit down,thank God ,other tables are free,why are you crying?”Ragini smiles, “what is your problem,heartless…”Swara looks at Sanskaar hearing that,he looks at Swara and places his hand on his chest and says, “yes Rags,it is made of stone…..”Swara looks into his eyes hearing that……

Scene 3:Swara’s engagement day

Sanskaar,Ragini and Laksh are actively participating in everything,they are helping Mukesh and Chetan with the arrangements,event management company manager comes to Sanskaaar,he is Sanskar’s family friend’s son,he asks Sanskaar regarding arrangements,Sanskaar tells him that it is beautiful ,he asks whose choice purple theme was,because,Swara’s favourite is blue colour,the man says it was totally Swara’s choice,Sanskaar understands that she opted it because it was his favourite colour,the man leaves,Sanskaar is hurt but hides it,he goes to meet Swara,all the girls leave the room when he enters,Swara is looking very pretty,Sanskar goes near her,his heart is beating faster,he tells her, “you are looking very pretty Swara,you have a very beautiful heart also,God will always keep you happy,I actually came to give you this gift,it is not very expensive,don’t think it is in return to what you gave to Sanju”,he takes a beautifully wrapped jewellery box,he holds Swara’s hand and keeps it,Swara opens it fast and sees a beautiful ring,she looks at him in surprise, she tells him, “out of friendship,made me promise ,no?being a best friend,shall I request you something?”,Sanskar says, “yes Swara,tell me”,Swara tells him, “if you don’t mind ,make your friend wear it with your hands,”Sanskaar feels his heart beat in his ears,he moves closer to her,takes the ring and makes Swara wear it,he feels that if he stays there for some more time he will fail to hide his heart,he makes her wear it and stands there holding her hands,he asks her, “my friend is happy?”,

Swara takes his both hands inside hers,looks into his eyes and lifts his hands and is about to kiss it,suddenly she realises,leaves his hands and says,”I am very sorry Sanskaar,really sorry,”Sanskaar says, “it is ok Swara,I will go now”,he leaves,Swara stares at the mirror and the ring,she is about to cry but suddenly she sees Ragini coming inside,she quickly composes herself,Ragini comes and hugs her,they chat for some time,Swara hugs her suddenly and cries,Sanskar was watching all this from the window,he wipes his eyes and goes from there,Ragini gently pats Swara’s back…

After some time,Akshay and family arrives,Sanskaar witnesses the ring exchange ceremony,he hides his pain but Ragini keeps looking at him,they pass comments about the couple,after the ring exchange ceremony ,both parents announces the wedding date,Swara’s eyes are searching for Sanskaar,she finds him in the first row,he smiles,she just looks at him,after some time,Raglaksan goes near Akshay,they meet and introduce each other,they click a selfie together,Sanskaar is standing next to Swara ,she feels him around her,she gently turns and looks at him,he looks at her,then signs her to look into the camera…

Akshay invites them all for the wedding,Laksh excuses himself and tells that he has to leave as there is another function to attend,Ragini and Sanskaar ,after the dinner are returning home,Sanskaar after reaching the gate,turns and sees Swara at the balcony looking at them,he pretends as though he hasn’t seen her and leaves along with Ragini…

Scene 4:Park ,near the beach

Ragini and Sanskaar are walking,Ragini suddenly stops and says, “Sanky,don’t dare to lie,I thought you and Swara loves each other,her case,today I got my answer,her tears told me everything,she hugged me and cried,that too in between our casual chats,you made her agree to this,no?she didn’t tell anything but I am sure,tell me Sanskar,look into my eyes and tell me,you don’t love her?,I wanted to ask this to both of you,but that day Laksh passed a joke,I had noticed Swara that day itself,but then I felt if you haven’t realised your love for each other,the thought that one is going away may make you’al realise it,but now I don’t understand anything,the way she looked at you today,why Sanky?,she would have waited if you had said a word,Sanskaar replies “No Ragini,there is nothing like that,we are just friends”Ragini says, “no more lies,she also must have understood you,must be sacrificing for you since you are silent,he says, “yes,I love her,don’t ask me how much,I cant explain what I am feeling right now,

I am letting her go because of my love dear,Akshay is from a good family,well educated,settled,I am a big zero,I have just this job but the debts and responsibilities ,I cant make her wait,life is not about love,peace of mind is very important,my family circumstances, cant give her any happiness,it is not for a day or two,for a life time,I don’t want my Swara to struggle with me,now my silence is breaking her heart,I know,but she will get happiness”,Ragini is in tears and is looking at Sanskaar in shock,she wipes her tears and says,”But,what if she cant stay happy after marriage?if she doesn’t forget you?”Sanskaar says , “it may take some time but she will move on,don’t ask me anything,she should move on,I am doing this for her,if I had invited her,may be she will be happy for some time,but,in the long journey,no,Icant trouble,this is my love,may be ,sacrifice is the name of my love Ragini,don’t ask me more”,Ragini says, “I cant agree,have to ask,she would have lived happily with you,why did you let her go?,you will regret Sanky.”Sanskaar replies, “I don’t want her to adjust,I want her to be totally happy, Ragini says, “and, you think she will be happy,you have to answer me this time”,he is sad and sits down on the park bench,holds his head and looks up at the sky and says, “u know me ,na,Ragini?

I don’t know anything,don’t ask me anything now,”Ragini hugs him,he hugs her and cries,he tells her, “If you truly loves me and Swara,you should not tell this to Lucky,if you tell him,then,you wont see Sanskaar,I mean it,I dont know what I will do,but you will lose your friend, Lucky will do anything for his friends,he will tell this to Swara if he comes to know about it”, Ragini says, “No,I wont tell anyone but first time I am seeing you cry,Sanky,how you are able to bear all this yaar,I wish,I could set everything right for you,but Sanskaar,you are so good dear,God is watching you both,he can work miracles,I will pray for you,what else can I do now”,Sanskar leans on to her shoulder and says, “I am worn out ,Ragini,”,Ragini supports him and says, “my mind says,everything will be alright,call me any time or come home if you want to share,don’t keep it within and suffer like this”,Sanskaar just nods,Ragini wipes her tears with her other hand and looks up and closes her eyes……………

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


  1. vaidehi

    Oh my god vinni great ff by d way I can call u vinni na tum author Kyu nhi bn jati ek ke bad ek best sellers dogi pta hai sirf tumhare ff hi meri entertainment ka sadhan hain and I know u deserve appreciation keep going vinni loved d update and d writer too

  2. sethooty

    Awesome episode…ragini understood everything loved it she is a true friend..sanky gifts ring and make wear her wow ,its like dey got engaged means he already got her from sanjitha..na…awesome…
    Yaar something striking in to my mind haha sshhh pettennu thonniyathu anu.. I will tell u later..after swasan union…let see wat happened to next..
    After reading about sanskar’s love..am in tears innu full sangadam arunnu…ente cutie friends Tintu and Renu avaranu enne OK akkithu..

  3. Beba

    what r u doing vini i haven’t cried since last year n u made me cry… i am continously crying n can easily imagine d scene….
    n plzzz vini unite them soon…
    amazing mind blowing episode….

  4. Sneha garewal

    This is the first time i am commenting in ur ff.thid episode made me cry. So much love b/w them…omg,both are made for each other..make it more interesting..really ur ff is awsm,very nice
    And pls clear one thing,once sanlakragswa went for a trip and swara bought a key chain,after that u didnt mention about that.pls also mention this

  5. emotional, sentimental epi… loved today epi… sanki sacrificed his love to make swara happy… and ragsan convo… all were emotional… i too felt the pain… btwn today was nice superb vini….

  6. Nidhi

    Vini .. What are you doing yrr?. Oh my god.. I am crying… I feel bad for swara..she didn’t share her feeling..how one can bear all this.. Sanskar also didn’t share..what a heart he has. . how he can control in front of all , his frnds, in engagement.. I dont know what to say.. Your story is very nice..your story is the one of the best ff that i read…
    I know you upload it on time.. Still i want to say please vini upload soon..love your ff.. I cant see swasan like this.. i know you make them unite.. But do it soon..

  7. joya

    mind blowing………… superb………
    u r an
    amazing writer……

    swara and mukesh’s bonding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she hugs mukesh…..!!!!!! i was waiting for dis moment….conversation of mukesh and swara is realistic
    ..jab bhi swara shekhar k photo k samne dil ki baate share karti hai,wo scene aap hmesh emotional hota hai….i can feel her every word itna heart touching hota hai ki puchho mat….

    4ron ka milna,ragini ka distrub hona,ek dusre se alag hone ka gam….

    swara-all r happily forcing me and also…………….(i like dt …………..very much each and every time…)and 1st time u both r not fighting for menu card..(is she trying to control her emotions ya she wann change subject………….)

    engagement day…..
    purple….swara’s choice…… sanskar ka swara ko ring dena,swara ka jaldi jaldi gift kholna,sanskar ko ring pehnane k liye kehna,sanskar ka sochna agr wo waha ruka to he will fail to hide his feelings,swara ka sanskar ke hands ko kiss karne se pehle hi sense me aana,ragini k samne swara ka rona and ragini ka use sehlana aur sanskar ka window se sab dekhna….ceremony me swara ki najron ka sanskar ko baar baar dhundhna..look at camera.yr kamaal dhamal bemisaaaaal…………..

    last para
    friendship bond………………….apke writing skill ki jitni tarif kare utni kam hai…..ragini ka sanskar se sawal karna,usne jo notice kiya wo bataana,sanskar ka deny karna,ragini a kehna dnt lie….sanskar ka apni feelings share karna……sanskar ka kehna plz lucky ko mat batana warna….ragini-tumhe sach me lagta hai ki swara kush hai??????

    har dialogue is superb……he means world for me…use kiya promise break nahi kar sakti…i dnt know k me sahi kar rahi hu ya nahi.,tested and all,it is made of stone and yeh kehne k bad swara ka sanskar ki aankhon me dekhna…..behad khub di….

    control sheetal (joya) control……..

    yaha par emotions ki aankhmicholi ho rahi hai……

    • Niti

      ditto ditto as joya…yar vini Di bachche ki Jan loge kya..kitna rulaoge..ansu hai ki bandh honeka naam hi nahi le rahe hai..

      few thongs on or above joya’s comment..ragini calling sanky heartless..then sanky ka dil pe hath rakh k kehna stone ka bana hua hai..ohh god how can he control his emotions yar..shona can express her emotions infornt of sanky n ragini..but sanky can’t let swara know about her feeling..idiot boy itna bhi nahi samjta ki money sab jagah matter nahi karta..n last me ragini ka kehna ki jab bhi bat karni ho mere pass aa jana..its true bat share karne se man thoda halka ho jata hai..lucky ne bhale hi masti me kaha but it seems that raglak had some idea about their love for each other..in true sense they are best buddies..loved it vini Di..

      one request vini Di..plz if u r going to show some more separation of swasan then plz put some not exactly romantic but cute masti moments of swasan..or some dream sequence..in which we forgot our cring..plz Di ro ro ke ab bura Hal ho gaya hai..

      • Shraddha

        Hey joya niyati vinita rupshika!! how are u all !!! Didi mine is ditto of joya n niyati…. Didi ditto bolke lazy horahe hai type karne ko ye mat sochna ha? kyunki aisa nahi hai abhi shuru hoga dekho
        Well as soon as I saw my phone today before WhatsApp I saw tellyupdates n I was like episode 29?? 28 bhi hogaya kya shit I missed n den saw 28 n I was like u know felt like I’m coming for a lecture so late that prof says beta aap agli class ke liye jaldi aagaye ? well if u ve seen comment on 28th I must tell you that now that u gave ice creams n all n increased my pain do u want me to take paracetamol??tab tak chain nahi milega kya apko??hehe lol? but seriously aur kitna pain hoga abhi se bata do main prepared rahungi? oh didi ur s great Narrator yaar seriously what do I say on dat har ek baat seeda dil ko chu jati hai its like we imagine them rite in front of our eyes n can feel their pain really superb didi!!! Now that ur in great prof already I would suggest ki retirement me?abhi bhi u can do ha not necessarily retirement me but just suggesting dat u can write a novel probably n publish it (love story is ur forte according to me) so do think abt it? as usual ur stupendofantabulously fantastic??

      • Shraddha

        Coming to episode part there is nothing much to say as niyati n joya have not left a single corner I feel the same!!! Truely heart touching epiosde but what is bothering me is this dialogue of mukesh” its better to die than do that” which is step back from ur word??? Now there are lots of speculations going on inside my head but wanted to ask u so there’s lot more drama coming up rite?? like shes will be in a fix? Or dont tell me shell marry akshay?ok i agree myself said dont ask so its ok but “Dil hai ki Manata nahiiii”?cming to point obviously these 2 will unite but How? Will it happen among so much ??? Vini di Janata janana chahti hai??? happy weekend everyone enjoy!but this didi hai ki jeejaan lagake rulane pe tuli hai?? yet I love it Dear didi??

    • Sheetal

      welcome back shraddha…….
      tumhari yaadon me sukh gaye hum itna,
      humne udane k liye kafi bus ek hawa jhoka

      • Niti

        ohh gosh…plz plz plz…nahi nahi nahi ye nahi ho shakta…uff shradhdha ye tune kya kiya..omg ab kya Kare kya kare…plz plzzzz koi jaldi se Jake khidki-darvaze bandh kar do…kai ye hawa ka joka humari joya ko udake na le jay..

      • Shraddha

        Areyyy joya kaii kartiss tu?? Pauss ala u know in my eyes? after reading ur heart touching comments!!!
        Hayy najane kiss janam ka punya tha jo itne ache dost mile mujhe ?? chal Pagli abb bass karte hai nahi toh Maharashtra aur Karnataka dono me floods aajayengi lol???

        Arey niyati acha kiya tumhe Jo sab band kardiye warna pata nahi ka udi chali jaati humari Sheetal ji?
        N u know what guys joya u mentioned
        Sheetal as ur user name for the 1st time but even logo is not needed for us now because we are so much familiar with each other that even if we change name n write still can make out who is who☺ how nyc no??

      • Niti

        yup u r absolutely correct shraddha..iss filmy dramebazzo ki toli k har ek member ko hum asani se pehchan sakte hai..we r sharing very good bonding..

        on a very serious note u all hv become very imp part of my small world..n u know once a friend will friend forever..so u all will remain my friend forever..

        n the credit gose to the one n only humari pyari si..VINI DI..d leader..karta..of this dramebazzo ki army..love u..

        sooooooooooo sorry..me bahut Der tak serious nahi reh sakti..nahi to mere parents ICU me admit kar denge..lol..thank god joya..shraddha tum dono shant ho gaye..nahi to muje yahase call karke Army ko bhejna padta..sare janta ki sefty k liye…

      • vinita

        Meri pagli Niyati di Ranchi Mai ek famous pagalkhana hai. Yes I am a Dhoni fan. Meri pyaari Sheetal si Sheetal di aap kaha gayi????????
        Shraddha di kya aap him sab akela chorkar bhag gayi Ranchi Mai?????
        Bhagwan hi Jane rupsikha chingari laga ke kaha bhag gayi
        He bhagwan kya din aa Gaye
        Hamari vini di gussa hoke silent Ho gayi

    • joya

      hey shraddha and niti,
      chashmish u both r…………
      tum dono k naina humre naino ki q bhasha bolo bolo,
      yeh sab kya ho raha hai hum sab ko hole hole………………

      • joya

        hey guys,
        here i m………
        swagat nahi katoge humra…..???????
        itna sara pyar dekha kar aisan sunkun mila humka ki ka kahe…..santi se soye rah the par hum ko jagane waste humri khopdiya k pass ghanti bajaye ka padi………
        jaisan aankh khuli, aaye hum sab ka hal janne k liye…kaise ho????kono taklif to na hai na……….
        aaj hai sunday to ji bhar k khao ande aur ka keh sakat hai……humka lagat hai ki sabhaiy ko aaj aaram kar rahe hai

  8. needhi

    Vini di u made me a cry baby(hahaha). On a serious note , beautiful episode .neatly sketched emotions added to it there were beautiful incidents like ring and decoration segment. Di u r just commendable.best part is that small small moments like swara looking at sanky not at camera , just too good.i really felt touched. I know u r too nagging and wouldn’t accept that u r a brilliant writer but even i am too stubborn and will always keep on saying that u r a inborn writer , blessed with natural writing skills. Di everyone is asking to unite swasan but take as much as time as u can because i dont want your ff to end.Loads of love.take care di and bless us with your ff.

  9. shreya

    Hi Vini, actually i was a silent reader till now….but…U… U r awesome yaar….This and the last two episodes…so heart touching…almost cried after each paragraph…I love ur ff…Plz Plz Plz dont be so good in expressing emotions….Everytime I read ur ff..i cry…And then my mom is like “Whats Going on!!!!!” 😛 ….But i do love this ff…. Eagerly waiting fr next episode….Plz unite swasan soon….

  10. imane

    Hi Veena, Hi everyone…
    I am another silent reader of your ff… I am french/moroccan and i really love your writing, i think God has blessed you with this gift of touching people with WORDS !!
    Keep writing, keep passing on all these emotions through your stories, keep trusting yourself as you have a great talent and you have this sensitive way to emphasize it 😀
    PS: I think you’re used to read it now, but … try to make everything fine for Swasan, for us 😉
    bye dear Veena!! and bye everyone!

  11. mehera

    Hiiii vini ….. Today again u mad me emotional dear … No words to explain wat ur writing skills yaar… It is simply supb dear …. Its is just like breath taking ….. Eagerly waiting for ur next updates … Keep writing dear…. Loads of love ❤??❤

  12. Divyarani

    Arre yaar phirse ruladia yaar…ausm suprdupr ff..lv u dearr…n dnt make my swasan to suffer alot..doo som miracles inder lyf…lv u swasans to da core..

  13. sam

    Vinni..plz unite them…only u can unite them.ok as bribe i will comment in every update ..:-P…plz..i cant cry…plz

  14. Itna Q rula rhi ho di…….???..beautifullllll epi …swara n mukesh ki baate,phir engmnt,sanky n rags ki baat s prfct hhh…sanky kitna pyarr krte h na…swara ko kuch prblm na ho isiliye yeh sb kya oh hooo…

  15. shani

    I cried a lot today….keep writing…update soon…..waiting for a happy episode …I like ur todayz episode….

  16. bhagi

    ohhhh my god literally u r making me cry frm 3days bt even though its all abt pain bt ut us good keep it up dear

  17. Swara.sss

    Diiiiii….you made me cry… and my brother caught me with tears…. now i can’t face him….but di seriously u r awesome. ..

  18. Kaku

    Vini u made me cry yar its just awesome….pls unite swasan soon…n d epi is jst heart brkn…u r n amaizing writer…frm whr do u get ths type of awesome ideas…god bless u…n may u becme a famous writer in future….n pls updte the next prt soon waiting for it eagrely…i think I wrte a long comment sry for this..

  19. nandini

    vini dear u r really awsm… U know wat i madly wait fr ur ff… i dont hav words to express my feelngs… Dear plz keep writng and dont make us cry more…plz unite swasan in nxt epi… U ROCK VINI!!!

  20. Shraddha kaha ho yarrr,,,i misseeeeddd u dr????…spcly 2mhre cute ntkht c baatein yaarrr…hooo plzźzzz cm sn…xuley me ek gaana sun rhi thi aur beech me 2mhre yaad aa gayi???…hehe.. pata h kaun c gaana h??????suno….

    Tum jo gumsum ho to main hairaan hoon
    Yeh raaz kaise tumko baataaooon

    Tum par marta hu me sach kehta ho
    Mangke dkh lo mujhse jaann????

    Suno na suno na chun lo na
    Humsafar mujhiko chun lo na(sry ha…par kya kru yaad aaa gayi pta nhi Q mere cute c behenn????

    • Shraddha

      Bass kar pagli abb rulayegi kya???????
      Meri pyari behnaaaa!!! I missed u 2 3 4 5…
      ? I’m here only lekin thodi punctuality me problem ho rahi hai kal dekha he nahi aur didi ne do do upload kar di sorry for being late ha…. Oh u missed me hayy ankhhe namm hogayi meri itna pyaar ?? u know kaunsa gana ga rahe hai my eyes?? Behne de …
      Mujhe behne de mujhe behne de
      Hahahah tumhe meri baate natkhat lagri hai? Heheh mujhe bhi??? chalo aaj toh Saturday hai weekend me maze se chat karenge aur Woh gana hayyy itne cute hai meri behen shaitaan lekin apni behen ki Tara????

      • joya

        yr shraddha ek hi comment me 2 bhagwano ko yaad kar liya…….aur karo humre yaha bhagwano ki kami bilkul bhi nahi hai….33cr……..bhagwano k naam khatm ho jayega par yeh sab nahi……kehne do duniyawalon ko…..bus kehte rehna kam hai unka…hehgehehehehehee……

        yr humne to itne paap kiya hai ki nark k darwaje to band ho hi gaye hai pr yam ne humne nark ke compound me bhu jagah dene se inkar kar diya hai…..hehehehe…….

        and niyti…..
        meri jaan….tumhara bad luck hum kasam me nahi mante…..hehehehe……

        chashmish girls rock….duniya shock……

      • vinita

        He maaaa matajiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Itna sannata kyu cha Gaya????????
        Meri pagli beheno aap sab kaha Gaye??????????????
        Aap sab mujhe akela chorkar Ranchi Jane Ki planning to nehi kar rahe hai?????????
        He bhagwan…….. Ghor kalyug aa Gaya ……….. Waha ssk Mai abhi bhi dwapar yug chal raha hai aur yaha kal yug bhi chalu ho Gaya.
        Duniya Bari zalim hai………
        Btw hum sab gopi bahu, simar , swaragini ko bahut piche chor aya Rashmi Sharma should realise Ki hum sab unlogo Sai bhi zyaada Bare nautanki hai.
        Vini di gussa mat hona yeh sab pagalo types ka comments dekh ke bacha samajh ke maaf kar Dena. Punishment mat Dena.
        Aapne itna rulaya aur aj itna thaand hai Ki yeh dono milkar dimaag par tabla Baja raha hai.
        Hamare ghar se ganga tak ki tributary nikal chuki hai. May be Maharashtra Ahmedabad Assam Karnataka Mai bhi aisa flood hoga.
        Desh wasiyon beware of floods.
        Vinita dwara janhit Mai jari

      • Vini

        Shraddha baba is back,how’s college life,I mean u had told na lots of assignments n all,and Reding your comment n what a song in reply to Mickey,u people remind me of my cousins(only 2 are younger to me),seriously I m reminded of them,so happy to see this bond between u guys.

    • joya

      hi rups and shraddha,
      bus karo yr……..
      humne yaha pani ki kami mehsoos nahi ho rahi hai aaj……
      itna pyar dekhkar humra bhi dil bhar aaya hai………………..

      kash koi humne bhi miss kare……hehehehehehe….fir sailab aayega………

      but seriously i like dis bonding so much….

      • vinita

        Mera comments idhar udhar kaise ho ja raha hai???????? Ek comment first Mai dusra last Mai he Mara khatu shyam ji

      • Vini

        Vinita,u too,not bad ah?apt company for the other drama queens,because of my ff ,floods,oh,God,wat did I do?ah,guys,what is there in it for u all to cry, will shoot u all if u all cry reading all the nonsense that I type,because of ur comments ,I read 27,28n 29 th episodes,I didn’t feel anything, all I felt is what to to type next…

    • Niti

      ohh hoooo…dono ki dono drama queens ho..my all friends n relatives call me Nautanki no 1.. filmy.. deamaqueens..dramebazz..but..u both overtake me..hayee mene socha nahi tha ki me kabhi mujse bhi bade dramebazzo se milungi..ohh god ye apne kya kar diya humse hmara title chin liya..nahiiiiii… is bichari nanhi si jaan ke sath tum dono ne asa karne se pahle socha tak nahi…sach kehte hai bade log..ghor kalyug..ghor kalyug..ufff iss moke pe hume bhi ek gana yad Aa raha hai……………………jao nahi batana…fir kabhi..ohh gosh…muje jaldi jaldi jana hoga..mere office k sir bas ane hi vale hai..dekha ye zalim dunia apne dosto se ji bhark bat tak nahi karne deti..alvida dosto..fir milenge ff padhte padhte..bubye buddies..hv a rocking day

      • joya

        ohhhhhhh hoooooooooooo…….
        ho kya raha hai…..????
        yr koi to rok lo……….itna pyar….itna pyar…………….bardast nahi hota ab………..kitna rulaoge yr…….humre aas pados wale complaint karne aaye hai humre parents se…..keh rahe aur kitna royegi……itne khushi aansu dekhe nahi jate ab……….yeh duniya jalim hi nahi badi dedard bhi hai aur rups,shraddha,niti tum tino sabse badi bedard ho…….itna rulaya hai humne ki aankhe suj gayi hai humri….ek to pehlese hi chashmish hai ab yeh sujji huyi aankhe…..kaise pedhenge ab hum di ka raat ka update batao to jara………..ek pal k liye bhi humre bare me nahi socha tum tino ne………………ab kya karenge hum………

      • joya

        hey kudarat,
        uthale re baba utale……….
        humne nahi re baba……….
        nahi nahi…..humne hi uthale….ab aur roya nahi jata…………

      • Niti

        joya..uff..kya kahe ab hum tumse..plz plz jyada mat rona varna tumhare maholleme badh(flood)a jayegi……n tumhare neighbours hum tino pe case kar gene……nahiiiii…..me itni com umra me jail nahi jana chahti…….mana ki MAHAN log (bhagatsingh..jansi ki rani etc) hi jail Jate hai……n i know ki hum tino bade MAHAN hai…..par….areeee pagli eke bar to soch agar asa hua to mere CA ka n rupshikha n shradhdha ki clg ka kya hoga..so plz plz ab rona bandh kardo..humara future Barbad mat karo….vaise hum bhi chashmish hi hai…SAME PINCH..tumse tumhare favourite hero ka vasta hai mera ye same pinch padhke meri taraf se khudko pinch karna ha…or ab jyada mat rona meri pyari filmy dramaqueen..bz……joya…..i hate tears re……

      • Shraddha

        “Heyy yy mhara katu shaam ji??? ke karriye chorriyaa pagla gayi hai sabki sab!!! Mhare se na dekha jata ab inki nautanki” arey meri sakhiyon aisa main nahi Jo Jo ye chats padenge Woh kahenge dekho ?? I mean itna drama toh RS swaragini aur SSK me bhi nahi dikhate itna humme phoot phoot kar pehle se he bhara hai??

        Arey niyati meri behna its all about passing on the legacy u know?? jaise ki tum bhi nautankibaaz main bhi rups bhi toh abb tum apna taaj? mujhe pass kiya aur main rups ko karr rahi hoon dats it u know??? hehehheeh waise maan na padega hum sabke starting ke comments aur abhi kr comments me zameen aasmaan chodo outer space tak ka pharak hai lol? but I’m glad ki sab akhir ek jaise he hai hahahah????

        Arey joya Chup kar pagli abb bass aur sehen nahi horaha?? itna toh shayad swara bhi nahi royi hogi itna tu mujhe rularahi hai!!!!
        Hey maaa matajiii phir se mujhse paap hogaya? anarth hogaya anarth yeh kya kardala maine maa?? nahiiiiiii apne dostonko rulane ka paap kyun karwaya maa apne iss “Maasoom” se sach hai ghor kalyug chal raha hai!!! Bass sasuraal simar ka main abhi bhi Dwapar yug aur tretra yug chal raha hai surprisingly nahi dosti??????!!! Aur BTW main bhi chashmish hoin arey wahh???? same too same tum donon ki Same pinchhhhhh ??

      • joya

        oye meri nanhi se jaan……..sun na………..is ghor kaliyug me laut aa bachcha…….mahan kam kar k jail jane ka jamana gaya re………ab toh bade bade criminal bhi jail nahi jate………aur jab tumne jail jane ki baat ki toh saare hindustan k jail ne hume pukara aur kaha reham karo joya hum par… chahe kuch bhi ho jaye yeh tino ko yaha mat bhejo..pehle hi humri deeware kamjor hai…..hume tutkar nahi bikharna…….plz joya mat karo julm mat karo…..humne taras khaya un par…. aur kaha jao ab nahi royenge hum……ek aansu nahi bahayenge hum…….

        aur tum tino ke career ka bhi toh sawal hai na…….jao…..dil par paththaron ka pahad rakhkar humne rona band kiya hai…..

      • Niti

        joya hum tumhare sukra guzar hai ki tumne hume bacha liya………n tumhari bat sunke Hume sach me SSK ke zamane se vapas kalyug me agaye..jaha humari sarkar criminal ki seva karti hai…arerre sabhi jail ne tumse request ki unpe rahem karne k liye..achcha hua tumne man liya..varna humari vajah hai country ka loss ho jata…

        oooooohhhhmmmmmgggg…!!!!! girls hum sab ne yaha pe tufan maacha rakha hai…mene ye dobara padha me to has has ke pagal ho gayi…..
        btw rupshikha chingari laga k pata nahi kaha gayab ho gayi hai…
        ye chat Jo bhi padhega..thakur shyamji hi Jane kya sochega humare bare me….baki sab ki chodo pata nahi vini Di Hume kitna date gi…nahiiiii…sare k sare apne do hath kan pe rakh lo…varna Di kan kichke dat lagaye gi…bahut dard hoga..mere kan to abhi se laal ho gaye hai…vini Di apke liye ek gana…(old song hai pata nahi konsi film ka hai)

        “sorry didi..ab hum nahi karenge shor..lekin bachche na khele to ho jayenge bore..”

      • vinita

        He bhogoban!!!!!!!!!
        Ghor kalyug aa Gaya hai….
        Niyati di Mai aapke saath aapba gum batna chahti hun….
        Mujhse bhi mera nautanki number one ka title chhin gaya?
        Hey bhagwan !!!!! Ab kya hoga!!!!!!
        Mai Lut gayi……… Meri family Mai I am the main dramebaaz!!!!!!
        Aap logo ke comments parne ke baad itna has rahi thi. Hasate hasate kya iss phul si nanhi bachi Ki jaan le loge aap log?????
        Same pinch even I am a chasmish!!!!!! Double battery single person!!!!! Lagta hai yaha koi laughing gas spread kar Diya hai!!!!!!
        We should organise a group trip to Ranchi.maaza ayega!!!!!

      • Niti

        Gudddddddddddd morrrrrrrrrrningg..
        dramebazzo…so aj hai Sunday ki morning…ku6 special hona chahiye..hum is khubsurat Sunday morning ki starting humari dosti ko ek pyara sa gana dedicate karke karte hai..so girls here we go……

        ” hum rahe ya na rahe kal…
        kal yad ayenge ye pal…
        pal ye hai pyar k pal………………………..”

        so behno aj humare kahna ji ki kripa se morning ka lecture cancel ho gaya..n apki is dukhiyari behna ko 9.30 baje tak sone ko mil gaya…me to dhanya dhanya ho gayi…kyuki meri kismat itni suhani kese ho gayi..chamatkar ho gaya..chamatkar..meri taraf se sab ko ek ek silk bubbly…mummha..

        vinita dear ye na TUFAN k pahle ki shanti hai..kab yaha bhuchal mach jaye ye ku6 keh nahi sakte…thanks yar tune sab ke janhit me announced kar diya…dear tu kahi bhi comment ghusa de hum padhlenge…yar ek bat bata ranchi hi kyu jana hai ????? dhoni ki fan hai kya..?

        Di hum bhi apko iss chat me miss kar rahe hai…hum sab ne yaha aatank machaya hai n app ho ki ek comment bhi nahi kiya…naraz ho kya..apne nanhe se dramebazzo ko maaf bhi kardo..kab tak nahi bolo ge…
        heeee maaa mataji..ye hum sab ne kya anarth kar diya..Di ko silent n violent kar diya.

        joya…shraddha…rupshikha…vinita…ajj ka kya planning hai…

        btw girls humari ye Saturday Sunday ki chats padh ke man zubi dubi zubi dubi panpppa pe nach raha hai…n ek gana yad aa raha hai..
        so ye gana sunne k bad hum lenge ek chota sa break..sizzalar stay turned..kahi jayega mat..Niti k sath masti jaari rahegi..

        “hufte me char sanivar hone chahiye……….”

      • Vini

        This is to Vinita n Niti,agree with u Vinita, don’t know in what order these comments will be displayed, sometimes will.miss the ones in between,Niti,u r in the right company now,drama queens national conference going on here, and if I stare at my phone and laugh like thusw,those watching may feel something has gone.wrong,so I have hinted my Hus not to worry if he sees me like this,ah,Niti so phir milenge,ff padthe pad the,wah,wah,…enjoyedbresing ur comment dear.

    • Vini

      Hi Mickey, Joya,Shraddha,Niti,vinita,Sethooty,feeling like being in a class room during a free period,haha,so happy to see u all chatting like this,missing you all,shall post next episode tomorrow ,have to respond to comments under 28th n this,this,from bottom I read n responded to a few,actually, u guys are so special that I think I should read with full concentration n respond but very busy weekend.

    • Vini

      Haha Mickey ,what a song to remember Shraddha, yea had missed her,na?Shraddha would have cried reading Behen’s love…

      • Vini

        Joya baba,cried so much out of joy,very good,wat bond na,ur friends here are showering love on you,even,I wonder how u r going tolerate love from the other four,haha,all naughty ones have come together but so glad to see this bond between u all.ah.next time wen u cry,remove that specs n then start.ok.For ur eyes to.get.some rest next update on monday?

      • Vini

        Time to go to church,some more comments to be read,esp the remaining ones in this nautanki section.. U guys na,what will be the condition if u five are together behind the bars.Officials will.surely bang their heads n give up their lives..

  21. Anu

    Hey vini di I m a silent reader till now I have read your each nd every episode of both the seasons I just loved them ….really your r a great writer…..you r taking the story very slowly but then also I m enjoying I lot…..I doesn’t consider it as dragging if it will be on TV then we will say it as dragging but really saying it is more good than any other ff or serial…..we can feel the pain the words spoken by character

    • Vini

      Thank u so much yaar,I have seen your emblem,don’t remember under which ff,I.mean Saba,Harini or Sindhuja’s,good to c u here n very happy to know that u were reading mine too,humbled n honoured by your words,thanks yr,hope u will keep reading.

  22. meghs

    very emotional… u made swara engage to someone else iam crying still now
    ab kitna rulayigi yar pls dont do this

  23. Mm

    Hey vinni ,i am one of silent reader for this fan fiction.This episode is more sentii and plz dont make us fell emotional

  24. vinita

    Di aapne kasan le liya hai humsabko rulane ke liye. You know now another tributary will join ganga. That tributary will start from my room and it will merge with ganga. Aapne aur Niyati di ne soch kaise liya ki Mai invite nehi karungi. That day I had to leave my comment incomplete due to some unavoidable circumstances aur aap dono soch liya Ki Mai invite nehi karungi!!! Angry angry angry ????
    Niyati di is your zodiac sign Aries ♈??????
    It is just a guess. Actually I am a zodiac freak . My bestie and me always try to guess the zodiac signs of people by observing them. Don’t laugh at me if my guess is wrong.
    Sheetal di aap ko Mai roshogolla kya chomchom khilaungi. Aap aiye to sahi .mai khud aapke liye roshogolla aur chomchom banaungi(mujhko sirf deserts banana Ata hai. Ek baar Mai omlette banayi thi par woh Puri tarike Se jal Gaya tha. The chapattis made by me always looks like world map)?

    • Niti

      nope dear..its not aries..mine is sagittarius..so u r aries ha..means intelligent..vibrant..n talkative…ufff tu deserts bana shakti hai…nahi… plz ye bat meri mamma ko pata na chal jaye ki tu mujse choti hai n u can cook something..varna shayad bhagavan bhi nahi bacha payenge iss nanhi si jaan ko….Tere hath ke roshogulla khane pakka ana hi padega..

      • Vini

        Yes Niti we should go once n have it from her home,cooking will come under yr control,much easier than CA it would be,so,chill…

    • Vini

      Haha,tributary will merge with ganga,good one Darling, so u invited us,will come to Bengal, then,hmm,let’s c,u know to make desserts,very good,so rest of the items also will come easily, and wat would be my zodiac sign,give a guess,tc dear,missing u all .

  25. vinita

    Di u are a fantastic writer!!!!! I never cried after reading a ff but your ff is an exception. It will be kasam not kasan.
    Love you di!!!!!

    • Vini

      I made Vinita dear cry,oh,didn’t expect dear,that u all will feel it,if u all see me typing,u will smile,cos in that hurry I do that..

    • Vini

      Sorry dear,I will upload tomorrow ,ok ,if I can imagine some.scenes,I will write it today,I haven’t planned, that is the problem.

  26. 28n 29 what a painful episode!!!!
    I do no how to describe ur work!!!!
    Its amazing!!!!
    I’m feeling different while reading ur story!!!!
    Pls don’t end soon its very kind request!!!!

    • Vini

      Oh thank u dear,happy to know that u all liked it,felt it to an extent,it is a predictable story line dear.Don’t know if u will like it from.next episode.

    • Vini

      Sorry dear,I will write tomorrow,brain is empty,that so called stupid track is gonna start.have to imagine the scenes.Sorry ok.Tomorrow…

  27. Vini

    Joya,Shraddha,Niti,Mickey,Vinita,Sethooty ,missing u guys,I mean chatting with u all,busy busy, and Nidhi n Sneha ,ur comments I read, I don’t know wat to write in next,should imagine something ,let me see,I will try to post it ASAP but in case if I don’t post it tomorrow, pls excuse,ok.

  28. meesha

    omg u have shown sanky’s unconditional love for swara it is very deep friendship, love,
    anyone will feel connected
    every time while reading your ff a mix feeling comes I become sad for swasan separation but happy by knowing their love n sacrifice bcoz swara is getting engage for sanky’s sake
    whatever u write connects directly with heart

    • Vini

      Thank u yaar,very happy to read your comment,glad to know that u felt connected to this ff,hope u will keep reading,may mess up the story,don’t know.

  29. Hi guyzzzz?????…..sorryyy ha….abhi abhi uth rhi hu….yarrrr neend me thi??….

    Niti aaj toh kuch pln nhi h yarr…n 2mne jo song lkha tha my fvrte song…???

    I think sb pgl ho gaye h na…n me toh phle se h pgl hu yaarr??..

    Diiiiii i missssssssssssssssssseeeddddd uuuuuuuuuu yaaaarrrrr!!!????…..

    Xuley sbko missss kr rhi ho,joya di,niti,vinita,sethooty,n mere pgli behen shraddha sb ko……

    Sethoootyyyy hw r u yaarrr???

    Chalooo aaj toh sunday h na???toh mera toh koi pln nhi h….aaap sbki kya kya pln h beheno bataaoon

    • Vini

      Very nice,y u got up so early,just 1.21 pm,na???missing u too dear,in fact as u said our army,then even I got up at 9 today, now going to have lunch.Busy weekend but too lazy …take care dears.

  30. Vinita me yehi hu pgliii?…bas neend me thi yaarrr 1:15 tak??…

    Joya di don’t worryy …hum aapko v miss krte h yaarrrr….cutieeeeeee chulbullllllliiii???

  31. Shraddha

    Ye kya comments idhar udhar ho rahe hai?? isi liye naya start kiya dekho maine? abb bas niyati joya aaj ka topic bhi pani nahi ha dekho bohot sari cheeze hai we can’t be partial towards water oy u know? bechare durse topics left out manlenge?

    Vini di ? ya I felt so nyc seeing my behen s pyaar? ssly its become so nyc chatting like this with u all?
    N niyati u know main bhi agar jyada serious hogayi toh sablog ek dum shock hojate hai ki isko koi sadma laga kya? ??

    Vinita arey pagli tu Itne dino se Ranchi me he hai na so we all were missing u so hum bhi bharti karado chalegs?

    Joya waise acha he hua chodo dono milke swase narak ke compounds ko net banake badminton khelenge kyunki andar ghusne toh denge nahi??
    N hayy re dayya sabke sab chashmish yayy tahts why all are so hyper active double battery no?
    Hayy meri shaitaan kaha hai tu? n tum bhi chashmish ho kya rups?agar hai toh kamal hogaya yeh toh

    Vini di yea this is weekend no dats why thoda relaxation hai warna I told no punctuality me thoda prob hoga week days me?? Coll ki waje se
    So tomo again u planning to make us cry my dear didi?

  32. Yehi huuuu mere pyari behen
    ..no yaarr me chashmish nhi hu rey…mtlb thodi c hu…dctr ne diya h bt mjhe psnd nhi…kbhi kbhi phnti hu..xuley mere eyes bht chhoote h yarr…dkhogi toh shck ho jaogi…ekdm chinese typ???…chal ab nick nme bataaon 2mhre…nhi toh me de dunga nik nme @shraddha

    • vinita

      Thank good rupsikha tu yehi hai .Maine socha Ki tu akeli tanchi chali gayi. Tomorrow is my my exam. Highest milna zaruri hai izzat ja sawal hai…………..
      Meri joya di kaha ur chali ……..mere armano Mai pankh lagake kaha ur chali I am missing u so much……

      Niti di when did rani Lakshmi bai go to jail??????????
      My zodiac sign is not Aries ♈……… Guess karte raho……. It has something to do with Dhoni…….
      Vini di thank god aap gussa nehi hai aur punishment nehi Diya……… ..
      Kya Karu aj pagalpanti ka daura par gaya …..roz parta hai…lol?
      Shraddha di……. My behna …. kaisi Ho
      Chalo eksaath Ranchi chalte hai
      Hum hai rahi pagalpanti ke phir milege Ranchi chalte chalte

      Sethooty di aap ne mera dil khush kar Diya. Glad to know u like Tagore. Aiye padhariye. …….

      • Niti

        hellllllllooooo baheno…..Kya Hal chal hai app logo k….

        joya humka bulake tum kidhrva gayab ho gava…ha..hum ne to thari kavita n shayari padhne k khatir ye page khola par…….dil tod diya tune pagli…

        rups to tum duble bettery nahi ho ha….ye Kya ho gaya..humari toli me eke unique piece aa gaya…

        hyyyeeeee rabba…ye Kya kiya shraddha….Jo meri juban pe tha vo chin liya…mere dill kiya bat kardi tune pagli…vinita Kya tu sach me ranchi chali gayi hum sab Ko chodke…tujse ye dhokebazi ki ummid na thi hume…aree pagli zara apne history k panne ghuma…firangies (angrez) ne unhe kayi bar jail me dala tha…………..humare janam k pehle ki baate hai Hume kya….btw tu pakka top karegi…all the best sis…

        vini Di i m missing u soo much…app church ho ayi…hope is masum se nautanki bazo ne app Ko jyada tang nahi kiya hai…ya vini Di app apne hubby ko humare comment padhne se pehle inform kar dena ha plz…bahut khatara hai………..its better to be careful…..

      • joya

        yr vinita………..kya baat kar rahi ho……..niti ne sapna dekha tha usme jhasi ki rani jail gayi thi…..real me nahi……yeh hume khud niti ne bataya ha qki tumhare armanon k pankh lagake hum niti yahi sawal karne gaye the…..hehehehe…(niti sorry yr)

        are ranchi jane ki kya jarurat hai apne apne gharon ko pagal khana banaya hai wo kam hai kya……??????
        waise bhi hum jaise paglon ko bharti kar sake aisa koi pagalkhana duniya me nahi bana aaj tak………

        shraddha very good idea…….i love badminton…… actually bada maja aayega….sun ne me aaya hai bade pakode-shakode bante narak me…test karenge khelte khelte……..

        hey rups yr kaha ho tum………?pagal ho rahe hhm sab tumhare bina……

        joke chhodo to guys tum sab ki umar bahot lambi ho………(200 saal ka offer chalega???????)

      • Niti

        hey vinita….is it cancer trait..?? avaiyy guess kiya…

        joya dear…meri behna…tu to bewafa nikli…friend bolti hai Hume…bahen bolti hai..firbhi..chand dino me Hume sorry kehke paraya kar diya………hayeee….ye sunne se pehle mere Kan kyana faat gaye……Humne aisa to kya gunah kar diya ki tum sabhi morcha (team) leke hum masum pe attack kardiye…uprse sorry bolke dill k tukde tukde kar diye ..

        abb thoda knowledge lelo Hume…… Humne jhansi ki rani ka role kiya tha school time me drama me……n mene unki biopic dekhi thi n books me detail me padha tha unko angrezo ne kyi bar Jail me dala tha….

        btw i also love to play bedminton…..sab pair banak sath me pakode khate khate khelenge..bada maza ayega…me to abhi se utsahi ho rahi Hu……..koi to rok lo….

        chalo chalo bubye….gnnnnnnnn….sddddddd..apne apne rajkumar k sapne dekhna…me to chali shahid kapur n varun kapur k sapno me khone….so now do not disturb…

    • sethulakshmy (sethooty)

      Hi Micky, vini ,Vinitha, joya ,shradha , niti…how was d weekend…? I hate Mondays… Y dis day always come after Sunday..haha..
      Micky darling bcy thaa yaar hangout wid cousins and shopping…

    • joya

      hum bewafa????????
      tumhari comment read karte wakt aisa laga jaise tum keh rahi ho ki Teri bewfai ko bhoola na sakenge,chahe bhi to kabhi muskurana sakenge…………………………….

      yar hum bewfa nahi hai yeh to kismat ne aisa majak kiya humre sath……
      q yeh iljam?????
      ab hum kisi ko muh dikhane layak nahi rahe…….pehle ka jamana hota to raat kk bahar ja sakte the lekin ab tonsab jagah lights hai….kya kare hum…….????
      itna sa bhi bharosa nahi hai hum par………???????
      bichare hum….ab chullubhar pani dundhana padega……….

      marne k liye nahi…pine k liye….

      bdw niti i dont which book u have read…..but dear jhasi ki rani ko British government ne kabhi arrest nahi kiya tha yahi sach hai…..ko 1bar bhi jail nahi gayi hai…….tum fir se book padhlo……

  33. vaishnavi

    Hi vini di ..dat day u told na to to continue reading ur ff but di I read all d episodes of ur ff frm season 1 to season 2 each n every epi but didn’t commented dats it srsly I luved ir each n every epi some time I wonder how can u write so well ……u may think till she d commented den y did she commenting now well there r 2 reasons behind it
    1.to make u happy bcoz I know even if one comment increase u will feel happy ….nd by makong u happy atleast then u may give us happy episodes. .just kidding
    2.by seeing everyone’s frndshp seriously I luved it even I want to b part of it ….when I read all ur chats I feel happy recolecting my memories with my school frnds ….u, shradha di, rupshika di, neeti di, seethoty di, vinitha di, joya di nd writings, ur frndshp is awesome di ….even I too want to b part of it……srry I think I wrote too much

    • Vini

      Oh u have read the other ff also?glad to know that ,actually new names under ff is truly exciting,dats the only way to know how many are reading our ffs,then,bond between the names u mentioned,even,I think at times,how it happened,but m happy I met them thru this platform, then,welcome to our army.Keep in touch dear..hope others will read this too.

  34. Gd mrng guyzzzzz….hv a cuuuttteeeeeeeee beeaaauutttiifuuullllll dayyyyyyyyyyyy guyzz?

    Vinita sry rey m late…Bst of luck dr 4ur xm….acche mrks lna thk h na?…nhi toh pnshmnt mlgi ???…aur waise v 2m toh abhi xm hl me hogi yarrr

    Sethooo(sethooty)myyyyyyy darlinggggggg shopppppiinnggggg haaa????…chal bata mere liye kya laye ?????

    Nitiii bdminton ha…mjhe v khlna h yaarrr????…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.