Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 28

Hi guys,Swasan Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 28

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Actually,yesterday’s comments,honestly didn’t expect you all will like that episode,was randomly written n I was not satisfied,they were around 15 new names,those who comment daily,I know the names now,in reply to a silent reader under 27th episode ie. yesterday’s ,I have written,that ,now I truly wish all silent readers commented ‘once’ under my ff,it is just out of a curiosity to know how many of you are reading my ff,don’t know if u all will consider this,ah,then coming to the story,as I have quoted Christopher Booker before,there are just 7 basic plots,all stories said so far falls into it,there are debates for and against that view,I am not a writer (don’t think,I am thinking low,it is a fact),so your guesses may be right,let’s see whose guess matches closely with my thought,please keep reading,thank you for the support,Swasan will be united but how,when,where….?quite predictable ,but let us see…..

Scene 1:Next day evening,beach……….

Sanskar is waiting for Swara,Swara arrives after some time,her face clearly shows her heart ,Sanskar looks into her eyes,the puffiness around clearly conveys the amount of tears the previous night and that day witnessed,Swara asks him, “Sanskaar,one last time,I am asking,tell me,what you told me yesterday,is it a lie?if yes,I know all your responsibilities,I know you are not ready for a marriage now,but,one word,Sanskaar,please,not for me,to convince my family,if you think it is for my well being,don’t ask me to go,please,”Sanskar just listens silently and then tells her, “Swara,shall we go that side,you think I am lieing to make u go from my life?no dear”,he takes her along with him,he opens the door of a blue car parked there,a girl steps out,she looks at Swara,Swara looks at her in shock ,her eyes are filled but she is struggling to hide it,she feels like running away but composes herself and smiles,Sanskar tells the girl, “Sanjitha,this is Swara,”,he slowly turns and tells, “ Swara,this is Sanjitha”,Swara is struggling to hide her pain.she looks at her and brings a forced smile and says, “Hi”,Sanjitha responds, “Hai Swara,Sanskar has mentioned about the three of u,SwasanRaglak,that’s how he says,nice to meet you,I am so sorry Swara”,Swara says, “Oh,please don’t say sorry,I am sorry,I wished for,actually I don’t deserve,sorry,I am happy to meet you,you both make a very good pair together “her lips are shivering while saying that,she continues, “Actually,now ,I will leave,before making a decision wanted to….later ,should not feel,no?,that I went wrong,still,don’t know,if it is right or wrong ,but….have to….ok,nice meeting you Sanjitha,you are leaving this week,no?,all the best ,bye”,she turns to go,then quickly goes back and holds Sanjitha’s hands,she removes her ring from her finger and makes Sanjitha wear it and says, “you should be knowing clearly,he must have told you yesterday,I have loved your guy all these years,but it is my mistake,I should have thought from his angle too,I am very happy for you,I will also pray for all the obstacles to vanish,your parents will agree,his parents and sister,they are very nice people,wont hurt you,wont hurt any one,then,don’t know when we will meet again,this is a small gift from my side and all good wishes in advance ,she hugs her and takes permission to leave……

She calls Sanskar to a side and tells him, “I am happy that you got a very good girl,this life ,you belong to her,but in next life,will you be mine?”,a tear rolls down from her eyes,she wipes and says, “I am so silly,no?how can I ask that?,you will wish to live all your lives with Sanjitha,no?sorry,ok,may be we were not born to be together,it is ok, sorry,I am unlucky ,good wishes to both of you,today I will agree to what mom and dad told,only for you,only because you made me promise that I will agree”Swara waves a bye to Sanjitha and walks away,she goes to the direction where her scooty was parked,she is walking but crying her heart out closing her mouth with one hand and is also trying to compose herself to prevent Sanskar and Sanjitha from seeing her shoulder moving ,she reaches near her scooty and stumbles,Sanskar was watching her,seeing her going to fall,he calls Swara and moves forward but Swara is at a distance where she couldn’t hear that,he sees Swara leaving and goes near Sanjitha and thanks her..

Sanjitha tells him, “Sanskaar,tell me honestly,you brought me here to meet her because you don’t love her and wants her to move on in her life,are you sure,you don’t love her and that is why you made me pretend like this?”,Sanskar replies ,”Yes Sanju,I don’t love her,I don’t want her to wait for me,I want her to accept the proposal which her parents brought,but thank you so much for helping me,for coming to see her”,Sanjitha responds, “Sanskaar,before leaving I had plans to meet you,what you have done for me and Vicky,I cant do anything in return for that but I came and promised that I will never let Swara know the truth of our friendship for you,because you’re my good friend,if you had not supported, me and Vicky would have never been able to carry our relationship thus far,though bitterness is still there between families,atleast ,you could turn his mom in our favour”,Sanskaar smiles and says, “yea,those moments,still,don’t know ,how aunty agreed to meet you and all,ah,thank God,and,thank you Sanju ,once again ,for this big help,should I come along?”,Sanjitha continues, “You know something Sanskaar,I met your family today,na?they are so loving,Swara is right,and you just now told me that you don’t love her,but look at you Sanskaar,you are talking,you are smiling,but your heart is not here,I am telling about my friend who I have known for the past 4 years,Swara was in pain but you looked more hurt,Swara stumbled,you moved forward to hold her calling her name,I wish she noticed it but poor girl ,can understand her heart,what is it Sanskaar,is it that you haven’t realised your love for her?or am I totally mistaken ?your heart ,really,doesn’t want to stop her?please think about it, my friend,if there is a chance,don’t let her go,12 years,poor girl,accept her,na?when I return I wish I could see you both together,please think about it,now,let me leave”she leans and hugs Sanskaar,Sanskaar opens the door for her,he again asks her if he should accompany her,she tells him again to think about it,suddenly she opens the door and steps outside again,removes the ring from her finger,holds Sanskaar’s right hand and places it in his palm and tells her, “Oh,I would have left with this,the girl who walked away a few minutes back with a broken heart, doesn’t know that I don’t deserve this,but you know that,I wont take this,I feel, this belongs to that same girl in all its sense,whether you agree or not,I feel so,ask your heart Sanskaar,before it is too late,I will surely pray for you both”,she gets inside the car after saying this and wishes him bye and leaves……

Scene 2:Sanskaar is seated at the seashore

The sea is very calm,he looks at the sea,he has Swara’s ring in his hands,he stares at it,tears blur his vision,he slowly kisses the ring and looks at the sea and says, “best friend,no?very calm today,but all the waves are inside my heart,I wish I died this moment,can you help me?can you come angrily and take me along with you now?no,cant wish for that also,have a family who needs me,but,life?do you have the slightest idea about the condition of my heart now?I am tired,I am tired ,the day she came home for the first time,felt she was born to be mine,every moment spent with her made me feel,we were destined to be together,wanted to spend this life with her,wanted to give her all happiness,her name was attached to every dream that I saw,from one end I was struggling to untie the knots but from the other end destiny brings a new challenge,now lakhs for Papa’s renal transplant,his condition is bad,don’t know if his body is ready for another surgery,but have to,because I want him,all I have with me to give to Swara is my love,but that is not enough,I don’t want her to struggle with me,Akshay’s proposal is a really good one for her,let her move on,love is not always about living with the one you love,it is also about letting your love live happily,I broke her heart,but,after marriage,she will accept him,she will get all the love… now what more will you give me life?,what is new challenge in store for me,I have never complained,have I?now also,no complaints,no demands, can accept any number of pains again ,because the biggest is losing my Swara,already did,I made her walk out of my life,she is my heart,I cant accept that she wont be mine but give as much pain as you want in this life,but if there are 6 more lives,I want 6 more,to spent with my Swara,give me the blessing to give this love back to her,to hold that hand which I just now rejected,she has loved me for 12 years,I wish I could go and tell her that I have been loving her since the day she came home when we were in 8th standard,that I had understood her heart even if she had not told anything,that distance was never a problem in understanding her,because I carried her in my heart,,that I was born to be hers,life………..why are you making me helpless?,it is enough ,you broke my heart,but all my pains,God ,I am not questioning you,I know you give struggles to people who you love the most and I know you love me God,so ,please keep my Swara happy, after her marriage,let Akshay give her all the love and happiness that she deserves..he again kisses the ring and keeps it inside his fist and keeps his hand on his chest,he closes his eyes and tears roll down ,after some time he gets up and walks towards the water,he stands there still ,for a long time,then comes back,kneels down,takes the beach sand in his fist,slowly opens it and allows the sand to fall down,he then cries,looking at the sky…………….

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


  1. raisha

    It was amazingly written veena I just loved it you made me cry continuously from the start u write so well that I could literally imagine that happening in front of me. Love you vini and your fanfiction. Update soon dear

    • Vini

      Thank u very much yr,your first comment,no?thanks dr,humbled n honoured reading your good words, it is just an attempt,glad that u guys liked it.

  2. bhagi

    ohhh my god again u made me cry vinni…….both sanky nd swara are right in their places bt i hope sanky should have told the truth to swara so that she cant feel this Mich pain bt even sanky is going through lot of pain its just shows ur awesomeness in describing the feelings of two people…..nd vinni r u a CA student…..??????

    • Vini

      Oh sorry for the pain in these episodes,actually my previous ff was a feel good one,I mean, I think so,but this one,have tried to give a lil identity to characters, so some incidents in theur lives,required,and ,no yr,I completed my BDS.

    • Vini

      First of all,thank u so much for the comment,glad to know that u were reading,thank u for the good words,29th is also uploaded…

    • Vini

      Thanks for commenting yr,have noticed ur comments before ,u had asked for Sanskar’s point of view,no?thank u for liking this episode,this is a silly track,don’t know from 30th episode what u all will say, most probably will ask to stop.

  3. Mishti

    I’m a silent reader of your ff but I had to comment to this episode,
    In your last episode, I cried when he said he didn’t love her and there’s someone else in his live but honestly OMG I knew it,
    I knew he loved her too, please unite SWASAN soon

    • Vini

      Thank u so much for the comment, good to know that u were reading,yes,swasan will be united for sure..and u guessed it,nice.

    • Vini

      Thanks for commenting,I think u have commented once before under my ff,thank u for liking it,next one is uploaded, hope u will check it.

    • Vini

      Thank u for the comment yr,happy to know that u were reading,humbled n honoured,hope u will keep reading.

    • Vini

      Sorry for the tears yaar ,thank u very much for the comment,first one here,no?story ,I may mess up,I feel so,an advance sorry, I have to say for that.

  4. Awwwe phir se rulayaaa????….n yeah me jnti thi ki sanky ki koi gf nhi h yesss?…kitna pyarr krti h na swara se wowww..amazing di…mmmuuaahhh

    • Vini

      Oh Mickey baba cried?sorry dear,oh u knew it,clever girl Mickey,how is ur practice going on?thank u dear for the support here,take care.

  5. vaishnavi

    Hey even I am silent reader not totally bcoz sometime I do comment….any ways today epi is totally emotional ….I thought sanskaar is dng dis for swara n in ur story same happened so my guess is r8

    • Vini

      OH u guessed it right,good to hear that,and I remember ur name,u have commented,good to c u bk,tc,hope u will keep reading…

  6. joya

    di polichuuuuu…….
    i loved it………

    small small moments……..starting me swara ki halat,her lipes r shivering, apni baat puri na kar pana,aur bhi bahot sare moments hai yr………… sanskar and sanju ka conversation ne humne sanskar ki bday pe swara air shruti ka conversation yaad dilaya…….

    swara ka sanskar se puchna fir se,kahi tum jhooth to nahi bol rahe ho na…?

    is janm me to hum ek nahi ho sakte par kya agale janm me???????? kitni pagal hu me tumhari to wish hogi na ki tumhe sanju ka sath mile………..
    mind blowing………..

    swara ka sanju ko ring dena,sanju ka wahi ring sanskar ko wapas karna,sanskar ko us ring ka feel karna…yr super se uper…………

    sanskar-agar aur 6 janm hai to wo mujhe swara k sath bitane,give me d blessing to give dis love back to her,wo hath thamu jise maine abhi thukraya hai………

    hourt touching………………….??????????

    har ek word supeb hai,kamaal ka hai yeh episode………..

    hey ishq,
    tera har rang hai nyara….koi tere chahat k samudar me duba hai to kisi ko uski majboori tere ek lehar ko chhune tak ki ijjajat nahi deti……kabhi kisi deewane ko ek lehar k sath kinare par fek deti hai….
    sach hai aashiqui imtahan leti hai………

    humre f.song ki kuch lines
    shama ko pighalne ka arman q hai,
    patange ko jalne ka armana q hai,
    isi shaukh ka imthaan jindgi hai…………………..mohbbat jise baksh de jidgani nahi maut par khatm uski kahani………………

    • joya

      again lengthy……
      guys sorry di ka updates aur thand dono humare sir chadkar bhangda kar rahe hai…..hehehehe

    • Niti

      ok..now no more app..tum hi kahungi..

      wowwwwwwww joya..kya likha hai tamne..i just simply love it..just keep it up dear..u can write all book on poetries n shayaris..
      very very well done..

      • joya

        thank you niti……….
        book ???????
        itni kabiliyat nhi hai yr…..
        par tum sab k liye kuch jaroor likhna chahenge………..

      • kriya

        i completely agree with Niti..u can write full book of poetry n shayari..bz u use proper words n write like skilled poet..try jarur karna..

    • Vini

      First of all,polichu???u mean it?how u got it dear?thank u so much for that ,then the lines starting from Hey Ishq ,I don’t want any one to be my fan or my ff’s fan but I am your fan No.1 n I am saying this from my heart, you should write dear,there is a very good writer in you,as Shraddha says, start a blog,I wana read,then about my ff,thanks for every word my dear,and before I wind up,honestly,I am feeling very happy to have met you thru this,may be after completing this ff we may not be in touch,but m very sure the word Punekar will surely bring Joya( Sheethal ) to my mind,also our Mickey,Shraddha,Vinita ,Niti ,Sethooty….then Appu,Leku,Navi n all…I think the last three chat with me only…but m very happy that I got to know you all thru this site.

      • Vini

        I meant the word Pune… Also ,length doesn’t matter at all,cos every word touches my heart.You can write poems or shayari’s as Niti n Kriya said..looking forward to it.

  7. pratiksha

    this is too heart touching update I couldn’t control my rolling tears u know by reading this update…….some old memories r hunting in my heart..this today’s ff is mirror of my heart…..

    • Vini

      First of all,a new name under my ff,thanks for the comment yaar,then ,glad to know that u felt the episode but sad to read that it brought some memories cos somewhere getting a feel that those might have hurt you,if this was the mirror of your heart, all I will wish for now is loads of happiness to your heart…

  8. Nidhi

    Omg.. he also loves her for 12 years.. they both love each other.. and they both know each other’s feelings. But swara cofesses her feeling to him and he lies about his feeling bcos of her happiness… it is awesome.
    Dear you upload very late.. please next part upload fast and it must be today..please please please..

    • Vini

      Thank u for the comment dear,sorry for the late updates,have uploaded the next one actually,since scenes are not planned,it is a task wen I sit to type,that is why m late,sorry, I can understand.And our Sanky’s character is a Mr.Perfect,will accept any amount of pain, in real life I think people belonging to that category will be a minority for sure…

    • Vini

      Hei dear,wen u all say that u all cried,I think I should read it once,may be cos m writing,m not able to feel anything,I m not very satisfied also,for the same of posting minimum one I am posting,not even proof reading now, still,so kind of u,u guys accepted it ,no?.

  9. Harani

    wow..at last it is proved that sanskar also loves swara but wrong timing…wen will swasan bcm together….waiting very eagerly fr that….aww today it was very emotional …

    • Vini

      Thanks yr,good to c u bk,of course,swasan will be united,even I am waiting to c how when n where? have to plan it.

  10. abi

    wow!!!!amazing….when swara said at least for next birth would u b mine…she asked like a small child really I cried a lot….fabulous….even then sanskar don’t show anything to swara he controlled his emotions nicely….superb…..waiting 4 next episode update soon

  11. sindhuja

    oh finally, he poured out his heart to his bestie… that’s so sweet!!! swara’s convo with sanju nice!!! loved it!! waiting for next one!!

    • Vini

      Hope u read 29th,thank u for this support dear,happy to read that what is just typed casually s getting conveyed to u all.

  12. sonia

    Vini….. this was so touching….. I could feel sanskars heart condition. you are a good writer. update next soon.

    • Vini

      U have commented before ,no?emblem not sure,but name,I think I have seen,thank u for the good words,hope u read 29th episode.

  13. Niti

    ohhh Di…!!! i am speechless right now..it was just very very emotional epi..i was disturb yesterday due to swara’s pain..but today i m much more disturb due to both..i was right sanky rejected swara due to his financial position..but i think mukesh’s promise is going to perform important rol here..may be positive or negative..but at the same tim i m happy that sanky also loves swara form last 12 years..lets see what happens..u again make my heart cry like hell..today to sanky bhi roya..i can’t see him like this..Di just see effect of ur ff on me..till now not a single ff or serial story has made me this much disturb..i can feel each n every single line..Di now my eyes are moist so i will comment after sometime..

    • Vini

      Hei dear,m very happy to read ur comment,so u could feel both Swara n Sanskar’s pain,but while writing,may be cos I am typing in a hurry, m not feeling anything ya,wen u all say like this I feel I should read it.Missing our chats ,I mean our Joya,Mickey ,Shraddha, Vinita,Sethooty,busy nowadays, that is y,next episode I mean 30th I will send tomorrow, actually,totally blank,that stupid twist ,I have to think how to incorporate it in next one.

  14. mehera

    Hiiii vini dear …. Again u made me cry yaar …. It is too emotional dear …. Ur simply supb yaar …. I’m eagerly waiting for ur next update dear.. Loads of love ❤???

    • Vini

      Oh thank u dear,second time,no?humbled n honoured reading your words,don know if it will be interesting later,loads of love to u too,stay happy.

  15. Niti

    start with swara’s meeting with sanjitha..each n every word of swara was showing her pain n heart break..how cute of shona to ask sanky if he will be her for next six birth..ahhh..poor girl didn’t know that he also loves her from the day she started loving him..what a depth of their love for each other..both hv given priority to others well being..ufff..the best part was conversation between sanky n sea..finally sanky confessed his feeling for swara to his best friend..sea..each n every word was showing his helplessness..poor boy..let his love go way from him for her bright future..i feel heart broken after reading his confession..you hv used very strong words while describing his feeling..now its not going to be so easy for both of them to handle themselves inform of each other..very emotional epi beautifully written.. though it was heart brokng epi but i feel this is one of the bestest epi till now..very well done Di..

    • Vini

      Seriously dear,this was nice,actually,m a lazy fellow,m bad at explaining n tho u call me writer I will never call me like that,ah.given a chance,I can direct it as a finite series,haha,cos shots I can plan but magical words I can never use,u guys are so.supportive, I don’t feel anything,wen I sat to type these episodes,I was in a hurry n all I had in my mind was reader friends may check,so should post for them.But now u all liked it means,very very happy n analysis ,as always,touched me.I like my lines wen I read u guys mentioning it.

  16. needhi

    Vini di ,sooooooooooooooo cute.my guess is somewhat right that sanky loves swara unconditonally.i am a crazy fan of varun kapoor.i really like him but its not a crush but my whole family thinks in that way.everyone in my family teases me except my father.one day my father returned from P.T.M. , he was holding a newspaper and looked at me sadly.i gave him a questionable look .he groaned and said heart breaking news for my girl.hundreds of thoughts ran across my mind.i thought i scored less marks in preboard.at very thought ,my heart sank.my father continued and said varun ditched u ,he married to some other girl.my family members looked at me with sympathy and said poor girl in unison.i burst out laughing and they too joined me.i yelled at my father saying papa u too .thats how me and my dramatic family is.sorry to waste your valuable time.amazing ff .just loved it.

      • needhi

        Hi joya,thanks yaar.i must say u really write well.i read all your comments they r just superv.u r really good at writing shayaris .so plz dear continue writing like this.

    • Vini

      Hei dear,y sorry,u can share anything, actually u made me smile,so cute actually n regards to Papa n all ur loved ones, even m blessed with a fun loving family,we also pull each other’s legs,actually not similar situations but u refreshed memories..thanks dr.

    • Vini

      Thank u for the comment yr,first one? Thanks ,hope u read 29th episode,thank u for liking this.. Hope u will keep reading.

  17. Niti

    Di have you read my comment in epi 26..? if not then read it..you r not going to tell us that u r not writer n all..ur writing is just fab..mindblowing..now agar app ne eke aur bar kaha na ki app acchche writer nahi ho n all then i am going to come Bangalore n i will hit u for taking against about Di..she is the best writer..got it..?!! (ha ha ha just kidding)

    thanks Di for your best wishes for my study..i will defiantly inform you about my result..but i don’t know ur fb id..plz give it to me..? so that i can msg u after opening fb ac post to my final examination.. i want all of ur fb id wid whom i used to chat..

    thanks shradhdha dear i was not able to manage my music..dance..n study so by heavy heart i drop my music n dance training from last 5 years..but ya i do RIYAAS (practice) whenever i got some free time bz i want to complete my training after achieving my dream..my CA degree..right now i m just focusing on my study..n reading ff is only entertainment in my life as of now..

    vinita dear..hope ur exam is going good..how could u do that to us..!!? i was taking that whenever i will come Bengal i will come at ur place..n rather then inviting us u r going to just give some famous shop names..not fair..!

    hiii rupshikha..how is ur CLG going on..practicing ha..?!!

    hello joya..sethooty..n..everyone…good morning n hv a nice day..always keep smiling..take care

    • sethulakshmy (sethooty)

      Hi niti..I also agree wid u..if she again say like dat she is not a good writer, I will accompany u to hit her haha…
      Yaar all d best for ur studies

      • Niti

        thank you sooo much sethooty for ur wishes..

        vini Di now see i am not alone we will come together..so u better accept it that u r superb writer..n after last 2 epi..the superb word can be replace by mindblowing..incredible..awesome..etc etc

    • Vini

      Niti dear,haha,ok ok,I think I will stand still n accept your beating cos that is better than u all calling me writer, haha,but most welcome to Bangalore,Saba started a grp in fb called fiction lover,u will get me there, Sethooty is there,and happy to read that after achieving CA u will continue music n dance,very happy dear,God bless u,comment under 26th onwards, I will check it,ok.

  18. Sneha

    All the while I was a silent reader of ur ff…. Really liked ur ff.. Loved this episode specially…
    But somewhere I knew that Sanky is lying to swara… But it was really an emotional episode… Hope they will unite soon…

    • Vini

      Thank u for the comment yaar,sorry for making this a predictable tale,glad to know u like this ff,hope u will keep reading.

  19. shabrin

    OMG you are an outstanding writer I was crying when she said “this life u belong to her but next life will u be mine “oh just awesome I read the dialogues again and again to feel the emotions please make them together soon they love each other so much. ..thanks 4 giving such ff☺

  20. vinita

    Aapne phir se ruka Diya di. You ff is the best. You are a fantastic writer di. Oshadharon!!!!!!!!

    Meri pyaari si vini di don’t be angry.
    My didi Ki toli is always welcome to my house.
    Gussa ko bhaga dijiye and smile!!!?

    Exam was oshadharon I was feeling like doing bhangra. I am never tensed before exams but this time there is an immense competition . So because of this I am tensed.
    Niyati di be calm!!!! Calm down…….
    Ache se mehnat kijiye and no one can stop you from achieving your goal. All the best!!!!

    • Niti

      thank god at last you hv invited us vinita..
      thank u so much dear for your wishes..hope everything will be fine..i am going to start my actual preparation from March 2016 after getting study leave from office..

      thanks vini Di apki vajah se muje itne share achche dost mile n unki dua n wishes bhi mili..thank u so much

  21. musku

    Vini di kitna rulaoge…..
    Sooooo emotional….every time I think nothing can b better than this episode n u prove me wrong.. Love u??

  22. Aashi

    It really awesome vini dii . uhh rocked it. It was heart touching.. Hope sanky will realise his love soon….n loved it dear….I was a silent reader but this episode made me too comment…it’s lovable n hats off and hands down for uhh….

  23. vaidehi

    Have been a silent reader up til now but loved d way u brought up the story and the emotions it doesn’t feel like fiction but don’t mind I know ki writer ka mind kahin bhi ja skta hai lekin Aisi kahani itni intensity ke sath koi tabhi la sakta hai jab vo khani me engrossed ho ye feelings uske apne ho kahin ye aapki kahani se milti julti to nhi sorry bs aise hi pucha tha BT love swasan

    • Vini

      I checked this site now,actually,had posted this yesterday by around 7pm,dont know when it got uploaded,and now 48 comments,just scrolled down,many are new names,I think you all considered the wish that I mentioned,I am happy to know that so many were reading this ff,thank you very much guys,for commenting here,today,shall respond to your individual comments as soon as possible,and I read the last one,hahaha,Vaidehi,thank u for the comment ,no yaar,to be very honest,it has nothing to do with my life,I got my first love,that is my hubby through a pakka arranged marriage through a matrimonial site,this story,I am just developing for the readers,even I dont know where this will end..just my luck that you guys liked what I wrote so far,and thank God ,he made me imagine some scenes when I sat down to type,yea,one line of the story in 5 sentences is there in my mind as I often say,but scenes,have to plan,that is why I am taking time,not getting much time to sit and imagine some thing…

      • vaidehi

        But the time u take is worth it loved that u replied but a lovestruck person only can be so good at expressing intensified expressions so well u are really blessed by God’s grace Nyc writing skills by the way I have this type of story even I’m 25 but yes the story started from 6 th class by reading ur story I get into flashbacks and even sanidhya my husband likes ur story

  24. Sushmitha

    Plzz yr don’t saperate swasan it’s a request and I’m a silent reader I have been reading all d episodes of ur ff it’s really emotional tdy u made me cry????

  25. Meghs

    Yar emotional … I felt bad for both swasan … 12yr love can’t be separated … I am crying now i can feel both swasan pain.. Swara n sanskar both r crt at their plAce ..
    Don’t separate them for too long…
    Unite swasan i can’t see both like this.
    Don’t let swara engage to other pls yar

  26. joya

    hi guys………..

    how are u?????????
    feeling awesome na after reading today’s update……………

    bdw shraddha where r u yr??????
    ur phool jaisi sister is missing………………

    hey niti we wanna party after achieving ur gaol………

    yr vinita kabhi humne bhi rashogoll khane pe bulao yr……….

    rups chulbuli princess……singing practice and all ha……good……..

    weakened ka Holiday yr……2 din jaldi uthna nahi padega…………..

    vini di waiting for next update……….

    • sethulakshmy (sethooty)

      Hi joya
      Fine Dr..actually vinita I like to visit Bengal , bz of Tagore, culture, traditional sari,fish, shreya ghoshal ma fav singer, bz of our didi usha uthup..and off course swaragini..

  27. Shona

    Awesome epi Di very emotional ur d best vini Di I lived it n sanky also lives swara I cried like hell… after this epi n yesterday’s epi I had gone through pain I can understand it pls… unite them soon n ya plzzz wish for me I m still waiting for him

  28. Niti

    after reading needhi’s comment i want to share one incidence..

    i love shahid kapoor so much..i am in love with shahid since i was 11 yr old..that means i loved him n still love from last 10 years..all my friends n cousins..family member tease me wid d name of shahid very much..after joining my articleship..in office also all has started teasing me..u will not believe me even my boss also..bz i can’t hide my love towards him..i used to celebrate shahid’s bday wid my friends..whenever any of my friends or family member don’t find any special gift from me on my bday they used to gift me poster of shahid or making my photo collage with him..bz they know i will love that gift for sure..

    my life was going very very good with all this happening…fir eke toofan aya meri zindgi me..shahid married to meera in July 15..you all may be thinking me mad or whatever but i was really very upset..you know i got sympathy call n msg from each n every friends n cousins..i will not lie i cried also that day..till now my mom dad hv never tease me with shahid..they won’t like my craziness..but after seeing me really very upset..you know what papa told to mom that..now they need to find another groom for me bz their so called son in law ditched their princess after 10 years relationship..my mouth was perfectly open in O shape..i couldn’t believe my ear my dad pass comment like that..bz in past 10 years he never like my craziness towards shahid..but to cheer me up he passed such statement..i become normal then..n fir mene..dil par pathtar rakhake do tin din nikale..n shahid k better future k liye pray bhi kiya..ye thi mere phehle pyar ki adhoori kahani..

    till now i hv liked many of actors n actresses..but i hv loved..i love..may be i will love only two actors..the one is shahid kapoor..n 2nd is varun kapoor..(to my bad luck both r married)..after reading this finding me mad na..

    i am sooooooooooo so sooory for wasting ur time..i know some of u will curse me for writing such comment..but couldn’t stop my self..sorry vini Di once again..

    • kriya

      awww..how cute story..so u r crazy about shahid n varun..i can understand ur craziness dear bz i am mad after arjun kapoor n barun sobti..for my good fortune they r not married..ha ha ha..but honesty speaking i was thinking that i m the biggest fan..but after reading ur story it seems ur love towerds shahid is mach more than mine for arjun..

    • needhi

      Hi niti,u r not mad instead its really sweet.i am even experiencing the same thing.u know i really like varun kapoor and mahesh babu(south actor) but both of them are married.u know what from dp to screen savers of mine is of mahesh babu .my friends and family knows about it.they dont leave any stone unturned.my mother slways keeps me remiding me that both r much elder to u and r married but my madness has no effect of it.so dear dont call yourself mad.

    • joya

      dnt worry some1 is better than shahid is waiting for u at any point of ur life’s way…..
      my 1 friend is also huge fan of shahid….usne na shahid ki pic wo ghar me chhota temple hota na uske upar lagayi thi and she still hate karina kapoor bcz of shahid….

      humri do friend hai.1 mahesh babu to dusri prabas ki crazy fan hai…
      u know guys i suggested prabhas’s film to mahesh babu’s fan…usko kaha ki prabhas ki us film me mahesh babu ne guest actor hai.same thing dusri wali k sath bhi ki usko mahesh babu ki film dekhne mo bola yeh kehk ki umse prabhas hai…….

      poor girls…….unhone film dekhi aur pata laga unko humne jhooth bola tha……………itni galiyan di hume ki puchho mat…….

  29. Appu

    Di you are an extraodinary writer super.di im still crying and i cant see what im writing .u just conveyed it beautifully and emotionally .yar plzz unite my swasan.sanskar know that they love each other unconditionally but cant be together is the pain that no ones heart can hold it .its a very difficult pain to bear .plz realease sanskar from this pain .its a request di.and again thank u for this wonderful episode

  30. Hi niti…yes prctce…
    JOYA di aap kitne acche likhte ho yarrrr???….sach me aap bhttt cuutteeee hooo….

    Vinita m fine dr
    …n 2din tk holiday h…n mnday se clg wk??

  31. kriya

    hello vini..i was silent reader till now..but i hv not missed any single epi of ur ff..i like ur ff very much..this epi was very heart touching n emotional..i cried today also..i agree with Niti..u r awesome writer..i hv seen that u guys used to chat also..joya..Niti..shradhdha..rupshikha..vinita..good to see that being stranger u guys hv shared many things about yourself..plz unit swasan soon..

    • joya

      hey kriya,
      welcome in group chatting………..
      we r not strangers…… we r a Reader friends of vini di’s ff…..
      m i ri8 di????????

      • Shraddha

        I agree with u joya!!!! It all started with Vini di’s ff its like this necklace where in we all are pearls n the string is Vini di n her ff….. How are u all I saw epi 28 29 today Oh God so amazing? hello kriya nice name u got BTW tc……..

    • Niti

      hii kriya..ye bhi koi pu6 ne ki bat hai..i agree wid joya..we r readers friends..wow shradhdha kya likha hai yar..necklace n pearls…cha gaye guru..

      • Shraddha

        Thanks niyati yaar mujhe sachi me aiss he lagta hai? hum sab dost bangaye jaise ek grp form hogaya unki ff ke waje se na sooo… Phir CA madamji kyya haal chal hai,?

  32. Appu

    I just read reply for my previous ff comment u dont want to plead to read ur ff its me pleading to u to more ff in a day .ya plzzzzz

  33. kriya

    thank you so much vini for this beautiful n lovely ff..school life..friendship..family supports..clg life..maturity of characters..unconditional love of swasan..raglak cute love..these all things were beautifully described..i hv thought to comment many time..now at last i hv commented here..mindblowing job dear..hope you and ur army will allow me to enter in ur group chating..

  34. Divyarani

    Really ausm mindblowing…veeeryyy emotional yaar…aajj bhii ruladiya yaar mujhee…continue yaar this ws really hrt touching…pure feelings..lv u swasans frevr

  35. Varsha sss

    I am a silent reader from ur first ff….today I got tears while reading
    Thank u diiii 4 a nice episode

  36. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Wow so much comments..I can see new names . Atlast silent readers breaked their silence.

  37. nandini

    dear i had decided to quit up reading bt u know wat ur ff had made me so addicted that here i m again back to read ur ff…nd wat 2 say dear u made me cry…u were as awsm as alwz…luved it…

  38. vini superb epi amd emotional, finally u let us know that sanskar has felt her love and he was in love… but im vry sorry for replying u very late… and nw wts gonna happen in swasan and raglak life… very eager to know….

  39. Shraddha

    Oh my God didi I’m so happy for uuu!!! See told u der are sooo many who love u sooooo much now it’s clearly proved? ah now lets see yest I mean day before yest u gave me tonsils n now on top of that ur giving me ice cream softdrink gola n looks like in upcoming episodes u will provide with fried items as well eh? Irada kya hai meri maaa ?? so much pain in just 1 episode mummy??????!!!
    Swaraaaa I pity u my dear but poor sanky is rite in his own way ?
    To start with swara meeting sanjitha(hey BTW nyc name I really liked it never mentioned because u said sankys gf though I knew she’s not still had sm kind of ? feeling lol…..) Well I can imagine what swara must ve felt the moment sanju stepped out of car poor girl!!! But swara is such a nice person in spite of her pain she told such lovely things to sanjita brave girl!!!! N dat ring she gave I was like ddii stop it ? I hardly new what’s gonna come next n the way swara spoke to sanskaar I gotto know u ve made ur mind to make us cry again Wen she said am so silly no u would wish to spend all ur lives with her… …. Dat was it I started
    ? how many give reply the way she did ….
    N den came major pain till now I was feeling dat poor swara felt heart break now I was feeling oh God he has an option of choosing her but he’s letting her go ? cheating he deserves happiness how much more should he suffer……

    Sanjita spoke so well looks like wer ever sanky goes he just spreads happiness makes friends for life…. Really the way u portray him is just fantastic….. It was so good to see their friendship the way he said sanju hoe sweet!!!

    Oh God didi why do u write in so much depth ? sanky convo with his best friend is soooo deep the way he address it entire conversation gave goosebumps u know?? how can smbody be so good till now was feeling bad for swara but every time I read him addressing her as “My swara” I felt soooo bad? I can’t tell you all those lines That he spoke” i wish idied rite now but cant no ” ” i am tired i am tired” ” felt she was born for me??” every moment spent with her made me feel we were destind to be together “” her name was attached to every dream tthat i saw” his misery his dad’s condition his helplessness his selflessness? no words to describe! I’m so touched n den how he spoke to God” no complaints no demands ” have I ever complained no no?” N this one ” BIGGEST PAIN IS LOOSING MY SWARA” how can smbody love sm1 this selflessly ??? His unconditional love for her touched my heart !!!! Bravo didi u truely are a great narrator!!!?? i ve ni words to tell u how much I love u n ur ff!!!?? just glad that u wrote this 1

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.