Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 27

Hi guys,this is the 27th episode,before reading further just keep something in your mind,our lead pairs are SWASAN and Raglak and it is confirmed,I had thought to put separate pairs for Ragini and Laksh and keep Raglak as just friends,but I am not going for it,so even if I introduce some really stupid twists,please keep it in mind that it is Swasan and Raglak,here we go………

Scene 1:Next day evening,5 pm

Swara waiting for Sanskar at Pops and Corns ice cream parlour,Sanskar comes and sits opposite to her,he asks her “What happened Swara,why you wanted to meet me?,that too,without informing Raglak,”,Swara says, “actually will you come with me to a place?,it is not far from here,I got permission and dad allowed to take the car,so we can return early,”Sanskar is in thoughts, “Swara,I don’t have any problem in accompanying you,but are you alright?,you look really tensed,is everything ok”?Swara says, “Actually,I will tell u na,let us reach that place first,She walks towards the car,Sanskar asks for the keys,he drives and in between looks at her,he notices her restlessness…

Scene 2:Temple, a little away from town

Sanskar comes out,Swara joins him,there is a mild breeze,it is a little dark,temple is a little crowded,Sanskar follows Swara,Swara pays money and gets a receipt and a packet,she goes in front of the idol,she balances her bag,the packet that she just received and folds her hands and prays,Sanskar joins her,in between the prayers,he looks at her,her hair is flowing with the mild breeze ,he notices that she is immersed in prayers,he keeps looking at her,she opens her eyes and sees him,he smiles and asks, “any special list to be placed before him,what happened to you yaar?”,Swara responds, “yes,not a special list,it is the only thing for which I have always asked God,today also ,same”she walks towards the pond at a side,people are seated on the ghat,some are offering prayers standing on the last stairs,

Sanskar suddenly notices the other side,water surface has many floating elongated piece of Banana stem and two lighted diyas each on it,multiple numbers are floating in the water,he looks at Swara and sees the same items in the packet she collected,Swara takes him to that side,they stand at the last steps,she makes him hold two pieces of banana stem in his both hands,she keeps the diyas on top of it,fills oil and lights it,Sanskar sees her face glowing in the background of four lighted diyas,Swara tells him, “they wont allow these from outside,but the ones we buy from here,it floats as there wont be any cracks on it,it is a special ritual,will you join me?”,Sanskar looks at the people around,all are prayerfully and carefully placing it on the surface of the water,Swara takes one set from his hands and goes ,they look at each other and does the ritual,gets up,Swara looks lovingly into his eyes where as Sanskaar looks away ignoring that….

Scene 3:Swara and Sanskar are seated on the steps leading to the water

Sanskar tells Swara, “it is such a beautiful site,lots of floating lights,uniform size and shape,beautiful,thank you for bringing me here,I didn’t know such a ritual was there,”,Swara smiles and looks at him and says, “actually Sanskaar,it is offered on all Thursdays,don’t know the relevance of the day but it is usually for some special intention,I am doing this for the first time,actually,Sanskaar….one minute”,she opens her bag and takes a bunch of roses, Sanskar looks at her in surprise,she gives it to him and continues, “do you remember these,I mean,do u have any idea from which plant this is,you remember,a blue pot which you had painted after me planting a branch?,it went missing later,before that once when I visited your home,accurately speaking ,when you had told about changing school,the next day,you had gone for science quiz,we had come home,I walked in the garden and saw the pot painted blue ,

I asked Meera and took a branch from it and a fistful of soil from the same pot,I didn’t have any idea that it will grow ,but it did,every year I added one pot extra and planted one branch,these are 12 roses,it denotes 12 years,we met as 13 yr old kids,now going to be 25,actually,I don’t know know how to put it in words,Sanskar,you remember you took leave for many days because of chicken pox,that time I missed you like hell,I didn’t understand that feeling clearly,but since then,the only purpose of my life has been……..loving you…..Sanskar looks at her,he looks into her eyes,she looks into his and says, “yes ,you heard it right,have been loving you,silently,all these years,wanted to tell you,but,I know everything about you,I would not have told you this now also,but,parents have brought a proposal,dad’s partner’s son,(she mentions all details about Akshay and continues ),I know your situation and responsibilities,I am ready to wait any number of years,but to escape from this and similar proposals,please talk to my parents,all I need is a word,I will happily wait for any number of years after that ,until your debts,Meera’s wedding,everything is over…”

Sanskar looks at her and says, “Swara,I am sorry,I don’t know how to tell you this,12 years,I know what I am going to say will break your heart,Swara,I am in love with my college mate,actually,her parents wont agree,so ,no one else knows about it,silent love,but I have promised her that I will marry her,she will leave for U.S next week,she is coming to meet me tomorrow,I know Swara,what you will be feeling,please forgive me,I am very sorry”,Swara is looking unbelievably at him,she is struggling to believe what she just heard,she feels like the whole world around is shaking,she tries to calm herself but sits there with folded hands….Sanskar sits near her and softly calls “Swara…”,Swara doesn’t look at him but softly says, “I thought you would have understood my love even if I haven’t told,you haven’t given any hints but your presence has always made me feel something which Laksh or any other boy hasn’t,I thought the way my heart understood all what you wanted to tell even when you were away,you would be feeling mine,but,now ,I don’t know(she holds her forehead ),she quickly looks at him and says, “are you saying a lie?,to keep me away,I am getting a feel like that ,if yes,don’t do it to me Sanskaar,I told,no?I will wait for you,any number of years,please,don’t lie,I beg you”

He holds her hand and says, “Swara listen to me,you remember a promise you made ,out of our friendship,you will listen to anything that I say”,Swara looks at Sanskaar in shock and says, “Please Sanskaar,don’t ask me anything,please,I want to see your girl,only then I will believe,you told she is coming tomorrow,no?I want to meet her,then only I will believe,I used to understand you but now I don’t now anything,can’t believe your words,don’t know why,heart is not accepting,”Sanskar takes her hands in his and tells her, “I need a promise from you ,I know it is cruel but I need it,you are my very dear friend,my best friend I would say,Swara I will bring her tomorrow,but promise me ,after meeting her,you will agree to this marriage with Akshay”,Swara looks at him in shock,tears roll down her cheeks,she shakes her head and tells him , “Please Sanskar,don’t ask for such a promise,my heart cant take it anymore,

please,you don’t want me,ok,but,please don’t force me,how can I?,Sanskar holds her hands tightly and says, “Swara,he is a very nice guy ,that is what I feel after hearing what you said,your family also likes him,more than that Mukesh uncle and aunty knows them,Swara it will be a little difficult to love a new guy but it will heal your heart,you may take some time to love him,but certain things,when destiny interferes,it will be because,those things are meant to be like that,you were born to be Akshay’s girl,I feel so,for the sake of our friendship,promise me now,that,you will agree ,yes,after meeting Sanjitha tomorrow,ok,(he insists,goes on convincing her,Swara is in tears,her tells her that he will get engaged to her silently before she leaves to U.S,only if she agrees to marry Akshay,he makes her promise out of her love and friendship,Swara finally nods a yes unwillingly)

Scene 4:Swasan reaches Swara’s home

Sanskar comes out,Swara doesn’t look into his eyes,she asks him to come inside and have supper,he tells her that he has to leave as it is late,Swara tells him that Shambu uncle will leave him,he looks at Swara and tells her that he will manage that and again asks pardon for breaking her heart,he goes from there ,Swara stands there motionless,tears roll down her cheeks,she keeps staring at him leaving and runs to her room after he left,she goes and stands in front of Shekhar’s photo,she goes and after locking the door,comes back and hugs Shekhar’s photo and weeps bitterly, she tells him, “God didn’t listen inspite of me and you telling him daily,no,Papa?why ,life is doing like,this,the only hope that kept my spirits alive is this and now,I feel don’t have anything to live for Papa,

I am so dependent on my love for him,I cant accept it that he has promised somebody else,I don’t know if he will bring the girl tomorrow,but this time,I have lost all my hope,heart says,he will bring his girl,I don’t have the guts to meet them but I have to,and you heard no?he made me promise that I will move on,I know that he is doing it because he cares for me,because he thinks that if I get a partner,I will forget him,but will I be able to forget him Papa?,come and hug me,Papa,I am alone ,my soul is being stabbed…..please Papa,if he brings his girl tomorrow,I have to agree to what mom and dad told,I don’t know why I agreed to Sanskar when he made me promise,I am a fool Papa,I will do anything for him,he wants me to do this but ……….she moves her hand on the photo and falls down,sits on the floor and leans on to the wall and weeps bitterly………….

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  1. Yea
    …I read ur ff very day..I’m adictaed to ur ff…thank u for rplying to my commet.
    .it means a lot to me..keep writing
    ..all the best..

    1. Oh I see,humbled and honoured dear,yea,sure,hope u will keep reading as well, don’t know if it will disappoint u all,tc,keep in touch,even if there will be a delay,under this second season of ff ,m trying to respond to all comments,because readers taking the trouble to pause n leave a feed bk,should appreciate that,so…

  2. Hi vini di, just amzing episode.u made me cry.u always say u r not a good writer but truhfully speaking i read all ff but i never cried and never felt touched but your ff has the power to ooze out tears from my eyes .Hatsoff to u.this was the best proposal in the world. 12 roses ,diyas and swaras words made this love confession out of the world.i feel so attached to this ff.The way u described each and every emotion i think u had a love marriage.sorry for being personal.Di its just a figment of my imagination that sanky is madly in love with her.i am saying this becuse when swara looked into his eyes he completely ignored it as if trying to hide his emotions and i have noticed in several other episodes also that he keeps on looking at her .in 1 episode he himself said that he has a love life ,he will inform her first.awesome episide ,just loved it.its worth reading.

    1. Hahaha,no dear,mine was a 100% arranged marriage through a matrimonial site ,and very frankly,I have no experience of a love before marriage,my hubby is my first love,God brought him directly at the right time,I believe so.

      1. Thank u dr for your comment,good to see u bk,I thought u had stopped reading, u r in XII ,no?busy with exams,ah?then ,glad to read that u liked this episode,happy to know that u had noticed small small moments in previous episodes,I m not a good writer dear,but if somebody writes,I think I can shoot it cos when I write though I don’t describe using magical vocabulary I visualize them acting,it is like a written update of an episode that I have watched,I know u will be busy with studies but pls do try to read up coming track to know what all I will write..haha..even I don’t know dear..let’s see..

      2. Oh thats so sweet di.arranged marriage but a perfect one ,right.may god be with u always.love or arranged marriage doesnot matter ,its just happiness that matters and i can sense out thst u r really happy on your life just like swara is nowadays in real swaragini soap.

      3. Oh,so sweet,yes dear,by God’s grace,yes,happy n thankful,yea,mine was arranged but I know friends who have chosen their batchmates as spouses,they are also happy,so,I beileve ,marriages are made in heaven..

  3. Sorry if he has a love life

    1. Yea yea,Sanky character had told so n he told it first to her without telling Raglak,otherwise depth of friendship will be under doubt,friendship bond s strong but as individuals they are different as well…trying to portray it that way,hope it will be justified..

      1. Ya di i am in XII.i dont comment regularly but i have not missed a single episode of this ff.

  4. Hiii vini how ru ? I’m silent reader of ur story… It is too emotional yaar …. U made me cry today…. Its supb …. Eagerly waiting for ur next update plz do it fast yaar loads of love dear❤?

    1. Hi Mehera,nice name,m fine ,how r u?oh,thank u,glad to know that u were reading,this is one episode where I got to know that there are many readers for this ff as well,thanks guys,and m happy that u liked it,next one ,today ,by evening,most probably,have to type it,loads of love to u too..keep in touch..hope u will keep reading..

  5. Wowwww???…u knw di clg wk ho rha h…singing ke liye prctce kr rhi hu???

    1. Oho,so u r enjoying ,good,good,we also want to hear u singing..ok..practice well n perform well,by the way,which type of song?light music??

  6. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Vini..next episode painful ano..sanskar us going to introduce his girlfriend to swara..hmm sathyam paranjal enikku eppolum sangadam marilla..u r an amazing writer vini..saba dae oru episode made me restless but athu pranyam onnumalla topic..vere oru level arunnu.
    ..but this time ur writting skill..enikku correct vakkukal kittunilla..situation is very resembles to our life..athayirikkam reason.
    Aarude engilum life il engane oke sambhavichittundakam..ee pain thonnuathu athavam..hmm

    1. Next one ithe kanakkakumo ennu enikku ariyilla,aavaan chance undu,vaakukal engane varumnnu ariyilla cos type cheythittilla ,oh,thank u dr,but I don’t consider me a writer,Saba ippo e sitel ezhutharille?Pinne aa restless aakiya episode ethayirunnu?onnu vayichu nokkaamnnu thonni, ithu simple aayathu kondavaam relate cheyyaan pattunnathu..namukku ariyavunna arudeyenkilum helplessness pole ,but enikku ingane aareyum parijayamilla,so I don’t know if I will mess up whole thing.

  7. sab keh rahe hai k mukesh ne sanskar se wo promise liya tha isliye sanskar ne swara ko No bola but hume lagta hai ki mukesh se sanskar ne jo promise kiya tha na mukesh us promise ko sanskar ko yaad dilakar kahi sanskar ko swara se shadi karne k liye kehega……

    1. Joya beta,u want it that way,hahaha,u all remember the promise n hints more than me…one hug for that n ur guess,haha.,let us see…

  8. vini chechi, add me too in the crying babies list… oh god!!! read the last two updates in one go…. my eyes were welled up during reading it… i knew it… i knew it that day itself that you are gonna use that promise in future… and one more promise is remaining… the promise between mukesh and sanskar… does the promise do anything with sanskars this behavior?? because, in previous updates, mukesh noticed swara’s feeling towards sanskar… but he loves swara too… so he might not be a hindrance between swasan… but, something is there… i want to know it this instant but i know i can’t happen… so update soon… and i want a flashback for sanskar who wanted to hid his emotions… because we knew swara’s love towards him… want to know sanskar’s feelings too… and, my gut feeling says that sanjitha is his friend who knows more about him… and, the 12 roses scene is superb!!! i loved the way you gave hints in between the updates which didn’t play important role at that time but would play a major role in future track!!! Addicted to your ff!!! thank you so much for making me cry as well as happy with your updates!!!! that is, i hooked up with it!!! I AM WAITING!!!

    1. Oh u too,so sad ,my ff made u all cry,honestly didn’t expect it this time,all your wishes will be granted,I wish I could tell that,because,even m not sure,what all I will write,oh,thank u for the good words dear,humbled n honoured, u all noticed n remembered the hints,can’t believe, esp because there are so many ff’s in this site,pls keep reading dear n thank u for this support..

  9. Who is in the role of Akshay.If Swara will marry him please give the role to Paarth Samthaan

    1. Hei it is swasan only,readers choice,if they want to imagine somebody.

  10. Hi vinita m fine dr:) avi avi clg se aayi hu…kvi kvi bht late ho jti h yaarr…NEways xam kaisa rha?

    Diiiiii yes !!light music??…n u knw maine aaj tak dance nhi kya par aaj sb dnce krne ke liye kh rhi h…soch rohi hu kya karruuu.??

    Babyyy shraddha whre r u???aaaj itni shanti Q h bhai???…i missssss urrrrr cuteee cuttee natkhat c baat….

    Ooo di missss uuu

  11. Hi vini, where are you? Upload nxt part.

  12. I m typing for d first time . this episode literally made me cry???.l have never thought of crying after reading a ff.urs one is very emotional n touching …please don’t separate them. Loved it vini di☺☺

  13. Well..everyone has already said wat I also want to say:) ur simply superb..keep updating soon

  14. Emotional episode…. Enthayalum kashttayippoyi

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