Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 25

Hi guys,it is the 25th episode,last ff’s, 25th episode some reader friend by name ‘ rs’ had reminded, thank you for all the comments and feed back that you’ve given and please don’t think I am underestimating my ff readers or that I am being prejudiced,but,I bet ,many of you will not like the track from now,already many names have vanished from comments column,may be they are busy but I think another reason would be this slow and unexpressed style,but,guys,please don’t think I am being arrogant,when,I started I had told that this is an aimless ff,it is a common track,and I repeat,many may find it similar to familiar scenes,but,this I am not writing for the majority,neither am I writing for positive comments ,I know only a few will stick to this ff till the end…

SWASAN Fan Fiction (season 2) episode 25
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Scene 1:Next day,interval time,college canteen

Swara and Ragini are seated and Swara asks Ragini if Lucky had called her,Ragini shakes her head in a ‘No’,Swara continues, “but his classmates told he is on leave,no?usually,he send sms at least na when he is unwell or something,shall we call him,I had messaged him but no response came,Ragini sips her coffee and tells softly, “actually Swara,you should not go and ask anything to Lucky about this,yesterday he told me that he loves me”,Swara looks at Ragini in surprise and tells her, “seriously,he told,hei,he cant be trusted,ok,he might have told to fool you”,Ragini says, “no Swara,he was very serious and I could see it in his eyes but I didn’t encourage him,I told a straight no,also the person who was sending those chocolates and all had approached Lucky it seems,you know him,Shraavan and he wants a reply in a week it seems”,Swara says, “he,Shraavan,aree,we’ve talked to him,no?

but he had never hinted anything like this ,and so,what are u going to reply to him,also,hearing Shraavan Lucky must have felt the fear of losing you,now the picture is clear…”Ragini replies, “Swara,I have no intention to get committed so early,at school I wasn’t serious about my studies,but now I am working hard,then dance also,want to pursue,if we go for affairs and all now,we should be sincere to that person also ,no?I don’t think I will be able to ,so,I am going to say a no to Shraavan as well,it is all happening very early,better not to encourage”,Swara says, “ok,I know you are sensible,so whatever decision u have made would be after thinking about the pros and cons,so,I am with you,don’t know what Lucky’s attitude will be?”

Scene 2:Next day,college,parking area

Laksh has come early,he is staring at Ragini and Shraavan who are standing downstairs,he feels jealous seeing them together,Ragini and Shraavan have a big smile on their faces where as Lucky stands there struggling to accept them chatting cheerfully,at last,Ragini and Shraavan shakes hands and seeing that Lucky fumes in anger,Ragini comes upstairs after that and sees Lucky and goes near him,he avoids her completely and quickly goes from there,Swara watches this from behind him,Swara comes near Ragini and says, “I think he is angry with you,now how to patch up,ya,?ah,only relief is Sanky is coming this weekend,no?he may find a solution,Ragini says, “leave it Swara,let me see for how many days he will avoid me”,they leave from there…

Scene 3:After two days,college

Lucky is seated in the canteen,Ragini and Swara walks in,Swara smiles and waves a hai whereas Laksh doesn’t look at Ragini but waves at Swara,he is seated with a new gang,there are two girls and two boys with him,Ragini and Swara are seated on the other side,they can easily see Lucky’s table from there,they see him chatting happily with his new gang,he shows as though he is very close to the two girls,Swara gets angry seeing his actions ,she turns and looks at Ragini who has an expressionless face,Swara tells her, “yaar,I am losing my patience,what is this boy doing?,for the past two days,he gives me a hai for name sake,usually sends some stupid sms and now totally avoiding us,let Sanky come,should give him good”.

Ragini smiles and says, “chill Swara,why to raise our BP,he is behaving like that to show me,seeing me unaffected,he is showing off more,you leave it,it is a friendship of more than 10 years between Sanlak and me,eversince you came,we were one loyal gang,so do you think he can forget all that and form a new gang,he will come,I am sure,this is just a show,no?let baba enjoy”,Swara looks at Ragini and then gives a smile and says,”ya,true”

Scene 4:Weekend,Pops and Corns Parlour,around 4 pm..

Swasanraglak are seated ,Laksh and Ragini are ignoring each other,Swara starts the conversation, “I had called Sanky and he has an idea about what happened last week and you Lucky,what wrong did I do to avoid me completely,also Ragini,we know she is very frank,she told you frankly,you are her friend,no?why cant you understand her”,Swara turns to Sanky and continues, “You know Sanskar,I was literally going mad between these two,cold war has a limit,no?one is unaffected as though she has come from another planet,other is acting too smart with all the girls in college,I am fed up,today ,you should find a solution”,Sanskar says, “Hei Lucky and Rags,what is all this,why so much relevance to this matter,and you Lucky,you were always against a serious relationship during student life,then why all this?

Ragini says, “I don’t have any problem with him,I still consider him my friend,he is not able to understand me,what can I do?,Laksh gets angry and says, “friend it seems,then,why cant she understand me,yes,I was against,but I don’t know when I started loving this idiot,wen that Shraavan came and told,I felt disturbed,she wont understand,I couldn’t imagine her being with somebody else,it is because I want her ,because I love her,and you both,,supporting her,yea,she had shaked hands and agreed to Shraavan ,I saw,and now you four be a gang,Lucky is an idiot ,no?,I will be alone,no problem,I am going,”he gets up to go,then quickly sits down and says, “And you Ragini,it is so embarrassing to prove my love in front of others,but swasan are like my family,so

I don’t care they are here,just understand one thing,I told you in a hurry,but that doesn’t mean I am not serious,I love you means,I love you and I cant accept you with any Shraavan,but,,I cant change your decision,so here we will part ways,good bye” he gets up and goes from there,Sanskar and Swara looks at each other helplessly,where as Ragini shows the same unaffected expression,Sanskar tells Ragini, “Hei,u know you are like my Meera for me,I am not trying to influence you,it is your life and I know you will make a right decision but Lucky is so sensitive,try to be a little kind to him instead of totally ignoring him,at least talk to him softly…

Scene 5:Bar

Sanskar received a call from a mutual friend of his and Lucky’s,he reaches the place,he finds Laksh drunk and creating trouble to others,Sanskar and the other friend supports him and brings him outside,Sanskar thanks his friend and stands near Lucky and thinks to himself,”how to take him in bike,should hire a cab,but if uncle and aunty sees him like this”,he quickly calls the same friend and asks him if he can let both Lucky and him be in in his flat for a night,friend readily agrees,just then Sanskar receives a call from Ragini,she asks him if he is out,Sanskar unknowingly replies, “yea,this Lucky” …and stops,Ragini asks him,”what happened to him,tell me the truth,?”Sanskar tells the situation and asks her not to inform parents,Ragini asks for the spot and reaches there in her two wheeler,it is around 6.30 pm,she hides her disappointment seeing Lucky like that, she goes near him, Lucky looks at her and says, “drank like hell to forget her face but still that devil is coming in front of me and staring,hei,Sanky,I hate her,I hate her”,suddenly he holds his head with both hands and says, “no yaar,I love her a lot,cant hate her,tried a lot this week but…”,Ragini kneels down before him and says, “so I am devil and I am staring at you,yes I am staring at you and you are not dreaming,now,you are not in your senses,we will talk tomorrow” she turns to Sanskarr and says, “,Sanky tomorrow afternoon,lunch outside,bring him there,I will inform Swara as well”,she suggests the restaurant and goes from there…

Scene 6:Restaurant,next day

It is a good restaurant but it is not at all crowded,it is afternoon,all four have gathered around a table which Ragini had booked,Laksh is embarrassed and is struggling to hide it,he simply keeps hitting on the table with the spoon,Ragini quickly holds his hand and takes the spoon and tells him, “tabala practice ,we will do it later,now,for everybody’s kind information,I haven’t accepted any Shraavan’s proposal,and Lucky,this is not a film,it is life,you will get drunk,flirt with girls,form new gangs,to make me jealous,do you think it will affect me,sorry,but it didn’t, I am a little practical,you are the elder son,uncle is about to retire in a few years,do u have any idea about your responsibilities ?,also your academics,I need not tell you where you stand,so,this is not the time to love,first study well,pass with a proper grade,do a pg,then,that time if this love remains unaltered,I will think about accepting it,

Laksh gets excited and gets up from his seat and hugs Ragini,Swara and Sanskar bursts into laughter hearing and witnessing the whole thing,Ragini softly hugs Laksh and then meaningfully pats him and says,”you remember,na?exams are fast approaching,so instead of getting excited,go and study after this lunch,also,I haven’t agreed ,I only told that I will think about it.”Sanskar and Swara both keeps laughing where as Laksh is super excited and says, “where is the menu card,Oh,I am very hungry,all these days ,was struggling yaar”,Ragini tells, “but who is going to pay the bill,me ,no?so no need to be so excited”,Laksh shows an angry face and says, “I will pay,shut up now”,Ragini looks at him lovingly which swasan doesn’t notice,Laksh understands but pretends as if he didn’t notice it…

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


    • Vini

      Thanks yr,yea,I like Ragini of my ff more than the other three characters,and so gave some importance to her.

    • Vini

      Actually, I will come back and respond to all your comments,no yaar, this is not the last episode,swasan track hasn’t started yet.Thank u for your comment.

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,but,please avoid that ‘fan’ word,Im not being modest but I don’t think m worth it,u guys are my reader friends,I consider all of u like that n a few among u are really very close…

    • Vini

      Thanks dr,m happy that u liked it,yea,Swasan scenes will be there but don’t know if u all will like it .

  1. joya

    nice episode………..
    as usual each and every situation is perfect…..
    i think i write ur every update in my comment always( in short……………short???????? really?????????)
    i really like dis episode……….
    ragini is really mature……………

    uska unaffected rehne se lekar lucky ka dusre gang bane ke actual reason ko samjhna,un sab ka milna and ragini ka lucky ko samjhana…….very nice diii……….

    kuch slow nahi hai…..sab situations perfect hai…….
    u r not arrogant….. u r honest…….u said many namesbhave vanished from comment column……. bt u forget dt some are giving very lengthy comment related to ur ff……..(our ff??????????)

    each dialogue of today’s episode is very nice……..

    • Vini

      Yea dear,I appreciate that,and our ff,yea,it s totally our ff,m not at all bothered about the number of comments,a few of u with whom I chat daily and then Devi,Surbi,Shabrin,Shanaya and all gives me daily feed back,did I miss any name?others might be busy,no probs,m not in a big hurry,we’ll go with the flow,then regarding ff,yea,I know that u will notice every line and mention it ,thanks dear for this support…and in advance m telling,sorry,if I mess up the whole track ,let us see how the story will shape up…

  2. joya

    u really roking today…….
    devil????????????? hehehehe
    really really i like today’s matured ragini so much……

    common track??????
    u write…..i read it……………
    i m still in confusing state ki hum kahe kya……

    in 4 words
    i liked today’s episode…….
    no worry kuch kehne k bajay aap khud hi dekh ligiye ki hum humesh ki tarah har line padhenge……..
    har chij point out karne k chakkar me aapka pura episode comment me likhenge……….
    aap nahi chahti????????

    • Vini

      Haha dear,I know ,I scribble down a few things,but may be our thought process is same that a few of u are liking it the way I like it,yea,I wish to see ur comments,no doubt,it s really overwhelming to see that some small things even u all are noticing..keep in touch dear.

  3. joya

    1 second……

    di r u missing niyati?????????????????????????????

    aapne previous episode k comment nahi padhe????

    di i m damn sure she is busy bcos of festival……….
    gujrat me to makarsankrati k pehle bahot bada kite festival hota hai…….

    di and shraddha i replied u both there

    • Vini

      No dear,I didn’t mean her ,yea,didn’t check previous ff,shall do it asap,actually,Mickey,u,Shraddha,Vinita,Sethooty,Niti,Appu and all,I didn’t mean u all,I meant a few other names,m not mentioning it here,though..

      • Vini

        Yea,I agree,Niti is being missed,but I think there will be some reason…as u said,most probably festival or studies,yea ,in Kerala it is Makaravilakku,then in Tamil Nadu it is called Pongal ,then here in Karnataka ,same, Makarsankranti..

      • Shraddha

        Actually di back to back big big comments na mujgw thoda gadbad laga so after typing der I was like yaar ywh toh aaj ke episode ja hai bhi nahi its chat b its so long now wat abt episode so I’m commenting here lol????. Aaj ka episode was “SwaSan the saviours”? ha-ha but that feeling of ur friend isolating from ur grp n joining another is very painful? I liked this wen eags say sanlakrags friendship is more than 10 years ?that reminded me of myself proudly saying rags baby my dosti is from kindergarden to +2 to engg n still same coll daily we meet so out of my 19yrs I ve been with same 7ppl for 16 yrs ?? n still going on n den Sanky s here its sad actually I was very angry wen I read lucky was drunk but the moment I saw he was embarrassed wen he came to restaurant I was glad ? n den lastly rags God wat a transformation from the bubly girl to such a mature person lovely n dat way wen she looked lovingly at lucky I was like Ahha beta rags tu bhi ha???hehe

      • joya

        wow…..i really like separate pair for rag and laksh………
        even i like shraavan’s character………..
        it’s my opinion ha………
        dnt change ur mind…..carry on wid ur track…………

      • joya

        thank you yr shraddha………
        bdw humne short comment kiya to sab keh rahe hai……waise bhi lengthy comment me hum pura update short me likhte hai yeh alag baat hai….hahahaha……
        tell me….actually vote karo…..hum lengthy comment kare ya short………..heheehe….

      • Vini

        Hei Shraddha and Joya,Joya,my vote,any doubt,lengthy ones of course in Sheethal style,then,Shraddha baba,same set of friends for these many years,oh,I envy you and length of your comments doesn’t matter,I enjoy reading that,then yea,some drama is required,so made Lucky drink,but I don’t support such things,I even wanted to introduce separate pairs for Rags n Lucky but many Raglak fans and also this already simple track will look odd with new characters and more than that m lazy to think about giving identity to my characters,honestly wanted to show Raglak as pure friends,then,wishes and prayers of this day to you all,honestly don’t know the details of this celebration,but shall read about it…

  4. Vinita

    Awesome epi di!!!!
    Exams are going well. Scared ? for tomorrow.
    Sabko makar sankranti Ki badhaiya!!!!!
    Tomorrow mom will make alot of delicacies!!!!!feeling happy and scared ?

    • Vini

      Oh,then I am coming to Bengal to enjoy your mom’s dishes,don’t worry about exams dear,it will be easy,enjoy the day, all good wishes to u.

    • Vini

      Hei Appu,thanks dear,oh,u liked that part,thought if it would be right to add this drinks n stuff,hope it didn’t go out of hands,personally don’t support liquor and stuff,for story had to include,though.

  5. sethooty

    Vini again superb episode.. Haha..Lucky in drunken state funny…
    Loved ragini’s character straight forward , bold and practical…you portrayed her character well..
    Swara is normal girl ..on previous episode u said that she is an average singer…she is like a girl on next door…I am saying this bz u gave each character simple shade..namukku chuttum ullavare pole thonnum…

    • Vini

      Thank u dear,yes dear,trying to portray it in such a way only,with characters resembling people next door,Ragini has become mature,Sanskar is Mr.Perfect.Swara is an ordinary girl n Lucky a cute badmash but extremely lovable…thank u for supporting my ff,a few of u guys have been there from the start n u r definitely an important name among that..

  6. Shraddha

    Going back to previous episode n replying is fun but I’m very lazy head sorry today toh very hectic day in coll oh God started see Hell?? lol?? anyway u said I started feeling for dem der u know wen I do smthing like watch TV or read ffs I’m totally engrossed in it my brother says my facial expressions aso change itseems ? I donno but I involve a lot so feeling for them like them everything is common for me? Dramebaaz I am u know no my bro says he smtimes feels I’ll become “Monjolika” from bhool bhulayaa fliim ROFL? n den 1 more incident I told was being broker rite??? lol u know I donno why but even though being a Co-ed student since kg class’s I hardly go myself n talk to a guy like I ve many friends among guys I do speak but 1st step is never mind donno ?? so all my class boys used to be scared to talk to me I donno why I was dominating tough ?? I agree but never harsh or aggressive so this guy was literally scared to come n ask me to ask my friend he din have any option because she was a reserve girl n I naturally bukbuk Rani was friends with her so he’s telling his friend arey I’ll directly ask her yaar asking Shraddha to ask her is even worse situation?? n I started laughing nbden all this he said in front of me only wen he saw me reacting normally he was like arey tum toh kafi achi nikli kind of ? still wen I see him ivlaugh because the picture of him dragging his friend away from me with a scared face was just so funny?

  7. Shraddha

    Omg I have typed randomly wat ever came to my mind today was busy sorry tomo festival na Happy Makar Sankranti everyone n so Didi fast fast Jo bhi aaya dimag me I typed if u find it annoying sorry ha its OK im always doing bukbuk so used to this heheje?

    • Vini

      Oh no dear,not at all annoying,actually wen I read,automatically a smile will come on my face,so frankly u all share,oh,so tough girl u were,I mean for others,then,expression changing while watching something ,actually, it s always fun to watch others’ expression wen they see us being immersed in a scene,my friend in hostel,looking at her and listening to her screams while watching some silly horror scenes even,was thinking abt all that while reading,Happy Makarsankranti dear,in Kerala it is makaravilakku,don’t know much about it but I know it s an auspicious day,may God bless everybody..

    • Vini

      Yes dr,thanks for coming back,n no sorry ,no fan word,it s an amazing platform..good to c u all here..and all are reader friends..

  8. shani

    Awsome episode…start the swasan track also…plz update next part soon yaar…I love to read ur ff…I like it sooo much..Ur writing skill is good…keep writing..update fast..:-)

    • Vini

      Thank u so much yr.M humbled n honoured,actually going with the flow,yes Swasan s our main lead,their scenes will be there,have to plan it though..

  9. joya

    good morning……
    happy makarsankranti guys………..
    tilgul ghya aani god bolaaaaaaaa………. ………

      • joya

        ya di…..til gul ghya god god bola….marathi line……means take sweet and talk sweet……
        til means sesame aur gul means gudh….in dono ko milakar in short mithai banate hai……is din pe family aur relatives se til-gul lete hai aur lete samay kehte hai til-gul ghya god god bola…….meeetha lelo aur meetha bolo…..

      • Vini

        Hei dear,thank u for the translation,yea,I learned a line in Marathi,cool,my niece had tried to teach me during her last vacation but I don’t remember anything now but this surely I won’t forget,thanks dear,and if somebody happens to read this,m sorry for not keeping my word that there will be min one update from Tuesday,next one will be on Sunday or two on Monday..

  10. Actually ur story revolves around complete maturity and wt really happens in evry prsn life… i love ur ff so much vini.. though u have a single line in ur mind u connect with life and make it into a complete one.. im waiting for swasan track…

    • Vini

      I’m truly humbled reading your words,thank you,majority may not be liking cos it is too simple but one same set of reader friends gives me regular feed bk n it means a lot ,hope u will keep reading,thank u for liking my ff.

  11. sindhuja

    superb update, dear!!! ‘drank hell to forget her face but still the devil is coming in front of me and staring’ hahahaha!!! lucky!!! you are superb!!!! loved this matured ragini!!! i loved this cheerful teenager turning into an adult… swara’s cute yet real complaint!!! sanskar, the problem solver!!! loved everything!!! perfect!!! keep it up, chechi!!

    • Vini

      Haha ,first time hearing the word in malayalam,chechi,di ,akka ,meaning s the same n actually so happy to connect with u all thru this platform,thank u dr for addressing so,reminded me of my juniors at college, all the scenes u mentioned ,m glad that u noticed it dear,keep in touch,just watched swasan date shoot in YouTube,one of the beautifully shot song sequence among the daily soaps I have watched,Swasan has this fan following just because of their amazing chemistry n that video clearly proves it.Had stopped watching bt this scene I guess will raise trp..

      • sethooty

        Ys Dr.100000 times agree wud u…they have awesome chemistry.. And varun ,his killing expression .. Did u watch yesterday episode there love confesseion , its extraordinary.. There date song sequence also watched in YouTube.. Geruvaa..superb..swasan rocks
        Actually I started watching dis serial from last week of December, wen everyone stopped fed wid dis crap..but I loved all d scenes of swasan..

      • sethooty

        Vini.. next episode evide? Late akumalae..
        Forget to ask u..I saw ur msg in fb..did u identified me in fb? Hahaha bz in ma pic there r 3 girls
        I posted ur fan fiction link in Saba’s fiction lover group..

      • Vini

        Sethooty,yes,I like this Swasan pair,actually Varun s a Gud actor,I like Teju and Helly also,@nd in fb ,I saw ur another snap in saree so I understood,keep in touch dear..tc..and thank u for posting that link there, I actually don’t want my fb friends to know that m writing an ff,but since this is only in the group,no probs.

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    Hi dear.. why didn’t you still upload ff..waiting for ur ff..pls try to upload daily.. m eagerly waiting..pls upload

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    Exam was good.
    Hi Sheetal di!!!!!!! Happy makar sabkranti. Heard this Marathi saying alot of times from m my masi. She lives in Maharashtra. Today before the exam everyone was saying Mishti khao Mishti bolo ar mishti uttor lekho means eat sweets talk sweet and write sweet answers!!!!!!!!!!

    • Vini

      Hi dear,m fine,how r u?exams over or going on??I should try these sweets from some where, sweets n desserts m lazy to make at home except for some easy puddings n kheer,ah,hope u enjoyed the day,take care dr,keep in touch…

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    Eagerly waiting for monday….hope it turns Sunday…plzzzzzzzzzzz upload fast dear….can’t wait so long…but yes take ur tym….as u too wanna give ur reader frnds a good update….hope for the best….

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      Hei Nandini,thank u dear,yea,my wish is to write something after reading which u will be a little happy,shall try for the same…

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    hey vini di,,,,,,,,,
    u r a hug fan of yeshudas………
    even i love his singing……….
    ka karoo sajni aaye na balam,dheere dheere subah huyi,surmayi ankhiyon me,wo kitna sundar hoga………….

    actually i love music….and i can not live widout music…….hum geeta dutt se lekar racent palak tak sab k gaane sun na pasand karte hai…black amd whitebse leke aaj tak….classical, semi classical……. har tarah ka music pasand hai….gazal,thumri,bandhish,quwali.mm…sab……..bas jo bhi hai humre dil ko chhuna chahiye……hum sun lenge…..bus humne honey sing k gaane bilkul bhi pasand nahi aate………………..

    • Niti

      ya i totally agree with u joya..i also can’t live without music..i also like old to new songs verg much..i like classical..falk..romantic..rocking..all type of song..(classical n romantic lil more)..no one can apart me from music..it truly give peace to our mind..for me music is just like my soul mate..i can bare honey shing n badshah khan type singer only in “Garba nights” n “parties” only..other wise i also don’t like them..

    • Vini

      Hi dear,yes me ,parents,relatives all are die hard fans of Yesudas sir,even I love to hear songs of almost all types except rock ,Over orchestration don’t like,it should be soothing and should be able to listen with heart,of course wen we go for picnic.and all we will need some fast numbers bt other than that I like melodies,I understood that you are an ardent fan good good…

  16. Niti

    hey vini Di…in last 4 days i was missing ur ff like hell..now u guys hv to ber me..bz now i m going to comment for last 3 episodes…so all the very best to u guys..

    ohh god from where i should start ? u know what i lost my cell phone..pata Nahi kab kaha kese..?? i just got new phone yesterday only…n one more thing i was lil bezy with my offc work n then the my most favourite festival the one n only ” makarsankaranti “..i n my entire family r crazy about ” KITE FLING “..i hv got time today only..after finishing with necessary installation in my phone..the first thing i hd done was reading last episodes of ur ff which i was dying to read..shirf bhagavan hi jante hai ki maine apka ff kitna miss kiya…

    i hv also read ur comments n chating..
    thanks for observing my absence on this page..i am glad to hv friends like u all..

    • Vini

      Hi Niti,m very happy to see u back,u lost your phone?dats sad, then very happy to read that u enjoy kite flying,during Onam festival wen we were kids we also used to enjoy flying kites,but I think in North it would be more fun during this festival ,and thank u so much for liking my ff,number and length of comments,no probs,I enjoy reading that…

  17. Niti

    lets start with epi-23..

    poor lucky..ha ha ha..vo chala tha show off karne or uska hi popat ho gaya..the way of ranging was just outstanding..n our shaitan swarag act as innocent girls..not bad…sanky’s care for swarag was very nice by telling that their parents hv sent them at their responsibility..lucky become angry young man..shona n rags do first aid of sanlak’s wound..sanky ka kehna ki vo Monday leave lelega..swara ne sanky ka pain observe kiya..n last swasan n raglak taking..all cute cute things were awesome..

    for epi-24..
    swasan conversation n vicky ne sanky k bare me swara ko bataya..i can understand what would have felt by her at that time..then call cut karna..sanky ka shona call back karke sab clear karna n shona ka shekhar k photo ko dekhna..was very nice..then chocolate idea was very famous..i was eagarly waiting to know who was he..? Jo rag ko chocolate n flowers bhejta hai..idiot lucky ate chocolates rather then finding the person..then lucky ka disturb ho jana n realising his love for rag..lucky n his bro’s conversation was very funny n sweert..lucky ka seriously rag se bat karna n use propose karna was very cool..but vini Di..u just broke my heart the way ragini rejected lucky’s proposal..mana karna eke bat thi but how rude she was..!! i pity on lucky ..overall again superb..mindblowing episode..

    • Niti

      for epi this epi..
      lucky clg kese ata bichara..rag tell shona about lucky’s proposal..vini Di u cleared my complain about rage rejecting lucky’s proposal rudely..rag’s priority should be her study only..for better future..shona understand her very well..poor lucky try to make rag jealous but all vain..sanky ka ana..poor shona..hang between raglak cold war..swasan to become mediator to unit raglak..Lucky ka rag ko restaurant me answer karna..i found truthfulness in his words..i can feel his pain..sanky ka rag ko kehna u r like my meera..lucky ka drunk karna..rag ko i hate u bolna but immediately confess karna ki he can’t hate her after trying alot..he just love her..lucky ka guilty feel karna..then the most awesome part was restaurant me ragini ka lucky ko kehna ki apne future pe consantrt Kare..such a mature talk from chulbuli ragini..i just love it..lucky ka excited hona n hug karna..then he notice rag looking him lovingly but ignore..was just mindblowing..i simply loved this epi..

      • Vini

        Thank u dear,perfect analysis.I feel very happy wen I read that u guys are getting it in the sense that I wished u all got it,esp,u,Joya n Shraddha,always perfect,just by reading g your comments ,others will get an idea,they may notice things more after reading your comments,thank u my dear.

  18. Niti

    n vini Di i m going to follow ur ff till end..because it is dependent upon reality..u don’t exaggerate things unnecessarily..i simply love this ff bz u made me smile after reading ur epi..i want lie that in this 4 days i hv missed many of my favorite ffs..but u know what Di..aj jese hi muje time mila n mene ye site khola..i hv read ur last three part..i will read all other ff after commenting here..that much i involved in ur ff n i love ur ff..so just take a chill pill..ur story track is just awesome..just keep writing the way u write..we all r loving it..love u vini Di..

    • Vini

      Oh,thank u dr,m really happy after reading this,I often ssay a stupid twist will come cos I know it s not going to be related to reality,but going ahead with the story planned,pls bear with me if u all don’t like it,sorry…

  19. Niti

    hello joya..shradhdha..rupshikha..vinita..n everyone..i have read ur comments guys..so all r kalakar here..wow shradhdha u play guitar..vini Di u violin..u know what i also play PIANO & HARMONIUM..i have taken professional training in that..i have also taken professional training in KATHAK that is one form of classical dancing for more than 6 years…i have drop all my these hobbies due to my CA..i missed my those days like hell..i become happy to know that h all r also music n arts followers..it give peace to our mind n soul..

    • Vini

      Hei dear ,oh u r a really talented girl,two instruments and Kathak ,yea,I love to watch that form of dance,very happy to read that u r trained in all this,after achieving your CA dream, I believe ,u will continue what u have stopped..u should,please,it s a request dear.

  20. Vinita

    Hi Niyati di!!!!!! How are you??????
    Happy makar sankranti!!!!!!!!!
    So you enjoyed kite flying.
    What dishes did you prepare???
    Heard that many dishes like khaman dokhla khandvi and shrikhand are prepared during this festival.

    Hi Sheetal di!!!! I am fine. How are you???
    glad to know that u like retro songs
    and ghazals. My mom and me are

    fans of old Hindi songs. During free
    time we both listen to these songs
    and frankly speaking I think that old
    Hindi songs , ghazals are much better
    than honey Singh. The lyrics of old Hindi songs are so meaningful
    aur wo sab dil ko Chu jati hai. Actually I like any music which is soothing and h heart touching but old Hindi songs ghazals and rabindrasangeet are my personal favourites .

    • Niti

      hii vinita dear..i am super fine..what abt u ? happy makarsankaranti..
      ya i hv enjoyed a lot..we all cousins n elders also hv lots of fun..u know we all family member may meet or may not meet on other festivals..even we r not that much crazy about diwali also..but for kite flying we are mad about it..not only we children n youngster but elders also..we just rocked this 2 days..two days fully in terrace..at night Dj party on tarace..much dinner on tarrace..n what not..we do masti like hell..ya we prepared many dishes like Dhokala..khadvi..patra..panipuri..sev-usal..the makarsankaranti special UNDHIYU..(its kind of mix vegetable shabji)..n lots other..one more thing please don’t tell anyone..keep it secret..i don’t know how to cook..i can prepare maggy only..(i used to get scolding from mom 4 this..but no worry bz dad is there to save me..ha ha ha..)

      • Vini

        Vinita n Niti,enjoyed reading this,I think undhiyu recipe I saw in veg recipes of India website(I try recipes from there sometimes),Niti,no worries ya, I have stayed in hostel n started cooking after marriage only n my Hus n father in law are the victims but I refer websites n try a lot of things,thanks to spoon by spoon measurements mentioned,nothing goes wrong,credit goes to bloggers,then traditional dishes,of course,mom n aunties are the reference..

  21. Vinita

    Niti di!! Kya analysis kiya apne!!
    Sach Mai aap Sheetal di aur shraddha di superb analysts ho!!!!!!
    Keep it up!!!!!!!
    As far as voting is concerned I will always vote for long comments!!!!!!

    • Niti

      thanks vinita..i just try to cover all the point which i like the most n cut it short the epi..n joya n shradhdha r better analysist than me..all the best dear for your exam..

  22. Vinita

    Di your ff is superb don’t worry about comments. we all will read this ff till end .am I Right my dear didis????
    Love u di!!!!! Keep writing!!!!!?

  23. nik

    Hiiii….vini di. I know dat u must b thinking dat my nm is vanished from cmnt PJ n I left reading ur ff. Di plzzz…don’t think so. Actually bat ye he ki me jb bhi apke ff ka koi episode padhti hun uske bad me next episode ke liye bahut restless ho jati hun.Air baar check krti hun ki next episode updt hua ya nhi. Apni Issi problem se bchne k liye ab me 4-5days me ek bar check krti hun aur jitne bhi episode updt hue hote h sabko ek hi bar me read kr leti hun . Maine aap ko ye sb is liye bataya kyunki apne mention kiya h ki bahut sare names aapke ff ke cmnt PJ se vanish ho gye h. Meri is bad habit ke liye I m really sorry . N ya I really lv ur ff n waiting fr SWASAN trk to start.

  24. nik

    N ya I ll also read ur ff till d last episode. N if u don’t find my cmnts under ur ff don’t think dat I left coz I prefer to read 4-5 episodes at a time.

    • Vini

      Hei Nik, very happy to know that u were reading my ff seriously ,I was thinking u haven’t read most of the episodes of this season,I usually update a single episode n of I feel story requires episodes without gap,O ho for it but usually I mention it wen I type the first one, but the way you are reading is good, thank u for reading as well as for telling that you will keep reading,don’t know if u all will like it…

  25. vinita

    aap sab chupa rustam nikhle! Vini di violin, shraddha di guitar, niyati di piano and harmonium…wow even i play harmonium and guitar and took training in classical singing and rabindrasangeet for seven years. My own brothers(twins) play tabla. its really nice to know that u all like music

    • Vini

      Oh God u too,m very happy,harmonium ,guitar,classical,Rabindrasangeet for 7 seven years,bros Tabla,wow,I have just learned for 2 yrs,so I dont fall in that list,not fit to fall.oh ,so happy to know that there are many talented girls here…

  26. joya

    hi everyone……………..
    u guys are so talented…….
    niti,shraddha,vini di,vinita..rupsikha….
    plz dnt include my name in kalakar’s list…………

    humne kuch nahi aata………….waise bhi achchha hai na hum aam hai…….
    aap sab k talent ki kadar karne wala koi to hona chahiye……………wo hum hai na……….hehehehehehheher……sorry guys…..

    sorry guys just joking ha…….

    nice yr………..i m lucky na ki itne sare kalakaron k sath mulakat ho gayi……….bade star ban gaye na aap log to plz hum jaise kadardano ko bhool mat jaana………….

    • Vini

      Oho,simple and humble Joya baba,ur writing ,m a fan of that. Then u play volley ball ,no?I think I don’t fit in that list of kalakar because haven’t touched it for years,but very happy to know that u guys are so so.talented…

  27. Thnx vinita…welll pln toh aisa kuch khass nhi thi…hmmm bs tmple gayi thi…n ya i think sb ki tlnt ek h hai yr…main gaana gti h…spcllyy clssicl…n mjhe guitr sikhne ka bht mn h par chhote bhaya mjhe uski guitr ko hath v lgne nhi deti??

    Niyati di aap piano v bja leti h???wow yr…mjhe bhttt psnd h piano…uski awaz sunkr me toh romntic ho jti hu??

  28. Hi joya diii…hw rr u???u knw mjhe v psnd nhi h Honey singh k gaane…purane ggaane accha h na…aajj shuva se me sirf ek gaana sun rhi hu baar baar…”hum toh h pardesh mein,desh me nikla hoga chand”aisa kuch thi jagjt singh ki …xuley bade bhaya ne kaha sun ne ke liye…kaha ki agar lyf me aage bdhna h aur kuch bada krna h toh yeh gaana sun lena…aur yahi nhi aise kuch insprtn dne wala gaana sunna

    Vini di hw r u??

    • Vini

      Hai Mickey,I am fine,hw r you?sorry for not replying on time,or u sing,ah?very good,u guys are really talented yaar,then yea,your bro is right,music can inspire us a lot,I feel so,take care dear,keep in touch.

  29. Vinita

    Kaun bola aap kalakar nahi ho !!!!!!
    Sheetal di aapka shabdo ka itna achcha prayog aur likhne k itni achi style aapki bahut Bari kala hai. Alfazo ko achi tarike se sajana aur unsabko ek naya matlab Dena apne aap Mai hi ek bahut Bara gun hai Jo aapme hai and I think you also play basket ball ⚽??

  30. Vinita

    Hi rupsikha!!!!! Even u learn singing ?!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!
    I am really happy to see that you all like retro songs.

  31. Vini

    Good morning guys,so many messages to be read,good to see u all here guys,I will read and respond asap,actually,a little busy weekend, will write next one tomorrow…

  32. Vini

    Sethooty,Nidhi,Joya, Vinita,Rupsikha,Nik,Nandini, Niti,I went thru your names,comments couldn’t read completely, shall read n respond,also, next update,shall surely write tomorrow, sorry for not keeping my word.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.