Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 24


Hi guys,SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 24

Scene 1:After one year,college hostel

Sanskar is in his room,he is back after a bath,his phone rings,he finds Swara’s number and attends,Swara asks him how his exam was,he tells her that it was fine and asks if she remembers small class tests even,Swara doesn’t say anything,they chat for a long time,Sanskar’s room mate Vicky walks in after some time,he signs who is on the other side,Sanskar says ,”Swara”,Vicky signs that he wants to talk,Sanskar tells Swara that his friend wants to talk to her and hands over the phone to Vicky,Vicky says, “hai Swara,haven’t seen you in person but have seen your photographs,he often tells about the three of you,”Swara is happy hearing that ,Vicky continues, “ah,Swara,I am just warning you,actually be careful,ok,a fan is there behind him,she has vowed to marry him,Sanky acts as though he is not interested but don’t know if he has silently agreed,all are telling that they are in love,ask your friend ,ok,you may be able to catch him red handed” ,Sanskar was trying to grab the phone while Vicky was saying all this to Swara,Swara is standing there still,she cuts the call,Sanskar says hello and understands that call got cut,he gives a ‘wat was the need expression?’ to Vicky and calls Swara,

Swara attends and says, “hello,was he just joking?”her heart beats faster while waiting for the reply,she is supporting her phone with both hands and leaning on to Shekhar’s photo on the wall,Sanskar says, “no,Swara,believe me,as of now,nothing like that,and if something is there,will I hide from you three,and I swear,I will tell you first,ok,by the way, why did u cut the call,Swara says, “nothing,I got angry thinking that you hid such a big thing from me,”saying this,she turns and looks at Shekhar’s photo and sighs,she smiles at his photo,Swasan chats for some time and cuts the call………….

Scene 2:College canteen,Swaraglak

Swara says, “so Ragini,today you didn’t get chocolate from your fan?actually,who is this mad behind you,some times chocolates,some times flowers,but not coming in person,just then a class mate of Swarag’s brings a chocolate,Ragini tells her, “who gave this,I have told many times that I don’t want,what is this stupidity,Laksh grabs the chocolate and says, “Thank u Manisha,we know your reply will be same as others’,that it was passed and passed and at last reached you and that you don’t know who is sending and blah blah blah,but no problem,if you get a chance,tell that fan,that Ragini has not yet taken a bite even from the chocolate,it is her friends who have always had it,ok”.Manisha leaves whereas Laksh turns to Ragini and tells, “what you think,that fan will be fan of your dance,beauty or the thing which you have the least,..I mean character”,Ragini gets angry and gets up to go,Swara makes her sit down and says, “Lucky,tell us frankly,are you behind this?”,Lucky says, “hahaha,joke of the century,Swara,I am mad to buy chocolates for this idiot???,who wants her yaar?”,Ragini tells him, “Oh,very good,so u have started talking against your friend,come Swara,I am going,let him eat and come…Swarag leaves whereas as Lucky puts the last bite of chocolate in his mouth and tells t himself, “whoever the fan is,please continue such good habits…”

Scene 3:After two years,Swaraglak are final years now,one week before Valentine’s day

A senior from the post graduate batch comes to meet Lucky in his class,he takes him to the parking area and tells him, “Laksh,actually,my name is Shraavan,I think we have seen each other but haven talked,our batch is passing out this year,I know you are Ragini’s friend,actually,I wish to marry her,not now,but before going abroad for doing an MBA,I thought I will make my parents talk to her parents but before that,I want to know her opinion,can you help me?”Laksh was listening carefully,he is disturbed hearing what he just heard,he quickly hides his disappointment and says, “So,you are the one who was sending her rose and chocolates daily,why cant you go and talk to her in person,why you want me to convey this to her?”,Shraavan smiles and says, “hei,that was just for fun,I stopped sending it after a few months,no?actually,if I present this matter directly and she rejects it ,it wont be good,so if you could get her opinion about the same,tell her to think for a week and reply on feb 14th,”,Laksh says “ok,but I am not promising you,I will try”,Shraavan leaves whereas Laksh is totally disturbed…

Scene 4:Same night,Laksh’s home

Laksh is seated in his room,he is totally disturbed,he surfs through the phone,he looks at Ragini’s photos,he quickly keeps the phone down,he goes to the shelf and takes out the album with school photos,he goes through the pages,he sees Ragini in school uniform and smiles,he moves his hand through the photos and says, “when you were there,didn’t realise,it required one Shraavan to make me realise my love for you,now,wait,I am going to tell you about my love first,I have known you more,you are my friend,I cant just like that let you go to some Shraavan…”he hugs her photo and goes to the balcony and stares at the photo ,smiles and says, “see u tomorrow friend,oh,no,lovee…Oh,God,I am in love,u heard,I am in love……….he laughs loudly.His brother who was walking past his room,hears the laugh and gets inside and says, “I knew you had some problem but didnt know that it was this worse,now,it will be difficult to take you,it is late,no?we will go to hospital tomorrow,ok,laughing loudly at midnight,go and sleep man,Laksh hides Ragini’s photo and says, “who asked you to come inside now,what if I was changing clothes?Laksh’s bro looks at him and says, “whaat??,what if u were changing ,ah?you run around in this house in trunks and now suddenly from where this realisation?,Lucky,bro,careful,you are in some serious trouble,ah,I’m going,laugh or howl or do whatever u want to do but remember if Papa and mom hears,gone…”his bro leaves,Lucky goes and locks the door and says, “see,Ragini,chottu told that I’m in trouble,yes,I am,I am in trouble,cos,I am in love with you…

Scene 5:Next day,at college

Laksh has come early,he is standing and observing the parking area from the second floor,he sees Ragini parking her scooty,he looks at her,she was looking very pretty in a light yellow salwar,Laksh looks at her and smiles,she suddenly looks up and sees him and waves,he slowly waves a hai,he goes down to meet her,Ragini tells him that Swara is on leave, Laksh tells her that he wants her to accompany him to their tuition class,Ragini looks at him in surprise and tells, “but why today,usually four of us goes together,no?I am not interested in going there today,Laksh is hurt but hides and pleads and finally convinces her..

Scene 6:Same day evening,outside tuition class

Raglak are standing under the tree,there is a mild wind,the leaves are falling down on them,Laksh turns to Ragini and tells her, “Ragini,I understood who was sending sweets ,he is Shraavan,a final year PG student,he told me to tell you that he loves you,he told to get your opinion so that his parents can approach your parents with the proposal,he is planning to go abroad to do MBA after the course,so,he has given you a week to think and reply on feb 14th,Ragini looks at Laksh and bursts into laughter and says, “so he made u a broker,and what is your commission?”Laksh is embarrassed but continues, “actually ,Ragini,it is not over,we became friends through this tution class,it is been years,but I ,actually,I had not realised that,actually,yesterday when Shraavan told me this,I was so disturbed,I couldn’t sleep,I wanted to see you at the earliest,actually,Ragini….I,,I love you…Ragini looks at Laksh and says, “now, it is over,no?then,listen,I don’t love you and will not love you,I have a few concepts about my partner and unfortunately you are not the type that I wish for ,and regarding Shraavan,he has spoke to me a few times during art fests,so I will give him the reply directly,you need not bother,now,please forget what you realised yesterday and go home,I am not sorry for being frank…,haven’t told mom,have to leave now,bye…Laksh stands there in shock,he feels the pain of being rejected as well as anger…he hits his bike and shouts……….

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. So lil swasan scenes plz increase them

    1. Yes there will be ,but haven’t planned.

  2. thank you for the raglak part!! actually, i love swasan more but today, i loved raglak part… first,laksh made me laugh then feel sorry for him in todays’ update… LOL, laksh and his bro conversation… cute, swasan part!!! keep it up!!

    1. Thank u dr for supporting my ff daily,by the way,why r u not writing,actually had checked yesterday n today,then the part which I personally laughed after writing is Laksh’s bro’s dialogue regarding his mental status,don’t know dear if u all will like as this proceeds..

  3. oops rejection….. WAITING FOR NEXT PART

    1. Thank u dr for the comment,haven’t written the next part…

  4. Pls yaar..don’t let sanskar love any other girl.. Only swasan…

    1. Your first comment under my ff,no?thanks,pls keep reading, I have a clear one line in my mind,though I haven’t planned the scenes,and Swasan is the lead…sure..

  5. Veena nice punch for lucky, different concept finally he realised his feeling, waiting for more raglak scenes

    1. Yes yr,I guess,u r a true Raglak fan,actually ,main lead s swasan,hope Raglak scenes will come with the flow…

    1. Thanks yr,urs s a very familiar name,thank u for supporting my ff.

  6. Ooouucchh!!??ragini ne Q ka
    Kya aisa???waise accha lge ga na shraavan ke saath??…n sanky kisi se pyr krta h kya?

    1. Mickey darling,u’ll keep reading for the answers to all questions,na??some drama s essential though trying to keep it as simple as possible..like happening in somebody next door’s lives..still for a small punch,some stupid twists..

  7. di jab bhi aap koi scene likhti hai to uski har barikiyon k sath likhti hai….
    sanskar is talking wid swara.at d same time his friend is coming from bathroom….he wanna talk to swara…..vicky ka swara ko wo bat batana,swara ka call cut karna…
    jab sanskar ko pata chalta hai ki swara me call cut kiye hai to uske bad uska vicky ko expression dena….very good….

    fir swara ko clarify karna aur swara ki us wakt ki situation, heart beat ka fast hona,supporting her phn wid both hands and leaning on to d photo on the wall..and sanskar k jawab k baad uska relief feel karna and photo ki aur dekhna…….just mind blowing….. chummeshwariiiiiiii…..

    swara ki question related to ragini’s fan,her curiosity to know…usi wakt unki classmate ka chocolate k sath aana,laksh ka chocolate grab karna and bad ka comment…….laksh ka ragini se sawal karna…ragini ka gussa hona…….swara k laksh ko puchna ki tum to nahi ho iske pichhe ……laksh ka ans………perfect……….

    conversion between shraavan and laksh….very nice……ek dum real scene tha….humesh jis se pyar hota hai uske frnd se pehle baat karte hai log kuch 70% cases me………
    shraavan ka lucky se baat karna and laksh ka disturb hona……wow………..

    disturb huaa laksh ka ragini ki pic ka dekhna pehle phn me baad me album me…….uniform wali ragini ki pic dekhna most imp us pic k upar se uska haath ferna……wah wah….uske baad usko lucky ko pyar ka realise hona and his dialogues……. yrrrrrrrrr lovelyyyyyyy……..

    rigini ki pic ko hug kar ke balcony me jana,pic ko stare karna….see u frnd,oh,no,love……oh god i m in love……..
    uska hasna,uske bhai ka usi wakt waha se gujrana usko tease karna…..
    clg ko jaldi jana,ragini se baat karna,pretty and alll haaaaaaaa…good good….

    and last scene…..
    i like very much…cos of laksh’s fair nature……..ragini se pehle shraavan k bare me baat ki uske baat ragini k sath apne dil ki baat share ki……and ragini’s reaction……….. gooddddddddd…….

    i dnt know aage kya hone wala hai…bt i m waiting for next part…..kya sanskar ko koi aur……..kya sharvan ka chapter close hone wala hai????
    bdw i like shraavan’s character……..
    hum padhte rahenge………….

    very good……

    sorry guys….again lengthy comment……….kal koshish ki thi……par aaj fir di ne majboor kiya…………sorrrrryyyyy…..

    1. Ha,Sheethal darling is bk to form, where is Shraddha n I think Sethooty has also not turned up,ah,coming to ur comment,really appreciate your comments ,it s so overwhelming to know that people can connect with every line,as mentioned before ,I write as though m writing a written update of an episode that I have watched,not like a descriptive novel, I guess out of the ff’s that I have read,a few are really good at it,well,m happy to read the comments of u guys who gives me regular feedbk in one word or thrulengthy comments,n I enjoy chattingvwith u all now,cos,this ff m not writing for the majority,m writing for those who have supported me thus far,thank u dr,for every line that u wrote,u can simply read n remain silent,I really appreciate this support…

      1. I mean u could have simply remained a silent reader,but u and a few point out every single line that u like,I appreciate it,ah,missed Niti’s name in above comment…

      2. Wer the hell is my comment????????????? I had posted looooong back didi donno why dey havnt posted??????????ill post again

      3. 1st of all thank di for reading dis lengthy comment………..
        ur description is so beautiful.. bcos of dis i can notice………
        truly speaking hum sare ff nahi padhte……….r Apki ff ki har line padhte hai……………

        shraddha tumhari comment hai………
        dekhiye di yeh mam to gusse me lal-pili ho hayi hai…hehehehehehehe

        2 episodes se niti ki comment nahi hai

    2. Hei dear Joya,it s my luck that u are reading mine and u r liking it cos our thought process s similar,may be take on romance that we read s same,then,wen I tol m not writing for the majority I meant that,m writing for u guys who can connect easily with whatever I write,if u guys are happy,then,m happy with my ff…no,our ff..

    3. Hei Joya,the story that u mentioned,nice,actually my Hus tells me to teach him violin but I don’t have it here,in fact haven’t touched it for years,but the story that u cited is motivating,then I m happy to read that music runs in your family, actually,your bro reminded me of my bro,he has good sense,then,a little music is there in my dad’s family,one uncle was a singer during his youth,KPSC was a famous professional drama troupe in Kerala,uncle used to sing for the same,few famous character actors in malayalam were his colleagues then,m sad that in pursuit of a job abroad he couldn’t pursue his passion,he is 68 now,this December wen I went home,he was on leave and came to see us and after prayer sang a christian devotional,I just closed my eyes n stood but after the song,I had tears in my eyes, cos it was that perfect,my dad and his other siblings,they point out mistakes perfectly though not trained,me,my mom and all enjoys music a lot but don’t sing,our family members are die hard fans of Dr.K.J.Yesudas sir,his one song can change my mood,then,oh,musuc is a favourite topic,who told,u don’t know to play anything,since u tol we will believe but don’t think so,but what u write in Hindi, I should use that word though I WONT allow u all to use it ie fan,m of ur fan…

  8. Guys,pls keep reading,everything will be fine,and definitely it is swasan only,hope the story will be justified,hope u will read ,and for the sake of including scenes I’m not including swasan or Raglak,I wish it just goes with the flow and I agree in that case all episodes won’t be equally good,but going ahead as planned..

  9. Awesome???

    1. Thank u dr,and hws ur exam??hope twas easy.

  10. yr yaha pe bahot sare chhupe rustam log maujud hai………….

    shraddha is a good singer as well as guitarist…..
    vini di…..violinist………….
    wah wah……

    kabhi sun ne mauka digiyega jarur yaroooooooooooooo kisi mehfil me…………
    naam humra bhi shamil hai kahi sangeet ke dewanoooooooooooooooo me……………

    1. Haha, liked the last two lines and about Shraddha,yea,I agree ,100 likes,but please don’t call me violinist, I simply shared with Shraddha that day ,haven’t touched it for years my dear…

      1. Oh God kya bol rahe ho aap dono mujhe toh sharam aa rahi hai???lol?? aisa kuch bhi nahi jo n main na guitar bajana jaanti hu lekin door door tak guitarist nahi hoon n u Jo tum na apna blog kholke dekhna fans ki lambiii line lagegi I swear tuza kalat nahi ga tumcha language ani words usage ani description phar Chan aahe kharch bolte me….. Oh God this is all I know Butler Butler my daddy speaks very fluently tough?

      2. Shraddha baba,ok,we understood,”ur name is Shraddha and you are not a guitarist”, happy,then,Joya,wat Shraddha said about your writing,seriously start a blog and let me know when that happens,even if it s after years,via fb,just drop a message,ok…

      3. diiiiiiiiiiiiii,
        i can’t understand ki kya kahe……
        par i read short engilsh story….TREASURE aisa hi naam tha shayad……

        bahot salon pehle padhi hai….
        ek ladka hota hai jiske dad uska harmonium k class me admission kara dete hai shayad….wo harmonium sikh leta hai aur shayad uske kuch program bhi hote hai……fir wo bada ho jata hai…settled ho jata hai aur usko cute se baby hote hai 2…….ek dil aise hi wo bachche khelte khelte maale me ya shayad store room me jate waha unhe yeh harmonium milta hai……woh apne dad ko bulate hai….wo harmonium bahar lata hai aur bachchon k khatir bajane lagta hai…..wo itna wonder feel karta hai ki itne salon me usne harmonium ko chuaa tak nahi par aaj bhi uski ungliyan un keys pe kitni safai se ghum rahi thi……wo baja raha tha….uske bachchhe khushise jhoom rahe the…uski wife bhi bahot khush hoti hai….usko yaad aata hai use pasand Nahi hota tha bajana….aur aaj jab wo apni family ko khush dekhta hai to wo kehta hi shayad dad ne mera hoonar pehchana tha..thank you papa yeh khajana dene k liye… treasure of happiness………………………

        sharam aane wali kya baat hai yr…..we feel proud bcow we r Indian…..aur music to humre khoon me behta hai………….hindustan ka har insaan bathroom singer hai aur tum to kafi achchha gati ho aur guitar at least baja to sakt ho…….aur vini di bhi……

        u know my mom is good singer..m.my dad knows some Bol of tabala….and my bro can play harmonium, flute thoda guitar without any training (how can i forget ki he can play table also…hehehe)…wo bhi bahot bahot achchha bajata hai.humra mama uar bhai yeh sab baja bhi lete hai aur thoda bahot classical ga bhi lete hai….humri prf.vaikwali mama ki beti wo bhi harmonium bajati hai……

        are sharam to hume aani chahiye ki humne kuch bhi nahi aataaaaaaaaaaàa

        again lengthy comment……
        bdw good morning……….

      4. hum itna jyada bolte hai ki jo exactly kehna hai wo bhool jate hai hum……
        actually di i think niti is busy…..qki kal ek festival hai Makarsankrati…….i dnt know kaha kaha manate hai pr gujrat aur Maharashtra me manate hai aur panjabi log shayad pongal k naam se manate hai….
        gujrat me to yeh festival se pehle kite festival hota hai bahot bada to shayad she is busy…….

        shraddha…….aayla marathiiiii…..
        wah wah……multi talented girl u r……………………..kalat g mala pn…………..
        thoda bada word nahi hai??????????????

      5. Vini di oh God kya Didi mast dialogue Marti ho aap bhi waisa kafi safaai se sarcasm dikhate Ho ha aap Chalooo? lol kidding?? I replied here also lol

      6. Jo wow tum toh kafi musical background ki lagti ho nyc to know?☺ n BTW kya dailog Mara every Indian is a bathroom singer lol true ?? aur ek aur baat mai bhi na itna bolti hu itna bolti hu sachi me bhool he jaati hu ki baat kya karna tha actually same pinch??

      7. Bada nahi kuch nahi kholke toh dekho ek baar den ull no n here ki parakh Johri ko he hoti hai Jo see “shraddha” is telling u ???ROFL kidding but ssly ur words are lovely

  11. Fabulous episode…
    Rejection in life makes us better afterwards but it will give the largest pain at the moment of rejection…
    waiting for laksh’s reaction..
    i liked calicut but being a first year we are not allowed to roam though we have two days for every weekend…
    thats the reason we spend time by playing and remembering our frnds and enjoying by reading ur ff dii…
    yaa ragam i am excitingly waiting for it as it is my first cultural fest

    1. Thanks dr,oh,u r a first yr student,good luck,u understand malayalam?,actually,had plans to visit Calicut next month,ok,hope will enjoy to the max(I mean Raagam n your days in Calicut),then, if my ff gave u some happiness,m happy.. Tc..

  12. its good
    bt no any other grl for sanskar.. he should lv swara only…
    bt tell me y rags reject lucky

    1. Thanks dr for the comment,hope u will keep reading n definitely it s swasan..bt after a few moments…

    1. Thanks dr for supporting my ff daily

  13. Awww.. bechara laksh.. and swara is waiting for her love..wow very interesting

    1. Thank u for the comment, glad if u liked it,hope u will keep reading.

  14. awsm raglak scene
    waitng for nxt part

    1. Thanks yr,urs s a new name under my ff,glad if u liked it,haven’t written next part,tomorrow..

  15. Di plz dont let sanskar to fall for someone else .only swasan.feeling sad for lucky

    1. Don’t worry dear,writing only cos of this pair swasan,don’t watch the original soap nowadays,actually stopped watching IKRS also..

  16. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Oh no wat an episode yaar…polichu..OMG I have no words…

    1. Oh,u liked? ,thank u dr,pls keep reading n thank u for this support..

  17. Really nice but don’t separate them 4 long time and plz show some scene of swasan.

    1. Thanks for the comment ,but this story line s like that dear,hope u will keep reading ,I am very clear about the story that I’m going to write but m not sure if u all will like it or not.

  18. Oooh feeling sorry for laksh…but love it..ur ff it’s superb

    1. Thank u dr,u have been giving feedbk since last episode, no?thanks,glad that u liked it.

  19. Didi!!!!! Wat do I say I just loved this epiosde ???? wer to begin with wat to say just amazing finally our high school kids are turning into adults n u made this journey look so smooth din realize honestly well dats vini di special effects?? well to begin with SwaSan convo??
    Wow wen sanky said u remember small tests also dat shows how much he means to swara she’s head on heals over him? hope he had noticed her extra concern n the pause wen she din reply to his Q hope so but I did ha? den Vicky’s convo my God u handle things so delicately we can clearly see that wen swara cuts the call n den she holding phone with both the hands that shows her restlessness n nervousness my God even I was nervous BTW?lol?? n den 1 extra point is she was leaning on Shekhars pic while asking him if Vicky’s joking its like holding crossed finger like that’s what I do n that’s smthing u ve faith on n u swara s highest hopes lies in Shekhar we all noe? dat father daughter angle is just amazing I honestly love her conversation with shekhars pics…….nswasan convo is always very cute ?……..
    Den coming to this secret admirer lol Lakshas reply to manisha was just tooooo good I read it many times n laughed my heart out ssly nyc lines??? den shravan ah this guy I had guessed it this is coming in ur freshesrs wala episode u know I ve had a wonderful experience of being in laksha s place???ROFL broker I mean he bhagwan still sit n laugh on dat wen kehte hai na jab kisi apne ko apne se door jata dekh u realize wat exactly tehy mean to u same with Lucky Good dat he realised but poor him got rejected I was like rags?? why so strght frwd bechara lucky but uski bhi galti hai he shud ve 1st known wat she feels he rushed a lot but lastly she said forget abt wat u realized I just loved her for that because many a times it becomes awkward to face sm1 who’s aked u out or expresed der feelings but the wat she handled last sentence shows how much his friendship means tobher n dat she’s not ready to compromise dat for anything love u rags love u Didi?? great 1

    1. N BTW didi I stay in Hubli I forgot to mention der inbur previous episode comments?

      1. Haha,drama queen,ah?ah,yea,I know a few of u write what comes to your mind,and dats what I like the most in your comments,then,regarding ff,don’t know what all I will write,ah,leave it, let’s see…actually m replyingvto all your comments bt I think it us not published in order,hope u all will see it..

    2. Seriously m asking,actually,are u guys going mad typing long comments and still doing it thinking if I will feed bad wen I see short comments from u,don’t hit me for this question, oh,more than the characters themselves,u noticed the concern,ha,each and every word that u wrote,I understood u read every line,otherwise would not have recalled like this,so u have been a broker??then last para,yea,Rags in this story,at times,I like her more than lead Swara,then u stay at Hubli?,my close friend’s hus s working there and I have heard my friend mentioning about that place…

      1. 1st of all dekhiye doctorani sahebaa ye lambe comments hamare emotiobs hai kripaya aap ye na samjhe ki hum out if affection likh rahe hai????den I cudnt ve related to it i write about it instantly that comes to my mind ha now if u don’t want mwans try to keep it simple if u make it like I Relish on it I’m sorry I can’t help ?ok??pLz bare with sm of my drama lol n yes I do read line by line because I fund it lovely n that makes me read it again n agian

    3. I have replied to all comments of urs ,no?but those are not posted in the order..ok..I know u will understand.Hope u r having a nice day..

  20. Awesome di…..

    1. Thanks dr…u comment irregularly but m very happy to know that you are reading n I hope u will continue..

  21. hey vini!!! i hav a problm dear which i wish to share…. m preparing fr medical here in kota n it feels very bad surfing net evryday to chk out ffs when i shud b studying… also its not just u who writes….. there r hundreds such due to which a single page fills up almost in a min. n also u r not regular….. but yaar ur ffs r awesome n i wud love to read them someday(which is most probably after may!!!) n u can very well understand that it wud b impossible to go back hundred pages n catch ur story frm d point i had left….. cud u pls giv me some alternate solution??? i hav some suggestion but wudlike to hear frm u 1st…

    1. Daisy,first of all a big sorry,u had mentioned two things before,one,to upload regularly and also to add previous episodes link,I had thought to add that but at the time of posting I forget to add,sorry, from tuesday have decided to write minimum one,daily,then glad that u like all ffs,actually ,solution,is it ok if u note down the name of this ff ‘Swasan fan fiction (season 2) episode…’ and from now onwards I will add previous episodes link ,if u can get one episode via Google,the rest from the links we’ll get,no?actually,would like to know what your suggestion is, but ,please dear,don’t ask me to write in fb group ,ok.

  22. no no…. even m not in fb….. see u r now a member of tu… so is it possible dat dey giv u my mail id coz posting it here in public wudnt b a good idea….. wat u say?? then atleast u can mail me the links… wat do u thnk abt it??? is mailing me ok fr u??? if needed i ll not back frm writing my id here itslf…. but i wish u get it frm tu…. i giv u full permision..

  23. Wow vini.. U r awesome! U remembered? Wel i hav this suggestion that since u r a member of tellyupdates cant u ask them for my email id? Coz posting it here in public wudnt b a good idea. Then u cud mail me the links of ur episodes which i could read after may. Wat do u say? Do u hav any problem with the mailin idea? M even ready to give u my id here itself but cant u try once obtaining it from tu? Pls u dnt know how much i like ur ff . Wel reply fast. I cant come online again. Thanx:-):-)

    1. Actually,Daisy,sorry for the late reply,was busy,so didn’t check this episode,I don’t have problem in mailing you but honestly was thinking if future episodes will be worth it,if u will like it or not and regarding tu m not a member dear,just like all of u,all we do is use that submit new article and mail it to them,and if I try to get ur mail I’d,don’t know if site will provide that,through contact us option I will just mail them and you also mail them thru contact us requesting them to provide your mail Id to me thru email if a provision like that is there,and if site doesn’t allow,u may contact thru some friend’s account and leave me your id thru a message in fb..and all the best for your exam,it is medical entrance,no?do well,I had friends from your state who procured admission thru all India quota…

  24. Heyyy dii??…u knwww aaj bhttt khush hu…dnce kr rhi hu”festivl Magh bihu” h aaj se…n nw prty

    1. Oh good to hear that,enjoy baba,yea,here holiday today..Makarsankranti,makaravilakku,pongal all same ,I believe,God bless…enjoy..

  25. Happy pongal dii…..

    1. Thank u dr, wish u d same..enjoy..

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