Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 23

Hi guys,many of you would have heard about the book,”The seven basic plots:why we tell stories”,I haven’t read it but I have read about it,the author of the same mentions about all stories, said so far , falling under seven basic plots ,now why I told this is cos,my first ff wen I wrote, it was the continuation of the spoilers and I wanted to make it a totally feel good one,I hope I succeeded to an extent,I had no plans to write another one,then after reading comments under the last one ,I came up with this,the past 22 episodes were based on the school days of our central characters and I am a little satisfied with what I have written,now our story is proceeding and from here onwards ,don’t think I am thinking low about myself,bt I know that the upcoming track is going to be a little silly,but I am planning to write according to the one line that I have in my mind,I don’t claim that it will be different or interesting because it will have similarities to many familiar scenes,I feel so,then,episode 22,was the most randomly written one ,that flower pot scene was not supposed to be there,and I chat with a few of u daily,but last episode comments column had many new names and like any ff writer,I was also happy to know that many are reading my ff,thank u for leaving your comments there,and those who give me regular feedback,no words to thank u all for the support…

Swasan fan fiction (Season 2) episode 23….

Scene 1:Laksh,Ragini and Swara ,first day at college

Laksh has come in a new look with a new hair style,Ragini and Swara laughs seeing his hair and the spike,they are laughing and walking through the corridor,Ragini tells Laksh, “Lucky,isn’t this hair style a little too much,we don’t know the seniors here,what if they don’t like all this”,Laksh says, “Oh,come on Ragini,so that is the reason why you both have come like this,dull colours,simple kurtis,what yaar ,should enjoy the freedom from uniforms after all”,suddenly they hear a whistle,a gang of four boys calls them,Laksh shows attitude and walks in the front,Swarag behaves as two innocent girls,the gang looks at Lucky from top to bottom and asks him to mention his details,he mentions his n family details,suddenly the gang leader says, “stop it,so ,what that poor man is earning ,you are spending on your shoes n T shirts,and what is this,a hill on your head?”Laksh touches his spike,the gang leader continues, “Now,imagine a road roller has passed through your head,how will it look,”Laksh looks in shock,where as Swarag struggles to control their smile,the leader boy says, “didn’t understand Mr.Laksh,road roller has destroyed the spike,show us how it is”,Laksh sadly runs his hand over his head and the boy says,”Increase the speed,road is free of traffic”,laksh obeys and the whole spike he had formed is now destroyed,the gang warns them that if they complain to authorities about ragging,they themselves will suffer and asks them to leave,Laksh and Swarag are on the way to class,Swarag looks at Laksh’s head and shows a funny expression seeing which Laksh gets angry..he raises hand to hit swarag ,but they run from there,wishing Lucky a good college life…

Scene 2:College freshers’ day

The whole seniors have assembled in the auditorium,a staff committee is there to monitor if pranks goes beyond limits,juniors were asked to introduce themselves one by one and each had to take a chit and perform what is written,Swara had to sing,Swara who is an average singer sings a Bhajan,a few teases her whereas a few applauds for her,Laksh was asked to narrate how to catch a naughty chicken,Laksh ran on the whole stage and seniors were instructing him,all bursts into laughter,later Ragini’s turn comes and she has to dance on the spot,Ragini dances beautifully,even,Lucky and Swara are surprised to see her dance on the spot like that,after dance,Swara hugs Ragini and tells her that she has good sense,though random,she didn’t miss a single beat..Ragini tells her that after this round has to perform in group,no?seeing these people and hearing their noise,m afraid if I will remember the steps,Swara boosts her confidence with her words,later Ragini and team dances to a medley of songs,a senior is watching it with full concentration,he asks his friend for the name of the girl at the centre and his friend tells him, “she is Ragini,oh,u didn’t see her introduction round,no?we played songs randomly but that girl was just awesome on stage,why man,this enquiry now?”,the other person just smiles,dance stops and everyone applauds,the senior tells in his mind, “Ragini,nice name and…nice girl”

Scene 3:After a few weeks,a weekend,Sanskar has come home,the friends decide to meet in front of their old tuition class

It is evening,Swasanraglak has come out from the tuition class after meeting their teachers,they stand under the tree where they used to stand and chat after tuitions,they decide to go for an outing the next day,Swara and Ragini tells them if it safe to go to that park where they have planned,Laksh assures them that he had checked and now the area is devoid of antisocial elements,Sanskar tells him, “Lucky,u are sure,no?if it was just about us,it is ok to go anywhere,but Swara and Ragini have sought permission and their parents allowed thinking about us,so it is our duty to assure that they are safe,”Lucky assures him that the area is now clean and many families also comes there to spend time,they decide to go to their usual parlour,pops and corns and leaves…

Scene 4:Pops and corns,same evening

They have ordered the items and is chatting,Sanskar asks them about their college life,Ragini tells, “everything is fine for me and Swara,but this Lucky has messed up with a few boys,that too soon after the freshers day,the opposite gang has members from his class as well as from senior batches,what was the need for this one to go and involve in unnecessary fights,uncle was called to office and a warning was given “Sanskar tells, “Lucky,u didn’t tell me this “ and he turns at Swara, “even u didn’t message me”.Swara looks apologetically at Sanskar,Ragini interferes and says, “why to trouble you,thought to tell when you come,after all you have your tensions there,everything is fine now,just tell this stupid to keep a check on his anger,more than studies Lucky ji is interested in other activities,”Laksh who was silent till then gets angry and tells, “nothing to worry Sanskar,it is all over,and these two,wont leave a chance to complain about me,now you are not here,no?so these two always pulls my leg,Swara has some consideration atleast but this Ragini,no way?”,Sanskar interferes and stops their fights and they decide to meet the next day at the same place and leave together for the park…

Scene 5:The Park

Ragini and Swara has bought food from home,Laksh has brought some fruits,Sanskar has bought his mom’s special pudding ,they keep their things there and decides to play some fun games,they enjoy their time there,after some time, Sanskar notices Laksh’s face changing,he sees a group of boys approaching,Ragini tells Sanskar, “Sanky,that is Laksh’s enemy gang”she turns to Lucky and says, “See Laksh,don’t lose your calm,they may taunt you to start a fight,please compose yourself”,The gang approaches and looks at Lucky,Laksh ignores them and cuts apples,one of the boys says, “see yaar,hero is cutting apple for ladies,ye,hero,look here,we know this is what is meant meant for u,being with girls,by the way,this is our dancer,no,Ragini,Ragini,cant you make friends with some better boys?,Laksh gets angry and gets up and holds the boy’s collar ,they start a fight,Sanskar asks Swara and Ragini to move and he goes to prevent Lucky from fighting,he tells the boys to leave it and that they are all college mates,one of the boys punches Sanskar on his face,Swara shouts Sanskar and runs towards him,fight continues,meanwhile a few middle aged men sees their fights and interferes,they asks them to stop,they sends the boys gang away,Sanskar takes the water bottle and goes to a corner,there is a cut on the inside of his cheek and is bleeding,he gargles,Ragini scolds Laksh and says, “I told u to not give in,see,Sanky came in between and he is wounded,Lucky,no use talking to you,come Sanskar and Swara,we will go home and do the dressing.

Scene 6:Ragini’s house

Ragini’s mother is there at home,she brings the first aid box and tells that she will bring something for them to drink,Ragini is dressing Laksh’s wound,when she applies cotton with Dettol on the abrasion on his face,he shouts,meanwhile Swara is dressing Sanskar’s wounds,Ragini scolds Laksh and asks him to look at Sanskar who is silently bearing because of him,Swara is dressing the wound and she finds Sanskar is in pain but is just tightening his fists and composing himself ,she understands and tells him softly, “physical or mental ,pain,if you suppress,it is not going to subside,nor is the wound going to heal faster,relax Sanky,relax your arms,look at u,”Just then,Ragini’s mom comes and tells them, “I have informed three of your parents,don’t worry,I haven’t added any oil,you guys can go home,they are worried but I have pacified them,now drink this soup,she gives it to them,Ragini’s bowl falls down from her hand,her mom starts scolding Ragini ,Ragini tells her,”Mom,I didn’t drop it purposely,already my head is paining,you please don’t make me angry,I will clean it”,Pooja goes from there,Sanskar moves to the balcony with his soup bowl,he has a cut inside is mouth and he is in pain while drinking the soup,Swara understands and goes near him,she asks him if it paining severely,Sanskar says, “it is ok,Swara,until it heals it will be there,bt what is this Lucky up to?Swara replies, “Yea,there are problems,his parents are worried,all wont be like u,no?You place others’ feelings above yours,ah,don’t worry,hope ,he will become responsible,and when are u going back,Sunday or?Sanskar says, “Thought to leave Sunday evening but I think I will take a leave on Monday”,Swara tells him,” then why don’t u come home tomorrow,they always enquire about you, at home”,Sanskar replies, “next time I will come,sure”,they stand there at the balcony and chat for a long time whereas Ragini goes on scolding Laksh,Laksh is seated supporting his chin with his palm and silently listening to her……….

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


  1. Shraddha

    Hello didi hope u ve recovered completely!!!! Well even today’s episode made me remind manyyyy things to begin with Lucky’s spikes??? u know in my +2 days one guy had come with straighted hair n he had all eyes on him it suited him but seniors are seniors they tied two rubber bands in front to tease him God still laugh hard wen I see him ….. N fresher’s God I had a great one too just 3 months back I had my freshers I also sang many songs not willingly tough?? n den came the name I search in ur ff Sanskaar?? well wat to say its just awesome wen ur friends are in town n u spend time with dem n dat too visit places wer we have numerous great happy memories….. I think everyone can relate to this scene even we go to our school n since its nearby we even play lagori smtimes that’s our fav grp masti wala game? n den I loved 2 points in our gentlemen today 1 is wen sanky said if its just us its OK but rags n swara need to take permission n dat is granted trusting on dem so they need to be double sure??? so lucky that they got such caring friends n 1 more is wen gang turnsup sanky asks the girls to step back?? loved these two gentlemen today n not to mention our ladies so sweet of them to take care of their friends n swara my God this girls understands sanky so muchhhhh… Ssly love them n1 more point is rags she’s actually so concerned abt lucky dat she’s non stop scolding him….. She’s sm 1 whos love u cant see but can be felt by her anger n scoldings because her concern itself is her love for u…. I just love all 4 leads of ur ff all soooo similar yet sooo different in their own way?? all in all great one didi

    • Vini

      Hei Shraddha,now u cant say that u r not a singer,I understand very well that u r a good singer ,then regarding the scenes n characters that u mentioned I am happy,when I started ,I had not given a character intro episode,I thought it wud be good if u all could make out from between the lines n m very happy to know that u all got it..thank u very much dr for this support …

      • Shraddha

        Thank you for this ff!!!! N singer n me no ya I’m not trained also u know I am bathroom singer honestly I play Guitar tough it’s been two years that I learnt n den regarding character it’s u who portray them so we’ll that we are bound to observe such qualities in dem…… So your fine now? How’s blore btw chilled?

      • joya

        kya baat kya baat kya baat………
        yr bade chhupe rustam log ho aap sab. ……..

        shraddha Singer aur guitarist hai to vini di violinist hai……..
        wah wah……!!!!!!

        kabhi hume bhi apni kala sunayi yaroooooooo,
        sangeet k deewane hum bhi hai……..

      • Vini

        Oh,Joya,u like music,even,I like to listen and yea,no dear,m not a violinist, it requires a lot of practice,patience n talent to learn it,at school was serious,then stopped,then brushed up for college,then batch won overall during third year and after that we don’t need to participate seriously,so stopped,now,not feeling interested,but Shraddha,yes,singer n guitarist she is…we understood ,no?

    • Vini

      No need to be trained ya ,at college many friends of mine were not trained singers,yet they used to sing beautifully,oh,u play guitar,very good,ah,wen I was in 8th n 9th,have learned violin (western ) n bro ,keyboard, but both discontinued, ah,last time I played was in 2009 at college to grab some valuable points for r batch(competition wasn’t very tuf then,haha),haven’t touched after that…regarding my ff,it s just ur support that is driving my laziness away n imagine something..

      • Vini

        M fine dear now,yea,inside the house,this cool climate irritates me, I basically don’t like cold climate that much,it makes me lazy,haha,dats my observation,though,if u don’t mind,where in Karnataka do u stay??

      • Shraddha

        Wow voilin is pretty tough itseems!!! Nyc ur a multi talented doctor ha? well till now I only sing I’m friends bday party?? lets see if it reaches more than party n family functions????….. N regarding climate I love winter because I love sleeping ???? lol hahahah no ssly I can’t bear cold but I just love winter western side n even this Kashmir side wala winter not necessarily snow just the cool chilled breeze n dat atmosphere… Yes I agree it makes u hell lazy I just can’t get up in morning for coll just have to ?? dats 1 point I don’t like as well but else winter is my fav season

      • Vini

        Shraddha,ok,yea,u should try to learn,though u r being modest,I believe you r not a bad singer,so all the best dear,and,yea,violin is a little tough to learn,did learn for two years,after third year at college,ie.2009 havent touched it,lazy ,otherwise can spare some time ,but won’t.. Don’t know wat the condition of my violin is inside the case..I didn’t bring it this side..

  2. sindhuja

    hahaha!!! the last scene where laksh bore ragini’s scolding seemed to me very funny while imagining what expression he might have… As usual, you rocked it… the line, swara said to sanskar about pain is a true one… thanks for it!!

    • Vini

      Thank u dr,haha,u noticed it, I meant the same,I mean that Ragini scolding,thank u supporting my ff dear..

    • Vini

      Wow, NIT calicut,Raagam came to mind,so we would have been neighbours if it twas from 2006 ,at Calicut medical college campus,there is Govt.Dental college n m an alumni of the same. So do u like Calicut?I like that place though m from Ernakulam..n thank u for the good words abt this ff episode.

  3. Harshi

    Hai vini.. I couldn’t read previous episodes bcs of my phone problem.. And tdy I hav completed all unread episodes. I really missed alot ur ff dea.. U r rocking as usual vini.. ?

  4. Divi

    Nice episode di…..wen u ll update next….waiting for tat…..ragini scolding towards lucky was nice wat abt his expression. …

    • Vini

      Thank u dr,next one tomorrow, haha,u liked that scolding scene?expression, u all imagine,left it for u all to imagine..

  5. N yeah vini di I loved rags scolding to lakshya….they alwayzz fight..bt they are very much concerned fr each other..
    N swasan as usual they are the best..

    • Vini

      Thank u dr,yea,wat u noticed is right about Raglak and of course Swasan is my favourite pair too..Varun n Helly have nailed it in fans’ hearts,so whatever scene we read or write about them in any ff,it, in itself will look nice.

  6. meghs

    wow after so many days u posted it
    how r u now… i hope ur fine now

    rags awsome yar lucky has to bear her
    swara concerning sanskar superb

    • Vini

      Oh,thank u dr,yea,fever has subsided completely,m fine,and,m happy to know that u liked Swasan and Raglak today.

  7. Nice di…i lv it…u knw ragging se yaad aaya kuch…hmre clg me rggng allw nhi thi…n har zaga cmra s thi…agr kuch glt kya toh bht pnsh mlti thi…Xuley humara collge ka nme tha Concept junior college…par hum pyarr aur gusse se udhe centrl jail college blti thi????…aagar aap koi chhoti c glti kro na toh itni baadi pnsh mlti thi ki jse hum jail me h…har waqt offce me hume bulaya gaya tha …

    Jb hum senior ho gaye tb new stdnts ko hmne ragging ki thi humare gang ne…me v thi???n hmre waha sb jaga thi cmra bt 1 room me nhi thi…toh hum chhupke se waha chali gayi…i stll rmmbr wo 5 ladke the new…n humare gang me 10 ladki thi. …humne un ladko ko phle hmri intro krya…aur phir un logi ka nm puccha . N tabhi mne sbko bola(ekdom u knw rowdy typ???)”chaalo yar ab humare nm baaton kya kya kaha tha..xuley mjhse aur mere frnz ki bjh se dar gayi thi wo sb…tab ek ek krke sb nm blne lgi…n waha par ek ne mera nm bhul gayi…mne kha yaadd kro yr…wo itni dar gayi uske gaall na ekdom laal ho gayi phir mne nm baataye aur kaha ki chalo kal sb phir aana nm yad krke?

    N yeh baat koi tchrs ko nhi pta tha. …hmre ssath ladke v thi bt unlogo ne kuch nhi pucha bas hash rhe the…aise 3din tk kya…n jb cllge aayi tvi kisi ne kaha ki yr tchr ko pta chl gaya ki kisi ne rggng kya h …kuch ladki h .. xuley sir kal hostel gayi thi…n tb sb ladke seniors ki nm yaad kr rhi thi dar k n jb tchr ne pucha toh sb btya….hum v shck gayi…pr phirv dar nhi lga…humne unsbse kha ekdm pyaar se hum toh mjjk kr rhi thi yr…2m lg v na…tchr ko kuch mt btna thk h .nhi toh pta h na…..

    • Vini

      Hei dear,u r just 17 ,no? So this ragging wen did u all do ?plus one,plus two days(I mean 11th and 12th),haha,gang of girls eaghing boys,I think it happens everywhere but in our place they never used to get scared but used to fake,but seniors used to understand, you guys were very naughty,I understood that,but that gave u these memories,though, comedy nights with Bharti,oh,I love comedian Bharti, such a sweet heart, she is,I think learning seniors’ names was a task,oh,recalled memories…

  8. Xuley clg me hm sb bht dngrs thi yr….sb drti thi hm se bt pyaar v krti thi sb??….pglll thi hum sb…jab me hasthi thi tchr khti thi dkho dkho cmdy nyts wid bharti shuru ho gayi

    • Vini

      Thank u for the comment dr,I have a clear story in my mind though I have to plan the scenes, don’t know if you all will like it…

  9. joya

    very niceeeee…….
    1st day of college……. funny ha……..
    specially laksh’s hair style……..
    gang leader say,”what is this,a hill on ur head….” and laksh touches his spike…. and road roller wala (heheheh)

    fresher’s day of collage……introduction style is nice……..
    fresher’s day ka atmosphere bahot achchha creat kiya hai….staff committee ka hona prank pe najar rakhne k liye,some people r teasing and some people r applauding….. superb……
    the senior in thoughts after watching ragini,ragini….nice name….nice girl………

    unka tuition cls k bahar milna,outing ki planning, sanksar ko clg life bareme batana..jab sanskar ne puchha,mujhe bataya q nahi….tab ragini ka interfere kar k sub change karna,kya wo place safe hai and all…. mind blowing…
    park scenes are very good….
    ragini k ghar k scene bhi bahot achchhe the….
    very good

    • Vini

      Oh thank u my dear,who told this is short,I understood that u have read all the lines,ragging n fresher’s day us from our own experience, so it was fun to recall while typing,m seriously feeling ashamed to write rest of the story but I will ok,hope u won’t hit me,was trying to keep it closer to life but have to add some drama to take this story forward,don’t know wat ur reaction would be..in which language u all will reply,haha,m waiting…

  10. joya

    i hope aaj koi nahi royega………hehehehe
    humne hmre comment ki length kam kar di hai….

    • Shraddha

      Aye haye Sheetal ji aaj nahi rulaya haan aaj waise bhi Didi ne bhi nahi rulaya kafi cute sa episode aur tashan wala bhi tha…?

    • Vini

      Y did u reduce the length,haha,I know,if content is not good,wat will u type after reading,no?no worries dear,I know you will give me honest feed back …

    • Shraddha

      Wow voilin is pretty tough itseems!!! Nyc ur multitallented doctor ha? Well till now I just sing in friends bday party?? lets see if it reaches more than dat ….. N regarding climate I love winter? because I love sleeping hahahah lol???? no ssly I just can’t bear cold yet I love winter specially these Kashmir side wala nyc soothing recently saw Wazir so remembered? n true it makes u lazy damn lazy I just can’t wake up in morning but have to??

    • Vini

      Thank you Sethooty,thank u for this constant support dear,ragging scene,haha,njangalkkum athyavashyam nalla thothil kittiyuttundu but rasamayirunnu…

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