Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 22

Hi guys,SWASAN fan fiction (Season 2) episode 22
Scene 1: Next day afternoon,Sanskar’s house
Sanskar is leaving for college,his classes will start the next day,there is almost 5 hrs travel to his college,Ragini’s father Arnab is accompanying him as Sanskar’s father is ill,Sanky prays before the idol in the small in house temple,Laksh’s mom and brother,Ragini’s parents and Sumi and Chetan has come,Sanskar seeks blessings from everyone,he hugs his mom and kisses her forehead,she wipes her tears,he goes to dad’s room,touches his feet,he is very sick and tired after the second stroke,he needs support ,Sanskar moves closer to him and hugs him and tells him, “Papa,don’t worry about me or anything,I know you will pray for me,and your prayers and blessings will be my light,don’t think about anything and stress yourself,I will come every fortnight,and Lucky will be here,I didn’t tell anything but he himself told he will take you for check up,then Rags and Swara,everyone will be there”,his dad’s speech is not clear,he just nods to say that he will not worry,he touches his son’s forehead,Sanky hugs him again and kisses him on his cheek,he comes out,Swara has come to that area to drink water,she sees Sanskar coming out of dad;s room and quickly wiping his tears,Sanskar comes near her ,winks at her and tells, “not because of dust,I cried,but Papa didn’t see,but u saw,it will stay between us na,Sanky cant cry,no?Swara is about to hold his hand but he just hits her shoulder gently and says,”come,we wil go” and walks away,Swara realises that she is in tears and wipes it off quickly….
Scene 2:Bus stop
In three two wheelers they have come,Arnab-Ragini,Swara-Meera(Sanky’s sister),Laksh and Sanskar..The bus arrives,Mukesh goes to check the seats,Laksh keeps Sanky’s luggage,he comes out and punches Sanskar on his stomach,Sanskar says, “ouch”,Lucky moves forward and hugs him tightly,Sanskar hugs him back and then Laksh tells him, “aree yaar,why no good colleges here in town,will miss you yaar”,Swara and Ragini moves closer to them,Snaskar says, “hei, Lucky boy has tears in his eyes,Oh,didn’t know you have so much love for me,”he turns to Swarag and tells them, “and you two,girls,don’t taunt my Lucky ,ok”Arnab calls from window and tells Sanskar to get inside,Swara moves a step backwards,she feels her heart heavy,she to hide her restlessness,looks elsewhere,Sanskar hugs Meera first and tells her to take care,then he goes near Ragini and tells, “hei Rags,don’t trouble aunty”,Ragini hugs him and wishes him good luck and says, “why are u going man,don’t go,na”Sanskar smiles ,moves back and is about to leave,he then turns and walks towards Swara,she stands there not knowing wat to say,they look into each others eyes, Swara softly tells him, “all the best ,Sanskar,”,he moves closer to her,Swara is surprised,he hugs her gently and then quickly takes his hands off and says, “enjoy your college days,keep smiling,and……I hope u wont forget me” ‘ Swara’s eyes are filled and a tear rolls down,Sanskar sees it, “Hei ,now you too,M not going away for ever,we will meet every fortnight or atleast once a month”,Swara replies, “once a month,you wont understand,now go,Arnab uncle is waiting,Sanskar says, “yea,going,bye…and don’t forget,keep smiling”,Swara nods…he walks away,she feels as though a portion of herself is getting detached from her body,she walks towards the bus,Sanskar has a window seat,he waves to everyone as the bus moves,he looks at Swara ,shakes his head with an ’I’ m going’ expression………..bus has left and Ragini breaks down,Swara hugs her and stares in the direction where he left……..

Scene 3:Swara’s house
Swara is standing in front of her dad’s photo,she goes and hugs the photo and tells, “Papa,he left,I am happy for him,he has joined a professional course,mechanical is his favourite branch,glad that he got the same in a good college,but I cant console myself Papa,cant imagine that I wont see him tomorrow,this week,for next two weeks,I already miss him so much,Papa,I hid my love for 5 years,haven’t tried to express it,but yesterday and today,somewhere ,I was getting a feel that he too feels for me,but I’m not sure,cos twice or thrice I felt so in these two days but the next moment his expression made me feel that I am mistaken,I don’t know Papa,but as I remind you daily,tell God that Sanskar is the only blessing that I want from him”,suddenly her phone rings and she goes to check it,an unknown number flashes on the screen,Swara attends,the caller says, “it is me Sanskar and this is the first outgoing call,save this number,thought to call the person who suggested and selected this gift for me,so how r u,had supper?what were you doing?”Swara says, “if you want an honest answer,I was thinking about you,infact,Raglak should also be thinking about you,we miss you”,Sanskar says, “Swara,I know,now let me cut the call,have to call mom,Rags and Lucky also..,bye goodnight”,Swara turns to her dad’s photo and says, “this is what I told,I don’t get this boy at all,I am going to call him back,may be he has recharged for a small amount only”………she calls back and says, “Sanskar,forgot to tell,you have gone there to study,don’t go behind girls,in mech there wont be many but in other branches ,there will be a collection but remember we three will kill you,we are your buddies and we have the right”,Hearing that Sanskar laughs loudly and says, “ok,ok,you called to tell this,ah?,Swara is surprised to hear him and tells him, “first time I am listening to you laughing like this, “Sanskar says, “and ,you made me laugh that way,thank u,Swara seniors are coming,I am going to cut the call,bye,”Saying that,he cuts the call…….

Scene 4:After two weeks,bus stop
Lucky has come early and is waiting for Sanskar,Sanskar gets down, Lucky runs to him and says, “hei,man,how r u,”,Sanskar says, “this time u came early,cant believe,Lucky boy ,on time”,Laksh replies, “that is Lucky’s love and loyalty…”Sanskar says, “ok ok,then where is Swarag?,had sent sms that will also be there,Laksh says, “actually both couldn’t come,had told to tell a big sorry,now let’s leave”,they reach Sanskar’s house….He goes to his mom n dad,hus them,hugs Meera and goes to his room,he finds Swara and Ragini seated there, he is surprised, “Oh,so you two wanted to surprise me,not bad,I am surprised”.They sit and chat for a long time,Swara and Sanskar looks at each other in between though Sanskar quickly looks away when Swara looks at him,Sanky’s mamma brings coffee and snacks,they spend some good time together,decides to meet the next day………..After Laksh and Ragini left,Swasan goes for a walk in the garden,Swara checks for the blue pot that she had planted,she tells him that it was there the last time when she came,trimmed and maintained,Sanskar replies that before leaving he had replanted many,pulled out a few and painted the pots afresh,may be by mistake ,would have thrown that,Swara is sad to hear that,Mukesh comes to call her,on the way home,she keeps thinking why he forgot to maintain it in blue colour,is it a bad sign,will I lose him ??she tries to keep those thoughts away and for that looks outside the window and takes a deep breath,still,she becomes more restless and keeps asking herself in her mind, “why he forgot that he had maintained it all these years,though he had trimmed it periodically…..Mukesh notices her restlessness…………….

(Guys,I typed this just for the sake of posting something today,I know ,wud not have liked this,sorry…..)

Credit to: Vini(Veena)


  1. sindhuja

    awesome update!!! now i feel like swara… one minute, he behaves like he also has some feeling for swara and the next ,minute, he proves me wrong… when he accepted, ‘it’s not dust, i cried’ and said, ‘keep smiling… and don’t forget me’ wow!!! and the hug… the first out going call… just superb!!! and the plant issue… i feel like you give us some hints… will see in your next update…

    • Vini

      Hei dear,m so happy u noticed those moments,thank u very much for mentioning it,actually plant scene ,I was half asleep while typing n this was not to be written here.It s not very relevant also.

    • Vini

      M fine dr,thank u for the comment,I typed this one in such a hurry,was literally exhausted,so m very happy to know that u liked this..I am not regular in writing but from coming tuesday shall try to post minimum one per day..

    • Vini

      Thank u,ur first comment under mine,no?glad to know that u liked it.Shall try to upload next one soon.

    • Vini

      Mickey,m happy that u could recollect some memories, pls don feel bad if my reply is short,u r little rowdy ,always though I haven’t seen u.As Shraddha said eyes are watering while staring at phone screen,fever…

    • Vini

      Thanks dr,good to c u here daily nowadays,actually ,as I keep repeating except one line nothing s planned,so wat comes to mind s being typed,some may be from Swara’s point of view,some from somebody else’s.

  2. Vini

    Good morning guys,thank u for ur comments,I will respond to it,ok,yesterday night just before going to sleep ,I typed n posted,didn’t proof read also,so if u all liked this,then,m very happy…even I have to read this cos literally was half asleep while typing this n even I forgot wat I wrote…

  3. Prit

    I think sanky took d plant with him..ny way thanx dii…for d update… Love it.. Update next part soon…

    • Vini

      Dear,thank u for ur comment,plant scene I typed by mistake,it s not that relevant also, he hasn’t taken it with him is all I can say now.

  4. Vini

    Navi,Anu,Laya,yea,we would feel he took it with him to hostel but for the time being it is a No..Please keep reading..

  5. bhuvi

    Not only swara .. Even I am confused for sanskar feeling towards swara… Do he loves or not?? But good episode…

  6. Niti

    vini Di..it was very heart touching epi..u couldn’t control my tears..i deeply moved the way u hv expressed all the swasan moments..this was the best epi containing all heart touching swasan moments..lucky n ragini’s love for sanky is awesome..wow..lucky reached on time..btw i also feel like swara that some of sanky’s talk n actions shows that he also feel for swara..bye bye sanky moments between swasan were really heart touching..sanky ka swara Ko kehna..it is not dust..i cried..then keep smiling..first call..swara ka kehna..don’t go behind girls..she has indireclty shown her possesiveness for sanky..then their cute eyelocks.. i am sure he has taken that plant to clg with him..poor shona..i m hving feeling that sanky know swara loves him n he also feel for her..plz vini Di prove me right..bas ase hi likhte raho..u know vini Di..
    ur ff is containing events that can be happened in someone’s life..i mean real life not reel life..there is neither mahanness of some character..nor fake n so called relations…very well done vini Di..n thanks for this genuine n beautiful ff..

    • Vini

      Oh dear,thank u,it s so satisfying when we read that u all noticed those little little moments,thank u so much for this support,you ,Joya n Shraddha always mentions in detail n if somebody goes thru your comments itself they will get the crux ,regarding Swasan love n plant and all,somewhere everything will fall in place,I hope so,don’t know wen n what dear,let us move forward together,we will see.

    • Vini

      Thank u Leku,always happy to see u here,pleasure to know that it sounds a little real..pls keep in touch.

    • Vini

      Oh I see,so Mickey would have recalled a lot of memories,hope they are good memories n glad if this paved way for recollecting those…

    • Vini

      Thank u for the comment,everything will fall in place,wen,where,how,haven’t planned bt I hope it will,Hope u will keep reading.

    • Vini

      Thank u Meghs,Gud to c u bk,well,it will be mentioned somewhere,later,plant scene,typed here by mistake…

  7. joya

    again bonding between swaragsanlak and their parents…. means
    laksh himself told he will take sanskar’s father for check up and arnav aka ragini’s father is accompanying him as sanskar’s father is ill…….mind blowing….
    again we felt deepness of friendship of swaragsanlak….sanskar belives swaraglak will be always there for his family…

    sanskar’s dad is ill… u r very smart…u wrote speech of sanskar’s dad is not clear…… very good….

    conversation between swara sanskar……good…. sanskar can not cry..dnt tell to any1…we know sanskar is not expressive…. matlb sanskar apna dard kisi ko dikhna nahi chahta par swara ne dekh liya….good….

    sab sanskar ko bye karne aaye hai…..bus stop scenes are nice…
    sab emotional huye hai par sanskar unhe cheer up kar raha hai…..dont go…miss u..dnt forget me….

    sanskar is about to leave but he turn and walk toward to swara and then he hugs her…..dis is really effective…… fantastic….
    ragini breaks down….when??? sanskar ke jane k bad…good….

    swara ka uske papa k photo se bat karna…heart touching….main to abhi se use miss kar rahi hu..mujhe bhi lagta hai ki wo bhi mujhse pyar karta hai par agale hi second pe uske expression uske action majhe galat sabit karte hai….mind blowing….tell god sanskar is only blessing that i want from him….yr lovely…..uski wakt sanskar ka call aana….shayad usne small amount ka recharge kiya hoga……..gooood……

    unka reunion and all……good….
    swara ka sad hona wo plant ko lekar…..

    kahi sanskar wo apne sath lekar to nahi gaya??? qki woh mature hai caring hai….

    awesome update…

    kya sanskar bhi swara se pyar karta hai????aapne jo twist plan kiya hai wo aanewala hai??? sanskar ne mukesh se uski help karne ka vaad kiya hai…kya yeh promise future me imp role play karne wala hai?????
    in saare sawalon k jawab pane k liue padhte rahiye SWASAN fan fiction season 2…….(hehhehehehehe)
    very nice…

    • Vini

      Oh my goodness,last three or four sentence in ur comment,I couldn’t control my laughter,hahaha,don’t expect anything dear,wat if the track disappoint u ?hope u will forgive me then,then wat should I reply yaar, u left me speechless,m very happy that u are liking my update n that we r in touch,my cousins are in Thane,m coming that side,Sheethal ,m gonna track u down for making me emotional today with ur comment,simply told,had plans to visit but not very soon now,thank u for liking my ff n this support…

      • joya

        u could not control laughter..!!!!!!
        aive thi wo lines……
        u carry on wid u track……
        speechless and emotional??????????????????????
        aayla aisa kya hai comment ki aap speechless ho gayi………..????
        ur cousins r in thaane…………
        dt’s a good news…….
        jab aap thane ki aur prastan karengi tab thoda samay nikalkar puna bhi jarur aayiye gaaaaaa……….
        u gonna track me down…….
        i m wating…………..

    • Vini

      Not cos of this comment alone,u always point out even the minute details,wen we read ,no? we will feel happy like u all r noticing the small moments, then,I like the lines that u write in Hindi,alwaysoh,u r waiting ,haha,my cousin was in Pune later shifted to Thane,another was in Thane itself,one visit is due,dono wen,I haven’t posted next episode, from Tuesday hope I will be regular…

      • joya

        i m happy u like that hindi lines….we notice bcoz of ur writing…..
        it’s k di…we all know dt u r little busy….

    • Shraddha

      Yaar Jo koi roke na roke mai zaroor rokna chahungi pehle toh yeh Didi itna rulati hai itma acha likh likh ke aur upar se tumhare comment dekh kar double Rona aata hai kyun ki tum ek point nahi chodti …… ? I’m back guys hello all

      • joya

        humari comment ki wajah se tumhe rona aata hai sharddha and niti u agree wid her………
        hey kudarat,
        yeh kya hoga ya…..
        hum jaisi bichari (abalaaa) par yeh kaisa iljam lagaya hai….kaise bardasht kare hum……..hehehehehehehehe……
        thodisi masti………

      • Shraddha

        Bechari abla nari????? Not bad Jo tum bhi Dramebaaz ho waise dramebaazon ki kami nahi hai yahape main toh chodo hoon he aur tum bhi aur sabse badi hamari daadi amma Rupshika Woh toh no1 (pyarisi lekin?)

      • Vini

        Welcome bk Shraddha dear,my good fortune that you all are liking this,so kind of u all,nothing extraordinary, still u all are supporting my ff..

      • joya

        actually humne yeh horror movie aur novels se kabhi dar nahi laga…even humri roommate ne bhi humne bhoot banke darane ki koshish ki thi tab bhi nahi dare the hum….par ek kissa hai hum share karna chahege….

        diwali k pehli ki baat hai….humra ghar thoda outside me….rat ko 8 baje k baad ek dum shanti…un din ghar par bhi koi nahi tha nad hum ek marathi horror novel padh rahe the…story of prof.vaikar..parkayapravesh( marne k baad fir se jinda hone k liye us insan ki aatma ko maro aur uski body use karo…aisa har bar karne se wo insaan kabhi nahi marega)

        unme na unhone wo ghost kaise baitha tha wo likha tha…

        chair pe jhala hum done hath rakhakar baithate hai unpar wo aatma baithi hoti hai…ghutno k bich me gap rakhakar us gap me apni gardan jhukaye..ghutno se hath niche ki direction me…..aisa……

        humne novel khatm ki kuch 10 baje ratke…fir yaad aaya ki humne kachara nahi feka tha….mom agar rat ko aayengi to chillayengi…..kachra fek ne k liye hume ghare se 100 kadam dur sadak ke us par jana tha…..hum chale gaye…..

        road cross karne hi wale the to humne dekha ki humse thodi dur road k bich me same wo aatma wali position me koi baitha tha….
        aur hum chashmish hai aur wo jo kuch bhi tha thoda dur tha…….

        fir kya humare dil ki dhadkane badhi….
        usme thodi halchal ki humri dhadkane aur badi….dil kara abhi bhag javu yaha se….par fir dil ne kaha sheetal beta aaj agar tu dari na to fir jindgi bhar daregi..himmat kar himmat kar…..

        aur hum 2kadam aage badhe…

        yr kya kahe hum itne hase itne hase ki puchho mat……

        qki wo ek bada doggy tha….hum jaise hi uski aur badhe the wo bhaga………

        yr sadak pe khade rehkar joron se has rahe the hum…….

        humne yeh kissa humri ek chhoti behan k sath share kiya….ab wo jab bhi humse milne aati hai pehla sawal karti hai,,,,

        Di ab baat hoti hai prof.vaikar se…..kya kehte hai wo jara mujhe bhi batana………

    • Vini

      Joya…,simply checked this after checking Whatsapp, oho,horror novel effect on the road,and it ended in a big laughter,even u made me laugh imagining a doggy I burst into laughter,my cousins,wen they were small,even I was at school, my aunt used to say,a Hindi series was dubbed into malayalam ,name I think was rahasyam or something in malayalam not sure tho,I used to smile seeing the graphics ,but aunty used to say,my cousins,used to hold rosary in their hands n watch n aunt used to scold them saying if they are scared Wats the use of watching..at hostel we used to watch Hollywood horror movies, their graphics n all are a lil convincing,so used to enjoy watching that..

      • Shraddha

        Hahahaa jo??? kya mast experience raha hoga Woh usse bhi mast hai tumhare cousin ka dialogue Di ab baat hoti hai prof vaikar se??? lol mast hai….. Lekin tumne Jo description diya hai kafi hadd tak daravna tha ha?

  8. needhi

    Di u rocked again.i could relate each and everything to me.my bestie got a college in mathura,while he was leaving i said the same words ‘don’t go after girls,study well’.wow your ff is si real ,no coincidences ,no studitity just real and heart touching incidents.thanks di for making my day.may god be with u always and u keep writing like this.

      • Vini

        I understood dear,thank u for ur comment,even m not good at larger than life scenes though I may include a few for the sake of carrying the story forward but tryg to keep it simple ,m very happy that u could relate to it, and yea,that is a common warning we give to our friends I think…

  9. joya

    are most imp….
    how r u?????
    apko bhi thoda fever tha na……
    take care……
    aap busy bhi hai….take a proper rest….hum sab wait kar lenge….aap thik ho jayiye pehle….

    • Vini

      Yes busy I am dear, I reply from my phone wen I get time,but typing episode is a task from phone, not getting time to do it from Tuesday I hope I will post one update minimum…

  10. Shraddha

    Oh God Doctor saheba ab bas bhi kijiye kitna rulayengi?????i can relate to today’s episode a lot because 1 have been in both Meera n Lucky’s place(not swara ? ha nahi mila ab ttak mera sanky lol?) meera because my brother also left to do his MS for USA n luccky because my friend got MBBS seat so she too left n all that bua stand scenes I can relate to it a lottt
    Now wrt ur ff sanky yaar ur already so mature so now that ur 18 ur even more that can be seen in the father son conversation how lucky can that dad be where in his son completes his position in his family u know Sanskaar s character is so pure even varun kapior said in an IV that itna acha koi hai toh bohot acha hai…. N ur Sanskaar character bis much much upgraded version with sooo much of goodness I was ready eyes wen he said papa don’t stress urself itna acha beta bhai aur dost hai ye ladka ….. N 1 more thing lucky may be a cool dude but his a child at heart how emotional he said he will take uncle n go for check up indeed he’s assuring his friend ki I’m der I’ll look after them my friend u don’t worry…. N the way he hugged him tightly n wen he came on time sorry before time n said Lucky’s love n loyalty this shows they are not just best friend s they are brothers for life by all aspects…..
    Now rags wat to say she is like meera only to sanky n her parents are so sweet her dad accompanying him is atleast very special bond it shows between these two not jsut them but their families as well n rags breaks down after he left ???? I can imagine her crying oh God best friend leaving is so painful n u atleats master at portraying emotions
    Now coming to swara I donno how many did but the convo between mukesh n swra I was about to ask u the same Qs really all her Qs were mine too because in previous episode I too felt that this boy shows smthing in his eyes n the next moment he cconfuses us…. Uknow wen I read 1st call was for swara it was I donno not exactly such emotional scene but I started crying Im still trying to figure out why I cried …. Well I’m 19 years old still I think I’m quite a child to understand lol????? n he’s back n der surprise was so cute…. Beauties they are but I’m also in swarss dilemma now why he threw ?? how can he just say he might have thrown donno what’s gonna happen u so keep us hooked didi? love you?

    • joya

      areeee hum to khud hi hostel pe rahe hai 2 saal…….

      bdw hiii….
      how r u??????
      thank you so much rokne k liye…..
      par hum rukenge ya nahi pata nahiiiiiiiii….hehehehehe…..

      plz bear me guys………..

      • Shraddha

        Hostel yaaar maza aata hogana mast ik ghar se door rehna easy nahi hai lekin hostel ka bhi apne aap me alag he maza hai?

    • joya

      yr sach me mazaa aata tha….
      are humne na horror novels padhana pasand hai…hum na hostel pe sab ko ghost ki stories suna k darate the………..pura mahot banake…….

      • Vini

        Joya dear,we used to read good books,had a good library near by managed by palliative care society ,then friends used to exchange books,but movies ,we too loved horror movies,have watched many n used to get scared to go to toilets sometimes….

      • Shraddha

        Wow kya mast maja aata hoga naa mujhe toh sochke he kitna acha lagraha hai….. Hum class me kabhi free time mila tih saare curtain s sab dhak ke horror movie dekhte hai …. Sabko darate darate aaplog hostel me karoge toh baapre uska asar 1000times zyada hoga Woh raat me toh bhagwan bachaye??

    • Vini

      Shraddha dear,welcome back,u r back with such a short comment ,very bad,aha,wat a come bk,Oh u have been in Lucky n Meera’s place,actually ,I was in Sanky’s place,wen I went away my friends were emotional n my aunties n cousins gave me a sent off as though m going to Mars,yea,Sanky in my ff is an extraordinary person ,a few men may be like that ,then hundred marks for your observation abt Lucky’s character,that s wat I meant exactly,and I wanted to confuse a little with Sanky’s behaviour,we will see,nothing extraordinary, bt it s abt our Mr.Perfect,then,that call scene ,glad that u all liked it,this whole episode was totally totally random n was half asleep while typing that is y that irrelevant pot scene came there ,nothing was planned about that..and though I myself know the future track s going to be a really stupid one, I wish to write it ..I wish u all accept it …bt I won’t compel u all to accept it…

      • Shraddha

        Like mars lol ur sense of humour is great Didi?? well Mr perfect grabs our attention every single time hoping to see his character shaping up….. N den plz Ms topper don’t again start off ??? hahaha topper toh topper hai why fikar den?will be more than happy to accept it because ik its gonna be awesome

  11. Shraddha

    Ah oh this was not expected plz bare with me all of u I’m sorry for such long 1 I actually din realize ?

    • Shraddha

      N didi I was going to tell u about my singing no BTW ya sso… It was also my farewell n just like sanky even I sung a song n den I requested my teachers to allow me sing for my friend s i had actually planned n chosen songs n the sequence in which I should sing them also n chose pictures accordingly to display on projector so the songs were these……. 1st “Woh pehli baar jab hum mile Hatho me Haath jab hum chale” n den our Lkg ukg pictures were displayed den I sang a Telugu song from movie Happy Days”O my friend “its beautiful song…. Den “Yaadei yaad aati hai” from film yadein n den lastly again Happy Days title track I sang….. By this time all my friends were crying so badly even I controlled because I had to sing …heehhe this is a memory I will cherish forever thought of sharing with u all that’s why I said wen I read sanky singing it became extremely nostalgic moment for me??

      • Vini

        Hostel was fun dear,u r a day scholar?? Haha,topper comment u still remember?seriously,track will be stupid dear, ah,leave it,let’s see,pictures on projector,lots of memories flashed by and the songs that u mentioned, beautiful, happy days,I have watched original and the dubbed version in malayalam,among the dubbed movies that I have seen,I like the malayalam lyrics of happy days the most,once during interdental festival(students of three govt dental colleges gather once a year for a three day event,and venue rotates between the three government colleges,now two more govt colleges have started in Kerala,bt wen we were in college,just three),ah,wat I was saying is,during a break during cultural programmes at night ,before a UV show,they switched off all lights,and this song was played,’manassinu marayilla….Oh my friend ‘ from happy days n all switched on their mobile screen lights and waved in the air,twas a magical moment ,still afresh in memory…so I can imagine how it wud be singing for a farewell…

      • Shraddha

        Wow even I have done this mobile flash light wala thing its a visual treat ssly ? I ve picture taken from top view by coll photographer its just beautiful… N Happy Days is 1 of my fav movies really like all songs from dat movie I actually understand Telugu quite a bit so normally watch dat if any version available…..Coll cultural fests are always fun n memorable ssly ??

    • Vini

      Daisy ,minimum one update will be there from Tuesday,bear with me if site uploads it late,I will promise on time…

    • Shraddha

      Acha kiya tumne nahi toh didi ko overload hojata lekin tumhare comments padne ka alag he maza hai mai toh enjoy karti hoon aur unme mujhe choti shraddha dikhti hai ek dum tumhare jaise natkhat??????

      • Vini

        I agree with u Shraddha,u both sounds similar though younger s a rowdy n older s like Ragini of this ff…?

  12. Vini

    Joya, Shraddha,Niti……statue……dont touch keypad until I say….haha.. just kidding…now I think if I see short msgs from u three I may feel disturbed..Shraddha ,welcome bk,Joya dr,I had replied to ur msg but it is not displayed,or I didn’t press post comment ??mild fever dear,better now..

    • joya

      bdw thank you….
      kal ke comment k liye….
      but i m not like u…u r d best person…..
      reply kiya tha par shayad aapne padha nahi hoga waha………
      thank you so much…….

    • Niti

      statue..ha ha ha..!!
      but Di ap likhte hi itna achcha ho hum kya kare..khud Ko rok hi nahi pate..vo humare bas me hi nahi hai..its all because of ur excellent writing..apna khayal rakhna Di..bubye..tc..

      • Vini

        Niti,m not a good writer,I know that,but there are good writers among ff writers,if I point out a few,others may feel bad,but m happy u all like mine too n more than that this second ff paved way for our chats…

    • Shraddha

      Statue haahahaha good one didi.……?? lol OK now I’m absolutely fine but ur not ohho virus transmitted via net hehe? take care didi no need to rush we are here only u take care

  13. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Haha,.. Previous episode she missed that hug..but before leaving he simply huged her ..nice.. And d most funniest part is swara called back ..warn him to keep distance.. wid other girls in college and he laughed at her…haha that was superb

  14. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Eagarly waiting for d next episode Dr…bz want to know whether he maintained that blue pot and plant or not.swara ye pole njanum epo upset anu…

    • Vini

      Thank u dr,upset aayathu ithu vayichittu aano,glad to know that u liked those scenes,last episode comments,I have to respond to a few more,I will,blue pit scene njan paathi urakkathil type cheythatha,athivide varanullathallarnnu…

  15. shabrin

    Not at all….it was awesome as always…hope sanskar will also realise his love for swara soon….update soon

    • Vini

      Thank u dr,ur feedbk s regular nowadays,thanks,m satisfied if u all liked this cos this was written that casually,in the middle of sleep..

  16. Vinita

    Hi di!!!!!!;
    I have no wrds to describe the ff.
    It’s so good

    I am fine rupsikha . How are your studies going on?????

    Hi joya di!!!!!!!
    When my friend read your comment
    yesterday her expression was” even I fooled you in the same way”

    Hi Niyati di!!!! I have alot of relatives frm Gujarat. Actually my family is like a mini India. You can find ppl from almost all the communities of India .

    Hi shraddha di!!!? Glad to know u are fine.

    Take care di. You really bring a smile on my face everyday. I commented in your ff yesterday. Mine was the second last one probably….????
    Hi Niyati di!!!
    I have alot of relatives from Gujarat
    Actually my family is like a mini India
    You can find ppl from all across india

    • joya

      hi vinita…….
      ur friend also read that comment……..
      they fooled me….uska bhi alag maza hai na…………………….
      but i m happy k wo dono pehle si apni feeling share kar chuke the…..

      how r u????????

    • Shraddha

      Hi Vinita tq dear tum logonke comments ke waje se I recovered soon so much we are chatting des days I was missing not being part of it …?? so wat do u do vinita?

    • Vini

      Hi dear,u come late nowadays bt u r in thoughts,I will respond to your comment there,ok,thank u for being there dear,next season of exams??vacation?

  17. Vini

    Vinita,Joya,Sethooty, I will check previous ff n reply to all those asap,same with the ones under this ff,hope u will give me some time…I will respond for sure…

  18. hi dii
    l am commenting for the first time…
    Ur ff makes me remember my frnds…
    i feel both sad and happy at a timenl…
    the sad thing is i am staying in hostel(kerala) far away from my hometown(hyderbad) i cant meet my frnds for 4 months
    but feels happy to read ur story which makes me remember my frnds and gives a strong feeling that they are near me…
    Now also i am eagerly waiting for my sem hldays in may
    if u can plz post the next episode today only…
    waiting for ur next ff

    • Vini

      Hei,Akshita, I remember, u have commented before once or twice, oh u r in hostel,m from Kerala though living in B’lore now,which course u r studying,ITV’s tuf being away from home n friends, m happy u could recollect some memories..

  19. Vinita

    Right guess di… My exams are starting frm Wednesday. The above chats were so hilarious.. Especially abla par ilzam lagana and statue. I was laughing while reading those comments.
    Shraddha di I am doing BA.good to see u back.
    Joya di aapke Hindi par Mai fida ho gayi………

    • Vini

      Haha dear,m also enjoying reading ur chats with me n more than that between u guys..the bond,it s amazing,oh,next season of exams??all the best dear,God bless,and Joya ‘s Hindi,even ,m a fan…

  20. Helllooooop di….sry ha…xuley mne prvs ff chck kya toh aapki cmnt dkha…yes he is a singer(zayn)…. i don’t knw y bt i lyk vampire stories…xuley mujhe bachpan se vmpre n horror stories psnd h…

    U knw di jab me class 2 me thi,dt tym ek hrr srl diya krti thi DD national par”Aa biti” raat 10 bje…hmsha wt krti thi 10 bje tk…mere doni bhaya bht darti thi bhoot se…so jb ai srl shuru ho jti thi wo dono bhaag jti thi..n i think mne sbse jyada vmpre n hrr story pdha h bchpn se…shayad isiliye…par abhi pdhna chod diya h…raat ko bura spna dkhti thi…so mummmma ne bht gli d

    • joya

      yr hum bhi wo serial dekhte the………
      national tv pe aata tha…..
      aur aankhe,surag,100,hawayain……
      wo song aaj bhi hume yaad hai

      honewala hai kya koi jane nahi….

      aisa kuch tha……

      • Vini

        Hei ,even I used to watch Surag and aankhe..name sounds familiar ,I think I used to watch that too but I don’t remember exactly…

    • Vini

      Ok dear,horror movies are exciting to watch,aa dat was the serial I mentioned in reply to Joya,it was dubbed in malayalam n my cousins used to watch it seems,wen they used to come for vacation aunt used to narrate how scared these fellows were,yet watched, I was also at school dat time bt class I forgot ,I used to feel that funny, but my lil cousins used to narrate with much enthusiasm and I used to be a listener ,haha ,mom interfered ,ah?good,good,and brothers were scared that time,so sweet…

    • Vinita

      Even I used to watch alot of horror shows like ssh…phir koi hai, akela with my dad. My ma always comments that both father and daughter are alike and like to watch paranormal soaps. I have twin brothers and whenever I see any horror show they always run away and scream didi se bachao

      • Vini

        Haha dad n daughter watching horror series together,so funny,wat my dad used to do wen were kids is some dance steps in front of TV while we are seriously watching something n me n bro used to say,Pappa pls move,we will watch ur dance latervbut this won’t be retelecasted so pls let us ,recalling that itself is making me smile..

  21. rashika

    Wow sanskar looks at swara and when she looks he averts his gaze away from her….. Liked it… I think he too feels something for swara….

  22. Divi

    Didi…wat abt next epi….when u ll update di….i m waiting…..di update daily pls…u know i m feel like restless without reading all swaragini fan fiction…

    • Vini

      I haven’t typed next one,most probably tomorrow. Yea,I can understand dear that there are many ff’s n u guys are supporting us,so it s not right to make u all wait..shall upload tomorrow.

    • Vini

      Seeing new names under our ff s motivating, knowing that there are many who read our ff will make NY ff writer happy n under this episode there are many new names…m happy n I thank each n every one if u who supported me thus far.

  23. Vini

    Friends ,those who read my chats under ff should be bored reading that I have not planned the scenes though I have a one line in my mind ,bt I repeat, so I have to plan something for the next episode, shall try to post one episode each at least, from tomorrow, Mickey, Joya,Shraddha,Niti,Vinita,Sethooty,Appu,Harini,Navi,Sindhuja,Leku,did I miss any with whom I chat daily??sorry if I have…hope u guys had a good day,take care…

  24. No di…
    Joya di akele chali gayi bahar wo v raat ko??no way…me toh drti nhi thi bchpn me par pta h me kya krti thi…xuley jb merr papa ko prssre stck hua tha tab hume raat ko dctr ki pss jna prta tha kvi kvi….bhaya papa ke pss rhti thi n me mumma ke ssath jti thi…n wo v 10,11 bje…toh me dar kr mumma ki hth pkd lti thi n aakhn bndh kr chlti rhti thi..

    Bt jab me bada hone loge toh mera aise darna km ho gaya…iska mtlb ye nhi ke me isiliye hrr stry pdhne me drti nhi hu Q ki me bada ho gaya hu…mtlb kuch aur he h…

    Jab papa ki prssre stck huyi toh usse rtre hona para jab se…n tab hum v chhote the…n mumma bht inncnt thi….i think mumma mjhse v zyada chhoti thi…n jab dctr ne kaha papa kvi bol nhi payege toh mumma bht royi thi…n jb ussdin offce me papa ke rtre hne par farewell rkha tab pta h ek aunty ne aise english me papa ki baare me kuch bola tha…n mumma englsh nhi jnte thi…n tab me cls 2 ki thi…pr phir v thodi thodi smjh me aa rhi thi uski baaton se…mumma ro rhi the n me mumma ko assmse me trnslte krke baata rhi thi ki wo kya keh rhe h papa k barre me..tb mumma ne kaha pta nhi aage kya hoga…ksise 2m lg ko smbhlga…mne kha dnt wry sb thk ho jayega…ussdin se har din bht tklf me gjari hum…

    Kvi kvi toh ppapa pain se bht jor se chllti thi roti thi…aisa hr din hoti thi…n end me baade bhaya ko kb mil gaye IB brnch me n sb phle jsa ho gayi…xuley jb hm chote the toh meri muuma bht incnt thi par halat ne uuse blkl bdl di…sbse strng n pyari si muummaa…bade bhaya aaj v khti h ki jb me ips bn jaugi toh dkhna kya kya krogi sbke liye…agr mumma nhi toh hum v nhi chahe jtne ne v baade Offcr Q na ho

    • Vini

      Hi dear,Mickey, except earthquake n elephant msgs most of ur msgs have brought a smile ,bt this one,
      really touched my heart,wen I imagined a little girl holding mom’s hand and walking with closed eyes at late night
      ,I felt very sad,lots
      of respect to yourparents,happy to know abt ur bro
      ,even I respect my parents a lot ,we are nothing without them,how’s your father now?glad to know abt ur brother chasing a Csat dream..God bless him.

  25. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Take ur own time Dr…we will wait… Actually last two episodes made me restless…its hunting me like they r my own memories..

    • Vini

      Ok dear,can understand,sad to hear,bt very happy to know that he is fine now,may God bless ur family n keep u all hale n hearty…

    • joya

      good morning dear……
      tum aur tumhari family bahot brave hai…
      u know u r a cute princess……..sab thik ho jayega………..

    • Vinita

      Salute to your parents!!!!! After reading this I was totally shocked. You are really a brave girl.
      Don’t worry rupsikha. Keep faith on God. Everything will be alright.

  26. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Vini can u write on blog,actually saba start her blog and she posted an introduction of her new story.plzz its a request

    • Vini

      Ayyo,dear, Saba is a good writer,I don’t consider myself one, honestly don’t think my writing s good enough to be posted on a blog,sorry,ok,we will continue here..

  27. Prisha

    Hi veena,

    I am secret admirer of your ff. I read all your fan fic episodes in one day yeah just one day! You are too poliet to consider yourself as amateur writer. You are too good infact. I want you to know i totally loveld your previous fan fiction and did not know about this one upuntill now. Just one request, pls try to update a episode daily( its kind a dose) lol! I am totally hooked to your fan fic. Pls keep writing

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