Swasan fan fiction (Season 2 ) episode 21


Hi guys,SWASAN Fan Fiction (Season 2) episode 21..
Had posted just two episodes this week,hope u read it……I have responded to the comments under that today only,sorry…

Scene 1

After two years,school,12th standard farewell day

The farewell function is organised by the school, the immediately junior batch does the arrangements,Swara and Ragini are waiting at their usual meeting place at school,dress code is saree for girls and formal or casual suits for boys,Sanky and Laksh arrives,Swara and Ragini are surprised to see them,both have come like twins in blue jeans,white shirt and dark blue blazers,Swara and Ragini gets angry,SanLak comes near them,looks at Swarag from head to toe ,looks at each other and bursts into laughter,

Lucky says, “we knew you would buy identical saree and now look at us,we look more dashing ,na?yours,blouse colour and pattern same,then,saree border same but colour……,failed…Swara is wearing blue and Ragini is wearing red,they taunt each other and then Sanskar says, “come on guys,we will go to the canteen,after all ,last day na,tomorrow onwards study leave and then exams”,hearing this,Swaraglak’s smile fades,Ragini says, “cant imagine,five years just flew,I don’t want to go from here guys,wish we had some more time to spent here,”Others listens carefully,all are sad,Laksh says, “this fun,freedom,laughter,and above all meeting daily at school and tuitions,will miss all this, guys,school days,y are u going to end…he becomes emotional,Sanskar looks at Swara,she looks at him and her eyes speaks in volumes but he just looks away and tells Laksh, “first time I am seeing this soft side of our Lucky boy,don’t worry,we will all meet no matter whichever college we join,minimum, twice a week we will meet,ok,now cheer up,just then the leader of their junior batch passes that way and tells them that their batchmates have gathered in the auditorium ,they get up to leave,Raglak walks ahead,Swara calls Sanskar from behind and says, “all the best Sans,I know you will sing well,after all, last event at school,sing well,ok”,Sanskar replies, “Yes Swara ,last event,that thought itself drains energy,will miss this place,Ragini,Lucky….you,Swara looks at him in surprise….they share an eyelock….

Scene 2:Auditorium

Sanskar’s name is announced,he comes to the podium,takes the mic and comes and stands in the centre,Ragini and Swara looks at each other,Sanskar sings a song,audience enjoys it,they applaud at the end,he turns to go and quickly comes back and says, “actually,I have a special request,I wish to sing a few lines,and it is dedicated to my dear friends Swara,Ragini and Laksh,I will miss you guys,thank you for all the memories,he sings, “yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai…………. from Pal.”Ragini and Swara becomes emotional,they stare at Laksh in the parallel row,he is sitting still,Ragini wipes her tears,holds Swara’s hand and says, “this Sanky made me cry,my eyeliner will go,”Swara smiles and looks at Ragini,Swara says, “now me too wish that our school days didn’t end,don’t want to miss you guys and this school..”

Scene 3:Outside the auditorium,in the garden

Principal,staff and 12th standard students have gathered in the garden area,principal tells them, “You all know that from this year we are planning something special in connection with the farewell day,I gave you the idea but I wanted to tell who proposed the idea on this day when we will inaugurate the same,three weeks back four students sought special permission to meet me,one among that was our head boy Sanskar,others are ,now I learn ,after his song dedication,his close friends Swara,Laksh and Ragini,they told me that the unoccupied land in our garden can be used to grow trees,on farewell day,all who are interested can bring saplings and plant in groups,nature club will see to the maintenance of the area,so,first I invite the gang who proposed the idea to come forward and plant theirs,and,around each plant,an iron cage and a metal plate with the names of the groups inscribed will be hung,we have already planned so,it will be maintained,so those who have given names,be ready,”SwasanRaglak comes forward,on the way Ragini whispers,

“all are watching,Sanky and Lucky,you both bend down and dig the pit ok,our saree will be messed up and since others are watching cant take risk,no?Lucky says, “we are not your servants”,Sanky says, “teachers are watching,ok,we will dig,but will m’ams bend down to plant it together?”,Swara says,”that we will manage”,they does it together,and at last hangs the plate which reads, Swara,Sanskar,Ragini,Laksh(SwaSanRagLak) ,for our never ending friendship…………….they hold the plate and keep staring at each other,principal, staff and students applaud……

Scene 4:Plus two and entrance results are out……at Ragini’s house

Plus two results are out,Sanky is second topper at school,he has a good rank in engineering entrance as well,he is joining for engineering at a college a little away from their place,Laksh for B.Com and Swarag for B.A at a college in their town itself,since Sanky is leaving Ragini’s parents have thrown a party for him at their place,SwasanLak are invited with family,also their close friends at school,party is on Sanky’s birthday as well,the very next day he has to leave to join for his course,Swara is disturbed,everyone hugs Sanskar and wishes him birthday and good luck for his studies,Mukesh gives him a mobile as birthday gift,they spend a good time together,friends later gather at the terrace ,they plays music and dances to the tune,Swara and Ragini are seated in a corner,later Ragini goes to dance when Laksh insists,Shruti comes near Swara and sits near her,she calls Swara, “Swara,what you want to tell him,just don’t hesitate,go and tell him,sometimes,certain opportunities if we don’t grab on time,we may have to see those going out of our hands later,I am not sure but the way you are staring at him,I know u four are close buddies,but we did share a special friendship too,so,I know you Swara,you may be having a ‘gone case’ impression about me,yes I agree, I am,but you and Sanskar, I have always watched u both wen u were together,there is something about u guys,may be you haven’t realised,but ,think about it and if you wana tell something to him, tell him today,he is leaving tomorrow ,no?

Swara keeps staring at Shruti,she tells her, “Hei Shru,wen did u become so serious,but dear,there is nothing like that,he is my best friend,dats it”,Shruti gets up and says, “just ask your heart once more Swara,hope u will not regret later,she goes,Swara is in thoughts,she later goes to room,takes the birthday gift that she had bought for Sanskar,all the guests starts leaving,Laksh’s parents tells that they will drop Sanskar and family home,Ragini and Lucky goes down,Sanskar is staring at the sky,Swara comes from behind,Snskar turns,he tells her, “hei Swara,well,so,m going tomorrow,will u miss me?”,Swara listens to his words,comes near him and tells him, “what do u think,I will miss u or not?”Sanskar says, “I don’t know”,saying that he turns and points to the sky and says, “look at that star Swara,how beautiful it is……..”,Swara thinks, “y he replied like that?”she looks at the star and says, “yes it is beautiful,now Sanskar,turn this side,happy birthday”,saying that she gives the gift to him,he looks into her eyes,she tells him, “a birthday hug is due”,she is about to hug,she hears Ragini and Laksh calling them,she moves back ,smiles and before leaving,turns towards him and looks into his eyes,he looks at her………………

Credit to: Vini(Veena)

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  1. Lovely epi …….

    1. Thank u dr

    1. Thanks yr,this is ur first comment under my ff,no??thanks.

  2. nice….waiting 4 nxt update…

    1. Thanks yr,glad to know that u read.

    1. Thanks yr,new name under my ff,thanks.

    1. Gud morning Mickey,thank u dr.

  3. really really nice. .
    emotional. . miss my school days. .

    1. Thank u dr for being there,happy to read that u liked it.

  4. More excited now…. very interesting yaar…

    1. Thanks yaar but I think many will be disappointed with the track later but m going ahead with the one line that I have planned …

  5. Hii Di..gm..actually my bua i.e. my fathers sisters had decided my name Namrata..it was written in my birth certificate also..but after 1 month..my dadi-dadu..decided to Chang my name from Namrata to Niyati..as according to them after my birth their destiny has changed..this was the small story behind my name..

    lets come to epi..it was superb..but really very emotional..Di you made me cry today..i recall all my memories of last school days n farewell of school n tuition..Yaro dosti song from pal is really heart touching yar..we have also sung it in our farewell day..

    swaraglaksan friendship is just awesome..sari -formal cloths idea was very nice..lucky boy got emotional..sanky is very matured guy..the best part was tree plantation..each n every friend of our life is imp..conversation between swara n shruti was also very nice..now from shruti’s words i m feeling like sanky n swara’s love story will not be so smooth..but plz don’t make it to much complicated as i can’t see them in pain..ohh god sanky sab se dur ja raha hai..i can feel swa ‘s pain through ur words..yar wo hug Q nahi huaa..!!? overall awesome mindblowing superb epi..

    Upps..comment thoda jyada lamba ho gaya..!!

    1. Hi dr,Gud morning,Namratha s a nice name but Niyati is really a very very beautiful name,Dadi Dadu did a great thing changing that..n story behind s quite interesting, for episode analysis.perfect analysis as usual,happy I am,regarding the love story I just wish u read it till last episode,even I have to imagine the scenes though I have a clear one line in my mind,then this song ,during college days,we ,9,posting mates(same clinical posting,after a tough practical exam decided to go to Kappad beach at Kozhikode,Kerala(Vasco Da Gama landed at Kappad first,beautiful beach it is),a gang of two boys n 7 girls,we went n that time had a basic point n shoot model digi can,suddenly a friend told we will make a video,and we played this song in one girl’s phone and held camera and phone together ,exchanged and shot a video of the 9 of us in the background of the beach(we acted… Haha),(around 5.30 pm twas,had to return by a bus at 6),so was shot in a hurry bt trust me ,still,wen we watch that,can’t explain,even our parents likes that video a lot .more than all our campus films and music albums that we shot during college days…

      1. My college days were at Calicut (Kozhikode ) though I am from Kochi.

      2. wow..vini Di..it seems ur collage days were just rocking with ur gang..masti n all..kitna maza ata hoga na vo din yad karke..how lucky u r Di..!!

        you know what i hv started my CA after my 12th..so i hv done my bcom just for time pass..bz my main goal is to become CA..that’s the reason i don’t hv any clg life..though i was percuing bcom as regular student i hv not gone clg other than my exam days..i with my gang hv done lots of masti during full day coching classes of Ca..

        i am 21 year old now n i hv found very good friends..my all brothers treat me n my lil sis like princess..i hv done lots of fun with my family n friends..but not clg hangout..which you all guys had done n some of u may be doing right now..like rupshikha..whenever i found someone sharing about their clg life i feel i hv missed some imp phase of my life..

        feel bit relax after sharing my feeling with u..n no matter what happen..i am going to follow ur ff till end..bz i love it very much..

    2. aaj vini di ki khair nahi…..
      hum sab ne itne lengthy comment diye hai ki kya kahe…………

      1. i mean tum akeli nahi ho aaj hum bhi lengthy comments walon k line me hai..hehehhe

      2. ya joya..hum sab ne to aj had hi kar Di..sab ne lambe lambe comments likhe hai..vini Di apne sab Ko majboor kar diya apni apni feeling share karne k liye..now its ur task..to read comments..

      3. Niti and Joya,I will read ur comments and reply soon,

    3. Yes Niti dear,college days was fun n fun.Lots of memories, hostel life n college,beautiful memories..Oh u had started prep for inter soon after ur plus two,very good,hope u compensated the masti that u missed in college to an extent thru your CA coaching classes n outings with cous’ n relatives,thank u dr for telling that u will follow this ff ,thank u for being there, always.

  6. What a episode di!!!!u made me nostalgic today.u know di i am in XII class just one and half month is left for my farewell.i am experiencing the same pain now as swasan raglak r going through .this episode really touched my heart and drowned me in grief and sorrow.keep rocking like this.

    1. Oh,u r in XII,school days are coming to an end,enjoy the rest of the days and study well too…all the best dear in advance..m happy that u liked this…

  7. Superb yar lovely episode

    1. Thank u dr for always being there…

  8. Next wen????? 🙂 🙂

    1. tomorrow most probably

  9. Chck ur last fff na di plzzz☺…kuch stupid c baate h

    1. previous episode or season 1??I will check asap n respond..

  10. superb…..
    yr kab se bas yahi soch rahe hai ki comment kare to kare kya…
    starting se unka milna,dress ke upar comment karna,ek dusre se bichhadane ka dukh aur fir sanskar ka yeh kehkar unko cheer up karna ki hum weak me 2 bar milenge..
    sanskar ka gaana,unka emotional hona,unoccupied land ka Trees k liye use karne ka idea,unka result,sanskar ki bday party,most imp swara and shruti ka conversation……each and every thing is mind blowing…..
    jis tarike se aap small small things ko point out karti he wo sach me tarif ka kabil hai…
    same pattern, same boundary, swara ka shock hona jab sanskar ne kaha ki ragini laksh and…….u…….
    fir wo garden are me ragini ka kehna ki u both bend down and dig the pit.our saree will be mess up…sanskar ka kehna we will….ragini k parents ka sanskar k liye party throw karna,mukesh ka usko mobile gift karna,shruti ka swara se kehna ask ur heart once again,sanskar ka sky ko dekhna,swara sanskar ko hug karne hi wali thi par ragini and laksh ka bulana…..apne raglaksanswaraglaksanswa aur unke parents ka ekdusre k sath ki bonding bhi bahot gehri dikhai hai….really niceeeeeeeeee….
    aaj k episode k har words humri yaad hai…30 min ho gaye hai phone hat me par kuch bhi likhne jate hai wo yaade…………………………………….

    1. and most imp aap shruti ko nahi bhooli.
      actually i want to share wid my some memories.
      humne exactly wo din yaad nahi par humra group ko ek function attend karna tha.hum sab sath nahi ja rahe the..jab hum function me gaye.ek ek frnd aa rahi thi..u know what hum chhod ke baki sab ne ek pattern ka dress pehna tha…same boundary, same design bt different colors..hum itne hase the.and un sab ko din bhar hum band wale keh kar bulate the.
      we separated after 10th std..uske baad jab bhi hum logon ko wakt milta hum humre school jate the..snacks lekar…hum sab school k volleyball team me the.after leaving school we used our school’s ground to play volleyball….
      aur jo conversation hai shruti aur swara k bich me exactly humra humri frnd k sath huaa tha…uske colony me ek ladka tha…wo bahot bar uske bare me baat karti thi…jab hum usse sawal karte she always said we r just friend and nothing like that.kai bar college se ghar aane k liye hum log ek hi time pe bus stop pe aate the and hum hmesh window side pe baithte the..jab bhi bus uske business office samne se gujrne wali hoti thi madam usko msg karti thi aur wo road k side pe aata tha and yeh window site pe baith jati thi.done chalti bus se ek dusre ko ek naraj dekh lete the…fir humne un dono ko msg karke puchha ki kya chal raha h…to dono ne same answer kiya ki i love her/him…bt kaise kahu and all…to humne kaha hi hum batate hai…humne un dono ko ek duje k feeling k bare me bataya…dusre din hum tino ne wo din celebrate bhi kiya..dono ne hume thanks kaha gift bhi diya.
      pata hai kuch dino baad hume pata chala ki un kamino ne hume hi fool banaya…qki wo dono ek saal pehle se hi relationship me the…..popat ho gaya humra….aisi class li unki….

      yeh sari yaade taja ho hayi bai godd…tussi chha gaye aaj toooooohhhh…..
      thank you a looooot……

      1. ha ha ha..joya..kya popat hua..!! i can understand ur situation bz i hv gone through the same not once but twice..n after that received lots of chocolates..gifts n special treatment in return for forgiving 4 of them for their prank..

      2. U r a VIP under my comments section,I will read and respond baba,pls gimme some time..ur comment is precious,so reply should be neat…

      3. Just now only I saw this new comment,I read,but I will reply tomorrow, not feeling well dear,bt I typed some rubbish in a hurry n I have posted it now…Shraddha,u r recovering but here m being attacked by a mild fever…

      4. Joya,what u wrote about love, mindblowing my dear,m very happy somewhere u could sense that love in my ff,the lines which u wrote,superb my dear,this is what I like about ur comments,I don’t know from what experience u realised that,I m not going into further details dear,I just wish everybody gets unconditional love ,no matter which ever relation it is,and regarding second comment,U told about u and some assumptions abt me,well,u may say like that ,but I get u dear,I’m not a sweet person,not best also,if I say not worst also,then it s like accusing like somebody else is worser than me,m an ordinary person dear,I will share frankly, may be ,through these years,from wat my bestie n dear ones have told,caring,yes they have told so,bt about myself I feel,I trust God blindly,m frank in my relationships,value all my relationships,my motto s simple,no matter wat u do,how ever big or small it might be,just do wat u do with your heart..dats it abt me dear,though u told abt u still I will repeat,though ,I don’t know to explain that I feel u r like me..

    2. Wen I read ur comment,even I feel wat to reply, hope u understand irrespective of the length of my reply,I type some simple simple things and u notice even the ……dots that I add,then, Swara-Shru conversation,then, all wat u mentioned,u surprise me dear,it is as though we think in the same way,@ctually,felt like asking u something today,my previous ff n this till this 21st episode, I believe u liked,now,if I write some really stupid stuff in upcoming episodes wat will ur reaction be,ur comments I have noticed under written updates n a few ff’s,u r very frank,here u haven’t tol me any negative yet(a few suggestions under previous, I remember),is it cos of our chat friendship ??

      1. Above was to u Joya, now to ur second comment,I was laughing reading the last part,they fooled u n gave u a treat also ,ah?then u play volleyball, very good ,u guys used to go back with snacks,oh ,beautiful those moments wud have been,then regarding band waale …haha..for our first reunion after college,it was planned in a hurry,two days before the function they told dress code s black,but many didn’t have n didn’t get time to procure one ,so it didn’t work bt have planned to make the next one successful.

      2. 1st of all thank you for comment…i know u r busy ri8 now….thank you so much for giving time….length is not imp.feelings are so precious for me….
        kya aapne humri comment padhi hai 6th jan k written updates k under?????
        actually di humne agar kuch galat lage to hum bol dete hai..
        ek bat batayiye agar apko kuch achchha lage to kya aap dil khol kar tarif nahi karti?????
        hum to jo achchha lagta hai sahi lagta hai uski hum tarif karne me kanjusi nahi karte…
        it’s not because of our chat friendship.
        apke dono ff sach me beautiful and most imp reality se connected hai…each and every updates touches my heart…i love simplicity (not saying ur story is simple) in ur story a lot…
        jab humne kuch pasand nahi aata to hum bol dete hai fir koi rishta bich me nahi aata.chahe wo humre parents ho ya best friends ho…
        aisa nahi hai di ki hum koi negative comment nahi kar rahe hai..hum har kisi ki writing ki daad dete hai qki wo at least likhne ki koshish karte hai.improvise karte hai.sach me tarif karte hai..
        par kabhi kabhi pasand nahi aaya to dil me rakhne k bajay bol dete hai hum yahi humri buri aadat hai….
        and agar bad me koi hurt ho jaye to sorry bol dete hai….humesha koshish karte hai ki hum apni bat bade pyar se kahe taki koi hurt na ho…….

      3. ab hum apko exact ans dete hai apke is it cos of chat friendship is sawal ka….
        yeh comment bhi thoda lengthy hone wala hai..
        humre pyar k concept bahot alag hai…duniya humesha kehti hai ki sachchha pyar sirf kismat walon ko milta hai..hum yeh sochte the ki har koi pyar karta hai har kisi ke paas family hai…to phir is baat ka kya matlb????
        fir humri life kuch aisa huaa jis se hme us baat ka matlb samj aaya….
        apke previous ff me sanskar se sumi masi sanskar se puchhati hai ki tumhe pyar kaise huaa aisa kuch….to sanskar kehta hai ki mujhe swara se pyar love at 1st site pe nahi huaa..usko samjte samjte huaa….apka sanskar swara se pyar uski beuty se mesmerise hokar uski singing k talent ko dekh kar nahi karta…wo swara se pyar karta hai…kisi beauty ya kisi wajah se nahi….pyar wo nahi jo ghutno pe baithakar prapose kare balki wo hai jo haf situation me hath thame kabhi na chhodne k liye..pyar wo hai jo sath se bharose se rishte ko majboot banaye…pyar wo nahi jisme koi fights na ho balki wo hai jaha kitne bhi jhagde q na ho ek smile se sab gile shikve dur ho jaye.sachche pyar me ego nahi hota,jealousy nahi…pyar wo nahi hota ki har pal woh hum pe khushiyon ki barsat kare.pyar woh hai agar aankhon se aansu gire bhi toh bhi wo uska sath ho to woh aansu bhi hasi bane….

        yeh humre liye pyar hai…..aur bus yahi pyar hume apke ff me najar aata hai…

    3. I know this emblem of urs,so have seen it maby times,nowadays I don’t read written updates on time so I am sorry, I don’t remember if I saw under that date,bt I have always noticed the frankness in ur comments before also,then thru comments I have an idea abt u guys in my mind,I may be right or wrong ,like ,Ragini wen I write I imagine our Shraddha,similarly, wen I read urs I feel shades of my nature in you,again,don’t know if m right,bt today after reading this,wat u told abt u,almost all of that ,my bestie and close relatives tells about me.May be ,if m atleast partially right, if I had a sister,she wud have been like u.Don’t know bt many a tyms have felt ‘Joya should be somewhat like me’…

      1. diiiii…………….
        tahk you so much for dis comment…………
        i m very happy…….
        truly Specking i m not like u…..i mean u r so polite,so sweet,caring….
        aur hum mai politeness aap diya lekar dhundhengi to bhi apki campare me 10% bhi milegi ya nahi pata nahi….sweet hum bikul bhi nahi hai…matlb humne meetha pasand nahi to meetha bol bhi nahi pate….heheheehehe…..
        u r d best person….
        ya shraddha is really bubbly……..

        and ha di humne abhi wo comments padhe previous updates k…..
        thank u so much for sharing….
        namita………apki friend bhi writer hai……very good yr…………..i hope jab unki poems ki book publish ho wo best seller ho………..

  11. ohh. vini we sang the same song last year in farewell,nice episode.

    1. Oh,cool,it is a nice song,no?thank u for reading and commenting,have u commented before under mine??thank u for this one.

  12. Nice..episode….

    1. Thanks yaar,I think ur first comment under my ff,thanks.

  13. Really a nice one…. Upload next part….

    1. Thank u,urs also,first comment here,thanks,next part tomorrow ,most probably.

  14. Di wow i just loved it super di .ur ff recalled me all the memories with my best frnds.still they are my best frnds but all are at different places for studies.we had a blast at that time.today u made me cry di.those days are most memorable and beautiful days of my life. We often talk with each other through whatsup but cant see each other.after reading ur i just want to see them for once.but cant.my heart is paining but its most sweet pain to bear .once again thank u di for this ff.u r a awsme writer .about todays episode awsme super mind blowinh amazing wonderful and emotional

    1. Hei Appu,m happy that u could recollect some beautiful moments,wen I type I just do it in a hurry to complete n post it somehow but after reading your comments ,I go back and read,it s a good feeling to know that u guys are loving the scenes mentioned, yea,memories are precious, even me n friends say this always,we miss but a are busy with career family n pg life…

  15. Ohhhhhhh hoooo sbki apni farewelll ki din yaad aa gayi na di…mujhe v…farewell k dim sb roti h na..hmmmm…maine scl me roya tha par clg me thodi c royi…xuley pata h kya hua tha usdin…xuley me aur mere bst frnd dono khane me bht xpart thi haha…2 saal me humesha sirf khati rhti thi…aur bski 5 frnz v the hmre saath…n job humne farewell k baare me suna toh hum sb sad ho gayi thi…socha ki yaarr clg khtm hone me sirf 10 din baki h…pata nhi uski baad kya hoga ,kon kaha jayega…yeh thi sad c baat…n acchhiii baat thi ki farewell me sb tchr stdnt ko prty deti thi…haha…n pata h ussdin kisi ne phto toh kisi ne autogrph le…sb bg thi.m.hum v thi…sb log jor jor se roni lgi…prncpl ki office tak sunayi di…tabhi tchr ne sbko cnteen jane ko kaha…lekin koi nhi gaya…tab me n mre bsty ne dnce krte krte cnteen chalu gayi aur waha hum 4 thi…sb khane lagi jese ki humne bht din tak kuch khaya hi nhi?????

    N lst me jab tchrs ko bye kehne aayi tab pata h ek tchr ne hume kya kaaha???haha usne kaha”2m dono plz kuch din khane se dur roho. Xan k liye sirf 40 days h…so thk se study kro…khana xam ki baadd jitna chahe kha lena plz:”????

    Bht miss krti hu mere saare frndz ko..ekbar toh humne clg ki ek function me dnce krke chair he todh di..gusse se prncpl ne nxt year ki function me sb dnce ya song jo v thi sb classicl de di..n sb jaga scrty rkh di…usdin jesa booorriinngg function aaj tak nhi dkha…galti v humare he thi

    1. hey..u r very lucky to have clg days memories..i hv awesome unforgettable memories of school days but i hv not enjoyed my clg life..how lucky u r .!!

      btw i think h should stop calling me Di..as i think humare bich itna age difference nahi hoga..i m just tern 21 yr in this Dec..what’s say..? n ya asa mat sochna muje achcha nahi lgata n all..i love when u call me as Di..so its up to u what u want to call me..hv a nice day ahead dear

    2. Oh my God Mickey,I was laughing reading this,teachers throw party for u all,good,good,ur cries heard at Principal’s office,God,so funny,though I got ur feelings n danced n went to canteen,at hostel ,during weekends we used to get up at 3 and all and eat some snacks,u reminded me of that, haha,broke chair,now m not wrong,u r a rowdy yaar,wen we used to get tensed at hostel we used to eat more,haha,u reminded me all that…

  16. Oh my God?? I’m hating this fever so much my eyes start watering didi so can’t type much I’m missing my long comments?? all I can say is I’m crying badly my mom will snatch my phone if she sees my eyes 1st of all they are red now after reading this oh God u made me remember my Farewell?? all those lines abt friendship even I had sung like sanky n last SwaSan conversation? so touchy OK sorry can’t type much cya Didi miss u all ….. I’ll be back soon but i just cant control myself frim commenting on ur ff??

    1. dnt worry dear….
      u just take care..
      aaj humne 2 bahot lengthy comment kiye hai……yeh soch lena ek tumhara hai ek humre…..
      tumhre comment ki kami ko pura nahi kar payenge….tum thik ho jaogi to by h back log bhar dena…….
      take care……

      1. hei Joya dear,so u have written two?,I will read ,ok,need to go out now,to respond to u,I need to concentrate and read,cos comments will be like that,like a mini ff,cant miss a line,miss chatting with you all,a lil busy,I will respond asap.

    2. ohh..we r also missing ur comment..but it ok..we all i r there na..so don’t worry humare comments Ko apna hi samjo..like joya said..

      take care dear..get well soon..miss u too

    3. ohh..we r also missing ur comment..but it ok..we all r there na..so don’t worry humare comments Ko apna hi samjo..like joya said..

      take care dear..get well soon..miss u too

      1. Joya,Shraddha,Niti,Mickey,Sethooty,Vinita ,m so glad to c the bond between u guys…

    4. Oh I read from bottom,please take rest and come back soon,oh,u r a singer,good, very good,please dont stare at the mobile screen,yea,miss ur comments though,but let the fever subside first,take care

      1. Niyati jo so sweet yaar mujhe toh itne saare ache dost milgaye yahape? abhi theek hoon thoda next FF upload honetak toh ek dum chust durust banjoungi?? thank you so much guys?

  17. I’m recovering Didi its feels great to see ur concern its like we haven’t seen each other spokes face to face bit the bond is so strong n genuine I’m humbled thank you …. Abhi main jaldi se theek hokar aayungi oj God next episode din realise dat small 8th std kids are now entering der grads? wow OK now byeee Didi miss u all??

    1. so happy to see u back dear,had thought about u while responding to episode 20 comments,still fever?get well soon dear,miss u too..are u the Shraddha in Saba’s fb grp?

      1. No I am not that 1 n didi I’m not a singer yaar OK OK I sing? but as u had mentioned abt sanky I too had sang wait I’ll describe dat part n ur next ff tab tak ke liye Jo niyati n meri pyari didi ” Hum hai rahi pyaar ke phir milenge chalte chalte” lol???

      2. Thank u dr,wen I started with school days,I wanted to include some moments,didn’t want it to irritate u all also,bt now I feel that many of my reader friends recollected some memories while reading this,m happy abt that..keep in touch..

  18. Some suggestions….. Y don’t u post link to ur previous ff….. N y don’t u mention precap…. It wud really help…..

    1. I will come back to respond to your all ur comments,read only a few and replied ,rest,I will read and reply ok,,now I read this last one only and I am responding here,Precap m not adding cos I haven’t planned the scenes,I type and send what comes to mind though I agree a one line of the whole track is there in my mind,scenes,I plan n type it just before sending to telly updates,and link of previous I will give it hereafter.

    1. Thank u for the comment dr,hope u liked it.

  19. hey vini Di..sorry we r increasing ur task of reading comments..but i must say..ur ff page is only page jaha sab genunly apni feeling share karte hai..like shraddba said we have not seen each other..living at far places..like ur from banglor..rupshikha from asam..vinita from west bangal..i am from ahmedabad(Gujarat)..fir bhi hum sab ki bonding itni acchi ho gayi hai…joya..shraddha..smoothy..rupshikha..vinita..you..me and everyone..i m happy to hv friends like u all..

    1. No probs dear , I respond to comments from my phone, so wen I get a gap I check it,now it is like whatsapp,Oh ,u r from Gujarat,cool,at school I had friends from there and many North Indian states,we used to share food,at Mattancherry,Kochi there are many people from ur place,many sweet shops,business firms and a Gujarati school is there(management is by the Gujarati community)Mixed culture n dats wat I like the most about my place,Holi celebration and all held there is so nice. .I don’t know if we will be in touch after the completion of my ff but thru this comments column,I met u guys n won’t forget u all..especially u guys with whom I chat like this…

  20. Nice

    1. Thanks dr.

  21. Superb…. U r a great writter. I am a big fan of ur ff. And u r malayalee?.. Waiting for ur next ff

    1. Thanks dear,m humbled and honoured,yes,I am from Kerala.

      1. Oh… Me too..

    2. Oh..really,happy to know that,if u don mind,which districtl

  22. Superb
    Just loved it yaar

    1. Thank u ,is this ur first comment under my ff??thanks yr.

  23. Its too emotional yaar .. Yo reminded my school n clgs farewells.. Wen I was in school I thought school life is best n Wen I moved to colg I felt colg life is amazing n I joined for my p.g that was unforgettable life… I hate my present machine life… I wanna start again from school…I really miss those days golden days… Banking class, making noise n colg liberary , locking warden inside room, strike, breaking tube lights n water valves in hostel… Mass banking during internal exam n cutting cake for 0%aytendance on internal exams… N getting scolding from chairman n suspension days, tagging juniors n ragged by juniors ( they don’t know am senior) roaming all over campus without caught by discipline committe members.. Reaching hostel late night…sleeping in class lecture n imitating as lecturers… Enjoying cultural n college functions… My god some many things coming infront of me showing clear video of those moments…

    1. Hei Siya,I can understand ,from wat u wrote I also understood that u had a wonderful,eventful n memorable student life,even our college days were fun,can relate to a few things u mentioned,still ,we don’t check old snaps n videos,memories hurts ,and my friends also share the same,that they don’t check the photos as it brings smile n pain equally.

  24. Heyy vini
    After reading ur ff, i started missing my clg and my clg masti………when will u upload the next episode

    1. M happy that u could recollect some memories,ur first comment under my ff,no? Thanks.

      1. Ya first comment…but i read all ur ff

    2. Thanks dear for reading my ff’s,very happy to know that..

  25. sorry, dear! i couldn’t comment in your previous update. the updates are awesome!!! i loved the way of writing… you didn’t drag it that makes it more beautiful… i loved it when sanskar averted his gaze from swara’s while laksh was getting emotional and when he asked, ‘will you miss me?’… and he, changing the topic made me wonder that did he also feel something about swara?? and the most important part which gave me an emotional bliss is the last three lines. i don’t know…. if swara hugged sanskar, would I be happy as much as now i am? may be, i just smiled. because of that unfinished hug, my eyes also are smiling!!!! way to go!!!! next part soon!!!!

    1. Hi Sindhuja,good to c u bk,are u the Sindhuja in Saba’s fb grp?I am happy that u noticed those small moments,actually ,though m not explaining or using magical language n vocabulary wen I write like written update I imagine the scenes ,and hint it ,like some glances between them,that I don know n lines that u mentioned,I had written it in the sense that u mentioned,m very happy dear that u noticed all that…

      1. hi!!! in saba’s fb group, sindhuja mathusoothanan is me…. simple things also can describe deep feelings… you are proving that only… 🙂

    2. Ok dear,yea,I saw ur profile through that group,so now I have seen u n Sethooty, anybody else is there in it?

  26. This was really nice and especially the last part was emotional….loved it…ur ff is so simple and that makes it unique and fabulous …..waiting for the next one ☺

    1. Thank u dr,nowadays ,u r giving me feedbk daily,thank u for the good words ,m humbled…I will try to send next asap.

  27. Emotional epi.. bt i liked it sooooo much…. vini…. dnt knw y bt i loved u epi…. no wrds… to xplain the past school days… it made me remembr my schooling.. … thnk u for ur epi vini..

    1. Navi,I have replied below..pls check it.

  28. @Niti Ohh dt mns aap hmse 4sall bade ho…ok no prblm??…niti h i thik rahegi
    @shraddha ,don’r wrry dear…thik ho jaogi…get well soonnnnn meri pyari behnna….?☺

    Di maine privious ff ki baare me kaha tha chck krne k liye?…

  29. Superb epi
    You know in school we used to climb on the chairs and used the cover the CCTV with our handkerchief and then the real pagalpanti started. Sometimes we even broke it
    Once we kept a holi baloon on the chair of our music sir and when he sat BOOOOOOM
    so many things we did
    It was an awesome epi di

    1. Thank u dr,so u guys were very naughty,n balloon prank we have done with friends but u all, with a teacher ..naughty fellows..u r late nowadays bt ur absence s felt..

  30. Aap achi budhu bani joya di
    A similar thing also happened with ne
    My friend told me that the boy was her cousin bro since their surnames wre same and their names even started with the same letters … Avi.
    We all believed it aur hum ban Gaye fool
    Take care shraddha di
    Hi rupi(I made yr name short)
    Hi Niyati d!!!!

  31. Thank u Navi,m happy that you liked,I had a tension if it will go out of my hands wen I write abt school life,bt wanted to include some events n now the story is going to the usual cliché track,sorry if I will disappoint u..m

  32. Are waah !!!! 92 comments ??

  33. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Wow Dr ..am super excited after reading tis..haha dey r grown up..sorry for d late comment..bcy tha
    Ape thoo romance ki king nikali..I can picturise..last para wen they look each others eyes.that untold love ,sanskar nte karyam arilla engilum nammude sruthi kku pidikitty..we can really express our unconditional love through eyes

    1. Sethooty ,njan reply cheyyaan phone edthapozhellam Oro karyangalkku pokendi vannu,unexpressive style of romance mathre njan ezhuthiyittullu,athallathe ezhuthaan madiyaanu…ishtavumilla…Oro cheriya scenes n lines ningal notice cheyyunnundu ennu ariyunnathil valare santhosham,thank u for the support dear,keep in touch dear..

  34. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Idea of planting trees..that was awesome yaar..on lat para..wen sanky ask her will u miss me swara? And she replied wid question ,wat do u think will I miss u or not? And he just replied ” I don’t know”..and he deviated from d topic….after reading dis I felt emotional.. That part touched my heart vini..this was very close to ma heart… vini on ur previous Ff some moments r unforgettable.. Wen swara was asleep he comes nearer to her..and told all that things in his mind..

    1. Kurachu cheriya hints njan ittu pokunnundu,storyil athinu relevance varum…thank u for reading,liking n supporting both my ff’s…

  35. Vini wen are you updating next part??

    1. Tomorrow ,dr…

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